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How mattresses could solve hunger

Syrian refugees at Za’atari camp in Jordan and scientists from the University of Sheffield in the UK are working together to create a way to grow healthy, fresh food with nothing but water and old mattress foam.

These ‘recycled gardens’ use the mattresses in place of the soil, which solves two problems in one: It reuses the mountain of plastic mattresses that have piled up in the camp and it allows everyone to grow fresh food in a crowded, desert environment.

Victoria Gill has been to the camp in Jordan to see how it’s working.

Produced by Vanessa Clarke. Filmed and edited by Stephen Fildes.

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How mattresses could solve hunger – BBC News

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  • Syrian refugees at Zaatari camp in Jordan are working with scientists from the University of Sheffield and the UN Refugee Agency to create a way to grow healthy, fresh food with nothing but water and old mattress foam.
    These ‘recycled gardens’ use the mattresses in place of the soil, which solves two problems in one: It reuses the mountain of plastic mattresses that have piled up in the camp and it allows everyone to grow fresh food in a crowded, desert environment.
    Victoria Gill has been to the camp in Jordan to see how it’s working.
    Produced by Vanessa Clarke. Filmed and edited by Stephen Fildes.

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Komente • 80

7:57 let it out man , its all good . you deserve your Barbara Walters moment

In Cleveland Ohio, Around 15 years ago there was started a very large co-op a.k.a. worker directed enterprise , hydroponic greenhouse . They grow vegetables and sell to nearby hospitals and universities . There even selling vegetables to the private retail market . The beauty of a co-op is there are no speculating shareholders . Profits go to raw materials, technology and to the workers , from the agronomist down to the janitor and there is less of a wage and salary gap

1:44 cool ! this is almost as good as an acid trip

Chia Pets started this 50 years ago .

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How bbc can eat and produce $$HIte and get away with it !

Praise to white man what a wonderful man. God bless him

God bless these people. They’ve been through so much, I’m happy to see them persevere.

The best way to stop hunger and starvation is to stop people breeding more people into poverty

Naive stupid scientists Sheffield university should be ashamed of itself Have they checked the food for Mutations? Nope
This is the most stupid and most dangerous way of growing food
Is soil
Mattress is mattress
Stop being so bloody stupid Sheffield university

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Why do you care about your country being the least british it can possibly be? Don’t you like the Uk and British people? Don’t do British television.

We need more people like this. Not Trump

This is like the charcoal made from human waste. It needs more research. I mean maybe for ornamentals? But you’ve gotta do what you gotta do to eat I guess

💓 spectacular how as a human we used science 💓 hugs and love to everybody there 💓 maybe one will be billions doing the same in their hometown and local schools 💓

how diverting bbc’s 4.5 billion pound revenue to africa could solve hunger

Toxic . You hear of cancer increases

Where there is Will ,
There is always A Way .

Where there is Will ,
There is always A Way .

Didn’t know they was edible

. I will try to eat my old mattress from now on!

Just stop invading their country and let then live.

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I wonder what kind of fertilizer they need to add? And where do they get it from? Human urine?

We thank God for that

Just stupid. Toxins will taint the food and cause serious health issues.

bbc growing tomatoes to mushrooms on mattresses

They are working together to create to grow healthy food.
I saw they are practicing to grow good type of Food

&#129315;&#129315; I’m so happy our soil is fertile

The alternative is built house with a green garden rooftop, it has done a long time ago.

stttooooop eating that shiiiiit

This guy is a genius omg.

I grow hydroponic all with un-used things like foamboard, mattress, plastic bottle, egg container. And only use plastic to hold the nutrition water. Almost can grow anything. Even strawberries, melon, cucumber, onions. No need to buy again.

I hope they clean the foams. Using some old sweaty mattresses sounds delicious

I love this guys heart, God bless him and every one of you here

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ah, ok, a form of middle eastern birth control

MO JO because they don’t want to get pregnant

You can do this without the mattresses, just leaving the roots hanging, at least for some plants.

Iamtop but how do you germinate them then ?

This is a good example of "killing two birds with one stone" — repurposing otherwise waste material for growing food. &#128077;&#128077;&#128079;

Does it the same like hydroponics wick system?

Growing food in a foam bed of toluene, benzene and formaldehyde.

funny how the bbc reports this and yet everything bad is due to huwite men colonizing everyone..
your dogma is slipping.
Time to abolish the license fee.

So good. Now they can stay in their own country. No need to invade Europe or North America. Very good.

Eating plants will not solve hunger. You need meat, fish and eggs for health.

I’ve grown Cannabis this way.

once again the white man’s ingenuity saves the day
proud to be white

Are there any chemicals which leach out into the plants in the long run. I personally would not use it. I have a problem using plastic plant pots..let alone this.

Algeria icook Dont worry white vegan hipster will be the ones consuming them later for high prices 0% genetic engineering 100% biolocical 100% tastyandhealthy hope they grow soy in those matresses too hitting 2 birds with one stone

Genius concept but I but the local government will just sleep on the idea!

sure. Feeds these poor disgusting people with garbage. Im glad. Suffer

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Inspiration in the nick of time. Now on to Iran.

This is interesting and a somewhat informative overview but I would love to see a detailed how-to video showing each step of the process.

Not that I want to diss this project – introducing low-consumption agriculture to a refugee camp is in and of itself a good thing.

But that is not recycling.
Its only a second use for PU foam.

Better than only one use, true.
But it will be cut out, used as a growing bed and then thrown away.

PU is on of the most chemicallly stable plastics – it might disassociate into microplastics, but it can neither be recycled nor biologically dissolved back into nature. As a lot of other plastics, PU will be around for hundreds of thousands of years.

This second usage might be useful now, but it will dismember the thousands of matresses ino microplastics that will stay around for longer than humanity has existed until today.

I´m all for low-resource farming by hydroculture – but using a non-degradeable waste product, which is oftentimes treated with flame retardants and pest control cemicals. maybe not the smartes solution.

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