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What makes a mattress great?

Sleep is incredibly important to us all, it influences our health, mood and productivity. Therefore, it is important to get the best mattress available so we can achieve our full potential in our day to day life!

The mattress test

So, you don’t have to go through the effort of trying out every mattress available, mattresses are regularly tested by mattress specialists and institutes. These independent agencies thoroughly test different models and brands, to help you find the perfect mattress for you.


Which? is the largest consumer body in the United Kingdom and best-known mattresses testers. They frequently test a high number of mattresses from different brands. As a consumer testing institution, Which? is dedicated to testing products and helping consumers make the best decisions.

Good Housekeeping GHI

"We test it, so you can trust it". The Good Housekeeping Institute assesses mattresses for: design, ease of use, performance, instructions and specific claims. It tests mattresses from different brands, to help you choose the right mattress for the best sleep.

L’ UFC Que Choisir teste régulièrement des matelas de toutes sortes et de marques différentes. Elle achète elle-même les matelas et les envoie ensuite à un laboratoire spécialisé et indépendant afin qu’il effectue des tests.

Notre matelas a été testé en Mai 2017 et a obtenu la meilleure note parmi 24 de nos concurrents! Après cette victoire avec Que Choisir, une reconnaissance dans le secteur de la literie, nous avons été élus "Produit de l’année 2018" en Décembre 2017.

What are the mattresses tested for?

The mattresses are tested on various criteria, such as body support for different sleeping positions, resilience, ventilation and durability of a mattress. But what exactly happens during these tests? For example, the durability of a mattress is tested with a large cylinder weighing 140 kg. This rolls back and forth over the mattress 30.000 times, simulating approximately 8 to 10 years of use. The laboratory then looks at how much the structure of the mattress has changed and whether the mattress is still able to offer the optimum amount of support.

Emma Original: the UK’s most-awarded mattress

As one of the UK’s most-popular mattress, the Emma Original was tested numerous times by various different testing facilities. In all of these independent tests, our mattress achieved exceptional results and was able to receive awards, endorsements and recommendations from nearly all agencies. This has made the Emma mattress the most-awarded mattress in the UK. Praised for being exceptionally durable and supportive, our mattress beat competition from brands such as Leesa, Simba and Casper.

Why is the Emma Original one of the best?

The Emma Original mattress scored well in all categories. However, our award-winning mattress received very good scores in two categories: durability and body support. The mattress was found to be wonderfully supportive for nearly all body types and in all sleeping positions. It was also proven to be exceptionally durable. Meaning that even after years of use: the Emma Original will always offer you superior comfort.

Exceptional support

In order to prevent back pain and neck problems, your mattress needs to offer you good support. The Emma Original combines high-quality cold foam with superior memory foam layers to ensure optimum comfort and support. No matter what shape or size you are. It’s also perfect for all sleeping positions.

High durability

We used the highest quality foams and the best technology to ensure you only get the finest mattress. The efforts have paid off: The Emma Original received plaudits for its high durability Many of the independent testing agencies noted that the mattress will have a long lifespan and even after the years of use will be as comfortable and supportive as it was on day one. We’re also so sure of the high quality that we’re happy to offer a 10-year guarantee.

Where to find the best mattress

You can order your mattress online at Emma mattress without any risk: Emma offers 100 days trial and does not charge any shipping or return.
What are you waiting for to order the best mattress?

What Happens to Returned Mattresses?

Helpful Resources

At Mattress Advisor, you’ll find comprehensive, unbiased reviews on the best mattresses and bedding products and thoroughly researched tips for getting your best sleep.

Did you ever wonder if your new mattress is only new to you? Read on to learn what happens to returned mattresses and how you can be sure the new mattress you paid for is not a pre-owned model.

Even if you’ve done all your research – you’ve read up on mattress construction and materials, perused countless Mattress Advisor reviews, scoured customer feedback, even tried out your favorite mattress in a showroom – there is still a small chance that you will not be happy with your mattress once you set it up and sleep on it for several nights.

Mattress companies, especially those that sell directly to customers online, warn that all mattresses need to be broken in by actuallysleeping on itnight after night. In fact, it can take as long as a full month for your body to adapt to a new mattress and the mattress to lose its factory feel. That’s why some companies require you give their mattress a shot for a minimum number of days – usually around 30 – before you can return it.

But even after 30 days, you might still feel unsatisfied and want to send your mattress back.

You’re in luck. Most mattress retailers accept returns, some with more conditions than others. More on that later. But did you ever wonder what happens to your unwanted mattress once you’ve returned it? And more importantly for you, might you be sleeping on someone else’s unwanted – and used – mattress?

Where Does Your Unwanted Mattress Go?

If you’ve have recently bought a mattress from a reputable vendor, you can rest assured that it is new unless otherwise clearly indicted. If you are unsatisfied with your mattress and want to return it, you don’t have to feel bad about cluttering up landfills with practically new mattresses.

Your returned mattress will still find a good home with someone who needs and wants it. In most cases, when state law allows it, returned mattresses are donated to charities like the Salvation Army, women resource centers, or homeless shelters. When donations are not allowed, the discarded mattresses are disassembled and cut up for other products like carpet padding, roofing material, or gymnastic mat foam inserts.

Some states do allow reselling pre-owned mattresses after they’ve been cleaned and/or refurbished and relabeled. In fact, according to the Federal Trade Commission, as long as mattresses meet certain labeling and processing requirements, used mattresses can be resold. These mattresses are often sold as clearance items, or in “Scuff and Tear” sales. So, if you’re getting a clearance price for your mattress, you might actually be buying a pre-owned mattress.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a bargain, you may not be able to tell if your mattress has been broken-in already by someone else until it’s too late.

How to Tell If Your Mattress Is New

How can you tell if your mattress has already been bought, used, and returned by another customer? While there are laws in some states that restrict the resale of pre-owned mattresses, some deceptive mattress companies will try to get around the rules. And in some states, there are very loose regulations of the bedding industry, so consumers in those states are left with few protections from shady vendors.

“There are many unscrupulous parties that just take a used mattress, sew a new cover on it, don’t sanitize it, sell it as new and don’t disclose it,” said Chris Hudgins of the International Sleep Products Association.

