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How Much Does a Futon Mattress Cost ? Futonadvisors

Futon mattresses are generally becoming popular each passing second. The rate at which it is purchased the days is taking its toll on the price. It is a normal phenomenon for prices of goods in high demand to go up. The price of the futon mattress depends on its level of quality. Making a choice here would be based on your discretion. But the question ishow much does a futon cost?

Exactly How Much Does a Futon Mattress Cost?

There are a lot of futons on the market that you satisfy your specific needs. These numerous amounts of futons come in different forms that would meet your budget. Don’t worry about the price, so you do not need to ask how much does a futon cost.In a lot of cases, you can spend a mediocre amount on a futon mattress.

Other times, you might wonder if the futon is worth the exorbitant price tag it has. There have been situations where some users purchased as little as $250+ for a 6 inches mattress and a metal frame. Others have reported spending over $1,000 on a memory foam mattress with a decorative cover and a fine hardwood frame.

There are also a lot of mid-priced futons that you can buy. These are the common ones, and you can find them in many homes. These mid-priced futons are common because they can last for years without experiencing much wear.

Most people in the lower-class and mid-class often opt-in for materials that are durable and affordable. This mid-grade futon is ideal for this purpose. It is no surprise if the question running through your mind is how much does a futon cost? For a mid-priced futon, you should have about $500 to $700 in your budget. The reason for this price range is because a lot of factors can affect your purchase.

These factors are complicated because there are a lot of choices to make regarding frame, mattress, and cover. Frames vary, as metal frames cost lesser than wooden frames. The covers vary based on the material used, the design, and the brand that makes it. Mixing up all your preferences would cause the total price of all them together to spike up. Just bear in mind that you would not spend more than $700 but more than $500.

There are several types of futon mattresses, and they all vary in price. One of the factors that can affect the price of the futon mattress is the customization of its appearance. Customization of the appearance of the mattress would cost you a certain amount of money. However, there is more to customization than you think.

Did you know you can customize how the futon mattress would feel? There is no limit to what you can do with customization. All you need to do is send them the specs and info of your choice. They would produce exactly what you want, but at the price range, you can afford.

You might have thought customization has a specific price. The question ofhow much does a futon cost?Customization of the futon mattress is a very great investment, but you have a lot to consider before even making a purchase.

Factors to Consider Buying a Futon Mattress

No matter whom you ask how much does a futon mattress cost? The price has no relevance till you know what you want to use the mattress for.

– How much do you intend using this futon mattress: the frequency of use would determine the kind of futon you would buy. If all you need is a mattress for a week of camping, wasting $1,000+ on a futon mattress is exactly a waste of money.

A cheaper one; such as the low-priced mattress, would serve this purpose very well. Do you intend using the futon mattress every day? On a weekend basis? Or even once in a year? Answer these questions, and you would get a clearer picture of the right one to buy.

– Where do you intend using the futon: use of the futon matters, but the location is something else. You would prefer buying a better-looking futon mattress for your bedroom than for a guest room. The same goes for other parts of your home, your office, etc.

– Who is going to use the futon: if you know who is going to use the futon, then you are on your way to buying the right thing. A 500-pound man can never use the same futon mattress as a 5-year-old girl.


These three factors determine how much your futon would cost. If you put the three factors in place, it would ensure that you make the right decisions. Buying a cheap futon means you would have to consider the cost of regular replacement. Maybe this has answered your questionhow much does a futon cost?

Best Rated Futon Bed Picks & Reviews – 2020 Edition

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Do you have to deal with limited living space? Maybe you live in a house which has a single bedroom yet you have two kids that need to use it, leaving you with nowhere to sleep? Or maybe you have two bedrooms, but you’ve invited your closest couple to come over for the weekend, but you don’t really have room for them?

If these are struggles that you have to deal with regularly, don’t worry too much – it’s something common, and most of us have to deal with it as well. Luckily for you, there is a convenient solution.

