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How firm is koala mattress


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The Koala mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in Australia. They were one of the early companies to revolutionize the direct-to-consumer mattress in the box space in the country. Their mattress gets good marks from customers overall, but with new competitors offering more traditional materials, will they be able to defend their title as the best?

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction:9.4/10

Price Value:9.2/10

No Back Pain:9.3/10

Trial Period:120 Nights

General Support:9.4/10 ⓘ

No Motion Transfer:9.4/10 ⓘ

No Odor on Delivery:9.3/10

Good for Hot Sleepers:9.3/10

Sex / Bounce:9.3/10

Good for Heavy Folks:9.4/10

Koala’s Specifics

The Koala mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in Australia. Its mattress in a box concept has transformed the way that people buy mattresses. In terms of their quality, it is higher than average, but so are their prices for the materials used.

If you are looking for a long lasting mattress for less,take a look at the Noa hybrid mattress or the 624 memory foam mattress for more competitive prices.

Quality of Materials

Koala has developed their own proprietary foam that helps with breathability while still being ultra-comfortable. Their kloudcell™ technology is both highly responsive and has an open-cell structure for better air-flow.

The Koala mattress comes with two layers of foam. Here are the details:

Cover Layer:The cover perfectly hugs the mattress while whicking away moisture and keeping things airy on the surface. It is alsomachine washable for easy clean up.

Layer 2:The first comfort layer is Kloudcell™ foam, which was developed by Koala. It isopen cell technology that promotes air flow while whisking away pressure points.

Layer 3:The second comfort layer is a firmer base foam that providessuperior spine support while keeping partner disturbance to a minimum.

Overall Comfort

Over 93% of Koala’s customers gave it a 4 or a 5 star review. This is high praise from their customers. For those that found something lacking, the most common complaint was that the mattress was too firm for them.


Take a look above for our firmness chart. This mattress is a tad bit firmer than most customers enjoy. The firmness of the mattress provides superior spine support for those that are average sized and back and stomach sleepers. For side sleepers, it may be too firm and exacerbate hip and shoulder pain for some sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

For those that are back or stomach sleepers, this mattress does a superb job minimizing back pain. Some, however, found it too firm for them. This is especially true if you are lighter than average.


Due to the Genius foam, this mattress promotes more air movement than other mattresses and therefore dissipates more heat. Some who are very warm sleepers may experience some minimal heat retention.

Who Is This Mattress Best For?

This mattress is a high end mattress that is best for those that areaverage or larger in body sizedue to the firmness profile. If you are a lighter back or stomach sleeper, this mattress will also likely work for you as well.

Browse Koala Customer Reviews

At first it smelt funky for about 2 days but after that it was fine. It’s absolutely amzing quality and comfort

Excellent delivery time. I loved the option of the old mattress pickup, even though we didn’t need to use it. And now to the mattress – great to sleep on. We love it. Bye bye feeling the mattress move every time my husband turns over. Thankyou too for the stuffed koala toy – a present for my dog hehe.

Wow, we love our new mattress, feel like your sleeping on a cloud. Thank-you. Nola

Very comfortable. So worth the money! Delivery was great also

Love our new mattress it’s super comfy, firm and supportive. So happy we bought it!

You will absolutely not regret it! Delivered on the 3rd day which was super fast for a regional area. No fuss, no issues! Best nights sleep! Well done Koala!

Very happy with our new mattress!! My wife doesn’t complain of waking up with back pain anymore!

I have now slept on the Koala for 3 nights and have found it very comfortable and supportive. For the price, I Think it is a very good buy.

Best sleep ever

Koala king mattress

Comfortable and quick delivery

I ordered my mattress in the morning and it was delivered at 2pm the same day. It’s sooooo comfy and you never feel another persons movement at all. I love it

Very impressed, good value for money and a really good product

New mattress after waaaaay too long. The Koala is just what these aching bones needed

Great mattress, prompt delivery. always a little sceptical ordering without testing but this mattress is a beauty.

