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I Slept In A $27,500 Bed For A Month

I’ll never forget the first mattress I purchased for myself. It was $350 and sold to me by a slick salesman in Cranston, Rhode Island. It was a good mattress, assuredly built by a bunch of advanced machines in some far away land, each stitch programmed, each coil designed by a computer for maximum profitability.

When Hästens dropped off their queen-size 2000T bed at my apartment, it immediately became apparent that the only thing it had in common with my old mattress was the designated area in my room where it would live. Everything else was. well, let me explain.

The process

Before you purchase a Hästens bed, you’re encouraged to stop by one of their lofty showrooms. I picked the one in SoHo, on Grand street between Wooster and Greene. It’s a typical, vaulted downtown space, but in it are 15 or so beds—some blue Gingham (what they call Bluecheck), some white. To the right of the entrance, there’s a wall of pillows, a selection of sheets, and a smattering of duvets. Behind the counter sits a handsome man who’ll shake your hand and graciously invite you into the world of Swedish handmade beds. Follow him.

For a product line that dips its toes well into six figures, I have to say the entire process of being fitted for the 2000T was little more pretentious than going to a lovely espresso bar—which is to say that my friends and I never once felt unwelcome in their space. What was curious, however, was that the stores typically don’t advertise their prices. They have prices, certainly, but they don’t have those cards you’d see at Sleepy’s with big red markdowns or markups. “We want you to come in without bias, to try out each product we offer and genuinely see which one feels right for you.” the sales associate explained. My backside, as it turns out, chose the 2000T. “A wise choice; it’s our most popular model,” he remarked.

The most popular model is subsequently a $27,500 stunner that came in three separate pieces:

  • 1: The Box Spring – This is what most people would call a mattress. It’s essentially what I’d been sleeping on for close to a decade.
  • 2: The Mattress – This. this is where I started to have my mind blown. It’s simultaneously softer and more supportive than anything I’d put my weight on before.
  • 3: The Top Mattress – The cherry on top. This layer appeared to be stuffed with cotton candy and birdsong. I’d never felt unrivaled softness like this before.

Now there’s nothing terribly revolutionary here, thousands of mattresses in 3 pieces are sold every year, and many for significantly less than a Hästens. But that’s about where the similarities end.

Born in 1852

Hästens has been putting Swedes to sleep since the late 19th century, a time when beds were fashioned from horsehair & hand tied twine and the phrase “Sleep tight!” was a thing that people actually said in earnest (it refers to the support rope that went underneath the mattress, which routinely slackened, requiring tightening now and again with special tools). They’ve had a heck of a long time to figure out how to do what they do, but strangely, a lot of the materials they use haven’t changed much.

For instance, the special horsehair that fills each and every mattress has been groomed and bred for use by Hästens since Pehr Adolf Jansen received his Royal Certificate from the King Of Sweden, declaring him a Master Saddlemaker. Saddlemakers, as it turns out, were the only people who were certified to build mattresses, as horsetail hair was integral to the construction of the pads that protected royal bottoms in their royal carriages, and when you think about it, mattresses are really just kind of overgrown cushions for your whole body.

​Fit for a king

In 1952, 35 years or so after the company received their official royal warrant from the Swedish Royal Family, it was decreed Hästens’ mattresses were to be the only mattresses the Royal Family would use. I can’t promise you that every partner you bring back to your Hästens bed is going to be impressed by this fact, but it definitely won’t hurt.

If you do your homework you’ll also find an endless list of celebrity clients, professional athletes and more who swear by Hastens. “We’re generally private about our clientele," explains Bob Cooper, VP of North American Sales for Hästens, “There are several hotels that carry our line in their high-end rooms, and it’s really not that uncommon to see a musician or athlete on tour order a bed after spending a night on one.”

Brass tacks

Everyone I talk to about the purebred mattress currently stabled at my place has the same question: “Well? Is it worth it? Do you actually sleep better?” I reply bluntly that I, in fact, do.

For the first time in my life, I awake in the same position I fell asleep in. Although this doesn’t sound like much, it is a huuuuge development for me. Anyone who’s ever shared a bed with me knows that I’m a chronic tosser and turner. not quite a flailer, but in no way, shape, or form do I sleep like a log. The 2000T has—through either engineering or placebo—actually changed the way that I go to sleep.The good folks at Hästens explain this phenomenon as a result of the astoundingly even support that their approach to mattress making provides. And although I’m a convert, a true believer, I still can’t help but feel a bit skeptical.

Allow me to explain, as the analogy in my mind is pretty simple: when you have a beautiful suit tailored for you, it undoubtedly costs more than if you purchased one off the rack. Even if those two suits end up being the EXACT same measurements, 9/10 people will say that the suit which they had tailored is the suit that they’d prefer to be wearing. Although there is zero difference between the suits, they’ll report feeling more confident in the one they’ve had tailored. Is this purely psychological? Yes. Does it really work? Absolutely.

