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How Much Does a Good Mattress Cost?

Quick Overview

Mattresses sold today range in price from $150 or less to more than $5,000, but most shoppers can find the mattress they need for under $1,000. The price-point of a mattress depends on several factors, including type, size, height, material composition, and durability.

This guide offers shopping tips for comparing mattresses based on different factors and finding the right model for you and your sleep partner at a reasonable price.

Average Mattress Prices

Mattress type impacts the price-point more than any other factor. The price range of foam mattresses, for example, varies significantly from the price ranges of latex or hybrid models. The table below features current price ranges for five common mattress types; please note that the prices listed below are for Queen-size models. Click the links in the left-hand column to read our full analyses of each mattress type.

Mattress TypeLow Price RangeMedium Price RangeHigh Price RangeAverage Price-Point (Queen)
InnerspringLess than $700$700 to $1,200More than $1,200$1,038
FoamLess than $600$600 to $1,200More than $1,200$1,044
LatexLess than $1,500$1,500 to $2,500More than $2,500$1,971
HybridLess than $1,500$1,500 to $2,200More than $2,200$2,077
AirbedLess than $1,500$1,500 to $2,500More than $2,500$2,283

Cost Factors for Different Mattress Types

Next, let’s look at some factors that influence the price of different mattress types.

Cost Factors for Innerspring Mattresses

Here are some important considerations to make when looking at innersprings:

  • The price-point of an innerspring mattress is often tied to durability and lifespan. Cheaper models tend to feature polyfoam comfort layers and bonnell coils, which typically perform for three to five years. Costlier innersprings may feature memory foam or latex in the comfort layer and more durable coils — such as offset or continuous-wire coils — in the support core.
  • Some innersprings are constructed with pocketed (or fabric-wrapped) coils; it’s important to note that mattresses featuring at least two inches of memory foam and/or latex in the comfort layer and pocketed coils in the support core are technically considered hybrids, not innersprings.
  • Gauge (or thickness) can be used to determine how durable a mattress coil is; thicker low-gauge coils are more durable than thinner high-gauge coils.
  • Many mattress manufacturers list ‘coil count’ as a measure of quality and durability — and the price may reflect this — but coil count does not necessarily reflect the lifespan of an innerspring mattress.

Cost Factors for Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are typically priced using the following criteria:

  • Foam density plays a role in mattress durability, and is a key factor for foam mattress pricing. Low-density foams are softer and tend to deteriorate quickly, and are most often used in relatively cheap mattress models. High-density foams are firmer and tend to last longer; they are usually used in models with more expensive price-points.
  • Another key consideration is the type of foam used. Polyfoam (even high-density polyfoam) will degrade faster than most memory foams. As a result, the cost of an all-polyfoam mattress is usually much lower than the cost of a memory foam mattress. Likewise, mattresses with specialty memory foam (such as gel or copper-infused memory foam) are more expensive than those with standard memory foam.
  • Most sleepers feel more comfortable on memory foam than polyfoam. However, price-point does not appear to be a significant factor in customer experiences with memory foam compared to performance factors like firmness and conforming/pressure-relieving abilities. For this reason, shoppers may be able to find a memory foam mattress that suits their preferences at a relatively low price.

Cost Factors for Latex Mattresses

The price of a latex mattress is often determined by the following factors:

  • Latex in mattresses is produced using one of two processes. The Dunlop process produces denser and heavier latex that is most often used in support cores. The Talalay process produces lighter and less dense latex that is typically used in comfort layers. Talalay latex tends to be more expensive than Dunlop latex, but some mattresses contain both.
  • The price of a latex mattress will also depend on whether natural or synthetic latex is used. Natural latex is extracted from rubber trees and produced without fillers using either the Dunlop or Talalay process. Synthetic latex, on the other hand, is entirely manmade, but is still processed using the Talalay or Dunlop method. The differences in firmness and feel between natural and synthetic latex are negotiable. However, sleepers are much more susceptible to allergic reactions on natural latex.
  • An important distinction for shoppers is the difference between ‘natural latex’ and ‘100% natural latex’; the latter does not contain any fillers whatsoever, while the former may not be entirely natural. In some cases, mattresses sold as ‘natural latex’ are actually made of mostly synthetic latex.

Cost Factors for Hybrid Mattresses

Cost considerations for hybrid mattresses include the following points:

  • In order to be considered a true hybrid, a mattress must have at least two inches of memory foam and/or latex in the comfort system and a pocketed coil support core. Many mattresses are sold as hybrids, even though they don’t meet this criteria. For example, some models sold as hybrids feature latex and memory foam components, but the support core is made of polyfoam, not pocketed coils.
  • Some hybrids feature a layer of microcoils in the comfort system for added conforming and pressure relief. Models with microcoil layers are usually more expensive than standard foam-and-coil hybrids. However, customer satisfaction ratings between microcoil and non-microcoil hybrids are comparable, suggesting that these components do not play a significant role in sleeper experiences.

Cost Factors for Airbed Mattresses

An airbed is defined as any mattress that features air chambers in the support core, rather than foam or coil layers. Airbeds have the highest average price among all mattress types. When pricing airbed mattresses, consider the following:

  • Most airbeds sold today feature manual or remote controls that allow users to inflate or deflate air to match their comfort preferences; many can be toggled using online apps. Remote-control airbeds — especially ones that utilize smart-app technology — are almost always more expensive than manual-control models.
  • Airbeds with memory foam, latex and/or microcoils in the comfort layer are usually priced higher than those with standard polyfoam comfort systems.
  • Airbed prices somewhat correlate to mattress height, with thicker models being the more expensive option. The number of air chambers may also play a role; traditional airbeds have one to two air chambers, but some newer models have as many as six individual chambers (and cost more on average).

Cost Factors for a Bed Base

The bed base refers to the part of a bed that supports the mattress. Here are a few of the factors to consider when you’re thinking about purchasing a bed base to hold up your mattress.

  • Box springs are generally cheaper than other kinds of bed bases, but may require an additional foundation or legs if you want storage space underneath. It’s worth noting that box springs can help to extend the lifespan of your mattress, preventing deterioration and sagging.
  • Foundations or platforms tend to be on the less expensive side. Like box springs, they can help to add value to your mattress purchase by extending its lifespan. They are generally set up to have storage space below, so there probably won’t be a need for extra purchases like with box springs.
  • There are a few factors that can make your bed base pricier. Some foundations have extra storage drawers and/or headboards, for example. These are often more expensive.
  • Adjustable beds, which can be raised at the head or foot to create different angles for sleeping, are the priciest options. Still, they can be important for certain kinds of sleepers, such as people with poor circulation, sleep apnea, or other sleep problems. If you have certain sleep conditions, the price of an adjustable bed base may be well worth it for higher-quality sleep over time.

Which Mattress Type Is Best for You?

Now that we’ve explored cost factors affecting the price of a mattress, let’s look at some distinct qualities associated with different mattress types. Customers can use metrics like these to determine which mattress is best for them based on their top priorities as shoppers and sleepers.

Mattress TypeInnerspringFoamLatexHybridAirbed
Average lifespan5 to 7 years6 to 7 years8 years or longer6 to 7 years8 years or longer
Conforming abilityPoor to FairGood to Very GoodGoodGood to Very GoodGood
SexGood to Very GoodFairFair to GoodGood to Very GoodFair
Temperature neutralityGood to Very GoodPoor to FairFair to GoodFair to GoodFair to Good
Noise potentialFairVery Good to ExcellentVery Good to ExcellentGood to Very GoodFair to Good
Odor potentialGood to Very GoodPoor to FairFair to GoodPoor to FairFair to Good
Edge supportGood to Very GoodPoor to FairPoor to FairGood to Very GoodFair to Good
AvailabilityWideWideModerateModerateVery Limited

Additional Mattress Costs

The original price-point is not the only cost associated with mattress ownership. Here are a few more costs that may arise for mattress owners:

  • Foundations:Mattress customers usually have the option of purchasing a matching foundation to go with their new mattress; most foundations are priced at $150 or higher.
  • Shipping:Many mattress manufacturers offer free delivery to customers in the continental United States; these deliveries are mostly coordinated through UPS, FedEx and other ground courier services. A few manufacturers also offer free shipping to customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and offshore U.S. territories, but most impose shipping charges of at least $100 for these locations; additional fees may also apply for customers in remote locations in the continental U.S. For companies that do not offer free mattress shipping, customers should expect to pay at least $100.
  • In-Home Assembly:A large number of mattress companies offer delivery that includes in-home mattress assembly and packaging waste removal; this is often called ‘White Glove delivery’. The standard cost of White Glove delivery is $99, but some companies charge more.
  • Old Mattress Removal:Mattress companies that offer White Glove delivery will often remove the customer’s old mattress for an additional charge (usually $50). However, most mattress companies that use ground couriers like UPS and FedEx for deliveries do not offer this service.
  • Mattress Returns:Mattress sleep trials are common; most companies allow customers to return their mattress within 30 to 90 days of their original purchase in exchange for a refund (specific lengths vary by company). However, many sleep trials include hidden ‘shipping and handling’ fees for customers that return their mattress during the sleep trial. These details are usually included in the fine print of the company’s sleep trial and return policy.
  • Mattress Exchanges:In addition to mattress returns, some companies allow customers to exchange their mattress during their sleep trial for a model of a different size and/or firmness. The same ‘shipping and handling’ fees apply. For mattress upgrades, customers will be required to pay the difference in price between the original and the replacement. Typically, one exchange is allowed per sleep trial.

Warranty Costs

A standard mattress warranty should last at least 10 years. Some span 25 years or longer. Warranty terms vary significantly between mattress manufacturers, and there are several costs associated with them.

Most mattress warranties require customers to cover shipping and handling fees associated with repairs for mattresses with defects (such as deep indentations or protruding coils). Additionally, customers should expect to pay shipping and handling fees for replacing their defective mattress with a new model.

Another important warranty consideration is whether the coverage is nonprorated or prorated; some warranties are entirely nonprorated, while others are nonprorated for a set number of years and prorated for the remainder of the warranty coverage period. Nonprorated coverage means that, with the exception of shipping and handling fees, owners do not need to pay extra costs for replacing a defective mattress. During prorated coverage periods, customers must pay extra charges for replacing their mattress; these charges are calculated by multiplying a percentage of the original mattress price (typically 5% to 10%) by the number of years of ownership.

