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Simba Mattress Review

The Bottom Line.

  • Simba mattresses support sleepers with body-cushioning comfort layers of memory foam, latex, and minicoils.
  • High-density support foam minimizes sagging and sinkage.
  • Simba offers free shipping and other delivery options for customers throughout the United Kingdom and Western Europe.

Tuck readers get their Simba mattress at the best price.

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General Overview

  • Exceptionally supportive, particularly around the edges
  • Great motion isolation and minimal noise
  • Below-average price-point
  • One firmness/thickness option
  • 30-night break-in period required with sleep trial

Quick Summary

The Simba Hybrid Mattress is a five-layer bed built onto a profile measuring 25 centimeters (or 9.75 inches) thick. Its components include comfort layers of memory foam and synthetic latex, along with a 2-inch pocketed microcoil layer and a 6-inch base made from high-density polyfoam. The Simba Hybrid Mattress has a stretch polyester cover, as well.

Like many competing hybrids, the Simba offers a balanced sleep experience for most owners. It is considered ‘Medium Firm,’ or 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale, making it most suitable for sleepers in the average weight (130 to 230 pounds) and above-average weight (more than 230 pounds) categories. The mattress also isolates motion effectively and produces little noise, also making it a good option for couples. The Simba Hybrid is available in 12 different sizes to accommodate a wide range of customers.

Please note that the mattress is not considered a true hybrid by Tuck standards; a true hybrid has full-size pocketed coils, whereas the Simba Hybrid Mattress has microcoils measuring roughly 2 centimeters (or 0.75 inches) high.

For U.S. and Canadian readers: please note that the Simba Hybrid is manufactured in the United Kingdom and Poland, and at this time is exclusively available for delivery to customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Read on to learn more about the Simba Hybrid Mattress. Below you’ll find information about sizes, pricing, firmness, and mattress construction, as well as performance ratings and information about Simba’s shipping, return, and warranty policies.

Simba Mattress Review (2020)

We are owned and operated by We hire 3rd-party engineers and use public data to rate mattresses on over 25 criteria we believe important. Brands we own—Brunswick, Douglas, Juno, Logan & Cove, Novosbed, Podium, and Recore—are reviewed and advertised where indicated. Views expressed here are our opinions only. Full details.

Overall Rating

In Canada, the Simba mattress is sold exclusively at Sleep Country. Like the popular European version of this mattress, the four-layer build combines foam, latex, and microcoils. That makes it a natural competitor to brands like Recore, Helix, and Logan & Cove. The Sleep Country version of the Simba ismade in China,retails at$1,499 CAD for a queen,andcan only be returned for in-store credit at Sleep Country stores.


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The Simba mattress we tested for this review is available in one firmness option. According to the testing conducted by third-party engineers (commissioned by us), it is rated at 9.4 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

  • Delivered in a box
  • Spring and foam hybrid composition
  • Ultra-firm sleep surface with microcoils
  • Available to try in store
  • Plenty of European reviews
  • Made in China (undisclosed)
  • Foam not CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Can only be returned for in-store credit
  • Only one firmness option
  • Cover cannot be machine washed

Table of Contents

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How we reviewed the Simba mattress

As with all mattress reviews and comparisons on, Inc. tests major online mattress brands in order to continually update and improve its own products. Analyzing the builds, brands, and specifications of competitor mattresses ensures always offers the best possible value to its customers.

To provide a consistent benchmark for our tests, we commission third-party engineers to test every mattress in the exact same way. You can view the methodology of testing and the APEGA-stamped results document here.

Without further ado, ourSimbaMattress Review:

Simba Mattress: Company Overview

Company OverviewSimba
Price Queen:$1,499 CAD
Available in:Canada
(+12 more)
Made in:China
Trial length:100 nights
Warranty:10 years
Where to buy:Sleep Country; Online

The Simba mattress as we know it today was launched in the UK in February 2016. It quickly took off to sell thousands of units in Europe before being brought to Canada by Sleep Country in late 2018. In Canada, it is sold exclusively in Sleep Country stores as the company continues to expand their bed-in-a-box lineup which currently includes Bloom and Endy. Though Simba’s parent brand has ties to the textile industry dating as far back as 1979, it was really the tight-top Simba that launched the company to prominence; today it continues to deliver the ultra-firm bed-in-a-box to homes across the EU. Though the European versions of the Simba mattress are made in both the UK and Poland, the version for sale in Canada is made in China and imported into the country.

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Simba Mattress: Delivery, Sleep Trial, Returns

Delivery, Trials, ReturnsSimba
Shipping cost:Free (mainland Canada and PEI);
$120 CAD (NL, NT, YT, NU)
Shipping time:3–10 days
Sleep trial length:100 nights
Return ease:Company picks up
Refund:In-store credit only
Additional fees:$50 exchange fee

Thanks to modern compression methods and the rising popularity of the bed-in-a-box, mattresses can now be shipped far more efficiently and conveniently than ever before. Customers no longer need to take a day off work to accept a delivery. Boxed beds are now delivered with the same convenience as most Amazon orders. Some bed-in-a-box companies even offer same-day delivery to certain areas.

Sleep Country uses the Purolator Ground shipping service to deliver the Simba mattress directly to customers’ doors across Canada. In some cases, the delivery can even be left on a porch or deck while the customer is away from home.Shipping is freeto all provinces except Newfoundland and Labrador ($120 CAD surcharge), and Simba customers can expect their new mattress to bedelivered within 10 business days.

Like many bed-in-a-box companies, Sleep Country heavily promotes their Comfort Guarantee.At100 nights, this sleep trial is average in lengthfor the industry. Sleep Country and Simba differ in two ways from other brands in the bed-in-a-box space in regards to thelimitations of their exchange policy:

  1. The Simba mattresscan only be returned to Sleep Country for an in-store credit.
  2. Customers who decide to return the Simba must pay an exchange fee of $50 CAD to cover delivery of the new item and removal of the returned mattress. This approach to sleep trials and returns is different from mattress lines like Douglas, who offer a 120-night trial and free returns.

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Below you will find our full and in-depth Simba Hybrid mattress review. Simba has brought out a mattress that harnesses the comfort of foam and the dynamics of conical pocket springs. For this Simba mattress review, we have included both models from Simba:Simba Hybrid OriginalandSimba Hybrid Pro. That way you can see which of the two better suits you.

The Simba Hybrid mattress is one of the first to roll into the online mattress market in the UK and have built a strong and trusting reputation as an online mattress company, with excellent customer reviews.

Scroll down to start this Simba Hybrid mattress review(SUMMARY AT THE END).

Simba Discount Code


Simba Hybrid Mattress Construction

The Simba Hybrid mattress as its name suggests combines the comfortability of foams as well as the bounce of conical pocket springs. The mattress includes atop layer of open-cell polyfoam, a layer ofconical pocket springs,reflex foamlayerand abase foundation. This is all wrapped up in a cover which has been recently modified to give it a more modern look and break away from the industry standard of just grey and white.

The foams used in the Simba mattress all received the CertiPUR label, which makes them suitable and safe to use for everyone. This label ensures that no unwanted harmful chemicals are used in the foams.

The mattress isproduced here in Europe, sourcing materials from the UK and Poland. What’s also worth noting is that Simba’s manufacturer is a national bed federation approved member. A major role of the NBF is that of education of both the trade and consumers.

Simba Mattress Tests

Simba has put a huge emphasis on creating the ultimate mattress to suit almost all types of sleepers, take a look to what extent Simba has invested in creating their well-known Simba Hybrid mattress.

They have studied180 million body profile measurestaken from just about10 million sleepers. Things taken into account were, height, weight, gender, pressure points, flexibility and even weight distribution. Covering almost all there is to cover.

Simba has builtover 70 prototypesin order to create a hybrid that would suit about 95% of the population here in the UK.


With up to 700g lighthand-knittedtop cover (white half) is from 100% polyester to give it a stretchy feel which makes taking it off and putting on easier. The cover now alsoincludes 4 mattress handleswhich make it very practical in case you will need to move it.

Unfortunately, The cover is not removable or washable. The bottom half can be cleaned by using a damp cloth and rubbed in a circular motion. We would recommend using a mattress protector to keep your Simba mattress clean.

The cover is made without any harmful chemicals and is even hypoallergenic, this term is used to describe textiles that cause or are claimed to cause fewer allergic reactions.

Simba Mattress Layers

1. Top Comfort Layer

This is Simba’s own trademarked Simbatex® layer. It used to be made from 100% synthetic latex but now is anOpen-Cell polyfoam layer.

Open-cell polyfoam is. superior to regular polyurethane foam as a top layer as itallows for more air to freely flowthrough it making the layer non-heat retentive.

2. Conical Pocket Spring Layer

The positioning of this layer beneath the top comfort layer is well planned. The springs provide bounce and responsiveness to the sleeper as well asbalancing out pressure disparities. The coils are enclosed in polyester pockets to keep them always facing upright and to protect the surrounding foams.

The springs areconicalmeans they have a cone-like shape and allow the spring to collapse to a height of the actual wire. Which is very important as the layer is not that thick. A king size mattress will have about2,500 unique conical pocket springs(based on Simba Hybrid Original mattress).

The steel used is100% Britishand manufactured in Leeds

3. High Definition Foam Layer

This layer acts as a transition layer between the foundation and the springs. before memory foam was used but as memory foam is known to be heat retentive, Simba has decided to include apolyurethane-based foamfor support which does not attain as much heat. Simba has also introduced “edge lift technology” as Simba calls it. That way you receive great support from edge to edge.