Buying a Hästens bed represents a significant (read: financial) change in the way that you think about sleep. It takes what is for many a piece of furniture, and turns it into an expertly crafted tool with which to execute the act of snoozing. It quite literally shifts your perception of sleep as a requisite practice to a major priority in your life. Throughout the month of sleeping on the 2000T I found myself getting visibly excited to go to bed. It became an event, an activity worth celebrating, an occasion.

Going to bed before the 2000T was just going to bed. Now? It’s something I rush towards.

Could you have a great night’s sleep on a $350 mattress from Rhode Island? Sure. I did pretty well with it for years, and I’ll do pretty well when it comes back in a few weeks. But knowing that the Hästens mattress is in my house tonight, for the last few days of the loan, makes me inherently confident that tomorrow I am going to wake up feeling fantastic.

Ted Gushueis the Executive Editor of Supercompressor, and his new puppy has only tried to sleep in the Hästens mattress twice. Watch his criminially luxurious tale unfold on instagram @TedGushue.

Beds & Mattresses – Adjustable, Continental & Frame Beds

HästensVividus ®

Our most exclusive bed.

HästensMarwari ®

Stylish refinement of the minutest details.

HästensAppaloosa ®

The opposite of understatement.

Hästens2000t ®

The bed of all our beds.

HästensHerlewing ®

Three spring systems to raise you to a higher dimension of relaxation.

HästensEala ®

The bed that unites sturdiness with fluffiness.

HästensMaranga ®

The epitome of cloud-like comfort.

HästensSuperia ®

The best frame bed we have ever built.

HästensExcel ®

Strong and silent. An energy-boosting sanctuary.

HästensMarquis ®

Our entire philosophy in one bed.

HästensAdjustable ®

A most accommodating bed.

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How much do hastens mattresses cost


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Hästens is an ultra-luxury brand of mattress that is hand-crafted in Sweden and sticks to the basics of high end natural materials and crafstmanship. The materials used in a Hästens mattress include horsehair, wool, cotton, and other natural materials without the use of latex or memory foam. Customers report feeling invigorated by this mattress, but there were some durability concerns about the top layer — which can be independently replaced for a fee.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction:8.2/10

Price Value:8.3/10

No Back Pain:8.2/10

Trial Period:No Trial

General Support:8.3/10 ⓘ

No Motion Transfer:8.1/10 ⓘ

No Odor on Delivery:8.2/10

Good for Hot Sleepers:8.4/10

Sex / Bounce:8.5/10

Good for Heavy Folks:8.1/10

Hästens’s Owner Satisfaction

We all want to see what customers are saying before we buy a product — especially a pricy one.That said, it can be a more difficult prospect when browsing countless brands and other sites. In our analysis of sentiment and reviews, we found that sleepers score these mattresses above average.However, some didn’t feel as comfortable. Study more about the mattress specifics below.

Hästens’s Supportiveness

Mattress support is one of the most important things to stomach and back sleepers. Side sleepers also need support to align the spine and neck while they sleep.For most, these mattresses are above average in terms of support.However, others had problems with the support so if you have a heavy build, make sure that your selection is right for you.

Edge Support
Most find these mattresses to provide good edge support.That said, there were some mixed reviews about the edge support.

Hästens’s Durability

Mattresses don’t provide as long-lived comfort as they used to. A mattress that continues to stay comfortable after 15 years is becoming rarer and rarer. But, finding a mattress that really is cozy for a long time can save you lots long term. These mattresses get mixed feelings on durability.Some customers report no problems, but others have issues with the durability over a shorter horizon than average.

Browse Hästens Customer Reviews

We worked with Barbro Sjötun at Hastens Soho and could not have had a better experience. Over the span of many visits, Barbro patiently took time to walk us through our many options. In addition to being an expert on Hastens and their amazing product line, she also seems to be an expert on sleep and had many insights that she was generous enough to share with us. Once we were ready to make the purchase, she was very responsive (even over weekends) – we could not be any happier with the service we were provided as well as the final product.

We worked with Saroya Garcia and had a wonderful experience! She was knowledgeable, not pushy and extremely accommodating. She spent the time to help us understand the company, our options and find the best bed for us. She was responsive to our emails and even held the store open late one Friday night when we couldn’t get out of work in time to get there before closing! We couldn’t be happier with our Hastens bed and had a wonderful experience working with Soy!

Barbro is a mattress expert in addition to being just a genuinely nice and interesting person to talk to. She is familiar with all high end mattress brands and I’ve learned a lot from her. After owning my Hastens 2000T for 5 years I am back to buy another one for my weekend home.

