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Why Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Wear Out Quickly

How Long Before You’re Forced To Replace Your Topper

You would think that toppers made of memory foam last as long as the beds made of the same material. But this is not the case. Not even Tempur-Pedic toppers last as long as their mattress counterparts. All other things being equal, amemory mattress topper has a shorter lifespan because:

Thickness- Memory foam toppers are generally thinner than the foam layers used in mattresses. Toppers that are too thin (only 1-2 inches thick) wear out quicker because when the cells at the top crumble, there is a less memory foam underneath to take their place and provide support.

Overlay- Memory toppers are generally laid over an existing mattress or bed. If the mattress underneath is already worn out and shows sagging, the topper will simply follow that contour and make the sag even more pronounced because of its soft nature. That may take some time to become permanent.

Overweight- Heavy and obese people may speed up the process by adding extra pressure to the visco foam topper. While a memory mattress is held up by a highly resillient core, the topper is held up by air, springs or whatever else the bed is made of. Extra weight also makes the open cells crumble quicker than they would under the average person.

You can expect a viscoelastic foam topper to wear out in 18-36 months.

If Only All Memory Toppers Were Made Of Tempur-Pedic Quality Foam.

Most viscoelastic toppers, however, are not usually made of the same quality grade material as beds and mattresses are. This means they don’t last as long. Viscoelastic material is very expensive to make and usually used to make only beds and mattresses.

Toppers, however, are generally much cheaper and using Tempur-style foam of the highest quality would make it economically unrealistic for manufacturers. Tempur Pedic brand mattress overlays, however,are made of the same NASA-evolved foam technology as Tempur mattresses. There is little information to indicate whether or not other mattress companies use the same grade foam in their toppers.

Bottom line, a visco memory foam bed topper will continue to provide support and comfort without sagging for 1.5-3 years, as long as it’s:

  • Made of high density Tempur-style memory foam
  • Used over a solid foundation
  • Reasonably thick.

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A Critical Eye On The Latest Mattress Technologies

How Long Does It Last?

What affects the expected lifetime of memory mattress pads and does a Tempurpedic overlay last longer? The answer is years and years as long as it’s made of better quality, higher-density foam.

Real NASA Link

Many manufacturers claim Swedish foam was first used by the NASA Space Program to boost sales for their visco foam beds.

NASA never did use that basic material in the 1960s. NASA bedding or space bedding technology simply does not exist as such.

The truth is the Swedish Tempur-Pedic company did eventually come up with a reliable formula now used in the best-selling Tempur mattress.

While Tempurpedic beds are commonly known to use Swedish foam bed technology, not all such products made in Sweden are made of the so-called NASA bed foam.

Authenticity Test

How can you check if your purchase as good as a authentic Tempur bed? You can try the wine glass test, the egg test, or the fridge test.

How to Keep a Mattress Topper from Sliding

Mattress toppers are great if you need to alterthe overall feel of your mattress, enhance the level of comfort, or add some support. The thing is, they also tend to move around and slide off your bed, which may be quite annoying.

But don’t worry! I have a solution for you! Well, five solutions, to be exact.

So, sit back and prepare to learn how to keep a mattress topper from sliding .

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Why Do Mattress Toppers Slide Off?

Before we dive in, let’s find out why this even happens in the first place.

Why does even the best mattress topper travel around your bed at night, causing you to constantly adjust it?

Well, there may be several reasons:

  • The surface of a mattress is too sleek. Sometimes, the cover fabric of a mattress may be very smooth and offer little to no grip. Since the texture of the cover fabric depends on the weaving, it’s fair to suggest that both synthetic and natural materials are equally prone to this.
  • Your mattress is uneven. As your bed ages, its surface may become uneven, and in this case, a mattress topper may slide due to gravity.
  • Your bed has no footboard and headboard. Higher boards can hold a higher mattress — or a combo of a mattress and mattress topper — and keep it secured.
  • You (or your partner) are active sleepers. Obviously, if you move a lot during the night, the impulses of your movement may affect the position of the mattress topper and cause it to shift.
  • Improper sizing. Sometimes, manufacturers offer slightly larger or smaller toppers, and the inconsistency of the sizes might also be the reason for your pad to slide off.

