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How is a tempur mattress made

TEMPUR’S guide to
memory foam

Memory foam is a high-density foam that is predominantly used in mattresses and pillows. You’re probably thinking, well that’s not exactly rocket science, but you would be quite wrong…

TEMPUR® was first created by NASA in the 1970’s to cushion astronauts during lift-off as they journeyed into space. TEMPUR® sleep scientists realised the potential of this unique material and were the very first to introduce this revolutionary material to the world. Since then, we have been making mattresses and pillows with the aim of transforming the sleep of our owners across the globe.

We invest millions each year to constantly improve our formulas and innovate new products. In fact, only a handful of highly trained scientists know our secret formula!


Our unique TEMPUR® Material is composed of a secret formula, first developed by NASA scientists to support astronauts during lift-off.

  • ORDINARY SPRING MATTRESS – Lumps and bumps, Uneven pressure points, Bouncy
  • STANDARD MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS – Layers break down, More even pressure distribution, Motion transfer
  • TEMPUR® MATTRESS – 10 years of lasting quality, Absorbs and distributes pressure, Minimal motion transfer


TEMPUR® Material, composed of a secret formula and first developed by NASA to support astronauts during lift-off, provides support where you need it all night long.

When it comes to making mattresses and pillows, TEMPUR® is in a league of its own. For decades, competitors have attempted to replicate the unique TEMPUR® feeling. We have always manufactured our own products, while others frequently outsource their production which means they can struggle to monitor quality. We are the only mattress company in the world to be certified by the International Space Foundation!

Here are some reasons why TEMPUR® owners across Europe are more satisfied than owners of other mattress brands*

*Based on interviews conducted with over 37,000 mattress owners in 13 countries from 2014-15, where owners in each market rated TEMPUR® highest in satisfaction versus owners of other mattress brands.

Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video. Here is a link to the video instead.

Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video. Here is a link to the video instead.

Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video. Here is a link to the video instead.


enables our mattresses to absorb extra pressure. Effectively, TEMPUR® material redistributes your weight providing relief in painful areas of your body, ultimately allowing you to get a comfortable night’s sleep. We believe other types of memory foam and spring mattresses absorb less pressure which can cause an uncomfortable and restless night’s sleep..



It is our opinion that standard memory foam mattresses are not very effective when it comes to relieving pain and pressure. They have some pressure relieving capabilities but TEMPUR® material has been widely adopted in medical institutions across the world due to its proven pressure relieving properties. Based on our years of experience, TEMPUR® material has been found to alleviate tension in painful areas of the body whilst sleeping, allowing you to rest in complete comfort.


It has long been rumoured that standard memory foam can often cause a hot night’s sleep. This is because normal memory foam can have a dense cell structure which traps heat. However, TEMPUR® material has an open cell structure which allows the breathing of the material and heat to escape efficiently.


For spring and standard memory foam mattresses it can be very hard to clean them because often they come without covers which can be changed. However, every current TEMPUR® mattress is equipped with a removable washable cover which allows you to easily clean and refresh your bed!


Ordinary memory foam mattresses can often feel very firm to sleep on. This can cause discomfort and ultimately prevent you from getting a great night’s sleep. TEMPUR® material has been engineered to react to your body temperature. It is optimised to work best at room temperature (23°C). By actively conforming and adapting to your body shape you are constantly supported throughout the night. Furthermore, our wide range of mattresses means that you can choose a comfort level which is unique to you. View our full mattress range here.


Ordinary memory foam mattresses break down over time. This means their layers will start to crack and break open, ruining any support they provide. TEMPUR® mattresses offer a 10-year guarantee of lasting quality because we understand that a mattress is a long term investment for your health and well-being.

10 Year Warranty

Our mattresses are tested to last, so we offer a full 10 year guarantee valid from 1/4/2017.


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Frequently Asked Questions about TEMPUR mattresses

When buying a new mattress, you are investing in your health, your comfort, and your ability to get a good night’s sleep. With an investment that significant, it’s important that you take time to make the right decision – and as we all know, the best decisions come from being well informed.

With that in mind, we thought we’d gather together some questions and answers that may help to make your decision that much easier. After all, we know how specialTEMPURmattress are. It’s time you did too.