We originally purchased the queen size mattress. We slept on in for almost 2 weeks, noticing it was 5cms shorter then our previous queen we swapped for a king. Very happy with the king and the swap was made very easy. We originally payed with afterpay, but we were able to repurchase the new mattress the same day the took the queen away and king was delivered 5 hours after ordering. Mattress took some getting used to, as any new mattress would. But all in all very happy with my purchase and the koala team were pretty helpful. Thank you

so far so good after 3 nights

Very comfy! Very great! Recommend.

Love the mattress – best we’ve had!

Literally everything about this mattress was awesome. Same day delivery with tracking, the affordable price tag and the mattress itself is comfortable.. And the best part? I can’t feel it when my partners gets out of bed in the morning. What more could you want!

We bought the mattress not long ago and we love it! It’s so comfy and it was so handy that it could be delivered so quick. We just bought the couch which is coming tomorrow and we can’t wait to try it out. Please make a matching chaise/ottoman and maybe even some pillows!

Mattress is taking time to adjust to but we are getting there, it has just shown us how old our other mattress was. Sleeping better overall, my back pain has reduced & really loving the ‘non partner disturbance’. Only thing I feel it is missing is the ‘anti roll out’ edge on the mattress so the edge collapses when you sit on the side of your bed. Other then that the service has been great.

Very comfortable to sleep on and light and easy to manage.

Mostly lives up to the hype. Is a nice firm piece of foam and generally performs as described, as in, limited disturbance to sleeping partner. Appears close to the suggested hard/soft balance if not a little on the hard side, might body form after a bit longer timeframe. Also appears to not quite ‘breath’ as well as suggested, as in, not quite as ‘cool’ to sleep on as expected. However, this said, it is still quite a comfortable mattress and leaves no ‘sleep pain in the morning.

Quick delivery & great service. In terms of mattress, my husband thinks it’s great. I’m still getting used to it. We also get our kids to try it as we consider to get one for them as well.

The Koala mattress is very comfortable ,and i will be keeping it forever , thankyou Koala Mattresses

I am ex infantry soldier, incomplete paraplegic and double amputee Australian Para Athlete and 50yrs old. I have had many mattress to try and sleep on. This koala mattress is the best I have ever slept on. As an athlete I train hard but as a double amputee I couldn’t sleep on my side because of no legs (=no balance). With the koala mattress I can sleep on my side again and get the best night sleep I have had in many years. I WILL NOT BE RETURNING THIS MATTRESS. Mark Urquhart

I wasn’t skeptical, I just couldn’t see how an inexpensive mattress could actually be a game changer. But wow, I get it now. And I’m a normal, real person now giving another 5 star review. I live in Newcastle and I received my new King Sized Koala Mattress the day after I ordered it. I kept in mind it takes up to 30 days to get used to a new, supportive mattress. It’s been a week – my mind is blown, I’ve never woken up as refreshed! After 2.5 years of dating, my boyfriend and I rarely shared a bed. We’re both over 6ft and restless sleepers. We would sink into the middle of my old, too soft, queen mattress. We can both sleep soundly and comfortably on the Koala – no partner disturbance! He’s been over nearly every night for the past week! Koala. I think you guys will be responsible for my boyfriend and I moving in together (thanks for that 😉 )

My husband and I desperately needed a new mattress, so we figured we’d try the Koala because it was a great price, and had a trial period with a money back guarantee. I have back/hip problems and whenever I sleep on a mattress other than my own, I wake up in a lot of pain. The koala mattress arrived much faster than we thought (we live in a rural area) and was very easy to unpack. We love the removable cover and we found it very comfortable to sleep on. The first night I slept on it was the deepest sleep I’d had in a long time and I woke up with no pain! If you’re thinking about trialing the koala, just do it!

Great mattress, very comfortable sleep. Delivered the next day. Will definitely buy another.

Read reviews and with 120 days offer we thought what have we got to lose! Ordered Wednesday arvo on our doorstep Friday afternoon and slept on that night! Love it, we were sceptical but have had great nights sleep since and I don’t even know when my partner gets up, numerous, during the night. If you’re thinking of buying a new mattress go for it.

Ordered and delivered next day. Very comfortable

Good mattress and very convenient to deliver in less than 24 hours. Informed every step of the way about the status of the order

Bloody comfy, best matress ive ever had

The process of ordering was great, and the mattress is fantastic. The only downside was the delivery company. I ordered it to be delivered in a 5-8 time slot and it came at 3:00pm. Luckily I got home from work early.