I have been shopping for mattress for a while. A friend recommended Hastens. Boy, it was the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Although I ended up with bedding materials not mattress, I was very impressed by Barbro’s professionalism and her knowledge in this prestige product line. Thank you Barbro for your help today.

After being discouraged by an unpleasant salesperson at the Upper East Side location. I ventured to the SoHo location where the salespeople were much friendlier. I ordered a very high end mattress in which I have waited three months to receive. After communicating with the team and having the date changed multiple time (by them) we settled on a date and time. That date came and they tried to deliver well before the delivery window. I made sure to accommodate this and did everything I could to make things run smoothing including co-ordinating alternate elevator use with the delivery. After everything was in the apartment and the movers had left I realized that the mattress that was delivered was not what I had ordered. Immediately contacting the company, who were confused, I was treated as though it was an error on my behalf. Rather than the concern of making sure i had the mattress that I had ordered three months ago the issues was the incorrect mattress and soon soon they could pick it up. When I asked about when I can expect mine (as it was scheduled for today) the response I received was, "I don’t know". After a number of calls back and forth it was decided that the incorrect mattress would be picked up and the correct delivered at the same time. Then another phone call- the mattress is scheduled to be picked up but still no idea when my mattress that was ordered three months ago and had scheduled for delivery today would be arriving as they can’t swap them on the same day. At the end of the day I’m still waiting on my mattress and I was treated with a bad attitude by all of the staff who didn’t take any responsibility for their mistake. This isn’t the high-end customer service you would expect from a high end store. Very disappointed.

This is a review for treatment in their union square/flatiron location. Dean an elderly white stuffy male seemed incredibly uncomfortable that he had to help me (a brown skin woman). He called my son a she because he is completely ignorant about the Sikh faith. I wish I was not so angered by this experience but it’s very hard to give someone so visibly racist the benefit of the doubt.

Worst value ever! $15,000 for a mattress that becomes hard as a rock. And their warranty is a total scam. When you call to complain, They send so-called technicians over who just turn a few buttons and then tell you that you may have a problem when they can’t improve it. Then they lie to their supervisor on the report. Unbelievable. Stay away!

Wow, the men working here ? superb,They were able to help me have bedding shipping out to California by the time I get back.The natural materials are a big selling point. And to rest on it feels like being in a supportive vat of whipped cream pure luxury.

I bought my Hastens bed 8 years ago and I still look forward to sleeping on it every single night. The customer service is polite, friendly, and helpful. I recommend you take the time to test each bed out properly to make sure you’re making the right choice. It makes you think seriously about what position you sleep in. They give you ample time to try everything, and will even give you a blanket and turn down the showroom lights. After all, it is a hefty investment. Also, they aren’t kidding when they say you have to religiously flip the mattress during the first year or so to make sure it settles evenly. My salesperson would call me when it was time to flip it again. Now that is customer service!! Follow their advice, and you’ll be the proud owner of a solid and comfortable mattress 8 years on.

Despite the high price, Haastens has not bothered to resolve the issue with the mattress topper. There is too little stiching and, as a result, if two people sleep in the bed, the result is a large lump in the middle — where the stuffing has shifted. When I went back and asked about this issue, I was told to walk on the topper. This is a ridiculous solution. Their sheets also shrink with normal washing. Definitely not worth the money.

After spending so much on a mattress I would expect it to be comfortable for many years. I have clear indentations on the bed, and asked customer service to help remedy the issue. They came over and told me a needed a new topper for $3200, and then it would be fixed. I bought the topper and 2 months later, the issue was not resolved. Customer service came back over to evaluate and told me to walk on the mattress to even it out. Definitely not worth purchasing to go thru all this trouble. Also, they said the $3k topper would remedy,w which it had no effect except ripping e off yet again.

We purchased a bed from Hastens about a year ago and could not be more dissatisfied. We’ve attempted just about everything to make the bed more comfortable (taking the topper off, putting on a wool mattress pad, cotton pad. ). The bed is NOT worth the price and the horse hair toppers are just plain uncomfortable for everyday use (in the store they will feel great). My suggestion is to look elsewhere. Also, the bed weighs a ton, they’ll tell you to flip and rotate it every few months, plan on getting a few people to help.

I originally bought three Hasten beds ($10,000+) for my home including a split king mattress/box-spring combo. Throughout the sales process, I was never warned of the issue of having a split king. The crack between the two mattresses has become a huge issue. In fact, they assured me that the crack was not an issue because of the pillow top that accompanied the bed. After contacting customer service for suggestions or for an appropriate remedy, what I expected was perhaps an offer to receive an additional mattress pad ($200) to help alleviate the feel of the crack. What I got was a "too bad for you" response. This to me, is unacceptable at these prices. Their customer service should be much better than this. If you buy one, better hope you do not ever have an issue with the bed.

