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Mattress Ruined. What Happens If You Sleep on Your Memory Foam Mattress Before 24 Hours?

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How Long to Let Your Memory Foam Mattress Expand?

The general rule is to give your new memory foam mattress 48 hours to expand and inflate to its proper size.

The real answer is not that simple. Every memory foam mattress has its unique requirements.

The following chart shows what each manufacturer recommends. Below that we go over where the 48 hours comes from and if you can immediately sleep on your new mattress.

Mattress Expansion Times For Each Manufacturer

amerisleepCan lay on it right away but could take 8 hours for the corners to expand fully and you should wait 2 hours before putting sheets on.
BEDBOSSShould decompress in 24 hours, but let it sit for 2 hours before moving it to the bedroom.
Bedinabox“It expands in about 3 minutes” is what I got when I emailed them. This seems too fast; I would still give it a few hours to be on the safe side.
CasperCan expand and be ready to sleep on in a few minutes but keep in mind that some will take longer.
Classic BrandsAllow 24 to 72 hours for the mattress to regain its full shape. If the mattress gets to its full height, it’s ready to use.
Dreamfoam Bedding6 to 7 hours from opening.
HelixGive it 2 hours to regain its shape, and you’re done.
LaylaWill take its full shape within minutes, and you can sleep on it right away. If you’re sensitive to smell give it a few hours to air out.
LeesaMay take up to an hour to expand but give it 24 hours to fully expand and be at its best
LinenspaUp to 48 hours but they do say you can jump on it as soon as you like. If anything they say your body heat can help speed up the expansion process.
LUCIDUp to 48 hours, but if it’s fully expanded after 24 hours you can go ahead and sleep on it.
LullWill do most of the expanding in 2 to 5 hours and fully expand in 24 to 48 hours.
MLILYShould be ready in 24 hours. Walking on it while it’s on the floor can help speed up the process.
NectarBetween 24 to 72 hours to expand.
Nest BeddingYou can sleep on it right when you open it, but it can take up to 24 to 48 hours for it to fully expand.
Olee Sleeplet it expand up to 72 hours
PuffyAllow it to expand and breathe for a few hours before putting bedding on it.
Purest Of AmericaAllow 24 to 72 hours to fully recover.
Signature SleepWait at least 48 hours.
Tuft & NeedleOnly takes several hours to reach the proper specifications, but in some cases, it may take up to 5 days.
TuloAllow it to sit for an hour before using it.
Zinus48 to 72 hours to fully decompress. Zinus recommends you sleep on the mattress during this time as it helps to full up the mattress. If after a week it hasn’t expanded, please contact them.

Don’t see your mattress? Go ahead and give it a couple of hours to expand, but let me explain why.

Can You Sleep on a New Memory Foam Mattress Straight Away?

The reason why you wait 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours is an old saying that people keep repeating.

As shown from the chart a significant number of manufacturers report shorter times and a good bit suggest sleeping on the mattress the first night. The reason is for your constant movements, and body heat loosens the foam. The more lose the foam, the better it expands.

Where The 48 Hour Memory Foam Expansion Time Came From

The first generation of memory foam mattresses is where this wait time wives tale came from. More time was needed for older memory foam mattresses to air out there odors.

The mattresses today don’t smell as bad; I would still recommend letting them air out for a few hours to absorb the smells of its surroundings. I know it sounds odd, but it’s well worth doing.

What if my mattress says to wait a few hours? – Well, it’s better to play it safe than sorry. The people that best understand your mattress are the ones who made it.

What If Your Memory Foam Mattress Is Not Inflating?

No need to worry if your memory foam mattress is not expanding; here is what you do.

Get the mattress flat as possible on the floor. Wearing clean socks walk on the mattress. The constant moving around combined with your body heat expands the mattress. I like to think of it as a mattress massage.

After massaging the mattress place it back on the bed frame and sleep for a few nights.

