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Mattress Ruined. What Happens If You Sleep on Your Memory Foam Mattress Before 24 Hours?

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How Long to Let Your Memory Foam Mattress Expand?

The general rule is to give your new memory foam mattress 48 hours to expand and inflate to its proper size.

The real answer is not that simple. Every memory foam mattress has its unique requirements.

The following chart shows what each manufacturer recommends. Below that we go over where the 48 hours comes from and if you can immediately sleep on your new mattress.

Mattress Expansion Times For Each Manufacturer

amerisleepCan lay on it right away but could take 8 hours for the corners to expand fully and you should wait 2 hours before putting sheets on.
BEDBOSSShould decompress in 24 hours, but let it sit for 2 hours before moving it to the bedroom.
Bedinabox“It expands in about 3 minutes” is what I got when I emailed them. This seems too fast; I would still give it a few hours to be on the safe side.
CasperCan expand and be ready to sleep on in a few minutes but keep in mind that some will take longer.
Classic BrandsAllow 24 to 72 hours for the mattress to regain its full shape. If the mattress gets to its full height, it’s ready to use.
Dreamfoam Bedding6 to 7 hours from opening.
HelixGive it 2 hours to regain its shape, and you’re done.
LaylaWill take its full shape within minutes, and you can sleep on it right away. If you’re sensitive to smell give it a few hours to air out.
LeesaMay take up to an hour to expand but give it 24 hours to fully expand and be at its best
LinenspaUp to 48 hours but they do say you can jump on it as soon as you like. If anything they say your body heat can help speed up the expansion process.
LUCIDUp to 48 hours, but if it’s fully expanded after 24 hours you can go ahead and sleep on it.
LullWill do most of the expanding in 2 to 5 hours and fully expand in 24 to 48 hours.
MLILYShould be ready in 24 hours. Walking on it while it’s on the floor can help speed up the process.
NectarBetween 24 to 72 hours to expand.
Nest BeddingYou can sleep on it right when you open it, but it can take up to 24 to 48 hours for it to fully expand.
Olee Sleeplet it expand up to 72 hours
PuffyAllow it to expand and breathe for a few hours before putting bedding on it.
Purest Of AmericaAllow 24 to 72 hours to fully recover.
Signature SleepWait at least 48 hours.
Tuft & NeedleOnly takes several hours to reach the proper specifications, but in some cases, it may take up to 5 days.
TuloAllow it to sit for an hour before using it.
Zinus48 to 72 hours to fully decompress. Zinus recommends you sleep on the mattress during this time as it helps to full up the mattress. If after a week it hasn’t expanded, please contact them.

Don’t see your mattress? Go ahead and give it a couple of hours to expand, but let me explain why.

Can You Sleep on a New Memory Foam Mattress Straight Away?

The reason why you wait 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours is an old saying that people keep repeating.

As shown from the chart a significant number of manufacturers report shorter times and a good bit suggest sleeping on the mattress the first night. The reason is for your constant movements, and body heat loosens the foam. The more lose the foam, the better it expands.

Where The 48 Hour Memory Foam Expansion Time Came From

The first generation of memory foam mattresses is where this wait time wives tale came from. More time was needed for older memory foam mattresses to air out there odors.

The mattresses today don’t smell as bad; I would still recommend letting them air out for a few hours to absorb the smells of its surroundings. I know it sounds odd, but it’s well worth doing.

What if my mattress says to wait a few hours? – Well, it’s better to play it safe than sorry. The people that best understand your mattress are the ones who made it.

What If Your Memory Foam Mattress Is Not Inflating?

No need to worry if your memory foam mattress is not expanding; here is what you do.

Get the mattress flat as possible on the floor. Wearing clean socks walk on the mattress. The constant moving around combined with your body heat expands the mattress. I like to think of it as a mattress massage.

After massaging the mattress place it back on the bed frame and sleep for a few nights.