I never thought about beds as an investment until I came here. The store is beautiful and staff super friendly. They even have their own parking lot which is rare in West Hollywood. A little bit about the actual experience. I felt very little pressure to buy a bed. The associates were more than helpful in answering any questions that I had and the only thing they really wanted from me was to lie down and take a nap for 10-15 minutes. The product sells itself. The owner even invited me to come over and take a nap for a few hours (towards closing time). He didn’t want to sell me a bed unless I really experienced it and enjoyed it. I had probably come into the store a half a dozen times by now. Each time I walked out empty handed. But every time I went in, they treated me as they would a new customer. Unlike other Hastens stores I have been to, this location also has a customer service team to visit local customers every 3 or 4 months to make sure the bed is working great and to massage the bed. They do require a little maintenance every now and then but it goes a long ways. A great product, awesome manufacturer warranty and superior customer service. I had to take the plunge. What was I waiting for. Long story short. I closed the deal and couldn’t be happier!

The best bed in the world. Prices will range from 9000 all the way to 150,000. Yes. Dollars. Our salesperson (Peter) was professional but also friendly and just there to help you pick the best bed. We are happy with our Luxuria bed purchase and can’t wait for it to arrive at our home.

First things first. if any company needs to see an example of outstanding customer service, look no further than the management and administration of Hastens on Beverly Blvd. My wife and I walked in to Hastens for the first time and were treated with the utmost respect and service. We ended up not only buying a mattress, but we also threw in some pillows, a mattress cover, and a comforter. Linus and Anna took excellent care of us. Just recently I also met Andre who was another absolute pleasure to speak to. One of the perks of Hastens is that you can choose a custom size bed. So my wife chose a slightly larger one. It turned out that standard sized sheets wouldn’t fit our bed. So we called Hastens for help. Linus found us custom sheets and had them shipped to our home. The sheets fit perfectly. They are also very soft and strong. They have lasted very nicely. These beds are made with all natural "ingredients." So they don’t harbor allergens like other beds. The beds are all handmade. The quality is so great that you never need to buy another bed again. They offer a 25 year warranty. And even offer a service to come out and flip and fluff your bed twice a year, for free. We have had our bed for 4 years now and it still feels like the first day. No pains. Sound sleeps. Sometimes, it’s actually too comfortable. My wife can’t keep her eyes open for more than 5 minutes after she enters the bed so we can never get through any movie together. So in conclusion, you invest once, and never really need to again, and on top of it you get service fit for kings for the rest of your life. You basically never have to worry about your bed. Someone is always watching out for you to make sure your purchase lasts and lasts.

I came to Hastens West Hollywood today to browse their selection of Swedish mattresses. The location of this Hastens is very central. It’s on Beverly Blvd and Robertson. Beverly Blvd is lined with many high-end, hip furniture stores, so I wasn’t expecting Hastens to stand out in my mind when compared to all the other stores. But surprisingly enough, I really enjoyed my experience at Hastens on Beverly! I found the owner to be down to earth, knowledgable and friendly. I liked how he really believes in his product and that he himself owns several Hastens beds due to the sheer quality and ergonomic support that each mattress provides. I liked how the store had a selection of all the different beds, from the very beautiful black fabric "Vividus" bed, which is thought to be the world’s "most exclusive bed," to cute peach and white checkered twin beds for the children. My favorite? The country-quaint green and white checkered mattress at the far back left corner of the store. So cute!! So Spring!! The store itself looks very "Swedish." Light wood colored floors and most beds in the characteristic Hastens blue and white checkered cloth. I like the metal lift in the store for handicapped customers. I also like the ample free parking in the store front for customers as well! The silver/stainless steel accents are also a nice touch to the store’s modern look. Hastens on Beverly is a really great place to shop! I was hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the celebrities that bought from this Hastens, but no such luck today!

This store would be a great place to hang out and read the paper because the beds are so comfortable. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and not pushy at all. Sverige är fantastiskt!

I would absolutely not recommend this company due to their poor customer service and being sold to on terms that they cannot fulfil. We placed the order with them based on their promises, but they have reneged – and all this is in the terms and conditions according to an email we have received from them, so there is nothing that we can about it. Communication is appalling. For a company that prides itself on sleep, they do not care about making life additionally stressful.

Hästens Mattress Review and Ratings

Based on 28 Consumer Experiences

What You Need To Know

THE GOOD:Above-average lifespan potential • little or no sleeping hot or off gassing • prestigious • hand made.

THE BAD:Often highly expensive • heavy • questionable value.

THE BEDS:Hästens beds are hand-made in Sweden. The beds are spring-based and their comfort layer(s) can consist of horsehair, wool, cotton, flax – no foam or latex. Hastens was founded in 1852 and their beds are in the luxury to ultra-luxury mattress category.