Keep in mind:New mattresses are like new shoes; they need to be broken in. Over the years you have gotten used to your old mattress, so the new one is going to feel different. We tend to forget this because we only buy mattresses every decade or so.

What To Do After Your Memory Foam Mattress Has Expanded?

I mean, you spent all this money you probably want it to last as long as possible?

If you want your mattress to last, you need a mattress protector.

Your mattress is a giant sponge, and it will soak up all the sweat, soda, dead skin and other nasty stuff you do in bed. Those liquids sit there not only making the mattress dirtier but destroying the function of the structure. It’s hard to work correctly when “waterlogged” with juices.

Plus, modern-day mattress protectors feel and look like regular bed sheets. I even have a review on the very one I use on my mattress. They’re not even that expensive either; I consider it crazy when people don’t use something so practical and affordable.

How Long Should You Leave a Memory Foam Mattress Before Sleeping on It?

It’s best to let your memory foam mattress expand for 48 hours. If you can’t give 48 hours then allow the mattress to expand for 6 hours before sleeping on it.

What Happens If You Sleep On Your Mattress Too Soon?

If you sleep on your mattress before it’s expanded it’s not the end of the world. In fact, many mattress manufacturers recommended you sleep on it the first night because your body heat helps to expand the foam.

I would not worry about it too much. The goal is to give the mattress a few hours before you sleep on it. It can take some mattress a whole week to reach its correct size and sleeping on it won’t hurt.

It’s Been A Week And The Mattress Has Not Expanded.

If it’s been a week and the mattress has not expanded correctly then, unfortunately, you have a defective mattress.

The good news is that this is usually rare. If it’s been a week no need to keep fighting it, contact the company you bought it from to check out the return policy. If you’re curious about returns and what they do with the old mattress check this out.

If you have to return the mattress and want a new one I’ve had good luck with Zinus Green Tea Mattress.

Tulo Mattress Review (Medium)

Tulo Video Review

Mattress Unboxing & 1st Impression

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Mattress Firm has gotten into the online market with Tulo! They offer 3 firmness levels and come in at a very cheap price. But is it too cheap? See our findings below.

Tulo Mattress Review

The Tulo mattress is similar to some other bed-in-a-box options (which are becoming increasingly popular for how easy they are to buy and set up), but with the notable distinction of being produced by Mattress Firm, a company that is well-known throughout the entirety of America and has been dedicated to providing high quality mattresses since 1986.

The Tulo is also considered preferable to some of its competitors because of its affordability; all Tulo mattresses are reasonably priced regardless of size and firmness level, setting it apart from mattresses from competing brands that can be both overpriced and inconsistently priced depending on the variety (some companies, for example, charge more for a firm mattress compared to a soft mattress, even when the mattresses are constructed similarly and with virtually the same materials).

Delivery, Unboxing & Set-up

Like many memory foam mattresses, the Tulo mattress ships in a vacuum-sealed compressed form and will arrive in a large cardboard box.

But unlike some other beds-in-boxes that will deliver to your home but simply leave the box containing your new mattress on your doorstep (which can lead to a risk of your mattress being stolen if you’re away from home when it arrives), Tulo will schedule a specific delivery window of two hours and will email you this information the day before your scheduled delivery. This is very helpful, since it allows you to arrange your schedule so that you can be home when your mattress is delivered.

Furthermore, Tulo mattresses are delivered very quickly, often within two days of your initial order; this delivery speed is much faster than many other competing brands (who often take a minimum of a week to deliver), setting Tulo apart from the competition if you want your new mattress sooner rather than later.

The delivery drivers will also bring it inside, unpack it, and set it up for you if you need help or request it, which can help take some of the additional stress out of the process (this is a particularly useful option if you need to get your new mattress up a staircase to reach your room).