You can easilyturn your sofa into an additional bedusing something as simple as a cheap futon bed that’s comfortable and convenient. This provides the much-neededcomfort and convenience at a fraction of the priceyou’d have to spend for a new mattress.

Nevertheless, the market is overly saturated with futon beds, and this only makes it harder for you to decide which mattress to go with. This is why we’ve taken the liberty to provide you with a quick overview of the things you should account for when choosing one. Hopefully, this will make your life a lot easier. We’ve hand-pickedthe 5 highest rated futon mattressesso that you don’t have to wander around aimlessly.

  • Type: Convoluted Foam, Cotton Fiber
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Type: Foam
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Type: Memory Foam, Innerspring, Cotton Fiber
  • Height: 10”
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Type: Cotton Fiber, Foam, Innerspring
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Futon Mattress Buying Considerations


Right off the bat, you ought to account for how often you or your guests may need to sleep on the futon. In case you have the need to use it on occasion just as a guest bed, you can consider getting a cheaper soft option made out of less expensive materials, such as a cotton-filled one.

On the other hand, if you plan to use it every night as your regular bed because you have to leave the kids sleep in the bedroom, you ought to consider a high-quality, reliable, possibly coil-filled futon bed with the proper structure and comfort.

Keep in mind that sleeping on a mattress which is not fit for your posture is capable of causing some serious deformations and consequential issues. The last thing you’d want is to get a back misalignment from not spending a few more dollars more on a reliable and high-quality mattress.

There are also great Japanese futons, which may be an entirely different and intriguing option for you to explore.


When it comes to your futon bed, you also want to think about the way you want it to appear. Don’t forget that as much as you want for it to be incredibly comfortable, you can alsothink about its appearance.

Even though coil-filled futon mattresses are usually regarded as particularly comfortable, some can be much likely to lose a lot of their shape as time passes.

On the other hand, some memory foam futon beds can hold andmaintain their shape for a substantially longer period. Additionally, the latter is sometimes considered better for futons that are commonly used as couches.


It goes without saying that comfort is just about the most important thing that you’d want to look forward to when picking your futon mattress. Remember, though, that comfort is not just about sleeping well but also about sitting comfortably as well. This is not a regular bed – it’s a futon, so it has to serve a dual purpose.

Make sure that you get a bed which is going to be comfortable not only for sleeping but for sitting. The materials which are used to craft the solution are ultimately going to determine the comfort that you get from it.


The type of futon that you have alongside its overall structure would determine the thickness of the mattress.

While it’s true that a sleek and thin futon mattress may look better than a bulky one, you might have to go for a thicker option if your sofa bed is made out of wood, for instance. The mattress needs to match the structure in order to make sure that you get a comfortable sleeping solution.

So, for instance, a futon mattress which isabout 8 inches thickcan offer quitea lot more comfort for an adult sleeperincomparison to a six-inches thick one; it depends on the materials used. An additional consideration to account for here is the weight of the person who will usually sleep on it – it’s generally advisable that the heavier the person, the thicker the mattress needs to be to help prevent bottoming out.

Number of Folds

You will either get a bi-fold or a tri-fold mattress. If it is bi-fold, it is going to fold just once in two separate pieces. If it is a tri-fold, it will fold twice into three separate pieces.

The number of folds is solely dependent on the type of frame that you have. With this in mind, it’s important to check with the manufacturer to determine whether you need a tri-fold or a bi-fold unit. If you are replacing an existing bed, simply check the folds that you have currently and purchase a unit accordingly – it’s as simple as that.

The Frame Matters

As we’ve mentioned above, the frame has a serious impact on the type of mattress that you will get. The quality of the latter should match that of the former. Just think – would you invest in an expensive frame only to top it with a budget futon bed or vice versa?