Firm mattress padstypically are bouncier and more resilient compared to softer models, and hence, they are more prone to sliding off.”

Now, let’s go through five main ways to fix this issue, starting from the most to the least common.

#1 Bed Sheet

The easiest way to keep your mattress topper from sliding is to put it under a bed sheet. You may either use afitted sheetor choose amodel with a skirtthat is meant to hold a higher mattress. However, this method has its pros and cons which I will list below.

So, let’s begin with the good:

  • tucking your mattress topper under the bed sheet won’t void its warranty;
  • a bed sheet will obviously help you keep the mattress topper clean from stains;
  • if you own a mattress topper with a cooling effect , a natural sheet can enhance this effect and make your sleep even more refreshing.

One possible drawback of this method is:

It’s a temporary solution.

Over time, you will notice your mattress topper has slid again. The sheets only help slow this process down so that you won’t have to adjust the pad every night.

#2 Straps and Bands

A more advanced method to keep your mattress pad in place is to use straps of any kind:

  • sheet straps that may come with your bed sheets;
  • suspenders that may come with a bed frame.

This method works exceptionally well with thick mattress toppers for side sleepers and leaves no room for them to move, so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep without the need to readjust your mattress pad every now and then.

#3 Safety Pins

Yes, you can use safety pins to hold your mattress topper in place , although this may sound like a terrible idea.

In fact, safety pins are very durable, and no, they won’t shred your mattress or mattress topper if you do this properly:

  • make sure that theneedles of the pins are facing down;
  • use at leastfive pins per sideso that they would hold the pad tightly;
  • use larger pins, because they’re thicker and more long-lasting.

That’s it. Once you’ve secured the mattress pad in place, just make your bed as you would normally do. After that, you can enjoy a sound sleep without worrying whether your topper will stay put.

#4 Velcro or Carpet Tape

If you’re a ‘do-it-yourself’ person, this method might be exciting for you. Velcro tape is one of the best ways to prevent a mattress topper from sliding , as it can offer excellent grip andis less likely to loosen upwith time.

Here’s how to use this tape:

  • Attach the ‘hook’ side of the Velcro to your mattress pad and the ‘loop’ side to your mattress. You can use the same safety pins from the paragraph above or just stitch it with a needle. Before placing a mattress topper over the mattress, ensure that the soft side matches the sharp one completely.
  • If you cannot find the Velcro tape, you can try the same method with dual-sided carpet tape that is used to prevent a carpet from sliding on the floor and can hold your mattress topper pretty well.

“Choose mattress toppers with covers made from polyester and cotton, or blends of these fabrics, as they are quite tenacious and can prevent your mattress from sliding.”

How long to keep mattress topper

How to Keep Mattress Topper from Sliding

Is there even more annoying than a sliding mattress topper from your bed frame? It is an issue that most people encounter with their mattresses. Therefore knowing how to keep mattress topper from sliding is important, especially if you have back problems and other medical condition that requires a comfortable bed every time you sleep and rest.

What Is A Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is currently one of the most popular beds that people choose to buy. It’s something you put on top of your bed frame or box spring to achieve a night of comfortable sleep. The main purpose of mattress toppers is to provide more softness and better support for sleepers of all types. Let’s say you have a firmer mattress; then you can get a mattress topper to achieve softer sleep experience.

Now if you have a mattress that’s too light, it’s advisable to buy the right topper to enjoy more support. Another thing you might have a problem with has a topper that doesn’t provide great securing system. In that case, you will most probably have a sliding mattress every time you sleep and move around.

How to Get Mattress Topper to Stay in Place

Fortunately, you can learn and adapt ways on how to keep the topper from sliding off.

*Buy the best tight-fitting bed sheet and place it over the mattress topper.

*Use sheet suspenders or long bed straps. This will help hold the bedding and topper in place.

How to Stop Mattress from Sliding Off Metal Frame

It’s normal to toss in your sleep, but it’s not normal that your bed also moves around when you make different sleep positions. Even if you play pillow fight, have an intimate affair or struggling to sleep, your bed should remain in its original position no matter what. If you don’t have an idea of how to keep memory foam mattress from sliding just like a Zinus bed frame, this quick guide is for you.