Q. Where is the TEMPUR mattress made?

A. In the 1980s, NASA released to the public its pressure-absorbing material designed to help cushion and support astronauts during lift-off. Taking more than a decade to develop this design, two companies in Sweden and Denmark came together to create TEMPUR material for use in mattresses.

Utilising that design, TEMPUR launched in 1991, quickly finding success around the world. As demand grew, TEMPUR expanded into North America, building an R&D and engineering centre in Duffield, Virginia and a fabrication plant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Meanwhile, in Denmark, the R&D facility and factory was extended considerably.

Today, all TEMPUR mattresses are manufactured either in the US or Denmark TEMPUR facilities. Manufacturing is not outsourced, which means standards remain as high today as they were when TEMPUR was first founded.

Q. What is the TEMPUR mattress made from?

A. One of the questions we often hear is, is TEMPUR latex or memory foam? While TEMPUR material is neither latex or memory foam, it is perhaps more like memory foam in the way that it behaves. However, it’s the construction of TEMPUR material that sets it apart.

TEMPUR material is made from billions of visco-elastic spherical shaped, open cells. These cells are designed to respond to the heat and weight of your body, meaning they shift and move to mould to your body’s exact contours. This not only provides the support you need, it also eliminates pressure points to allow blood to flow freely throughout the night. With less tossing and turning, you can enjoy a more comfortable night’s rest, and better quality sleep.

Q. Is TEMPUR memory foam?

A. While TEMPUR material may be compared to generic memory foam, it is in fact superior in many ways. So, what is thedifference between TEMPUR material and memory foam?

Design:One of the most important things to note about TEMPUR material is that it is composed using a secret formula. While competitors have tried to replicate it, none have been successful. The result? Not only is TEMPUR material developed from a NASA design, TEMPUR is the only mattress company to be certified by the International Space Foundation.

Production Value:Some competitors outsource their production, which can make it hard to monitor quality. TEMPUR manufactures its own products, keeping to the highest possible design and manufacturing standards at all times.

Comfort & Durability:Utilising an open-cell structure, TEMPUR material perfectly contours to the body. This allows it to adapt to each body type, with less than 3% rebound. It also allows for excellent durability, with each TEMPUR mattress guaranteed by a 10-year warranty.

Q. Are TEMPUR mattresses good for people with back pain?

A. Each TEMPUR mattress features an open-cell structure, which allows it to spread body weight more evenly, eliminating pressure points to offer a more comfortable night’s rest. When used in conjunction with the Adjustable Zero G bed base range, TEMPUR mattresses can help to reduce the pressure exerted on the spine, while working to relieve muscle tension.

While a TEMPUR mattress may help to alleviate your back pain, it’s recommended you seek the advice of a medical professional.

Q. Are TEMPUR mattresses hot to sleep on?

A. Because generic memory foam mattresses tend to ‘run hot’, we often get asked if TEMPUR mattresses suffer the same problem. However, thanks to the open cell structure utilised in the design of TEMPUR material, this allows for easy ventilation and dissipation of heat.

Q. How long does a mattress last?

A. As a big investment, it’s important to make sure your mattress will stand the test of time. So, how often should you change your mattress? It’s generally recommended you change your mattress every 10 years. However, you may find some mattresses don’t last that long, becoming lumpy and unsupportive long before the 10-year mark.

TEMPUR mattresses, however, are built to last. With a10-year full replacement guaranteeon all TEMPUR mattresses purchased directly from TEMPUR or an authorised retailer, you can be sure your mattress will offer the same level of comfort and support throughout that 10-year period.

Q. Where can I try the TEMPUR Mattress?

A. Finding the perfect mattress often means testing out the options. By visiting one of TEMPUR’s retail partners, you can do just that. Find your local TEMPUR stockisthere, then use thesetipson how to choose a mattress to find the right option for you.

Q. Can I sleep on my TEMPUR mattress straight away?

A. You can sleep on your mattress straight away. In fact, the more time you spend on your new mattress the better. Why? If you are used to a more traditional style of mattress, such as an innerspring mattress, your new TEMPUR mattress will initially feel quite different. The high level of support TEMPUR mattresses offer means your body may need time to adjust to the change.

By spending time in bed, reading, watching television, or simply relaxing, you can speed up that adjustment time. Either way, it shouldn’t take longer than a few weeks for your body to adjust to the feel of your new TEMPUR mattress, to start enjoying the exceptional comfort, support and pressure-relieving qualities that encourage a wonderful night’s sleep.