4. Base Foam

This is the foundation of the Simba hybrid mattress. The supportive base layer is from high-density polyurethane foam. This layer has7 different zones for support. These areas have grooves cut out to allow for more give in areas such as the hips and shoulders (also known as castellated). This ensures correctspinal alignment. The grooves also help with airflow and hygiene.

How Thick Is the Simba Mattress?

The Simba Hybrid mattress has atotal depth of 20-28 cm(depending on which model), rest assured your current bedsheets should work perfectly here. The mattress can alsohold up to 18 stoneor114kg per person.

Simba Hybrid Mattress Models

Simba has now brought out a range to suit people looking for specific types of mattresses at different price points. Sometimes standard mattresses don’t suit everyone that is why Simba has come out with these2 modelsto meet the needs and budgets of most people.

Below is our quick Simba mattress review/summary of them:

Simba Hybrid Original Mattress

  • 500ghypoallergenic cover
  • Simbatex layer
  • Up to2,500springs
  • Reflex support layer
  • Zoned base layer

Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress

  • 750ghypoallergenic cover
  • Heat regulating British wool
  • Simbatex layer
  • Up to5,000springs
  • Reflexsupport layer
  • Zoned base layer

They both have different price points depending on which model you are looking to get but we would recommend them based on the following:

Simba Hybrid Original Mattress

The Simba Hybrid Original is their top-selling mattress for years and its clear to see why. Its price-quality ratio is best, with regular sales also making it even better. If you earn a regular income and looking for a mattress that will stand the test of time and will make your purchase worth it in the long term, this would be our top option.

Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress

Finally, the premium Simba Hybrid Pro with an amazing amount of springs is something for you if you have a bit of extra cash to splurge. Besides the springs it also has a wool top layer that naturally cools, this natural layer absorbs moisture to help keep you cool and dry. The wool layer is from the UK and is ethically sourced end to end under the “animal welfare policy”.

Simba Hybrid Mattress Firmness

We score it a6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. By creating a medium feel mattress Simba hoped to meet most of the sleeper ‘ s needs in the UK.

The combination of the Simbatex top layer and the base layer gives the mattress a comfortable and responsive feel. Yet still supportive enough to balance out your bodyweight evenly.

Mattress Design

The Simba Hybrid mattress has a simple yet modern design. There does seem to be a trend with this colour combination across the online mattresses sold in the UK. Yet, Simba’s lighter baby blue does bring a more energetic vibe.

Visually this one of our top picks from our mattress reviews. This is, of course, subjective, depending on personal preference. But do keep in mind that you will most likely cover the mattress with your own bedsheets.

If you are looking to complete your Simba mattress purchase with some pillows we recommend you have a look at our in-depth Simba Hybrid pillow review.

Simba Trial Period and Warranty

Simba offers a100-night trialon all of their mattresses. Simply put, this means you can return it for whatever reason within 100 days from delivery. Simba’s reasoning behind this is that you experience the perfect nights’ sleep so you don’t need to keep the mattress wrapped in the plastic cover, just use like you normally would.

If you feel the Simba hybrid mattress is not for you, simply give Simba a call or send an email to [email protected] to arrange a pickup. A courier will be sent over to remove the mattress from your home and donate it to a local charity or recycling centre whenever possible. You’ll then be refunded the full value of your order.

A10-year warrantyon each Simba mattress ensures security in the long run and validates the mattresses test of time.

Simba Hybrid Mattress Delivery

Your Simba hybrid mattress, whatever the size, will be delivered in a convenient box within1-3 business days. Simba deliver to the whole of the UK, this includes Scotland, Wales and offshore addresses.

UPS or DPDis used as the standard free delivery service.Trackingis received about 24-48 hours before delivery. We did some undercover work for this Simba hybrid mattress review and found out all ups deliveries are door-to-door service. If delivery is missed, they will leave a calling card and re-attempt delivery on the next 2 business days (3 attempts in total).

Additional Services

Once you have chosen your mattress, at the checkout page you can choose apremium 2 man deliveryto your room of choice at a cost of £20 and for an extra £20 they canremove your current mattressat the same time of delivery. The day before delivery you will receive a 2-hour delivery window. On the day of delivery, the driver will pre-call you to give a heads up 30 minutes before they arrive. That way you will never miss the delivery.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Divido (0% installments)

Simba Hybrid Mattress Price and Sizing

We aim to provide as much valuable content in this Simba Hybrid mattress review as possible but we also know the price is or maybe the biggest deciding factor so below we included the sizes and prices for the Simba Original hybrid mattress.

The Simba Hybrid can be ordered online in these8 sizes. These are regular prices make sure to check out our DISCOUNTS CODES for huge exclusive sales. For all deals on the Simba mattress head on over to our Best Simba mattress deals page.

These prices are based on the Simba Hybrid Original, the other models have limited sizes.

SIZEDIMENSIONSPRICE(excl. discount code)
Single size mattress90x190x25 cm£549
Small double size mattress120x190x25 cm£749
Double size mattress135x190x25 cm£749
King size mattress150x200x25 cm£849
Super king size mattress180x200x25 cm£949
EU single size mattress90x200x25 cm£599
EU double L size mattress140x200x25 cm£799
EU queen size mattress160x200x25 cm£899

*prices may be subject to change

Simba Hybrid Customer Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what some Simba customers had to say. Headsup Simba has more than 70,000 five-star reviews, they’re Europe’s favourite mattress-in-a-box brand.

Simba also claims to be the worlds most five star reviewed mattress, take a quick look at how many customer testimonials and reviews there are available. Don’t forget to head on over to our Best Mattress UK page to see where we place the Simba mattress.

Simba Awards

The Simba mattress has been recognised by big institutions for their exceptional mattress, below are some of their most recent awards.

Should I Buy a Simba Hybrid Mattress?

Finalising this Simba Hybrid mattress review we can say that the combination of the conical pocket springs and the foam layers assure a great night’s sleep. The Simba Hy brid mattress is a perfect mattress for those looking for:

  • Acooling mattressthat allows for optimal airflow to circulate.
  • Aresponsivehybrid mattress that gives a unique feel to your body.
  • Amedium feelmattress to help with relief and support.

Simba Hybrid mattress review: Save 30% this Easter Weekend

The Simba Hybrid mattress offers the perfect combination of comfort and support

Deal alert: Save 30% on all purchases at Simba

Mail order, bed-in-a-box mattresses such as Simba are now everywhere you look. If you’ve ever searched for one on Google, this is especially true as you will have been followed by Google ads for all its competitors thereafter.

Beyond the obvious advantages in terms of portability (at least until you unroll it) and its reasonable price, however, is Simba as good as its slick marketing suggests? And how does it stack up against a more traditional pocket-sprung mattress?

Like most of its rivals, Simba offers a 100-day money-back guarantee, which means you can try one for yourself without any financial risk. The effort involved in having a mattress delivered only to have it collected a few weeks later – not to mention storing your old mattress during this period – is not to be dismissed too lightly, though.

Simba Hybrid Mattress review: What you need to know

Simba’s Hybrid mattress, unlike many of its rivals, combines memory foam with micro pocket springs. In fact, there are five different materials used in Simba’s mattress.

First is a hypoallergenic sleep surface designed to maximise air flow. Next is a 40mm “Simbatex” comfort layer that mimics latex and promotes cooling. Below this is a layer of 2,500 20mm conical springs (in the king size mattress) that are designed to minimise movement transfer – where you feel it whenever someone rolls over next to you. Finally, there’s 35mm of memory foam above the support base that’s constructed from 155mm of firmer, more supportive foam.

In total, the mattress is 25cm deep, which makes it compatible with most fitted sheets and will raise you off the bed frame by the same height as a traditional mattress. Due to the order of the layers in the mattress, it goes without saying that you don’t need to flip it, but it’s recommended that you rotate it once a month at first to improve its lifespan. After it’s broken in, rotating every three to six months is sufficient. Unfortunately, there are no handles to help you do this, and the mattress weighs a hefty 37kg in king size, so make sure you’ve got several pairs of hands to help out.

The Simba Hybrid is highly versatile in terms of the different bed bases you can use it on. It’ll work with divans, solid bases or slatted bases and Simba even sells its own adjustable bed for use with the mattress. It’s worth noting that the type of base you use will affect the feel of the mattress. Sprung slats, for example, make it feel slightly less firm than a solid base. Simba also recommends that, if you use a slatted base, the slats are no more than 3in apart in order to give sufficient support.

To protect your mattress without compromising comfort, Simba recommends you use a breatheable cotton mattress protector rather than a polyester variety. It makes its own protector, which is available from £45. To keep things hygienic, Simba Hybrid’s top cover can also and washed on a 40˚C cycle.

Unlike many bed-in-a-box mattresses, which are sold exclusively online, you can try out the Simba Hybrid in some John Lewis and Furniture Village stores. The mattress comes with a ten-year guarantee from the date of delivery – although you should probably be replacing it well before that expires anyway.

Simba Hybrid Mattress review: Price and competition

Prices for the Simba Hybrid range from £450 for a single to £650 for a double and £750 for a king size. This is identical pricing model to foam mattress manufacturer Leesa, which uses three distinct layers of foam, but no conical springs. Other well-known names in the bed-in-a-box market include Casper, whose mattresses are slightly cheaper. There’s also Eve, which sells its foam mattress for a £600 and £700 in double and king sizes, respectively, and its hybrid for £500 and £600.

Another outstanding bed-in-a-box hybrid is the Otty, which combines comfort, support and temperature control in an excellent value package. Indeed, its double mattress costs £500, while the king version will set you back £600. All of the above manufacturers offer 100-day trials, after which they’ll collect the mattress for free if you’re not totally satisfied.