Keep in mind:New mattresses are like new shoes; they need to be broken in. Over the years you have gotten used to your old mattress, so the new one is going to feel different. We tend to forget this because we only buy mattresses every decade or so.

What To Do After Your Memory Foam Mattress Has Expanded?

I mean, you spent all this money you probably want it to last as long as possible?

If you want your mattress to last, you need a mattress protector.

Your mattress is a giant sponge, and it will soak up all the sweat, soda, dead skin and other nasty stuff you do in bed. Those liquids sit there not only making the mattress dirtier but destroying the function of the structure. It’s hard to work correctly when “waterlogged” with juices.

Plus, modern-day mattress protectors feel and look like regular bed sheets. I even have a review on the very one I use on my mattress. They’re not even that expensive either; I consider it crazy when people don’t use something so practical and affordable.

How Long Should You Leave a Memory Foam Mattress Before Sleeping on It?

It’s best to let your memory foam mattress expand for 48 hours. If you can’t give 48 hours then allow the mattress to expand for 6 hours before sleeping on it.

What Happens If You Sleep On Your Mattress Too Soon?

If you sleep on your mattress before it’s expanded it’s not the end of the world. In fact, many mattress manufacturers recommended you sleep on it the first night because your body heat helps to expand the foam.

I would not worry about it too much. The goal is to give the mattress a few hours before you sleep on it. It can take some mattress a whole week to reach its correct size and sleeping on it won’t hurt.

It’s Been A Week And The Mattress Has Not Expanded.

If it’s been a week and the mattress has not expanded correctly then, unfortunately, you have a defective mattress.

The good news is that this is usually rare. If it’s been a week no need to keep fighting it, contact the company you bought it from to check out the return policy. If you’re curious about returns and what they do with the old mattress check this out.

If you have to return the mattress and want a new one I’ve had good luck with Zinus Green Tea Mattress.

How long for gel mattress to expand

What Happens If You Sleep on a Memory Foam Mattress Before 24 Hours

So you’ve got a new memory foam mattress, you’re excited – in the back of your mind you remember some rule of thumb about waiting for a day before sleeping on it. The manufacturers say to wait for at least 48 hours before it expands fully, especially the ones that are still in the box. But if you’re curious what happens if you sleep on a memory foam mattress before 24 hours, then you’re in the right place.

Sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress Too Soon

There are some essential things to consider before sleeping on a memory foam mattress too soon. For instance, most memory foam mattresses require up to two days before it goes back to its original size and form. After all, these mattresses are vacuum sealed, pressed and rolled tightly to fit in the packaging.

But can you sleep on a memory foam mattress the first night? Well, you can relax, jump, or do whatever you want with your bed as soon as you received it. Using it right away won’t cause any damage but will only speed up the process of expanding the foam.

This 24-hour recommendation is to ensure customer satisfaction and manufacturer guarantees.It also gives any off-gassing time to dissipate.

Why It Needs 24 Hours to Expand?

Well firstly, you you should know that the off-gassing happens in the first couple of hours. If it’s okay to sleep on your new memory foam without waiting for 24 hours to allow it to expand, then why do we still need 24-48 hours?

It’s all about the manufacturer guarantee. They claim that if it doesn’t fully open up and you did sleep on it then you’ll void that guarantee. If you’ve paid several hundred or even thousand on a new bed – you have to think twice about risking your money back opportunity.

But another important question is that, what should you do if your mattress takes more than 24 hours to expand fully? Well, there are rare cases wherein compressed memory foam mattresses don’t fully extend. If that’s the case, then you can ask your seller what to do to make it expand or ask for a new one.

Get yourself a mattress protector right now!

Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector Cover [Memory Foam]

For less than $20, save your mattress from spills for life.

If you are looking for the highest rated mattress protector on Amazon for your platform bed or box spring, here are the best choices we’ve found. Check these to find out if one of them is perfect for your needs.

