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How to Pick Your Perfect Mattress

Ready for a new mattress? Here’s how to find the one that suits you best.

Getting a good night’s sleep depends on a lot of different factors — comfort, stress level, room temperature – but to get it right, you’ve got to start with the basics and your mattress is the first building block to a restful slumber.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress and have recently taken a stroll down the aisle of a bedding store, you know that there is a dizzying array from which to choose. How do you know which mattress is best for you?

To start, says Arya Nick Shamie, MD, associate professor of orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, the mattress needs to support your body in a neutral position, one in which your spine has a nice curvature and your buttocks, heels, shoulders, and head are supported in proper alignment

"If the mattress is too firm, it will push on those main pressure points and take you out of alignment," Shamie tells WebMD. "If it’s too soft, those pressure points won’t be properly supported, so your whole body flops back." Both of these scenarios can lead to an achy morning.

Generally speaking, one type or brand of bed isn’t better than another, says Michael Breus, PhD, a WebMD sleep expert and author ofBeauty Sleep: Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep.But he does find that a firmer bed seems to be better for people with lower back pain.

In fact, researchers in Spain studied people with long-term back pain and found that on a 10-point hard-to-soft scale people who slept on a medium-to-firm mattress (5.6 on the scale) had less back pain than those who slept on a softer mattress.

Is It Time for a New Mattress?

How do you know if the bed you’re sleeping on is the right one?

"If you wake up in the morning and have some low back pain and can stretch and get rid of it in 15 or 30 minutes, that means you’re on an inappropriate mattress for you," Breus says.

The right mattress, on the other hand, is one on which you feel no pressure, almost like you’re floating in air, Breus says.

If you’re looking for a new mattress, experts suggest testing it in the store and laying down on each mattress in the position in which you normally sleep. Breus suggests spending at least 10 to 15 minutes on the bed. And, bring your own pillow! The more you can replicate the way you’ll be sleeping on the mattress once you get it home, the better your chances of picking the right one.


Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are still by far the most widely used. They support you with coil springs, and in most built today, each coil is individually enclosed. This helps the bed weather years of use and prevents the coils from popping out of the mattress. On top of the coils are a wide variety of materials added for comfort, from pillow to latex to memory foam. It’s all a matter of preference.

Salespeople may try to sell you on the idea that more coils mean more comfort, but that’s not necessarily true, Breus and Shamie say.

"You don’t really need a coil count above 390," Breus says. Beyond that, the difference in feel is so small it would be difficult to notice.

Pros:There are plenty of innerspring mattresses on the market from which to choose. They range in firmness, the fluffiness of the pillow top, and in price to fit nearly every preference and pocket book.

Cons:There’s no direct relationship in most cases between price and comfort, but Shamie suggests steering clear of the cheapest innerspring mattress. If there aren’t enough springs and cushion to offer you proper support, he says, you’ll likely wake up with an aching back.

Conditions:For someone who is very overweight, spring mattresses may offer a firmer support, making them easier to get in and out of, Breus says. Firmer versions are good for people with back pain. But spring-based mattresses can be comfortable for almost anyone.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are growing in popularity. They are made of layers of different densities of foam that respond to weight and temperature, and are known for comfort because they contour to the specific shape of your body. Memory foam toppers are also available.

Pros:By molding to the shape of your body as your weight shifts through the night, memory foam reduces pressure points, and relieves pain. Memory foam also absorbs movement, so if you sleep with a partner, you’re not likely to be disturbed by his tossing and turning.

Cons:One of the biggest complaints with memory foam mattresses is that because these mattresses are temperature sensitive, softening and molding with your body heat, they can make you feel extremely hot during the night. Breus also says memory foam mattresses have been known to emit an unpleasant chemical smell.

Conditions:"If you have a hard time getting comfortable, if you have chronic fatigue, or some type of muscle pain, then a memory foam mattress would work well for you, assuming you don’t have temperature issues," Breus says.


Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are made from either natural or synthetic rubber, and are known for providing a very firm, bouncy support that is uniform throughout the bed.

Pros:"Quite frankly, I think one of the best materials is latex," Breus says. He likes it for being very firm and supportive, but also for providing comfort similar to memory foam. Unlike the memory foam mattresses, however, Breus says latex pushes back, ultimately providing more support.

Cons:If you don’t like the feel of a firm mattress, latex is probably not the right choice for you.

Conditions: Either a latex mattress or latex mattress topper is great for relieving back pain because they offer the best combination of comfort and support, Breus says.

Air Mattresses

We’re not talking about the blow-up mattresses you put your holiday guests on for a few days. Higher-end air beds look like a standard innerspring mattress, but use air-filled chambers instead of coils, and are covered by a foam layer on top.

Shamie notes that air beds have long been used for patients with spinal cord injuries who are lying in bed for a long time. They can be adjusted so they don’t continue to press on the same areas of the body, which helps to avoid skin breakdown in patients who can’t move.

Pros:"Couples who have dramatic differences in their individual preference for comfort and firmness levels might do very well with an air mattress," Breus says. The reason is that the firmness of each side of the bed can be altered. If you like it firmer than your partner, these beds can be adjusted for that.

Like latex and memory foam, you can also find air toppers for your mattress.

Cons:Shamie says people sometimes fail to make their air bed firm enough and wake up with back aches. Less sophisticated air mattresses also pop up on one side when you sit on the opposite end. For that reason Breus says, you want multiple chambers so that doesn’t occur.

Conditions:These beds are particularly useful when sleeping partners have different needs. If one of you has a bad back, one side can be made firmer than the other to provide greater support.


Adjustable Beds

These beds are able to bend and elevate at varying angles. As a result, the mattress has to be flexible. Different types of mattresses can be used on an adjustable bed – memory foam, latex, or air, for example. Spring mattresses are more difficult to use, however, because the springs don’t handle the bending well.

Pros:For people who have difficulty getting in and out of bed or who like to watch television in bed, Shamie says, adjustables can make life easier by moving you closer to where you need to be.

Conditions:If you suffer from sleep apnea, sleeping flat can make the condition worse by cutting off airways and causing the tongue to fall into the back of the throat, Shamie says. People who experience acid reflux can also benefit by sleeping in a bed that elevates their upper body.

Shamie also suggests adjustable beds for people with hip or back pain who have a hard time moving from a lying position to sitting up or standing.

Sofa Beds

When you have guests staying for a night or two, sofa beds come in handy. The mattresses in these beds tend to be very thin so they are flexible enough to fold and collapse into the couch. It’s a great convenience to have a sofa bed, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who raves about their comfort.

Pros:Sofa beds are convenient, especially if you have limited space. But from a health perspective, Shamie and Breus don’t see any advantages.

Cons:A night or two on a sofa bed is OK. But "this is probably the worst kind of bed you can sleep on long-term," Shamie says. The mattresses used in most sofa beds are very thin and the springs quite weak. "It really leads to an uncomfortable situation," Shamie says.

If you’re really tight for space and need a bed that folds up, Shamie says that futons, while not the most supportive, are better for your back than the typical sofa bed.

Conditions:There are no conditions for which a sofa bed will be helpful, according to the experts. But if you have a bad back or hips, these beds will be especially uncomfortable.


When to Part With Your Old Mattress

Today’s mattresses are made to last a lifetime. But you probably shouldn’t plan on keeping yours for that long. Our bodies change over time, Breus says, so the mattress that was once a joy to sleep on may no longer feel comfortable a few years down the road.

In addition, mattresses collect dust mites, fungus, and other germs that can exacerbate allergies and impact your sleep patterns. After 10 to 15 years, it’s time to think about buying a new bed.