For example, let’s say a mattress costs $1,000 and is covered under a 20-year warranty with five years of nonprorated coverage and 15 years of prorated coverage with a 5% prorated charge. If the mattress needs to be replaced during the first five years, then the owner will only be required to pay shipping and handling fees. If the mattress needs to be replaced during the tenth year, then prorated charges are calculated as 10 (years) by 5%; this means that the owner will be responsible for paying half the original price (or $500) to have the mattress replaced. During the eleventh year, this charge will increase to 55% (or $550), and so on until the 20-year period ends.

Most – but not all – 10-year warranties are entirely nonprorated. Some warranties that extend 15 to 20 years or longer are fully nonprorated, but most included prorated coverage periods. In some cases, a mattress warranty will only include two to three years of nonprorated coverage. For this reason, customers should place more emphasis on the length of the nonprorated coverage period than the overall warranty length. Furthermore, most industry experts agree that a mattress should be replaced every seven to eight years; this somewhat negates the need for warranties that extend beyond 10 years.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Mattress

When you’re looking for the best possible deal on a mattress, there are a number of factors that come into play. Here are a few tricks and tips, as well as some important factors to consider when looking for a great mattress deal.


It’s important to do your homework when you’re looking for the best deal on a mattress. Conduct market research before you buy, and you’ll end up with a higher-value purchase in the end.

Mattresses vary widely in terms of durability, firmness, prices, and overall quality. Compare customer reviews and brand prices in order to get the most value for what you pay.

Holiday sales

Date-specific deals are huge in the mattress industry. If you time your purchase correctly, you can save quite a bit on your mattress. Here are some of the most common holidays and other sales days when you might snag a mattress deal:

HolidayDateSale Description
President’s Day3rd Monday in FebruaryPresident’s Day is usually the first opportunity all year to celebrate with mattress savings. Virtually all online mattress sellers provide brand-new coupon codes for this holiday.
Memorial DayLast Monday in MayMany mattress brands offer Memorial Day promotions. Brick-and-mortar stores may have some savings, but online mattress companies will usually provide ultra-steep price cuts and special deal throughout Memorial Day weekend.
Independence DayJuly 4thAlong with fireworks and outdoor barbecues, mattress sales have become synonymous with Independence Day. Okay, maybe not quite the same, but July 4th does bring significant mattress savings every year. While many stores close on this holiday, look for sales on the 3rd or 5th.
Amazon Prime DayJuly 15thThis midsummer sales day provides endless deals for members of Amazon Prime. Even if you’re not a Prime member, though, other mattress sellers will often publish new coupon codes on their own sites to draw customers away from Amazon, so scour various sites for deals.
Labor DayFirst Monday in SeptemberLabor Day has long been a major discount day for the mattress industry. Starting on the Friday before the holiday, look for new coupon codes, steep discounts, and other promotions at online mattress retailers.
Veterans DayNovember 11thNew coupon codes and promos almost always come out on Veterans Day. This mid-November discount opportunity is an especially good time to look out for great deals before the holidays, as mattress companies try to sell as much of their inventory as possible before the approaching winter rush.
Black FridayThe day after Thanksgiving, or the fourth Friday in NovemberBlack Friday is a massive sales event for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers. Because it’s a weekend-long event, and because so many sellers are competing with one another, you can usually find a steal just after Thanksgiving with a little research and price-matching offers.
Cyber MondayMonday after Thanksgiving (may fall in late November or early December)This e-commerce sales holiday boasts a longer discount window than most other discount days, with some sales lasting the entire week or even longer. Sellers actively compete in a race to the bottom of the price barrel on this post-Thanksgiving holiday, so if you’re looking for the ultimate steal, this is a good time to find one. Be on the lookout for extra perks on Cyber Monday, too, like free bedding and shipping.
Get a friend referral

If you have a friend who recently bought a mattress or is looking to buy one, you could save money on your own mattress purchase. Some retailers offer a referral deal on your purchase when someone who purchases a mattress (or, in some cases, other furniture or household goods) refers you to the company.

Choose a brand that offers free shipping

Buying a mattress online is often cheaper than buying one in person, and most retailers offer their products on the web in today’s market. Many companies offer free shipping, which is a major perk.

If you can dodge the shipping costs, online is often the best way to go when it comes to buying a mattress. On the web, you can almost always find a great mattress deal, with no markups from third-party retailers.

Consider durability

Ultimately, one of the best ways to save money in the long-term is to get a mattress that will last you a long time. When it comes to mattress value, the price point is just one small piece of the puzzle: A mattress that you can use comfortably for many years to come is key.

Do market research on the most durable mattresses. Read customer reviews to make sure the mattress will last a long time for the price you’ll be paying.


Generally speaking, the average sleeper will be able to spend $1,000 or less for a mattress that suits their comfort and support preferences. However, mattress shoppers are urged to thoroughly research different products before making a purchase. In order to find the right mattress at the lowest available price, be sure to compare different models based on factors like type, material composition, firmness, and durability, as well as company policies regarding shipping and delivery, sleep trials, and warranty coverage.

To view and compare different mattress brands based on price, please visit our Product Comparison Page.

How Much Does a Good, New Mattress Cost?

Selling mattresses online has revolutionized the sleep industry in many ways. More people are able to have access to a variety of products and more companies are able to offer them.

The bed-in-a-box market has grown tremendously in the past few years … and so have your options. We know it can be tough to navigate the world of online mattress shopping and along with quality and function, we know the cost of such a purchase can be a major concern for all kinds of shoppers.

This guide will help you discoverthe cost of a mattressand what factors may be involved in determining that, along with some helpful tips on how to save a few bucks!

Average Mattress Price

We will go into the specific reasons for fluctuations in price in more detail below. But for now, we can see that there is a wide range of mattress costs, especially across different types of construction. For the most part, latex and air beds tend to cost the most, with foam and hybrids coming in the middle and innersprings being the cheapest on average.

While the high and low ends can fluctuate quite a lot, the average prices stay relatively close to each. There may be a difference of $500 to $1,000, but most seem to be around the $1,000 range. This should allow most shoppers to choose the construction that meets their own individual needs without worrying too much about the price.

Influential Price Determinants by Material Type

MattressLow EndHigh EndAverage

The price of an all-foam mattress is likely to vary depending on both the density and construction of the materials. The more these factors increase, the higher the cost is likely to be.

Higher density foam is likely to last longer because it often reclaims its shape easier, reducing long-term impressions. However, this can raise the cost and some shoppers may find higher density beds to be too firm for some shoppers to find comfortable. Lower density foams may need cost less and need to be replaced more often. It is possible to find a product at a mid-range price point that combines both higher and lower density materials for a blend of comfort and durability.

Additional features that enhance the usability of the product, such as reinforced edges or cooling properties like copper or temperature-regulating gels and phase-changing technology or aerated materials, will likely raise the cost of the bed. The tradeoff is that consumers are promised a more comfortable and convenient sleep experience. Some companies design their own foams or offer zoned materials with different levels of compression.


Just like a mattress made of foam, the way an innerspring is built will largely determine how much companies charge their customers for it. Coil counts, gauges, comfort materials, and additives are all factors to become acquainted with when choosing an innerspring model.

These items work differently from all-foam products, where higher density materials cost more, innersprings with a higher gauge are typically less expensive. Springs with high gauges are usually thinner than low gauge springs. This can cause the beds to breakdown quicker, driving the fees down.

The number of coils inside a mattress can also affect the price, the more coils are present, the more metal is used to create them. Many shoppers prefer a bed with more springs inside, which may help to justify the cost.

Shoppers should also consider other construction factors like whether or not the bed has more than one spring system or if the coils are wrapped in fabric. If there is a comfort layer inside the innerspring, the thickness, materials used, and cooling technologies employed will all affect the cost.


Hybrid beds have witnessed a lot of innovation over the past few years, as other products evolve, so do hybrids. Companies have begun to experiment with different types of construction styles and material types, which can then lead to a variety of price ranges. The cost of a hybrid is also determined using many of the same factors involved in pricing an innerspring or all-foam bed as these products combine both springs and comfort materials like latex, foam, or both.

Some hybrid products feature taller coils or a dual-coil construction. The thickness of the comfort materials and the construction of these layers can have an effect on the money spent to build the bed. Many of these items also include cooling technologies, pocketed springs, or enhanced edges.

Check to see whether or not the item is double-sided, as these models are often thicker and contain more materials. Certified organic models and zoned designs will also play a part in determining the cost of the item, so be sure to look into these issues, as well.


There are two main types of latex and each different kind will probably run you a different amount.

Many sleepers consider Dunlop latex to be firmer and more durable, this material may be seen frequently in foundation layers. Talalay is usually considered to be softer and is considered a good choice for adding pressure relief. In general, Talalay beds are more expensive, though there are many models out there that combine both types.

Shoppers should also check to see if their latex mattress is natural or organic — these two features are not one and the same. A natural latex product means that the item is created using natural and not synthetic latex; some shoppers may be allergic to natural latex, but others are glad to have a product that is not chemically engineered. Natural latex beds can be organic or non-organic, of course, an organic product will usually cost more.

Latex can also feature many of the same qualities found in foam, like gel infusion or aeration that allows for air circulation. Some of these models may also feature enhanced edge support or zoning.


Airbeds are an interesting corner of the market with lots of different factors determining their price. The materials used in the construction, along with mattress height and technological advances, are the main considerations when determining the cost of an airbed.

People no longer need to pump up an airbed by hand or manually tell an electric pump when to start and stop. Many of these products now come with remote controls, or even smart controls, that add convenience for an extra fee.

Some of these items may also contain micro coils, latex, or memory foam. Those that do will be held to many of the same pricing standards as those materials.

Shoppers may want to find out how many air pockets are used inside their airbed. Traditionally, airbeds featured only one or two air pockets, but may not hold up to six. Finally, the taller the airbed, the more expensive it is likely to be, as more materials are required to create a thicker bed.

Price/Value Analysis

Generally speaking, the cheaper a mattress is, the less durable it is likely to be, and vice versa. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, but many budget-friendly models reduce their expenses by using simpler or fewer materials. However, more expensive does not always mean better, some beds may come with features that you simply do not need or that could even hinder your own personal sleep experience.