So how can you tell if a mattress that is new to you is actuallynew?

  • Look for the tag. New mattresses will have a white tag attached that certifies that the mattress contains all new materials. If a mattress has been owned before, it should have a red or yellow tag on it that warns customers that the mattress contains “used materials.” Never buy a mattress without any tag certifying it is new or used.
  • Just ask.Don’t be afraid to ask a retailer if they sell used bedding. If they do, make sure you order a new mattress. When it arrives, be sure to look for the white tag certifying that the mattress is new. Ask the vendor to write “new” on the receipt if that’s what they agreed to sell you. If it turns out to be used, you’ll have evidence of fraud.
  • Decline torn and re-taped packaging.If your mattress arrives in a bag that has been torn wide enough to remove the mattress, it is probably someone else’s returned mattress. Decline this delivery if you paid for a new mattress.
  • Check the return policy.Avoid buying from companies that require a restocking fee for returned mattresses. If you must pay a restocking fee to return your mattress, you know that mattress will be sold again. If you buy from this company, your “new” mattress may be one that has been discarded by another customer.

Reputable Vendors Handle Returns Responsibly

Online mattress companies recognize that competition in their field is fierce, and consumers have a wealth of information at their fingertips. In addition, they know that customer reviews can either make or break them. That’s why they conduct ethical business practices and deal with returns in ways that are good for their customers and the local communities.

Among ten of our favorite direct-to-consumer mattress companies, not one resells returned mattresses and all either donate their returns to charities or non-profit organizations, or they recycle them. If you buy a mattress from one of these companies, you will know that your mattress has never been slept on, and in the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied, your mattress will be donated to someone in your community who really needs and wants it.

Return Policies of Some of Our Favorite Mattress Companies


In-home trial period:100 nights

Details:Casper will send a truck to pick up your mattress from your home. Most returned mattresses go through the wash and are then donated to local charities or “upcycled for use in our pop-up experiences.”


In-home trial period:100 nights

Details:You can return your mattress after 21 days. Then they will retrieve it from your home and will donate it to a charity in your location, or you can choose your favorite local charity.

Tuft & Needle

In-home trial period:100 nights

Details:Tuft & Needle will pick up your unwanted mattress from your home. According to their website, only about 5% of their mattress sold are returned. Ninety-three percent of those are donated to local charities and non-profit organizations across the country. When they can’t be donated, they are recycled for other uses.


In-home trial period:100 nights

Details:If you are not satisfied with your Leesa mattress, Leesa will arrange for a pick-up at your home and deliver it to a local non-profit organization or other charity. They ask for a $49 return fee to cover the cost of pick-up and delivery to people in need.


In-home trial period:365 nights starting 30 days after delivery

Details:Nectar will work with you to have your mattress donated to a local charity if it doesn’t end up working out.


In-home trial period:100 nights

Details:You can return your Helix mattress for a full refund after at least 30 days from delivery. Helix tries their best to donate returned mattresses to charities and housing facilities in your community. When state laws do not allow donating used mattresses, Helix sends mattresses to recycling centers so they don’t sit in landfills.


In-home trial period:120 nights

Details:Saatva will charge you a $99 transportation fee to pick up your discarded mattress and return it to their warehouse. There it will be inspected and either marked as a “sample” and donated to a local charity or offered to employees.

Brooklyn Bedding

In-home trial period:120 nights

Details:Returns can be made after at least 30 days from delivery, and there are no fees. They will send a truck to deliver your mattress to a local charity. You will receive a full refund after you show them the donation receipt.


In-home trial period:120 nights

Details:Layla will pick up your discarded mattress, donate it to a local charity, and issue you a full refund.

How to Make Sure You Will Love Your Mattress

Our goal at Mattress Advisor is to help you find the perfect mattress so you’ll never need to return it. Our expert review team has tested over 120 different brands of mattresses using a 6-point testing procedure plus an 8-point evaluation. Our reviews provide scores on 14 criteria for each mattress to help you find the perfect place to rest your weary bones. So, a site like ours is a good place to start your search for the perfect mattress.

Beyond reading mattress reviews, you should consider the following features of any mattress you consider buying:

  • Support for neutral spinal alignment
  • Limited motion transfer
  • Mattress firmness you find comfortable
  • Relief for pressure points
  • Heat transfer away from your body
  • Premium materials for high durability
  • Sufficient edge support
  • Generous trial, warranty, and return policies

For more tips to help you avoid returning your mattress, see our mattress buying guide.

What happens to your returned mattresses?

I’m planning to buy a new mattress soon and I am tempted by your Artisan range. Could you tell me what happens to the mattresses returned under your 30 day guarantee?

Spending so much money on a new mattress, I am anxious to ensure that it is not a recycled one. I do not like the idea of paying for a mattress that has been slept on by someone else for 30 days. What assurances can you give me on this?

Thanks for your question.

Items that are returned to us under our 60 day love it or return it guarantee are now sold on in our Outlet.

Our Outlet items, once they come back to us, are inspected and cleared of any damage and then subsequently graded and discounted accordingly.

Please see below for some further information regarding our Outlet grading;

B10%Product returned within 60 days and may have a small mark or scuff through transit.
C20%Product returned within 60 days and has one or more areas of marks through transit but no tears
D30%Product returned within 60 days and has a few marks and one small tear through transit.
E40%Product returned within 60 days and has several marks and up to one small tear through transit.
F50%Product returned within 60 days and has several marks and more than one tear.

Our closest comparison: Artisan Bespoke 003

Any items that are subsequently returned to us are then only sold to Hotels, Guest Homes and Holiday Lets etc.

We recognise that not everybody will like the idea of a previously used mattress but consider the fact that hotels house mattresses that are used by many different people.

I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 437 4419. Our office is open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm.

Pre-Owned Mattresses At Full Price? – The Hidden Truths Of Returned Mattresses

Every one hates to sleep on a previously owned mattress, especially when you have paid a full price. But every one is a potential "producer" of a returned mattress.
Yes, but it’s also understandable.
As consumers, we have learned that we won’t always pick the perfect mattress on the first try. That’s why most people try mattresses until they find one that suits them. This inevitably leads to returns. Because some other person has slept on them, such mattresses are as new as Ancient Egypt. But we can’t exactly classify them as old either, as they have only been used for a short while. Normally, they are neither undamaged nor uncontaminated.
That said, no one wants to sleep on a pre-owned mattress.
All above begs the questions:

The answers are actually what nobody tells you about buying a mattress.
Keep reading and find out.

