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Purple Mattress Review

The Bottom Line.

  • The Purple Mattress features the Purple Grid comfort layer, a proprietary material that conforms to the body and sleeps very cool.
  • Low price-points make the mattress a high-value pick.
  • The Purple is a great choice for couples because it isolates motion transfer very well and does not produce any noise.

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Purple Mattress Overview

Purple is a mattress and bedding product brand that first launched in 2015. The company currently offers three individual mattress models. This review will focus on the flagshipPurple Mattress, also known as the Original Purple.

The Purple Mattress was the first model constructed with the Purple Grid comfort layer, which consists of hyperelastic polymers molded into a grid pattern. This proprietary material conforms to the body like memory foam, but it feels more responsive and absorbs less body heat.

Other components of the mattress include transitional and support layers of high-density polyfoam, and a cover made from a polyester-viscose blend. The Purple measures 9.5 inches thick and is considered medium-firm, or a 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale.

Keep reading to learn all about the Purple Mattress, including materials and construction specs, prices, and performance ratings based on owner experiences and our own in-house testing. This review also looks at comparisons between the Purple Mattress and other leading bed-in-a-box models, along with Purple’s shipping, return, and warranty policies.

Table of Contents

Meet Our Testing Team




Recommended for.

  • Sleepers who prefer mattresses with a floating feel.The Purple Grid comfort layer found in Purple Mattresses has a resilient, medium-firm feel, making it ideal for people who like sleeping “on” – as opposed to sleeping “in” – their mattress.
  • Lightweight and average weight individuals.The Purple Mattress provides very good support to sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or less, especially side- and back-sleepers.
  • Hot sleepers.The Purple Grid promotes steady airflow to keep the surface temperature-neutral. This allows the mattress to sleep very cool compared to other models with foam base layers.
  • Couples.The Purple Mattress isolates most motion transfer and does not produce any noise, making it a good choice for people who are easily disturbed by their sleep partner’s movements.
  • Value-seekers.The mattress has a very reasonable price-point considering its innovative material construction and solid overall performance.

Not Recommended for.

  • Sleepers who prefer a traditional memory foam feel.The Purple Grid conforms to the sleeper’s body, but the material does not provide the same pressure-relieving cradle as memory foam. Those who prefer sleeping “in” – not “on” – their bed may find the mattress too firm.
  • Heavier individuals.The mattress may not provide adequate support for sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds, resulting in uncomfortable sagging and added pressure.

Tuck’s Video Review

Our testing crew evaluated the Purple Mattress for motion isolation, temperature neutrality, and other performance factors. To see their findings, check out the video below.

Ratings Summary

Tuck’s testing team conducted an extensive evaluation of the Purple Mattress. Our review and rating process consists of three parts: in-house evaluation, external sleep testing, and data collection of verified owner experiences. To learn more about our review process, read our methodology here.

Our performance criteria and ratings for the bed are listed in the table below.

Mattress Performance Ratings


Specifies how long the product maintains structure, providing comfort and support before it begins to deteriorate. For reference, the average mattress lifespan is 6-8 years.

Although the Purple mattress features a polymer-based buckling-column gel layer, the company has been in business for a limited amount of time and the overall lifespan of the Purple mattress has not yet been determined.


Specifies how long the product maintains structure, providing comfort and support before it begins to deteriorate. For reference, the average mattress lifespan is 6-8 years.

Although the Purple mattress features a polymer-based buckling-column gel layer, the company has been in business for a limited amount of time and the overall lifespan of the Purple mattress has not yet been determined.

Motion Isolation

A measure of how effectively a mattress absorbs motion across its surface, preventing partner disturbance.

According to many owners, the Purple mattress isolates motion to a fair extent and helps cut down on nighttime sleep disruptions.

Motion Isolation

A measure of how effectively a mattress absorbs motion across its surface, preventing partner disturbance.

According to many owners, the Purple mattress isolates motion to a fair extent and helps cut down on nighttime sleep disruptions.


Most new products emit chemical smells after being removed from packaging. Off-gassing odors are considered non-toxic, but can be quite unpleasant nonetheless.

Very few Purple mattress owners report strong, persistent off-gassing odor.


Most new products emit chemical smells after being removed from packaging. Off-gassing odors are considered non-toxic, but can be quite unpleasant nonetheless.

Very few Purple mattress owners report strong, persistent off-gassing odor.

Pressure Relief

This refers to the degree to which a mattress molds to or cradles the contours of the body. This helps alleviate pressure point pain, especially on the hips and shoulders.

The Purple mattress conforms somewhat closely, and a large number of owners report improved spinal alignment and targeted pressure relief.

Pressure Relief

This refers to the degree to which a mattress molds to or cradles the contours of the body. This helps alleviate pressure point pain, especially on the hips and shoulders.

The Purple mattress conforms somewhat closely, and a large number of owners report improved spinal alignment and targeted pressure relief.

Temperature Neutrality

The temperature of a mattress throughout the night is affected by how much body heat is retained. Several factors affect temperature neutrality, including material composition, layer thickness, and dissipation of heat through airflow.

The Purple mattress is fairly temperature neutral, and most sleepers remain fairly cool throughout the night.

Temperature Neutrality

The temperature of a mattress throughout the night is affected by how much body heat is retained. Several factors affect temperature neutrality, including material composition, layer thickness, and dissipation of heat through airflow.

The Purple mattress is fairly temperature neutral, and most sleepers remain fairly cool throughout the night.

Edge Support

The degree to which the perimeter of the mattress supports body weight. In some cases, mattresses may sink when weight is applied. This sinkage, often called “roll-off”, affects how closely you might sleep to the edge of the bed.

The Purple mattress offers minimal edge support, and sinkage where people sit is fairly common.

Edge Support

The degree to which the perimeter of the mattress supports body weight. In some cases, mattresses may sink when weight is applied. This sinkage, often called “roll-off”, affects how closely you might sleep to the edge of the bed.

The Purple mattress offers minimal edge support, and sinkage where people sit is fairly common.


Certain mattresses – particularly those with coils – can be quite noisy when bearing weight. Others are nearly silent. Material composition is often the limiting factor for noise potential.

The Purple mattress is virtually silent when bearing weight.


Certain mattresses – particularly those with coils – can be quite noisy when bearing weight. Others are nearly silent. Material composition is often the limiting factor for noise potential.

The Purple mattress is virtually silent when bearing weight.

Mattresses that are bouncier and more responsive tend to be better for sex, as they’re easier to change positions on. In contrast, unresponsive mattresses can cause couples to have trouble switching positions.

The Purple mattress is fairly responsive thanks to its unique comfort layer, and provides better springiness for sex than most competing all-foam beds.

Mattresses that are bouncier and more responsive tend to be better for sex, as they’re easier to change positions on. In contrast, unresponsive mattresses can cause couples to have trouble switching positions.

The Purple mattress is fairly responsive thanks to its unique comfort layer, and provides better springiness for sex than most competing all-foam beds.

As you can see, the Purple Mattress earned favorable ratings across the board. For more details about each of these ratings, check out our full breakdownbelow.

Sleep Position Ratings

As part of our ratings process, we evaluated the Purple Mattress across different body types and preferred sleep positions. In addition to physical testing, we surveyed our sleep expert team and analyzed reviews from verified mattress owners and customers. Our findings are listed in the table below.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, back, stomach and combination sleepers.

Sleep PositionLess than 130 LBS130 LBS – 230 LBSGreater than 230 LBS

Purple Mattress Awards

Based on positive ratings from our testing team and verified owners, the Purple Mattress has earned the following awards in our Tuck Mattress Guides.

Best Mattresses on Amazon

Best Mattresses for Teenagers

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How Is the Purple Mattress Constructed?


The Purple Mattress has a top cover made from a knit blend of 67 percent polyester, 29 percent viscose, and 4 percent Lycra spandex. This material has a very soft and stretchy feel. The cover also features a slip-guard bottom is made of 100 percent polyester. Purple recommends spot-cleaning the cover with mild detergent if spills occur.

Comfort Layer

The Purple Mattress is constructed with the 2-inch Purple Grid comfort layer, a material unique to Purple models. The hyperelastic polymer layer buckles where the sleeper’s body exerts pressure, but the rest of the surface will not compress.

This creates a floating feeling akin to sleeping “on” the mattress, as opposed to beds that form a pressure-relieving cradle around the sleeper’s body. That said, the Purple Mattress conforms to a noticeable extent.

Due to the comfort layer’s open grid design, the Purple Mattress promotes steady airflow to keep the surface very cool. This gives the mattress better temperature neutrality than most competing models made with polyfoam or memory foam comfort layers.

And although the Purple Grid is fairly responsive, the material isolates motion transfer very well. Check out our ‘Temperature Neutrality’ and ‘Motion Isolation’ ratings below for more details.

Transitional Layer

The Purple mattress has a 3.5-inch transitional layer of 1.8 PCF high-density polyfoam. This component acts as a buffer between the Purple Grid and the denser support core, and prevents sleepers from sinking too deeply into the mattress. The bed’s medium-firm feel can be partially attributed to its transitional polyfoam, which is thicker and denser than the transitional layers found in most competing all-foam beds.

Support Layers

Beneath the transitional layer, the Purple Mattress contains 4 inches of 2.0 PCF high-density polyfoam. This denser material stabilizes the entire bed to maintain an even surface for sleepers. Although the layer is fairly short compared to the polyfoam support cores found in other models, the transitional layer is thick enough to help reinforce the mattress.

Mattress Height

Altogether, the Purple Mattress measures 9.5 inches thick. This profile is slightly shorter-than-average. The high-density polyfoam transitional and support layers constitute 7.5 inches of the bed’s height, and the mattress sacrifices a thick comfort system for more overall support and a firmer feel.

Product NameFirmness OptionsThicknessSupport Core ComponentsComfort Layer ComponentsCover Components
Purple MattressMedium-firm (6.5)9.5″4″ 2 PCF HD Polyfoam2″ Purple Grid Hyperelastic Polymer Material
3.5″ 1.8 PCF HD Polyfoam
67% Polyester
29% Viscose
4% Lycra Spandex

What Are the Firmness and Feel Like?

The Purple Grid’s unique construction gives the mattress a distinct feel compared to other models sold today. The grid conforms to the body where pressure is exerted, and this results in targeted contouring to the shoulders and hips while the rest of the sleeper’s body experiences a floating sensation.

The Purple Mattress offers a medium-firm feel. Sleepers won’t experience the deep pressure-relieving cradle of memory foam, but the Purple Grid conforms to a noticeable extent. Side-sleepers receive adequate cushioning for their bodies to keep their spine aligned, while back-sleepers don’t sink too much thanks to the sturdy transitional layer.

Check out our Sleeper Ratings below to learn how the Purple Mattress performed with sleepers in different weight and position groups.

Ratings Breakdown

Performance Ratings

Next, let’s take a closer look at each performance rating we’ve given the Purple Mattress. These ratings are based on findings from our internal and external testing teams, along reviews from verified mattress owners.


The Purple Mattress has been available to the public for a few years, but we have not had sufficient time to test this model across the average mattress lifespan of six to eight years. Our durability rating for the mattress is based on its materials and quality of construction, owner experiences, and Purple’s overall reputation.

We estimate the Purple Mattress will perform for about seven years before a replacement is needed. This projected lifespan is on par with the average all-foam bed. The Purple Grid is a highly durable material compared to memory foam or polyfoam. However, deterioration in the transitional and support layers may lead to body impressions in the sleep surface and excessive sagging, both of which affect how supportive the mattress feels for sleepers.

Owners can help protect their Purple Mattress from sagging and impressions by rotating the bed head-to-foot every three to six months.

Motion Isolation

To evaluate the Purple Mattress for motion isolation, we asked two testers to lie down on the bed at the same time. One tester moved around while the other felt for movement transferring across the surface. The mattress exhibited very good motion isolation during this test. The surface absorbed most of the movement, and the testers felt very little transfer. These findings were consistent with ratings from our external testers who share their bed with a sleep partner.