Nobody wants a sliding bed so it’s time to understand how you can keep your mattress from moving to all sides. More importantly, a good bed doesn’t end up on your floor. Choosing simple yet quality products are one way to avoid a memory foam mattress that slips off or doesn’t stay put. Good thing there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the best mattress toppers you need.

Here are some helpful tips in finding the perfect mattress topper you truly deserve:

* Know the size of your mattress so that it will match your topper. One of the reasons your mattress topper is sliding is inappropriate sizing. Make sure to find the right topper that fits in your mattress to keep it from moving around while you sleep.

* Get the topper with the right thickness. If you have a thick and firm mattress, you can choose a topper with half of the thickness of your topper and with softer foam. It will help you enjoy a good night’s sleep all year round.

* Understand which mattress the topper is designed for. Shop around and check if the topper you are choosing matches your mattress features. This is important if you’re looking for extreme support and comfort.

How to Keep Mattress Pad from Sliding

Whether you are the one with a mattress pad sliding problem or a friend, it’s practical to learn how to keep the mattress from sliding on platform bed. Typically, a mattress can be dense and firm which requires some adjustment from its sides.

The following are excellent options to help you keep your mattress from moving around and sliding off:

• Velcro. Although it may take some effort to attach a Velcro to your mattress topper so it won’t slip off, this is one of the best ways that provide effective results. You can attach it on the sides of your bed like a garter.

• Sheet straps. Another effective way to make sure your topper will not move around is by using sheet straps or suspenders. With a fitted bed sheet, cover your mattress tightly so that it will stay in place no matter your movements while sleeping.

• Non-skid mat. Usually placed under floor covers or area rugs, these non-skid mats are also used in shower rooms to prevent slip-offs. With these uses, you can take advantage of this type of mat to keep your mattress in place all night.

• Safety pin. What better way to secure anything than using safety pins? It also goes to mattress toppers that need to be fixed with your mattress so that it won’t slip off, move around, or slide while you sleep. You can sleep soundly while your mattress stays in its original position.

Choosing a Mattress Model

Perhaps, you also need to consider the right mattress model that goes with your topper. For instance, you can choose the flippable mattress to enjoy more comfortable bedding. However, make sure to know if the mattress you are buying is slip-resistant or not.

Mattresses must be stable enough to provide support and comfort for sleepers. It should not slip, move, or rock, no matter how much you move or toss in your sleep. Also, you can check the warranty or trial period of your mattress, so you will know if you can still return it or replace without having to pay an additional fee.

Best Mattress Topper with Straps

Mattress topper straps are worth using to help minimize sliding off. Discover more in this best options:

Quilted Down with Straps

Mattress Topper Queen Quilted Down Alternative Anchor Band 4 Corner El.

3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Queen | Select High Density Ventilated Mattress Pad.

MyPillow Three-inch Mattress Bed Topper (Queen)

Thick, Multi Size and high quality.

Wrapping It Up

Taking care of your mattress and pairing it up with the best topper can help you enjoy the most comfortable bed. Also, proper maintenance can prevent worn out while keeping it firm and stable. Mattress topper care, however, depends on the materials and fill type used.

Securing your mattress in the right place is one of the most effective ways to get sound sleep. Who would want to sleep in a sliding bed? For sure, you always wish to wake up the next morning with a relaxed body and mind. Whether you’re using Velcro, sheet strap, non-skid mat, or safety pin to fix your topper with your mattress, knowing how to keep the mattress from sliding on an adjustable bed is important.

If your mattress topper doesn’t come with attachments or straps, you can keep these tips in mind to secure your bed. After all, you deserve a good night’s sleep after a long day of work and family responsibilities.

7 Easy Ways to Keep Mattress Topper from Sliding

Mattress toppers are essential items that can help you achieve the perfect softness of firmness on your mattress rather than purchasing a new mattress, which can be costly. However, one problem with mattress toppers is they cannot stay in place.

Most users complain about their mattress toppers slipping to either end of the bed while sleeping or moving to sideways as they get in and out of bed.

This can be really irritating to a point where you consider eliminating them because fixing them to stay properly on the mattress can be time-consuming since you have to undo the entire bed.