You like the Tulo Mattress if you:

  • Want the option to choose between soft, medium, and firm.With Tulo, you don’t need to resign yourself to sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or too hard for you; you can pick the firmness level that you want and need for a restful night’s sleep (and not have to pay extra for it).
  • Want a fairly priced mattress.As far as high quality memory foam mattresses go, Tulo is very affordable. you can also rest easy knowing that you won’t be charged extra for a firm mattress versus a soft mattress; all mattresses of one size are priced equally. Furthermore, Tulo mattresses are price-locked, meaning that you won’t need to waste time scouring the internet for better deals: the price for a Tulo mattress will always be the same.
  • Want free and fast shipping.Thanks to Tulo being produced by Mattress Firm (which has a wide and efficient distribution network), this mattress can be delivered in two days after you place your order. Furthermore, shipping is entirely free within the United States, and the delivery drivers can even help you unpack and set up your new mattress entirely free of charge (and they’ll even haul away and dispose of your old mattress for you if you need them to!).
  • Want to buy straight from the manufacturer.Tulo mattresses are only available online through the official website, or through parent company Mattress Firm (the Tulo mattress can be found both on the Mattress Firm website as well as in their physical stores). This exclusivity helps to maintain the affordable prices of the mattresses as well as ensure the continued high quality of the product.
  • Want to try out your mattress before buying it.Thanks to Tulo being produce by Mattress Firm, all you need to do if you want to test one out in person is swing by a Mattress Firm store. And with over 3,500 stores around the country, finding an outlet near you shouldn’t be too difficult. This mattress also features a four month free trial, so if you decide that you don’t like it after those one hundred and twenty days, all you need to do is contact the company and they will refund you the cost of the mattress and arrange for someone to come and pick it up from you.

You might not like the Tulo Mattress if you:

  • Don’t like memory foam. This mattress is composed entirely out of memory foam (it consists of four layers of foams in varying densities), so if you aren’t fond of memory foam mattresses or if they just don’t work well for your individual sleep needs then this is probably not the right mattress for you.

Comfort & Feel

This mattress is composed of four different layers of memory foam and as such is geared towards delivering a sleep experience that combines body-relaxing comfort with strong back and joint support.

This specially designed mattress is available in three different firmness options: soft/plus, medium, and firm. The variation between these three options is pretty self-evident, and comes from the varieties of memory foam used.

The official Tulo website also has a interactive tool that can help you work out which variety of mattress (soft, medium, or firm) is best for you depending upon your own personal needs; they will assess your sleeping position (whether you’re a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or back sleeper), any special sleep needs (if you tend to get overheated at night, experience lower back pain when lying down, if your limbs get numb or tingly when sleeping, et cetera), how large of a mattress you need, and so on in order to match you with the best mattress possible.

Generally, they recommend the soft mattress for side sleepers (since it puts less pressure on your shoulders and hips so that you can stay comfortable and pain-free when you sleep), the medium mattress for stomach sleepers (because it can offer comfort and support for your body without putting too much pressure on your stomach and internal organs), and the firm mattress for back sleeps (since it offers great levels of support for your back, shoulders, and other joints).

That being said, if you aren’t sure which level of firmness to try, you should consider the medium option since it combines firmness and comfort in equal amounts and can work well for side sleepers and back sleepers as well as stomach sleepers. Also, if you find that the mattress you picked isn’t the right firmness for your needs, you can contact the company and swap it out for a different mattress at no cost.

Motion Isolation

There is an eight inch layer of high density foam that allows spring but isolates it to sculpt to your body shape. This means that you should get a good nights sleep regardless of who is in the bed with you- or what they are doing. The motion isolation layer in the bottom of this mattress has extra edge support built in, and because it doesn’t have any coils in the middle, you don’t bounce off the edge only to sink in to the middle. The slightly higher than average firmness rating helps the motion reduction of this mattress too, and overall, consumers seem to be fairly pleased and the company seems to like up to its claims of the mattress being ‘strong like the north.’