There is certainly nothing wrong with buying either a budget-friendly or expensive product, especially if it calls to you. For the most part, however, mid-range items should offer the most “bang for your buck,” especially if they are offered with a lifetime warranty or comfort guarantee.

Add-on and Hidden Costs

Buying a mattress doesn’t always end there. There can be many other hidden factors that end up burdening your wallet. Shipping and handling, set-up fees, and other considerations may affect your bottom line.

But that doesn’t mean these extra costs aren’t worth your time! Some people are more than happy to spend a few extra bucks on White Glove delivery if it saves them a little hassle. We will break down some of the more common factors that might end up getting tacked onto your bill so you can decide what works for you.

White Glove Delivery

White Glove service refers to a standard of delivery in which the company will send people to bring the bed right into your home and have them set it up for you. Some businesses are willing to offer this service for free, while others will charge a nominal fee for the set-up. Similarly, White Glove service is not always available in every location a company ships to.

Be sure to check which you are getting when you place your order.


Much of the time, bed-in-a-box brands are willing to ship their products for free. However, there are some circumstances in which this is not possible. Some businesses will charge an additional fee to ship to Hawaii and Alaska, or companies in the United States will charge more to ship to Canada and vice versa.

It may also be beneficial to check to see whether or not different sizes are more difficult or expensive to ship. King, Cali King, or Split sizes may be pricier. Most places will have chat representatives on hand to answer these questions.

Removal of Old Bed

What do you do with your old bed once you get a new one? Some businesses will offer a convenient service that disposes of your unwanted mattress for you, and they may even find a way to recycle or donate the bed in the process – no need to cut up a whole mattress all by yourself!

Sometimes the removal of the unwanted product is included in the White Glove service, whether or not the White Glove option is free. Other times, companies will expect you to pay extra to have your old bed removed.

Platforms, Frames, and Foundations

Maybe you already have a frame or foundation, but that doesn’t always mean it will work for the mattress you choose. Many companies have specific recommendations for their beds as to the proper ways to set them up. Find out whether or not you will need to purchase a new or proprietary base, if the set up you already have will work, or if the brand offers an included frame with purchase when choosing a mattress.

Comfort Level or Model Exchanges

Some brands are willing to allow shoppers to send in their mattress or comfort materials in exchange for a different comfort level or a new model altogether. If you find yourself tossing and turning because you accidentally purchased a mattress that is too firm or too soft, you can simply switch it out for one that suits you better. This is often free within the trial period, but after that time there may be a fee required.


The great majority of bed-in-a-box businesses offer trial periods so that consumers can get an idea of how their new mattress will work for them. Since you can’t go to a store and actually lie down on the product, they give you plenty of time to test it out in your own home. Much of the time, if you return an unwanted bed within the trial period the cost of shipping is free, but some companies may withhold a small amount while refunding the rest of your purchase.


Generally, the warranty included with your purchase will ensure that you can quickly and easily replace a defective mattress within a given amount of time. Most of these arrangements will last at least 10 years, while some are extended 20 or 30 years, and in some cases, you will even be granted a lifetime warranty.

Some companies include comfort guarantees along with their warranties, to ensure that shoppers receive proper sleep for as long as they own their mattress. These offers usually allow people to trade in their comfort layers, or in some cases the entire mattress, every so many years to make sure the materials do not compress too much over time.

Each company uses a different policy to determine whether exchanges under warranty are free or not. Sometimes this will vary depending on the size of the mattress or the amount of time elapsed before making a claim.

How Much Does a Good Mattress Cost?

You can get a mattress for as little as $100, but would you really want to sleep on that? On the other hand, you don’t need to spend 6 figures, either. The price of a mattress depends on many things, including the type of mattress and the materials used to construct it. Usually, you can get a great bed for less than $1500.

Mattress Types

The first thing to decide is what type of bed you’re looking for. You may want to lay on a few to see what you like. You should also consider other factors when you’re choosing the type of bed you want. Look at the table below. Figure out what factors are important to you, and see if any one type of bed stands out.

Mattress TypeSupportHeatGood for SexOdorLifespan
FoamVery goodPoor to fairFairPoor8 years
LatexGoodFairGoodFair10 years
InnerspringGoodVery goodVery goodVery good7 years
HybridVery goodGoodVery goodFair9 years

These mattresses are made of high-density foam that conforms to your body as you sleep. They are supportive and comfortable, but they can hold heat so sleepers end up hot in the night. Some foam mattresses are made entirely of one kind of foam, while others have layers of different types. Memory foam and polyfoam are the most common materials for mattresses in this category.


These are similar to foam mattresses except that they use a latex foam instead of polyurethane or memory foams. These don’t hold heat like foam mattresses, but some people find them less comfortable. They are made from natural latex, synthetic latex, or a combination of the two. You can even get certified organic latex if you really want it.


Innerspring mattresses are your traditional coil mattresses. You can choose mattresses by the number of coils, whether the coils are in individual pockets, and the quality of padding between the coils and the sleeper. The padding is made up of layers of different materials designed to make the mattress softer and firmer, depending on sleeper preference.


Hybrid mattresses combine coils with foam or latex. The coils form one layer of the mattress, with the foam or latex layers on top. In hybrid mattresses, the coils are in individual pockets with foam or latex between the pockets. Some hybrid mattresses feature multiple layers of smaller coils and foam or latex, too. These beds are designed to be the best of both worlds.

Average Mattress Costs

Different mattress types have different price ranges. If you are concerned about how much your bed will cost, check out the table below and choose a bed type that tends to be less expensive. Note that the price range is for all bed sizes. In general, the average cost is for a Queen size bed.

Mattress TypePrice Range (twin to king)Average Cost (queen)

What Factors Influence the Price of a Mattress?

Each type of mattress has different factors that influence how much it costs. In general, these focus on the type and quality of material used in the mattress. However, this plays out differently for each mattress type.

Foam Mattress Cost Considerations

When it comes to foam mattresses, cost often comes down to the density of the foam used in the mattress. In general, higher density foam is better. However, you can get foam that is so dense it ceases to be comfortable or supportive. For most people, ideal foam density is between 5.3 and 6.2 pounds.

Less dense foam is cheaper because it degrades faster and it stops returning to its original shape. This means that it is becoming less supportive and won’t last as long. Unfortunately, in the cheapest beds, this can even happen in a matter of a few months. You may pay less up front, but you’ll have to buy a new bed sooner, too.

Sometimes, you can find a foam bed with a layer of less dense foam on top of a layer of higher density foam. This can be the best of both worlds: you get the pressure-point relief of lower density foam with the support of higher density foam, for a price that’s somewhere in between.

Some specialty foams – like the copper-infused memory foam shown here – are more expensive.

Specialty foams, like those infused with copper or gel, will also be more expensive. Manufacturers claim that these additives make beds cooler, more comfortable, or both.

Polyfoam is different from memory foam, and it is less expensive, too. You may want to try a polyfoam bed before you buy it, though, or at least get a bed with a good return policy. Some people don’t notice much of a difference between the foams, while others don’t like the polyfoam nearly as much as the memory foam.

Latex Mattress Cost Considerations

The cost of a latex mattress depends a lot on the type of latex used. There are two processes that produce latex: the Dunlop process and the Talalay process. In general, Dunlop latex is denser while Talalay is softer. Talalay tends to be more expensive than Dunlop, though it’s also often described as more comfortable. The best deal may be a mattress that contains both, combining the supportive qualities of Dunlop with the pressure-point relief of Talalay.

Latex foam is created in one of two ways, the Dunlop or Talalay process.

If you want natural latex in your mattress, you will pay more than if you’re willing to have the synthetic version. Mattresses marked “100% natural latex” will be the most expensive, but that latex is tested to make sure it is, in fact, all natural. Some people complain about allergies to natural latex, but others like the fact their bed is all natural.

All-natural, organic latex mattresses cost even more. Just as organic food costs more because it requires different materials to grow the plants and be certified as organic, all-natural, organic latex beds are more expensive, too. If going organic is important to you, you can find these mattresses…you’ll just have to pay more for them.

Innerspring Mattress Cost Considerations

Traditionally, the quality of an innerspring mattress has been measured by its coil count. More coils made it more comfortable and, usually, more expensive. However, a high coil count does not guarantee comfort, though it almost always makes the bed cost more.

If possible, find out the gauge of the coils in an innerspring mattress you’re considering. Higher gauged coils are made out of thinner metal and won’t last as long, but they are less expensive. Lower gauged coils will last a long time, but they’ll cost you more.

Coil TypeCoil ShapeCoil GaugePrice
BonnellRounded hourglassAnywhere from low to high$
ContinuousStraight lineMedium to high$
OffsetHourglass with straight endsLow to medium$$
PocketedSpiraled and encasedHigh$$$

The composition of the comfort layer will also affect innerspring mattress pricing. That is the layer between you and the coils since you don’t want to lay directly on them. If this is made out of high-quality foam or latex, the bed will be more expensive. If it’s more like the layer on a traditional mattress, the bed won’t cost as much.

Finally, coils that are placed in individual pockets inside the mattress will cost more than coils that are next to each other with nothing in between. Placing all of that material in there to form the pockets cost something, and manufacturers will pass that cost on to you.

Hybrid Mattress Cost Considerations

First, make sure any hybrid mattress you’re buying is actually a hybrid. Technically, these mattresses need to have at least 2 inches of latex or memory foam in the comfort layer AND in a support core for pocketed coils. A mattress that uses a polyfoam support core does not count as a hybrid bed. Neither does a bed made out of multiple types of foam, without coils.

Some hybrid mattresses feature microcoils as a transitional layer in addition to the pocketed coils in the support core. These usually make the bed more expensive because of the support they add, though, whether they add to the comfort depends on the individual sleeper.

As this cross-section shows, a hybrid mattress uses a coil support base with layers of foam on top.

Beyond that, the price of hybrid mattresses is determined by a combination of the factors mentioned for foam and/or latex and innerspring beds. Higher density foam will be more expensive, as will lower gauge coils. All-natural latex will cost more, while synthetic will be less of an investment.

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Mattress

No matter how much or how little you spend, a mattress is a major investment. You want to spend your money well, but it never hurts to get a really good deal. Here are some ways to get the best price possible on your mattress.

Buy Online

Online-only mattress stores are becoming more and more popular, for good reason. These beds tend to be cheaper than what you can buy in the store, simply because these sellers don’t have to worry about the cost of a showroom. Many of these mattresses are high quality and score well when it comes to comfort and support, too.