Love my new mattrrsss.

So far so good, we’ve had the double mattress for a week now on our sons bed and can’t recommend it enough if you like a mattress on the firmer side!

Very fast delivery and easy to set up

Solved the purpose of nil partner disturbance.. which no other mattress was able to achieve. Thank you.

Hard to get out of bed in the morning now!

It is a great mattress and the service was of great quality. They also provided a collection of my old mattress which was much appreciated. Thank you koala.

The Koala team were awesome to deal with from the beginning, friendly helpful staff and an amazing mattress , I was sceptical at first when it arrived in the box only to be blown away at how it all unfolded, thanks Koala, definitely will purchase again 👍

Our daughter bought a Koala mattress about 6 months ago and has been singing its praises since then. So when we decided to upgrade our mattress we read the reviews and compared prices and Koala seemed like a very good option. We liked the idea of the 120 day return policy. We live in regional Australia and our Kola was delivered within a few days of ordering. We are into our 3rd week of ownership and probably won’t be returning the mattress. We love the feel of it and it sleeps realy comfortable.

Superbly comfortable. Very happy.

Great quality, super comfy, everything as advertised. Love it!

This mattress was definitely worth the money, loving it. My only issue was with their delivery service via TNT – it was impossible for me to accept delivery as the delivery driver would not use my intercom or call me, TNT would not take responsibility. I was able to pick up from the local TNT depot luckily it fit in the car, otherwise I would have been unable to receive delivery at all. Crazy.

I was a tad skeptical at first. buying a mattress online without first testing it. but after having the same mattress for 15years & in desperate need of a new one & not wanting to spend thousands – I thought I’d give it a shot & legit the first two nights were the best two sleeps I’ve had in 8 years. I no longer toss & turn trying to go to sleep. I get under the covers – get comfy & boom – I’m out! I’ve suffered with bouts of insomnia for years – some lasting for weeks at a time & im not saying it’s an insomnia cure. but it’s hard to lay on something so comfortable & stay awake. Lol

Saw a lot of reviews about how firm the mattress is before comitting to trying but is actually nice and soft. Does support you though and I have been waking up feeling refreshed. Would definitely recommend

Fantastic service delivered in two days. Took around a week to get used to the mattress but love the comfort & sleeping so much better. Thank you Koala.🙏

What can I say ?? Awesome. Delivered to my country home in under 18 hours. Sleeping like a baby. Thanks.

i’ve just bought my koala mattress because a friend recommended it to me. as a chronic insomniac, i spend a lot of time tossing and turning at night. now i wake up and think – this is so comfy – before i go back to sleep love it!

Great mattress and great service

Brilliant mattress. delivery was easy and was kept informed all along the way via SMS. Would buy our next mattress from them for sure.

Absolutely loved the whole process from requesting the mattress, delivery in 24 hours, option to have old mattress picked up taken – all so effortless. Unfolding the mattress was easy too. It’s super comfortable and I’m sleeping solidly through the night. Thank you from start to finish – splendid service. And I get to save a koala – that’s the best part 🙏

It’s just perfect, words can’t describe how lovely it is to sleep on.

No firm No soft! Good enough! We are really satisfied with Koala!

It s been nearly four weeks since sleeping on our our queen size mattress and we re still very very happy with our purchase. We were also able to re-use the bottom part of our previous queen size ensemble to lay our new mattress on. It fit perfectly. The only advice I would give is to air it for at least a day as the rubber/synthetic smell was quite strong.

From order to delivered – 4 hours. the product is quality too 🌈

Lovely mattress, my first night on it and i slept soundly.

Great service and product

Excellent service and fantastic mattress. We now have two in our house.

Best mattress ever! Soft yet firm in the right places quality of sleep is great!

I bought this mattress thinking I’d likely return it. It’s certainly firmer than I would have gone for in shop, however it has turned out perfectly. So darn comfortable and supportive. I was getting neck headaches each morning when I woke, I haven’t had once since sleeping onthe Koala. I really can’t believe I purchased a “one size fits all” mattress off the internet and Love it!!