It’s often suggested that you get more for your money buying a bed-in-a-box mattress than a traditional pocket-sprung or a spring and memory foam mattress. You can, however, still buy a solid, reliable pocket-sprung mattress for around £700. John Lewis’ Natural Collection 4000 Hemp, whose fillings are ideal for those who find foam too warm, for example, costs £699 in king size.

Alternatively, if you have a budget closer to £1,000, you can get Hypnos’ superb pillow-top pocket-sprung mattress. The disadvantage is that these mattresses cost more to manufacture than their memory foam rivals, so, once you’ve taken them out of their wrapping, there’s no option to return them unless they’re faulty.

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Simba Hybrid Mattress review: Comfort and performance

After removing your Simba Hybrid from its vacuum packaging using the provided tool and laying it on your bed, it quickly rises and starts to take shape. Although it can take up to 24 hours to fully form, the good news is you can sleep on it only three hours after it’s been unpacked. This is great if you’re moving into a new flat and want to sleep on your new mattress the same day. At first, you’ll probably notice quite a strong plasticky smell. Rest assured that this disappears entirely over time and the more you air the mattress, the faster it will fade.

My impressions after sleeping on the Simba Hybrid for the first time were that it was very comfortable, albeit surprisingly firm – a seven out of ten, where ten is the firmest. I should add at this point that I weigh around 75kg so, if you’re lighter than this, you’ll likely find it firmer and, if you’re heavier, it could feel softer.

Depending on your preferences, the firmness definitely isn’t a bad thing. Having also tested the Casper mattress, I found the Simba Hybrid noticeably more supportive from the offset, despite it still offering a soft, comfortable top layer. Both mattresses became less firm within the first few weeks of being broken in, making the Casper much too soft for my liking, while the Simba Hybrid ended up spot on in terms of firmness and comfort.

There’s no doubt Simba’s synthetic latex sleeps hotter than a traditional pocket-sprung mattress with natural fillings. For most months of the year you can probably control this by using suitable bedding, but if you’re the sort of person who gets too warm on memory foam, the Simba Hybrid is probably not the mattress for you.

Having said that, I found the Simba Hybrid’s properties at least didn’t change drastically when I did get warm. With other memory foam mattresses, including Ikea’s medium-firm Morgedal and the Casper mattress, I have found firmness can change quite drastically throughout the night as the bed warms up and, by the morning, you can feel like you’ve sunk into a giant marshmallow. With the Simba Hybrid, this wasn’t a problem and I felt adequately supported throughout the night, even when I did get hot.

I’m not sure what the layer of conical springs contributes to this impressive level of support, but you shouldn’t buy the Simba Hybrid expecting the feel of a sprung mattress. To put it simply, it’s just not very springy and, although you don’t sink into it too far, it much more closely resembles the sensation of a foam mattress than a pocket-sprung variety. That’s hardly surprising when the conical springs in the Simba are only 20mm deep.

Simba Hybrid Mattress review: Verdict

If you’re in the market for a “bed-in-a-box” mattress, I can wholeheartedly endorse the Simba Hybrid. Unless you get very warm in bed – in which case you’re best off avoiding memory foam altogether – my only significant criticism is that it lets off a horrible plasticky smell for the first few days.

Finding the right level of firmness in a mattress is a very personal thing, but the Simba Hybrid strikes an excellent balance between comfort and support. Best of all, I found that it doesn’t lose these properties when it gets warm or after its initial break-in period.

The mattress could do with some handles to make manoeuvring it less irksome, but that’s easier said than done with something that’s made up of four layers of foam. At £750 for the king-size version, it’s not exactly cheap, but you’ll be very hard pushed to find a more comfortable hybrid mattress for the same price.

How is a simba mattress made

Best mattress I’ve had. Really comfy, I always sleep well and it came so quickly. company really helpful also. I got the bundle which is well worth it

Service was fantastic, our mattress arrived on the chosen date and we were given several notifications as to when it would arrive. Friendly and helpful staff delivered our mattress. The mattress itself is excellent. It is incredibly comfortable, it feel wonderfully soft yet at the same time it is supportive. We highly recommend!

No words to explain this is the best mattress I ever had. I wish if I could have this before will definitely recommend it. It’s worth the price u pay.

Chose the Simba bed & mattress to replace my daughter’s old childhood bed with the intention of it lasting her through her teens. Turned out to be a great choice although I’m worrying i’ve made my job of getting a teenager out of bed even harder !! She says it’s the comfiest bed ever. She used to jump out of bed at 6.30, now she’s definitely not in such a hurry to get up! I’m still surprised at how much support the mattress gives when it’s so light. Fantastic product & worth the investment.

I had the most amazing first night sleep on my Simba mattress I have tried various mattresses due to me having arthritis in my spine and the rest of my body I always used to wake up in pain after sleeping on Simba mattress it was the first time in a long time I actually slept without any pain couldn’t believe this mattress is my life saver

Have been due an upgrade for a couple of years and wasn’t sure whether to go for a mattress in this price range. I had a number of recommendations from friends and colleague and decided to go for it. The mattress is most definitely value for money, it is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned, is a perfect temperature and is so lovely and comfortable! Would recommend to anybody in a heartbeat and I will definitely be a customer for life!

best night sleep for 20 years been wasting money on inferior beds

My partner and I were moving into our new flat and we really wanted to invest in a decent mattress, he has often in the past complained of back pain from years of sleeping on terrible unsupportive mattresses so we felt a Simba mattress would be just what we needed. It arrived on time with the mattress protector we ordered. I loved taking it out the box, so satisfying to watch it unfold. For the past 2 weeks I have slept like a baby, passing out each night, it is difficult to write a review because I’m always asleep when I’m using it, this can only be a good sign. It’s warm and squishy to lay on and my partner no longer has problems with his back! I love it 😀

Only had mattress for few weeks. So far no issues & very comfortable, very pleased with it so far.

I was sceptical of the promise of the best nights sleep, but since I bought a Simba matress I am amazed at just how much quality sleep I am getting, night in night out. I wouldn’t dream (pun intended) of sending it back even with the 100 night refund guarantee! It’s even been helping with my back pain meaning Im ready for the day ahead. Absolute satisfaction!! Cannot recommend highly enough Mike

Service is second to none. Had my. Mattress for just over 2 weeks now. Sleeping better and no aches n pains when I get up. Still find myself rolling over quite a lot but suspect it’s a bit hot at night and that’s why. No dents left where you sleep. Would recommend this mattress.

After a lot of research we opted for a Simba mattress, along with pillows, mattress protector and duvet. So glad we did! After only one night’s sleep I awoke without my usual niggling pain in my lower back. As the weeks passed, the sensation of lying down at night with a ‘ahhhh thats comfy" have not lessened. The only struggle now is forcing myself out of bed each morning. Thoroughly recommend Simba if you value a good night’s sleep.

Since buying the Simba only 2 weeks ago my husband’s back has not given him any problems. He is a labourer and says that it’s the best nights sleep he has ever had. I have arthritis and find the support on my knees has been soft and firm all at once. a contradiction I know but you must try it!

I had not changed my mattress for about 8 years! I decided on a Simba after extensive reasearch and I am 100% happy. I was suffering with back problems from my last memory foam mattress and after a week sleeping on the Simba it’s now just a distant memory! I can’t rexomend them enough.

Been looking for a mattress for a while but couldn’t decide, so i jumped in with both feet and im so glad i did. Only had it 3 weeks but I’ve had some amazing sleep since we got it. I’m tall and heavy so I need a good quality mattress and thats what i got. My old mattress was expensive more than double what I paid for this and that was 12 years ago. Well done Simba i hope it lasts and wears well.

So happy with this mattress. Great that it comes in a box, therefore much easier to get up the stairs. Used to suffer from backache in the morning but this has completely disappeared. Incredibly comfortable and would recommend.

I was skeptical about how amazing everyone says this mattress is, but I can honestly say it has given me and my partner brilliant nights sleep since we got it a few weeks ago. Took a few nights to get used to, but after the initial settling in I have had such nice dreamy sleeps so much so that when the alarm goes off it can be a struggle to will myself out of the comfort!

I bought the mattress and me the wife love it great product and really comfortable.

I was skeptical about how amazing everyone says this mattress is, but I can honestly say it has given me and my partner brilliant nights sleep since we got it a few weeks ago. Took a few nights to get used to, but after the initial settling in I have had such nice dreamy sleeps so much so that when the alarm goes off it can be a struggle to will myself out of the comfort!

I bought the mattress and me the wife love it great product and really comfortable.

You don’t really know what’s a good quality sleep till you try a Simba. I used to wake up every morning with such a sore back and that’s gone since I am sleeping in my new Simba. 100% recomendable

I am a Wounded In Service Military Veteran and due to service related injuries I have just endured major operations on my main joints with a prosthetic knee implant being most recent. The agony and pain was uncontrolled. Add no sleep and discomfort and I was barely coping. My husband took a small loan and purchased me a new bed and a Simba hybrid mattress and space pillow. My neck and shoulders are completely pain free and comfy. My sleep is improved and the only slight pain I get is from normal surgery recovery. The mattress takes you a small adjustment but this is because you’ve had a previous bad one and developed bad posture. I am very impressed and it is a delight to sleep in.

Great buy. Bought to help support during sleeping. Keeps us cool and is super comfy. Great mattress I will be keeping mine.

They delivered up to the room of my choice. Very easy to get it set up and I let it breathe for a few hours and then I was sleeping on it the same night. Great firmness, expensive but definitely worth it!