The Purple Mattress is on par with all-foam beds in this category. The mattress does not completely eliminate transfer, but the Purple Grid is designed to absorb the sleeper’s body where pressure is exerted while maintaining a flat, uniform surface across the rest of the bed. This allows the mattress to isolate motion very well while also being fairly responsive.


Our testers noticed some initial odor when unboxing the Purple Mattress. When they returned to re-evaluate the mattress a few days later, they found the off-gassing smells had completely dissipated. This is due in part to the comfort layer’s open-grid design, which does not trap unpleasant smells like solid foam. Owner experiences with the Purple Mattress also indicate low odor potential.

All mattresses produce some off-gassing odor when new, but models with foam components tend to be smellier than other mattress types. Most mattresses do not produce excessive odor beyond the initial unboxing stages, but some carry a noticeable and persistent smell. The Purple Mattress is a good option for people who find even faint off-gassing odor offensive.

Pressure Relief

Our testers evaluated the Purple Mattress for pressure relief by lying on a sensory pad that monitors reduced blood circulation in the shoulders, hips, and other pressure-sensitive areas. They also changed positions to see if pressure increased or decreased on their side, back, and stomach.

Overall, our testers weighing 230 pounds or less reported adequate pressure relief. Heavier sleepers, on the other hand, experienced more added pressure.

The bed’s pressure-relieving abilities also vary by sleep position. The Purple Grid material offers good cushioning for the shoulders and hips, which can improve spinal alignment for side-sleepers, while the robust polyfoam layers provide even support and weight distribution for back-sleepers.

Stomach-sleepers weighing 130 pounds or more found the mattress too prone to sagging. For those who sleep on their stomach, too much sagging causes the body to sink too deeply and often causes neck and shoulder pain.

Temperature Neutrality

The Purple Grid has an open construction that allows more air to flow through the layer. As a result, the Purple Mattress absorbs minimal body heat and sleeps exceptionally cool – especially compared to beds with memory foam or polyfoam comfort layers, which tend to trap a fair amount of heat. We recommend the Purple Mattress to anyone who finds all-foam beds too hot.

Edge Support

Our testers evaluated the Purple Mattress for edge support by sitting along the bed’s perimeter as an owner might do when getting in and out of bed. Testers in all weight groups noticed significant sinkage while sitting, particularly those who weigh more than 230 pounds. As the transitional and support foam deteriorates, the mattress may begin to permanently sag in areas where owners normally sit.

Our testers also took turns lying along the edge of the mattress to check for feelings of “roll-off.” Testers weighing 230 pounds or less found the edges relatively stable, but heavier individuals felt less secure. Overall, we consider the bed’s edge support to be fair at best.

The Purple Mattress is comparable to all-foam mattresses in terms of edge support. Other mattress types, such as innerspring and hybrid models, have dense coil systems that reinforce the perimeter against excessive sinkage and provide more stability for sleepers across different weight groups.


During our tests, the Purple Mattress did not produce any noise when bearing weight. The Purple Grid material is virtually silent, as are the transitional and support layers, making the Purple Mattress comparable to other all-foam or all-latex beds in terms of noise potential. Other mattress types tend to be louder due to different internal components, such as coils found in innerspring or hybrid models.

The Purple Grid is fairly responsive with a noticeable bounce, making it a good option for couples who prefer a springier surface for sex. However, the comfort layer’s buckling material may sink excessively for some couples, especially if they are on the heavier side.

Many couples find lower-profile mattresses uncomfortable for sex because they bottom out easily. This does not appear to be an issue with the Purple Mattress. Although the bed has a 9.5-inch profile, its heavy frame and dense transitional and support materials provide decent stability.

Sleeper Ratings

The ideal firmness and thickness settings for a mattress largely depend on a sleeper’s body weight, shape, and preferred sleep position. In order to better inform our readers and avoid subjectivity in our review, the Tuck team evaluated the bed with sleep testers of varying body types and position preferences.

Lightweight Sleepers – Less than 130 lbs.

Our lightweight testers found the Purple very comfortable across different sleep positions. The Purple Grid conforms closely enough to cushion the body and alleviate pressure for side-sleepers, while the transitional and support foams help distribute weight and maintain an even plane for back- and stomach-sleepers.

Sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds often prefer soft to medium-soft mattresses because they conform more closely to their bodies. Firmer beds do not conform enough, resulting in less pressure relief – and in some cases, added discomfort. The Purple Mattress is an exception due to its unique comfort layer composition, which offers adequate contouring for lighter people while maintaining a firmer feel.

Side-sleepers who prefer to sink deeply into their mattress may not find the Purple Mattress comfortable. However, we recommend the mattress to any lightweight individual who likes sleeping “on” – not “in” – their bed.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 to 230 lbs.

Overall, our average weight testers found the Purple reasonably comfortable, but their experience largely depended on sleep position. The most positive ratings came from back-sleepers weighing 130 to 230 pounds, who felt the mattress provided an optimal balance of body-conforming and support. Side-sleepers also enjoyed the mattress but noted some pressure build-up.

Average weight stomach-sleepers experienced some sagging – a common issue associated with this position. Many people carry a large portion of their weight in their midsection, and sleeping on the stomach can pull the body deeper into the mattress.

Models with robust coil systems often withstand sagging and maintain an even surface. However, the Purple Mattress and other beds with foam transitional and support layers are more likely to sag excessively.

Heavyweight Sleepers – More than 230 lbs.

The Purple Mattress also received mixed ratings from our testers weighing more than 230 pounds. Back-sleepers found the mattress adequately supportive and did not experience too much sagging, though they felt some added pressure at times. Side-sleepers also reported more pressure, with uneven support around the hips.

Heavier stomach-sleepers experienced significant sagging, and this has a major effect on how comfortable the mattress felt. The potential for stomach-sleeper aches and pains, particularly around the neck and shoulders, is fairly high for the Purple Mattress.

Pricing and Discounts

  • Twin$599
  • Twin XL$699
  • Full$849
  • Queen$999
  • King$1,299
  • Cal King$1,299

Purple Coupons and Promos

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How Does the Purple Mattress Compare to Other Beds?

We urge all mattress shoppers to compare different brands and models before deciding which bed is best for them. In this next section, we’ll see how the Purple Mattress stacks up against other Purple models and some leading mattresses from competing brands.

Purple Mattress vs. Purple Hybrid

Like the Purple Mattress, the Purple Hybrid is built with a 2-inch Purple Grid comfort layer and offers a medium-firm (6.5) feel. The key distinction between these two beds is support core construction, as the Purple Hybrid features pocketed coils reinforced with transitional and base layers of high-density foam. The hybrid has an 11-inch profile and provides more overall support than the Purple Mattress.

Due to strong airflow through the coil layer and good surface cooling from the Purple Grid, the Purple Hybrid offers excellent temperature neutrality. The Purple Mattress sleeps reasonably cool, but the hybrid is a better option for hot sleepers. The Purple Hybrid’s thick coil system also offers better support for heavier sleepers, as well as more reinforcement along the edges.

The Purple Mattress has a lower price-point than the Purple Hybrid, though the latter is still very inexpensive compared to other hybrid models. If cost is a major factor, shoppers may opt for the Purple Mattress, but we recommend the Purple Hybrid to anyone seeking exceptional cooling and support from their bed.

Purple Mattress vs. Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple Hybrid Premier is a variation on the Purple Hybrid. Shoppers can choose from a 3-inch Purple Grid with a medium (5.5) feel or a 4-inch grid with a medium-soft (4.5) feel. Like the Purple Hybrid, the Hybrid Premier has a 7.5-inch pocketed coil support system for excellent temperature neutrality and very strong support.

The Hybrid Premier’s thicker comfort layers mostly eliminate motion transfer, giving this model a slight edge over the Purple Mattress and Purple Hybrid in terms of motion isolation. Thanks to a higher profile that doesn’t sacrifice coil thickness, the Hybrid Premier also offers even support and pressure relief for sleepers across all weights and position groups.

For many shoppers, choosing between the Purple Mattress and Purple Hybrid Premier will come down to pricing. The Hybrid Premier is fairly expensive with a 3-inch Purple Grid, and exceptionally expensive with a 4-inch grid. However, Purple offers free White Glove delivery – including in-home assembly and old mattress removal – for Hybrid Premier orders. This service is not available for free with the Purple Mattress.

Purple Mattress vs. The Casper

The Casper mixed-foam mattress offers a medium (5) feel and close body-conforming. A top polyfoam layer gives the mattress a light bounce, resulting in a combination of sleeping “on” and sleeping “in” the bed. This contrasts with the Purple Mattress, which creates the sensation of floating on top of the surface.

Although the Casper has better-than-average temperature neutrality for an all-foam bed, the mattress does trap some body heat and may sleep warm as a result. This makes the Purple Mattress a better choice for hot sleepers. However, the Casper’s less responsive surface absorbs and minimizes more motion transfer, and its robust support system provides better edge support.

Price-points are nearly identical between the Casper and Purple Mattress. Those who prefer a balance of sinking and sleeping on top of their mattress may want to choose the Casper, while the Purple Mattress is a better option for those who like sleeping “on” their bed.

Purple Mattress vs. Leesa Mattress

Like the Casper mentioned above, the Leesa Mattress is a mixed-foam model made with polyfoam and memory foam comfort layers. The mattress has a medium (5) feel and conforms closely, but does not provide the same body cradle as traditional memory foam. The surface has a light bounce, but the Purple Mattress is much more responsive.

The Leesa Mattress does not trap as much body heat as other all-foam beds, but the Purple Mattress promotes stronger airflow thanks to its open-grid comfort layer and sleeps cooler by comparison. Both beds isolate motion transfer very well and do not make any noise when bearing weight, so either model is suitable for anyone who awakens easily due to their sleep partner’s movements.

The Leesa has a lower price-point than the Purple Mattress, but both models are considered fairly inexpensive. Those who enjoy a combination of sleeping “in” and sleeping “on” their mattress may want to choose the Leesa Mattress, but the Purple Mattress is better suited to hot sleepers and those who prefer sleeping “on” their bed.

Purple Mattress vs. Nectar Mattress

The Nectar Mattress is made with two memory foam comfort layers, along with a memory foam transitional layer and a high-density polyfoam base. The mattress is medium-firm but the materials conform very closely to the sleeper’s body to form a deep body cradle. This contrasts with the Purple Mattress, which makes sleepers feel as though they are floating on the surface.

On the other hand, hot sleepers will probably feel more comfortable using the Purple Mattress. The Nectar Mattress has low- and medium-density comfort layers that trap a minimal amount of body heat, but the bed may still sleep warm for some. In other areas, such as motion isolation and pressure relief, the Purple and Nectar mattresses performed at roughly the same level.

The Nectar Mattress costs less than the Purple Mattress, but both beds offer good value for shoppers. The Nectar Mattress is a great option for people who enjoy the traditional feel of memory foam, while the Purple Mattress is better for those who like more push-back from their sleep surface.

Purple Mattress vs. T&N Mattress

The T&N Mattress from Tuft & Needle is an all-polyfoam model with a graphite-infused comfort layer and a high-density polyfoam base. Like the Purple Mattress, the T&N Mattress has a medium-firm (6.5) feel. The polyfoam also gives the T&N Mattress a light bounce, but the Purple Mattress is still a more responsive model.

Both mattresses isolate motion transfer very well and are silent when bearing weight, making either one a good option for couples. The T&N Mattress also sleeps fairly cool thanks to the graphite infusion in its comfort layer – but for those who tend to feel too hot on foam beds, the Purple Mattress will probably be more suitable.

The T&N Mattress has a lower price-point than the Purple Mattress, but both are inexpensive and considered high-value models. Sleepers who like the conforming of foam will likely prefer the T&N Mattress, while people who want to sleep exceptionally cool may want to pick the Purple mattress instead.