Fortunately, some useful tips can help keep the mattress topper from slipping and avoid all the work of waking up to adjust the mattress topper.

How to Keep Mattress Topper From Sliding?

You can try any of the following tips to see which will work best for you:

1. Non-Skid Mats

The non-skid mats placed under your area rugs or in the shower prevent sliding while showering, is the best way to keep your mattress topper from slipping. Most individuals who use non-skid mats say that they function so well and they are simple to fix as there isn’t much work involved.

They specifically perform well when used on memory foam or a latex mattress. All you do is slide the non-skid mats between the mattress and the mattress topper, and you will have solved this irritating problem.

2. Sheet suspenders/straps

Use of sheet suspenders is another excellent way of keeping your mattress topper from sliding as they give it no room to move. Some individuals try to keep the topper from sliding by using tight-fitted sheets, however this only works for a while, and after some time, the topper starts slipping especially if you keep moving in your bed. With sheet suspenders or straps you can keep the sheets in one place and also the mattress topper remains fixed.

However, you have to ensure that the sheet suspenders are fixed tight enough. Most individuals refer to them as the suspender-type thingies, but when it comes to holding the mattress toppers, they are the best.

3. Duct tape

If you ever used duct tape before then, you know that it can hold almost anything together. For this case, duct tape might not be the best option, but it does what it does best, keeping the mattress pad from sliding. For best results, tape all the four corners, or the edges of the topper to the mattress then use a tightly fixed sheet as well.

You can also use a spray adhesive that is available at the craft and photo stores if you think it’s easier to use. However, only use spray adhesive if the mattress is yours because it leaves some marks on the mattress once you remove the mattress topper.

4. Cotton or cotton/poly blend pad

Most often the mattress toppers slip off the mattress because the mattress surfaces are too slippery. Hence, adding a cotton pad or cotton and poly blend pad on the mattress to make sure that the topper is not next to the slippery surface of the mattress can help.

Otherwise, put a tightly fitted sheet on the mattress then place the mattress topper and another fitted sheet after the topper. This ensures that the topper is not in direct contact with the slippery surface of the mattress and the top fitted cotton sheet secures the topper more to the mattress.

5. Adhesive Velcro tape/strips

Well, if you are a do-it-yourself person, this is a task that may excite you. If you have been looking for a way to keep your mattress topper from sliding, Velcro might be the answer. First, attach Velcro on your mattress topper where the parallel side faces the bed. Again, ensure that the sharp side of the Velcro matches the soft side when positioning the topper on the bed.

Alternatively, attach the Velcro to the four corners of your bed and go around the pad and the mattress, just as you would with bed garters.

The main benefit of using Velcro is that it secures the topper much better than other materials and it will not loosen up fast. Some individuals also use carpet tapes too, and they say they work perfectly so feel free to try any tapes that you have.

6. Footboard

Adding a footboard on your bed can help in keeping the mattress topper from slipping. However, for the footboard to work, it has to be long enough, and the mattress topper should touch both sides of the headboard and the footboard.

Some individuals do not like the idea of having a footboard; you could, therefore, use any of the other ways listed. One downside of the footboard is that it might not help with the side to side sliding as you get in and out of bed.

7. Use Safety Pins

This sounds like a dangerous idea but most people have used it, and it works. And, the pins do not tatter the mattress topper or shred your mattress. Though, you have to fix the pins correctly for your topper to stay in place without causing any harm.

Foremost, you have to use several pins, almost five on each side, to balance the pressure. And, if your bed is large, you should use more than five safety pins on each side and use the largest ones. The advantage of this method is that it is the cheapest method of keeping your mattress topper from slipping, and it is time-saving.


With these helpful tips, you can now prevent your mattress topper or mattress pad from slipping, and you will also enjoy a restful sleep with no interruptions in the middle of the night. There are also some mattress toppers that come with their own straps to help keep them secure on the mattress, so if you are shopping for another topper in the future, you can look for one.