Ultimately, the experts say that the best bed for you is the one that feels most comfortable. And remember, Shamie says, "There’s no mattress that’s going to save your body when you get only five hours of sleep." In order to feel your best, you need to get enough rest… no matter what type of mattress you’re sleeping on.


Arya Nick Shamie, MD, associate professor of orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery, Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center.

Breus, Michael, PhD, WebMD sleep expert and author ofBeauty Sleep: Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep

Kovacs, FM.The Lancet, November 2003; vol 362: pp 1599-1604.

What’s The Best Mattress Topper (Pad) For Hip Pain In 2020?

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Nothing on this website is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The contents of this website are for informational purposes only.

Are you waking up with an increasing ache in your hip area? Do you feel like your old and too firm mattress is the culprit? If so, you’re one of many people who doesn’t pay enough attention and fail to recognize the critical importance of the sleeping surface in relation to coxal area discomfort.

Inappropriate sleeping positions could cause a lot more harm than hip pain, but this is undoubtedly amongst the most common complaints. Of course, investing in a brand new mattress is a serious investment. Luckily, there is an alternative.

If you’re in a hurry check out theDreamfoam Bedding:This pressure relief topper is made from Talalay latex and bamboo. It provides a gel-like feel which will help you forget painful mornings and wake up fresh.

A proper bed pad is a good alternative and can be more than enough for the overall orthopedic condition of your entire body, including your hips and shoulders.

We’ve compiled a list of things to account for when purchasinga great mattress pad for your hip pain. We will also review some products which perform well on this issue. So, without any further ado, let’s go right ahead and take a look.

  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Height: 4"
  • Warranty: 30 Days
  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Height: 2.5"
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Height: 4"
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Height: 3"
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Type: Talalay latex & Bamboo
  • Height: 3"
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Mattress Pads Can Ease Your Hip Soreness

There are a lot of things that you ought to account for, but the truth is that the best choice of mattress pad will significantly enhance your hip soreness. This is especially true if you decide to go for a memory foam solution.

Plush memory foam is known to provide serious and soft support which will cushion your entire body is nothing short of high-end comfort. When it comes to hip pain as well as to pressure relief, it’s considered to be the best option.

Interestingly enough, memory foam was initially invented and developed by NASA to help astronauts to withstand the serious G-forces. Memory foam offers enhanced elasticity which will conform to the contours of your body, providing acute and tailored support throughout the entire length of it.

While some people might have concerns regarding the so-called “trapping” effect of memory foam, this is something far outdated and no longer observed with the newest foam technologies, readily available on the market.

Top 5 Hip Pain Relief Bed Topper Reviewed

Memory Foam Bed Topper By Luxurest LLC

A gel-infused, 4-inch thick bed pad and it’s specifically intended toreduce and alleviate stress off significant pressure pointsin your joints and muscles.

This is a bed pad which is designated to ease a wide range of different ailments. It takes the pressure as well as the stress off your injuries and conditions, and it allows for a perfect night of sleep. The current offer also includes a free cover which will save you a significant amount of money.

There is absolutely no need to replace your current mattress as the 4-inches of cooling gel, infused with large and dense memory foam is going to turn it into a convenient sleeping solution.

OVERALL RATING: 9.6 out of 10

  • 4-inches of comfortable blend of dense memory foam and gel
  • Comes with a free, machine-washable cover
  • Easily handles a range of different ailments
  • The product is quite spacious and bulky
  • Not perfect when it comes to temperature control

Nature’s Sleep Cool IQ

Renowned for its convenient construction, this is a mattress pad which is truly capable of helping you with hip pain at night. It is 2.5 inches thick, and it is made out of 3.5 Pound Visco Elastic memory foam of Cool IQ.

This is a lighter technology which provides the surface of the topper with a larger amount of open memory foam cells. This is going to make the material particularly breathable, and it will increase its airflow additionally.

The product is naturally hypoallergenic, and it’s perfect for people with allergies. Additionally, it will thoroughly contour your body, turning any sleeping position into a healthy one.

OVERALL RATING: 9.2 out of 10

  • High-end Materials for the Topper
  • Reduces Back, Hip, Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Comes with a microfiber cover
  • There might be some shipping issues
  • Out-Gassing smells are quite stubborn

Zinus Night Therapy Pressure Relief

This is a 4-inch topper which is specifically designate to enhance and empower your current bed. The intention is to provide you with a better night’s sleep and to alleviate any stress you might be encountering on your hips.

There are a few layers in this bed, with the first one being 0.5 inches thick and it’s essentially a fiber-quilted cover designed to enhance the overall durability. The second layer is 2-inches thick, and it’s made out of convenient memory foam which contours the shape of your body perfectly and, hence, allows for serious pressure relieve on your hips and shoulder. The third layer, however, is the one that’s supposed to make the difference as it’s the pressure relieving comfort foam layer.

The mattress is built using the highest quality of memory foam which is available. It is certified by CertiPUR-US, and it is tested for content, performance, and durability.

The shipping is quite convenient as well as the company uses a patented rolling technology, allowing comprehensive boxing of the product. The warranty is set to 5 years, and it’s limited.

OVERALL RATING: 9.0 out of 10

  • High-quality memory foam
  • Triple-layer construction for enhanced stress relief
  • Convenient boxing and quick shipping
  • The density of the foam isn’t high enough
  • Not as reliable

Memory Foam Solutions Bed Topper

A great solution if you’re looking for something to quickly rejuvenate your mattress and make the sagging and uncomfortable areas go away.

The product consists of one layer which is 3-inches thick and made out of memory foam. The main designation of the product is to contour your body snuggly to accommodate different sleeping positions and to help you alleviate the stress on common pressure points such as your hips and shoulders. Additionally, it brings a gel-like feel at a fraction of the cost which is definitely something to account for.

The product is entirely made in the USA and it exceeds the certification standards of PURGreen as it is entirely made out of eco-friendly materials and production processes.

OVERALL RATING: 8.9 out of 10

  • Convenient, gel-like feel
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Reduces noise transmission thanks to the memory foam
  • A bit more expensive
  • Off-gassing smell persists for longer than it should

Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Talalay Latex

As you will find out below, memory foam might just not be the best solution for your needs out there. There are other conventional materials such as bamboo and latex which are incredibly beneficial. A lot of people usually prefers the gel-like feel of latex and the comfort of bamboo.

That’s what this mattress tries to bring on the table. Made out of bamboo and Talalay latex, the product promises to bring a total of 33% more pressure relief than the natural fiber cushioning and conventional foam materials out on the market.

If you are experiencing hip pain while trying to sleep, this might be the topper you have been looking for. Additionally, thelatex is a hypoallergenic solutionwhich is flawless and safe for usage by allergy sufferers. The product is not going to sag, flatten or bunch and it’s perfect for covering different types of beds.

It’s made in the USA, and it provides a definitive luxurious appeal and natural resilience which are characteristic of the high-end price point mattresses which cost tenfold the price of this topper.

OVERALL RATING: 8.8 out of 10

  • It’s made of Talalay latex and Bamboo
  • It’s very comfortable and supportive at the same time
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • It’s quite expensive for a bed topper
  • Not ideal for heavier people

What Type is Best for Hip Pain?

Memory Foam

Memory foam is undoubtedly the most widely distributed and well-known material which is used for the creation of high-end bed pads. This is due to its convenient and substantially comforting properties. The material is used by astronauts to significantly enhance their ability to withstand the serious G-forces during their missions.

The material is great for both hip and shoulder pain since it will conveniently snuggle around the contours of your body, offering a perfect fit for any body type.

Some people would complain that this contouring brings them an unpleasant trapped feeling. However, this is no longer the case because the most contemporary technology has already taken care of it.

Of course, it’s important to note that an entire bed is a better option in comparison to just a pad, but if you don’t feel like spending a small fortune, the latter will do the job.