For example, if you have a wooden frame and you plan to have your futon for a longer period of time, you can make sure that your mattress matches your intentions.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a solution that you are unlikely to use for more than a few years, you can afford to purchase something cheaper. This is where wood composite or particle board frames are particularly useful and you can pair them with a bed which is less expensive and of lower quality.


The durability of the bed is mainly determined by the materials which are used to create it. As a general rule of thumb, you ought to go for a futon mattress which is made up of materials which shouldlast longerwhile also providing you with the necessary comfort and convenience.

Additionally, you also want to take a look at the warranty periods. This is going to show you the approximate amount of time that the manufacturer thinks the mattress will last without manifesting any issues.

However, it is also important to understand that if you want your bed to last longer, you ought to make sure that it is properly taken care of.

The size of your mattress would be solely determined by the size of the frame. There is nothing specific here – just make sure that the former matches the latter perfectly.

The Futon Mattress Buying Guide

Updated: March 26, 2020 by Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Who doesn’t have a scary story from a sleepless night on a coarse bed? Well, this is a common scenario, and just hearing about futons is enough to make certain people cower!

However, futon productshave come a long wayfrom huge momentary beds to firm mattresses, swank slip-covers, and classic wooden frames.

Today, it can beone of the most favorably versatile pieces of furniture you will ever buy. Futon mattresses usefully cushion a firm frame which serves both as a bed and a seating spot.

It provides padding that is useful for both sleeping and sitting on, and thereby results in supportive, flexible, and bouncy mattress that uses certain fill materials.

Since it can be a bed as well as a couch, it will take minimal effort to transform from one mode to another as compared to a sleeper sofa.This alone makes it an attractive choice for those with restricted square footage.

Another reason is that futons arerelatively inexpensive as compared to traditional beds and sofas. While the price can increase with the most affluent models, its quality will certainly set you back almost less than half as much as a similar sofa night.

In addition to this, it is relatively simple and direct in its creation,allowing you to rearrange, dissemble, and assemble them with ease.

A final reason ties into its versatility- you can change your futons appearance to fit any style room you may desire with mattress covers and replaceable mattresses.

Since you can buy a mattress and frame separately,the combinations can be easily tailored to your preferences and tastes.

Choosing The Appropriate Futon Mattress

Once you understand about the filling materials,and how they cause the mattress to respond differently to the human body and other criteria, it becomes easier to select a mattress.

For weight, shorter is considered better as long as the 6 inches minimumthickness of futon is maintained. Flexibility, rigidity, and firmness are relative to the desires of the futon mattress users.

The choices for futon mattresses are very extensive-some are simply filled with pieces of wool and cotton, while others contain coils like other mattresses do.

So before you buy a futon mattress,make sure you measure your space accuratelyto account for your mattress’s size when unfolded and folded.

This also helps to tape off the “umbra” of your probable new furnitureso you can optically see how much space it will take up in your room.

And of course, you desire a futon mattress that provides a restful sleep, so you must keep the following things in mind.

  • Adults typically require a mattress that is minimum 6 inches thick.
  • For optimal comfort and support,buy a mattress with innerspring coils, that will offer the highest level of ease and comfort-much like an actual bed. This is especially recommended if your guests or you will sleep on the mattress with regularity.
  • Foam and cotton batting mattresses provide reasonable levels of comfort and support for short term use,and also hold their shape over time. In addition to this, these options are lighter than traditional innerspring mattresses.
  • Testing out these mattresses in-storeis believed to be the best way to find out which one is appropriate for you. It is recommended to consider your entire family for testing to find a bed that will work best for the majority of sleepers.
  • The higher quality futon mattress you buy, the longer it will last, and if it is not used very frequently, it may last up to 20 years.

Important Factors That You Need To Consider

Keep in Mind its Aesthetics

Think about how you may desire your futon mattress to appear. Remember,as much as you wish to think about the comfort the mattress offers, you will still need to consider about how your futon mattress will appear.