Love our new koala mattress; really comfy and releases tension from your muscles. Definitely a good night’s sleep on this one!

Fantastic service. Prompt delivery. Really pleased old mattress and packaging removal included. The recipient of new mattress is reporting his long standing backpains much improved. Will definitely buy a koala again.

Buy it stupid, it’s the best mattress we ahve bought.

We saw an ad for this bed on fb and since we needed a new bed we decided to try the Kiola mattress. The first night it got a bit of taking used to however after that it was one of the most comfortable mattress’s I’ve slept on.

Sceptical. No more. Best sleep EVER.

Had it only a few nights. But so far it is great. I’m up and down most nights from chronic pain this lets me move with out waking my spouse. Extremely comfortable, right amount of support, no sagging toward each other.

what a great nights sleep

Koala Queen size Mattress

Whole ordering process was easy and efficient. Mattress seems like a quality product but is a little on the firm side. The only reason i haven’t given 5 stars is because i am finding it a little too firm but am giving some time to get used to it.

Great mattress! Not too soft and not too hard-just right! Can be a bit warm to sleep on but still a great mattress and would recommend to other people wanting a comfortable mattress that is Australian made. Was delivered in under 4 hrs after ordering online. Our kids loved how you can use the box it came in as an aeroplane and they even included stickers for the aeroplane. Love the little koala toy also!

Best mattress I purchased and will never look back.

My husband and I had previously bought an expensive regular mattress and have never been happy with it. Not supportive and left us with back and hip pain. We have only had our koala for 2 weeks and all pain gone. It is the best mattress we have slept on. Delivery, ordering and price amazing also.

It took about 2weeks to get used to the mattress but now I am very happy I made the purchase. It took 2hrs from clicking pay to laying on my new mattress. Super fast delivery.

At first I wasn’t really sure about the bed it was very hard, we had a really soft bed before and woke every morning sore. I can honestly say I wake up feeling great every morning now, the bed is still hard but obviously the firmness of the bed is needed for a great sleep.

Quick delivery, comfortable bed. Pleasant experience. Good customer service thus far.

Speedy delivery, comfy mattress, good price based on competing products (with promotional discoInt), I’m happy to recommend to others.

The mattress was really good. It just has the right level of firmness we want. We bought the mattress while moving into our new house and slept on the mattress directly without a bed for one week, however it’s still very comfy. Now we’ve been using it for 3 weeks and our backpain has gone as well.

Everything from the ordering process, quick delivery and of course the mattress itself is amazing! Very happy overall.

Great service, too expensive

I was a little dubious purchasing a latex/foam mattress but after sleeping on it I’d never go back! I spent a sickening amount on a mattress the prior year from another local manufacturer and there is no way it compares to the Koala. Perfectly firm, perfect support and great sleep! 🙂 10/10 would buy again.

A bit firmer than I expected, but still very.comfortable and great for a good sleep

Speedy delivery, flawless process

Got two single mattresses for my kids. kids have slept soundly on them. they are very comfortable, and it’s easy to lie down next to the kids and comfort them without moving them around too much. We will soon be getting another one for my wife and I.

Still in the box. Waiting for the base to come back in stock

Super comfy mattress and so easy to buy/have delivered. 10/10 would recommend to anyone and everyone.

While the mattress was not suitable for me (not firm enough) the customer experience throughout the ordering, delivery, return and refund process was top notch

So pleased with the quality of this mattress, it is exceptionally comfortable no matter what position you sleep in. The customer service and deliver is fantastic. Thank you.

Loved the matress. Nice and firm yet comfortable. We have had this mattress for couple of weeks now and are quite happy with it. worth the price.

From the easy checkout process, to the friendly delivery service and then on top of all of that, they can take away your old mattress! Have already recommended to friends and family😄😄

Since sleeping on a koala if had full nights sleep. Something I’ve struggled with for years. Cheers koala crew

Service and delivery was a very pleasant experience and mattress is extremely comfortable. Very happy with Koala.