Pillow Top

Pillow top mattress pads are also a very convenient choice. They are stitched comprehensively, bringing a distinctively differentiated construction than its counterparts and a specific level of support. This is great for people who prefer the free faller sleeping position as it would provide you with the necessary comfort.

It’s capable of isolating the aching body parts and providing them with additional, selective support. This is thanks to the seams. All in all, this is a great choice for a range of different issues and not just for hip pain.


Latex is another common material that you might take advantage of. It offers exceptional support for people who are suffering from hip pain. They could be easily purchased in synthetic, natural or blended latex and you can choose between a firm and a soft support depending on the body area that you want to emphasize on.

Side sleepers are definitely going to appreciate the substantial pressure relief as well as the overall ability to improve the circulation. An added “green” benefit is that natural latex is sourced from a renewable resource and rubber trees which are allowed to grow further.

Latex brings a springy-support without the risk of the innerspring component to peak through the layer. It’s a great solution for those of you who are troubled by hip pain.

Other Materials

Of course, with the advancement of technology, you should be aware that there is a myriad of options when it comes to the materials that the pad is made out of. There is a range of synthetic options that you can choose from but we personally suggest taking a look at bamboo mattress pads.

The main thing that they are characterized with is the added comfort and sleeping sensation they are capable of inducing. They are incredibly soft and would truly make you feel like sleeping on a cloud. At the same time, if your bed is too firm, the bamboo mattress pad will enhance its comfort, which could easily be the thing you’re looking for helping with your hip pain.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the main cause of hip pain?

There are quite a few different things that could lead to hip pain throughout the night. With this said, pinning the reason for the ache is usually dependent on being able to tell where the unpleasant feeling occurs and how often throughout the night it tends to happen. There are a few different conditions to account for.

The characteristic sciatic nerve travels throughout your entire spine. It could easily become irritated because of an injury or to an improper sleeping position. This particular irritation could easily cause a lot of ache in your hip throughout the night. The posture that you lay in will play a significant role in the overall occurrence of this particular sciatic hip pain. A proper mattress pad could easily dampen the pain and enhance your sleeping position.

Hip bursitis is usually a condition which stems from the inflammation of your bursa. This is located between the hip bone as well as the soft tissue which connects it to your pelvis. This is a pain which is definitive and expressed and it’s characterized by a sharp discomfort which will spread gradually through the neighboring regions.

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid are the most frequent offenders of the different flavors of hip arthritis pain that you ought to account for. You can tell that this is the case if you manage to note swelling or redness or if you’re feeling stiffness throughout your hip join. The pain will commonly follow you throughout the entire day. Improper sleeping position or a lousy mattress could easily cause this type of discomfort,called arthritic hip pain.

What causes shoulder pain while sleeping?

Shoulder pain is commonly caused by an issue with your rotator cuff. This is pretty much a group of tendons as well as muscles which are going to affix to the bones of your shoulder, enabling it to stay in a fixed position while moving freely and properly.

This is usually experienced sharply throughout the night while you sleep but it will likely remain with you throughout the entire day. Joint pain, as well as sore shoulders, are commonly experienced if you fail to sleep on an appropriate mattress. In fact, an uncomfortable mattress could easily cause radiating pain throughout the entire area.

Some of the common conditions which could cause the pain include:

  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Rotator cuff tendinosis
  • Calcific Tendonitis
  • Tendonitis or bursitis

What’s the best sleeping position to relieve hip pain?

Even though your hips and shoulders are quite distinct parts of your body, it’s quite common that the awkward sleeping position (learn about the best ones) and improper mattress could easily aggravate them and cause acute pain. Bad posture puts constant stress on the parts mentioned above which could easily cause chronic pain.

What is more, side sleepers complain a lot more of the hip as well as of shoulder pain. This is mainly because your bone structure is unable to maintain significant and proper alignment in this particular posture. This is what’s going to result in the undue stress on these specific pressure points.

However, as surprisingly as it may sound, changing your sleeping position could be a lot more challenging than it looks. A back sleeper will benefit from evenly distributed pressure throughout the entire body which is quite beneficial. Keep in mind, though, that thanks to advanced technology in mattress pad creation you can rely on solutions which would help you achieve proper alignment and to alleviate the pressure, regardless of your sleeping position.

Should I Choose A Firm Or Soft Bed Topper?

This is an important question which is pretty much dependent on the type of mattress that you have. A softer mattress is usually going to provide with a larger dip and, as such, it would need a tougher and firmer bed pad to compensate.

On the other hand, if your mattress is too firm, it might put additional pressure on your lower back, hence enhance the chances of radiating hip pain as well. This is where you’d want to purchase a softer bed pad.Read more: Toppers specific to back pain.

Of course, your personal preference shouldn’t be disregarded but you should most definitely account for the important characteristics mentioned above.

Do I Need a New Mattress for My Hip Pain?

Possibly! A new mattress, if chosen correctly, can go long way towards better cradling your pain points so you do not experience any excess pressure and holding your back in a neutral alignment so you don’t feel stress on your joints come morning.

If you sleep on your side, your hip may have to bear the burden of your body weight over a narrower area, increasing pressure and increasing the likelihood of additional pain or aggravation. A plusher mattress that allows your weight to sink while foams conform to your curves while a support unit keeps your back in line may be more ideal than what you’re sleeping on right now.

To Conclude

It’s quite obvious that purchasing a bed topper for hip pain could enable you to handle this particular issue. The important thing here is to take a timely reaction and to make sure that you get the necessary solution as quickly as you can. Delaying this will result in additional discomfort and substantial complications.

We hope that the information that you went through will spare you a substantial amount of time. The bed pads we’ve described are particularly convenient, and they are regarded as some of the best on the market.

Of course, there are other options which are readily available for you to take advantage of. Make sure to consider the specifications we’ve gone through, and you will surely make the right call.

The Ultimate Guide To Shopping Your Mattress Toppers For Hip Pain

Experiencing hip pain can be disappointing. It can be weakening, particularly while you are in sleep. It is inescapable that you will have rest disturbances, and when you get up the following morning, you will be in profound pain. Fortunately, there are numerous approaches to limit the weight of such condition. Extraordinary solution compared to other is through utilizing the best mattress topper for hip pain relief.

If you are vigilant for the best resting sleeping mattress topper for hip torment, we are here to extend some help. Keep examining whatever is left of this post and we’ll empower you to think about the right decision.

An extraordinary quality bedding topper has the ability to change a horrible sleeping mattress into one that will give you a long, relaxing night’s rest. In the realm of leasing, putting resources into a topper is a need in the event that you can’t supplant your bed. Regardless of whether you do possess decent quality bedding, the correct mattress will supplement it and guarantee you have the greatest night’s sleep conceivable, consistently.

Table of Contents

Best Mattress Topper For Hip Pain Comparison Table

Serial NoImageProductPrice
1Cloud9 Gel Infused Mattress TopperCheck Price
2Nature Sleep Cool iq Mattress TopperCheck Price
3Zinus Night Therapy Memory Foam TopperCheck Price
4Visco Soft Gel Memory Foam TopperCheck Price
5Memory foam solutions mattress topperCheck Price

Cause for Hip Pain

Understanding the reasons for hip pain is a key to knowing how to address the problem. Hip pain is more common to feminine compared to masculine gender. Here are the most common causes enlisted:

  • Hip Fractures
  • Tendinitis Hernia
  • Back issues
  • Injuries or pinched nerves.

On the off chance that you are into strenuous movement, there is likewise a probability that you will experience the ill effects of hip pain. For example, in the event that you walk or run a considerable measure, your physical endeavors can weigh the hips and can prompt torment.