Although coil-filled futon mattresses are comfortable, but they may lose their shape over time.

On the other hand,foam-filled, solid futon mattresses will hold shape for a longer period of time. In addition to this, they are even better for futons that are most commonly used as couches.


When it comes to picking mattresses,comfort is everything.

You must remember that comfort is just not about sleeping well but also sitting comfortably. So if your futon mattress is in the living room, there are higher chances that guests will sit on it every time they visit.

So make sure you buy a mattress that is comfortable both while sleeping and sitting.The materials used to craft the futon mattress will determine the type of comfort you get from it.

So when considering comfort,get rid of the idea of lumpy mattresses.This is due to the fact that futon mattresses on the market today are made to appear and feel as comfortable as the regular mattresses that you use in your beds.

While some of them will be firm, others will be plush, and you can simply sink into those mattresses in comfort.


You must considerhow often you or your guests may sleep on futon.In case you desire to use it occasionally as a guest bed, you may consider purchasing a less expensive mattress, for instance a cotton-filled one.

If you plan to use it nightly,you must spend on a high quality, coil-filled futon mattress.


When purchasing a futon mattress, you must keep in mind thatit is two in one product,and in some cases it will serve as the seat cushion, while in others it will just be a bed.

So you must make sure that the futon mattress is versatile to play both these parts comfortably.Also, select a mattress that is comfortable enough to serve your personal requirements, and also easy to move around.

Mattress Cover

You must determine if you require a cover for your mattress, so that you can pick one according to your fabric and color preference.

In addition to this,you can choose between solid pattern and colors.The fabric choices may include, microfiber, microsuede, and cotton.

Some mattresses already come with water resistant covers,however, many do not. This may also affect the overall cost of your futon mattress, so you must keep this consideration in mind too.

Size of the Frame

While a queen size futon mattress may be the most comfortable and spacious,it implies you will have to already buy or own a queen size frame, which can be too huge for a small room.

So it is recommended you must take measurements of your roombefore making your final purchase to fend off size constraints. And your room shall thank you for it.


This will immensely depend on the materials used to create this mattress.

It is recommended to choose a futon mattress that is made up of materials that will last long, and also serve you better.

In addition to this,you must check its warrantyas this will tell you how long the manufacturer thinks the particular futon mattress will last without any issues.

Remember, for your mattress to last long, you too need to take proper care of it.


Futon mattresses are awonderful cheap optionas you can easily get high quality mattresses for a lower price.

You can purchase a high-end mattress for much less than a high-end couch.

Thickness of the Futon Mattress

Sleek, thin futon mattresses look much better with thinner mattresses.

On the other hand, significant wooden pieces require thicker mattresses in order to match their frames. So it is imperative to consider the kind of mattress you and your family prefers.

Make sure you determine the one you desire to sleep on,and also do not let color influence your decision.Remember, you can always purchase a cover for your futon mattress.

Sleeping Position

In case you sleep on your side, you must consider a softer futon mattressso that your shoulders can sink into the mattress, and there is less pressure on your spine and neck.

On the other hand,if you sleep on your back, you may actually require a firmer mattressin order to support the back, and also have an elastic foam layer to let your spine relax.

And if you sleep on your stomach, you may require the firmest futon mattressas it will prevent any strains to the neck.

Types of Futon Mattresses

Regardless of the purpose of the mattress, there are certain things you must consider when buying a futon mattress. The following are the different types of futon mattresses.

Foam Futon Mattress

This is considered as the novel gold standard for all types of mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have undoubtedly skyrocketed in popularity recently, and a plethora of people are switching out their spring mattresses for them.

However, foam futon mattresses are not always made of great quality memory foam, but still offer several benefits. Additionally,they are the most comfortable type according to most users.

This is becausethey are best at offering support to your body, whether you sleep on your stomach, side, or back. Unlike spring mattresses that offer unbalanced support due to the coils, foam futon mattressesare supportive all over.