Purple Mattress

Purple Hybrid

Hybrid Premier


Leesa Mattress

Nectar Mattress

T&N Mattress

MATTRESS TYPEFoamHybridHybridFoamFoamFoamFoamPRICE RANGE$999$1,449$2,199$995.00$999$799$506FIRMNESS OPTION6.56.54.5,5.55.556.56.5AVAILABILITYonlineonline, in-storeonline, in-storeonline, in-storeonline, in-storeonline, in-storeonlineSLEEP TRIAL100 nights100 nights101 nights100 nights100 nights365 nights100 nightsWARRANTY LENGTH10 Year, Non-prorated10 year11 year10 Year, Limited10 Year, LimitedLimited Lifetime10 Year, Non-prorated

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Purple Mattress FAQ

Sleep Trial 100 nights

Shipping Free to contiguous U.S.

Warranty 10 years, non-prorated

Made In USA

Where Can I Buy the Purple Mattress?

In addition to the Purple website, the Purple Mattress is available for purchase on The mattress is also sold in brick-and-mortar stores across the country, including select Mattress Firm locations. A full store directory is available online. Purple occasionally opens pop-up showrooms, as well.

Where Do They Ship?

Purple ships mattresses to all 50 states and anywhere in Canada.

White Glove Delivery?

White Glove delivery is not available for any Purple Mattress orders.

Old Mattress Removal?

Old mattress removal is not offered with any Purple Mattress deliveries.

Full Delivery Policy

The delivery policy for Purple mattresses is as follows:

  1. Standard deliveries are made withinfive business days. Customers that requestexpedited shippingcan expect their mattress to be delivered withintwo business days.
  2. Purple reserves the right tocancel ordersthat appear to have been made by dealers or retailers for resale purposes, andnot for private use.
  3. Ordersmay not be cancelledonce they haveshipped.
  4. Deliveries and returns may take longer for mattresses shipped torural areasof the U.S. Specific delivery time estimates are not available, but Purple ships mattresses using UPS, FedEx, and other courier services.

Trial Period and Warranty Details

Trial Period and Guarantee:Purple offers a100-night sleep trialfor all mattresses.

  1. The sleep trialbeginson the originaldate of purchase. The Purple Mattress may bereturned for a refund or exchangedfor another Purple model atany pointduring this sleep trial.
  2. There isnot a mandatory break-in period, but Purplerecommendstesting out the mattress forat least 30 nightsin order to properly break it in.
  3. If an owner opts toexchange the mattress, the second modelwill not be eligiblefor the sleep trial.
  4. Purplewill coverall shipping and handling expensesassociated with returns and exchanges, unless there are ‘extenuating circumstances.’ Purple will notify customers before charges are applied for these reasons.
  5. Customers must contact Purpleby phonein order to begin the return/exchange process. Returns and exchangesmay notbe facilitated oversocial media.

Warranty:Purple offers a10-year nonproratedwarranty:

  1. The warranty coverage will begin on thedate of purchase. Purple will, at their sole option,repair or replace mattresseswith defects for as long as the warranty is valid.
  2. According to the warranty, the mattressmust be“used on afirm, flat, solid-surface, non-spring foundation(whether non-moving type or adjustable type) sufficiently strong to remain flat and firm under the weight of the mattress and its users, from the date of delivery onward to the date of the warranty claim without interruption.” Additionally,Queen-size mattresses and largermust be used on foundations withat least five legs and center support. Failure to follow these guidelines willvoid the warranty.
  3. The warrantycoversindentations in the sleep surface measuring1 inch or deeper. The warranty also coversmanufacturing flawsthat cause mattress materials to split or crack prematurely.
  4. The warrantydoes not coverindentations that measureless than 1 inch, as this is considered normal wear and tear. Other defects not covered includephysical damage such as burns or stains, or issues that arise due tochanges in the owner’s comfort preferences.
  5. Themattress coverisnot includedin the mattress warranty, and will be protected under aseparate warranty for two yearsafter the original purchase. Purple reserves the right to repair or replace the cover, depending on the nature of the claim. The owner will be required to pay transportation and inspection costs for cover damages.
  6. The warranty isexclusively offeredto original owners who purchase the mattress from Purple or an authorized retailer and kept the mattress within the United States. The warranty will bevoidedif the mattress is resold or gifted to another owner, or if the mattress leaves the U.S.

Company Information

Customer Service

7 out of 10 owner experiences show customers have had a positive experience with Purple, irrespective of whether or not they liked their mattress.

Purple Mattress Review: Ordering From Amazon vs. Purple

Kate is a mother of two and holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree from Sonoma State University. She’s also a passionate researcher.

The Purple mattress seems to be all the hype online recently, but is it really worthy of all that attention? I have tried almost all the high end mattresses looking for relief from my back pain: Simmons, Stearns & Foster, Aireloom, and Serta. Many of these mattresses were $2500 or more. Could this "mattress in a box" really stack up?

My goal is to give you an honest review about this mattress based on my experience so you can decide if it’s worth a try. Also, I will discuss the differences between getting the mattress directly from Purple versus getting it through Amazon.

Ordering a Purple Mattress From vs.

The mattress features Purple’s trademarked “Hyper-Elastic Polymer” which is formed into a grid like pattern on top of two other supportive layers and it promises to provide a cooler mattress that is both plush like a soft mattress and supportive like a firm mattress. Purple includes a 10 year warranty and 100 nights to try out the mattress with no risk so, with urging from my husband, I decided to pull the trigger and order a purple mattress. Wait a minute! Should I order this mattress through or Well there are quite a few differences between the two options.

Should I Order from or

My husband wanted this mattress two months ago when I started doing the research on it so I needed to get it fast. I quickly discovered that there were two ways I could get this mattress.

I could order it directly through Purple’s website or through Amazon and there were significant differences between these two methods. After much research and many phone calls to both Purple and Amazon, I discovered the following.

Option 1: Ordering Through

If I were to order my mattress directly through, I am subject to their “lead times” (i.e. how long it takes them to make the product and get it to the shipping company). When Purple has a lot of orders, it could be four weeks or more just to get my mattress out the door and on its way to me! If they aren’t very busy it could be as little as two days. From what I saw from others online, it seemed like the typical lead time was about two weeks.

That was the case for me; Purple informed me that they were currently about two weeks out from shipping my order if I placed my order with them that day. Shipping would be free (and usually takes an additional two to three days), there would be approximately $100 in tax I would have to pay on top of the mattress price since I live in California, I would have the 100 night guarantee to try out the mattress, and by ordering directly through Purple, I would get their current promotion. At the time I called them, their promotion was a free seat cushion.

Seeing how my husband and I currently had our old, beat up queen sized mattress that hurt both of our backs, we were not excited at the prospect of waiting over two weeks to receive our new bed.

Option 2: Ordering Through

If I were to order my purple mattress through Amazon there were some significant differences. First, I could get the mattress at my front door guaranteed in two days! That would definitely make my husband happy. Also, for me being in California, there was no sales tax which would save me about $100. Sounds like a pretty easy decision doesn’t it?

Well there were two draw backs that I could find to ordering through Amazon. First, I would not qualify for their promotion they have on their website which was a free seat cushion. Secondly, I wouldn’t have their 100 night guarantee and would only have Amazon’s 30 day guarantee to try out the mattress.

Currently the listing on Amazon does boast “100 Night No Pressure Guarantee” which, as far as I can tell, is completely incorrect. From my calls directly to Purple’s headquarters, I was advised that if I were to order the mattress through Amazon, I was bound to processing any return of the mattress through Amazon and not Purple.

Purple representatives were very clear about this and even once I received my mattress there was documentation inside indicating that I would need to process any return through Amazon and not The literature I received also confirmed that I only had Amazon’s 30 days to try out the mattress and not the 100 nights that I would have gotten through Purple.

After a short deliberation with my husband, we decided to get our mattress through Amazon. True to Amazon’s word, we received our 140 pound king sized Purple brand mattress on our door step in two working days!

My First Impressions

My husband wrestled this mattress to our room and cut it open. This mattress inflated almost immediately and was at its fully inflated size within 15-30 seconds. Just to be sure, we let the mattress sit for another 10 minutes or so but it didn’t appear that was necessary and according to Purple’s website it really wasn’t. A few seconds is all that it needed.

The first thing we noticed about the mattress was that it was quite a bit thinner than our last mattress. I was surprised that I had not heard of that from any of the reviews I read. It is only about 9 inches thick, whereas our last mattress was about 12 inches thick. My husband is 6’2” tall and about 245 pounds and he was very concerned initially. He was worried he would hit bottom while sleeping on this mattress but we both agreed to reserve judgement until we slept on the mattress a few nights to get a good feel for it.

My Opinions After Six Months on the Purple Mattress

As I write this review, it has been about 6 months since we setup our new mattress in our room. I am very happy to report that my husband has not bottomed out the bed and we have been enjoying our restful nights immensely! Although the feeling of the mattress really is difficult to describe in words, I will do my best.

The top layer of the mattress feels both soft and firm at the same time. You can feel the grid like pattern the Hyper-Elastic Polymer has just underneath the surface. Areas where you put a lot of pressure will cause the little grid like polymer boxes to collapse down to the next firmer layer of the mattress, providing a firmer support. Areas where you put light pressure do not cause this to happen and you enjoy a very plush feeling in those areas.

The added benefit of this effect, in my opinion, is a feeling like your back is being (very slightly) stretched. Not enough to be uncomfortable, but it was enough to relieve some pressure in my back.

Have you ever tried one of those inversion tables to relieve back pain? You know that great feeling of stretching out your back and relieving pressure between the discs of you back when you hang upside down? It’s like that feeling just on a much more subtle level. This has caused both my husband and I to get some of the most restful night sleeps we have ever had along with zero back issues in the morning.


Overall, this mattress has been one of the best investments my husband and I have ever made. We went ahead and also got the matching Purple brand pillow, which also utilizes the same grid patterned Hyper-Elastic Polymer as the bed and is just as comfortable. I have had long time back problems due to a bulging disc in my back. I have also suffered many years with sciatica issues as well and I can honestly say my back has never felt better than it does now with this mattress, and as a bonus my husband never sweats while sleeping like he did before. It does seem to be a cooler mattress than our old one.

Looking back, I do kick myself for waiting the two months I did to research this mattress. Those months were filled with back pain and restless nights. I saw the Purple mattress early on in my research and should have bought it then. My only real complaint (which yes, I know, is very superficial) is the thickness of the bed. For purely aesthetics reasons I would love it if it were a bit thicker but it’s a small price to pay for the restful nights I have been having.

This is the best deal on a high end mattress that you will find anywhere. I will stake my two months of research on that statement. As long as you can live with it being a little on the thinner side then just get it. You have 30 days to sleep on it and you’ll have it in your room in two short days through Amazon. I promise you won’t be sending it back.

If you want to get more in-depth on this mattress, read some of the Amazon reviews or have a look at Consumer Report’s Take on the Purple Mattress.

This is the best deal on a high end mattress that you will find anywhere. I will stake my two months of research on that statement.

  • Purple Mattress Review: Is the Purple Powder Toxic?
    If you are at all concerned about the white powder that is reported to be in this mattress, see my research on this topic (the link above).

What is your biggest concern when it comes to purchasing a Purple Mattress?

Questions & Answers

I’m worried about how long the mattress sits in an Amazon warehouse before you order. Do you know how many days is the limit these things can stay rolled up for?

According to Purple, they recommend that the mattress doesn’t stay compressed and rolled up for any more than 2 to 3 weeks. Apparently, the main concern after that point is the proper expansion of the comfort grid system.

Other than Purple themselves, Amazon is the largest distributor of this mattress and I would imagine that their turnover is fairly high in their inventory.

My mattress had no problems expanding and it was fully expanded in probably 15 seconds or so. Hopefully, this helps to answer your question.


Purple Mattress Review: Is the Purple Powder Toxic?

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Chris Hayes

Any doubts about this mattress, I say to the nay sayers this is the best mattress I have ever owned. Thats coming from a guy that owed the sleep number, beauty rest, Denver mattress, Costco mattress and a few more all within a five year span. I am purchasing my third purple within a two years time period, my family loves these. Its worth buying from purple directly for another reason you get a ten percent discount if your a veteran that Amazon doesn’t offer. I do have plans to purchase a fourth mattress before the end of 2020. Once again this is a fabulous find and buy.