The dilemma

To answer the questions posed above, you need to know the motivations of both buyers and sellers.
After all, a deal is the result of a compromise between the two.
What buyers want?
Buyers want the best product for the lowest possible price.
If the product is not to their liking, they return it expecting their money back. In most cases, the buyer does not assume the cost of shipping.
We should also keep in mind that buyers are not willing to buy a previously owned mattress.
That often compels the seller to donate returned mattresses.
So if the only way the buyer can get a refund is to donate the mattress, (s)he will want a convenient and stress-free donation process.
(Want to donate? Find a charity near you.)

What sellers want?

On the one hand, sellers would like to set a price that will make them as much profit as possible.
On the other hand, they need to set a price that will attract their target consumers.
In order to gain a price advantage, the seller’s product must be cheaper than that of the competition.
This means the book on minimizing costs is required reading for all sellers. One chapters of the book is about minimizing the cost of mattress returns.
Generally speaking, the rate of mattress returns is stable. So how sellers deal with returns determines how much or how little these returns eat into their profits.

How returned mattresses are dealt with is a hidden side of the mattress business which is seldom revealed.

What we know is that each mattress brand has its own policy when it comes to handling returns.

Mainly three ways are used for mattress returns

1. Abandoning the mattress

This involves either destroying the mattress or donating it.
Abandoning mattresses can put a strain on the finances of a business, because the original cost and shipping fee of a returned mattress is never recovered.
Besides, destroying(melting or burning) the mattress is a waste of materials that could otherwise be reused.
On the bright side, donating the returns helps both the needy and the environment.

However, consumers may find the process of donating a mattress in order to get a refund to be a hassle.
Presently, a number of online mattress brands ask buyers to donate by themselves.
According to an article by a New York Times journalist,most of returned mattresses are donated to charity but donating is not easy to do.
Another bad news is that:
Mattress sellers factor the cost of donated mattresses into the sale price.

2. Repackaging and resale of returned mattresses

Shipping returned mattresses back for resale is a far cheaper alternative to abandoning a mattress.
In that way, the only cost incurred is the shipping cost.
But can returned mattresses be sold?
It is not always allowed. Some states forbid the resale of returned mattresses.
The reason is that mattresses are personal items that come into direct contact with skin, hair and body fluids, all of which adhere to the mattress.
In addition, germs, skin diseases, bedbug and bedbug eggs can easily spread when returned mattresses are resold.
However, because reselling returns is cheaper than abandoning them, mattress resellers offer temptingly low prices on returned mattresses.
Sellers take advantage of the lowered costs to realize a decent amount of sales in low-end markets.
The lowered prices and convenient return policy attract many consumers.
When buying returned mattresses, what those consumers may not know is the sometimes filthy back-story of their ‘new’ mattress.
If only they would read this article!
For the sake of their health, they would think twice before buying that nice-looking mattress for a steal.

3. Rebuilding and resale of returned mattresses

Rebuilding is a compromise between abandoning and reselling returned mattresses.
Some sellers simply replace the mattress protector while others replace the entire top layer. In addition, rebuilding involves sterilization.
It is more expensive than selling it directly but cheaper than abandoning.
But it is definitely a method worth trying for mattress industry.
However, there should be adequate supervision to rebuilding process by the government and the media.
Consumers can only be protected when it remains a process that is monitored closely.

Assured quality or deals that seem great

Based on the sale price, you can tell if a mattress is new or refurbished, or directly resold.
Brands that destroy or donate returns guarantee a product that has never been used.
However, this assurance of quality comes with a higher sale price.
In contrast, brands that resell returned mattresses offer lower sale prices. The down side is that the when you are buying a returned mattress, you are also receiving all the risks that come with it.
So if you’re in the market for a mattress, you have a choice to make.
What can you live with?
An unused but slightly expensive mattress or a cheaper but possibly pre-owned mattress?
Your call.

How many emma mattresses get returned

Slumber Search is supported by readers. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. More info.

Emma is a revolutionary mattress in a box company with mattresses made in Britain. They offer 2 different mattresses: theEmma Original Mattress and Emma Hybrid. Their mattresses are made with high quality foam (and pocket springs in the hybrid version), sporting high marks from happy customers overall. Looking for other versions? See our North America Emma Mattress reviews.


Tempur® mattresses became famous with thememory foam mattress revolution that they helped create. Over the years, their mattresses have grown to include pocket sprung varieties along with their slow response foam options. Although they are popular with customers because of their brand recognition and initial comfort, their prices are much higher than newer online British brands that are disrupting the industry.

Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommendEmmain this match up!

Mattress Score

Overall Score:
Emma: 9.2/10
Tempur: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction:
Emma: 9.1/10
Tempur: 8.7/10

Price Value:
Emma: 9.1/10
Tempur: 8.6/10

No Back Pain:
Emma: 9.1/10
Tempur: 8.8/10

Emma’s Owner Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a good starting place for digging deeper. These mattreses are scored very well by customers based on our analysis of online customer data.Sleepers report feeling cozy on their new mattresses and have reported good experiences buying.Do more research below to discover if this mattress will work for you specifically!

Emma’s Supportiveness

Mattress support is key to a healthy night sleep. You don’t want somehthing that will sag or cause your back to warp.Customers report that these mattresses support the spine well.

Edge Support
Edge support is very important for those that like to lie close to the side of the mattress or have mobility issues.These mattresses provide solid edge support and doesn’t sag greatly when adding pressure to the sides.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
A fun practice for reviewers, the bowling ball test does a good job showing if a mattress is firm and its evenness of support. If a mattress doesn’t have even response, there may be some discomfort.However, these mattresses do a good job providing even support for sleepers.

Emma’s Durability

Having a mattress that really lasts can mean thousands of dollars saved for you and your family. This is one of the reasons that customers strive so hard to find mattresses that last. However, not ever brand empathizes with this demand from shoppers. Even with that, there are still some great products and brands out there.These mattresses are enjoyed by customers for their durability.Unless you have a heavier build, these mattresses should last for up to a decade easily.