They also last longeras compared to other types of futon mattresses.

However, there are certain cons to purchasing this type of mattress. They are more expensive, and if you are not using it frequently, a foam futon mattress can be way too expensive for certain users.

Spring Futon Mattresses

Although they are the old standard for mattresses, but they may soon totally be recouped by memory foam.They are made with metal coilsthat are covered with a quilted layer, which ensures that your mattress stays firm as well as comfortable.

Also,they are reasonably priced, thought not very cheap as compared to some other type of mattresses. Additionally,they are comfortable for sleeping and this type of futon mattress is what several people are used to sleeping on at night.

However on its downside, a spring futon mattress can be heavy, and quite difficult to fold. If you have a sleeper sofa/convertible couch futon, this mattress can be difficult to mutate to the sitting position.

Wool Filled Futon Mattresses

Although they are rare, butthey do bring something exquisite to the mattress.Since wool is very soft,so you are certain to find yourself way warmer as compared to cotton futon mattresses.

This is because heat is retained much better in wool, and that is why buying them can be a wise decision in cold regions.

Cotton Futon Mattresses

They are an excellent option for those on budget. They are easy to fold up as they are lightweight, however, they are not as solid as foam or spring futon mattresses.Such mattresses are considered to be very firm,and also resemble to the Japanese type, that is laid down on the ground by the people of Japan.

On its downside, cotton futon mattresses do not provide the same quality as foam and spring futon mattresses in several respects. Also, they wear down prompter as compared to other mattresses, and do not offer as much support as foam or spring futon mattresses.

Foam & Polyester Futon Mattresses

Such blended type of mattresses usually tend to last much longer as compared to other type of futon mattresses. Polyester is used as top layer in order to make the mattress medium firm, which certainly depends on the thickness of the polyester layer. It is also found to be more soft as no cotton is used , and you only get the feeling of the foam layers. In addition to this, it is lightweight, as dense cotton is believed to weigh down the mattress.

Foam/Cotton Hybrid Futon Mattresses

Futon mattresses that combine cotton and foam can be the best of both worlds in several ways.They are more supportive, comfortable, and last longer than plain cotton futon mattresses.

However, they are not as supportive and comfortable as foam futon mattresses, and they are not as cheap as cotton futon mattresses.

Innerspring Coil Mattresses

The futon mattresses that have innerspring coils in them are believed to resemble the regular mattresses that come with springs fitted in them.

These mattresses are wonderful as you can sleep on them comfortably, and wake up relaxed the next morning. The presence of coil in the mattress offers additional cushioning as compared to other dense cotton mattresses.

In addition to this,your body pressure points are easily absorbed by the mattress, thereby allowing you to enjoy a restful sleep. It is with the presence of high density foam that these mattresses offer additional comfort to its users.

Some Popular Futon Mattresses

Serta Cypress Duct

It is a good option if you are seeking a Queen size comfortable futon mattressto sleep or sit on. Manufactured by a reputed household named brand, it is durable, resilient, and fits well even for small frames,thereby making it perfect for all types of usage.

The multi layer polyester/cotton and foam makes it comfortablewithout being excessively firm so you can enjoy plush feel when sleeping on it.

The mattress is made in the U.S where stringent regulations and safety checks apply, and if you do not use it frequently, it can serve you for several years.

Royal Sleep Memory Foam

Available in both Queen and Full, this futon mattress is 8 inches high, and designed with multi layers, and thickness which is enough support without being too huge.

It consists of four layersof premium cotton and polyester blend, a layer of polyurethane foam, and two layers of memory foam. Its thick and soft design further serves great for bed as well as couch usage.

Although not all are great for both types of everyday sitting and sleeping,but this one certainly has the support and strength to take regular and heavy loads making the mattress close to being the best one around.