The Simba mattress was very late coming following 3 days off booked, there were issues with the mattress coming on two of those occasions. However, the mattress feels amazing, like you are given having a big hug every night. Perfect, you just need to sort out the delivery company and everything will be perfect! Hence 4 out of 5. Mattress is definitely a 5+ 😍 best nights sleep in I don’t know how many years.

Amazingly comfy mattress and super customer service. Will be back for more!

Been looking at all the hybrid mattress that are on sale at the mo and gkad i choose simba couldnt ask for better! Also customer survice has to be the best ive dealt with!

I have always been a fidgety sleeper due to osteoarthritis in my hip and my husband has MS, since having purchased the Simba mattress we have both felt the benefit of a good night’s sleep. I wake up without hip pain and my husband says his joints feel so much better. I wish we hadn’t left it so long to get this mattress. It’s perfect for our needs and takes the pressure off your body when sleeping.

Been looking at all the hybrid mattress that are on sale at the mo and gkad i choose simba couldnt ask for better! Also customer survice has to be the best ive dealt with!

After visiting a department store to purchase a new mattress I happened to try Simba and was really impressed by how comfortable it was. Good price compared with other brands and delivery was really quick and since it arrives in a box it was easy to get upstairs. Since it arrived I’ve not been disappointed.

We looked at 3 or 4 mattresses in shops which were more expensive. We are so pleased we have this a go as neither of us have slept this well for ago. Highly recommended!

Everyday I would dread waking! I couldn’t get up in the morning for pain. Me and my partner felt exactly the same! Not anymore! Since Simba came into our life, we both feel completely renewed full of energy in the morning and I even if we only manage to get a couple of hours I feel like I’ve slept for years. Best purchase we’ve ever made! I would highly recommend! I really Can’t recommend this mattress enough!

Me and my partner have both suffered with sleepless nights but since getting the Simba mattress they are a thing of a past. Can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Simba!

I’m really happy with my new Simba mattress. Since getting it I’m having some of the best nights sleep I’ve ever had. My wife also says she is able to sleep a lot better. So good results all round. We have also had great customer service from your team aswell. Well done simba

Top quality product. Absolutely love it.

I’ve been late for work twice as it’s almost too comfy. Great bed!

Bought Simba for my daughter who has longstanding back pain from 2 fractured lumbar vertebrae 2 years ago. Now I am not suggesting that this will cure her pain but she is now sleeping much more comfortably which is improving her quality of sleep. Less pain in the morning too! Wish we’d bought this 2 years ago. Worth every single penny, in fact would pay more.

Had my sim a mattress for a few weeks now and have not looked back . So comfortable slept through every night without a stir. Find it hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning , so comfy . Have recommended it to all my friends.

So impressed with this matress, I haven’t been waking up with a bad back like I did with my previous mattress.

Really made a difference to my back ache – fees so good to not wake up in pain anymore

I love my new Simba mattress it has been a great relief for my hips, best nights sleep I’ve had for a very long time.

Extremely comfortable and sturdier than I thought

Since I have had Simba mattress I have been sleeping soundly. My disturbed sleep on the old mattress is a thing of the past. Backache has disappeared. Thank you Svimba mattress.

Our old mattress was past its sell by date and after lots of research we decided on Simba. Best choice ever! It’s so comfy and I am waking up in the morning with no pain in my back now. I recommend Simba to anyone.

What’s not to like? This is the best mattress we have ever had. We both suffer from backache and the mattress has helped without a doubt. OK, you don’t know what you are getting but reading the reviews and with 100 days to make sure it’s right for you. You can’t go wrong!

The mattress is extremely comfortable and worth the price! I will be buying Simba mattresses for the whole family.

Have dad ‘‘tis a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say I’m sleeping the best I have done in years

SIMBA was recommended to me by a friend. I’ve slept on the mattress for 9 nights so far and I do see an improvement in my sleep. My back is still adjusting to the new mattress and I’m hoping that in a few more weeks, I would have settled with it. My sleep is definitely deeper.

It’s early days yet, but it’s been comfortable, and we’ve both slept well (though the mattress cover we got with it is a bit rustly).

Only had it for 2 weeks and I think i like it but still not sure. Have been sleeping well but does take some getting used to if you used a spring mattress before. Still a lot more time to be convinced, it’s looking good so far

After having issues with sleeping and back pain my partner and I decided to go for a simba;! Delivery was hassle free, and unpacking the Simba couldn’t have been easier, the mattress is nice and firm but with a soft top so although it’s firm it’s soft at the same time, best night’s sleep with minimal back issues a++

After suffering for a long time with back pain and trying physio and medication , thought the next step would be changing the mattress. My old one was only 4 yrs old but as the Simba was on a 100 day trial thought worth a try. I received it two weeks ago and so far so good . I am sleeping better , less stiff in the morning and no aching back . Pretty amazed . I still have another two months trial period to decide , but looking good. To add to this review found the ordering process simple , e-mail confirmation speedy and delivery within 5days . Delivery guys friendly and nothing a problem . Thumbs up so far

Simba mattress is the best thing ever, so so comfortable, cool. If your going to buy a new mattress make sure it’s a simba. Best thing ever .

I have to say from day one my Simba matress has been an absolute Godsend – it’s like sleeping on a fluffy white cloud. 5 years on i still have the same mattress and nothing gets between me and my Simba – it’s a simple as that. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the Simba products, particularly the duvet and pillows. SIMBA FOREVER.

At first I had mixed feelings about the simba mattress . I really couldn’t make my mind up if I liked it or not. I couldn’t form an opinion straight away I had to give it time. Now I absolutely love my simba mattress it is extremely comfortable can feel support all over the body and the best part is I am not in as much pain as I was before this is definitely a bed that is helping manage the pain symptoms of my multiple sclerosis. I would say it can take maybe 2 weeks or more to decide if the bed is for you and to ensure you are completely happy is to give it some time. Also I purchased the pillows I took some Nano tubes out after 2 days of trying the pillow and now they are fantastic I only need the 1 simba pillow. If you do get the pillows also try taking some Nano tubes out and try for a few days before taking more out or adding back in. The quilt looks very thin when you first take it out of the box this is a great example of don’t judge until you try.. The quilt is amazing really holds in warmth and hugs your body. Sometimes it can get a little too hot, but sticking a leg out from under the quilt cool’ s you down straight away and you continue to have a lovely night sleep. Overall this bed it great and I am so glad I have a simba. Thankyou simba you have made a truly wonderful bed.

I was a bit unsure about ordering a mattress online and not at least lying on it in a shop to get a sense of how it might feel. I was reassured though by the returns policy, so gave it a shot. I don’t regret the decision one bit. The difference from my old mattress was instantly noticeable. All the niggles I had been waking up with have gone. The Simba simple gives me the comfy and restful nights sleep I need. I’d recommend the Simba to anyone looking to get a more comfy sleep.

Lovely Mattress that keeps me cool and supported. Downside is it makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning 🙂

Very comfortable and good quality mattress I love it

Did a lot of research when looking for a “Matress in a box”. I was bombard with add from all the brands and managed to test several in stores before I settled on Simba. What edged it for me was the fact it was hybrid. The memory foam gives a great layer of comfort while the layer of springs adds a extra level of support I felt similar memory foam mattresses didn’t offer. It’s week 4 on the matress for my partner and I and she’s as happy as I am. Obviously interested to see how it plays our over time but I would 100% recommended Simba.

so far so good, very comfortable

Great night sleep. Quick delivery.

I was initial surprised at how small it was when it arrived but once opened and expanded it came to life! As mentioned in a few reviews it did smell of chemicals but this did fade quickly. It took a few nights of sleeping on it to get used to it but now I wouldn’t be without it. I have slept on an ordinary spring matress since owning my simba and it’s horrible in comparison. Simba for the win I say.

After years off tossing and turning and suffering with epilepsy which lack of sleep triggers seizures and also waking with pain in my neck and my partner with pain in his back we were a little sceptical that after all the mattresses we had tried simba would be any different. Well I let the simba rest all day and went up and made it about an hour before bed I was surprised at the quality and the look of the simba. My partner works out of the country and was away at the time and asked me to let him know if the simba did actually make any difference even after just one night. I woke the following morning realising I had not had a nocturnal seizure my neck didn’t hurt and I actually felt refreshed I felt like I had slept. My partner rang that day and I told him the simba has made a difference even after one night he was still very sceptical and said he would decide when he arrived home in two days. Well to get to the point my partner now hates having to leave home for work yes he travels the world stays in beautiful places and beautiful hotels as part of a motor sport racing team but nothing beats the sleep he gets on his simba mattress. The simba mattress is the best investment we made

Having tried 4 different mattresses over the last few years, spent lots of money, I have finally found the ultimate one. Helps me to sleep better cooler relaxed no neck & back pain, what more could I ask for. Thank you Simba.

I found the ordering and arranging of delivery to be very good and a quick process. Delivery was as promised, although they were a little early and only gave me 5 minutes warning that they were on their way instead of 30-60 min warning so I had to rush home. Old mattress taken away and they carried my Simba upstairs as it was too heavy to manage on my own. The mattress is still taking some getting used to and I haven’t quite settled with it yet, I am hoping it will help my back issues but feel reassured that I have 100 nights and can return it if isn’t right.

From the first night we slept on it we loved it! Worth every penny. Very pleased!

Amazing . so glad we chose Simba. Now we get a comfortable , peaceful sleep every night

Best sleep for years, always used to wake up with a stiff neck but not any more. Best money spent in a long time, thanks Simba

Nothing can beat it, it’s a total game changer.