Nice write-up. I would recommend adding a "YMMV" caveat in regards to the lack of sales tax through Amazon. In light of the South Dakota v. Wayfair SCOTUS ruling, many states are requiring out of state retailers to collect sales tax. I’m a little surprised too, as I was under the impression that Amazon had been collecting sales tax for California residents since 2012.

I just ordered my mattress directly through purple, so I’m currently playing the waiting game.


Can you put it on top of a sleep number mattress?

Kate Daily

2 years ago from California

I’m not sure what the brand was, but it was a Costco memory foam "mattress in a box." Compared to the Costco mattress, the Purple mattress is lights years ahead.

ron white

What kind of mattress did you have before. I have a Talalay Latex mattress and its the best thing I ever slept on but after 20 yrs its nearing its end. Thanks

Eric Rost

To be honest I didn’t ask. It had been 2 business days and the order hadn’t shipped yet, Purple’s shipping method had delivery out 7 to 10 days past when they shipped and Amazon had guaranteed delivery in 3 days.

Kate Daily

2 years ago from California

I am glad I was able to help Eric! Out of curiosity, what was the lead time you were quoted from Purple? I was quoted 2 weeks.

Eric Rost

Thanks for this post. You made us decide to cancel our direct order and stick with Amazon shipping. Can’t wait to see how we like it!

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Purple® Mattress Shipping Times

What are the Purple® Mattress shipping times?

We understand if you’re eager to start sleeping great on your new Purple® Mattress! Shipping times can vary depending on holidays, promos, and weather conditions, but usually, your order will leave our warehouse within 3-5 business days. Of course, we’ll do our absolute best to get your mattress to you ASAP. The time of arrival to your home can vary depending on the location of where the mattress is being delivered to and your delivery method — ground shipping usually arrives 3-5 business days after it leaves our warehouse, while white glove delivery can take up to a few weeks.

To get a more accurate status update on your Purple order, please feel free to contact our Customer Care team and they will be happy to assist you! Contact us at 888-848-8456 or [email protected]

Where can Purple ship to?

We ship to the US and Canada – that includes all 48 Contiguous United States get free shipping. Shipping fees for everywhere else.

How will my Purple® Mattress be shipped?

Your Purple® Mattress will come vacuum-sealed and rolled up in a Purple plastic tube with convenient carrying handles and an easy-open tool. With ground shipping, it will be delivered right up to your front door and white glove delivery offers in-home setup and even old mattress removal (select mattresses qualify for white glove delivery).

Do you offer White-Glove Delivery?

For select mattresses weighing under 150 pounds, White Glove In-Home Delivery is available as an upgrade for a small fee or free FedEx delivery to your door. Mattresses over 150 pounds are delivered with complimentary white glove delivery (they’re too heavy to ship standard ground).

White-Glove In-Home Delivery is only available to a delivery address in the lower 48 states. You must select White Glove In-Home Delivery at the time of checkout. White-Glove Delivery is not available to APO/FPO addresses, nor is it available to certain remote locations, Alaska and Hawaii addresses. Additional restrictions may apply.

This offer is only good for orders placed directly through the Purple website, in Purple authorized retail locations, or from our direct-order telephone sales. White-Glove In-Home Delivery does not apply to any purchase made at third-party retail stores.

White-Glove In-Home Delivery includes:

  • Delivery to your home
  • Open and preparation of merchandise
  • Inspection of each item
  • Placement of merchandise in your home
  • Removal of all packing materials and cartons
  • Standard removal of bedding on a one-for-one basis (if selected at the time of checkout). However, we reserve the right to refuse the removal of soiled or stained mattresses or that show evidence of possible insect infestation.

By selecting White Glove In-Home Delivery, you consent to entry by Purple or its other hired independent contractors entry into your home and personal living space. You expressly assume the risk of having third party invitees in your home. Delivery personnel is NOT PERMITTED to move or handle your existing furniture. Please have your room and space ready, making sure all pathways are clear and removing all breakable items in the delivery path.

Purple Bed Mattress Review – Purple Reign!This mattress may make the color purple more popular than Prince himself.


Motion Transfer



Off Gassing

Trial Period

  • Smart-Comfort Grid
  • No heat retention
  • Great pressure relief
  • 100 night trial
  • 10 year warranty

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Get a free set of Purple Sheets or a Purple Pillow with your mattress purchase. Click here to activate and get the best discount.

I’m so excited for the Purple mattress review. The company sent me a free king size Purple mattress to test out. This mattress may make the color purple more popular than Prince himself. The reason for my excitement is that this mattress has a top layer construction that is unlike anything I have reviewed so far. I first found out about the Purple mattress through the Kickstarter campaign where 320 backers pledged $171,560 to bring the project to life. I have seen other mattress Kickstarter campaigns and they don’t even come close to the popularity of Purple. Below is their official Kickstarter video.

Below is their famous raw egg test video on the Purple Mattress featuring Mallory Everton from Studio C, a well known YouTube channel:

Another favorite Purple mattress video is the one made by the Purple Boys

Overview of the Purple Mattress

Since this mattress has been around a while, I updated my review to reflect how the mattress has evolved over the years.

How to Order the Purple Mattress

You can order Purple direct from their website. According to my UPS tracking, the mattress with packaging weighs in at 143 lbs. By far the heaviest mattress I have reviewed. Right now you can get a king size for $1,299. As a general rule of thumb, I find the heavier the mattress, the more quality you get. That’s because there’s just more material in there to work with.

Unboxing Cool Purple

The mattress comes in a plastic bag as shown below. There’s no external box, just this which is really cool. the top unzips and then you can slide it out of the bag. Getting it out of the bag may take two people since it’s in there tight. Instead, I just cut the bag open which is a shame because it would be great to reuse to store things in.

The bag also comes with handles so it makes it easier to move. This came in super handy while bringing it up a flight of stairs. At over 140 lbs. I’ll take all the help I can get.

Here’s me unboxing the Purple Mattress. When unzipping the cover I found that they give you a cutter, instructions and two mini samples of the purple top layer.

You can unzip the ticking. I really like the embossed “Purple” logo on the sides:

The Purple Smart Grid

What really makes this mattress stand out from the competition is the Smart-Comfort Grid. Here’s a sample that comes with the mattress when you open the purple plastic casing. When you lay down on this polymer grid it will buckle where it gets the most pressure and support you where you need it. Its completely different than foam because it conforms instantly and recovers instantly. The other huge advantage is that it sleeps really cool because air passes right through the top layer.

The original Purple mattress is great for people that weigh up to 220 lbs. Beyond that, I would advise heavy people to take a look at the Purple 2 or 3. The Purple 4 will be too soft for heavy people and won’t provide enough support.

Purple Mattress Specifications and Construction

  • Trial & Return: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Top Layer (2″): Hyper-elastic polymer™ Smart-Comfort Grid
  • Middle Layer (3.5″): 1.8 lbs density polyurethane foam
  • Base Layer (4″): 2.0 lbs density polyurethane foam
  • Appx Dimensions (WxLxH – Inches): 75.5″ x 79.5″ x 9.5″
  • How much does the Purple mattress weigh? Appx Weight (lbs): 140
  • Color: White
  • Fabric Content:Knit Fabric:29% Viscose, 67% Polyester, 4% Polyester-Lycra (all +- 5%)Weight:450 g/m2 +- 10%Non-Skid Bottom:100% Polyester stitchbond with non-FR coating
  • Fire Retardant: Firegard® Knit Barrier
  • Shipping Dimensions (LxW-diameter – Inches): 76″ x 16″
  • Model Number: TPB-K-01
  • How to clean the Purple mattress: Spot clean with mild detergent (such as upholstery cleaner).

Findings of Purple’s Unique Layer

Here’s what the layers look like. The bottom two layers are really just for support. What makes Purple unique is the top layer. So, what is the Purple mattress made of? The Purple mattress is made of a hyper elastic polymer grid that collapses when exerting a certain amount of pressure. The grid will provide support and pressure relief where need while maintaining a cool sleep environment.

The first night of sleeping on this mattress was wonderful. This is truly a unique sleep experience in large part because of the Smart-Comfort Grid. You get a sort of floating sensation and the grid conforms to all your pressure points while providing support where you need it. Here’s what the grid looks like:

This is also the most breathable mattress I have ever tested. If your major concern is sleeping hot, then get this mattress. It beats all the competition hands down. The Purple ranks extremely high in point elasticity. That means it will collapse where needed without affecting the other parts of a mattress. A traditional inner spring has low point elasticity, think about how you feel your partner moving around. The best example of the Purple point elasticity is their egg test where it rapidly adjusts to the pressure exerted by the egg.

The only other mattress with this high level of point elasticity that I have tested is the Luxi mattress. Luxi calls this their SBT layer (Support Balancing Layer). Here’s a comparison of the Luxi vs. Purple.

Here’s a video illustrating how each layer works:

With this mattress, you sleep on it more than in it. Whether or not that’s a good thing comes down to preference. Some people like more of a pillow top feel some don’t. Notice that there isn’t a large amount of sinkage with this mattress however it does a wonderful job with pressure relief.

Here’s how it handles motion transfer:

I don’t notice my partner shifting around on this mattress. Motion is very well contained and it also bounces back into shape well which is very hard to achieve in a mattress.

To give you a better sense of how the polymer grid works, here’s a video with the Purple Pillow. I took off the cover of the pillow so you can see how the grid system works. This is in slow motion.

If you’re looking for sheets for the Purple mattress, I strongly recommend going with a set the Purple Sheets. They are stretchy and breathable so you will get the full performance of the mattress. The same goes with a mattress protector. You can get other brands of performance sheets such as Sheex or Bedgear but I haven’t come across a mattress protector like the Purple Mattress protector. It is very stretchy but still waterproof, breathable and light.

After a few months of use, I washed the Purple cover. Yes, you can wash the Purple mattress cover. I washed it in a Samsung High-Efficiency washer on the gentle cycle with cold water and regular detergent then dried it in the dryer with the “air dry” feature which just blows cool air through the dryer. It took a few cycles to completely dry but when I put it back on my mattress it was just fine and looks great. Here’s a picture below after washing the Purple mattress cover.

Final Thoughts After Test Driving Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress provides amazing pressure relief and temperature regulation. It doesn’t sleep “cool” or “hot” instead it just passes heat through the comfort grid. I love how it contours so well to your body. In my opinion, it truly is a Goldilocks mattress in the sense that you get great support and contouring. However, it isn’t a mattress that feels “cozy” or will hug you. I weigh over 210 lbs. and the grid handled my body just fine. According to their side, 300 lbs. is the threshold for weight. That means 300 per person so 600 total.

I sleep primarily on my stomach and side and this mattress felt great in both positions. Sometimes I get numbness in my arm from sleeping on my stomach on certain mattresses. The Purple was able to sink enough in the right areas so this didn’t happen.

Expect to hear a lot about Purple in the near future. It’s a game changer in the mattress industry and is exploding in popularity.

Purple has recently launched some new accessories including the Purple Mattress Protector and the Purple Pillow. Below is a video overview of the Purple Pillow

Purple recently launched 2 new models, the Purple 3 and Purple 4. The model in this review is now known as the Purple 2. To learn more about how the Purple 3 and Purple 4 compare to the Purple 2, check out this comparison guide I made.

Here’s the full Purple 4 Mattress Review. Of all the Purples, the Purple 4 is my favorite and an absolute must for side sleepers.

The Purple can be hard to return. I think the reason for this is that they are growing quickly so they are overwhelmed with customer service. That said they will process your return if you follow the rules of the trial, it just may take a bit longer than other brands.

Choose from a free Purple Pillow or set of Purple Sheets with any mattress purchase. Click here to activate and get the best discount.

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Purple.