Wait for a Deal

Get a further discount by waiting for a good deal. Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime day (if your mattress is available on Prime), Black Friday, Labor Day and more are all days where discounts are common. If you really need to score a good price to be able to buy the mattress you want, one of these days may offer the deal you need.

Get a Referral Deal

Many online mattress companies offer special deals if you buy through someone who refers you to them. They have deals worked out with bloggers and other people who have an online presence. When you buy through these folks, you can get a few extra dollars off your mattress.


It’s always worthwhile to ask if you can get a better deal. Most online mattress retailers have a number you can call. So call it and tell them you really like their bed but you can’t afford it. Gush if you need to, and offer proof of your financial situation. Many times, they can direct you to a coupon or help you find another way to save on your new mattress.

A mattress is an investment, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. If you need a new bed, it should be possible to get what you need without having to put yourself under financial stress. As a last resort, many mattress companies will allow you to make payments on your bed, though you will end up paying more than the retail price by the time you’re done.

In the end, your investment will be worth your while. When you have a bed that is comfortable and supports you well, you should sleep better. And good sleep is worth more than any price tag!

Purple Bed Mattress Review – Purple Reign!This mattress may make the color purple more popular than Prince himself.


Motion Transfer



Off Gassing

Trial Period

  • Smart-Comfort Grid
  • No heat retention
  • Great pressure relief
  • 100 night trial
  • 10 year warranty

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Get a free set of Purple Sheets or a Purple Pillow with your mattress purchase. Click here to activate and get the best discount.

I’m so excited for the Purple mattress review. The company sent me a free king size Purple mattress to test out. This mattress may make the color purple more popular than Prince himself. The reason for my excitement is that this mattress has a top layer construction that is unlike anything I have reviewed so far. I first found out about the Purple mattress through the Kickstarter campaign where 320 backers pledged $171,560 to bring the project to life. I have seen other mattress Kickstarter campaigns and they don’t even come close to the popularity of Purple. Below is their official Kickstarter video.

Below is their famous raw egg test video on the Purple Mattress featuring Mallory Everton from Studio C, a well known YouTube channel:

Another favorite Purple mattress video is the one made by the Purple Boys

Overview of the Purple Mattress

Since this mattress has been around a while, I updated my review to reflect how the mattress has evolved over the years.

How to Order the Purple Mattress

You can order Purple direct from their website. According to my UPS tracking, the mattress with packaging weighs in at 143 lbs. By far the heaviest mattress I have reviewed. Right now you can get a king size for $1,299. As a general rule of thumb, I find the heavier the mattress, the more quality you get. That’s because there’s just more material in there to work with.

Unboxing Cool Purple

The mattress comes in a plastic bag as shown below. There’s no external box, just this which is really cool. the top unzips and then you can slide it out of the bag. Getting it out of the bag may take two people since it’s in there tight. Instead, I just cut the bag open which is a shame because it would be great to reuse to store things in.

The bag also comes with handles so it makes it easier to move. This came in super handy while bringing it up a flight of stairs. At over 140 lbs. I’ll take all the help I can get.

Here’s me unboxing the Purple Mattress. When unzipping the cover I found that they give you a cutter, instructions and two mini samples of the purple top layer.

You can unzip the ticking. I really like the embossed “Purple” logo on the sides:

The Purple Smart Grid

What really makes this mattress stand out from the competition is the Smart-Comfort Grid. Here’s a sample that comes with the mattress when you open the purple plastic casing. When you lay down on this polymer grid it will buckle where it gets the most pressure and support you where you need it. Its completely different than foam because it conforms instantly and recovers instantly. The other huge advantage is that it sleeps really cool because air passes right through the top layer.

The original Purple mattress is great for people that weigh up to 220 lbs. Beyond that, I would advise heavy people to take a look at the Purple 2 or 3. The Purple 4 will be too soft for heavy people and won’t provide enough support.

Purple Mattress Specifications and Construction

  • Trial & Return: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Top Layer (2″): Hyper-elastic polymer™ Smart-Comfort Grid
  • Middle Layer (3.5″): 1.8 lbs density polyurethane foam
  • Base Layer (4″): 2.0 lbs density polyurethane foam
  • Appx Dimensions (WxLxH – Inches): 75.5″ x 79.5″ x 9.5″
  • How much does the Purple mattress weigh? Appx Weight (lbs): 140
  • Color: White
  • Fabric Content:Knit Fabric:29% Viscose, 67% Polyester, 4% Polyester-Lycra (all +- 5%)Weight:450 g/m2 +- 10%Non-Skid Bottom:100% Polyester stitchbond with non-FR coating
  • Fire Retardant: Firegard® Knit Barrier
  • Shipping Dimensions (LxW-diameter – Inches): 76″ x 16″
  • Model Number: TPB-K-01
  • How to clean the Purple mattress: Spot clean with mild detergent (such as upholstery cleaner).

Findings of Purple’s Unique Layer

Here’s what the layers look like. The bottom two layers are really just for support. What makes Purple unique is the top layer. So, what is the Purple mattress made of? The Purple mattress is made of a hyper elastic polymer grid that collapses when exerting a certain amount of pressure. The grid will provide support and pressure relief where need while maintaining a cool sleep environment.

The first night of sleeping on this mattress was wonderful. This is truly a unique sleep experience in large part because of the Smart-Comfort Grid. You get a sort of floating sensation and the grid conforms to all your pressure points while providing support where you need it. Here’s what the grid looks like:

This is also the most breathable mattress I have ever tested. If your major concern is sleeping hot, then get this mattress. It beats all the competition hands down. The Purple ranks extremely high in point elasticity. That means it will collapse where needed without affecting the other parts of a mattress. A traditional inner spring has low point elasticity, think about how you feel your partner moving around. The best example of the Purple point elasticity is their egg test where it rapidly adjusts to the pressure exerted by the egg.

The only other mattress with this high level of point elasticity that I have tested is the Luxi mattress. Luxi calls this their SBT layer (Support Balancing Layer). Here’s a comparison of the Luxi vs. Purple.

Here’s a video illustrating how each layer works:

With this mattress, you sleep on it more than in it. Whether or not that’s a good thing comes down to preference. Some people like more of a pillow top feel some don’t. Notice that there isn’t a large amount of sinkage with this mattress however it does a wonderful job with pressure relief.

Here’s how it handles motion transfer:

I don’t notice my partner shifting around on this mattress. Motion is very well contained and it also bounces back into shape well which is very hard to achieve in a mattress.

To give you a better sense of how the polymer grid works, here’s a video with the Purple Pillow. I took off the cover of the pillow so you can see how the grid system works. This is in slow motion.

If you’re looking for sheets for the Purple mattress, I strongly recommend going with a set the Purple Sheets. They are stretchy and breathable so you will get the full performance of the mattress. The same goes with a mattress protector. You can get other brands of performance sheets such as Sheex or Bedgear but I haven’t come across a mattress protector like the Purple Mattress protector. It is very stretchy but still waterproof, breathable and light.

After a few months of use, I washed the Purple cover. Yes, you can wash the Purple mattress cover. I washed it in a Samsung High-Efficiency washer on the gentle cycle with cold water and regular detergent then dried it in the dryer with the “air dry” feature which just blows cool air through the dryer. It took a few cycles to completely dry but when I put it back on my mattress it was just fine and looks great. Here’s a picture below after washing the Purple mattress cover.

Final Thoughts After Test Driving Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress provides amazing pressure relief and temperature regulation. It doesn’t sleep “cool” or “hot” instead it just passes heat through the comfort grid. I love how it contours so well to your body. In my opinion, it truly is a Goldilocks mattress in the sense that you get great support and contouring. However, it isn’t a mattress that feels “cozy” or will hug you. I weigh over 210 lbs. and the grid handled my body just fine. According to their side, 300 lbs. is the threshold for weight. That means 300 per person so 600 total.

I sleep primarily on my stomach and side and this mattress felt great in both positions. Sometimes I get numbness in my arm from sleeping on my stomach on certain mattresses. The Purple was able to sink enough in the right areas so this didn’t happen.

Expect to hear a lot about Purple in the near future. It’s a game changer in the mattress industry and is exploding in popularity.

Purple has recently launched some new accessories including the Purple Mattress Protector and the Purple Pillow. Below is a video overview of the Purple Pillow

Purple recently launched 2 new models, the Purple 3 and Purple 4. The model in this review is now known as the Purple 2. To learn more about how the Purple 3 and Purple 4 compare to the Purple 2, check out this comparison guide I made.

Here’s the full Purple 4 Mattress Review. Of all the Purples, the Purple 4 is my favorite and an absolute must for side sleepers.

The Purple can be hard to return. I think the reason for this is that they are growing quickly so they are overwhelmed with customer service. That said they will process your return if you follow the rules of the trial, it just may take a bit longer than other brands.

Choose from a free Purple Pillow or set of Purple Sheets with any mattress purchase. Click here to activate and get the best discount.

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Purple.


Motion Transfer



Off Gassing

Trial Period

  • Smart-Comfort Grid
  • No heat retention
  • Great pressure relief
  • 100 night trial
  • 10 year warranty

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140 thoughts on “Purple Bed Mattress Review – Purple Reign!”

Do you need a box spring with this mattress?

No, it can be placed on the floor, slats or a platform bed. Box spring not necessary.

While the box spring is not necessary, if you are transitioning from a traditional set up that has box springs, can you place a Purple mattress on top, or does it cause any problems?

No, you can put it on a traditional box spring as long as there is no give to it and it is firm.

I don’t recommend this for any type of foam mattress. It needs to breathe and can cause mold to grow if you lay it on a hardwood surface. I have done this and lost a great mattress in the process.

Hi Ben! I’ve been enjoying all of your mattress reviews. I know that the Purple mattress is super new, but I’m wondering how you would compare it to the Luxi mattress?

The Purple is slightly on the firmer end. As I said in the post, you sleep “on” it more than “in” it. The top layer, Smart-Comfort Grid does an excellent job of conforming but doesn’t hug you like memory foam does.

The Luxi SBT layer is made of foam and also collapses under pressure so there is a somewhat similar feeling. The Luxi can also be configured different ways by changing the layers around on each side of the bed if you buy a queen or king.