THE COMPETITION:Main competition often includes Dux Bed and Tempur-Pedic. Learn how Hästens compares to other mattresses at the mattress comparison.

Hastens Mattress Ratings

The ratings below – based on 25+ consumer reviews gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology – show how Hästens beds compare to the average mattress.

Owner satisfactionc+Hästens beds overall have77% owner satisfaction. Learn more.
Durabilityb-Durability is generally superior to that of most other innerspring-based mattresses. Owners, however, report that the top pad needs replacing about every 4-7 years.
Longevityb+Because the top pad can be replaced, the bed can conceivably have a longer lifespan than most beds.
PricefHästens beds are typically priced$3,600-$20,000+depending on model and size. Maintenance costs, such as replacing the top pad, can be pricey. Many less expensive beds are available that have similar or better owner satisfaction.
ValueC-Owners are generally split as to whether their Hästens bed is worth its price. Many less expensive beds are available that have similar or better owner satisfaction.
Less pain / pressurec+Pain and pressure point relief is not a clear strength of the bed. See mattresses and pain relief for general analysis.)
Firmness varietybFirmness can vary by model. Consumers often report that their Hastens bed is more medium or soft than firm.
Motion isolationb-Hästens appears to perform better than average in regard to localizing movement from one person so the other person is not disturbed.
No initial odor / off gassingbThere are few reports regarding a bothersome smell coming from the mattress when it is new.
No sleeping hotaThere are few if any complaints of the Hastens bed acting as a trap.
No noisea-There are few complaints of noise coming from the bed.
Easy to maintainc-Consumers report that the product requires at least some regular maintenance.
Lightweightd-The more expensive models especially are among the heaviest beds available. Moving or transporting them is difficult.
AvailabilitydHästens has retailers around the world, but only about a dozen in North America.
Specs disclosedBThe disclosing of specifications allows consumers to know what they are paying for and helps them to comparison shop.
Customer servicecCustomer service, especially after the sale, can be less than adequate and not what might be expected from an expensive bed brand, a significant number of owners report.
WarrantybHästens has a 25-year warranty that covers the mattress and springs, but not the topper. (See mattress warranties: what you should know.)
Return policycConsumers report that return policies can vary by store. (See returning a mattress: what you should know.)

Owner Satisfaction Comparison

Hästens Beds have 77% owner satisfaction. This rate is significantly above average compared to innerspring mattresses overall (64%) and slightly above average compared to all mattresses overall (73%) which includes innerspring, memory foam, latex, air, futon.

Owner experience data somewhat suggests that higher priced Hästens models have better owner satisfaction than lower priced Hästens models.

Sleep Like The Dead’s mattress research in The News –

About our unbiased Hästens mattress review and research

The Hästens mattress ratings are based on 25+ owner reviews of several models such as frame (Superia, Excel, Marquis), continental (2000T, Proferia, Auroria, Luxuria) and adjustable models.

Most Hästens owner experience data was gathered from online message boards. Learn more about our diverse, credible sources.


– Hästens is considered to be one of the most prestigious beds available in the world.

– A top complaint from Hästens owners is that maintenance for the bed, such as replacing worn out parts / modules, can be pricey.

– The bed is significantly heavier than the average mattress, causing it to be more difficult to move and handle.

– Hästens beds have only slightly higher owner satisfaction than the average mattress despite the fact that they are often many times more expensive.

How Much Does a Good Mattress Cost?

Quick Overview

Mattresses sold today range in price from $150 or less to more than $5,000, but most shoppers can find the mattress they need for under $1,000. The price-point of a mattress depends on several factors, including type, size, height, material composition, and durability.

This guide offers shopping tips for comparing mattresses based on different factors and finding the right model for you and your sleep partner at a reasonable price.

Average Mattress Prices

Mattress type impacts the price-point more than any other factor. The price range of foam mattresses, for example, varies significantly from the price ranges of latex or hybrid models. The table below features current price ranges for five common mattress types; please note that the prices listed below are for Queen-size models. Click the links in the left-hand column to read our full analyses of each mattress type.

Mattress TypeLow Price RangeMedium Price RangeHigh Price RangeAverage Price-Point (Queen)
InnerspringLess than $700$700 to $1,200More than $1,200$1,038
FoamLess than $600$600 to $1,200More than $1,200$1,044
LatexLess than $1,500$1,500 to $2,500More than $2,500$1,971
HybridLess than $1,500$1,500 to $2,200More than $2,200$2,077
AirbedLess than $1,500$1,500 to $2,500More than $2,500$2,283

Cost Factors for Different Mattress Types

Next, let’s look at some factors that influence the price of different mattress types.