Best nights sleep in years

I was looking for awhile for a mattress and almost jumped in to buying another mattess from a standard mattress store – then a friend mentioned Koala. I loved the fact I could try it for 120 days and not be worried about being stuck with a purchase I wasn’t happy with. The delivery was that afternoon – amazing! No partner disturbance which has been great as I am an early riser. It’s really comfortable, a simple well thought out design without the complicated technical jargon other mattress use to sell their product. Love it!

My new Koala mattress arrived in next to no time after ordering, was super easy to set up and is super comfy. Thanks!

Sleeping on cloud 9. Best rest I can remember, gorgeous with the bed base too!

Took a couple of nights for me to get used to, but now I’m getting a quality nights sleep and waking up feeling like I have actually slept. We both really appreciate not being woken every time one of us gets up and are looking at making another purchase for a family member in the near future. Thanks Koala!

After doing a lot of research, we decided the koala mattress and bed frame were the right ones for us. We are extremely happy with not only the quality of them but the quality of sleep also. We highly recommend them. On another note, the customer service we received was outstanding. 100% guys.

I loved how easy it was to purchase the mattress and the speed of delivery. I had tried the mattress out in the Myer Sydney City demo, however felt it was slightly firmer than expected when it arrived. Nevertheless, I seem to be sleeping well so far. The ‘factory smell’ was a quite potent and the first couple of mornings I woke up stinking of the mattress. Perhaps some recommendations on how to reduce the smell before we sleep in it? And some reassurance that the smell is non-toxic ?

The mattress is awesome there’s no doubt about that. My back is so much happier. It came smelling like warehouse and still does. I have been on the help chat and they gave me advice which i folllowed and seems to have worked a bit, but was kind of annoying and still is. So comfy though

Bad delivery experience and there was stain on the mattress (not because of the delivery), but the customer service is really helpful and respond in a quick manner. Still trying the mattresses, might need a little longer to comment on that

Bought a queen size. Prompt delivery, no issues with purchase. Have found that it is very different to our previous mattresses but so far (only a week) it seems very good. Definitely reduces being woken up by a restless sleeper. Chemical smell has stayed for several days but seems to be improving now.

Fast easy delivery, very comfortable. Great service from Koala, kids loved the koala toy. So happy to buy Australian made. Only negative is the strong smell of the mattress straight from the box.

Have had the pleasure of my back hitting the koala at night for the past 2 weeks. So far so good. I have shoulder and neck issues so some nights I wake up in pain but I can’t say ill attribute it to the mattress, it is comfortable enough and feels generally very good. As a business owner, this was the most seamless transaction I’ve had in ages; quick and easy ordering, perfect delivery times and the stuffed koala toy was a nice touch, my dog loves sleeping with it. I’d be interested in knowing what if feels like when the nerve problems shoulder subside but so far so good!

I am happy with my Koala mattress but I thought it would be a bit softer.

I have never tried a foam mattress before and thought they are not firm enough. But the Koala mattress completely changed my mind. It is soft if you stand on it, but if you sleep on it if provides firm support to your body. The 4-hour delivery is definitely a plus. Happy with my purchase!

Perfect balance between firm and soft. Maybe a little hard for some but for us its great. When my partner moves I can’t feel a thing. No sagging. The only thing I would comment on, is that I’m a little confused about this metaphorical koala sponsor with every purchase??

Love love love and I am finally sleeping.

We are so incredibly thankful we chose Koala over the other brands that have been released lately. We love the Koala toy too 😁

Very happy with purchase which so far has met all the expectations set by Koala

I bought the Koala as my old matress gave me a sore back. My new Koala is great no more waking up with a sore back , very comfortable I will & have recomend the Koala to anyone.

Brilliant – we love these mattresses and everyone is sleeping much much better!

Everything about the entire koala experience has been great! From the ease of purchase, to the fast delivery, easy set up, assistance with disposing of my old mattress and the comfort of the koala mattress. I like a firm mattress so it’s been an absolute dream to sleep on. Both my partner and I experience back pain, and the koala has been fantastic for our dodgy backs! 100% recommend!

Very comfortable well worth the money

Has helped with husbands bad back, and the service is supreme, can’t recommend highly enough. kids loved the touch with the little Koala in box.

Fast delivery great mattress nice and soft but also has great support

Best purchase ever – no more waking up with a sore back!