Fantastic find the right matures for my sleep

Best nights sleep I have had in a while

Fantastic quality mattress for a really reasonable price. Bought a mattress a few years ago that cost more and was terrible quality in comparison. I’d give this mattress 5 out of 5 if it was just a bit softer. I’d say it’s medium to firm. However it is very comfortable and supportive. Would highly recommend.

We’ve had our simba for around 4 weeks now and am enjoying the benefit of a comfy night sleep. No complaints

I’ve had my mattress two weeks so far and can’t say we are 100% compatible yet. It is certainly easier to sleep on now than it was the first few nights but I think I’ll need to give it a good month or two to know if it’s for me.

Brilliant delivery service, came the day and time I was told. The mattress is wonderful, I have lower back problems and have always woken up through out the night in a lot of pain and struggled to straighten up in the morning, until now, my back is incredibly supported and I’ve never experienced such a comfortable nights sleep.

I have been reluctant to spend more than £200 on a mattress until now. My mattress was around the magic 8 years old that the TV ads for other bed companies are saying is time to replace. Some recent good fortune meant I could shop around. I looked in a few different options but the hybrid beds seemed to be coming up with the best reviews. As a regular hotel stayed for work I wanted that quality at home. Firm enough to be supportive, not wobble or squeak, but soft enough to be comfortable and not too warm. The reviews said this mattress did all those things. I sleep on my front, and I was waking up with back ache every day as my bed bowed that much. Ordered online, using the pay monthly interest free option, my only gripe was delivery to north of Scotland was a little slow, but after that initial hiccup I was kept informed and good customer service to resolve the issue quickly. Delivery day, service was great, old mattress wrapped and removed, no wrestling it into the car or queuing at the tip. New mattress, unwrapped, packaging taken away and left to rise. We are 3 nights in and what a difference. Recommended 100%

Best night sleep in years, first time i have been able to sleep on my back for a whole night without keep fidgeting and tossing and turning.

Since purchasing this mattress I have slept well no pains no aches. I would recommend this product to my family and friends

Medium/firm but still soft. What more can you ask for. Great customer service, I would highly recommmend

My new Simba mattress is extremely comfortable. Not too soft, not too hard, just right. I am getting good rest and a night’s like never before.

Transitioning from an old spring mattress to this has been interesting. I do find that I experience reduced lower back pain having slept on the simba for a while. It’s not an overly soft mattress, so it supports nicely whether I’m on my back or my side.

Having suffered with back pain for many years result of slipped discs spinal stenosis sciatica. I have tried several mattresses including one 3 times as expensive. I can honestly say I am having a full eight hours sleep which has improved my quality of life immensely.

So I’ve been sleeping on a Silent Night mattress for years, apparently through shear ignorance. I suffer from bad bouts of sciatica from time to time and my back has been softly throbbing for around 6 months. My husband had begged me to get a better mattress but in the interest of economy I was willing to suffer. Then while visiting friends, we slept in their spare room on a Simba mattress. Well, I woke up the next morning and my back felt less throbbing and I was able to sit up in bed without any pain. So on returning home my mission was to get a Simba Hybrid mattress. I have had the mattress for a couple of weeks and I do not exaggerate when I say this thing has literally performed a Jesus miracle and allowed me to sleep and get up in total comfort. After night 5, it is as though a flock of angels came down from heaven and performed spinal surgery on me in the night. My sore stiff back has all but gone and been replaced by the spine of someone my own age. I have recommended Simba to all my family, and I know that 2 of them have put in orders. I cannot recommend Simba enough! So if you want a flock of angels to give your back the relief it deserves, then Simba is 100% a must for you!

Our SIMBA mattress is the most comfortable mattress that we have ever slept on. I prefer a softer place to sleep and my husband prefers firm, and miraculously this mattress suits us both (and our 6 years old daughter that creeps in with us!! Would recommend without hesitation. in fact, I have done so already to friends ☺️

I love my new mattress. It’s deeper than the one I had and at 87, on the short side and with arthritic knees it can be a bit of a struggle getting in and out of bed but oh it’s worth the effort. I love my Simba!!

Absolutely love my Simba, it’s so comfortable straight from night 1! Would highly recommend to everyone.

The most comfortable mattress I’ve had!

I have brought the bed bundle ( bed, mattress and mattress cover) and I must say it is been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever done. Ever since I have got the bed my sleep has improved I no longer have shoulder pains like I used to get when I had my old bed. Might I also the customer service has been brilliant.

My husband and I were unsurw about committing to the price and new memory foam but it has been officially the most comfortable thing I’ve ever laid on. We are looking for reasons to get into it for an early night now.

Had our new Simba 3 wks now and we are finding that it takes time to get use to. First of all it was abit hard at times but as we adjusted to it we are finding that it dose help with posture during your sleep as I suffer with disc issues. This has helped only over the past week or so. Can’t wait to feel more results in the future.

I cannot recommend the Simba highly enough. The order and delivery process was so easy and the mattress itself is so comfortable. The only problem being that now I do not want to get out of bed!!

It is true what they say about the Simba- you won’t be disappointed! A very comfy mattress with the support in the right places. My back ache has gone. I won’t be sending it back!

Every single sleep since we got this matress has been just perfect! No more resltess nights and no more back pain.

This mattress is worth it’s weight in gold. I only wish we had bought it years ago. The delivery and set up is almost unbelievable, great for any home especially for up lots of stairs. Hard to believe this compact rolled up mattress becomes what it does. Within minutes of opening it transpires into this large very inviting mattress that is just a dream to rest on & sleep. The only problem I have no is that I cannot wait to get home to have a little rest as it is so inviting! Thank you Simba, worth every penny!!

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on worth the price can’t stop telling everyone about it such a great night sleep

Hands down THE most comfortable mattress we have ever had! We have been through 5 or 6 mattresses in the last few years and decided to invest in a simba. Couldn’t be happier. Seemed like a risk but can assure anyone tempted it is worth every single penny!

Wish we’d ordered a Simba mattress sooner, it is so comfortable & we feel rested when we wake in the morning.

Hey so me and my husband have always slept on a firm mattress down to back injuries. I’m a nurse and he likes too much cake 😂. Our first night on the Simba was not great I won’t lie because it felt so soft. However, every other night since has been amazing. The mattress contours to your body. It’s been amazing sinxe

Could sleep for days. Amazing quality and worth every penny

I bought the whole package, bedframe, mattress and bedding. The pillows are wonderful and together with the mattress, it’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time. I should have changed earlier!!

I suffer with bad back and the simba has made things so much easier for me it’s taken away a lot of stress and tension. Me and my husband look forward to going to bed every night only problem is how do we keep the kids out they love it to.

We’ve only been sleeping on the mattress for a week but already we love it! I can see why everyone raves about it. Believe the hype, it’s true! Buy one immediately!!

It’s very comfy indeed

Great service and awesomely comfortable mattress from day one – really supports so perfect for bad backs. Still can’t believe that something that big could come out of a box that small!

Delivery was as it said on the tin and the bed was really easy to assemble, the mattress is very comfortable and aids in a good nights sleep

suffered with back pain for 25+ restless nights aching not anymore this is the best £700 we have spent in a long time give it a go you will not regret it

Excellent service arrived quickly in good condition. First night slept on it woke up bright & breezy, which never happens. Thank you simba

Brilliant mattress, moulds to my shape and I can finally sleep with a straight spine. Has gotten rid of the back pain I felt every morning before

After having a 8 week stay in intensive care on life support and 5 abdominal surgeries in as many weeks in 2009 iv been sleeping uprright on the sofa as I couldn’t get and sleep in a bed. that all changed last month after buying my simba mattress IT IS AMAZING

Really well made best night sleep I’ve had

I absolutely love my new mattress- it’s like sleeping on a cloud! Also we had such amazing service- we were informed of exact delivery times and had our old mattress taken away – usually a problem. So thanks Simba

Mattress is heavenly and so so comfortable. Always had trouble finding pillows to the extent that dreaded looking for them because of continual disappointment and discomfort. Finally a pillow where I wake up refreshed and without neck pain little on the high side you might think but worth every penny and more !

Comfortable Can’t feel springs Improved back pain

Really comfortable mattress, can’t believe I waited so long to renew my old, springy one. Quick delivery as promised & easy to unpack. Highly recommended product & service.

I didn’t expect it to be so soft. You literally sink into it and I’ve always had a hard mattress before. However, I sleep really well so I am guessing it’s just a matter of getting used to. Delivery, service and quality are excellent

Comfortable & supportive mattress.

took a while to get used to new mattress but its great now !

Given how many ‘amazing’ mattresses there are on the market right now, I was a little skeptical about the quality of the sleep I’d be getting but having bought the bundle I can now say it’s he best sleep I’ve had in a while

The best mattress I’ve ever purchased. Never knew what a good nights sleep felt like until now.

We’ve only had our mattress a few days but already we love it. It’s moulds round your body as soon as you lay on it creating the most comfort, but whilst being sturdy and stable at the same time! Would definitely recommend! Thank you Simba

Sleep Is Magnificently BLISSFUL Again!

Loving our mattress, thank you soo much!

Guaranteed sleep, great mattress that you just mould into

Most comfortable bed ever!!

Amazing, comfy mattress! So comfortable and so good to wake up with out a sore back and get a decent nights sleep every night! Worth every penny!

Best mattress I have had no more sleepless nights for me.

Love this mattress! Genuinely very comfortable! I now look forward to going to bed ! Thanks guys!