I think if you know you prefer a medium firm or firm mattress, definitely go with Purple. If you and your partner have different sleep preferences, you may want to give the Luxi a try.

How long have you been using/testing this mattress? Thinking about buying it and want to know your thoughts after you have been sleeping on it for a while. Thanks.

I’ve spend 4 nights on it so far. It will take some time to get a true sense of how it feels since body needs at least a few weeks to adjust to a new mattress but so far so good! I really appreciate that it doesn’t trap heat like a memory foam can.

Thanks for reviewing this. The info provided is immensely helpful. I’m curious about the return policy and more specifically if I’ll be required to pay return shipping. 140lbs through UPS can be pricey. I do know about the 100 day trial and free shipping to my house already, but I haven’t heard much on if the return cost is absorbed by me. Any info you can provide would be great. Thanks again.

Here’s the return information according to their FAQ:

How do returns work?
We hope that you’ll try Purple™ for at least a month before deciding to return it. It’s quite possible that your body was compensating for your previous bed, and it could take some time for your body to get used to actually having the right support. That being said, if you do decide to return your Purple™ Product, you’ll contact our support team through and they’ll walk you through the process for returning:

The Purple™ Bed – there’s no way you’re getting it back into the packaging it comes in, and it’s heavy and expensive to ship back. So we’ll find a local donation center to come pick it up for you.

It just seems…strange. It’s a 2 inch rubber grid with just regular foam. I find all the Kickstarter companies to seem very comparable on the range of firmness. Yet they say it fits everybody. I like a real soft bed.

If you like a real soft bed, I wouldn’t recommend the Purple. You won’t sink into it as much as a softer foam bed.

Can it be used with a box spring or is it better without?

Either way is fine, just make sure the box spring is a newer one made in the last 10 years and doesn’t have any give to it. It can go on a floor or slats too.

Thanks for the review. I notice on their website that they are at least three weeks out on delivery due to demand. Do you know or have you heard if they will stick to three weeks or be delayed longer (due to higher demand)? Worst case scenario they are unable to fulfill orders in a timely manner. Thank you!

THanks so much for the great review! I just ordered mine using your link. My back cannot wait for it to arrive. I’ve been sleeping on an Essentia Jeanius mattress for 4 years and it was fantastic in the beginning, but about a year ago it really started to sag and now it’s just pure pain now.

On a side note, do you use and/or recommend a good mattress cover to protect the mattress from absorbing allergens, etc.?

Go with the Malouf Sleep Tite mattress protector. It breathes great and it’s what I have on my Purple mattress right now:

Thanks so much! That cover looks great. I totally missed that review and it looks like the perfect solution. May have to get the pillow cases too. 🙂 Also, I found the soaps/cleaners and those look excellent as well. Dang, I’m going to spend my next 3 months’ budget. 🙂 BTW, this is an outstanding resource you’ve built. Thanks so much for doing it.

Hi, great review! How would you rate the edge for support? Also can the cover come off? I am thinking about this for our air stream so it would need to be “trimmed” to fit. I know sounds crazy but people do it 😉

Loved your review and got the queen mattress delivered last Friday. It’s been almost a week and I’m convinced, but my wife is still in the wait and see mode.

I noticed your other reviews speak about the three layers in more detail. What do you think about the durability and quality of the three layers in Purple?

I can’t speak to the durability quite yet as I haven’t had enough time with it but the two layers below the top layer of the Purple are firmer. What I’m most interested in is learning how the top layer holds up over time.

Ben, at least on the mobIle browser of the Samsung phone I use, lowercase “I’s” aren’t Included In the font set used for the comments. All the words with lowercase “I’s” in them are mIssIng the letter. Just a heads up.

YIkes! Thanks for lettIng me know. I wIll see If I can get that fIxed.

Love your reviews! Did you prefer the Lull or the Purple? They seem so similar, yet quite different.

They are definitely different feeling mattresses. The Lull is going to feel more like a traditional memory foam mattress. The purple grid on the Purple mattress is really what sets it apart. Like I said in the review, you aren’t going to sink into it. Instead, it does a really good job of addressing specific pressure points and collapsing as necessary. The breathability of the Purple is unsurpassed so you won’t overheat. The Purple feels completely different than any other mattress I have tested.

Thank you so much for this review! I am due for a new mattress as mine now has a crater after 10 years of use and me weighing 195lbs. I never slept a full night on a memory foam mattress before because I hated how I would just sink into it and had to crawl out. This is an issue for me because I often move around a lot at night. The purple has my attention because of that top layer however due to my weight and I going to have the same sink in issue. Also how does the purple compare to the Alexander, as I know the Alexander seems to be top rated.

The threshold for weight according to their website:

The Purple™ Bed should easily support any person up to 300 lbs (this is weight per person, not combined weight of multiple users). If you’re worried about accommodating someone significantly heavier than that but still want the power of Purple™, we recommend buying a high quality firm mattress specifically designed for “heavy sleepers” and adding the Purple™ Top to it. It may be a bit more expensive now, but will be more than worth it in the long run.

Between this and the Alexander they are very different mattresses. I think you will enjoy the Purple since you mention you don’t like the sinking in.

Is there a payment plan that can be set up?

Can you use a heated mattress pad or heated blanked withe the Purple mattress? I think I might miss having one of those during our cold Chicago winters.

That would be fine although it will reduce the elasticity of the mattress which means less pressure relief if you use a mattress pad. This mattress works best with sheets that have a little give to them.

Does the “off-gassing” rating of 9.5/10 mean that there is no noticeable noxious emissions odor when the mattress is first unwrapped? And if there is some odor, how quickly does it dissipate?

That’s correct. There is very little odor with this mattress. For me it complete went away in a couple days.

Ordered my purple mattress – it should arrive Friday!! I know they recommend ‘ stretchy sheets’ to not lose any of the benefit. Do you have any sheet recommendations? From your reviews I really liked the look of the SOL organic sheets – would these be good?

Thanks for your help and for having such a wonderfully helpful website.

I’m really interested in purchasing this mattress. If it is too firm would a pillow top compensate? Or will it take away from the uniqueness of the mattress?

Hello Purple People!

I am trying to find out if I need to (or if I ‘should’) use a mattress cover. I usually use one to reduce the chance of staining. I also don’t want to reduce the effectiveness of the mattress.

I also am wondering is using a box spring is better than slats? It seems as if a box spring would be more supportive so I am leaning toward that option. However, I don’t have box springs now so I would prefer not to buy something I don’t really need.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Like the Purple but not available in California King.?

When will the full size be available?

How long does it take it to get to full size once opened and layer out? Mine is at 8″ now. Will it get to 9.5?

It shouldn’t take long. Mine was ready to go in less than an hour. You can see in my video that it pops into shape quickly.

Am I missing something? They pound and pound on foam on their website as being toxic and full of chemicals and so old fashion and yet under the purple stuff there is an ample amount of foam. Kinda sketchy, yes?

Wow… Does any one who actually USED the mattress ever leave a comment…?

I have had one in my h ok me for 14 months. It is actually in a guest room and everyone who has slept on the bed remarks about how comfortable it is. Conforms well, gives great support, sleeps cool; they have all loved the bed. Also have a newer Tempuroedic in as another room and the purple is the clear winner over the Tempurpedic. So, I just bought another p.o purple for my grandson’s room. Highly recommend this mattress!!

How does it compare to a Leesa as far as firmness is concerned? My son has a Leesa and he loves it. Just wondering if its about the same firmness.

The Purple will feel firmer than the Leesa. You aren’t going to sink into the Purple as much as the Leesa.

Can the Purple bed be used with an adjustable base that raises the head and feet? I am hoping this does not cause issues as I like the adjustable base.

Yes, I used my Purple on an adjustable base.

I’ve been sleeping on my Purple for a month and I cannot believe the difference. I wear a FitBit, and I went from being restless 15-35 times a night for up to an hour and waking up 2-5 times a night, with my average night sleep 4.89hrs, to often sleeping the whole night through and never once exceeding 5X restless. I’ve increase my average sleeping time to over 7 hours. I like a softer bed and my husband prefers a firm bed, but we both absolutely love the Purple. We used to wake up sweating pretty regularly, and we haven’t once since we bought the Purple. I highly recommend it, especially to people like me with back problems and sleep problems. The Purple is a game changer.

i ordered mine about a week ago & got it today on thanksgiving. Have not taken out of bag yet. Waiting for other items I ordered with it. Hope it helps my back feel better. A fit bit wow great idea for proof of sleep. Great to hear as fit bit cannot lie…..It just proves mattress works & is a game changer sounds like.

What type of adjustable base do you use?

I have the Reverie 8Q Here’s a link to an overview of the mattress and the adjustable base:

Very interested in the Purple. My only concern is my wife is a self proclaimed “princess and the pea” person. How pronounced are the joints in the top layer when you lay on it? Can you feel them at all or does it just blend it and not noticeable?

I found the grid to be noticeable at first. I got used to it after about 3 nights. It is a different feel than a traditional mattress so definitely something to be aware of.

This question is R rated, so be warned! We hate our memory foam type mattress for sex because we just sink up in it. After five years, we also are rolling toward the center and it sleeps hot. We’re looking for less sinkage and more bounce and a cooler sleep experience.

You won’t sink in with the purple and it will have a little bounce to it. The Purple is also the best mattress I have tested so far for temperature regulation.

Would Brooklinen luxe sheets work well with it? Sateen sheets?

Brooklinen should work just fine. That’s what I used on it.

I bought a SleepNumber bed that had several parts to malfunction in less than 30 days. I returned it and ordered the Purple. I read that I can use it on an adjustable base, but does the mattress need to be secured to the base like my SleepNumber bed had to be?

I used mine on my Reverie 8Q Adjustable base. Your adjustable base should have some mechanism build into it to hold the mattress so it doesn’t slide off the bed.

Thanks for your informative reviews!
I’m curious about edge stiffness with the Purple mattress, as I tend to sleep very close to the edge of the bed.
Do the edges hold up well? And do they have any kind of reinforcement like some of the other brands claim to have?

The edge support is good. There’s not reinforcement on the edge of this mattress but it really doesn’t need it since the support layer is very firm.