I now have very restful sleeps, my new mattress is very comfortable. The ordering process was very straightforward.

Extremely comfortable, wonderfully soft, and a big plus, it arrived after only two days (I live in FNQ)!

This mattress is the best investment I have made in a long time, even the dogs can’t get enough of it. Most importantly of all it provides everything the company has promised, a real koala-tee product

So comfortable. Didn’t even take me time to get used to sleeping on it. Amazing night sleep for night one

service and product are fantastic

This is a Very good mattress, well worth it

After quite a hassle trying to get our mattress with it taking 3 days in the end we finally got it and I can not fault it at all. Very comfortable and the staff compensated us with vouchers for the inconvenience. Great customer service.

My partner and I hated our old saggy mattress so much, every night we slept on it we would wake up having rolled into the middle, boiling hot from our combined body heat and our inability to unstick from each other. Eventually we started sleeping on the fold out couch because it was better than our bed! We have had our Koala for two weeks now and we have so much more energy and are much happier from finally being able to sleep properly! I have recommended this mattress to everyone I know, I love it so much!

Excellent, sleeping the best I ever have! My partner too!

The best mattress ever!

Very pleased. Took a few days for my wife to adjust to it but now having a great nights sleep every night

A1 product. I live outside of a CBD (don’t qualify for 4 hour delivery), and I still had my bed and sheet sets arrive the next morning. Unpacking took less time than it took to remove my old mattress, and dear sweet baby Jesus don’t get me going on how good the sleep is. The mind blowingly soft sheets on top of the koala is like a commercial where you fall asleep before your head hits the pillows. 10/10 mattress 10/10 sheets & pillow cases ??/10 for pillow. I didn’t buy one so maybe it’s good? Koala should send me one so I can test it haha

She’s been sleeping in her own bed longer and it will last her well into high school. Extremely happy with this purchase!

I read a lot of reviews for the Koala mattress and thought they were a bit exaggerated, and when it arrived I thought how can a quality mattress fit In such a small box. But wow! So ridiculously comfortable and I have never slept better. My only complaint is that I’m now finding it really hard to force myself out of bed in the morning.

I was feeling apprehensive about buying a mattress online but cannot commend enough! It really is the perfect mixture of firm and soft! The customer service team is also ridiculously helpful.

It’s really helped with my back pain and it’s incredibly supportive and comfortable!

The mattress is very comfortable – I just love it. It did have a smell for quite some time but it wasn’t unbearable. We’ve had it for over 6 months now and it still maintains it shape as new.

Very comfortable mattress and delivery is very fast and convenient!

It is really great to sleep on

Recently purchased a queen size and find it very comfortable compared to an inner spring

Absolutely love your mattresses so comfy and supportive

I bought the koala in an attempt to solve a back problam cause by too soft bedding over too long. The koala is well on the way to solving my problem

Happy with mattress. It was was delicered promptly. It would be nice to have 2 delivery men to deliver King sized matteess. Fortunately husband was home, otherwise there would have been an injury. It was far too heavy for me to help carry it up the stairs. There was an initial strong smell which wore off after a week.

I had friends recommend this mattress, however, the selling point was the return policy. It’s amazing and has really helped reduce my lower back pain. Highly recommend trying this!

We just bought our first queen size Koala mattress together, after loving all the advertisements on social media, and being a fan of startups. Our mattress is incredibly comfortable, and has impressed us greatly. In addition to being priced very competitively, the mattress is fantastically simple to prepare, is lightweight, and has provided both me and my partner the best night sleep in a super long time!! We have recommended Koala to all our friends, and are super happy customers! Thank you Koala!

Quick delivery, great mattress.

We love our new Koala Mattress. My partner would complain constantly about his sore back from work. Since we have had our new mattress, NO complaints! We love it. We don’t bother each other when we hop in and out of bed. I feel like I sleep better and don’t wake up as often. Great mattress! Can’t fault it! The puchase process was so quick and easy! It was delivered within 4 hours and our old matress was organised for pick up. Awesome news for us as we then didn’t have to organise our own disposal.

Good service and old mattress pick-up was an unexpected plus!

Best mattress I’ve had in a long time. Was having lower back issues which completely disappeared after sleeping on the mattress. Only complaint would be that it holds the heat.