Off Gassing

Because this mattress is composed mainly of different types of memory foam, there are some slight off-gassing concerns; primarily, the smell. While not overwhelming for most people, there is a slight aroma that may occur when first un-boxing and unpacking your new Tulo mattress. It may be advisable to let your mattress air out slightly before using it. That being said, It will likely need a little time to fully expand out into its full size after being unwrapped in any case, so by the time the mattress is full-sized and ready to be slept on, the smell will most likely have entirely dissipated.

Edge Support

Thanks to the high density foams incorporated into the Tulo mattress’s construction, this mattress overall has great support and weight distribution. That being said, it is constructed entirely out of different types of memory foam, which are known to sometimes be lacking in edge support as times goes on. As a result, this mattress have experience some slight sagging at the edges if those portions of the mattress bear large amounts of weight over long periods of time.

Tulo Mattress Construction

The Tulo mattress utilizes innovative new technologies to provide a revolutionary new mattress experience while also incorporating some tried and true construction styles that help this mattress to provide you with both comfort and support.

The cover of the mattress is composed of a knitted polyester and Tencel fabric paired with a reinforced polyester elastan blended material; this combination of materials results in a very durable cover that will last a long time.

The very top layer of the mattress, meanwhile, is about two inches thick and utilizes some of those cutting edges ideas we mentioned earlier. This layer features a blend of titanium particles and high density Cool Flow ventilated memory foam; this combination helps to provide both comfort and support while also helping the mattress to stay cool and ventilated.

The next layer of the mattress is an inch and a half of memory foam designed specifically for breathability, to keep your mattress well-ventilated and cool while you rest. This is helpful in preventing the mattress (and by extension, you) from overheating.

The third layer is comprised of another layer of memory foam, this one geared towards resiliency. It consists of high density memory foam that is designed to minimize material fatigue and reduce surface compression; all in all, it aids in the overall durability and firmness of the mattress.

Finally, the foundation layer of the mattress is about four and half inches thick and is made of more high density foam that helps provide a strong base and powerful support for the upper three layers.

Additionally, all the different types of memory foam utilized in this mattres s areCertiPUR-US , meaning that they are certified to be safe for use and made without any harmful chemicals or heavy metals.

Tulo Mattress Cover

The cover of the mattress is composed of a knitted polyester and Tencel fabric paired with a reinforced polyester elastan blended material; this combination of materials results in a very durable cover that will last a long time.

Tulo Foundation

The Tulo will work great on any solid surface. The floor, platform slats, boxspring/foundation and they now offer an adjustable base as well.

His and Hers – Firmness and Feel:

My thoughts (Ross)

The biggest thing I can say about the Tulo is the price is great. Currently while we are reviewing it they have a queen going for under $500. This is a great price.

In terms of feel the medium is definitely a nice medium. It felt great in all sleeping positions. I am not a huge fan of 10″ foam mattresses because many are way over priced for what you are getting but Tulo is priced fairly. So it is one of my fav’s for a 10″ foam mattress.

Her thoughts (Kayla)

For me the Tulo Mattress had a good medium feel. It conformed well even though I am light but still had good support for Ross who is heavier. I tend to like a soft mattress so I sink in a bit more but it felt nice even though its not uber soft. The top layer gives in and conforms very well for any weight. If you are like me and like softer you can choose the firmness which is a nice feature not all brands offer.


All Tulo mattresses, regardless of their firmness level and size, are specially designed to remain cool at night and keep you comfortable.

Adjustable Base Performance:

The Tulo being all foam will work great on an adjustable base.

Tulo Mattress Price:

Twin XL$679CA
Cal King$899CA

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Tulo Mattress Warranty and More

Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Typically 2-7 business days.

Warranty – 10 years

Trial Period – 120 nights

Discounts – Use our link above for the best price

Made in the USA

This mattress comes with a 120 day free trail that allows you to decide whether or not it’s the right mattress for you and your sleep needs. If you do decide that it’s not the mattress for your, all you need to do is contact the company and they will refund you the cost of the mattress and even arrange for someone to come pick it up.