Hence the team of‘Choose The Best Mattress’amid the way toward testing these mattress toppers, where we paid special attention to how the item felt to lie on, how well it fitted the bed, the materials used to make the topper, (for example, goose down, latex, flexible foam and silk), and if this affected our body temperature while resting. We likewise considered if the toppers were washable and on the off chance that they accompany a certification – the suggestion for most sleeping cushion toppers is to wash them in any event once per year and great quality ones should last at least five years previously requiring substitution. At long last, and in particular, we considered the nature of rest had every night while utilizing it.

How mattress toppers can help you to avoid hip pain?

If you have hip pain from the causes that have been specified over, fortunately there are a few approaches to determine it. Beside changes in way of life and exercise, it will likewise put resources into the best mattress topper for hip pain relief. This will support your body as you rest, giving the solace and bolster that you require.

A considerable measure of you might be satisfied with the standard innerspring sleeping cushion. In any case, they can make weight in your hips and will definitely make it excruciating. This is particularly valid in the event that you are dozing in a solitary position all as the night progressed. A solitary piece of the body will ingest all your weight, which will disturb the issue.

With a mattress topper, you will enjoy the benefit of added support. In the meantime, the cushioning will give relief on the weight purposes of the body. With this, it is never again astounding that it tends to hip pain, as well as even back pain. Regardless of the toss and turns you make in your sleep, mattress toppers can provide pressure relief.

Step by step Instructions to Choose the Best Mattress Topper for Hip Pain:

To make it easier for you to choose the best mattress topper for hip pain relief, below enlisted are the absolute most vital inquiries that you ought to inquire.

Size of the Mattress Toppers

Choose a size that will be ideal for the bed that you will have. On the off chance that it is too little, it won’t have the capacity to give the fitting scope. Then again, on the off chance that it is too expansive, it will devastate the style of your bed. This will likewise make the sleeping mattress inclined to slipping. To include, you may experience serious difficulties getting on and off the bed.

Right Density and Thickness

With regards to the technical determinations, you have to think about thickness, particularly that it is produced using adjustable foam. Higher thickness is better since it has more extraordinary capacity to comply with the state of your body, and henceforth, limiting the weight on your hips. Thickness is likewise critical in light of the fact that it will manage how strong the froth will be. A large portion of the toppers will have a thickness between two to four inches. For heavier people, a thicker topper is better with the goal that it won’t effectively shrivel.

Warranty Offered by the Manufacturer

If you have queries and hesitations about any of the product, look at the warranty from the manufacturer. A longer warranty is always to be preferred. This means that within the warranty duration, you can return the product to the manufacturer if it proves to be defective or the product is found dissatisfied. Regardless, make sure that you comply with their terms to be qualified for their guarantee benefits.

Opinion from Users

Before you settle with a final choice, it will likewise be best to counsel with the assessments of other individuals. Investigate their online audits and focus on their genuine encounters. Gain from what they are saying in regards to solace, toughness, and incentive for cash, in addition to other things. This will make it simpler to limit the conceivable outcomes.

Our Top 5 Best Mattress Topper for Hip Pain Reviews

Here are some of our recommended best mattress topper for hip pain relief to which we will have a quick look at some of the notable features that are perfect if you are suffering from hip pain.

Cloud9 Gel

Cloud9 Gel is 100% “Gel Infused Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper” and another popular product from the Cloud9 family. This is a gel infused mattress topper, meaning gel beads are infused into the foam during the manufacturing process.


  • Cloud9 Gel Memory Foam Toppers are made to guarantee a peaceful rest involvement with cooling solace innovation.
  • Cloud9 Gel Visco Elastic Memory Foam out performs and eases excruciating weight focuses superior to the main rival with creative cool gel visco flexible adjustable foam innovation and better plan to enable you to rest cooler during that time without hurling and turning.
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty Direct from Cloud9 Bedding Visco Elastic Memory Bed manufacturer.
  • Selective recipe influences you to feel like you are gliding on CLOUD9, cruising forward into an ocean of dreams.
  • Made in the USA, does not contain any dangerous fixings, new froth smells will dissipate if circulated out.

Best Mattresses for Hip & Shoulder Pain (Bursitis) – 2020 Review

Transparency Disclosure– We may receive a referral fee (at no additional cost to the buyer) for products purchased through the links on our site or other applicable pages. To learn more, please read our full disclosure pagehere . We also encourage you to read about how we may research and/or test Products here .

Nothing on this website is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The contents of this website are for informational purposes only.

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing more satisfying than crawling under the covers and getting a good night of rest.

But what happens if you’re in pain, and you can’t fall asleep? And what if every time you do drift off, you’re jarred awake by pain in your hips and shoulders? If you don’t know the cause of your pain, start by identifying the precise location of it, and that will ultimately help lead to a solution.

For example, if you feel pain on the outside of your hip or your upper thigh, that’s often because the muscle is tight, or there is inflammation of the ligaments or tendons.

That is entirely different than the hip pain that you feel near your lower back. People who report pain in that area often have an underlying condition or disease that needs medical treatment.

Don’t panic! We know how it is when you go on the Internet, especially Web M.D., to look up what’s going on with the rash you’ve had on your inner wrist for a week, and you close your browser window thinking you have a life-threatening illness and only six months to live. This article is not like that!

Instead, our goal is to talk about the different causes of hip pain and suggest the easiest and least invasive ways to get rid of it. For a lot of people, it could be as simple as swapping out your old mattress for something that offers more support.

In this article, we’ll share thebest mattresses for bad hips and shoulder pain, and also provide valuable tips for lessening it when it is time to go to bed.

  • Trial: 120 Days
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Trial: 120 Days
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Trial: 120 Days
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Trial: 100 Days
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Trial: 120 Days
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Trial: 100 Days
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Trial: 120 Days
  • Warranty: 10 Years

Top 7 Beds for Shoulder/Hip Pain Reviews

Layla – Pressure Relief


  • Dual-sided Firmness
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

The firmness or amount of memory foam in a bed can help determine how deep you sink into the mattress.

Do you prefer a more surface-level nap or a deep hug? It can be difficult to choose which is best, but that choice gets easier with Layla, which features dual-sided firmness.

A common complaint about traditional memory foam is that it tends to trap heat up next to the body. Layla’s answer to this issue is to include a proprietary gel in the cover and infuse the top comfort layer of memory foam with copper, which is a highly effective heat conductor, so that excess heat is more evenly distributed through the foam.

What’s special?Either side of Layla – soft or firm – should offer a truly classic memory foam experience that should mold to and hug your body’s shape, helping to prevent any points of pressure from forming on vulnerable or painful joints.

Casper Wave– Spine Alignment


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA

It is difficult for some to maintain neutral spine alignment because their body weight is not evenly distributed and concentrations of that weight, often around their mid-sections, can cause some body parts to dip lower than others.

Casper Wave has a softer feel than Casper’s Original due to some fancier features designed to help align your spine. Much like the Original, Wave doesn’t feel like memory foam and has a quicker response on the surface, but it does have some deeper contouring for extra pressure relief around the hips and shoulders.

What’s unique?The last layer of foam has 27 gel pods in positions designed to pinpoint certain points of pressure. This allows the foam to move more freely, contouring to those hips and keeping them from deeply sinking.

This keeps your spine straight, which ultimately helps your whole body feel better. If your spine is stuck in an unnatural position for hours, you will probably start to notice some achiness. The gel pods and foam are designed to help alleviate pain, so your nights should be a lot more comfortable.

WinkBed– Luxury Feel


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • “Any Reason” Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

It is probably safe to say that everyone wants their bed to feel luxurious, and WinkBed should fit the bill.