Mozaic Full Size Gel Memory Foam

This mattress is excellent for those who prefer a more cradled and softer feel.In addition to this, it is extremely comfortable and durable, and comes with a poly cotton fabric cover which is lace tufted in order to give it a stylish look.

The core fill is made up of polyurethane foam and visco memory foamwhich combines to give a support plush comfort and lengthy mattress life.

This particular model is also considered as the best futon mattress for couch as well bed usage.As it is made in the US, you can certainly expect to get the reliable services of American technology.

DHP Independently Encased Coil

This 8 inches high futon mattress is a heavy duty bedwhich even if used on a regular basis will serve you well as a bed or couch. With a firm thickness, it comes with independently sheathed coils that you can barely feel.

These coils add to the support, motion isolation and sturdiness of the mattress, and are also wonderfully pocketed to make sure you only feel comfort instead of its structure.

Pocket coils are also known to be more silent as compared to other types of innerspring mattresses.

It comes with 1 year warranty, and is also economically pricedfor an exceptionally good quality mattress, which absolutely has no odors as compared to other latex and foam mattresses.

Serta Sycamore Duct

This is futon mattress offers both great comfort and good level of support,thereby offering a plush feel along with medium firmness that can be used as bed or couch.

The top layer of the mattress is made up of bulky cotton fiber blend,while the main core is spring construction.

This mattress is of great quality,featuring Cottonique, which is a special combination of selected cotton grades with polyester fibersthat make for an exclusive and durable cushioning blend that is longer lasting and much better than regular cotton.

This implies the product is more comfortable, lightweight and resilient.

However, if may not fold and flex to the desires of each and everyone, but is still great for a single fold.

Available in Full and Queen sizes, along with 3 different colors. the mattress comes shipped rolled and wholly boxed.

Final Thoughts

Futon mattresses arecertainly a versatile piece of furniture as they can be used as a bed and a couch, which allows users to make the most of space in their room.

However, there are abundant elements that buyers must keep in mind while shopping to determine the best futon mattress options.

Also, there are a plethora of great futon mattresses out there, and all that you need to do is to know what to seek when shopping for a new mattress,and this guide will certainly be helpful in showing you how to find the best mattress so you and your guests can enjoy a sound sleep on your futon.

Remember, finding the ideal futon mattress is totally personal.

This is because the perfect futon mattress for someone else may not be the ideal mattress for you. However, there are certain general guidelines that you must keep in mind.

If you are planning to use your futon mattress as a bed more than a sofa or couch, and also desire a comfortable mattress,you can opt for a spring futon mattress.

If you desire the most comfortable futon mattress, and also want it to be able to easily fold up for sitting on,then a foam mattress can certainly be your best choice.

On the other hand,cotton futon mattresses are perfect for those who do not desire to use it often,and also want something economical.

And finally,a foam/cotton mattress is great if you desire to get a decent amount of use out of your mattress,but still wish to save some money.

Remember, to get maximum support and comfort, it is extremely indispensable for you to choose the best and right kind of futon mattress.

So stick to this comprehensive guide and determine your options-as you can see there are several different types of futon mattresses to choose from, but the one you select will ultimately be down to your particular needs and preferences.

Best Futon Mattresses

Though it stands out for comfort and looks, it’s not as easy to fold as some other models.

Thick, comfortable padding and mid-range support that isn’t too soft or too firm. Attractive; several colors available.

Thick build makes it difficult to fold. It’s a bit heavy and not as easy to move as a traditional futon.

A traditional futon mattress designed to fit and function like an original Japanese model.

Authentic Japanese workmanship, durable styling, and comfortable material. Easy-to-fold, lightweight design. Available in several sizes.

Some owners say it lacks thickness for use on the floor. Doesn’t come with a cover, but a mattress and cover set is available for a higher price.

While it offers some nice features, it’s not the most comfortable or practical model on the market.

A basic mattress that fits most futon frames. Independently encased coils. Microfiber cover is easy to remove and clean. Reasonably priced. Several colors available.