It also comes with a ten year warranty that covers any damages or defects; if something goes wrong with your mattress, all you need to do is contact the company and they will work hard to resolve the situation for you with as little hassle as possible.

Furthermore, Tulo is backed by parent company Mattress Firm, which has been in business for over three decades, so you don’t need to worry about the company failing and being unable to back up their warranty should something happen to your mattress.

Tulo Mattress Company Info

Tulo is owned by Mattress Firm, one of the nations largest mattress chain. Making it easy to feel a Tulo in a store first.

Customer Reviews

If you have any further doubts about the Tulo mattress, you don’t need to look any further than the glowing reviews the product has received to assuage your concerns. Some of the reviews from the official website are as follows:

  • Bought this bed a month ago, feel so much better every day. I have fibro-myalgia and this bed has really helped me. I have not been able to sleep like this in a long time.” -Angelbaby
  • I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago and LOVE it! I never thought a mattress could make such a big difference in my sleep, but this one does. It’s the perfect blend between soft and firm. It feels as if the mattress hugs my body my night.” -Ella D.
  • Had for a month now, I’m a 60 old male. Feels really firm as you start lying down on it almost hard, but feels great as you go into your slumber. Replaced a traditional spring mattress and now I get a better deeper night sleep and no longer wake up with lower back pain. It took me two nights to get used to the firmness, I sleep mostly on my sides and back, very comfortable, highly recommend.” -Anonymous.
  • We purchased an expensive mattress 2 years ago and it did not live up to the hype. We purchased the Tulo soft king size mattress recently after giving our son the mattress that we did not love and we are so incredibly happy with the quality. We have both never slept better and we got it at such a great price! We highly recommend Tulo!” -ALoper
  • I bought this bed several months ago and have loved every night of sleep since. The mattress comes rolled up in a box and it’s kind of fun to watch it inflate, too. I often struggle with sleep, but this bed has helped tremendously. Also, I generally sleep on my side which used to frequently cause mass amounts of shoulder pain, but the softness of this mattress allows me to sleep easy in any position. I was also fortunate to receive two free high quality pillows which are thick and great for sleeping on my side. Keep an eye out for deals like that. Best part was the price. I did not expect to get a mattress of this quality for under a thousand dollars. Cowabunga.” -Greg

As you can see, the Tulo mattress has won over the hearts and minds of many people thanks to its high quality design that offers both comfort and support (and all at an affordable price!).

Tulo Mattress Review

Tulo is an affordable budget mattress that’s made entirely of foam and comes in three firmness levels

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Folks on a budget
  • All types of sleepers (i.e. back, stomach, side)
  • People who want a neutral-foam feel
  • Petite and medium size individuals
  • Couples (Tulo is an accomodating bed)

Who Won’t Love This Bed?

  • Heavy sleepers (250+ pounds)
  • People that want a luxury mattress (Tulo is all about value for the money)

Discount in Cart

Free Shipping & Returns

120 Night Trial Period

10 Year Warranty

Multiple Firmness Options

Tulo Mattress Reviews: Table Of Contents Section

Use the jump-to links below to quickly navigate to any section within this review. We’ve tried to include links to the major sections, but this review covers even more than the bullet points you see below.

Tulo Mattress: YouTube Video Review

Tulo is one of the more interesting bed-in-a-box mattresses partially because of the fact that it’s owned by Mattress Firm. It sells online via and as well as in-store at many of Mattress Firm’s locations.

While Tulo hasn’t been around as long as Purple, WinkBed, and many of the other mattresses that we’ve reviewed, it’s starting to gain some real steam. And we think for good reason. It comes in three different firmness levels, you can try in-store before you buy, and it’s offered at a very attractive price point, especially if you hunt for deals/coupons.

Buying A Tulo Mattress: Shipping, Returns & More

Like most bed in a box companies, Tulo offers free shipping, a risk-free trial period, and free returns. It will take about three to five business days for the mattress to arrive at your house. And when it does show up, as you’d expect, it is compressed and rolled up inside a box.