Hello, I looked at the purple and luxi reviews and comparisons. I still cant decide. We need something for lower back pain. My husband and I are both side sleepers. My husband is also a disabled vet and ex airborne so his back is pretty bad. He likes a firmer mattress but not rock hard. We’re so stuck between these (actually it’s between luxi, purple, and ghost). Pleaaaaaase give us your recommendation lol

I would start with the Luxi since you can customize it to different firmness levels. It is the most versatile mattress I have reviewed.

Would you please tell me how the Purple compares with the Alexander Signature Hybrid?

The Purple will feel firmer than the Alexander medium firm. The Purple will sleep cooler and have a some bounce to it but not give you the hug and cozy feeling that the Alexander will.

The King Purple™ Mattress

$ 1,299.00 $ 1,399.00
Starting at $115 a month. for a foam mattress no way for under $10.00 in raw materials.

I know you don’t have to but can you use a box spring?

Yes, absolutely. Just make sure it’s a newer box spring that isn’t bouncy. One built in the last 10 years should be fine.

I’ve been sleeping on my purple for a month now and absolutely hate it. My husban loves it. He has wonderful nights of sleep. Where my back hurts more now than it ever has before. I get shooting pains in my mid back and my legs, feet and toes go numb. Am I the only one to hate this mattress?

I have chronic rhomboid pain, and I sleep on my side. What mattress(es) do you suggest?

Have you taken a look at the Layla mattress? It offers great pressure relief with two different firmness settings:

Ben I have a futon , been sleeping on it for a year . Can i just put the purple mattress on the frame and be fine ? Also if i put on the frame can i make it a couch then bed again like the futon is. If i can do this and get away with it sweet im in .

Unfortunately it won’t bend like a futon so it would not work in the upright position. I’m not sure what frame for the futon you have either. It would probably be best to get a stand alone frame.

How long does it take to fully expand?

It only takes a few minutes to expand. Since the bottom is a dense foam and the top is the purple layer, it is ready to sleep on very quickly.

Just wondering…I’ve seen some reviews that state that the mattresses are not true to size–a queen should be 80″ long, but customers report they measure some 3 inches short. Have you experienced this? We are 6’3 and 5’11 and need foot room. Thanks!

I didn’t notice that with my mattress. If you find it is too short I would certainly contact them.

My Queen sized Purple Mattress is only 77 inches. I have been sleeping on it with my feet hanging over the edge for over a year and just now reached out to customer service about this issue. I have not heard back yet.

Our Purple mattress, King, just arrived. We unrolled it and are worried about the size. It’s only measuring 74″x74″. I know it needs to expand, but will it still expand that much more? We’ve had it sitting for 15 mins so far. Still waiting.

It should expand to full shape within a half hour. If it is still the wrong shape overnight, I would contact Purple.

Wondered how you like your mattress by now? It has been nearly 6 months. Any sagging with the Purple? Thanks

I did not test it long term. I sold it to a neighbor after sleeping on it for a month or so. He hasn’t had any complaints about sagging or other issues.

I have two questions. I currently own a split king sleep number bed and my girlfriend and I both dislike it. One of our biggest problems with it is that the two mattresses push apart from each other in the middle of bed causing about a one foot gap between us. The bases are attached together and the mattresses are attached to the bases, but no matter how many times we push them back in together, the gap keeps coming back so I have to fill it with pillows. I’m pretty sure the purple wouldn’t have that problem because it’s a solid mattress. So now to my questions. I saw another post where you guys said that a sleep number adjustable base could be used with purple. The sleep number mattresses are screwed to the base so they stay on the base when you adjust the bed. Since there is no way to do that with the purple, a are we going to have problems with them sliding off the base I if we raise the heads? Also, If we have two twin XL’s side by side on the bases, are we going to have to worry about them pushing apart making a gap?

I can’t speak for the Sleep Number adjustable base but I do know that the Reverie adjustable base will work with the Purple. If you buy two twin xl mattresses you will still notice a gap. I prefer a traditional king over a split.

So, if you sold the Purple to your neighbor, what is the mattress that you like better/have gone back to and why?

I keep switching mattresses since I am constantly reviewing them. I prefer a softer mattress myself which can be problematic as a stomach sleeper. Right now I am sleeping on the Intellibed which was given to me for review by the company. I will be creating a review of that soon. The big drawback with it is that it is very expensive. I have a coupon code for the intellibed for 10% off by usingSLEEPSHERPAat checkout.

I saw that you recommended the sheex bed sheets, I was wondering if there is any specific style you recommend. Should I just go with an original style, or should I go with the bamboo or the fleece both of which look really comfortable? I have been interested in this bed for a while I just want to make sure im prepared when it gets here.

Go with the original style sheex as it will give you the best performance out of the mattress.

Hey Ben, any idea of what kind of adjustable box spring you can use with purple? We have the king size and so far it’s amazing but I have developed lower back pain and have chronic upper back pain. I’ve noticed that when raising my legs and head just slightly with pillows, that my pain is eased.

This mattress will work with any adjustable base however I can only speak to my experience using it on a Reverie adjustable base. My review of that is here:

I know they are too different beds (coil hybrid vs pure foam) for an apple to apple comparison but we are between the winkbed and purple. We are side sleepers & most important for both of us is pressure release. And we aren’t small people. My husband is 6’4″ 280 and I am 5’7″ 175.

Your thoughts and comparison would be very helpful!! Thank you

I found that the Purple is probably best suited to stomach and back sleepers. With the Winkbed you will get more hug and the traditional mattress feel. With the Purple you still get pressure relief but feel like you are sleeping on it rather than “in” it making it less cozy.

We’ve been sleeping on the Purple for about a month now. I vacillated between hybrids and luxury foam mattress brands in what turned out to be an 8 month decision process. In the end, I chose to try Purple because everyone reported that the mattress slept “cool” or neutral at worst, plus I liked the idea of the mattress keeping a neutral spine angle (so if you sleep on your back for example, your butt sinks while your legs stay more on top of the mattress). My fiance and I both wake up every morning and marvel at how great our bed is! I’m basically a human furnace and this bed sleeps as cool as any I’ve slept in, and I’m not waking up in the middle of the night fighting for the right position. I’m 6’4″ 220 and she’s 5’9″ 115 (ages 38/30) and we’ve both had a great experience- can’t recommend this mattress and company enough (they sent replacement seat cushions after our delivery people left our package out front and the package was stolen). By the way, the seat cushions are awesome as well!

I have both this and the Alex Hybrid Mattress in King size. I seem to have great sleep scores on both Mattresses based on Sleep Cycle but what’s the xfactor how do I determine which one to keep. I’m 6’0 ft 250(and losing) I currently sleep alone but that’ll change when my fiancé moves in. Is there any advance you can give on how to make the right choice on what I should really look for in these last few weeks of testing.

I would focus in how how your lower back feels on each. I think you will probably find the all foam to be a better choice. It will also do better with motion transfer which will be important when your fiance moves in.

I am a side sleeper & back sleeper, & sure hope I can have sleep both ways. I’ve had a bamboo mattress for 8 years now & seem 2 b happy, but hope taking the purple plunge (just received it today) will allow me better sleep for my lower back. I have not opened it up yet. I have ordered the cover, sheets, pillow accessories to. Waiting for them b4 using. I have 6 wood slats under current bamboo mattress so I’m betting I need to buy a whole wood piece or maybe 3 more slats. I’m not sure, any suggestions on either slats or full piece board please. Thank you

We’ve had the Purple bed two months now. I like the feel and my wife loves it but unfortunately I have developed serious shoulder pain from side sleeping. I also back sleep so need lots of support. My wife sleeps in all three positions and isn’t as picky but hates firm mattresses. Any recommendations for us. So sad to be giving up on purple but I can’t imaging dealing with this shoulder pain longterm.

I would go with the Nest Alexander medium firm. You can get either the all foam version or hybrid. Either one is great for side sleepers and still has good support for back sleepers.

IntelliBED’s “INTELL-GEL” comes from the same company as Purple’s “Hyper-Elastic Polymer”. Just check the footer of and

From IntelliBed’s footer:
“INTELL-GEL® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF EDIZONE, LLC OF ALPINE, UTAH USA. PROTECTED BY U.S. PATENTS 5,749,111, 6,026,527, 6,413,458, 7,060,213, 7,076,822, 7,666,341.

From Purple’s footer:
“Protected by one or more of U.S. Patents 5,749,111; 6,026,527; 7,076,822; 7,730,566; 7,823,233; 7,827,636; 7,964,664; 8,607,387, and 9,051,169, with others pending. Purple and all product names comprising Purple, Hyper-Elastic Polymer, and No Pressure are trademarks of EdiZONE, LLC of Alpine, Utah USA.”

I just thought I’d point it out to everyone…safe money and stick with Purple.

If you put the purple polymer next to Intellibed’s Intell Gel – the quality of the Intell Gel is so much better. Go to a mattress store and see for yourself. They will have samples of both.

Thank you, Ben, for the review! I’ve been researching all I can on Purple. Hubby and I have been through several mattresses (from pillow tops to sleep number which we hated, to basic, no frills) in our 15 yrs of marriage. We are tired of spending money and being disappointed…worse, being in pain. I am a tad concerned based on a couple reviews on shoulder pain. Please help us. I prefer soft, but need a cooler mattress, hubby prefers firm and also needs a cooler mattress. We are 5’5″, 220 and 5’4″, 175 and dropping. We find matresses end up with divets on each side and a firmer hill in the middle where no one sleeps. Is king size the problem? We like the extra room and to be able to have our own space when sleeping, so the middle rarely gets any use. Will the Purple really work for us? Our current mattress has a couple inches of foam on it (firm mattress, basic model) and we are having more pain. Mine in my neck and shoulders, hubby’s in his back, neck, and shoulders. The most worrisome for me is the review about numbness as I already have nerve damage that affects my legs and feet. I can’t count the number of mattresses or the amount of money we’ve spent and we are so afraid of making another costly decision that turns out to be yet another mistake. Please give us your thoughts.

Also, do you have any knowledge on their (Purple’s) platform, mattress cover, and sheets?

Thanks so much in advance! Feel free to email me directly.

I think in your case the Purple is definitely worth a try. I just bought a twin size purple to test again and it feels different from when I first tested it. I think you will really enjoy the contouring and how cool it sleeps.