We really like our Simba mattress! It is like sleeping on a cloud supported by a friendly giant 🙂

Very comfy, have slept well on this. Good at reducing disturbance if your partner moves around in bed, I can hardly notice it now (except when she steal the Duvet!).

Great mattress from a great company

Love our mattress. Delivery service was flawless. Would recommend

After an injury, I decided I needed a better mattress to give me more support. I tried another mattress but found it too firm after a long trial. So I tried Simba as id read a lot of the reviews. Although it was more expensive, I instantly knew why. It was quite soft to start with but firmed up just enough to offer a perfect balance for support. I’m a side and front sleeper and it gave me the best nights sleep I’ve had in ages.

The best mattress I have ever slept on. I haven’t slept this well in years. Worth every penny 🙂

Was a bit apprehensive wen first got simba hybrid mattress 2 weeks ago but am now pleased to say that both myself and my wife are delighted with our purchase and is living up to our expectations already. We would reccomend a simba hybrid mattress to anyone looking to replace there old mattress.

We have just received our Hybrid Matress and what I can say is this was a fantastic purchase and very comfortable.

We decide to get the Simba mattress for us and the girls bunkbeds, they love it and wished they could sleep more and not go to school. As for me I livening bed with the Simba mattress.

There are many different mattresses of this type out there these days and after looking at the normal branded in store brands when looking for a mattress that was long over due to be replaced we decided to go with Simba. Not really heard too much about Simba before hand but was happy with the website and how the process of ordering went, with email updates and text to say when it would arrive. The process to get the mattress required 2 people due to the size, Super King, but once in place allowed the mattress to expand. The first nights sleep was amazing and has been since with the mattress supporting our sleep and giving a great nights sleep each night, you can feel the mattress adapting to your body when laying flat or up right really interesting stuff in how it does it but not like a memory foam only mattress or topper as when its warm its not uncomfortable being on the mattress Overall very happy with what we have paid as we are having a great nights sleep again and look forward to going to bed now also.

I was expecting great things. and I received them. I sleep like a log now and my back and neck are so much better. Thank you Simba

So far very pleased with mattress – still early yet but adapting well to it and having very comfortable sleep.

Best sleep ever

I’ve been trying out the new simba mattress and it is very comfortable,i would happily recommend it

No aches and pains. springs once jabbed us from below now nothing just fluffy and comfy.

Love my mattress ,so comfy . I am in and out of my bed all night and my hubby does not notice .firm but so soft .Love the fact that it is so easy to take the top off to wash [ zip ] .

Had a bad back with a tempur mattress no pain at all with Simba excellent

The matress is just as we expected. Great matress and we are both sleeping a lot better now since changing. Highly reccomend buying one.

I have changed mattresses 3 times in the last 2 years nothing was helping me with my sore back, I thought I’d give simba a try and oh my gosh! 2weeks ive had this mattress and I wake up with no pains or aches, trust me this mattress is worth every penny and this is coming from a huge mattress snob!

Great service and super-comfy

Had the mattress a month now. So comfortable, I would describe the mattress is soft but firm at the same time.

I’ve had my Simba bed and loved it so much, been so comfy and very cozy my back is loving it. Thanks Simba

My husband struggles with back problems and our old mattress wasn’t doing either of us any good. The Simba mattress was the only one we tried in a store which had the instant ‘oooh’ factor, and we were not disappointed! Instantly we are both getting amazing nights sleep, my husband isn’t waking up with a sore back anymore, and the whole purchase and delivery service was seamless. Cannot recommend simba highly enough, it is genuinely like sleeping in a cloud every night, you feel weightless and cushioned all at the same time!

My wife always refused to have a mattress with memory foam in it and after years of me complaining to her about my bad back nd restless night she gave in and said I’ll give one a go. So after some research I chose Simba. Now my back pain has almost gone and I’m sleeping a lot better and my wife is rather impressed as well as she has realised that it was the mattress causing our problems. Happy wife = Very Happy Husband. Thank you so much Simba

Be is nice and comfy, you sink into it. The best thing about it is that my partner moves abit a lot in her sleep and with this mattress I can’t feel her moving. Love it.

We really love our mattress, but still don’t think our hybrid pillows are amazing.. which is such a shame as they are very expensive, just feel like they need more stuffing, we seem to need another pillow

My girlfriend and I just bought our first mattress, a big decision seeing as we’ll use it 1/3 of every day for probably the next 5-10 years!! I’m so glad we got the Simba, I wanted a hard mattress because I’m heavy and she’s light and didn’t want the effect of us both ‘sinking’ towards the middle of the bed. This bed is honestly amazing, it’s so good for my back (I’m a big, tall, heavy guy – she’s not) and she feels as though it’s soft which is what she wanted. Perfect for any couple, especially if you though you had to decide between a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ mattress like we did. Sweet dreams!!

So so happy with my new mattress. 100% I recommend

refreshing matress good quality

After months of uncomfortable, hot, sleepless nights and new pillows duvets and mattress toppers all failed to help, sleep was found at last with a friendly and speedy delivery, no hassle, no worry, all at a convenient time and we were kept informed at all times. Very happy couple here

Really impressed with both the mattress and pillows

As I sunk into the warm comforting embrace of her, she came to me in a dream. Her long tousled hair and comforting arms enveloped me and I was lost in her. She took me by the hand and walked me through the still forest, barefooted we came upon a sunlit glade and we danced and laughed and she told me her name was Simba and she was faerie. The night came and the moon rose and there was a magic that entranced me, her smile captivating and her song swept me along with the joy of her being. Finally we lay down and I told her of my happiness and my love, she touched my lips with her finger and I felt myself drift away trying to return. I woke and found the sun streaming through my window in the dawn of a new day. I will work this day, and tonight I will return at last to bed, to seek that dream to find my Simba again..

Wow, we’re thrilled with our new mattress. Our former Tempur was a firm favourite but I have to say this beats it hands down and our daughter also has one too! Well done team Simba.

Very impressed with how comfortable the mattress is

After 20 + years of the old mattress, SIMBA is a welcome relief. It arrived as planned & we put it into place. It was easily placed on the bed frame & we followed the instructions & left it to settle. That night we had a fabulous nights sleep and have done ever since. Its like heaven especially with the feather pillows also bought. There is a slight smell off it but it is fading slowly -Lets hope this mattress last as long as the other one. Highly recommended

Buy it, you’ll not regret it! Best night sleep guaranteed!

I am enjoying my new mattress very much. Very comfortable, and it looks good. It took me one hour and two minutes to construct the bed base and get the mattress unpacked.

Me and my wife love our new Simba mattress. We no longer wake up with achy backs, a comfortable and restless free nights sleep. Couldn’t be happier with our purchase. And the option for an interest free finance made this purchase more affordable for us. We would definitely recommend this mattress.

This has got to be the best mattress we have ever had. I have been struggling for a while to get a good nights sleep. First night was great and every night ever since too. My temperature is perfectly regulated too. We are so pleased we decided to try the Simba Hybrid. Next we will be trying the Simba Hybrid Duvet with Outlast. Thanks Simba.

Like many people I was unsure about the "bed in a box" concept but this is the best mattress I have slept on in years – including one that was three times the price.

It really improved my sleeping. I would highly recommend the simba mattress to everyone.

I recently purchased a single mattress for spare room as already have a king size for me and my partner. Simba provide a very comfy high quality mattress and would recommend to friends and family. Considering purchasing the Simba pillows next then maybe the duvet.

Well worth changing. The minute I tried this mattress I regretted having bought another one. But they accepted that one back so I could buy the Simba. Absolutely love it. It does take a couple of weeks for the strong ‘new’ smell to calm down but now that’s gone I have no complaints.

The best customer service I’ve ever received. It was so prompt. You can tell the staff love their jobs and feel appreciated because of how they speak to you, handle you enquiry. They have such a can do attitude. I wish I could work for them.

Fast efficient delivery. Description was direct and precise Sleeping on this bad boy has just enhanced my waking day looking forward to each day to each nights sleep. Thanks Simba

This mattress puts all others to shame. It has something for everyone and I really do love lying on it. Ordering was easy and I received first class customer care! Thank you Simba!

Bough a single simba bed, single matress, small double matress and a king matress and the whole family all love them. And a fantastic, fast and professional service from the company too.

I have had this for a few weeks now and it’s honestly the best sleep I’ve ever had. I now can’t wait until bedtime

We have the full package, mattress, pillows and duvet. We sleep so well now. It supports our backs and isn’t too hard or too soft. The pillows are adjustable. My wife has got hers just perfect!

Simba mattress is just comfortable and when I wake up I feel so good. I recommended. Thanks Simba.

We’ve had our Simba matresss for a few weeks now and I can honestly say I’ve never had a better night sleep! We purchased the bundle package which also included 2 x Simba pillows and a king size duvet which are also excellent quality and super comfy! Our in-laws were so impressed when we showed them our new mattress they have now purchased their own and are waiting eagerly for it to arrive for the grand un-boxing – it’s quite a spectacle!

Undoubtedly the most comfortable mattress and pillow I have ever slept on. Me and my wife are over the moon with the quality of our Simba Hybrid Mattress, we also got the pillows too which are incredible. We’ve both had astoundingly better nights sleep than we had on our previous mattress. Stop thinking about it and get one for yourself!

This is the S Class Mercedes of Mattressess, Tempur May be the Rolls Royce but it costs 4 times as much and the difference in comfort is not huge. I am a chauffeur driver and after long hours driving in London Sleep is essential. This will massively improve the Quality of your sleep and thus ur life. With so many studies around sleep deprivation and it’s negative effects this is probably the best money you will spend on yourself. Every person working in the capital should have this mattress.