From there, Tulo gives you a120 night trial periodto test out the mattress. If, at any point in those first 119 nights, you decide you don’t like the mattress, just give the company a call and they will send someone to your house or apartment to pick up the mattress free of charge, and issue you a full refund.

As of late 2018, Tulo didn’t have a minimum trial period like you’ll see with Bear mattress and others, but they do “suggest” that you try it for at least 30 nights before you initiate a return. The idea here is that the bed needs a few a weeks to break in and your body needs a few weeks to adjust to a new mattress.

Tulo also backs their mattresses with a10 year warranty, which is standard for the mattress industry. The warranty basically protects against manufacturing and material defects.

Tulo Mattress Prices And Sizes

Tulo is priced a little lower than the average bed-in-a-box, but we wouldn’t consider this a “cheap” mattress in terms of quality. Here’s a pre-discount pricing breakdown.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$600
King / Cal King$950

Mattress Firm is almost always running salesin their stores and online. They discount Tulo quite often as well. You can check for current promotions. It would not at all surprise us to see you get $100 off or more. That’s how these mattress brands work. They set prices a bit high to leave room for deals.

How Your Weight Factors In

Before we jump into the meat and potatoes of this review, it’s important to note thatyour body weight and composition affect how you experience a mattress.

Generally, heavier sleepers (250+ pounds) will feel as if most beds are on the softer side of the spectrum, while lighter sleepers will feel as if most mattresses are on the firmer side of the spectrum. This is because heavy folks exert a lot more force onto the surface of the mattress and, as a result, sink further into the mattress. Keep your body weight in mind as we move through this review. Also, just to be clear, it’s not entirely about your weight. Your height comes into play as well. It’s really more about your body weight distribution or BMI.

Design And Foam Construction Of Tulo

It’s important to note that Tulo comes in three firmness levels: Soft, Medium (most popular), and Firm. The exact construction of the bed will depend on which model you get, but by and large they’re all pretty similar.

The Tulo mattress iscomprised of four layers of foam, designed to provide comfort and pressure relief. The bottom foundation is made out of 5” of a high density polyurethane foam. It’s the firmest of the four layers. On top of the support foam is a 1.5” layer of high resiliency firm foam. It’s meant to reduce surface compression and act as a transition layer between the firm base layer and the softer top layers. The next layer is a 1.5” layer of a responsive poly foam. Finally, the top layer is 2” of Tulo’s proprietary blend of titanium particles and a “Cool Flow” ventilated memory foam. That’s fancy talk for “gel memory foam.”

A peek inside the Tulo mattress

Wrapping the entire mattress is a soft, breathable, knitted Polyester and Tencel blend cover. It’s about medium thickness, and feels like your typical mattress cover. While you can technically remove the cover, Tulo doesn’t recommend it.

Soft, removable cover on the Tulo Mattress

There aren’t cleaning instructions provided with the mattress, or listed on Tulo’s website. However, if you spill something on the bed, or it gets dirty with daily use, most online brands recommend spot cleaning the mattress with a mild detergent and water.

Overall Feel And Firmness Of Tulo

Even though Tulo is an all-foam mattress with a layer of memory foam on top, it doesn’t feel as soft as you might expect. You get a bit of that memory foam feel thanks to the top layer, but it’s very mild. We actually think it has more of a neutral-foam feel—you do get pressure relief, but you won’t feel as if you’re stuck in the mattress. Tulo actually reminds us of Yogabed and Tuft & Needle.

Overall, we’d put the Tulo Medium version in the medium range on our firmness scale (funny how that works out sometimes). The mattress finds anice balance between support and pressure relief.

But again keep in mind, this is through the eyes (or body) of an average size person. The firmness of the mattress will vary a little bit depending on your weight. With that said, an average size person should expect the Firm version to land closer to a medium-firm and the Soft version to be a little closer to a medium-soft.