Mattress Care

Q. How do you clean the TEMPUR mattress?

A. Washing TEMPUR material prevents it from functioning as it should, which means it should not be washed, sponged or dry cleaned. If you’re wondering how to clean your mattress without washing it, here are some tips.

  • TEMPUR material features environmentally friendly bacterium-reducing components, which prevent bacterial and fungal growth, so the mattress itself needs little maintenance.
  • By placing the mattress on a ventilated bed base, it allows air to circulate freely and prevents moisture from accumulating.

The removable cover on your mattress can be removed and washed as needed. Note, some covers cannot be washed, so check the care instructions carefully .

Q. Can I wash my TEMPUR mattress cover?

A. While most TEMPUR mattress covers can be washed, some cannot. Check the label stitched inside the cover for care instructions on how to best care for your mattress cover. You will generally find older ‘Deluxe’ models and mattresses that have TEMPUR material embedded or quilted into the cover can be removed, but not washed. Instead, these covers should be aired to renew their freshness.

Q. Do I need a mattress protector?

A. TEMPUR mattresses feature a removable cover, which can be washed or aired as needed. However, if you choose to purchase a replacement or spare cover for your mattress, please contact us for a quotation.

Q. Is the TEMPUR mattress waterproof?

A. TEMPUR material is not waterproof. However, your mattress should remain dry and comfortable with your TEMPUR mattress protector in place. Waterproof and breathable, this mattress protector is made from natural fibres that breathe with the body. It also features an intelligent membrane that prevents your mattress from getting wet, which is the thinnest in the market.

Q. Which bed base is best?

A. Wondering whether you can put the TEMPUR mattress on an adjustable bed base? Or if you can you put a TEMPUR mattress on slats? The answer is yes – to both questions.

If you want an adjustable bed, you can opt for a TEMPUR mattress that is compatible with our adjustable bed range, allowing you to find the most comfortable position for sleep, or for reading or watching television in bed.

You may also place a TEMPUR mattress on a slatted base, however we recommend using a solid base from the TEMPUR bed base range.

Q. Do I need to turn the TEMPUR mattress?

A. Wondering whether you should flip your mattress and how often? While other mattresses may need to be flipped or turned regularly to ensure they remain comfortable, TEMPUR mattresses do not. TEMPUR material is designed to return to its original shape, day after day, year after year. For that reason, there is no reason to flip or turn TEMPUR mattresses.

Q. Can I use an electric blanket with my TEMPUR mattress?

A. We do not recommend the use of electric blankets or hot water bottles when sleeping on a TEMPUR mattress. Because TEMPUR material responds to your body heat, an electric blanket or hot water bottle will prevent it from doing this and properly contouring to your shape. It may also cause irreversible damage to the pressure-relieving properties of your mattress. If your hot water bottle leaks, to wet, stain or damage your mattress, it will invalidate your manufacturer’s guarantee.

If you think you still need extra warmth, consider an over electric blanket rather than an under blanket. Ensure that it is less than 10 years old and in good working order.

TEMPUR® Sensation Mattress

Our firmest collection with TEMPUR® Dynamic Support Material.

Mattress Thickness


  • 4cm Dynamic Support Technology
  • 4cm TEMPUR® Support Material
  • Standard washable cover


  • 4cm Dynamic Support Technology
  • 4cm TEMPUR® Support Material
  • 3cm TEMPUR® Comfort Material
  • Standard washable cover


  • 4cm Dynamic Support Technology
  • 4cm TEMPUR® Support Material
  • 3cm TEMPUR® Comfort Material
  • Washable cover with easy QuickRefresh™ zip-off top

  • 8cm TEMPUR® Support Material
  • 7cm TEMPUR® Comfort Material
  • Washable cover with easy QuickRefresh™ zip-off top

Size Guide


Small Single

Order 2 for a king size, products available to order online.


It may be worth considering a longer bed if you are tall.

Long Single

Order 2 for a super king size, products available to order online.


Small Double

Plenty of space for 1. Great for smaller bedrooms where a standard double won’t quite fit.


Fits 2, you have a cosy 67.5cm each. Consider a longer bed if you are tall.

Long Small Double

For people who have a non-standard continental bedframe.

Long Double

Adjustable beds in standard double width (135cm) generally have just a single handset or mechanism
to raise and lower the mattress. Often they are longer than static bed bases. Make sure you measure properly.