This hybrid is made of both springs and foam, so you get the best of both worlds. The subtle bounce in the coils and the soft, plush foam offers both comfort and support, which is ideal for those who suffer from pain at pressure points.

Why is it special?WinkBed is actually handcrafted, and each mattress is specifically designed for a lush, fancy feel. Its dual-spring system and Tencel tufted cover are examples of that.

The Lumbar Support layer will be key in melting away any hip pain along. And as a bonus, WinkBeds has created a coolControl™ foundation made with fans that you can manage from your smartphone to achieve your perfect sleeping temperature.

Once you get your WinkBed, the high-quality textiles and materials used should be immediately apparent. A substantial mattress, it totals 14.5 inches tall, so you will feel as if you are in the lap—or bed—of luxury.

Casper– All Sleeping Positions


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA

Casper, which is a well-known brand that is always looking to upgrade their products, strives to address the comforts of all sleeping positions with a Zoned Support™ system that is extra firm under the hips.

Casper’s design revolves around the idea of a “universal” firmness that can adapt to different body types to give each individual the mix of comfort and support they need to sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed. This is achieved with four layers that gradually increase firmness while transitioning from a soft, responsive top layer to a firmer base.

What stands out?An update to the third layer has added a central panel that is firmer in the middle third of the bed so that the hips, which might carry extra weight, are supported without creating uncomfortable pressure points for the knees or shoulders. If you are experiencing pain in your shoulder, this boost of spine alignment that shouldn’t compromise pressure relief might be just the thing to maximize your comfort.

Helix Luxe– Custom Support


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Ever wish you could take a quiz to find your perfect mattress? Helix actually makes it possible.

Once you log onto their website, you will plug in your information, such as your body type, preferred sleeping position, and if you sleep with a partner. Then, the site will choose the best option for you! It really is that easy.

What makes it unique?With Helix, there is no guesswork when it comes to choosing which model to buy; each bed is personalized for you and your sleep preferences, meaning those hips and shoulders that you have struggles with will be addressed. A cool feature with this brand is that you take into account the preferences of both you and a partner to find a great fit that matches you both.

The Luxe line features ultra-soft materials and zoned support, which is key for relieving pressure in some parts and having good support in others. This should keep your spine aligned and eliminate uncomfortable pressure points. Also unique to the Luxe line is enhanced cooling in the phase-changing cover.

Bear – Athletes & Active Folk


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Children’s Charity Initiative
  • Made in the USA

Athletes and those with active lifestyles know how important it is to maintain excellent sleep hygiene, as sore joints or restlessness can severely impact their lifestyles.

Bear is targeted at those who want to achieve their most restorative and healing rest, and they’ve invested in cutting-edge performance fabrics to help them do it.

Why is it special?The cover is integrated with Celliant®, a unique textile that converts kinetic energy from your body into infrared technology, which its developers claim can improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation. Clinical testing is still ongoing, and we’d encourage you to do your own research to see if this material might be a benefit to your healing muscles.

In addition to performance cover, the bed also includes cooling technology in the form of graphite-gel infusion that helps disperse heat and a fantastic comfort system, which when paired with a firm base, should keep your spine well-aligned while relieving your pressure points.

Sojourn – Budget Choice


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

A tight budget doesn’t have to stand in the way of you and a restorative sleep that might help reduce your hip or shoulder pain.

Dreamfoam, a sister company of well-known Brooklyn Bedding and maker of the Sojourn (formerly Ultimate Dreams Supreme), is dedicated to designing a line of budget-friendly beds that don’t skimp on quality.

What’s unique about it?The memory foams in the top comfort layers of this mattress offer high-end durability, as well as pressure relief for your sore joints. The Sojourn comes with several safety certifications to help ensure that there are no compromises to your comfort, even though it’s available at a very attractive price.

The bed stands 12-inches tall, an impressive profile for a budget pick, and is made with an excellent blend of comfort and support that is covered in a breathable cotton cover. Gel that is infused into the top layer of foam should help prevent overheating.

Causes of Hip Pain at Night

The Wrong Mattress

The cause of hip pain can be as simple as not having the right mattress, or it could be an indication of a more severe underlying condition. The pain can be blamed on just about anything.

According to the Mayo Clinic, these are the top reasons people experience hip and shoulder pain at night:

  • Arthritis (there are more than 100 varieties, all of them are painful!)
  • Injuries, including but not limited to sprains, tears, tendinitis and fractures
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Cancer
  • Infections

We’ll discuss some of the conditions in more depth later in this article. However, evaluating first whether or not you have the right mattress and seeking a medical professional’s input can be powerful.

If your bed is too hard or too soft, it could put your spine at an unnatural angle. Spending seven to nine hours of sleep each and every night at this awkward angle can lead to severe problems, and of course, pain.

When we sleep, especially on our side, we put the majority of our body weight in the shoulder/hip area. So, if you have pain here, imagine how uncomfortable that’s going to be!

If your mattress is too firm, these body parts probably won’t be able to sink in and get any pressure relief at all. It’ll feel like sleeping on concrete.

On the other hand, if your bed is too soft, your hips and shoulders will sink too far down and not have the proper support to keep your spine at a neutral angle. Either way, you’re setting yourself up for a nightmare of a time in the bedroom.

Our suggestion is to look into getting a new mattress (maybe you can find one in our top overall list if you can’t see anything interesting here). Most online bedding companies allow you to try their product for 100 to 120 days so you can see if this solves your problem before taking more drastic measures.

Sleeping Position

If your hip and shoulder pain diminish when you switch positions, that’s a key indicator that the way you’ve chosen to sleep is contributing to your pain. You still might have some other issues happening, especially if your bed is not right for you, but it should be comforting to know that you can get relief just by moving around a bit.

People with pain in their bodies usually do best by sleeping on their side, given that they have a supportive sleeping surface. When you lie on your side, the weight of your shoulders and hips can sink into the mattress. If you could view the spine at this angle, you’d see that it maintains a straight position, and doesn’t form a kinked curve, which can result in pain.

In order for this position to alleviate symptoms, it’s imperative that the bed has an ideal blend of comfort and support. Again, if the mattress is too firm, the spine can tilt up, especially in the pelvic area. Similarly, a too-soft bed can allow you sink in too deeply and lose the support you need to stay comfortable and pain-free.

Another reason why side sleeping can be ideal is that most people report pain in only one side of their body. So, if it hurts to sleep on your right side, you can often get relief by switching to your left, and vice versa.


Sleeping on your stomach is somewhat controversial. First of all, stomach sleepers are in the minority. And second, doctors debate about whether this position is healthy for anyone.

Still, some people insist that the only way they can fall asleep and stay that way is by lying on their stomach. If this sounds like you, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Your mattress should be on the firmer end of the spectrum. If it’s too soft, your hips will likely sink in and cause your back to arch. Now, you might be dealing with some not-so-fun lower back pain to add to the discomfort in your hips.
  • Put a pillow either underneath your stomach or pelvis. The cushion can help ease your body in a more natural angle.

If lying on your side hurts no matter which side you try, and you can’t stand the thought of sleeping on your stomach, you may want to try your back. Again, exercise caution with this position because it can create excess pressure in the base of your spine.

We recommend putting a pillow underneath your knees to elevate the lower body slightly. If you still feel pressure, you can try adding a second cushion.

Another option is a wedge pillow. You can place it directly under your knees, or get a second one to prop up against the headboard to create the effect of a makeshift recliner.



Also known as bursa inflammation, bursitis is when the fluid around your joints (hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows) becomes inflamed and causes pain. It can occur at any time of day but is typically worse at night as lying down can put pressure on the affected areas. Patients report that they feel the sharpest pain at the source of the inflammation, and that it radiates outward.