Cost Factors for Innerspring Mattresses

Here are some important considerations to make when looking at innersprings:

  • The price-point of an innerspring mattress is often tied to durability and lifespan. Cheaper models tend to feature polyfoam comfort layers and bonnell coils, which typically perform for three to five years. Costlier innersprings may feature memory foam or latex in the comfort layer and more durable coils — such as offset or continuous-wire coils — in the support core.
  • Some innersprings are constructed with pocketed (or fabric-wrapped) coils; it’s important to note that mattresses featuring at least two inches of memory foam and/or latex in the comfort layer and pocketed coils in the support core are technically considered hybrids, not innersprings.
  • Gauge (or thickness) can be used to determine how durable a mattress coil is; thicker low-gauge coils are more durable than thinner high-gauge coils.
  • Many mattress manufacturers list ‘coil count’ as a measure of quality and durability — and the price may reflect this — but coil count does not necessarily reflect the lifespan of an innerspring mattress.

Cost Factors for Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are typically priced using the following criteria:

  • Foam density plays a role in mattress durability, and is a key factor for foam mattress pricing. Low-density foams are softer and tend to deteriorate quickly, and are most often used in relatively cheap mattress models. High-density foams are firmer and tend to last longer; they are usually used in models with more expensive price-points.
  • Another key consideration is the type of foam used. Polyfoam (even high-density polyfoam) will degrade faster than most memory foams. As a result, the cost of an all-polyfoam mattress is usually much lower than the cost of a memory foam mattress. Likewise, mattresses with specialty memory foam (such as gel or copper-infused memory foam) are more expensive than those with standard memory foam.
  • Most sleepers feel more comfortable on memory foam than polyfoam. However, price-point does not appear to be a significant factor in customer experiences with memory foam compared to performance factors like firmness and conforming/pressure-relieving abilities. For this reason, shoppers may be able to find a memory foam mattress that suits their preferences at a relatively low price.

Cost Factors for Latex Mattresses

The price of a latex mattress is often determined by the following factors:

  • Latex in mattresses is produced using one of two processes. The Dunlop process produces denser and heavier latex that is most often used in support cores. The Talalay process produces lighter and less dense latex that is typically used in comfort layers. Talalay latex tends to be more expensive than Dunlop latex, but some mattresses contain both.
  • The price of a latex mattress will also depend on whether natural or synthetic latex is used. Natural latex is extracted from rubber trees and produced without fillers using either the Dunlop or Talalay process. Synthetic latex, on the other hand, is entirely manmade, but is still processed using the Talalay or Dunlop method. The differences in firmness and feel between natural and synthetic latex are negotiable. However, sleepers are much more susceptible to allergic reactions on natural latex.
  • An important distinction for shoppers is the difference between ‘natural latex’ and ‘100% natural latex’; the latter does not contain any fillers whatsoever, while the former may not be entirely natural. In some cases, mattresses sold as ‘natural latex’ are actually made of mostly synthetic latex.

Cost Factors for Hybrid Mattresses

Cost considerations for hybrid mattresses include the following points:

  • In order to be considered a true hybrid, a mattress must have at least two inches of memory foam and/or latex in the comfort system and a pocketed coil support core. Many mattresses are sold as hybrids, even though they don’t meet this criteria. For example, some models sold as hybrids feature latex and memory foam components, but the support core is made of polyfoam, not pocketed coils.
  • Some hybrids feature a layer of microcoils in the comfort system for added conforming and pressure relief. Models with microcoil layers are usually more expensive than standard foam-and-coil hybrids. However, customer satisfaction ratings between microcoil and non-microcoil hybrids are comparable, suggesting that these components do not play a significant role in sleeper experiences.

Cost Factors for Airbed Mattresses

An airbed is defined as any mattress that features air chambers in the support core, rather than foam or coil layers. Airbeds have the highest average price among all mattress types. When pricing airbed mattresses, consider the following:

  • Most airbeds sold today feature manual or remote controls that allow users to inflate or deflate air to match their comfort preferences; many can be toggled using online apps. Remote-control airbeds — especially ones that utilize smart-app technology — are almost always more expensive than manual-control models.
  • Airbeds with memory foam, latex and/or microcoils in the comfort layer are usually priced higher than those with standard polyfoam comfort systems.
  • Airbed prices somewhat correlate to mattress height, with thicker models being the more expensive option. The number of air chambers may also play a role; traditional airbeds have one to two air chambers, but some newer models have as many as six individual chambers (and cost more on average).

Cost Factors for a Bed Base

The bed base refers to the part of a bed that supports the mattress. Here are a few of the factors to consider when you’re thinking about purchasing a bed base to hold up your mattress.