Motion Transfer



Off Gassing

Trial Period

  • Smart-Comfort Grid
  • No heat retention
  • Great pressure relief
  • 100 night trial
  • 10 year warranty

About Author: Sleep Sherpa

140 thoughts on “Purple Bed Mattress Review – Purple Reign!”

Do you need a box spring with this mattress?

No, it can be placed on the floor, slats or a platform bed. Box spring not necessary.

While the box spring is not necessary, if you are transitioning from a traditional set up that has box springs, can you place a Purple mattress on top, or does it cause any problems?

No, you can put it on a traditional box spring as long as there is no give to it and it is firm.

I don’t recommend this for any type of foam mattress. It needs to breathe and can cause mold to grow if you lay it on a hardwood surface. I have done this and lost a great mattress in the process.

Hi Ben! I’ve been enjoying all of your mattress reviews. I know that the Purple mattress is super new, but I’m wondering how you would compare it to the Luxi mattress?

The Purple is slightly on the firmer end. As I said in the post, you sleep “on” it more than “in” it. The top layer, Smart-Comfort Grid does an excellent job of conforming but doesn’t hug you like memory foam does.

The Luxi SBT layer is made of foam and also collapses under pressure so there is a somewhat similar feeling. The Luxi can also be configured different ways by changing the layers around on each side of the bed if you buy a queen or king.

I think if you know you prefer a medium firm or firm mattress, definitely go with Purple. If you and your partner have different sleep preferences, you may want to give the Luxi a try.

How long have you been using/testing this mattress? Thinking about buying it and want to know your thoughts after you have been sleeping on it for a while. Thanks.

I’ve spend 4 nights on it so far. It will take some time to get a true sense of how it feels since body needs at least a few weeks to adjust to a new mattress but so far so good! I really appreciate that it doesn’t trap heat like a memory foam can.

Thanks for reviewing this. The info provided is immensely helpful. I’m curious about the return policy and more specifically if I’ll be required to pay return shipping. 140lbs through UPS can be pricey. I do know about the 100 day trial and free shipping to my house already, but I haven’t heard much on if the return cost is absorbed by me. Any info you can provide would be great. Thanks again.

Here’s the return information according to their FAQ:

How do returns work?
We hope that you’ll try Purple™ for at least a month before deciding to return it. It’s quite possible that your body was compensating for your previous bed, and it could take some time for your body to get used to actually having the right support. That being said, if you do decide to return your Purple™ Product, you’ll contact our support team through and they’ll walk you through the process for returning:

The Purple™ Bed – there’s no way you’re getting it back into the packaging it comes in, and it’s heavy and expensive to ship back. So we’ll find a local donation center to come pick it up for you.

It just seems…strange. It’s a 2 inch rubber grid with just regular foam. I find all the Kickstarter companies to seem very comparable on the range of firmness. Yet they say it fits everybody. I like a real soft bed.

If you like a real soft bed, I wouldn’t recommend the Purple. You won’t sink into it as much as a softer foam bed.

Can it be used with a box spring or is it better without?

Either way is fine, just make sure the box spring is a newer one made in the last 10 years and doesn’t have any give to it. It can go on a floor or slats too.

Thanks for the review. I notice on their website that they are at least three weeks out on delivery due to demand. Do you know or have you heard if they will stick to three weeks or be delayed longer (due to higher demand)? Worst case scenario they are unable to fulfill orders in a timely manner. Thank you!

THanks so much for the great review! I just ordered mine using your link. My back cannot wait for it to arrive. I’ve been sleeping on an Essentia Jeanius mattress for 4 years and it was fantastic in the beginning, but about a year ago it really started to sag and now it’s just pure pain now.

On a side note, do you use and/or recommend a good mattress cover to protect the mattress from absorbing allergens, etc.?

Go with the Malouf Sleep Tite mattress protector. It breathes great and it’s what I have on my Purple mattress right now:

Thanks so much! That cover looks great. I totally missed that review and it looks like the perfect solution. May have to get the pillow cases too. 🙂 Also, I found the soaps/cleaners and those look excellent as well. Dang, I’m going to spend my next 3 months’ budget. 🙂 BTW, this is an outstanding resource you’ve built. Thanks so much for doing it.

Hi, great review! How would you rate the edge for support? Also can the cover come off? I am thinking about this for our air stream so it would need to be “trimmed” to fit. I know sounds crazy but people do it 😉

Loved your review and got the queen mattress delivered last Friday. It’s been almost a week and I’m convinced, but my wife is still in the wait and see mode.

I noticed your other reviews speak about the three layers in more detail. What do you think about the durability and quality of the three layers in Purple?

I can’t speak to the durability quite yet as I haven’t had enough time with it but the two layers below the top layer of the Purple are firmer. What I’m most interested in is learning how the top layer holds up over time.

Ben, at least on the mobIle browser of the Samsung phone I use, lowercase “I’s” aren’t Included In the font set used for the comments. All the words with lowercase “I’s” in them are mIssIng the letter. Just a heads up.

YIkes! Thanks for lettIng me know. I wIll see If I can get that fIxed.

Love your reviews! Did you prefer the Lull or the Purple? They seem so similar, yet quite different.

They are definitely different feeling mattresses. The Lull is going to feel more like a traditional memory foam mattress. The purple grid on the Purple mattress is really what sets it apart. Like I said in the review, you aren’t going to sink into it. Instead, it does a really good job of addressing specific pressure points and collapsing as necessary. The breathability of the Purple is unsurpassed so you won’t overheat. The Purple feels completely different than any other mattress I have tested.

Thank you so much for this review! I am due for a new mattress as mine now has a crater after 10 years of use and me weighing 195lbs. I never slept a full night on a memory foam mattress before because I hated how I would just sink into it and had to crawl out. This is an issue for me because I often move around a lot at night. The purple has my attention because of that top layer however due to my weight and I going to have the same sink in issue. Also how does the purple compare to the Alexander, as I know the Alexander seems to be top rated.

The threshold for weight according to their website:

The Purple™ Bed should easily support any person up to 300 lbs (this is weight per person, not combined weight of multiple users). If you’re worried about accommodating someone significantly heavier than that but still want the power of Purple™, we recommend buying a high quality firm mattress specifically designed for “heavy sleepers” and adding the Purple™ Top to it. It may be a bit more expensive now, but will be more than worth it in the long run.

Between this and the Alexander they are very different mattresses. I think you will enjoy the Purple since you mention you don’t like the sinking in.

Is there a payment plan that can be set up?

Can you use a heated mattress pad or heated blanked withe the Purple mattress? I think I might miss having one of those during our cold Chicago winters.

That would be fine although it will reduce the elasticity of the mattress which means less pressure relief if you use a mattress pad. This mattress works best with sheets that have a little give to them.

Does the “off-gassing” rating of 9.5/10 mean that there is no noticeable noxious emissions odor when the mattress is first unwrapped? And if there is some odor, how quickly does it dissipate?

That’s correct. There is very little odor with this mattress. For me it complete went away in a couple days.

Ordered my purple mattress – it should arrive Friday!! I know they recommend ‘ stretchy sheets’ to not lose any of the benefit. Do you have any sheet recommendations? From your reviews I really liked the look of the SOL organic sheets – would these be good?

Thanks for your help and for having such a wonderfully helpful website.

I’m really interested in purchasing this mattress. If it is too firm would a pillow top compensate? Or will it take away from the uniqueness of the mattress?

Hello Purple People!

I am trying to find out if I need to (or if I ‘should’) use a mattress cover. I usually use one to reduce the chance of staining. I also don’t want to reduce the effectiveness of the mattress.

I also am wondering is using a box spring is better than slats? It seems as if a box spring would be more supportive so I am leaning toward that option. However, I don’t have box springs now so I would prefer not to buy something I don’t really need.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Like the Purple but not available in California King.?

When will the full size be available?

How long does it take it to get to full size once opened and layer out? Mine is at 8″ now. Will it get to 9.5?

It shouldn’t take long. Mine was ready to go in less than an hour. You can see in my video that it pops into shape quickly.

Am I missing something? They pound and pound on foam on their website as being toxic and full of chemicals and so old fashion and yet under the purple stuff there is an ample amount of foam. Kinda sketchy, yes?

Wow… Does any one who actually USED the mattress ever leave a comment…?

I have had one in my h ok me for 14 months. It is actually in a guest room and everyone who has slept on the bed remarks about how comfortable it is. Conforms well, gives great support, sleeps cool; they have all loved the bed. Also have a newer Tempuroedic in as another room and the purple is the clear winner over the Tempurpedic. So, I just bought another p.o purple for my grandson’s room. Highly recommend this mattress!!

How does it compare to a Leesa as far as firmness is concerned? My son has a Leesa and he loves it. Just wondering if its about the same firmness.

The Purple will feel firmer than the Leesa. You aren’t going to sink into the Purple as much as the Leesa.

Can the Purple bed be used with an adjustable base that raises the head and feet? I am hoping this does not cause issues as I like the adjustable base.

Yes, I used my Purple on an adjustable base.

I’ve been sleeping on my Purple for a month and I cannot believe the difference. I wear a FitBit, and I went from being restless 15-35 times a night for up to an hour and waking up 2-5 times a night, with my average night sleep 4.89hrs, to often sleeping the whole night through and never once exceeding 5X restless. I’ve increase my average sleeping time to over 7 hours. I like a softer bed and my husband prefers a firm bed, but we both absolutely love the Purple. We used to wake up sweating pretty regularly, and we haven’t once since we bought the Purple. I highly recommend it, especially to people like me with back problems and sleep problems. The Purple is a game changer.

i ordered mine about a week ago & got it today on thanksgiving. Have not taken out of bag yet. Waiting for other items I ordered with it. Hope it helps my back feel better. A fit bit wow great idea for proof of sleep. Great to hear as fit bit cannot lie…..It just proves mattress works & is a game changer sounds like.

What type of adjustable base do you use?

I have the Reverie 8Q Here’s a link to an overview of the mattress and the adjustable base:

Very interested in the Purple. My only concern is my wife is a self proclaimed “princess and the pea” person. How pronounced are the joints in the top layer when you lay on it? Can you feel them at all or does it just blend it and not noticeable?

I found the grid to be noticeable at first. I got used to it after about 3 nights. It is a different feel than a traditional mattress so definitely something to be aware of.

This question is R rated, so be warned! We hate our memory foam type mattress for sex because we just sink up in it. After five years, we also are rolling toward the center and it sleeps hot. We’re looking for less sinkage and more bounce and a cooler sleep experience.

You won’t sink in with the purple and it will have a little bounce to it. The Purple is also the best mattress I have tested so far for temperature regulation.

Would Brooklinen luxe sheets work well with it? Sateen sheets?

Brooklinen should work just fine. That’s what I used on it.

I bought a SleepNumber bed that had several parts to malfunction in less than 30 days. I returned it and ordered the Purple. I read that I can use it on an adjustable base, but does the mattress need to be secured to the base like my SleepNumber bed had to be?

I used mine on my Reverie 8Q Adjustable base. Your adjustable base should have some mechanism build into it to hold the mattress so it doesn’t slide off the bed.

Thanks for your informative reviews!
I’m curious about edge stiffness with the Purple mattress, as I tend to sleep very close to the edge of the bed.
Do the edges hold up well? And do they have any kind of reinforcement like some of the other brands claim to have?

The edge support is good. There’s not reinforcement on the edge of this mattress but it really doesn’t need it since the support layer is very firm.

Hello, I looked at the purple and luxi reviews and comparisons. I still cant decide. We need something for lower back pain. My husband and I are both side sleepers. My husband is also a disabled vet and ex airborne so his back is pretty bad. He likes a firmer mattress but not rock hard. We’re so stuck between these (actually it’s between luxi, purple, and ghost). Pleaaaaaase give us your recommendation lol

I would start with the Luxi since you can customize it to different firmness levels. It is the most versatile mattress I have reviewed.

Would you please tell me how the Purple compares with the Alexander Signature Hybrid?

The Purple will feel firmer than the Alexander medium firm. The Purple will sleep cooler and have a some bounce to it but not give you the hug and cozy feeling that the Alexander will.