Hurt my back for the first week but now I love it so much. I can even sleep on my stomach again after many years of it hurting

This mattress is extremely comfortable. Love that I can’t feel my partner moving around in the middle of the night.

I bought a koala mattress for my 3 year old son about a month ago, and I’m happy to say his sleep has improved greatly since the first night he slept on it, so comfy 😊

comfort and support

We love our Koala.

Received my mattress at my front door the day after I purchased it online.

Most comfortable mattress i have ever slept on.

Its perfect, its comfortable and better nights rest for my little girl and her growing body

AMAZING. Such a great mattress!! I am honestly obsessed! I fractured my back 3 years ago and I’m 100% sure that if I had a koala mattress I wouldn’t be have in as much pain as you have been. Would highly recommend because my back is already improved ☺️

I am really happy with my new Koala mattress. It’s not too firm but gives great support and is incredibly comfortable to sleep on. It arrived within 3 hours of ordering it and even more impressive is the arrangement with a mattress recycling organisation who will pick up the old mattress for nothing. The mattress did have quite a strong smell for the first few days which is still lingering a little almost 2 weeks later.

Bought a mattress for a similar price a few months ago. My husband was never happy with it and had a sore back every morning. Day 1 with the koala and he is sleeping through with no morning back pain. So happy!

Great mattress, great service, great price. What more do you want to know? Oh, and I got a free Koala bear 😉

Having a much better nights sleep after getting my Koala mattress. Absolutely loving it!

I found it extremely supportive and so quiet to move in. It takes a little while to get use to it but now I love it and I get a comfortable nights sleep.

Best mattress ever. Can’t wait for the sofa. Koala, please take over my house!

What I love about the Koala mattress and my purchasing experience was that it was simple, quick and straightforward. I picked the mattress I wanted, the date I wanted it delivered, paid for it then it showed up at my door with no issues or delays. I usually expect a little bit of stress when buying a new piece of furniture (e.g., will there be delivery issues, how long will I have to wait, would there be chipped or missing pieces, etc.) but there was none here. The whole process was as comfortable as my new Koala mattress, and I have no regrets.

We purchased this for our toddler for his transition from his cot to single mattress. It has been amazing, he absolutely loves it and his sleep has continued. Mum and Dad have also found it incredibly comfortable and would not hesitate to purchase themselves one, when their mattress comes up for renewal. Plus the Koala teddy has been a huge plus in our house. Thank you Koala 🙂

Very convenient delivery, easy to remove from packaging. Mattress is comfortable and good value for money.

Amazing help getting a new life started

We have been using our new king size koala mattress for 4 weeks now, it took a bit of getting used to a foam mattress having only used innerspring mattresses before but I have found my morning stiffness and back pain significantly reduced since changing to the Koala mattress. We will invest in a topper as my husband is a side sleeper and finds the mattress has not enough cushioning for his shoulders. We are overall extremely happy with our purchase with the added bonus of the mattress being ‘made in Australia’ as opposed to other foam mattress competitors.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mattress the sheets and the pillows all together WOW I keep washing the sheets with eucalyptus wash what a great idea

Everything about the mattress is perfection! Koala is my new favourite company! Thank you.

Very quick to recieve it. Best mattress we have ever owned.

A super comfortable mattress. Haven’t had a good night’s sleep until I purchased a Koala. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Been sleeping on my koala mattress for a little over a week and I am in love. It’s super comfy, but my favourite part is the no partner disturbance, I am finally getting some restful sleep.

I had seen the vast amount of 5 star reviews so I finally decided to order one. I was amazed at how fast it arrived! My partner and I absolutely love it! I have already recommended it to friends. Thank you koala mattress!!

I haven’t really slept well since I was 14 because of multiple various injuries & surgeries. I’m 53 now, rebuilt thanks to amazing surgeons, newly single with a brand new king size bed. My Koala king size mattress arrived complete with little koala and heart tugging adoption certificate. I’ve seriously just had the best sleep in many years. Can’t wait for more peace tonight. Love love love you Koala 🐨❤

Can’t get out of my bed 😉 Love it and I’d definitely recommend this mattress to my friends and family 🙂

An excellent mattress, full support instantly. Will never sleep on any thing else. An arthritic olderperson

Not waking up in pain anymore and the mattress is not too soft, not too hard. Finally get a good nights sleep as soon as I lay down.