  • Box springs are generally cheaper than other kinds of bed bases, but may require an additional foundation or legs if you want storage space underneath. It’s worth noting that box springs can help to extend the lifespan of your mattress, preventing deterioration and sagging.
  • Foundations or platforms tend to be on the less expensive side. Like box springs, they can help to add value to your mattress purchase by extending its lifespan. They are generally set up to have storage space below, so there probably won’t be a need for extra purchases like with box springs.
  • There are a few factors that can make your bed base pricier. Some foundations have extra storage drawers and/or headboards, for example. These are often more expensive.
  • Adjustable beds, which can be raised at the head or foot to create different angles for sleeping, are the priciest options. Still, they can be important for certain kinds of sleepers, such as people with poor circulation, sleep apnea, or other sleep problems. If you have certain sleep conditions, the price of an adjustable bed base may be well worth it for higher-quality sleep over time.

Which Mattress Type Is Best for You?

Now that we’ve explored cost factors affecting the price of a mattress, let’s look at some distinct qualities associated with different mattress types. Customers can use metrics like these to determine which mattress is best for them based on their top priorities as shoppers and sleepers.

Mattress TypeInnerspringFoamLatexHybridAirbed
Average lifespan5 to 7 years6 to 7 years8 years or longer6 to 7 years8 years or longer
Conforming abilityPoor to FairGood to Very GoodGoodGood to Very GoodGood
SexGood to Very GoodFairFair to GoodGood to Very GoodFair
Temperature neutralityGood to Very GoodPoor to FairFair to GoodFair to GoodFair to Good
Noise potentialFairVery Good to ExcellentVery Good to ExcellentGood to Very GoodFair to Good
Odor potentialGood to Very GoodPoor to FairFair to GoodPoor to FairFair to Good
Edge supportGood to Very GoodPoor to FairPoor to FairGood to Very GoodFair to Good
AvailabilityWideWideModerateModerateVery Limited

Additional Mattress Costs

The original price-point is not the only cost associated with mattress ownership. Here are a few more costs that may arise for mattress owners:

  • Foundations:Mattress customers usually have the option of purchasing a matching foundation to go with their new mattress; most foundations are priced at $150 or higher.
  • Shipping:Many mattress manufacturers offer free delivery to customers in the continental United States; these deliveries are mostly coordinated through UPS, FedEx and other ground courier services. A few manufacturers also offer free shipping to customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and offshore U.S. territories, but most impose shipping charges of at least $100 for these locations; additional fees may also apply for customers in remote locations in the continental U.S. For companies that do not offer free mattress shipping, customers should expect to pay at least $100.
  • In-Home Assembly:A large number of mattress companies offer delivery that includes in-home mattress assembly and packaging waste removal; this is often called ‘White Glove delivery’. The standard cost of White Glove delivery is $99, but some companies charge more.
  • Old Mattress Removal:Mattress companies that offer White Glove delivery will often remove the customer’s old mattress for an additional charge (usually $50). However, most mattress companies that use ground couriers like UPS and FedEx for deliveries do not offer this service.
  • Mattress Returns:Mattress sleep trials are common; most companies allow customers to return their mattress within 30 to 90 days of their original purchase in exchange for a refund (specific lengths vary by company). However, many sleep trials include hidden ‘shipping and handling’ fees for customers that return their mattress during the sleep trial. These details are usually included in the fine print of the company’s sleep trial and return policy.
  • Mattress Exchanges:In addition to mattress returns, some companies allow customers to exchange their mattress during their sleep trial for a model of a different size and/or firmness. The same ‘shipping and handling’ fees apply. For mattress upgrades, customers will be required to pay the difference in price between the original and the replacement. Typically, one exchange is allowed per sleep trial.

Warranty Costs

A standard mattress warranty should last at least 10 years. Some span 25 years or longer. Warranty terms vary significantly between mattress manufacturers, and there are several costs associated with them.

Most mattress warranties require customers to cover shipping and handling fees associated with repairs for mattresses with defects (such as deep indentations or protruding coils). Additionally, customers should expect to pay shipping and handling fees for replacing their defective mattress with a new model.

Another important warranty consideration is whether the coverage is nonprorated or prorated; some warranties are entirely nonprorated, while others are nonprorated for a set number of years and prorated for the remainder of the warranty coverage period. Nonprorated coverage means that, with the exception of shipping and handling fees, owners do not need to pay extra costs for replacing a defective mattress. During prorated coverage periods, customers must pay extra charges for replacing their mattress; these charges are calculated by multiplying a percentage of the original mattress price (typically 5% to 10%) by the number of years of ownership.

For example, let’s say a mattress costs $1,000 and is covered under a 20-year warranty with five years of nonprorated coverage and 15 years of prorated coverage with a 5% prorated charge. If the mattress needs to be replaced during the first five years, then the owner will only be required to pay shipping and handling fees. If the mattress needs to be replaced during the tenth year, then prorated charges are calculated as 10 (years) by 5%; this means that the owner will be responsible for paying half the original price (or $500) to have the mattress replaced. During the eleventh year, this charge will increase to 55% (or $550), and so on until the 20-year period ends.