Zinus Mattress – How Long to Expand

Most Zinus Memory Foam Mattress like the 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress need 48 to 72 hours to relax and decompress and restore to its original shape. That’s why the Zinus company manual advice customers to open the packaging within 72 hours of arrival to make sure the mattress they ordered will fully grow to its potential.

And with the green tea extract infuse in the foam, you will not inhale hazardous and harmful smell with you first open the packaging. It will typically dissipate after laying the mattress in a well-ventilated area.

What to Do When Memory Foam Mattress Not Inflating?

Memory foams have different thickness levels. You can choose from an 8-inch mattress to a 13-inch memory foam bed. They are designed with open cells to conform to various shapes of sleepers using the bedding. Before they leave the factory, these mattresses are folded and compressed using a machine roller to fit into a small package.

The best way to use a memory foam is to let it expand before using. However, if it’s not inflating, there are simple tricks you can do to enjoy its comfort after 24 hours of arrival. Check these tips to help you out:

  • Unbox the memory foam within the three days of arrival. Remove the plastic cover using your hands. Never use any sharp objects like a knife and scissors when removing the mattress from the package to avoid damages.
  • Allow the foam to adjust in room temperature, which may take up to a couple of hours until it begins expanding. This step is essential, especially when you get your memory foam in the winter season. Foam mattresses tend to become more brittle if it’s still tight, which can lead to tearing.
  • Unroll it in a spare room so the open cells of the memory foam will expand and inflate freely. Separate each layer of the foam carefully to allow them to grow. Pull them in uniform motion with slow and steady hands.

What Are the Possible Reasons Why your Lucid Memory Foam Mattress is Not Expanding?

If your Lucid memory foam mattress is not expanding, there might be an essential step you haven’t performed after unrolling it. First, it needs time to develop, typically within 72 hours before you can finally use the mattress. So wait for it until it becomes entirely usable in its original size.

Some memory foam mattresses take one week to air out, but they lose the new-foam smell at the same time. It is already fully plumped when you noticed that the smell is gone. And you can use a mattress topper to retain the plumpness of your new memory foam.

Key Takeaways

The truth is, each mattress has its own expansion time and features. Therefore, the time required before they fully expand will depend on the model and brand you purchased.

Before you can move it to your bedroom, most memory foam mattresses that usually take 24 hours to decompress may still need at least two hours. Waiting for 24 hours or 72 hours to allow a bed to expand is a traditional belief.

Most of the mattresses offered on the market today only take a short time to decompress, and you can sleep on the right after unboxing them. So there’s nothing to worry about sleeping on your mattress too soon. You won’t damage your memory foam while sleeping on it during the first night.

The key is in the type of memory foam used in your mattress. The higher quality the foam, the better and faster it will expand in less than 24 hours.

How long before you can sleep on a memory foam mattress?

Just got a 10” memory foam mattress via FedEx today. It came rolled in a big, thick tube and immediately started to take its shape as soon as i took the packaging off.

My friend has a similar type and says I need need to wait 48–72 hours before I can lay on it. Is this true? I’d love to sleep on it tomorrow night but don’t want to screw up the shape of my new investment. It seems to be fully “settled” btw. I know good things come to those who are patient but that’s never been my strong suit!

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I would expect the mattress came with instructions for this and I am sure you can contact the manufacturer or point of purchase to ask this question.

You should do as the instructions say. I am guessing 48 hours will be enough.
Even though it seems settled, it is probably still working it out.

So, honest question, what would be the worst case scenario of sleeping on your stable foam mattress? It came in a tube. They weren’t worried about that permanently deforming it, and I would imagine it took more force to keep it that way then you would exert in any one area.

Wouldn’t your worst case be not getting the “full experience” that first night? You’re not going to damage foam by doing exactly what it was designed for.

Sleep on that bad boy as soon as you can stand the smell.