The top layers of the Tulo mattress bounce back fairly quickly after pressure is released. We were impressed by the responsive time, considering the top layer of the bed is made out of memory foam. Many memory foam beds contour to your body so much that it requires extra effort to switch sleeping positions throughout the night.

However, that’s not the case with the Tulo mattress. We actually found itfairly easy to switch between positions. First, thanks to the firmer nature of the mattress, you really don’t sink into the bed. Also, the bed doesn’t really contour to your body and hug you. As such, you always feel like you’re on top of the mattress rather that in it. This makes it easy to switch positions.

Is Tulo Good For Side Sleepers?

The short answer is yes,Tulo is just fine for side sleepers. The longer answer is it depends on the firmness level you choose for your mattress. If you’re really concerned with pressure relief and finding a softer mattress, you should looking into the Soft model. If you sleep on your side sometimes, but not exclusively, you should consider the Medium option.

The bed does conform to your shoulders and hips and provides a nice amount of pressure relief (especially the Soft model), but if you want a truly plush foam mattress you might consider Nolah or Layla. Those beds are made entirely for side sleepers that want a really soft mattress.

Will Tulo Work For Stomach And Back Sleepers?

Yes, Tulo is a good option for back and stomach sleepers—both the Medium and Firm version. You feel supported when lying flat, and the bed doesn’t sink in too much, which means your spine should remain aligned while you sleep.

The medium and firm Tulo models are best for back and stomach sleepers

In general, stomach and back sleepers naturally seek out firmer beds, which Tulo offers. What you’re looking for is a bed that doesn’t leave you with an achy lower back in the morning. That will usually mean that the bed is too soft. It’s actually a good idea to start off with a slightly firmer bed and allow it to soften over time.

Is The Tulo Mattress Good For Heavier People?

While heavier sleepers would probably be fine on the firm version in the short-term, we worry about long-term durability. Heavier sleepers exert so much pressure on a bed, we worry the mattress will sink down too much over time.

We usually steer heavy folks towards beds that contain coilsfor added support. If you weigh over 250 pounds, we’d recommend checking out our list of the Best Hybrid, Coil & Innerspring Mattresses.

tulo gives you choice

Nobody sleeps the same. Not even triplets. That’s why we made three comfort levels to suit your sleeping style.

Whether you face east or west, this option is great for side sleepers.

Tummy sleepers, it’s not 2011 but if you still plank when you sleep, this mattress is for you.

Can’t doze off until you’re on your back? This is the best mattress for back sleepers.

Whether you face east or west, this option is great for side sleepers.

Tummy sleepers, it’s not 2011 but if you still plank when you sleep, this mattress is for you.

Can’t doze off until you’re on your back? This is the best mattress for back sleepers.

Stay cool

Every tulo mattress is designed to keep you cool while you sleep.

Free delivery

Due to popular demand, please allow up to 2 weeks.

120 night trial 120 nights

Fall in love with tulo within 120 nights or return it free.

Easy returns

No, you don’t have to put it back in the box. We’ll handle that.

We’re all different and so is our sleep. Not sure
which one is right for you? We can help!

Three great mattresses designed for your comfort

We offer three great mattress — each with the same great features, but with a foundation layer that’s customized to your sleep style. Then, we combine that with soft, comfortable top layers to help you sleep well, no matter how you like to sleep.

tulo soft shop

tulo medium shop

tulo firm shop




Unique foam layers

Unique foam layers

Unique foam layers

tulo soft

  • Side sleepers
  • People who prefer a softer feel
  • Couples who are both side sleepers

tulo medium

  • Stomach sleepers
  • People who want a balance of soft and firm
  • Couples who sleep in different positions
  • People who frequently change positions

tulo firm

  • Back sleepers
  • People who prefer a firmer feel
  • Couples who are both back sleepers


Every tulo (soft, medium, firm) is designed to provide you a comfortable, relaxing sleep every single night.