The King Purple™ Mattress

$ 1,299.00 $ 1,399.00
Starting at $115 a month. for a foam mattress no way for under $10.00 in raw materials.

I know you don’t have to but can you use a box spring?

Yes, absolutely. Just make sure it’s a newer box spring that isn’t bouncy. One built in the last 10 years should be fine.

I’ve been sleeping on my purple for a month now and absolutely hate it. My husban loves it. He has wonderful nights of sleep. Where my back hurts more now than it ever has before. I get shooting pains in my mid back and my legs, feet and toes go numb. Am I the only one to hate this mattress?

I have chronic rhomboid pain, and I sleep on my side. What mattress(es) do you suggest?

Have you taken a look at the Layla mattress? It offers great pressure relief with two different firmness settings:

Ben I have a futon , been sleeping on it for a year . Can i just put the purple mattress on the frame and be fine ? Also if i put on the frame can i make it a couch then bed again like the futon is. If i can do this and get away with it sweet im in .

Unfortunately it won’t bend like a futon so it would not work in the upright position. I’m not sure what frame for the futon you have either. It would probably be best to get a stand alone frame.

How long does it take to fully expand?

It only takes a few minutes to expand. Since the bottom is a dense foam and the top is the purple layer, it is ready to sleep on very quickly.

Just wondering…I’ve seen some reviews that state that the mattresses are not true to size–a queen should be 80″ long, but customers report they measure some 3 inches short. Have you experienced this? We are 6’3 and 5’11 and need foot room. Thanks!

I didn’t notice that with my mattress. If you find it is too short I would certainly contact them.

My Queen sized Purple Mattress is only 77 inches. I have been sleeping on it with my feet hanging over the edge for over a year and just now reached out to customer service about this issue. I have not heard back yet.

Our Purple mattress, King, just arrived. We unrolled it and are worried about the size. It’s only measuring 74″x74″. I know it needs to expand, but will it still expand that much more? We’ve had it sitting for 15 mins so far. Still waiting.

It should expand to full shape within a half hour. If it is still the wrong shape overnight, I would contact Purple.

Wondered how you like your mattress by now? It has been nearly 6 months. Any sagging with the Purple? Thanks

I did not test it long term. I sold it to a neighbor after sleeping on it for a month or so. He hasn’t had any complaints about sagging or other issues.

I have two questions. I currently own a split king sleep number bed and my girlfriend and I both dislike it. One of our biggest problems with it is that the two mattresses push apart from each other in the middle of bed causing about a one foot gap between us. The bases are attached together and the mattresses are attached to the bases, but no matter how many times we push them back in together, the gap keeps coming back so I have to fill it with pillows. I’m pretty sure the purple wouldn’t have that problem because it’s a solid mattress. So now to my questions. I saw another post where you guys said that a sleep number adjustable base could be used with purple. The sleep number mattresses are screwed to the base so they stay on the base when you adjust the bed. Since there is no way to do that with the purple, a are we going to have problems with them sliding off the base I if we raise the heads? Also, If we have two twin XL’s side by side on the bases, are we going to have to worry about them pushing apart making a gap?

I can’t speak for the Sleep Number adjustable base but I do know that the Reverie adjustable base will work with the Purple. If you buy two twin xl mattresses you will still notice a gap. I prefer a traditional king over a split.

So, if you sold the Purple to your neighbor, what is the mattress that you like better/have gone back to and why?

I keep switching mattresses since I am constantly reviewing them. I prefer a softer mattress myself which can be problematic as a stomach sleeper. Right now I am sleeping on the Intellibed which was given to me for review by the company. I will be creating a review of that soon. The big drawback with it is that it is very expensive. I have a coupon code for the intellibed for 10% off by usingSLEEPSHERPAat checkout.

I saw that you recommended the sheex bed sheets, I was wondering if there is any specific style you recommend. Should I just go with an original style, or should I go with the bamboo or the fleece both of which look really comfortable? I have been interested in this bed for a while I just want to make sure im prepared when it gets here.

Go with the original style sheex as it will give you the best performance out of the mattress.

Hey Ben, any idea of what kind of adjustable box spring you can use with purple? We have the king size and so far it’s amazing but I have developed lower back pain and have chronic upper back pain. I’ve noticed that when raising my legs and head just slightly with pillows, that my pain is eased.

This mattress will work with any adjustable base however I can only speak to my experience using it on a Reverie adjustable base. My review of that is here:

I know they are too different beds (coil hybrid vs pure foam) for an apple to apple comparison but we are between the winkbed and purple. We are side sleepers & most important for both of us is pressure release. And we aren’t small people. My husband is 6’4″ 280 and I am 5’7″ 175.

Your thoughts and comparison would be very helpful!! Thank you

I found that the Purple is probably best suited to stomach and back sleepers. With the Winkbed you will get more hug and the traditional mattress feel. With the Purple you still get pressure relief but feel like you are sleeping on it rather than “in” it making it less cozy.

We’ve been sleeping on the Purple for about a month now. I vacillated between hybrids and luxury foam mattress brands in what turned out to be an 8 month decision process. In the end, I chose to try Purple because everyone reported that the mattress slept “cool” or neutral at worst, plus I liked the idea of the mattress keeping a neutral spine angle (so if you sleep on your back for example, your butt sinks while your legs stay more on top of the mattress). My fiance and I both wake up every morning and marvel at how great our bed is! I’m basically a human furnace and this bed sleeps as cool as any I’ve slept in, and I’m not waking up in the middle of the night fighting for the right position. I’m 6’4″ 220 and she’s 5’9″ 115 (ages 38/30) and we’ve both had a great experience- can’t recommend this mattress and company enough (they sent replacement seat cushions after our delivery people left our package out front and the package was stolen). By the way, the seat cushions are awesome as well!

I have both this and the Alex Hybrid Mattress in King size. I seem to have great sleep scores on both Mattresses based on Sleep Cycle but what’s the xfactor how do I determine which one to keep. I’m 6’0 ft 250(and losing) I currently sleep alone but that’ll change when my fiancé moves in. Is there any advance you can give on how to make the right choice on what I should really look for in these last few weeks of testing.

I would focus in how how your lower back feels on each. I think you will probably find the all foam to be a better choice. It will also do better with motion transfer which will be important when your fiance moves in.

I am a side sleeper & back sleeper, & sure hope I can have sleep both ways. I’ve had a bamboo mattress for 8 years now & seem 2 b happy, but hope taking the purple plunge (just received it today) will allow me better sleep for my lower back. I have not opened it up yet. I have ordered the cover, sheets, pillow accessories to. Waiting for them b4 using. I have 6 wood slats under current bamboo mattress so I’m betting I need to buy a whole wood piece or maybe 3 more slats. I’m not sure, any suggestions on either slats or full piece board please. Thank you

We’ve had the Purple bed two months now. I like the feel and my wife loves it but unfortunately I have developed serious shoulder pain from side sleeping. I also back sleep so need lots of support. My wife sleeps in all three positions and isn’t as picky but hates firm mattresses. Any recommendations for us. So sad to be giving up on purple but I can’t imaging dealing with this shoulder pain longterm.

I would go with the Nest Alexander medium firm. You can get either the all foam version or hybrid. Either one is great for side sleepers and still has good support for back sleepers.

IntelliBED’s “INTELL-GEL” comes from the same company as Purple’s “Hyper-Elastic Polymer”. Just check the footer of and

From IntelliBed’s footer:
“INTELL-GEL® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF EDIZONE, LLC OF ALPINE, UTAH USA. PROTECTED BY U.S. PATENTS 5,749,111, 6,026,527, 6,413,458, 7,060,213, 7,076,822, 7,666,341.

From Purple’s footer:
“Protected by one or more of U.S. Patents 5,749,111; 6,026,527; 7,076,822; 7,730,566; 7,823,233; 7,827,636; 7,964,664; 8,607,387, and 9,051,169, with others pending. Purple and all product names comprising Purple, Hyper-Elastic Polymer, and No Pressure are trademarks of EdiZONE, LLC of Alpine, Utah USA.”

I just thought I’d point it out to everyone…safe money and stick with Purple.

If you put the purple polymer next to Intellibed’s Intell Gel – the quality of the Intell Gel is so much better. Go to a mattress store and see for yourself. They will have samples of both.

Thank you, Ben, for the review! I’ve been researching all I can on Purple. Hubby and I have been through several mattresses (from pillow tops to sleep number which we hated, to basic, no frills) in our 15 yrs of marriage. We are tired of spending money and being disappointed…worse, being in pain. I am a tad concerned based on a couple reviews on shoulder pain. Please help us. I prefer soft, but need a cooler mattress, hubby prefers firm and also needs a cooler mattress. We are 5’5″, 220 and 5’4″, 175 and dropping. We find matresses end up with divets on each side and a firmer hill in the middle where no one sleeps. Is king size the problem? We like the extra room and to be able to have our own space when sleeping, so the middle rarely gets any use. Will the Purple really work for us? Our current mattress has a couple inches of foam on it (firm mattress, basic model) and we are having more pain. Mine in my neck and shoulders, hubby’s in his back, neck, and shoulders. The most worrisome for me is the review about numbness as I already have nerve damage that affects my legs and feet. I can’t count the number of mattresses or the amount of money we’ve spent and we are so afraid of making another costly decision that turns out to be yet another mistake. Please give us your thoughts.

Also, do you have any knowledge on their (Purple’s) platform, mattress cover, and sheets?

Thanks so much in advance! Feel free to email me directly.

I think in your case the Purple is definitely worth a try. I just bought a twin size purple to test again and it feels different from when I first tested it. I think you will really enjoy the contouring and how cool it sleeps.

I think the reason it feels different is Purple is now using a different foam/foam vendor. I spoke to their CS team since my King size and Queen size mattress were slightly shorter, they replaced them under warranty and told me that they switched to a new foam/vendor can’t remember which one at this point but I immediately noticed a much different feel to the mattress. I actually preferred it to what it was before.

Thanks for the update!

So I’ve been looking all over for a place to ask this question. I’m about 6’3. and I’ve only ever slept on a twin mattress. I’m single so no need for larger sizes. I’ve never been 1 for excess anyway. I want to get a purple bed, twin XL, but not sure if it will suit my body length. Would it be possible to fit on this size bed, or should I wait till they bring out the Full Mattress Size?

I think what you are asking is what is the difference between a Twin and Twin XL mattress? A Twin Mattress is 39 x 75 inches. A Twin Extra Long Mattress is 39 x 80 inches so you get an extra 5 inches in length and should give you extra room.

Does the Purple Mattress have an odor often referred to “off gassing”?

Yes, it will have an initial off gassing period which will last about 2 days.

Wish there was more info on the toxicity of this mattress, off gassing, environmental friendliness, and if it’s treated with anything etc. The polyurethane below it is not a natural material is it? I’m researching natural mattresses and wanting something that won’t harm me or the environment but will sleep like a dream.

The grid layer on the Purple is definitely not natural. If you are looking for some great mattresses that incorporate more natural material, check out the “Natural Mattresses” category on my Mattress Reviews page.

Hello – how many years will it last and are you suppose to shift it head to foot after a while, obviously you cant flip it over….thx…..

It’s hard to say how long the Purple mattress will last since it is so new. Also, the polymer grid is a new technology and I think that is the component that may bread down the soonest. I don’t think rotating will give you much more life span since most of your weight will be put in the middle of the mattress so no matter which way it is rotated, it is always getting the most weight in the middle.

I have severe back pain and I am looking for a mattress that is firm yet the top layer is highly conforming as i sleep on my back and on my side during the night. I have tried tempurpedic contour elite breeze, Amorebeds (medium), and Nest Alexander bed (medium). None of these fit the bill because when I lay on my side, my hip just doesn’t sink enough to align my spine. I am constantly putting small pillows around my body to align my spine. In addition, Nest and tempur run too hot for my comfort. Do you think this mattress has enough top layer contouring beyond what the other 3 mattresses provide? Thanks!

Yes definitely worth trying the Purple.

Iam a shoulder sleeper should I go a different rout?