King & Euro King

Sleeps 2 nicely, 75cm each.

Euro King

Often referred to as a ‘continental double’. The more room to sleep in the better. Great if a super king won’t quite go.

Super King

Sleeps 2 nicely, 75cm each.


Every mattress in the TEMPUR® Sensation collection uses TEMPUR® Material that responds to your body’s temperature, shape and weight, even as you move throughout the night, giving you a mattress that always fits you perfectly, however you sleep.

Exclusive TEMPUR® Material

TEMPUR® Material, first developed by NASA® to support astronauts during lift-off,
provides support where you need it all night long.

Visco-elastic cells that actively mould and adapt to your body

Ultimate comfort and back support

A great night’s sleep, night after night

Washable covers

All of our mattresses come equipped with removable washable covers. Our Luxe and Elite mattresses even come with elegant QuickRefresh™ covers featuring an easy zip-off top, so you can keep your mattress clean and fresh with minimal effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the TEMPUR® mattress different?

The one thing that all conventional (spring, waterbed, foam) mattresses have in common is that they force the user to conform to them. With TEMPUR®, the mattress actually conforms to the body.

But why is this better?

By conforming to your body, the TEMPUR® mattress eliminates virtually all pressure points and spreads body weight evenly.

Do I need to turn the TEMPUR® mattress?

No, in fact the TEMPUR® mattress should never be turned.

TEMPUR® mattresses have removable covers. How do I look after them?

One of the advantages of owning a TEMPUR®mattress from our current collections* is that all models have removable washable covers. In all cases you can unzip, remove and machine wash the whole cover at 60°C. (This task is easier with two people.) In addition our Elite and Luxe models have been designed with QuickRefresh™ tops. This means you only need unzip, remove and wash the top layer which you directly sleep on. It is important when you launder your mattress cover that you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions which can be found on a label stitched inside.

Should you wish to purchase a replacement or spare cover for your mattress in the future, please contact us for a quotation. We will need to know the exact model and size you purchased to ensure you receive the correct one. We also recommend the use of a TEMPUR-FIT™ Mattress Protector to keep your bed nice and fresh.

*Because we are always looking to improve our products, TEMPUR® owners of older models should check the care instructions of their mattress carefully. Some models such as the TEMPUR® Celebrity 31 could have covers which cannot be removed or washed.

As a general rule of thumb, if your mattress has TEMPUR® material embedded or quilted into the cover (this applies to the majority of older ‘Deluxe’ models,) while it may be removed for airing, it is not washable. Any subsequent washing will invalidate your guarantee.

If you are not sure, please call us on 0800 0111 083 during regular office hours for further advice. You may also find some use hints and tips on our Caring for TEMPUR® page.

Can I use an electric blanket with my TEMPUR® mattress?

We do not recommend electric blankets, the warranty will not be effected if the electric blanket is less than 10 years old. We discourage the use of electric blankets for the reason that the blanket causes an unnatural barrier between the body and the mattress.

So, how does it work? What’s it made from?

We get this question often, but in fact, sleeping warm on a TEMPUR® mattress is not an issue that our owners raise frequently. Our mattresses are designed to respond to your body temperature, which activates their ability to conform to your body, offering support and reducing pressure points. It is worth noting that with the improved support and reduced pressure points on your body, sleeping on our mattresses can help increase circulation, so you may find you need lighter bedding. If you feel warmer, try using a lower tog duvet, breathable bedding and keep your room well ventilated.

You say I’ll toss and turn less – can you prove it?

Yes. The TEMPUR® mattress and pillow have been clinically proven to reduce tossing and turning from an average 100 times during the night, to around 17 times. Testing by the Institution for Clinical & Physiological Research at the Lillhagen Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden of 23,000 patients for a period corresponding to approximately 8 years of clinical and inhome use concluded that the patients suffered from less pain and experienced greatly enhanced and deeper sleep.

I’ve seen references to NASA associated with TEMPUR®. What’s the connection?

The TEMPUR® material was originally developed in the early 1970’s at NASA’s Ames Research Centre, to relieve the pressure build up from the G-force experienced by astronauts during lift off. TEMPUR® scientists realised the enormous potential of this material and began experiments in the early 1980’s to perfect it for consumer use. After millions of pounds in research, the TEMPUR® material we know today was perfected. As a result TEMPUR® was presented with an award by NASA in May 1998.