Tempur’s Owner Satisfaction

Getting input from customers is a great way to shorten your list of potential mattresses to look at. These mattresses do great on customer satisfaction, but there were a few folks that complained. Found below are customer ratings and specifics on the mattresses — read on!

Tempur’s Supportiveness

A supportive mattress is essential for waking up refreshed in the morning.These mattresses are above average in supportiveness across all sleepers.This is important if you have been struggling with lack of support. Most customers respond that these mattresses provide proper support.

Edge Support
Edge support is how much resistance there is along the sides of the mattress. These mattresses provide solid edge support overall, butsome may experience sinking or contouring along the edge of the mattress.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
By placing a bowling ball on the mattress, one can figure out mattress firmness. It is also great for figuring out if there is supportive evenness or if there are peaks and valleys.Overall, these mattresses provide good even support initially.

Tempur’s Durability

Having a mattress that lasts is essential for mattress buyers. But, with mattress brands focused on beating their competition for profits, it isn’t always clear. That said, based on data from customers and materials used,these mattresses, specifically, should provide a nice amount of durability for most — lasting over 5 year for most.But, some heavier in body type sleepers may find them to be slightly less durable.

Browse Emma Customer Reviews

I have been very impressed with the Emma mattress!! Delivery was much quicker than I expected and arrived within 2 days of ordering. The rolled up vacuum pack was one of the reasons I ordered the Emma mattress as we have a cottage with a narrow staircase, it went upstairs with no problems. Such a relief. The comfort has been wonderful, my wife and I no longer wake up with aches and pains. I also used to have disturbed sleep most nights, now I sleep much better and rarely wake through the night. I had no idea my old mattress was the cause of my bad sleep pattern. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone considering a purchase, don’t put it off, I wish I had ordered one a long time ago.

Came a day earlier than expected. Great packaging with handy tool to open the packaging. We left it in another room to air overnight. No smell like others have mentioned :-/. We both love the new mattress. We also got the mattress protector. I have had online chat with someone to ask about delivery and collection of my old mattress, and very helpful and prompt. Great service, Great product and price. Happy Customer looking forward to my ZZZZzzzzzzz 🙂

The service from Emma Mattress was first class. The information was good the mattress arrived when they said.Unfortunately the mattress did not suit me and I had to return it but even then the service was excellent. They arranged collection and refunded me whithin a week. I would recommend this company.

This is the first quality mattress that we have purchased, and both my wife and I are absolutely shocked at the difference this mattress makes. Neither or us are waking up in the morning with that old familiar pain in our joints. I quite simply cannot recommend this mattress highly enough. We are now enjoying the super king sized mattress allowing us so much room and comfort.

We bought this mattress after some deliberation. Our old traditional mattress had become uncomfortable and we wanted a mattress which was both comfortable and yet supportive. The Emma mattress was the perfect answer. Easy to set up and the initial, expected off-gassing odour was light and went away very quickly. We are really pleased with the purchase and have now just ordered one for our daughter.

At first we were unsure it was a different sleeping scenario to the old sprung mattress, l suffer with spondylosis of the spine along with osteo arthritis wide spread in my joints. After about 4 nights I realised that l wasn’t waking up every half an hour or so like before not only was l sleeping longer but wasn’t having to turn so often. We purchased the covers for the mattresses as we have purchased 2 single for our lift and tilt bed when I first saw them I thought oh no sweat all night with these as to me they looked rubbery, But infact to the contrary they don’t make you sweat at all infact l would recommend them. To us a 5 star purchase give it a try but give it a few nights before you decide for certain don’t give up the 1st night as it really is a different sleeping experience for certain.


Really impressed with this mattress. I’ve spent a fortune on mattresses in the last 15 years; I have fibromyalgia, and the slightest discomfort makes my body hurt. It’s the princess & the pea syndrome. My husband has a bad back, and is also a very light sleeper (and I fidget a lot). We ended up in separate beds for a while, because I was disturbing him so much, and also we couldn’t agree on a mattress type. But my last mattress (an expensive one from a leading brand name) only lasted a couple of years before it dipped in the middle; despite regular turning, and the fact I’m a skinny woman. So after a bit of research, we decided to try this matttess. The clincher was the 100 day trial, because let’s face it, you don’t know until you sleep on a mattress, by which time it’s usually too late. Two nights were enough to be sure that this baby is a keeper. I’m waking up painfree (and less tired), and my husband reports that my fidgets aren’t disturbing him – the mattress is absorbing the motion. Couldn’t be happier. Delivery was fast and painless, too.

We have had our mattress for about 3 months now and not once have I even thought of using the 100 day free return option. Having recently returned from a weekend away sleeping on a normal sprung mattress I realised just how good the Emma Mattress is. On the Emma I can sleep in one position all night without waking up needing to move. This has also helped reduce my snoring by keeping me on my side. The mattress seemed a little soft when we first lay on it, but that is just the top layer and the lower layers provide plenty of firmness and support. We’ve had no issues with overheating that some people have said that they’ve had with other memory foam mattresses. Overall very pleased with the purchase and will be buying another when we need to replace the mattress on the bed in the spare room.

Really impressive how quickly it was delivered – two days!! Comes in the box like it says it does, only took two hours to be ready to sleep on and now I’m sleeping so much better than I have in years THANK YOU EMMA

i was sleeping badly and a friend suggested that maybe it was my mattres that was causing the problems. I did some research, decided to try out the Emma mattress and I’m never looking back! No more waking up exhausted and achy and my partner doesn’t get woken up by me rolling over any more!

I was looking through the internet for what feels like ages, comparing different mattresses and finally I decided to buy the Emma mattress. Placing an order was so easy and delivery so fast now I can enjoy my new comfortable Emma mattress and I don’t regret it at all as I have not slept this well on any mattress before.

Have had the Emma mattress now for almost 7 months and I am so happy with it. I also recommended it to a friend and he ordered it with the ‘friends refer friends’ offer. With this we both received an additional discount! A true win-win. Love sleeping on it and it’s great quality.