I would, I just don’t think this will sink in enough.

As Shawn just asked, what are a couple choices for a shoulder/side sleeper? Leesa? I’m kinda disappointed as the primary reason I hate my current mattress is the gel memory foam topper and how hot it is. I have shoulder problems though and I do sleep on my side. I picked up the kickstarter on the Purple pillow and can’t believe how awesome it is for heat. I used to turn my pillow over 20 times a night, now I look forward to going to bed just to put my head on that pillow.

If you like the pillow you will probably like the Purple mattress too. If you want to go softer, I really like the Layla mattress for the soft side.

After reading many reviews here (and really needing a new bed), we purchased the Purple mattress.
I am very happy with the results. It was very new compared to the innerspring (and broken down) mattress we had.
After using it for two weeks, my wife is very happy with it. She originally saw no need to get rid of the old monster. She was not suffering chronic back pain from it.
I am also happy with it. I tend to sleep right on the edge of the bed and I have no problems with it. I have no back pain. I am very happy with the small amount of motion transfer (the old bed was like a trampoline)

At this point, we have had it for 1 month. Our next challenge is to find pillows that are a good match!

Wife – Side sleeper
Me – Side Sleeper, Stomach Sleeper 285 lbs.

Off Gassing was done by bedtime when I opened it at noon.

Thank you for the review. My wife and I live close enough we visited the Purple factory in Alpine UT and spent about 45 minutes trying out the various mattress configurations. We were impressed with the quality of the polymer material and the feel of the beds. We haven’t made a purchase yet but are inclined to do so after reading your review and comments from others. The company and its employees made a favorable impression on us as well. The mattresses had no smell and were comfortable and supportive in any sleeping position.

These questions and comments are very informative. Can anyone compare the Purple and the Bear mattresses? I’m particularly interested in which is bouncier and which is “sink-ier”.

Also, what does “Performance Mattress” mean? I’ve never heard that term before.

wondering if you have tried the sleep on latex pure green bed? I’d love to get an opinion on that bed/material.

I haven’t. I can say that latex will feel different than the Purple. The Purple top layer collapses where it gets the most pressure while latex will compress and push back.

Wish there was an environmental friendly version and with no fire retardant.

Hi Ben! We appreciate your reviews and honesty on all the products presented on this site. My husband and I decided to order the Purple after deliberating between the Luxi and the Purple. I had a pleasant phone experience with the CS rep of Purple who shared that she and her husband bought a King Purple mattress ad have had it since November. They love it so much they bought another Queen size Purple for their 5th wheel.

I will add a persoal review once we receive the mattress and slept on it a few nights to let everyone know our thoughts and feeling realtime. Thanks again! 😀

Hi Ben!
Great review. We just purchased a king size purple bed. I am reading more and more reviews now and I am wondering a few things. How has the bed (since you got the twin) held up? Have you noticed any sagging? This has been a huge issue with every bed we’ve had! It starts out great and around the 1 year mark, they get too soft and sink. My other concern is I have a herniated lumbar disc and I sleep on my stomach. Do you think the purple will help alleviate the pain in my back I normally experience in the night?

I haven’t noticed any sagging on it. I think it does a great job for supporting you where its needed so I think it should help with the back pain issue.

I’ve been sleeping on a My Green Mattress Natutal Escape for the last two months. The bed feels very firm to me and I’m waking up every morning with lower back pain. I’m curious about the Purple bed and the pressure relief it offers. Wondering if you think it’s worth giving the Purple bed a try. I’m mostly a back sleeper but side sleep occasionally. Also curious if it might be the pillow I’m using. Any recommendations there? How did you like the Purple pillow?

Thanks for everything you do!

I think the first thing would be to make sure you have a properly sized pillow. If there’s too much loft in the pillow it can strain your lower back. Once you have ruled out any pillow issues, you may want to look at another mattress. The Purple may not be the best choice here though. I think you may want to go with a foam option like the Cocoon or Nectar which are dense foam mattress that will contour really well.

I have wood bed frame can i place the purple mattress on it or do you think its too heavy?

Yes, it should work just fine. I put mine on a wood frame and it accomodated well.

I’m a middle aged man who weighs between 225 and 250 pounds. I need a mattress that’s comfortable when I’m sleeping on my back and also comfortable when I’m sleeping on my side. I move around quite a bit when I sleep and can’t force myself to stay in any one position, no matter how hard I try.

When I began my mattress search, I went to a large mattress retailer and tried pretty much every mattress in the store. Some models were uncomfortable for all sleeping positions, but many models were very comfortable either when I was on my side or when I was on my back, but not both. The problem is that mattresses that support me when I’m flat on my back tend to be too hard when I’m on my side, and mattresses that adjust to the contour of my body when I’m on my side tend to be much too soft when I’m on my back, causing my back to curve downward in a painful way.

Based on several very positive reviews, I tried the Sapira mattress first. I generally liked it but I occasionally found it to be too firm when I slept on my side. I decided to replace it with a Purple mattress, which has been better for me overall.

When I sleep on my Purple mattress, I’m pretty comfortable in all positions. The Purple mattress is cooler than all other foam mattresses I’ve tried and emits less of a gas odor. While the Purple is not as comfortable as the Sapira when I’m on my back, and while the Purple lacks the Sapira’s “luxurious” feel, the Purple it is still pretty nice when I’m on my back, and it is far superior to the Sapira when I’m on my side. I have not been waking up with soreness since switching to the Purple.

The Purple has a texture that initially struck me as slightly odd. You can feel its top layer’s distinctive “elastic polymer” grid through the mattress cover and through the sheets. This doesn’t really bother me, but it might bother some people. The Purple also sags more than I’d like when I sit on the side of the bed and put on my shoes. That minor annoyance is far outweighed by the improvement in my sleep and in the way I feel when I wake up in the morning.

If there’s a better option than the Purple for people who sleep in multiple positions, I have not yet found it. As of now, I’ve stopped looking. I’m satisfied.

I’ve been contemplating whether this bed would be a good choice for us for a few months. I found your site and LOVE the reviews you provide. For this, I thank you SO much.
I am a stomach sleeper as well but have severe lumbar back problems and a “heavy” sleeper, but fall under the weight limit of the bed requirement. I tend to have to “climb out” of where I have been laying and that is painful due to my back problems. This mattress sounds like it would be perfect.
However, my husband sleeps on his back and side. He has shoulder pain from sleeping on his side, primarily. Have you had feedback regarding pain from shoulders, arms, hips, legs, feet, etc?
Thank you, once again, for your support and dedication to good sleep of others.

I gave the review of the benefits only as what I’m interested in for a mattress, not what it provides for me since I haven’t purchased it yet.

I just received two of the pillows (shipped before my mattress) and they really smell of petroleum products. Can’t believe no one else noticed.

Chatted with Purple. Told to wash pillows. Washed them twice. One stayed stinky. The other had a smell after plus three days. Sending back.

I’ve had lower-back pain from my own bed, but when I’m traveling and sleeping on firmer beds, my pain goes away. My fiancé and I are both relatively small (he’s approx 165lbs, I’m approx. 135) and we both prefer firm beds. Which would be better: Dreamcloud or Purple? We’re not wedded to foam or no-foam mattress types. As long as there’s good mobility control and no taco effect. Also, could we use a topper with the Purple if we wanted to minimize on the feel of the grid?

I wouldn’t recommend a topper for the Purple as this will negate the effectiveness of the grid.

Recently, we purchased a California king size mattress through Purple. It’s been approximately 6 weeks since then with an unknown estimated time of delivery. During the purchasing process, it was advertised that it could take up to 14 days for them to contact us to schedule a delivery.
About a month after the purchase, Purple made a follow up call to ask about our experience with their product. We informed them that we still have not received anything. This was awkward for us because instead of them calling and already knowing the status of our order and just informing us, they were asking for our experience on the product that they have yet to deliver. They confirmed with us that this was abnormal and that we should follow up on our order. Personally, I expected that they would’ve looked it up and remedied the situation right then and there or at the very least, given us the status and reason as to why it was delayed.
About 1-2 weeks after that phone call, I called to check on the status on our order. This is the second time we’ve contacted them to check on the status. My wife has called previously and the answer she received was that it’s waiting to be shipped and that we should get an email soon. The operator that helped me showed more concern and actually contacted the person in charge of wherever it was in the process. At this point (6 wks after the purchase), I was informed that it was not made yet and that they were backed up and were currently working on July orders. However, they were hoping to be able to catch back up and ship all orders within the next 2 weeks.
I expressed my frustration to her at the whole experience and she was empathetic to the situation and sought out an appropriate compensation. After a few minutes on hold, she returned and offered 2 free pillows. Upon hearing that, I told her that they can keep their pillows and I didn’t feel like that was adequate response for their inability to provide what they advertised. I also informed her that seeing as how they were still behind and were currently on orders made 2 months ago, I had reason to believe that it would take longer than 2 weeks, thereby exacerbating the situation since we were scheduled to be out of town for 2 weeks around that timeframe. I told her that we provided them with 2 months and that we gave them ample time to do their job but instead have gone above and beyond to further disappoint us.
These are the concerns that I have with this whole situation:
1. I fail to believe that within the past 6 weeks, there’s been an out surge of demand for a California king bed. I understand that each bed is made to order and that’s why it takes awhile to even get to the shipping phase, but I’d be willing to bet that this was a known or foreseen issue when I purchased. So, either update your site to say that you are behind and it takes significantly more than 2 weeks (recommend 2 months at least) for receipt or that it’s not available until you catch up. Seems like this company needs to reassess their logistics and ability to do their job.
2. We appreciate your follow up phone call after the purchase. However, it quickly became evident that this company lacks the communication within itself and the accountability. Even when the representative was informed, we were given the general “you should follow up on that” response rather than taking a little bit more of their time to actually resolve the issue and give us the answers that we needed. Instead, we were given more reason for concern and left feeling like this company is just going through the motions of customer service rather than providing ANY service.
3. After finally receiving an accurate status of our shipment and reasons as to why it was delayed, this company failed again to provide adequate customer service. Purchasing a bed can be significant but it should not affect life schedules. Yet, they’ve managed to do so despite the 2 months of leeway that we accounted for. That’s 400% times the advertised shipping estimate. Not to mention that it brings up other concerns: what happens if it’s delivered immediately after we leave the area? Who pays to store it until we arrive? Two pillows (no matter the value) is not an adequate compensation for the inconvenience. This shows me that you either value your product too highly or my concerns are being taken lightly. Now these pillows may very well be that special. However, I have never tried any of their product and if the quality is anything like their ability to communicate, maintain accountability, logistics, and provide ACTUAL customer service, then I put very little value to them, if any. SPECIALLY, when I’m offered these same pillows for FREE when we purchased this mattress. If these pillows are valued that much, then offer to take it out of the purchase price. This offer only solidified my previous statement. Going through the motions of customer service, rather than adjudication of problems.
Currently, we are contemplating on looking elsewhere. We’ve committed too much time and looking elsewhere will take as much time as awaiting resolution from Purple. But any future purchases will NOT be through this company. The only thing we expected when we made this purchased was accurate, timely service and Purple has failed on all aspects thus far. Hopefully, the quality is as advertised by so many. The purpose of this review is to inform others of our experience to prevent those from the frustrations that we faced. Because realistically, this review will do nothing but auto generate the generic response that I’ve seen from all the other previous negative comments. To make matters worse, that won’t happen until 2 months from now because that seems to be the trend that I saw when I was reading through carefully. Just another data point on the poor customer service and lack of concern for their customers I guess.

I have Ankylosing Spondylitis as well as many other arthritic symptoms like Costochondritis , neck pain, shoulder pain. I am a side-sleeper and seem to sleep better with an extremely soft surface under me. The less pressure the better! But nothing gives me truly good relief.

I am extremely allergic to memory foam.

Do you think that the Purple mattress would be a good mattress for me? Or is there a different mattress that would be better for me to sleep on on my side without a lot of pressure? And again, I am allergic to memory foam, so it’s not an option for me.