1. One of the most reliable indicators of a mattress’s comfort is the frequency of night time body position changes – tossing and turning. The fewer times you move, the better sleep you have. Clinical tests proved that a TEMPUR® mattress can reduce toss and turn by up to 80%.

2. Many people believe that waterbeds give you almost perfect support by allowing your body to ‘float’ in a natural position. In fact, due to displacement the waterbed creates what experts call the “hammock effect.” This is an unnatural and unhealthy curve of the spine resulting from improper support. The TEMPUR® mattress allows your spine to rest in its natural position, giving you optimum sleeping posture and comfort.

3. Fully sprung mattresses covered by quilted thickly padded ticking mean you are lying on row after row of coiled sprung metal. This often creates pressure points that can cause painful joints and an aching back. The visco-elastic material in the TEMPUR® mattress moulds to your body, adjusting to your body weight, and distributing it evenly, reducing pressure and providing maximum support. Our TEMPUR® Hybrid Collection incorporates Precision™ Micro Coils in the base layer for those customers who prefer a faster response, but want the benefits that TEMPUR® material brings too.

4. Several copy visco mattresses are available today, but they are not visco elastic and do not have the 85kg density of the TEMPUR® material or its durability of 10 years. The TEMPUR® open cell visco-elastic material moulds to the exact contours of your body, giving you maximum support and pressure relief where you need it most.

10 Year Warranty

Our mattresses are tested to last, so we offer a free and full 10 year guarantee.

What is Tempur memory foam?

TEMPUR foam is similar but not identical to Memory Foam

So who and what is Tempur?

Tempur-Pedic International Inc is credited to be the company who trialled and developed so-called memory foam and through extensive advertising and promotion brought the world’s attention to the benefits of this ‘pressure relieving material’. Although the material was developed in the 1970s by NASA, it wasn’t until the early 90s, before Tempur launched this Space Foam Technology for the domestic market.

Note: I acknowledge that the original companies involved Dan Foam and Fagerdala World Foams contribution resulted in what is now known to be Tempur World Inc. I use Tempur as a reference to their mattress range and product. Tempur recently acquired Sealy and are now known as Tempur-Sealy. The acquisition with Sealy took place on 27th Sept 2012. Making the largest bed company in the world.

How Much?

Tempur has several different models with the 20cm ‘Original’ retailing at over £1500 (double) or 22cm Deluxe retailing at over £1700 (Double). High-end stores will have other models such as The Cloud, Tempur’s softest mattress and The Sensation, marketed as a springy medium mattress, with an equally high retail price. Tempur more recently has started rebranding models for certain retailers such as dreams. To keep things simple there are three main models, the original, cloud and sensation. These now come in varying heights and some retailers use their own micro-branding such as the ‘cloud deluxe’ which can lead to more confusion.

“Perceived Quality” is a sales technique whereby a purchasing decision is made purely based on price. You are going to assume that the higher priced item is going to be a better quality product. If a shop has two mattresses side by side, say for example a Tempur mattress and an Ergo-Flex mattress that can be compared as a like for like option, the price asked then becomes the final decisive factor.

If a retailer or manufacturer has the balls to ask over £1500 for a product when there are equivalents available for roughly a third of the price, you are going to assume that the quality must be two-thirds better, But Is it?

Alternatives to Tempur Mattresses?

We provide two hybrid foam models that have a comparative feel, ie they feel similar too. They are not made from memory foam or Tempur’s proprietary foam so can’t be thought of as the same as they are different materials. We have used hybrid foams which reduce the issue with heat retentive in memory foam mattresses. They also have a much faster response rate.

Feedback shows us that it has the benefits people like from a memory foam mattress but without some of the drawbacks ie heat and being slow to respond. The Hybrid 4 has a similar feel to the Tempur Cloud and the Hybrid 5 has a similar feel to the Tempur Sensation both of which can be found in our online shop.

Hybrid 4Hybrid 5

We have written an article about the comparative feel to Tempur mattresses with our Hybrid range. This article gives much more detail on the makeup and composition of the Hybrid range of mattresses in comparison to the Tempur specifications. One big difference is that our hybrid modelsall come with removable toppersthat allow you to turn them and extend the longevity of your mattress, a drawback often made to Tempurs one sided mattress range.