Not very supportive; middle tends to sink after moderate use. Doesn’t fold easily when used on a futon frame. Heavy.

You may like this model if you plan to use it for sitting as much as sleeping. Be aware of the possibility of noticeable springs before you buy it.

Made by a popular name in bedding. Medium support; not too soft. Users find it especially comfortable for seating.

It’s heavy, and some owners find it uncomfortable for sleeping, as they can feel the interior springs.

Basic, comfortable, and affordable. A good choice if you’re on a budget.

Classic futon design. Extremely functional and portable; folds effortlessly. Lightweight and easy to carry. Fluffy filling. Low price.

Not quite as supportive as mattress-type models. Fabric feels slightly scratchy.

We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

Shopping guide for best futon mattresses

Whether you live in a tiny ultra-space, want extra seating for your living room, or need a sleeping spot where overnight guests can crash, a futon is a versatile addition to any home. Futons consist of two main elements: a frame and a mattress. The futon frame folds to form a couch and stretches to form a bed — how you use it is up to you.

You can customize your futon frame with the mattress of your choice. In fact, the mattress you choose will greatly affect the aesthetics of your room and the comfort of those who sit or sleep on it. Before you make the important decision of which futon mattress is right for you, there are some factors to consider. What is the mattress made of? How durable and comfortable is it? Do you like the look and feel of the outer fabric?

Regardless of whether your futon frame is made of wood, metal, or another material, you can find the best mattress for your needs. To learn more about futon mattresses, read this shopping guide, and be sure to check out our list of favorites.

Key considerations

The concept of the futon originated in Japan in the seventeenth century. The Japanese would fill cloth sacks with cotton and wool and place them on the floor for sleeping. The futon as we know it today gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, and it now serves as a staple in many homes.

Futon frame

Before you choose a futon mattress, we recommend having a futon frame ready. Wood and metal frames are common. A wood frame lends a classic element of warmth to any living space. A metal frame is cheaper than wood and a popular choice in dorm rooms and other budget living quarters.

Futon frames are either bi-fold or tri-fold; the latter is also known as a lounger. A bi-fold futon frame folds lengthwise and typically fits three to four people when upright. A tri-fold frame folds widthwise and typically fits one to three people when upright. Of course, the capacity of a futon frame depends on its size. Take the frame’s measurements first to make sure you’re buying the right mattress for your frame.

Notably, some futons can be purchased with a frameandmattress. Furthermore, some futon mattresses are permanently attached to the frame. Many are more customizable than this, however, and that’s the type of product we’re focusing on in this review.

Futon material

Some futon mattresses are simplycotton pads. These are lightweight, easily folded, and often quite firm. What’s more, a cotton mattress is highly affordable — these are some of the cheapest futon mattresses available. Be warned, however, that a cotton futon mattress will wear down quickly and won’t provide much support while you sleep.

Some futon mattresses haveinner springs, or metal coils, much like the traditional bed mattress. These are quite comfortable for sitting and sleeping, but they can be hard to fold. Notably, futon mattresses with inner springs are less common these days.

For longevity, comfort, and ease of folding, afoam/polyester blendis an excellent choice. These mattresses consist of layers of polyester and foam and tend to be on the firmer side. They’re lighter than pure cotton and also provide more support.

Futon mattresses made ofmemory foamare popular today. Note that the quality of the foam can vary from product to product, so price range will also vary. A good foam futon mattress will mold to your body regardless of your sleeping position. These mattresses tend to have a great shelf life, making them excellent choices for daily use. If your futon will be used only occasionally, however, you might want to stick with a cheaper mattress material.

What are futon mattresses made of?

Choosing the right futon mattress is easy once you understand how the filling materials cause the mattress to react differently to the weight of the human body and other criteria. The following graph should help you determine which futon mattress will perform best for your personal needs and application.