That painful tingling that goes down the side of your leg is a top symptom of sciatica. This condition is a result of inflammation in the sciatic nerve, the nerve that goes from the base of your spine at your lower back down to your feet. It’s typically caused by misalignment and injury, and though treatable, is quite painful.


As we age, the tendons that connect our bone and muscle lose their elasticity and therefore the ability to provide cushioning and support for force and tension (hence the name, tendons). Combined with physical activity, especially high-impact like running and tennis, the tendons become irritated, resulting in tendonitis. Proper rest, heat and ice treatments, therapy and a mattress with adequate support can all reduce the symptoms of tendonitis.


Arthritis is an inflammatory condition of the joints, resulting in pain, weakness and stiffness where the bones meet. As we mentioned earlier, there are more than 100 types of arthritis, the most common being rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis.

In most cases, the cause is the result of an immune response that triggers the body to attack healthy tissue. Symptoms can occur at any stage in your life but are often correlated with age.


This condition is associated with the elderly because it’s the result of overuse and neglect during the course of several years. It occurs as the result of degeneration in a patient’s joint cartilage, though it can also appear as a result of an injury or infection. Osteoarthritis is highly painful and causes extreme stiffness, especially in the hips, knees, and hands.


Carrying extra weight around can put undue pressure on your entire body, and with pregnancy, since the weight is concentrated in a single area, it can result in exacerbated pain in the low back and hip area. The third trimester is the timeframe when moms-to-be experience the most discomfort and hip pain.

If you’re pregnant and have hip pain, it can seem impossible to get comfortable, no matter what you do!

In addition to making sure you have the right mattress, it’s also imperative to sleep in the right position (we recommend trying side sleeping) and have adequate support in the form of pillows. Many women have found success with either placing a pillow between the knees or getting a full body pillow designed for pregnancy that helps to ease pressure and discomfort, resulting in a comfortable night of sleep.

Tight Muscles

Tightness in a muscle can make you feel sore, especially if you move a certain way or put your body in a position that strains the muscle further. Stretching and rest are two ways to loosen muscles and get rid of the associated pain.

There are a variety of stretches you can do, but the quickest and easiest one is this:

  1. Stand in place; cross one foot over the other at the ankle.
  2. Bend forward to touch your toes. Don’t worry if you can’t get all the way there. Just go as far as you can until you feel a decent stretch.
  3. Hold for about 30 seconds and then cross the other foot in front.

This stretch can help ease symptoms of sciatica as well as loosen the IT band, a tendon that does down the side of your leg and is overly tight on just about everyone, especially those who sit all day at a desk job.

Bowel Problems

Bowel troubles like colitis and poor digestion can often also cause hip pain. The reason is that because our body is a connected system, a problem in one area can express itself as pain in another part of the body.

So, even if you’re not feeling pain in your bowel area, if you do have some type of digestive conditionandpain in your hip, the two could be related. Work on fixing that underlying digestive condition to see if it improves pain elsewhere.

Soreness from Exercise

Whoever invented the phrase “better sore than sorry” obviously never had to sleep with hip or shoulder pain. Overexerting yourself with exercise, especially of the high-impact variety, can make getting a pain-free night of sleep virtually impossible.

If you’re feeling extra sore from a long run, overdoing it at the gym, or helping your old college buddy move across town, you might need to take it easy for a few days. If you can’t bear the thought of missing a workout, try a lower impact exercise like swimming or walking. And remember to stretch.

Best Mattress for Hip Pain

What is the Best Mattress for Hip Pain?

Research shows that 1 in 14 Americans suffers from hip pain. In Americans over the age of 60, the frequency rises to 1 in 7. While treatment for hip pain should be done according to a professional healthcare provider’s instructions, there are certain lifestyle changes that can help manage pain. One important step is to choose a mattress that alleviates hip pain while sleeping.

Getting a good night’s rest is essential for managing any type of pain. But if you suffer from hip pain, you know how difficult it is to sleep soundly when you’re unable to find a comfortable position. The best mattress for hip pain is one that eases pressure in the hips, while keeping the spine aligned to avoid putting strain on the lower back.

We’re here to delve into the features that make a mattress suitable for hip pain sufferers plus share our choices for the best mattresses for hip pain. . We’ve also included a comprehensive buyer’s guide outlining everything you need to know about choosing the best mattress for back and hip pain depending on body type, preferred sleep position, and other factors.

Our Top Picks

Novosbed – Best Personalized Firmness
  • Mattress Type:All-Foam
  • Firmness Level:Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7-8)
  • Price:$999
Bear – Best for Recovery
  • Mattress Type:All-Foam
  • Firmness Level:Medium (5)
  • Price:$800
Casper Hybrid – Best Pressure Relieving
  • Mattress Type:Hybrid
  • Firmness Level:Medium (5)
  • Price:$1,195
Level Sleep– Best Zoned Support
  • Mattress Type:All-Foam
  • Firmness Level:Medium (5)
  • Price:$1,199
Layla – Best Flippable
  • Mattress Type:All-Foam
  • Firmness Level:Medium Soft (4), Firm (7-8)
  • Price:$999
Brooklyn Bedding Signature – Best Value
  • Mattress Type:Hybrid
  • Firmness Level:Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7-8)
  • Price:$949

Novosbed – Best Personalized Firmness

Price: $999

Height: 11"

Firmness:Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7-8)

Pressure Point Relief:4/5

Sleeps Cool:2/5 (Medium Soft), 3/5 (Medium Firm, Firm)

Motion Isolation:4/5

Edge Support:2/5


Ease of Movement:2/5 (Medium Soft), 3/5 (Medium Firm, Firm)

Sex:2/5 (Medium Soft), 3/5 (Medium Firm, Firm)



  • Three firmness options and optional comfort adjustment kit
  • Above-average pressure relief
  • Limited motion transfer

Ideal For:

  • People who wish to try several different firmness levels
  • Eco-conscious shoppers
  • Sleepers with hip pain in all weight groups

The Novosbed is an 11-inch foam mattress that features two layers of memory foam atop a polyfoam support core. It comes in three firmness options: medium soft (4), medium firm (6), and firm (7-8). The medium soft version uses gel-infused memory foam, designed to dissipate body heat that can get trapped in softer mattresses. All three firmness options have a removable and machine-washable Tencel cover. Tencel is quite breathable and helps wick away moisture from the body, making for a cooler surface than other memory foam beds.

The three firmness levels ensure sleepers of varying weights can find what they need., Lightweight sleepers will prefer the softer mattress and sleepers over 230 pounds or so will tend toward the added support of the firm surface. All three versions offer the typical memory foam “hug” that helps alleviate pressure points, making this a comfortable mattress for people with hip pain. Combination sleepers may prefer the medium or firm versions, which allow for easier movement.

The Novosbed also succeeds in limiting motion transfer to a significant extent, limiting partner disturbances when sharing the bed. The one downside is the lack of edge support, which may make it difficult to sleep near the edge of the bed.

Novosbed is a Canadian company that manufactures its mattress with an emphasis on sustainability. The mattress ships free and comes with a 120-night sleep trial, with the option to request a free comfort adjustment kit if you’re not happy with the firmness level.

Bear – Best for Recovery

Price: $800


Firmness:Medium (5)

Pressure Point Relief:4/5

Sleeps Cool:3/5

Motion Isolation:4/5

Edge Support:2/5


Ease of Movement:3/5




  • Celliant fabric helps tissue recovery
  • Memory foam absorbs motion to prevent nighttime disruptions
  • Cradling pressure relief minimizes sore points

Ideal For:

  • Side sleepers, especially those under 230 pounds
  • People recovering from injuries
  • People who sleep hot on all-foam mattresses

The all-foam Bear mattress is 10 inches thick. Gel-infused graphite memory foam and polyfoam layers sit atop a high-density polyfoam base, providing a balanced feel that conforms to the body without allowing too much sink. The cover is made of Celliant fabric, which aims to aid tissue recovery by reflecting body heat back to the sleeper in the form of infrared energy.