The best cooling mattress toppers you can buy

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  • If you sleep hot, dread warm summer nights, or suffer from night sweats, a cooling mattress topper can help to regulate your bed’s temperature for a better night’s sleep.
  • Our top pick, the Therapedic Tru-Cool 3-inch Serene Foam Performance Mattress Topper, offers a combination of cooling and other valuable benefits, like reduced motion transfer, to help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to desperately kick off your covers and wait as the cooler air washes over you? Do you dread getting into bed in the summer, knowing that your mattress is going to be uncomfortably warm? Whether you’re someone who just sleeps hot or needs to get better sleep during warm weather, investing in a cooling mattress topper can make you more comfortable and help you to sleep through the night.

When your bed isn’t working for you, buying a mattress topper can help to correct some of the issues at a more affordable cost than you’ll see if you buy a new mattress. They can refresh an older mattress, or they can add cushion, breathability, or cooling properties to a newer mattress that you don’t want to replace.

These mattress toppers — as opposed to mattress pads or covers — offer significant cushion and padding in addition to their cooling properties. Some are thicker than others, so you’ll want to think about how much height they’ll add to your bed when deciding which product is right for you. Also be sure to consider whether you’ll like a topper that’s firmer or softer, since everyone has different preferences.

The mattress toppers in this guide all offer some sort of cooling effect. For the best results, pair them with breathable sheets and comforters, and try to lower the temperature of your bedroom before going to bed. The National Sleep Foundation states that the ideal bedroom temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s easier to fall asleep when your room is cool, rather than hot, so taking steps to keep your bed and bedroom cool can help you to both fall asleep and stay asleep.

Buying a mattress topper can be a challenge, since you can’t try them out and most stores don’t select a wide variety of them for you to feel and inspect in person. We have researched and ranked the following toppers according to their cooling effect, their benefits, such as washable covers and reduced motion transfer, their price, and their overall performance, taking the guesswork out of your purchase.

Here are the best cooling mattress toppers in 2019:

  • Best cooling mattress topper overall:Therapedic Tru-Cool 3-inch Serene Foam Mattress Topper
  • Best cooling mattress topper for pain relief:Overstock Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best charcoal cooling mattress topper:3-inch Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Best luxury cooling mattress topper:PlushBeds Luxury Wool Topper
  • Best intense cooling mattress topper:Cool Flash Sleeping Gel Body Pad

The best overall

Not only does the Therpedic Tru-Cool 3-Inch Serene Foam Performance Mattress Topper feature cooling technology, but it also reduces motion transfer.

Cooling technology can go a long way in helping you to sleep more comfortably, but it’s not the only factor in getting a good night’s sleep. The Therapedic Tru-Cool 3-Inch Serene Foam Performance Mattress Topper is our top pick because of the multiple ways it keeps you comfortable at night.

TruCool cooling technology helps to keep this topper comfortable, even on hot nights, and the Serene Foam allows heat to dissipate quickly, contributing to your cool sleep.

The Serene Foam offers other benefits, though. It has billions of microscopic air capsules that help to enhance the support that the foam provides while simultaneously reducing the pressure on your body. This is a valuable quality since pressure on hips, knees, shoulders, and ankles (depending on how you sleep) can lead to pain, stiffness, and sleep disruption.

This foam also reduces motion transfer, so you’re disturbed less when your partner shifts around. The polyester blend cover is breathable and made of a double-knit performance fabric that is both soft and durable. The cover is also machine washable for convenience.

This topper is backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and is available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. It’s a good all-around choice that offers cooling properties plus features that enhance the overall quality of your sleep. This topper is endorsed by the American Sleep Association and is made in the US.

The Therapedic Tru-Cool 3-Inch Serene Foam Performance Mattress Topper has a 3.9 out of 5-star rating on Bed Bath & Beyond, based on 14 reviews. One reviewer has been pleased with this mattress topper: "Great quality for cost. Very comfortable. Helps me to fall asleep faster. The cooling feature is Perfect for women that have hot flashes."

Another buyer named Sydney wrote, "I should give it one star because I am now almost always late to work or class because I never want to leave my bed. Like sleeping on a cloud."

Pros:Cooling technology, reduced motion transfer, reduced pressure points for a more comfortable sleep, 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Cons:Foam can be spot cleaned only, 3-inch topper may add too much height to some beds

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