Please use this guide wisely. It is meant to help you understand how the product will perform, not judge its quality or value.

Consider how often someone will sleep on the futon. If you plan to only occasionally use it as a bed, perhaps as a guest bed, consider getting a less expensive futon mattress, such as a cotton-filled one. If you plan on using it nightly, you should splurge on a high-quality mattress.

Cotton, Foam, and Fiber

Basic futon mattresses are made of mostly cotton. A layer of foam is sometimes added to sustain the rigidity of the futon. Usually, the more cotton the mattress contains, the heavier and firmer it becomes. Cotton gets compressed over time and becomes hard and lumpy. This requires flipping and patting to break up the cotton fibers that have become hard and compacted over use. The more foam used, the better. The category of futons tends to be the most economical in price. The more foam that is added, the better is the futon. And when a layer of wool is encased over the cotton, it increases the comfort level and helps retain the shape of the mattress. Wool over cotton keeps your body cooler in the summer and warm in the winter and provides a springier feel for sitting and sleeping.

Innersprings and Pocket Coils

Futons have advanced quite a bit in comfort. Innerspring futons provide that conventional mattress feel and keep that added space between your body and the slats. The Pocket Coil mattress has individually wrapped coils which prevent motion transfer and increases the longevity of coil to retain its shape. Unlike cheaper innerspring conventional mattresses, these futons have an encased perimeter so it will hold its shape better while using it as a sofa. Innerspring futons are recommended for those active singles and couples. Our Galaxy mattress by Otis has a firmer feel and a little less bounce than our Pocketed Coil by King Koil. The Galaxy and Millenium futon mattresses use high-density layers of foam encasing these coils. These premium futon mattresses have a life span of 10 plus years.

Memory Foam

Visco memory foam is polyurethane with additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. It was developed in 1966 under a contract by NASA’s Ames Research Center to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. Futons that use Visco foam usually contain anywhere from 1-4 inches layers of Visco memory foam over multiple layers of high-density foam and a cotton/polyester batting underneath for added support. With memory foam, the futon mattress tucks snug on the frame and makes it easier for it to bend when opening and closing the frame. This category of futon mattresses is perfect for every day sitting. It feels like sitting on a normal sofa and the cushion keeps its shape without leaving any body imprints. This can also be used for everyday sleeping. It’s like having a memory foam topper but already constructed within the futon mattress. Some people are not big fans of memory foam for sleeping, but it is highly recommended for every day use as a sofa and provides superior comfort for your occasional guest.


Latex has become the current "hot" product, though, is that it is a uniquely comfortable sleep surface. Latex is both a very dense surface, but also because of its elastic properties, still has a yielding, giving, and conforming quality. So for those that just haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep or have unrelieved pain issues, a latex mattress is a top of the line alternative that has a very different feel, offers unparalleled comfort and support, that may well do the trick. Cotton mattresses, much like futon mattresses, pack down over time and get much firmer, and while wool makes a very nice comfort layer, you still need a good mattress "core" or base, to layer the wool on top of.

Foam and Polyester

Foam futon mattresses do not use a cotton encasement but rather polyester. Polyester is lighter in weight and is a synthetic material that provides a plush surface and helps retain the shape of the futon. These futons are manufactured in the USA and are considered the best of futon mattresses. They simply don’t bottom out. The following mattresses are priced based on the number of layers of foam used. The more layers in the mattress, the better it’s comfort. The Haley 110 is highly recommended for those who want a real firm/soft sofa like feel for sitting and a firm and supportive feel for sleeping. These futons are built to last over 10 years and provide the most superior level of back support and comfort. Because cotton is not used, the high-density foam has a little bounce to it a more cushioned feel. The Moonshadow is made similar to the Haley 110 but has more of a plush feel for those that like it just a bit softer. These futons are also recommended for platform beds and can also withstand the weight for people of 200 lbs and up without bottoming out over long term use.

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