Most – but not all – 10-year warranties are entirely nonprorated. Some warranties that extend 15 to 20 years or longer are fully nonprorated, but most included prorated coverage periods. In some cases, a mattress warranty will only include two to three years of nonprorated coverage. For this reason, customers should place more emphasis on the length of the nonprorated coverage period than the overall warranty length. Furthermore, most industry experts agree that a mattress should be replaced every seven to eight years; this somewhat negates the need for warranties that extend beyond 10 years.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Mattress

When you’re looking for the best possible deal on a mattress, there are a number of factors that come into play. Here are a few tricks and tips, as well as some important factors to consider when looking for a great mattress deal.


It’s important to do your homework when you’re looking for the best deal on a mattress. Conduct market research before you buy, and you’ll end up with a higher-value purchase in the end.

Mattresses vary widely in terms of durability, firmness, prices, and overall quality. Compare customer reviews and brand prices in order to get the most value for what you pay.

Holiday sales

Date-specific deals are huge in the mattress industry. If you time your purchase correctly, you can save quite a bit on your mattress. Here are some of the most common holidays and other sales days when you might snag a mattress deal:

HolidayDateSale Description
President’s Day3rd Monday in FebruaryPresident’s Day is usually the first opportunity all year to celebrate with mattress savings. Virtually all online mattress sellers provide brand-new coupon codes for this holiday.
Memorial DayLast Monday in MayMany mattress brands offer Memorial Day promotions. Brick-and-mortar stores may have some savings, but online mattress companies will usually provide ultra-steep price cuts and special deal throughout Memorial Day weekend.
Independence DayJuly 4thAlong with fireworks and outdoor barbecues, mattress sales have become synonymous with Independence Day. Okay, maybe not quite the same, but July 4th does bring significant mattress savings every year. While many stores close on this holiday, look for sales on the 3rd or 5th.
Amazon Prime DayJuly 15thThis midsummer sales day provides endless deals for members of Amazon Prime. Even if you’re not a Prime member, though, other mattress sellers will often publish new coupon codes on their own sites to draw customers away from Amazon, so scour various sites for deals.
Labor DayFirst Monday in SeptemberLabor Day has long been a major discount day for the mattress industry. Starting on the Friday before the holiday, look for new coupon codes, steep discounts, and other promotions at online mattress retailers.
Veterans DayNovember 11thNew coupon codes and promos almost always come out on Veterans Day. This mid-November discount opportunity is an especially good time to look out for great deals before the holidays, as mattress companies try to sell as much of their inventory as possible before the approaching winter rush.
Black FridayThe day after Thanksgiving, or the fourth Friday in NovemberBlack Friday is a massive sales event for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers. Because it’s a weekend-long event, and because so many sellers are competing with one another, you can usually find a steal just after Thanksgiving with a little research and price-matching offers.
Cyber MondayMonday after Thanksgiving (may fall in late November or early December)This e-commerce sales holiday boasts a longer discount window than most other discount days, with some sales lasting the entire week or even longer. Sellers actively compete in a race to the bottom of the price barrel on this post-Thanksgiving holiday, so if you’re looking for the ultimate steal, this is a good time to find one. Be on the lookout for extra perks on Cyber Monday, too, like free bedding and shipping.
Get a friend referral

If you have a friend who recently bought a mattress or is looking to buy one, you could save money on your own mattress purchase. Some retailers offer a referral deal on your purchase when someone who purchases a mattress (or, in some cases, other furniture or household goods) refers you to the company.

Choose a brand that offers free shipping

Buying a mattress online is often cheaper than buying one in person, and most retailers offer their products on the web in today’s market. Many companies offer free shipping, which is a major perk.

If you can dodge the shipping costs, online is often the best way to go when it comes to buying a mattress. On the web, you can almost always find a great mattress deal, with no markups from third-party retailers.

Consider durability

Ultimately, one of the best ways to save money in the long-term is to get a mattress that will last you a long time. When it comes to mattress value, the price point is just one small piece of the puzzle: A mattress that you can use comfortably for many years to come is key.

Do market research on the most durable mattresses. Read customer reviews to make sure the mattress will last a long time for the price you’ll be paying.


Generally speaking, the average sleeper will be able to spend $1,000 or less for a mattress that suits their comfort and support preferences. However, mattress shoppers are urged to thoroughly research different products before making a purchase. In order to find the right mattress at the lowest available price, be sure to compare different models based on factors like type, material composition, firmness, and durability, as well as company policies regarding shipping and delivery, sleep trials, and warranty coverage.

To view and compare different mattress brands based on price, please visit our Product Comparison Page.

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