I think the reason it feels different is Purple is now using a different foam/foam vendor. I spoke to their CS team since my King size and Queen size mattress were slightly shorter, they replaced them under warranty and told me that they switched to a new foam/vendor can’t remember which one at this point but I immediately noticed a much different feel to the mattress. I actually preferred it to what it was before.

Thanks for the update!

So I’ve been looking all over for a place to ask this question. I’m about 6’3. and I’ve only ever slept on a twin mattress. I’m single so no need for larger sizes. I’ve never been 1 for excess anyway. I want to get a purple bed, twin XL, but not sure if it will suit my body length. Would it be possible to fit on this size bed, or should I wait till they bring out the Full Mattress Size?

I think what you are asking is what is the difference between a Twin and Twin XL mattress? A Twin Mattress is 39 x 75 inches. A Twin Extra Long Mattress is 39 x 80 inches so you get an extra 5 inches in length and should give you extra room.

Does the Purple Mattress have an odor often referred to “off gassing”?

Yes, it will have an initial off gassing period which will last about 2 days.

Wish there was more info on the toxicity of this mattress, off gassing, environmental friendliness, and if it’s treated with anything etc. The polyurethane below it is not a natural material is it? I’m researching natural mattresses and wanting something that won’t harm me or the environment but will sleep like a dream.

The grid layer on the Purple is definitely not natural. If you are looking for some great mattresses that incorporate more natural material, check out the “Natural Mattresses” category on my Mattress Reviews page.

Hello – how many years will it last and are you suppose to shift it head to foot after a while, obviously you cant flip it over….thx…..

It’s hard to say how long the Purple mattress will last since it is so new. Also, the polymer grid is a new technology and I think that is the component that may bread down the soonest. I don’t think rotating will give you much more life span since most of your weight will be put in the middle of the mattress so no matter which way it is rotated, it is always getting the most weight in the middle.

I have severe back pain and I am looking for a mattress that is firm yet the top layer is highly conforming as i sleep on my back and on my side during the night. I have tried tempurpedic contour elite breeze, Amorebeds (medium), and Nest Alexander bed (medium). None of these fit the bill because when I lay on my side, my hip just doesn’t sink enough to align my spine. I am constantly putting small pillows around my body to align my spine. In addition, Nest and tempur run too hot for my comfort. Do you think this mattress has enough top layer contouring beyond what the other 3 mattresses provide? Thanks!

Yes definitely worth trying the Purple.

Iam a shoulder sleeper should I go a different rout?

I would, I just don’t think this will sink in enough.

As Shawn just asked, what are a couple choices for a shoulder/side sleeper? Leesa? I’m kinda disappointed as the primary reason I hate my current mattress is the gel memory foam topper and how hot it is. I have shoulder problems though and I do sleep on my side. I picked up the kickstarter on the Purple pillow and can’t believe how awesome it is for heat. I used to turn my pillow over 20 times a night, now I look forward to going to bed just to put my head on that pillow.

If you like the pillow you will probably like the Purple mattress too. If you want to go softer, I really like the Layla mattress for the soft side.

After reading many reviews here (and really needing a new bed), we purchased the Purple mattress.
I am very happy with the results. It was very new compared to the innerspring (and broken down) mattress we had.
After using it for two weeks, my wife is very happy with it. She originally saw no need to get rid of the old monster. She was not suffering chronic back pain from it.
I am also happy with it. I tend to sleep right on the edge of the bed and I have no problems with it. I have no back pain. I am very happy with the small amount of motion transfer (the old bed was like a trampoline)

At this point, we have had it for 1 month. Our next challenge is to find pillows that are a good match!

Wife – Side sleeper
Me – Side Sleeper, Stomach Sleeper 285 lbs.

Off Gassing was done by bedtime when I opened it at noon.

Thank you for the review. My wife and I live close enough we visited the Purple factory in Alpine UT and spent about 45 minutes trying out the various mattress configurations. We were impressed with the quality of the polymer material and the feel of the beds. We haven’t made a purchase yet but are inclined to do so after reading your review and comments from others. The company and its employees made a favorable impression on us as well. The mattresses had no smell and were comfortable and supportive in any sleeping position.

These questions and comments are very informative. Can anyone compare the Purple and the Bear mattresses? I’m particularly interested in which is bouncier and which is “sink-ier”.

Also, what does “Performance Mattress” mean? I’ve never heard that term before.

wondering if you have tried the sleep on latex pure green bed? I’d love to get an opinion on that bed/material.

I haven’t. I can say that latex will feel different than the Purple. The Purple top layer collapses where it gets the most pressure while latex will compress and push back.

Wish there was an environmental friendly version and with no fire retardant.

Hi Ben! We appreciate your reviews and honesty on all the products presented on this site. My husband and I decided to order the Purple after deliberating between the Luxi and the Purple. I had a pleasant phone experience with the CS rep of Purple who shared that she and her husband bought a King Purple mattress ad have had it since November. They love it so much they bought another Queen size Purple for their 5th wheel.

I will add a persoal review once we receive the mattress and slept on it a few nights to let everyone know our thoughts and feeling realtime. Thanks again! 😀

Hi Ben!
Great review. We just purchased a king size purple bed. I am reading more and more reviews now and I am wondering a few things. How has the bed (since you got the twin) held up? Have you noticed any sagging? This has been a huge issue with every bed we’ve had! It starts out great and around the 1 year mark, they get too soft and sink. My other concern is I have a herniated lumbar disc and I sleep on my stomach. Do you think the purple will help alleviate the pain in my back I normally experience in the night?

I haven’t noticed any sagging on it. I think it does a great job for supporting you where its needed so I think it should help with the back pain issue.

I’ve been sleeping on a My Green Mattress Natutal Escape for the last two months. The bed feels very firm to me and I’m waking up every morning with lower back pain. I’m curious about the Purple bed and the pressure relief it offers. Wondering if you think it’s worth giving the Purple bed a try. I’m mostly a back sleeper but side sleep occasionally. Also curious if it might be the pillow I’m using. Any recommendations there? How did you like the Purple pillow?

Thanks for everything you do!

I think the first thing would be to make sure you have a properly sized pillow. If there’s too much loft in the pillow it can strain your lower back. Once you have ruled out any pillow issues, you may want to look at another mattress. The Purple may not be the best choice here though. I think you may want to go with a foam option like the Cocoon or Nectar which are dense foam mattress that will contour really well.

I have wood bed frame can i place the purple mattress on it or do you think its too heavy?

Yes, it should work just fine. I put mine on a wood frame and it accomodated well.

I’m a middle aged man who weighs between 225 and 250 pounds. I need a mattress that’s comfortable when I’m sleeping on my back and also comfortable when I’m sleeping on my side. I move around quite a bit when I sleep and can’t force myself to stay in any one position, no matter how hard I try.

When I began my mattress search, I went to a large mattress retailer and tried pretty much every mattress in the store. Some models were uncomfortable for all sleeping positions, but many models were very comfortable either when I was on my side or when I was on my back, but not both. The problem is that mattresses that support me when I’m flat on my back tend to be too hard when I’m on my side, and mattresses that adjust to the contour of my body when I’m on my side tend to be much too soft when I’m on my back, causing my back to curve downward in a painful way.

Based on several very positive reviews, I tried the Sapira mattress first. I generally liked it but I occasionally found it to be too firm when I slept on my side. I decided to replace it with a Purple mattress, which has been better for me overall.

When I sleep on my Purple mattress, I’m pretty comfortable in all positions. The Purple mattress is cooler than all other foam mattresses I’ve tried and emits less of a gas odor. While the Purple is not as comfortable as the Sapira when I’m on my back, and while the Purple lacks the Sapira’s “luxurious” feel, the Purple it is still pretty nice when I’m on my back, and it is far superior to the Sapira when I’m on my side. I have not been waking up with soreness since switching to the Purple.

The Purple has a texture that initially struck me as slightly odd. You can feel its top layer’s distinctive “elastic polymer” grid through the mattress cover and through the sheets. This doesn’t really bother me, but it might bother some people. The Purple also sags more than I’d like when I sit on the side of the bed and put on my shoes. That minor annoyance is far outweighed by the improvement in my sleep and in the way I feel when I wake up in the morning.

If there’s a better option than the Purple for people who sleep in multiple positions, I have not yet found it. As of now, I’ve stopped looking. I’m satisfied.

I’ve been contemplating whether this bed would be a good choice for us for a few months. I found your site and LOVE the reviews you provide. For this, I thank you SO much.
I am a stomach sleeper as well but have severe lumbar back problems and a “heavy” sleeper, but fall under the weight limit of the bed requirement. I tend to have to “climb out” of where I have been laying and that is painful due to my back problems. This mattress sounds like it would be perfect.
However, my husband sleeps on his back and side. He has shoulder pain from sleeping on his side, primarily. Have you had feedback regarding pain from shoulders, arms, hips, legs, feet, etc?
Thank you, once again, for your support and dedication to good sleep of others.

I gave the review of the benefits only as what I’m interested in for a mattress, not what it provides for me since I haven’t purchased it yet.

I just received two of the pillows (shipped before my mattress) and they really smell of petroleum products. Can’t believe no one else noticed.

Chatted with Purple. Told to wash pillows. Washed them twice. One stayed stinky. The other had a smell after plus three days. Sending back.

I’ve had lower-back pain from my own bed, but when I’m traveling and sleeping on firmer beds, my pain goes away. My fiancé and I are both relatively small (he’s approx 165lbs, I’m approx. 135) and we both prefer firm beds. Which would be better: Dreamcloud or Purple? We’re not wedded to foam or no-foam mattress types. As long as there’s good mobility control and no taco effect. Also, could we use a topper with the Purple if we wanted to minimize on the feel of the grid?

I wouldn’t recommend a topper for the Purple as this will negate the effectiveness of the grid.