I was looking for a mattress suitable for any weight and one that reduces impact of weight imbalance on the mattress. My partner and I differ considerably in our body weight. We came across the Emma mattress and it seemed good for our needs so we ordered it. Just after the first night of trial, we were very impressed. We did not notice the movements of other through the night and this led to an undisruptive sleep. We are very happy with our decision.

great idea for trial, i myself loved it but the wife couldnt get on with it. we gave it 85 days to be sure before arranging the return. emma fully understood our situation and agreed to arrange everything true to their word. customer services were 5 star + would highly recommend the experience without the risk. hopefully you will enjoy your mattress. thanks emma.

I was really confused about which mattress to buy that would help me with my back pain. Heard about the Emma mattress through a friend. After just a week, I could see my back pain reducing gradually every morning. Now, I have trouble waking up every morning! would definitely recommend.

Ordered online and received within 4 days with regular updates re order and delivery. Very well packaged. Now to the matttress itself, bliss, heaven and relaxing are the first words that come to mind. This mattress is just so comfortable it hugs me to sleep and it is really well made and made in the UK . Normally it would take a week or two to get used to a new mattress but fell asleep in minutes the first night. Would I recommend it, yes 100% without a doubt.

we are now getting use to our Emma sleeping better already after just 4 weeks. we would recommend this product to anyone its superb. what is good as well is the service very impressive they send you the mattress it comes in a box, our mattress is a king size and you think wow how the hell does it fit in there. it’s vacuum packed, you put it on your bed cut open the vacuum packed mattress with the tool provided and it opens out onto the bed like a dingy. you leave it for a little while to expand and presto done, very impressive. excellent service. thank you very much EMMA.

I have been sleeping on the Emma mattress for about a month now and I am very happy with the product. My partner and I both drastically improved our quality of sleep and wake up less tired!

Ive been sleeping on the mattress for 5 days now and Ive been getting the best sleep Ive had in years! Definately recommend!

A pleasure to deal with the ‘on-line’ staff. Very helpful as regards each query raised by me. (Still awaiting outcome of my application to have the advertised discount applied). I imagine that will be dealt with in similar outstanding fashion. Well Done Regards.

Package brought into my hallway, delivery guy friendly and polite. I somehow managed to drag the box up to my bedroom and unpack Emma and placed Emma where she now belongs, on my bed base.

I purchased one of your mattresses a couple of weeks ago for our spare room purely because you had £100 off in the black Friday deals. Personally, for want of a better word I am a mattress sceptic! because of my disability I find it almost impossible to sleep on any other mattress. When I go away on holiday, I am progressively more miserable as the days go by due to lack of sleep. I’m sure thousands of other back sufferers will relate. I have degenerative disc disease, arthritis, bulging discs, trapped nerves which amounts to continuous chronic pain. Last night I thought I’d check out the new mattress all the while not having high hopes. WELL HELLOOOO MORNING. I cannot tell you how comfortable I slept, i was waiting for the uncomfortable pain to kick in. nothing! i felt completely supported throughout my body I even tried sleeping on my side which is normally very painful because of nerve pain down my leg. no pain! I had the best nights sleep and it was pure heaven! I really can’t thank you enough. Ill be saving to get a kingsize one for our bed

Although small hiccup on delivery I was kept informed by polite and helpful staff

Slept on it for the 1st time last night. So far so good

Nobody was in to accept the item yesterday so it was successfully delivered today without any issues. We haven’t tried it yet but it looks great

brilliant service, Can’t fault it so far so good. Can’t wait to sleep on my new emma mattress, just sitting on its brilliant

Easy to order. Prompt delivery. Excellent product. It took a while for me to get used to it but I now wouldn’t part with it

A great mattress. Really pleased with it.

Hold up on delivery due to heavy demand but communication was excellent so I always knew what was going on, I also had a rapid reply to a query. The mattress is extremely comfortable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Easy ordering. Excellent service. Fantastic mattress would highly recommend

For the last 5 years my partner and I have been sleeping on two single mattresses as I’m a restless sleeper and my partner was annoyed by me. After purchasing the Emma mattress my partner can sleep calmer and same goes for me.

I would have liked an estimated delivery time when I made my purchase. But in the event it took just 6 days before I was sleeping on my comfy mattress. Like it a lot

Easy to use web site. Kept well informed of progress. Mattress feels lovely to sleep on (only one night so far). Grandson loves the box to play in

My husband and I bought the Emma mattress during the black Friday sale and have been sleeping great since. I think we are never going back to any other mattress.

Would benefit from an eject button as partner can’t get out of bed in the morning. She is now often late for work!

Totally amazed at the quality of this mattress. I fall asleep instantly and I wake fully rested after a good eight hours. I never used to need an alarm clock because I was always awake due to the lumpy springs in my old mattress. We cannot thank Emma enough for changing our sleep quality.

We bought an Emma mattress just over a month ago and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent! I could hardly walk in the mornings and my torso was so sore when I first got out of bed. I didn’t realise until we bought the Emma mattress, just how much our old mattress played a role in my achy and sore back. It may sound silly but now I love climbing in to bed and sleeping like a baby every night! It is so comfortable! It’s not too soft and it contours to your body but without the sinking feeling of memory foam, it is the best nights sleep I’ve had in years. Thank you Emma! X

Had to write a review so that other people can learn just how good the Emma mattress is, for a good night’s sleep. It is the best sleep we have had for a long time. It does not feel like foam, and is cool when laying on it. Support is perfect. Try it for the 100 days – we decided in 5 days. The removable cover sold it to us – great idea. Only the box let it down – battered when we received it, but the mattress was fine. Perhaps a stronger transit box is a future improvement for the company? But the mattress itself is fantastic. Wish we had bought it years ago. We will have to see if the foam is long lasting, but with the 10 year guarantee, we feel re-assured. Thank you Emma, you have transformed out nights.

Great mattress. Came from having a waterbed for the past 25 years. Emma is just as comfortable and a lot less hassle!

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Although not a particularly cheap option, after a few weeks with this new mattress I definitely think that its money well spent, I would definitely recommend trying the different types that tempur offer as we narrowed it down to the cloud or sensation, cloud was nice and soft but changing position seemed a little harder than on the sensation. I have read a lot of reviews stating that people find these mattresses to be on the warm side, I personally find it to be ok but I always open a window slightly of a night. And finally to the comfort, after a few weeks now most of my aches and pains have finally disappeared as most of the other reviews state. I hope this helps and definitely try in store first.