Due to its medium firmness level and ability to relieve pressure points in the hips and shoulders, the Bear Mattress rates particularly highly with side sleepers. The memory foam absorbs movement and prevents it from traveling across the bed. However, thanks to the transitional polyfoam layer, the mattress doesn’t have the “stuck in the bed” feeling of traditional memory foam. This means couples can comfortably share the bed without waking each other up, and the surface is responsive enough to facilitate sex.

The Bear Mattress is constructed with open-cell foams infused with gel and graphite, which are designed to pull heat away from your body. Because of these details, the mattress sleeps cooler than competing memory foam models.

Bear ships the mattress free and offers a 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty.

Casper Hybrid – Best Pressure Relieving

Price: $1,195


Firmness:Medium (5)

Pressure Point Relief:4/5

Sleeps Cool:4/5

Motion Isolation:4/5

Edge Support:3/5


Ease of Movement:3/5




  • Responsive surface and strong edge support thanks to coils
  • Plush foam layers keep pressure points and motion transfer to a minimum
  • Airflow through the coils helps keep the mattress cool

Ideal For:

  • Couples
  • Lightweight and average weight sleepers who suffer from hip pain
  • Value seekers

Best known for its original all-foam mattress, Casper has now designed a hybrid version that combines the advantages of the foam mattress with the airflow and bounce of a pocketed coil support system. The Casper Hybrid mattress is 12 inches tall and has a medium firmness level. It offers fairly close conforming and pressure relief that is well suited to hip pain sufferers under 230 pounds.

Couples find that the Casper Hybrid does a very good job of keeping motion limited to one side of the bed. The pocketed coil support layer provides solid edge support, meaning it’s possible to sleep right up to the edge of the bed without worrying about falling off. This can make a small bed feel larger, especially when sharing with a partner. The coils provide a decent amount of bounce for sex and for switching sleeping positions.

The Casper is priced quite affordably for a hybrid mattress, and the company has a very strong track record and thousands of satisfied customers. Each mattress is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and 10-year limited warranty.

Level Sleep – Best Zoned Support

Price: $1,199


Firmness:Medium (5)

Pressure Point Relief:4/5

Sleeps Cool:3/5

Motion Isolation:3/5

Edge Support:3/5


Ease of Movement:3/5




  • Zoned comfort layer provides targeted hip support
  • Responsive surface facilitates movement
  • Extra-long sleep trial

Ideal For:

  • Combination sleepers
  • People who experience pressure points in the hips or shoulders
  • Indecisive shoppers

Under a thin layer of plush, high-resilience polyfoam, the all-foam Level Sleep mattress features a layer of zoned polyfoam with soft (3) foams under the head and feet, medium (5) foam under the hips, and firmer (7) foam under the back. This helps take pressure off the hips while preventing sagging. Lightweight and average weight sleepers should find that they sink sufficiently into the mattress to experience pressure relief, but still experience a buoyant sensation and proper spinal support.

The mattress has an 11-inch profile, which is slightly above average for a foam mattress and leaves room for a generous support core. Because it’s made of polyfoam and not memory foam, the Level has a more responsive surface that is appreciated by combination sleepers and is more amenable to sex. Adequate motion isolation and edge support make the mattress suitable for couples. Meanwhile, the limited sink allows for better airflow around the body, which limits heat retention compared to other all-foam mattresses.

In addition to free shipping, the Level comes with an outstanding 365-night sleep trial and forever warranty. Hip pain or arthritis sufferers who have had trouble finding a mattress that ticks all the boxes can breathe easy knowing this is a low-risk purchase.

Layla – Best Flippable

Price: $999


Firmness:Medium Soft (4), Firm (7-8)

Pressure Point Relief:4/5 (Medium Soft), 3/5 (Firm)

Sleeps Cool:3/5 (Medium Soft), 4/5 (Firm)

Motion Isolation:4/5 (Medium Soft), 3/5 (Firm)

Edge Support:2/5 (Medium Soft), 3/5 (Firm)


Ease of Movement:3/5 (Medium Soft), 4/5 (Firm)

Sex:2/5 (Medium Soft), 3/5 (Firm)



  • Flippable mattress with two firmness levels
  • Copper infusions help maintain a neutral temperature
  • Thick comfort layers isolate motion and provide pressure relief

Ideal For:

  • People with evolving firmness preferences
  • Those who sleep hot
  • Couples

The Layla is a lightweight flippable mattress with a different firmness level on each side, which means you can change the firmness level as your injuries evolve.

The first side measures a 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale, or medium soft. Best suited to lightweight sleepers, this side is made with copper-infused memory foam and convoluted polyfoam that form a deep, pressure-relieving cradle. The convoluted polyfoam transition layer helps maintain spinal alignment and prevents you from sinking straight onto the support core. It also improves temperature neutrality by allowing air to flow through the spaces.

The second side falls between a 7 and an 8 on the firmness scale, with just one inch of copper-infused memory foam. This side provides more robust support and is better suited to sleepers of average or above-average weight. Both sides share a high-density polyfoam support core, for a total profile of 10 inches.

Copper is said to have cooling properties and boost circulation, which may help recovery in some hip pain sufferers. The thick comfort layers on the medium soft side keep motion transfer to a minimum, while the firm side offers reliable edge support to assist sleepers in getting in and out of bed. Neither side is exactly bouncy, but sleepers shouldn’t have any trouble moving around in bed, especially on the firm side.

Layla offers customers a 120-night trial period with a 2-week break-in period. The mattress is also backed by a lifetime warranty against excessively sagging or splitting foam.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature – Best Value

Price: $949


Firmness:Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7-8)

Pressure Point Relief:4/5

Sleeps Cool:3/5 (Medium Soft, Medium Firm) and 4/5 (Firm)

Motion Isolation:4/5 (Medium Soft, Medium Firm) and 3/5 (Firm)

Edge Support:3/5 (Medium Soft, Medium Firm,) and 4/5 (Firm)


Ease of Movement:3/5 (Medium Soft) and 4/5 (Medium Firm, Firm)

Sex:3/5 (Medium Soft) and 4/5 (Medium Firm, Firm)

Off-Gassing:4/5 (Medium Soft, Firm), 3/5 (Medium Firm)


  • Three firmness levels to choose from
  • Sleeps cool thanks to airflow and breathable cover
  • Conforming foams provide pressure relief and prevent motion transfer

Ideal For:

  • Sleepers of all body types and sleeping positions
  • Couples
  • Value seekers

With its three firmness options, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid mattress offers customized support and pressure relief for different sleeper groups. As you might expect, the medium soft model is preferred by lightweight sleepers, the medium firm by average weight sleepers, and the firm by heavier sleepers.

The mattress is 11.5 inches tall and consists of two polyfoam layers and a pocketed coil support core, with a high-density polyfoam base. A breathable cotton cover and airflow through the pocketed coils help the mattress sleep cool. The cover is also quilted with a thin layer of polyfoam that provides some initial cushioning to help ease pressure on the hips and shoulders.

Brooklyn Bedding uses gel-infused polyfoams that conform fairly closely but have more bounce than memory foam. This is an advantage for sex and for combination sleepers, as it enables sleepers to switch positions more easily. The mattress also has reinforced edges that make it easier to climb in and out of bed. And despite the coils, the mattress does a very good job at preventing motion transfer, particularly in the medium soft and medium firm models.