I have been extremely impressed with Simba. I was a little apprehensive about a mattress that effectively inflates once unpacked, but I needn’t have worried as it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s such a comfortable mattress and I am definitely sleeping better since using it. Thank you Simba for such a great product and excellent customer service!

Lovely comfy mattress, I bought it because I suffer with back pain and this has really helped. I have finally been able to have a good nights sleep. Well worth the money and it arrived very fast.

So I was always one of these people that will just muddle along and get a mattress when the current one dies. Then I got the simba. I was dubious about it because it seemed too good and I was expecting something to be wrong. Despite trying, I haven’t found anything wrong, in fact, I have found only good things. At a push the only bad thing is that I don’t want to get up in the mornings because it is incredibly comfortable and has done wonders for my sleeping

I love the simba mattress – we had the same old mattress for over 10 years and I always woke up with aches and pains and my husband has a back problem which is says has improved – I’m pretty sure his snoring has reduced too so I’m very happy!!

Loving my new mattress. No aches or pains and a wonderful sleep are all I get now. Long may it continue.

My husband thinks it’s fantastic myself being 5 stone lighter probably need it to be a bit softer, overall a good mattress. Would urge anyone to try it, with the trial period it’s a win win no brainer!

After a few weeks of sleeping on my Simba mattress I’ve noticed a marked reduction in my aches and pains when I wake up. As a side sleeper if really helps support me in this position thanks to the memory foam!

Had the mattress for about 3 weeks now – very comfortable and hopefully will improve my back pain. The only thing I’m not a fan of is it’s slight chemical smell. I think it’s decreasing as time goes on though.

Perfect mattress and the pillows are actually the best. I have slept the best I have done it years! Thanks Simba

I am so delighted with our new matress. I have not slept so well in months and months. I am having a much better sleep and can then function properly the following day.

I had heard about Simba through my friend, and was I desperate need of a new mattress, since having our mattress me and my partner have had the best nights sleep, I would recommend Simba to anyone, great product and didn’t have to wait long for delivery. Thanks Simba

We have been currently only using the mattress for less than three weeks and we have both seen a marked improvement not only in our comfort but the levels of sleep we get. We both wake up feeling fresher after sleeping so much better. The delivery of the mattress was second too none. Top class service. Couldn’t be faulted. All in all Simba are a great company to deal with and the product they sell is perfect for us.

I couldn’t fault the service I had from Simba. Even though I made a mistake and didn’t include pick up of my old mattress, one call and it was sorted. Other organisations could learn a thing or two from then on customer service. Top notch Simba.

Comfy good night’s sleep and no more back pain; need I say more!

I had been suffering from joint ache and numbness sleeping on my old mattress. Since getting a SIMBA I have not had any such problems. The mattress is the perfect mix of support and softness. It is so comfortable and does not overheat like other foam mattresses. Delivery was quick and easy. I have recommended this mattress to many people already!

We decided to take the plunge with our Simba Mattress after suffering from bad backs and sore necks for some time. What a difference this mattress has made to our lives! Incredibly comfortable for both me and my wife, regardless of the position we sleep in. Would definitely recommend.

Honestly, the concept of a mattress arriving in a box scared me, avoided it for years. Having now had it for a month, it’s revolutionary! The mattress, the pillows, the duvet. it’s a dream! (See what I did there?)

First two nights were rough but then it seemed to settle in. Still in the trial period but so far we are happy with it. Thanks!

I have recently broken both my legs on holiday and honestly I couldn’t sleep at all, so because I hadn’t spent a penny on my holiday because I was in hospital I treated myself to a new mattress and I truly have never had a better nights sleep, my mattress is firm but so comfortable. It’s well worth investing in a Simba Mattress best money I have ever spent ❤️

Great matress, didn’t take long to get used to at all.

Yet another new brand of mattress to trial, but, finally, my third in less than two years, is a success ! I’m very satisfied so far with my new SIMBA hybrid . It lives up to its promises, with comfort and support both excellent For this relief, much thanks!

The best night’s sleep I’ve had in years, especially when combined with the Simba pillow, which is like magic.

i’ve been sleeping so well since the mattress has arrived. it’s so comfortable

Decided to give the Simba mattress a go as my old mattress was about ready to die (had it for 14 years) First week I ended up with really bad back ache and was feeling a bit sad but since then the mattress has been great to sleep on. We also bought the simba pillows and duvet and I love them. Wish I could stay in bed in the mornings but have work to get up for.

After almost a month the excitement of climbing into my Simba hybrid has not gone away. With memory foam there is a perfect balance of cushion to firmness. The foam molds to your body but holds form so when I or my wife leaves for a shift the mattress is unwavering and doesn’t send vibrations surging to my sleeping spouse. The delivery was simple and setup intuitive. Absolutely recommend.

I’m no Tina Turner – but this mattress is simply the best. Great ordering process – speedy delivery – superb packaging – and wow – what a comfy mattress. So much so that I’m ordering one for my daughter soon. It’s supportive and cosy in the cooler nights. Somedays I don’t want to get out of bed. One of the best purchases I have ever made !!

It took a few nights to get used to but buying the simba mattress is a great purchase

The Simba mattress has made such a difference to both our quality of sleep & our back problems. Would highly recommend

I absolutely love this mattress, although my husband isn’t 100% keen . yet! He prefers a firmer mattress, so this one is maybe a little too soft. But for me, especially being pregnant with my second and having to get up and down in the night to tend to our 2 year old, I love it! No noise, so when my husband gets up I can’t hear or feel it at all, also no springs digging in my side! I often down want to leave my bed each day now and that is down to the amazing mattress!

If been suffering with lower back pain for years now. After reading several reviews finally bit the bullet and orderd a simba bundle. It has to be the best thing I have done!! I’ve had the best night sleep I’ve had in years and my back pain disappeared after the first nights sleep. I would 100% recommend simba to anybody.

We compared so many mattresses before finally deciding to buy a Simba mattress! The reviews all said it was a life changer and we totally agree. I had terrible back issues which often kept me up and night and needed professional correction! Now I sleep through every night, no back pain! The slight sinking in to a cloud feeling makes it so much harder to get up in the morning! We say you are spending money for the best night sleep! Even unwrapping the mattress from the packaging it therapeutic! Never going back now!

Really love the matress and especially the pillows. So comfortable and for the first time in years I’m able to sleep on my back and have Sunday lay-ins without my back hurting. Super quick delivery too.

I purchased one for myself because of my bad back and it’s really improved and I have great sleeps so I got one for my guest room and everyone says how comfortable it is.

sleeping like logs feel absolutely refreshed on wakening.

We got the sim a mattress just under a month ago now and it’s amazing. We had the Eve mattress and it was just a little bit too firm (but still better than our old spring mattress) so we returned it and swapped this a Simba. Same delivery company swapped out the mattresses so it was seamless!! We set it up and it was super soft and comfy to sit on. After the first few nights I wasn’t too sure on it. It felt like there wasn’t enough support and that the Eve mattress was better That however didn’t last long – after a week or so the mattress starts to settle in and you can really see the difference. It’s soft in the right places and firm where it needs to be. Some of the best nights sleep I’ve ever had !

Not dissapointed ,a revolutionary mattress!

So far so good! Left the mattress for 48 hours to air out and its been a dream to sleep on. We also have the pillows and the duvet and they are great. Didn’t suffer badly from the chemical smells that people report, ours seemed to subside within the week. Thanks for a great product.

It’s hard to be too clear about the quality of a mattress a mere week into using it, but so far we’re happy sleepers. It is, I can confirm, a comfy piece of furniture out of the box. As ever, there were a couple of nights where our main impression was "it’s not our old mattress". Fingers crossed we can now be blissfully unaware of mattress-related details for 3-6 years.

We ordered the wrong sized mattress, but received a great service from Simba when returning it & ordering another. Reliable delivery too.

I bought a Super Kingsize Simba Matress, Pillows, matress protector and duvet. The comfort is amazing and my sleep quality has been transformed. Should have done this sooner! Don’t wait. It’s so easy. Simba even removed the old enormous matress at the same time as delivering the new one! What are you waiting for!

Bought the Simba mattress size 75cm x 200cm. A really difficult size to find! My husband and I disagree on the firmness of the mattress so it is great that Simba sells this size so we can each buy a different mattresses to go on our king sized bed. So far, mattress has worked well and is soft enough that I don’t get hip pain when I sleep on my side.

I can’t belive how my new mattress has changed my life it’s just the best

Right, so a few friends had taken the plunge and bought one and couldn’t rave enough about their Simba mattresses. So after putting of buying a new bed for over a year, I finally bought my own with my only concern about people saying you get really hot in bed. It arrived quickly and within the time frame I had been told. I set mattress up and it doubled in size within seconds, still leaving it 6 hours before any bedding went on. My first night was an actual dream, I did not want to get out of bed the following day! I didn’t want to count my chicken too early but after nearly a month I still love it! I do not get too hot in the slightest, not sure if this is to do with the free matress protector I received as well, but I cannot fault it AT ALL. Highly recommend. With the 100 night free trial, what have you got to loose?? Buy buy buy!

Believe the reviews! This mattress provides comfort & support. My wife was sceptical about it being that good but her sleep tracker shows how well she is sleeping since we switched to a Simba mattress. Perfect firmness matched with comfort provides the best night’s sleep in years! Try it-you won’t be disappointed!

A fantastic product, which arrived on time and without problems – it was simple to set up and provides excellent comfort and support. More than a match for considerably more expensive competitors. Would absolutely recommend to friends and family.