Expensive? . Yes . Worth every penny? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!! The most comfortable mattress in the WORLD!! It is firm but it moulds around your body and it depresses in all the right places at just the right depth. It is a very big decision choosing a new mattress and we both have pain issues. At first I was shocked at the price but even a decent pocket sprung isn’t that different, some cost more. My husband and I absolutely love it! I am so glad we chose it. I would thoroughly recommend this Tempur mattress.

Though expensive it is worth it for the sleep quality. Was warned it may make you hot. It doesn’t. I do use the UK cooking matters cover and sheets though. I love this matress

This is my first tempur mattress. After the first few days I wondered if we had made an expensive mistake. But no! After 3 months I love this mattress – I don’t want to get out of it in the morning. I sleep much more soundly than on ordinary mattress, it’s brilliant.

This is the first time I’ve slept on a foam mattress. I really liked it when we tested it in the shop, but it took a few weeks to get used to it at home. I now love it. It’s been particularly helpful over the past few weeks when I have needed to sleep on my back following a double hip operation – not a natural sleep position for me. Neither does it feel too hot – one of my other concerns.

Last Tempur gave 17 years service so hope this one does the same. Well made mattress and good isolation with movement from partner. This product is over priced and Tempur may well lose out to new customers who now have more choice with memory foam products.

We purchased a Tempur Cloud Elite Memory Foam Mattress in October and, after 3 months, it is still uncomfortable. Rather than be too hasty, we have persevered and slept on it for 3 months to see if it would soften as described on their website, But, after 3 months, it’s still no better and we’re giving up on it. I am a fairly light-weight side-sleeper (10.5 stone) and my wife is a fairly light-weight back-sleeper (9.5 stone). I can generally sleep for around 4 hours and wake up with a sore shoulder on the side that I’m sleeping on before the getting broken sleep for the remainder of the night. My wife is also struggling to settle on it as a back sleeper. We chose the Cloud Elite because it was supposed to be softer than the others and suitable for lighter / side-sleepers, but that hasn’t been the case in our experience. Unfortunately, this is not what we expected and I regret investing a lot of money in a Tempur product.

We opted to purchase this on recommendation and on trying numerous mattresses out in store. Although pricey, I believe the quality matches this, I would recommend.

Excellent mattress, very comfortable with the added bonus of a removable cover which is washable. Very pleased with this purchase, a little expensive but well worth it. A good night sleep all round.

This is an amazingly comfortable mattress which molds round us both without leaving a slope where my husband is much heavier than I am. The hybrid mattress is excellent without leaving me feeling seasick like the full Tempur mattresses. Is easy to make the bed

I had tried a friend’s mattress before visiting the store to buy this item. It is more than I have ever paid for a mattress but a good night’s sleep is very important. Unfortunately, I have found the mattress too firm and quite uncomfortable. It has certainly not improved my sleep. A big expensive disappointment.

Our old mattress wasn’t old but I had chronic back problems so we looked to buy a better mattress. The Tempur Hybrid Elite has made a massive difference to my back! It evenly distribes the weight of your body therefore maximises comfort. We also purchased the Tempur mattress protector. Well worth the money.

This is an excellent mattress which lives up to all the hype around Tempur products. The combination of the springs and layers of Tempur foam give the bed a more lively feel than just foam alone, whilst supporting perfectly. The zip off cover is really useful and looks stylish too. So overall a very good purchase for us, we slept a solid 12 hours on the first night we used it !

Been looking for a new mattress for some time now, and liked the tempura range after some investigation, once we liked the range we looked for the correct model for us firmness feel etc. decided to order, and John Lewis gave the best price and delivery that we required. The delivery was on time taken to the room fitted to bed and all the packaging taken away. Great Service

A good purchase. Very glad we made the selection. Very comfortable.

We spent a long time deciding to buy a new mattress, researching different types and brands. The very helpful salesman at John Lewis thought the Tempur Hybrid would deliver all the things we were looking for and it has. We are absolutely delighted with it and getting a very good nights sleep!

A good medium-firm mattress. Heavy to move around, so handles on sides would help! It sits very proud on my somewhat high bed, as it’s around 20cm high!

I bought this mattress at the start of the year and I rarely get a good nights sleep. It is extremely comfortable initially, but during the night you heat up like an oven. The foam does not cool down so you toss and turn and keep your partner awake all night. I bought a cooling mattress topper which did nothing and now I’ve had to order a bamboo one from the US to be able to get a good nights sleep. I slept much better on my old mattress, I wish I’d never bought this one, but I’m stuck with it because the price was so high.

As hoped, this mattress is very supportive but also forms around the body. Really helping reduce disturbed nights.

My Tempur mattress has been hard and uncomfortable from the very start. I reported this to Tempur who told me it would soften in time. It has not. This mattress has caused me so much pain I’ve had to have cortisone injections for the inflammation caused in the upper leg. For a mattress advertised as ‘moulding to one’s body’ and illustrated showing someone sleeping on air above a Tempur mattress I find, as other reviewers, that this is definitely not the case. After months of emails to Tempur customer services, they just reiterate that they cannot guarantee the softness or hardness of their product. They have offered to inspect the mattress for which I would have to pay £75 which I feel would be like throwing (a great deal of) good money after bad to be told what I already know – the mattress is too hard. Tempur customer services don’t address the issues, just state, over and over, that they cannot guarantee their mattresses’ hardness or softness.

I bought a temper Original 8years ago it has been one of the best mattresses I have ever slept on. I have 2 discs missing at the bottom of my spine so back pain is awful when the bed is not right.It has now become too soft for me so I am about to buy a new tempur and hope and pray that it gives me the same good nights sleep.

Tempur foam matresses are the most comfortable ever! I don’t think senior people like them though because they have a completely different feel to a tradional sprung matress.

We got the cloud elite version. It is much softer and is definitely worth the money. I’m a side sleeper and my partner sleeps on his back so is perfect for us as it molds to your body shape and it doesn’t give me a dead arm in the morning unlike my original mattress. Best night sleep ever.