@Cruiser Good point. The mattress didn’t come with instructions. However, I just emailed the manufacturer and he answered immediately by saying that it’s ready to sleep on! Now, too bad I’m already settled in my guest room for the night. :-p

@funkdaddy Another valid point. Didn’t even think of that. And thankfully, it doesn’t smell at all!

@LeavesNoTrace I myself heard it is good to give it time to “air out” to allow any gasses from the manufacturing process out-gas new foam odors

@Cruiser Your link was interesting. I once bought a foam mattress and I returned it because it smelled so bad I thought it was poison. I’m not sure I am convinced it wasn’t even after reading your article, but it was still interesting.

We slept on ours the first night.

If we had waited for the smell to improve, we probably would have waited a year. We ended up putting a down-filled pillow-top on it (kind of like a thick comforter under our mattress pad) for many months, which both helped us adjust to sleeping on just foam and helped with the smell.

I have never heard of this, and slept on my memory foam the same night it was delivered, but it was not rolled up, the mattress was deliverd from the store I bought it from. I did, however, order a huge memory foam bean bag love seat and it took about 2 days to fully expand.

@JLeslie I work with these types of polymers and IMO these mattresses should come with a full disclosure MSDS sheet as the link I gave pointed out there are many different types of polyurethane foams and some I would not be around without a NIOSH approved respirator. Knowing how foreign manufacturers like to make things on the I would have to have full disclosure of the isoscyantes and flame retardansts used in production of the mattress.

@Cruiser It was made in China and it made me nervous. I returned it. I truly feel it was poison, I don’t know what the chemicals were.

When I worked in retail once in a while a group of clothing would come in that also smelled like poison. We figured it was for shipping purposes, maybe to prevent pests? Although, it didn’t smell like bug spray as much as it smelled chemically, to use a scientific term. It usually was from an Asian country, as in the continent of, but sometimes we received clothes from Asia that did not have that smell. I guess it was certain manufacturers or transporters.

Well I don’t blame you @JLeslie and part of the reason I avoided buying one is there are little to no testing done on these foam composites long term health effects. The sites I visited to find info were chock full of people with adverse health symptoms when they slept on these.

They are amazing to lay on and the same research I read says there are greener alternatives on the market now with less odor complaints.

@JLeslie Oh gosh, now your scaring me! When I took mine out of the package it didn’t smell like anything at all. I’m hoping that’s a good sign…

@LeavesNoTrace From what @Cruiser wrote it sounds like yours is ok. Maybe it is one of the greener ones.

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How Long For Memory Foam Mattress To Expand

It is to set the design of a how long for memory foam mattress to expand. The plan of this mattress takes an crucial role prior to purchasing a luxury contemporary mattress set. You must find out the plan of this mattress so that it is able to retain there. Try to assume the look of your mattress so that you will find out Type-S of furniture. Following that, you’re able to evaluate the way you live. Even the how long does it take for memory foam mattress to expand set can conform to a life style that it unites your own nature and style.

If you are becoming bored with all the usual wall materials, you are able to decide on textured walls using brick accents. You may also change your simple mattress floor by substituting it with wooden floors. This among how long for memory foam mattress to expand thoughts will show your adulthood side at a fashionable fashion. For those who talk about a mattress together with your own priest, you find it possible to create it having a bunk mattress. Between the distances of the bunk mattress, you can install a partition that can be utilised as a stand, drawer, and also staircase as a way to connect the top mattress and underside mattress. That is surely how long to wait for memory foam mattress to expand strategy.

Determining which furnishings that’ll undoubtedly be installed on a mattress on your own home can be a little bit frustrating, particularly if you are running out of ideas. Therefore, industry offers you with various how long for memory foam mattress to expand ready to be set up on almost any available mattress in your house. The secret to how long to wait for memory foam mattress to expand is to make sure that you have a suitable dimensions. You don’t need your mattress overloaded by a bunch of furnishings contained in these sets. Hence, it’s necessary for you to contemplate the amount of furniture in the set and how big is this mattress that you want to decorate.

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