Having tried another popular matress in a box recently that didnt quite fit the bill we had reservations about the Simba, but from the first night its been nothing but a dream! It really fits the contour of your back supporting you where you need it, no more mornings of waking up with back pain!

Wow 💤💤best I’ve slept in years like sleeping on a ☁️. Thanks simba worth every penny.

From the ordering process, through to delivery and set up, the service was excellent. This Hybrid mattress came recommended and certainly has its benefits. Here’s hoping to a full nights sleep again!!

The mattress is as good as we expected. A great night’s sleep.

Wow!! Great nights sleep amazing well worth the money. Took abit longer than 20 mins to build the bed but so worth the wait

Improved sleep and really comfortable

Let’s face it the mattress is one of those purchases you would rather avoid! Well, it’s been 9 years, 2 months since we last bought ours. After three months of mattress reviews, we caved into Facebook marketing and opted for a Simba. I can honestly say, don’t waste three months of your life! Just order a Simba! Simpley put, sleep reinvented. My wife, son and I share a super king, we call it the east and west wing wing as I have to hola to the east wing in the morning to wake up my wife and son! I’m of course of the easy wing. Go. For. It. Simba. It. Simon, jo and Benji xx

I recently bought a mattress from Simba following a friends recommendation. It was so worth it, I’ve had a great nights sleep every night and my back, which is often aching when I wake up, had not given me any trouble. Definitely worth the money I spent.

Very pleased with my new mattress, although it was a struggle to get it out of the packaging on my own. Very comfortable and certainly cooler than previous memory foam ones I’ve had.

Delivery was quick; customer service were amazing; they sent us a free mattress protector. It’s definitely an improvement on my last mattress. I can’t say for sure if it’s helping me sleep more. But that’s probably due to the 3yr old waking us up constantly throughout the night *sigh*

Sleep has never been so good

The order process was quick, easy and simple. The delivery drivers called ahead to ensure we were home and were friendly and professional. The mattress was well packaged and came with instructions on how to set the mattress up and even came with a tool to open the mattress packaging without damaging it! I was dubious about getting one but my partner doesn’t sleep very well on our current one. We now sleep comfortably through the night! The mattress is perfect, not too soft, not too firm, we have zero complaints and cannot find a single fault! It’s just brilliant! We so uld recommend to anyone and will certainly be purchasing one for my son once he’s in a grown up bed! 🙂

Only spent few nights on mattress but comfortable. Service from Simba first class, excellent communication and delivery. Would highly recommend and since purchasing our first Simba we have ordered one for our daughters bed.

The Simba matress is by far the best ever, you just drift away,it is so comfortable, no more back pain, I awake refreshed every morning with a spring in my step, thanks to this outstanding matress. The quality is second to none and comes highly recommended. Purchase this and you will be making one of the best purchases you have ever made.

Mattress is by far the best purchase ive made, i used to struggle to get comfy every night. now i get into bed & just melt into bed no matter what position im in its so comfy

Our new mattress has transformed sleeping for us. I now look forward to going to bed, and am sleeping better, still have some back issues but hopefully these will resolve after a while as my sleep position improves.

My wife and I are thoroughly impressed with our new Simba mattress and bed frame. The delivery was very quick (within 3 working days) and was very easy to put together. Would recommend Simba mattresses 100%.. a friend of mine is looking to purchase a Simba mattress so I have pointed them in the right direction. Thank you so much! Best night sleep in a long time

We have tried 3 mattresses this year already and I was starting to think we’d never find the right one. It’s true what they say – third time lucky! I don’t remember being able to sleep this well ever before. I’d thoroughly recommend Simba to anyone.

I can’t pin down what it is I like about the mattress. Whether it’s the right combination of firmness/softness or the level of support that it gives. I just know I’ve slept better on it than any other mattress I can remember and the lower back pain I’ve suffered with is almost gone. Surprisingly great mattress!

We were a bit dubious ordering a mattress online. After conducting a lot of research against other similar brands we went with Simba, and have never looked back! We bought the whole package in an offer- king size mattress, duvet, pillows and mattress protector. They are all amazing. Both myself and my husband have had previous back injury so the mattress being so supportive has made a huge impact to both the amount of sleep we have and the aches and pains we had after sleeping on our old mattress and pilliows. Our lives have been made so much better just by buying a new mattress! Worth it’s weight in gold!

Fantastic mattress took a little bit getting used to however started to feel like we were lying on a bed of marshmallows but with good support

Lovely comfortable mattress. Top part soft, whilst lower part firm. Did have a strong ‘new’ smell that lingered for a week. Pleased that it eventually disappeared. Amazed how high the mattress ‘grew’, after it unfolded. Overall very pleased with purchase.

Brilliant mattress. Super comfy and great quality. Highly recommend.

Simba memory mattressThis is an amazing mattress. Extremelycomfortable. It was delivered in good time. A great service all round and a wonderful new mattress.

Changed to Simba roughly 1 month ago now, great decision, the mattress is supportive but due to the memory foam element moulds to fully support your spine. Support and delivery was seamless, I do nothing but heap prase on the Simba team, one delighted customer. Highly recommended.

We purchased the hybrid matteress along with the bed base and can honestly say this bed is amazing! Every night spent in it is a dream. thank you

We absolutely love our new mattress so much we look forward to getting into bed every night. Sadly our children also love it so it gets used. a lot!! Thank goodness for the free mattress protector

Very impressed, lovely mattress, backache better! highly recommend. also great customer service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I wake each morning feeling refreshed for the first time in years. The mattress fully supports and takes the load off back, hip and even knees. I feel an inch taller each morning. The mattress is firm hence the 4’stars. That said if you and your partner prefer medium to stightlynfirm mattresses Simba would be perfect. Delivery service including removal of the old mattress by the 2 man team was perfect. As was the communication from both Simba and the delivery company.

Firm support and unable to determine movements of partner in bed. Does not feel quite as good as the top of the range mattress we tried in stores but we are so far pleased with this product and would recommend one to anybody.

It’s very comfortable, however not sure if other memory foam mattraces which are cheaper feel the same! A bit of a weird smell too, but I’m happy with it!

I like it. It helped my back.

comfortable mattress with the right level of firmness. takes a little stretching to get non-simba fittde sheets on, but overall very happy

My old sprung mattress was dipping so badly I thought I’d try something a bit different. I must admit the Simba has taken some getting used to, but I’m definitely sleeping better. The only thing I’ve found is that I get a bit sweaty! I’ve put a mattress topper, which I already had, on the Simba which is much better. Overall I’m happy with my choice.

First of all, in fairness, lots of people leave good reviews for this mattress. However, do take the time to look at the negative reviews as there is a recurring theme that whilst they often start out well, they don’t last! That is what I found. Google "Simba mattress Guardian" for an article on the Guardian website that sums up the issue, or look at quite a number of the reviews for it on the John Lewis website. I bought the Simba king size mattress in January 2018 after our old mattress had finally given up. I tried it out in John Lewis so I knew what it felt like in the shop, and it felt good – just the right mix of softness in the top but supportiveness underneath if that makes sense. I also looked at all the online reviews which generally were very positive, and bought it through Amazon. It was delivered quickly, and at first was great, just like it had been in the shop, and a big improvement on the mattress it was replacing. I can’t say I slept extra hours on it, but it wasn’t giving me aches and pains as the old mattress had. As we got near the end of the 100 day initial trial period I was starting to have doubts about it, but I thought it was just a case of getting used to a new bed after 10 years on the old one. There wasn’t anything I could really put my finger on but I wasn’t sleeping fantastically on it, but I decided to keep going with it and thought I would get used to it. As it turned out, it got worse with time, not better. The issue was the mattress – I don’t know whether it was the foam, the springs or both – was going soft. The result was it wasn’t supporting my hips, which were sinking into it in the night, meaning my lower back was out of alignment. I have never had long-term back pain before sleeping on the Simba, but I did then. We were rotating the mattress as advised by Simba. I am bigger and heavier than my wife, but at 15 stone I am well under Simba’s maximum weight under its guarantee (18 or 19 stone I seem to recall). With the mattress being rotated, two soft areas developed where I slept – top left and bottom right, where my torso was lying at each rotation. there was a ridge down the middle where neither of us were sleeping, and firmness around the edges, again where nobody was sleeping and putting pressure on it. By the summer, with the mattress about 6 months old, I was sleeping terribly and had a permanent back ache. By the winter I gave up and tried to return it under its guarantee, because no mattress should go soft that quickly. I was impressed by Simba at that point, because they asked me to send photos of the mattress to show the problem. I did, with photos of objects on the mattress sinking in where the soft parts were and not sinking so much where it was still good. They agreed an exchange under the guarantee. The new one arrived, and again it started out well, but again rapidly developed soft areas where I was sleeping and putting the most weight on it. Again I was sleeping worse and worse, and again I got the back ache. We tried to return it again, but this time Simba sent out their inspector to report on it. He found the mattress to be "within tolerances" and so now Simba won’t accept a return. So there are a few things we can conclude: 1. I have owned two Simbas, and both have gone soft very quickly, with a ridge down the middle, and giving me bad sleep and back pain. 2. A lot of the reviews that are left are positive, but a lot of those are left just a short time after owning a Simba. A lot of those left after a longer period of time are much more negative, suggesting the Simba starts well but does not last. 3. According to Simba, this is within tolerances. In other words, they are supposed to be like this! Simba won’t accept their mattress isn’t up to standard, which is hugely disappointing. We have now bought a different mattress from someone else. We now sleep fine.

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