Recently, we purchased a California king size mattress through Purple. It’s been approximately 6 weeks since then with an unknown estimated time of delivery. During the purchasing process, it was advertised that it could take up to 14 days for them to contact us to schedule a delivery.
About a month after the purchase, Purple made a follow up call to ask about our experience with their product. We informed them that we still have not received anything. This was awkward for us because instead of them calling and already knowing the status of our order and just informing us, they were asking for our experience on the product that they have yet to deliver. They confirmed with us that this was abnormal and that we should follow up on our order. Personally, I expected that they would’ve looked it up and remedied the situation right then and there or at the very least, given us the status and reason as to why it was delayed.
About 1-2 weeks after that phone call, I called to check on the status on our order. This is the second time we’ve contacted them to check on the status. My wife has called previously and the answer she received was that it’s waiting to be shipped and that we should get an email soon. The operator that helped me showed more concern and actually contacted the person in charge of wherever it was in the process. At this point (6 wks after the purchase), I was informed that it was not made yet and that they were backed up and were currently working on July orders. However, they were hoping to be able to catch back up and ship all orders within the next 2 weeks.
I expressed my frustration to her at the whole experience and she was empathetic to the situation and sought out an appropriate compensation. After a few minutes on hold, she returned and offered 2 free pillows. Upon hearing that, I told her that they can keep their pillows and I didn’t feel like that was adequate response for their inability to provide what they advertised. I also informed her that seeing as how they were still behind and were currently on orders made 2 months ago, I had reason to believe that it would take longer than 2 weeks, thereby exacerbating the situation since we were scheduled to be out of town for 2 weeks around that timeframe. I told her that we provided them with 2 months and that we gave them ample time to do their job but instead have gone above and beyond to further disappoint us.
These are the concerns that I have with this whole situation:
1. I fail to believe that within the past 6 weeks, there’s been an out surge of demand for a California king bed. I understand that each bed is made to order and that’s why it takes awhile to even get to the shipping phase, but I’d be willing to bet that this was a known or foreseen issue when I purchased. So, either update your site to say that you are behind and it takes significantly more than 2 weeks (recommend 2 months at least) for receipt or that it’s not available until you catch up. Seems like this company needs to reassess their logistics and ability to do their job.
2. We appreciate your follow up phone call after the purchase. However, it quickly became evident that this company lacks the communication within itself and the accountability. Even when the representative was informed, we were given the general “you should follow up on that” response rather than taking a little bit more of their time to actually resolve the issue and give us the answers that we needed. Instead, we were given more reason for concern and left feeling like this company is just going through the motions of customer service rather than providing ANY service.
3. After finally receiving an accurate status of our shipment and reasons as to why it was delayed, this company failed again to provide adequate customer service. Purchasing a bed can be significant but it should not affect life schedules. Yet, they’ve managed to do so despite the 2 months of leeway that we accounted for. That’s 400% times the advertised shipping estimate. Not to mention that it brings up other concerns: what happens if it’s delivered immediately after we leave the area? Who pays to store it until we arrive? Two pillows (no matter the value) is not an adequate compensation for the inconvenience. This shows me that you either value your product too highly or my concerns are being taken lightly. Now these pillows may very well be that special. However, I have never tried any of their product and if the quality is anything like their ability to communicate, maintain accountability, logistics, and provide ACTUAL customer service, then I put very little value to them, if any. SPECIALLY, when I’m offered these same pillows for FREE when we purchased this mattress. If these pillows are valued that much, then offer to take it out of the purchase price. This offer only solidified my previous statement. Going through the motions of customer service, rather than adjudication of problems.
Currently, we are contemplating on looking elsewhere. We’ve committed too much time and looking elsewhere will take as much time as awaiting resolution from Purple. But any future purchases will NOT be through this company. The only thing we expected when we made this purchased was accurate, timely service and Purple has failed on all aspects thus far. Hopefully, the quality is as advertised by so many. The purpose of this review is to inform others of our experience to prevent those from the frustrations that we faced. Because realistically, this review will do nothing but auto generate the generic response that I’ve seen from all the other previous negative comments. To make matters worse, that won’t happen until 2 months from now because that seems to be the trend that I saw when I was reading through carefully. Just another data point on the poor customer service and lack of concern for their customers I guess.

I have Ankylosing Spondylitis as well as many other arthritic symptoms like Costochondritis , neck pain, shoulder pain. I am a side-sleeper and seem to sleep better with an extremely soft surface under me. The less pressure the better! But nothing gives me truly good relief.

I am extremely allergic to memory foam.

Do you think that the Purple mattress would be a good mattress for me? Or is there a different mattress that would be better for me to sleep on on my side without a lot of pressure? And again, I am allergic to memory foam, so it’s not an option for me.

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Why are people obsessed with Casper mattresses? I slept on one for three years to find out

The best mattress is the one you stop thinking about.

Updated September 24, 2019

Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, you’ve probably had to wade through an ocean of jargon and about a million photos of people smiling as they recline on (let’s face it) identical-looking, spongy white rectangles. I’ve been there, too.

As traditional retailers like Mattress Firm and Sears disappear, online purchasing has only gotten more prevalent. And while shop-at-home convenience and money-back guarantees are a huge draw, I had a hard time distinguishing the actual differences between all the mattress-in-a-box brands like Leesa, Tuft & Needle, Purple, Nectar and others.

But after reading reviews until my eyes watered, I took the plunge and purchased a Casper mattress (available at Amazon for $995.00) . That was over three years, and here’s what I can tell you as a Casper owner: I’m satisfied.

(Note:In the interim since I bought my Casper, the team at Reviewed began in-depth mattress testing. Collectively, our favorite is Nectar, which was praised for striking an ideal firmness/softness balance. However, I still love my Casper, which only serves to further underscore the subjective nature of mattress reviewing. Comfort is king, after all, and I’m sleeping just fine.)

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Shopping for a new mattress usually starts at 3 A.M., sleepless and in the dark.

I complained about our old mattress for at least two years before I did anything about it. Waking up achy after a night of tossing and turning on a squeaky old bed, throwing another “We really oughta’…” onto a pile of empty threats before heading for the shower.

How many times did I hear Marc Maron or one of the countless other podcasters extol the virtues of a Casper mattress before I finally took a chance? How many mattress reviews beyond this did I read before pulling the trigger? Too many, in retrospect.

I bought a Casper mattress over three years ago, but it took about a year before I realized just how much I liked it. How did I finally know? Because I stopped thinking about mattresses altogether—truly the hallmark of a mattress doing its job.

Mattresses are unique among the things we own. We spend more time with them than any other consumer good (except perhaps our phones), yet we really only consider them when they’re either brand-new or when they’re utterly failing.

There are undoubtedly better mattresses out there. Oprah sleeps on a $100,000 bed. I do not sleep on a $100,000 bed. I sleep on an $800 bed and I’m very happy. Here’s why.

Unboxing a Casper mattress is an event unto itself

If owning a Casper mattress is blessedly unmemorable, getting one delivered sure makes an impression. Unlike traditional mattresses, it comes rolled up like a spring-loaded burrito. At 70 pounds (for the full size), it’s about twice as heavy as the mattress we were replacing and proved comically difficult to get up the stairs.

Unboxing it was just plain fun. Casper clearly put a lot of thought into designing the experience—right down to the little letter opener-style knife to slice open the shrink wrap without damaging the mattress. We just had to make sure the mattress was in position on the bed frame before we cracked it open.

The final cutting away proved, thankfully, less explosive than anticipated. Rather, the mattress’ foam layers unfurl and expand as it takes its first deep breath in your new home. Just thinking about it makes me want to go home and crawl into bed for a quick nap. (Keep reading. I’m just resting my eyes.)

Sure it looks small, but that box is CRAZY heavy. Still worth it, though.

It’s tough to argue with a 100-day return policy.

The extended money-back guarantee—a 40-day trial period when I bought mine, and now up to 100 days—was ultimately the factor that got me to click “buy.” I figured that takes a fair amount of confidence from a manufacturer. It’s way more than enough time for back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers to figure out whether the pressure points inherent in their old mattresses have been done in by Caper.

If you pause to think about it, they can’t resell a used mattress. Plus they have to spend cash on a delivery team just to pick it up from your house—there’s no way you’re going to put this thing back in the box yourself. This is some amazing customer service.

In Casper, I saw a company putting its money where its mouth was. I was convinced.

The best mattress in the world? Probably not. But the right one for me.

I can say with certainty that Pinocchio’s in Harvard Square and Otto’s are tied for the best pizza in Cambridge, MA because I’ve had pizza from basically every joint in the city. I’m an authority.

My dog (who’s obviously intelligent) also loves hanging out on the new mattress.

I cannot say that Casper is the best mattress in the world for precisely the same reason. I haven’t slept on every mattress in the world. This is also why I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of facts about foam density or how it stacks up against Purple, Tuft & Needle, and other new-school mattress companies that have sprung up. I can read the spec chart as well as anyone, but I can’t testify to their actual differences. (Update:the rest of the Reviewed team has begun testing mattresses since this article was originally published.)

I’m speaking purely from personal experience. But in my defense, I always do my homework and I’m pretty damn opinionated about products. Also, my satisfaction with Casper seems to be in good company amongst the mattress nerds. It’s not a firm mattress. It’s not a soft mattress. It’s just the right mattress for me—and very likely, for you as well.

I purchased the full-size and only paid a little more than I did for my iPhone, and I don’t rely onthatto keep my vertebrae in their right place, do I? Some things are worth investing in.

Bottom line: I bought a Casper and then I stopped thinking about mattresses. Don’t you wish you could say the same?

What are the different kinds of Casper mattresses?

When I purchased three years ago, Casper only offered one variety of mattress, available in all the usual sizes. Since then, the line has expanded to include additional mattresses options, as well as pillows, bedding, bed frames… even a dog bed.

The original Casper mattress is still sold today and is simply calledThe Casper, and starts at $595 ($995 or less for a queen). It’s the most popular model they sell. You have the option for all-foam or a hybrid of foam and springs for an additional $100.

The Waveis the upgrade model. Starting at $1,295 ($2,395 for a queen), it costs significantly more but promises more layers, more support, and a cooler night’s rest for hot sleepers.

The Essentialis the starter model. From $395 ($600 for a queen), it’s slightly thinner and has the fewest layers.

Where to try or buy a Casper

Casper was formerly an online-only business, which was a huge part of its appeal. You got to skip the hellscape of a traditional mattress store and try out the mattress in your own home for over three months.

Now, however, there are several options for seeing a Casper in-person before you buy. There are a select number of Casper Sleep Shops (see store locator), little boutiques that focus solely on Casper products. Target, an investor in Casper, also floors them in many locations. West Elm used to carry them, but it appears that they’re now partnering with Leesa.

All retailers charge the same price for Casper mattresses, including Amazon. If you see a suspiciously low sale price, double-check that it’s not some weirdo selling you a used mattress. All legit retailers should also offer the same 100-day return policy.

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