Worse. back pain ever, pain in shoulders and hips, definitely wouldn’t recommend a Tempur to anyone with existing back pain, no doubt about it, it had made mine worse. I just though it was my existing pain just getting worse over time, then I bought a new mattress a Hypnos Ortho and within a week, wow could I tell the difference.

Don’t buy a tempur cloud ive had it a few years now but cause i was only at home at weekends as I was working away i thought my pain in my lower back and in between my shoulder blades is killing I wake up in the morning sometimes in tears but as I said I was working away and I thought it was just changing a bed but now we have moved and I’m at home every night for the past year my back pain has got worse and my wife profusely sweat in the bed and she is now suffering with pains to her lower back and hips

We bought a Malmo mattress from Bensons, we have had it less than 3 months, with pillows it was £2000, I have spinal problems and Osteoarthritis, I have to say I wake up in more pain than I did on my old 7 year old £300 mattress, it has not quite dropped, (yet) but is "weaker" at one side, this after less than 3 months, forget the 10 years!

We had our first night on a Tempur sensationelit last night and it was a disaster! Very little sleep and we both woke up in pain. Contacted John Lewis who sold us the mattress and they said it could take some time to get use to and unless there was a fault with the product our issue would be one of comfort which is "subjective" and therefore did not warrant any sort of refund. It is difficult to be objective about the pain I’m in, and now we are faced with the decision to either persevere with it and risk injuring ourselves and not getting a good night’s sleep or wave good bye to £1689.

They must pay very good commissions to retailers, as all of them recommended it to me when I set out to buy a new memory foam mattress. I got the Tempur Original 21 and it is the worst mattress I have ever had – it overheats and manages to be too soft and hard at the same time. You sink into it then it turns into a wooden board. I wake up with back, hip and shoulder pain. Unfortunately I already suffered from back problems before getting this mattress, so it took me longer than the trial period to realise it was the mattress that was making it all worse, so I wasn’t able to return it. I was also appalled at the awful customer service. Took ages to get a response and I had to chase several times. They sent an employee to check deformation (with no weight on the mattress, what a joke) and then never got back to me. Response to Tempur comment: I purchased the mattress in June 2017 from Warren Evans, who unfortunately went into bankruptcy not long after my trial period was over, so all my interactions were direct with Tempur.

I’ve purchased a tempur sensation sublime in benson bed in may delivery following June 2017! After a year I’m way and back from the doctor for unexplainable chronic shoulder pain! Call tempur direct and says it’s not their fault as I bought it from a retailer! So what’s the company 10 year worranty!? I had problem with Nespresso machine bought on amazon, but first issue Nespresso sort it! Benson bed gave me a number that never works. don’t know what to do anymore and I’ve just spent £125 this week for a mattress topper from dunelmill and slept far better.

I’ve never slept so badly or woken up in so much discomfort since using the Tempur mattress. Its causing me terrible pains in my lower back & kidney area. I have never experienced back problems in my life before now and my partner bought this at an extortionate price to help with his back problems. Needless to say he continues to moan daily about back problems so the mattess hasnt worked at all for him and now due to this mattress I am now in pain every morning. This has been a very bad move for us & i hope to god he gets it sent back to the shop. I honestly dont know how many more painful nights sleep I can take on it. My previous budget range mattess was fantastically comfortable compared to the Tempur and it only cost a couple hundred quid instead of £1,500. Worst days work he ever did buying into this mattress. If you have any sense buy a regular mattress and rent a chiropractor it would be cheaper, work better & not end up hurting yours or your partners back in the process.

No question, memory foam is a great invention but most Tempur mattresses have too much memory foam and are therfore uncomfortable if one sleeps more than just a short nap. In fact this mattresses cause severe back pain and poses a health risk. The reason is that memory foam is heat responsive and feels quiet comfortable. This leads to remain in the same position for a long time and one sinks deeper and deeper into the thick memory foam which gives no proper support any more and one sticks deep in a dip with the spine out of shape. We spent a huge amount to have a better sleep but after realising that we can not sleep on this mattress we were told that there is no way to go for another mattress even if we would choose another Tempur product with less memory foam. So we can only warn to buy this mattresses which feel good if one tries out for a short time but it is over priced anyway, extremely disappointing in sleep comfort and finally a health hazards and as soon as it is paid nobody cares to admit the serious faulty design. Keep away from Tempur. Previously we had a simple mattress with only 5 cm memory foam which was wonderful because one does not sink in almost unlimited but we spent a fortune compared to the old mattress and now we know better. Unfortunately. But fortunately we know now that our plan to equip our little hotel with Tempur mattresses could still get cancelled at the right time.

Useless warranty, poor product, no reply from Tempur. Having had a Tempur mattress for 15 years and loved it, I was excited to buy a new one when the old one finally gave way. Terrible, terrible mistake. The memory foam dips so much that I have to climb out f the dip to move in bed at all. I have shoulder pain and back pain every morning. I travel a lot and sleep in many beds and I sleep brilliantly while away but th edgiest night I’m home I wake 3 or 4 times every night and ache terribly. Smiths the Rink I bought it from told me I had to adapt to it but if I wanted to swap it there’s would be a £200 admin fee! Having spent over £1000 on this mattress, I didn’t have £200 spare and felt this was an unethical level of fee. I emailed Tempur via their website twice to say that. 4 inch dip must be excessive, please help, but no reply either time. Customer service non existent. Stuck with the mattress or throwing it away. I cannot face my winter months (no travel to proved ease of back ache now for the winter).