At less than $1,000 for a queen size mattress, the Brooklyn Bedding signature is priced significantly below average for a hybrid. The quality materials should ensure a long lifespan, making this a great investment. The mattress ships free and comes with a 120-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty. The company just requires a 30-night break-in period to let the sleeper’s body adjust to the new mattress.

What Causes Hip Pain?

The hip is the body’s largest ball-and-socket joint and contains a layer of cartilage inside to prevent friction. It’s very hardy, considering the amount of strain we put it through, but it’s not indestructible. As we age, the cartilage wears down and the bones become more brittle, leading to discomfort in the hips. External factors such as the surrounding muscles, nerves, and tendons can also cause hip pain, especially in athletes or people who have had certain accidents.

Some common causes of hip pain include:

  • Arthritis:Arthritis (particularly osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis) are common culprits of hip pain in older adults, as the hip joint becomes inflamed and cartilage wears down. Arthritis causes stiffness and reduced range of motion.
  • Bursitis:This painful inflammation of the sacs of liquid that sit between bones, muscles, and tendons usually stems from overuse during repetitive activities. Side sleepers often find that bursitis is worse at night due to the pressure on the hips.
  • Hip Fractures:Bones lose their strength as we age, so although hip fractures can happen to anyone, they are more common in older adults.
  • Hip Dislocations:These are usually the result of a high-speed injury. Although the hip must be reinserted into the socket within 6 hours of the injury, the accident can cause trauma to the surrounding tissues that can take a few months to heal.
  • Tendinitis:Like bursitis, inflamed tendons are a result of overuse.
  • Muscle Strain:Muscles can also become inflamed from cumulative strain, although stretching can help improve symptoms. Athletes may also suffer from pulled muscles or sprained ligaments, which generally clear up within a few months with proper rest and care.
  • Diseases:Cancers, avascular necrosis, and other diseases can cause hip pain by interfering with the blood supply, bone marrow, or other parts of the hip.
  • Hip Labral Tear:This occurs when the cartilage around the outside rim of the hip socket gets torn, and is more common in people who regularly perform twisting movements.
  • Hernia:Conditions like hernias in other parts of the body can sometimes send referred pain to the hip.
  • Pinched Nerve:As in the case of sciatica or sacroiliitis, a compression of one of the nerves near the hip can cause hip pain. One kind of pinched nerve, meralgia paresthetica, can be exacerbated by obesity, pregnancy, or simply wearing tight clothing.

Not all hip injuries are created alike. Some become worse when pressure is put on the hip, while others are more internal. Some are caused by injuries and last only a few months, while others are due to long-term conditions. If you have hip pain, you should consult your doctor to develop a personalized treatment plan. That being said, there are certain things to look for when searching for a mattress that can help ward off hip pain.

Can a Mattress Cause Back and Hip Pain?

Many types of hip pain are caused by external factors, but some types of back and hip pain can actually be a result of the mattress itself. Mattresses that are too firm may cause hip pain in the form of pressure points, especially in side sleepers. Whatever the cause of your hip pain, getting quality sleep is crucial to recovery. The catch-22 is that it’s difficult to get quality sleep when you’re not comfortable.

When choosing your mattress, consider how you expect your hip pain to evolve. For example, if you have a chronic condition that gets worse with pressure, then it may be wise to choose a pressure-relieving mattress and perhaps avoid side sleeping. In contrast, if you have a short-term condition or you’re recovering from surgery, you might be fine with just a plush mattress topper, which is a cheaper alternative to investing in a specialized mattress.

If you experience hip pain from sleeping on your side on a mattress that’s too firm, there are a couple of easy fixes. Just turn onto your back or stomach, or invest in a mattress topper. The best mattress topper for back and hip pain should have plenty of cushioning, without allowing too much sink.

Over time, most mattresses develop sagging and permanent body indentations that affect the way they support the spinal structure. This is especially true of cheaper mattresses, and foam models in particular. If your mattress is causing hip pain, or you notice significant body impressions or dips on your mattress, it’s time to throw it out and get a new one.

Most online mattress manufacturers offer trial periods so that customers can try out the mattress themselves before committing to a specific model. Online and in-store mattresses almost always come with warranties as well, which can protect against manufacturing and workmanship defects.

What Is the Best Firmness for Sleepers With Hip Pain?

The two most important features in a mattress are pressure relief and support, and the vast majority of sleepers opt for a medium-firm mattress that provides a balance of both. However, the best mattress for hip pain sufferers can also vary according to personal preference and other individual factors, and a slightly softer mattress may be ideal.

For people who suffer from hip pain, pressure relief is doubly important. Pinched nerves, hip fractures, and many other conditions can become more painful when the hip digs into the mattress. To alleviate pressure points, it’s best to look for a mattress that contours around the hips instead of allowing pressure to build up.

However, support shouldn’t be neglected either, especially by people whose hip pain stems from misalignment issues. Mattresses that allow too much sagging in the midsection can cause the hips to bend at awkward angles, throwing the spine out of alignment and eventually leading to back pain.

Several of the mattresses on our list are zoned, meaning they provide more support in some areas and more pressure relief in others. Zoned mattresses can be very helpful for people who need to keep pressure off their hips while keeping their lumbar area supported.

What Is the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers With Hip Pain?

Side sleeping pushes one hip into the mattress, causing painful pressure points that can aggravate some types of existing hip pain if the mattress is too firm. The best mattress for side sleepers with hip pain should be a little on the softer side, within the appropriate range for each sleeper’s body type. Typically, as a sleeper’s body weight increases, mattress firmness should increase along with it.

Of course, it’s still important to have a mattress that properly supports the spinal structure in order to avoid further stiffness. Mattresses with latex or memory foam comfort layers conform to the body to offer cushioning pressure relief while providing a supportive cradle for your spine. These foams also isolate motion transfer, so you can sleep soundly and get the recovery you need without having your sleep disturbed by your partner’s movements.

Choosing a pillow with the appropriate loft to keep the head and neck at a neutral position can go a long way toward keeping the spine aligned. If you’re a side sleeper, you may also wish to insert a pillow between your legs to keep the hip and knee joints in line and encourage better spinal alignment. Some manufacturers sell specially designed knee pillows that are made with side sleepers in mind. Raising the knees slightly toward the chest can also help relieve pressure on the back.

While side sleeping is the trickiest position to accommodate when suffering from hip pain, stomach and back sleepers should choose their mattresses carefully as well. People who carry more weight in their midsections may find that sleeping on the stomach causes the hips to sink too far into the mattress, pushing the spine out of alignment. Stomach sleepers generally prefer firmer mattresses that help distribute body weight and keep the spine straight.

Back sleeping is generally regarded as the best position for hip pain sufferers as it promotes natural spinal alignment. The best mattresses for back sleeping offer a neutral, balanced feel that supports the spine while offering moderate pressure relief.

How Does Weight Impact What Kind of Bed is Best for Hip Pain?

The perfect mattress for any given person depends on body type, sleeping position, and personal preference.

Generally speaking, the more a person weighs, the more pressure they exert on a mattress and the more they sink into it. Lightweight people and side sleepers tend to favor softer mattresses with cushioning pressure relief. In turn, stomach sleepers and those who weigh more than 200 pounds require a firmer surface and a more supportive structure to prevent excessive sagging. A mattress that sags too much will compromise spinal support by allowing heavier parts of the body to sink too far into the mattress. Average weight sleepers and back sleepers fall somewhere in between, and do best with a balance between pressure relief and spinal support.

No matter the body type, the best mattress for lower back and hip pain should offer close conforming that cushions pressure points and allows the spine to maintain a neutral position. Memory foam and latex usually satisfy these requirements the best. For heavier people who require more support, combining latex or memory foam plus a supportive coil base or air chambers can provide optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief.

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