  • White woven cover in a soft fabric blend
  • 10” mattress with 4 hybrid foam layers
  • Ventilated memory foam layer with integrated titanium particles for cooling
  • Responsive foam layer to promote airflow and prevent heat transfer
  • CertiPUR-US&reg certified foam
  • Made in USA

Unique foam layers

The hybrid foam layers of every tulo mattress are designed to work together for the perfect sleep.

Bought this bed a month ago, feel so much better every day. I have fibromyalgia and this bed has really helped me. I have not been able to sleep like this in a long time.

The most comfortable mattress I have ever owned! I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago and LOVE it! I never thought a mattress could make such a big difference in my sleep, but this one does.

Feels great as you go into your slumber. Replaced a traditional spring mattress and now I get a better deeper night sleep and no longer wake up with lower back pain.

Bought this bed a month ago, feel so much better every day. I have fibromyalgia and this bed has really helped me. I have not been able to sleep like this in a long time.

The most comfortable mattress I have ever owned! I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago and LOVE it! I never thought a mattress could make such a big difference in my sleep, but this one does.

Feels great as you go into your slumber. Replaced a traditional spring mattress and now I get a better deeper night sleep and no longer wake up with lower back pain.

Every tulo is designed for easy setup and minimum hassle.

Three great mattresses designed for your comfort

Tulo is designed to work with what you already love about your bedroom: you can use your existing box spring, foundation or platform bed. You can even place your tulo directly on the floor if that’s your style. If you need a foundation, just add our easy setup, low-priced tulo frame to your order.

Take your tulo out of the box, and place it on the end of your frame

Unroll the mattress as much as you can onto the bed frame

Cut around the edges of the plastic wrapper, going around all four sides

Your tulo will expand instantly! Flop onto your new bed and relax

Take your tulo out of the box, and place it on the end of your frame

Unroll the mattress as much as you can onto the bed frame

Cut around the edges of the plastic wrapper, going around all four sides

Your tulo will expand instantly! Flop onto your new bed and relax

Set yourself up for rest and relaxation

The tulo base is a stylish alternative to a box spring. It can be used inside a wooden bed frame for mattress support, or as a bed frame itself. The mattress sits directly on the metal frame, creating 13 inches of storage space underneath.

    Sturdy metal construction Provides superior support Ample storage space beneath

Top FAQs

There is no “one” tulo. In fact there are three, each as cool and durable as the other. The difference is in the firmness levels. Soft, medium or firm. Your sleep style determines which is the most suitable for a rock-solid sleep.

Any flat surface is good for your tulo. You can use a platform bed or your current box spring.

tulo works on a flat platform or an adjustable bed base. Isn’t that great?

Twin 75”L x 39”W x 10”H
Twin Extra Long 80”L x 39”W x 10”H
Full 75”L x 54”W x 10”H
Queen 80”L x 60”W x 10”H
King 80”L x 76”W x 10”H
California King 84”L x 72”W x 10”H

No hard feelings. We have a 120-night trial so you can experience tulo at home and exchange or return it if you don’t like it. We do suggest trying your tulo for at least 30 nights, as there is a break-in period where your body gets accustomed to the mattress.

How long does tulo mattress take to expand

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mattresses designed for your comfort

tulo pillow for a restful night’s sleep

Experience tulo at home

You can experience tulo at home for 120 nights whether you buy it online or in-store. If you’re not into it, you’re welcome to try another tulo. We’ll swap them for free.

Choose how to purchase

We offer two easy ways to pay for your tulo: Choose predictable monthly payments with SetPay*, or pay with your credit card.

*Subject to credit approval, offer available online only (excludes online chat).

the size of your mattress shouldn’t be the only thing you can control when shopping for a place to rest your head Lulu Chang —
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tulo isn’t just a mattress or a bed in a box. tulo is the future of mattress commerce Ryan Monahan —
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No hassle

Delivered in a small box, with little effort to set up.

10 year warranty

That’s 3,650-ish nights of good sleep guaranteed.

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