Is Tempur any ‘better‘ than the other manufacturers?

Better Quality? A Tempur bed mattress is recognised to be the market leader, no doubt about it. but this does not mean it will suit everybody. Their ‘material’ has a general density of 85kg/m3 whereas in comparison British Vita Vasco foams have a general density of around 55-70, but British Vita (and other foam converting companies) do have comparable products with densities in excess of 80kg/m3. That said most of the 80kg plus foams are imported in the UK from the far-east as their simply isn’t the market for such dense firm foams, most people want memory foam to be a pressure relieving. This means the market in bed manufacturing usually uses 40-60kg foams for this purpose. The denser foams found in Tempur and Ergoflex require significant heat, compared to say Latex, to mould so they do get warm and this is one of the main complaints about Tempur and Memory foam products, especially if you’re already a warm sleeper. We have a page that explains all about foam densities and data sheets here.

Better Value?

It is understood that in (their words) a standard test(draw your own conclusions as to what this means)the thickness loss of Tempur after 80,000 compressions is less than 5 percent compared to approximately 10-15 percent for a highly elastic polyurethane foam.

Personally, I would want to know if a like for like ‘foam’ was used in the test, say a close matched 80–85kg/m3, but cannot find this essential piece of info.

I do draw your attention to a clause in Tempur’s guarantee that states any indentation of less than 2cm willnotbe considered a reason for the claim. Be aware that as a general rule fromallmanufacturers, visible and permanent indentations in memory foam of less than 2 – 2.5cm will not be seen as a defect in the mattress. A quick search on the internet will throw up many consumers complaints that it is this very visible indentation that causes them most concern. This is always a concern with memory or pressure relieving foam because all these mattresses are one sided so you only have one side to use. John Ryan models aim to compensate and reduce this by supplying them with turnable removable toppers.

Tempur is a highly successful and quality product, what we are asking is, ‘is that quality product worth the price tag?’ Given the alternatives such as the Hybrid mattress range there are plenty of other alternatives to investigate before you part with your cash. If you need any more advice on suitable models please contact us on 0161 437 4419 or visit our shop.

Where Are Tempur-pedic Mattresses Made?

The importance of having a quality mattress cannot be ignored. Your mattress has a huge impact on your sleep quality. Buying a mattress should be considered an investment. A good mattress will protect your health and ensure that you are able to get a restful night’s sleep each and every night. One of the best mattresses out there is the Tempur-pedic mattress range. In this guide, we are going to reveal everything you need to know about this mattress and why it is such a good option.

Introduction To The Tempur-pedic Brand & Mattresses

So, who is Tempur-pedic? This is the brand name for a manufacturer and distributor of mattresses and pillows. However, what makes this brand unique is that all of their products are made using viscoelastic foam, which can provide you with a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

Viscoelastic foam is another name for memory foam. Memory foam consists mostly of polyurethane, as well as a number of different chemicals that are designed to increase the density and viscosity of the mattress. One of the reasons why this has become a preferred choice for mattresses is because the material will react to the heat of the body. This means it will mold to your warm body, providing you with comfort that is bespoke to you. Once you get out of bed, the mattress will then return to its original shape.

Where Are Tempur-pedic Mattresses Manufactured?

The company is based in America. They are headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky at Coldstream Research Campus. They also have a number of different manufacturing plants around the country, including in New Mexico, Albuquerque, Virginia, and Duffield. This is one of the reasons why they are able to promise such high levels of quality because everything is made here in the United States.

How Did Tempur-pedic Mattresses Come About?

The company was originally based on research that was carried out by NASA. This research was conducted so that a material could be developed that would improve survivability in the event of an accident while also providing cushioning for comfort throughout space flight. This research led to the exploration of creating a Tempur-pedic mattress. The very first one was introduced by a Swedish technical foam company, called Fagerdala World Forms. This brand then came to the U.S. in 1992, which led to the creation of Tempur-pedic Inc.

Visit Best Mattress Today

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the Tempur-pedic mattress and how it is able to provide such high and impressive levels of quality. If you are looking for the best Tempur-pedic Las Vegas has to offer, you won’t be disappointed with the collection of mattresses that we have for sale at Best Matt. We have worked hard to bring you the best of the best so that you can be certain that you always have a restful night’s sleep. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries about the Tempur-pedic mattress.

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