I purchased a tempur elite sensation cooltouch, from dreams it was delivered on September 25. The mattress is terrible it caused shoulder pain right across top of my back, my hip was digging into the mattress. Trying to sleep is terrible. I contacted customer services at dreams on 4 October,they said I had to wait 30 days to give the mattress time to settle. I contacted tempur on 19 October they replied I had to get in touch with dreams. I went back to the store on 19 October they said they couldn’t do anything it was up to customer services. They haven’t heard of anyone having the problems I’ve had. ( look at other reviews).The mattress wasn’t cheap, it’s not doing what it’s suppose to. I’m very disappointed. I’ve got to get in touch with dreams to see if I can change the mattress which I’m not looking forward to doing as this mattress is awful.

after already being a tempur customer owning a combi hd for nearly 10 years decided to upgrade after seeing the hybrid luxe super king on special offer i was told even tho it was from the outlet it would carry the same guarantee as if you had bought a new one direct from tempur which is 10ys not thinking I would need it after owning one with no problems I decided to go ahead all good so far 1 year on and I noticed a large split about 1” from the side on top and about 30” in length I contacted the outlet who asked for photos which I supplied then I was told to phone tempur uk direct as this was a fault so i did and again was asked for photos I supplied and again they agreed it was a fault now this is were it gets interesting because I bought it from a outlet I have to get it from the outlet as I got it cheap I told them I was told it was the same warranty as if I had bought direct from them but they disagree and won’t honour the warranty now saying as the mattress was discounted I wasn’t allowed a new one even tho it has developed a fault I argued the case that every body who sell tempur mattresses are cheaper than tempur direct by over £1k so they wouldn’t be allowed a replacement if they developed a fault no reply i also made a comparison that if you bought a car less than 1 year old from for example motor point (or a garage like these) you still have the remainder of the cars warranty if it develops a fault and you take it to the main dealer (ie audi mercedes etc) they don’t say because you saved £10k on the original price you must take it back to the garage you bought it from and wait for them to source another car to get the part from to fix it no they fix it with a new part ! tempur uk again disagree so basically if you pay full price over the odds from tempur uk your covered but if you find a cheaper price your not you have to wait for another to be sourced also I’ve been offered a change in mattress range but it has to be a luxe model ie countour cloud hybrid as later I found out there have been other hybrid returns due to faults I am now currently waiting for a Mattress to be sourced but as I’m still waiting for a headboard I paid for at the same time as the mattress over 1year ago and haven’t received I won’t be holding my breath Can’t give ZERO stars but I can warn people as tempur uk don’t allow honest reviews on there site . might as-well talk to the faulty mattress than tempur customer service team

Same experience as a lot of people below – after 9-12months the mattress started to dip and soften far too much. Now after 2 years its giving me backache. I contacted John Lewis who sent someone to inspect the mattress. They agreed it had dipped and said never buy a memory foam mattress as this is what they all do after 12 months. Tempur said the dipping was under 30% and therefore not covered by warranty. I recently got good advice , buy a normal spring mattress and if you like memory foam feel buy a topper for £200-300 which you can replace every couple of years. do not spend £1700 on tempur.

Poor slow service as by them to send photo then they don’t reply

Please do not invest in a Tempur Cloud. I have suffered for long enough without questioning the most obvious reason. the mattress. I started with back pains shortly after the purchase but as many have presumed these issues would pass; pins and needles, lower back ache, knots in shoulders etc. I have now succumbed to sleeping in the spare room to which certainly improves the situation on a cheap mattress. Blind loyalty to Tempur is a dangerous thing. We have had this mattress for around 4 years and it is deteriorating rapidly. It now offers no support, very deep and uneven and now totally lacks the support it once offered when lying close to the edge. The warranty is pointless. Tempur say it is not a product fault! How can this monstrous sub standard material get away with such horrible diversion tactics. A £2000 mattress has finally got the better of me. Please please please do not trust this to last.

Bought a tempur mattress in July 2015. For the first month I aired it as it gave off a gassing smell. When I first slept on it, I found it too hard but after a while it was great for about 6 months; then my back pain (the reason why I bought this mattress) started to get worse. There is no dip in the mattress but at times I’ve sunk so far into it, that I’ve struggled to get out. My back is so bad now that I have had caudal epidural injections and I’m waiting for an appointment at the pain clinic. After one particularly bad night, I decided enough is enough and have purchased a new pocket sprung, wool and cotton mattress at less than half the cost of my tempur mattress. At the moment I am sleeping on a 19 year old mattress until the new one comes. It may be some time before my back pain lessens, but I’ve noticed my knee pain is not as severe and I no longer have the night sweats. I personally could not recommend these mattresses. Save yourself some money and get a good quality pocket sprung. 22/11/18 update Thank you for your response I ordered the Tempur Sensations 21cm mattress on 6/6/15 from Thomas Hearn, Kenilworth. I will try to get the batch number for you, but need help to remove the cover and hope to do this before the mattress is collected on the 1st. My issue with the mattress is how soft it has become and I believe this has aggravated my bad back. However, as I am getting a new mattress, the proofs in the pudding. If my back improves, then I’m vindicated in getting rid of this mattress. 26/11/18 update I now have a picture of the batch number PB260889.JPG

Update: 30/Oct After sending photos to Tempur support they replied as follows: "Unfortunately the photos provided do not show us if there is a valid guarantee claim. We can arrange for a third party inspection company called Homeserve to attend to carry out the inspection, there would be a charge of £72" So Tempur wants to charge me to do their job of investigating my claim. I would expect a better Customer Service when paying £4,500 for a mattress and bed frame. this is cheap customer service. very frustrating. Original review 10/October: Fake warranty of 10 years Not happy with the matters. after 1 year of purchase, the mattress sagging from one side to the point of being painful to lay down and even before falling asleep. I bought the most expensive mattress 27 thickness wit Tempur bed to have the right support for the mattress, cost me £4,500 and now in less than 1 year, it is causing more pain than support. When contacting the branch, they have asked us to do their job of investigation the mattress and sending them a proof of sagging area. response from Tempur: "The Tempur guarantee covers a 2cm permanent indentation in the mattress, which is an indentation that is evident with no pressure being applied." this is not what I was told when I have been told when I bought the mattress from Tempur Shop in Milton Keynes. I have been mis-sold this mattress and mis-sold the warranty as fully covered for 10 years which justify the high price tag. very disappointed to receive instructions to do Tempur’s job and the fact that the warranty cover "Visible 2cm indentation" which is more like extream scenario only. but Tempur doesn’t care if the mattress is not fit for purpose anymore because of the poor quality. the cheapest mattress in the market will have a better warranty than Tempur.

No after sales service. hopeless pathetic company. waited 10 weeks for a bed frame only to have half it missing upon arrival, then being insulted by asking to wait another 2 weeks to see if you could possible source the missing parts. One company to avoid

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