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Mattress Review Purple Hybrid Premier 3″ Grid Mattress

If you want a mattress that has the most advance technology than you’ll surely love theNEW Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress! This hybrid style mattress takes the amazing Purple Smart Comfort Grid and pairs it with a coil system. Giving you three unique hybrid mattresses that will appeal to anyone looking for amazing pressure relief and long lasting cooling comfort. The NEW Purple 3 happens to be the most popular of these new Purple beds and we have all the inside details below. Plus, the latest Purple coupons and savings too!

Purple Hybrid Premier 3″ Grid Mattress – Brief Overview:

When it comes to Purple most of us our familiar with the Original Purple Bed. Not only is the design unlike most other online mattresses, but the quirky Purple ads are hard to forget. This classic style Purple mattress features a one of a kind polymer grid over layers of foam. The pairing creates a sleeping experience unlike any other bed-in-a-box. But, Purple wasn’t ready to stop with just one mattress option.

The Purple Hybrid Premier Mattresses offer this same amazing polymer technology. But, instead of pairing it with foam, they decided to opt for the more durable and long lasting hybrid style. Giving this new Purple mattress an even more substantial feel that provides even better pressure relief and cooling properties.

The most popular of the three new Purple beds is the Purple Hybrid Premier 3″ grid option. It uses 3″ of Purple Polymer along with a 7.5″ coil system to create a universally appealing medium feel. This comfort level will appeal to the vast majority of sleepers. Providing adequate support with the right amount of comfort to accommodate all sizes, shapes and sleeping positions.

This advanced and smart technology mattress intuitively adapts to your body. Creating a sleeping experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The benefits go far beyond just comfort too. The materials do an outstanding job of isolation motion and creates one of the coolest mattress options out there. And the foam encasement creates solid edges from every angle.

Each NEW Purple mattress is made right in the USA. They all have a 10 year warranty as well as 100 night sleep trial. And also ship for free and include delivery and set-up. For some reason you find that this mattress isn’t the best fit, no problem. They also offer hassle free returns as well.

In-Depth Purple Hybrid Premier 3″ Grid Mattress Review:

If the overview was enough to convince you that the New Purple Bed is for you, great! However, if you need some more details we have you covered. Below we will take a deeper look into the new Purple Hybrid 3″ Grid mattress.

Starting with the materials, construction and technology. Than seeing how that translates to comfort and other sleeping benefits. Lastly we will go through the more basic side of ordering an online mattress and what to expect. Giving you an unbiased New Purple 3 mattress review that will give you all the answers your looking for.

New Purple Hybrid – Technology:

The technology behind the amazing Purple polymer creates a durable and resistant material that doesn’t break down over time. Unlike the foam counterparts, making it durable and consistent. It also is designed in such a way and shape to create a grid pattern unlike what we are use to seeing.

This Purple smart comfort grid allows for plenty of airflow and heat dissipation. As well as quickly adapts to your body to relieve any pressure points. This material is used on every Purple mattress, giving each one a unique feel that features amazing advanced and innovative technology meant to improve your sleep from every aspect.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3″ – Materials & Construction:

This section will focus on each layer that makes up this 12″ mattress. With four distinct layers and a cover that make up the new Purple Hybrid Premier mattress we will be able to better understand how this mattress will benefit your sleep by seeing how each layer works. As well as how they work together to provide amazing balance and contour.

Comfort Layers:

The first layer is 3″ of the famous Elastic-Polymer Smart Comfort Grid that Purple is known for. The material is engineered to stop motion in its tracks while perfectly molding to your body without making you feel stuck. It also helps keep you cool as you sleep by being naturally aerated.

Under the top layer of polymer is an 1″ of transition foam. This deep comfort layer gives a separation between the coils and top comfort grid. As well as additional comfort and support necessary to elevate the experience of this mattress. It also helps provide better motion isolation for less partner disturbance.

Support Layers & Cover:

The third layer of the mattress is the coil system. This solid and durable support layer is made of 7.5″ thick pocketed coils. These steel springs not only give amazing and proper spinal alignment but keep things extra cool. With ample airflow and heat dissipation that will make sure no heat is ever trapped.

The last and final layer of the new Purple 3″ Grid Hybrid Premier bed is the 1″ layer of dense base foam. This foundation layer gives the mattress a solid surface to rest on. Making sure nothing shifts or moves. Making the overall mattress more durable and longer lasting.

To top it all off, the Purple 3 mattress has a cover with a top layer of soft, breathable white fabric paired with durable side panels. Each of these fabrics is ideal for the location, complimenting the mattress in comfort and durability. Making the cover ideally functional and well designed.

Each layer that goes into the New Purple hybrid premier mattress is strategic. Allowing each materials to work with the others for maximum comfort, support and long lasting durability. Creating an exceptional bed that highlights it’s innovation and unique qualities made just for your sleep.

New Purple Premier Hybrid Mattress Comfort:

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3″ is the most universal, medium option of the New Purple mattresses. It is an 12 inch thick hybrid mattress making it perfect for those who tend to switch up the way they sleep. This mattress should hit right in the middle of the firmness scale, so that it can accommodate back, side, and stomach sleepers easily. Making it the best option for combination sleepers and couples too.

The ideal medium feel will offer enough support to keep stomach sleepers backs from bowing. Creating just enough firmness with a gentle contour to create ideal alignment. Though it may be better for lighter weight or occasional stomach sleepers, it will still be a good choice for combination sleepers and couples.

This mattress will do a great job for side sleeping. Giving plenty of sink to let side sleepers feel comfortable. The Purple 3 mattress is also responsive to your movements, making it easy to switch from side to side. And the amazing pressure relief will surely allow your shoulders and hips feel weightless for amazing sleep.

Back sleepers will also find the feel of this mattress to be optimal. The not too soft or too firm feel creates the perfect combination of support and comfort. The resistance of the polymer pushes back against you, creating great lumbar support.

Even better if you are a larger sleeper then you will be happy to know Purple has thought about you. This mattress can support 300 pounds on each side of the bed or 600 pounds in total. This mattress will have you sleeping peacefully, regardless of size or sleep position. Making it ideal for everyone.

Purple Hybrid 3 Mattress Benefits:

Though comfort may be the most arguably important benefit of a new mattress, there are certainly other benefits you should expect too. We believe that a new mattress should keep youcomfortablein a variety of other ways too. Including minimal motion transfer, great temperature regulation and solid edge support. Below we will look specifically at each of these benefits and how the New Purple Mattress does in each of these areas.

Motion Isolation:

If you have ever dealt with motion transfer on a bed you know it can be a major pain. In fact, motion transfer can be one of the number one reasons couples have ended up sleeping in different beds. The mattress industry took notice of the issue and now works to make sure mattresses are made with materials that naturally absorb motion.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 also works to give you a better nights sleep by having a little to no motion transfer. This focus of the design makes it so no motion is transferred from you to your partner while sleeping on the new Purple 3. We highly recommend looking into this mattress thanks to its innovative polymer grid if you share your bed.

Sleeping Cool:

Sleeping cool has become a major problem with mattresses. This is especially true during the warmer months of the years where sleeping on your mattress becomes a sweltering nightmare. If you have a memory foam mattress, then you have probably noticed that foam naturally retains heat, worsening your problem. To combat this mattress companies are constantly coming up with new types of cooling technology to offset this problem. Luckily, the Purple 3 is a mattress that keeps itself from running warm during the night thanks to its innovative design.

The NEW Purple 3 mattress does a wonderful job at providing the support you need. This keeps you from being engulfed in the mattress itself. The layers of the mattress also do a wonderful job at letting air flow naturally through them instead of being trapped. The aerated polymer layer is perfectly paired with ample air flow that the coils get.

The polymer itself is a cool material which helps things stay cool even easier. And the coils ensure no heat will ever be trapped. If you are a warm sleeper then you won’t have to worry about sleeping hot with this product. It is even featured on our Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers page.

Edge Support:

You may have never really heard or looked into the term edge support before. In fact, the last thing you may test out on the mattress you are looking at in store is how long you can lay on the edge. The sad part is that the support the mattress has around its edges may be a huge sign of just how comfortably you can sleep on it.

A mattress with bad edge support will have you slipping into the floor during the night. On the other hand, a mattress with good edge support will allow you to sleep wherever you want without sinking towards the ground.

The new Purple mattress has a perfect amount of support. The Purple hybrid mattress has a coil layer that provides an even amount of support. As well as foam encasement that enhances the edge support too. This allows you to sleep on the literal edge of the bed without having any negative repercussions. The bed will also allow you to use its edges for sitting and easily getting in and out of bed too. Giving the overall edge support of this mattress two thumbs up.

Purple Hybrid Premier Basics:

Now that you know all the details about the mattress it is time to see more about the online mattress buying process. And specifically the process of buying a Purple mattress. Below we will look at what to expect to come with your new mattress. Including the delivery process, trial period and warranty. As well as the pricing and overall value of your new bed, and any available coupons too.

New Purple Mattress Delivery & Unboxing:

The Purple hybrid 3″ grid mattress is manufactured in the USA and is made with certified safe materials. The Purple mattress actually goes a step further than most other beds-in-a-box. The company gives you a choice between two different shipping options.

The first option you can choose to get your new Purple mattress may be a bit slower. But, by picking the white glove shipping option you don’t have to lift a finger. This option will have your mattress delivered and specially set up within 1 to 2 weeks, all you need to do is set up the appointment. You can even opt-in for the removal of your old mattress for free. Finally, the team setting up the mattress will even take away your old one.

If you are willing to do a bit of work then you can get the mattress there a bit quicker with the standard shipping option. This option will have a compressed mattress shipped right to your door in a compact cardboard box. Once the mattress gets there you will need to begin the simple setup process.

All you need to do is remove it from the box and cut the package to let the mattress start to expand. The expansion process will take around 12 hours to complete. The Purple mattress is rather heavy making it tricky to move around by yourself. The Queen size of the Purple 3 weighs around 145 pounds. We recommend having a partner to help you safely place the mattress to avoid any possible injuries.

Value, Financing & Purple Coupon:

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how wonderful we tell you the mattress is. One of the biggest determiners for any product is going to be the value you get out of it. If the price is too high compared to the quality of the product, then it will get passed up. However, we feel the New Purple 3 Mattress has several amazing qualities that coincide with the price, making it an overall good value too.

The New Purple 3 mattress is a little more expensive. But, the amazing qualities of this mattress make it worth the higher price. Included with the price is free white glove delivery, a 100 night sleep trial and 10 year warranty. To find the latest New Purple Mattress price visit

Also, make sure you follow the link below to access the latest coupons and savings for the Original Purple and New Purple Mattresses.

Lastly, Purple also offers a financing option to make things a little easier on your wallet. They are partnered with Affirm to offer a variety of financing options for your new mattress purchase. Learn more about the details and monthly payment options at

Trial Period & Warranty:

We understand that buying products off of the internet may not be someone’s first choice. Many people enjoy trying out products before purchasing them. This is even more true with more expensive purchases like mattresses. To combat these many mattress companies started to offer sleep trial warranties to help their consumers get a feel for the product before committing to it and giving up there hard earned money.

Any of the New Purple mattresses give you 100-nights to try it out and decide if it’s the right choice for you. If you don’t like the mattress you can simply return it for free and have the full purchase amount refunded to your account.

And if everything works out well and you decided to keep the Purple 3 then you can look forward to the companies 10-year warranty. For some reason if the bed starts to sag or tears in the fabric occur you can contact Purple for an exchange.

Return shipping for the defective product is free, as well as, the delivery of your new mattress. All you need to do to start the process is to contact the helpful Purple customer support and you will be sleeping on a new bed in no time.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3″ Grid Mattress – Customer Feedback:

More information on the customer feedback of the new Purple 3 hybrid mattresses will be coming soon. In the meantime, check out what the reviews from the sleepers at Purple have to say and shop the mattress at

Also, remember that Our Sleep Guide is here to help. If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us. We want to make sure you find the best mattress for you! Check out this article for more hybrid mattress reviews

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