The most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. It is also easy to turn. The service and delivery was also great.. Highly recommended.

I have both sorts of athritis and find it very hard to sleep even though i have an electric bed with my new koala mattress i have been sleeping a lot better thank you regards Janet

Easily bought; quickly delivered; installation a breeze. Has done wonders for my wife’s back problems.

We are really impressed with how comfy this mattress is! And a 4-hour delivery time is seriously impressive too!

Fast delivery Awesome firm and comfy matress

Brand new Queen sized Koala mattress started sagging in less than 1 year. Sagging led to hip pain. Contacted Koala who stated it was a warranty issue. I do not believe that it is a warranty problem , the foam mattresses are just not made to last more than the trial period. Koala would not refund money but instead replaced with another mattress. They were meant to pick up the old mattress, but left it sitting out the front of our house. We ended up having to pay to have the old mattress removed. We gave away the new mattress and bought a real mattress. Do not trust these foam mattresses! They do not last.

Koala Mattress Review

It’s hard to shop for foam mattresses without hearing about the Koala. As one of the top-rated designs, it’s helping sleepers across Australia snooze better than ever. The Koala mattress is designed to be "not too firm, not too soft" and features a unique open-cell foam layer. Made in Australia, it’s designed for Aussies and has been awarded for eco-friendly manufacturing. Our review of the Koala mattress found sleepers have tested (and loved) the Koala throughout every season, so you’ll stay cozy in winter and cool in summer. Plus, Koala partners with the WWF and donates a percentage of every mattress to koala preservation.

Inside our review

This comprehensive review is here to help you get a feel for the Koala mattress. In it, you’ll find information from real customers about the feel, firmness, sleep quality, materials, and more. In all reviews, we work hard to share a range of customer opinions and use unbiased data. By the end, you’ll know if this mattress is the right choice for your sleeping preferences.

Ratings by Category

Table of contents в–ѕ

How does the Koala mattress feel to sleep on?

Snoozing on the Koala is a dream come true for most customers. To achieve a balanced feel, the company created two custom foams. The top comfort layer has a lush feel, while the bottom layer provides support. On the standard firmness rating scale of 1 to 10, the Koala sits slightly above a 6. This is a bit harder than the average sleeper’s ideal firmness. However, the company says some return the Koala because it’s too firm, others because it’s too soft.

Koala’s unique foam and firmness makes it a good pick for a variety of sleeping positions. The best way to find out if it’s right for you is to test it during the trial period. Many back sleepers say they wake up feeling refreshed and without pain. Even stomach sleepers enjoy the soft yet firm feel. We did find a few side sleepers who said the mattress was too firm. However, individual comfort level often depends on weight. Smaller side and stomach sleepers may find it too hard, especially if they’re used to a spring mattress. That being said, this mattress is loved by side, back, and stomach sleepers.

"The Koala mattress is different, so it may feel firm at first if you are used to a softer sleep, but it really is a fabulous mattress once you adjust. It only took us . no time! Love it. Will buy another for our guest bed."- Jillian E.

Sitting on the edge of the Koala bed, sleepers sink several centimeters. The layers easily compress under direct weight because there are no springs or hard memory foam. While you sink on the edge, don’t worry about sinking while you sleep. The mattress distributes weight evenly once you lay down.

Similar to other foam mattresses, the Koala has zero partner disturbance. Foam absorbs movement and does not allow partners to feel the other tossing and turning. Koala even passes the standard wine glass test (just be careful if you try it out on your own mattress).

Our Review of Koala Mattress (Discount at the End)

The excitement we had when foam mattresses first entered the market was short-lived thanks to its long list of drawbacks. It slept hot making you lose out on quality sleep among other issues. However, this is changing as now and then, new brands which have engineered new designs to avoid the foam shortcomings are introduced into the market. Koala is an excellent example.

While reviewing, I found that this mattress that has taken the comfort and support that I experienced while sleeping to a whole new level. Its 23cm thick with two layers of specially designed foams with excellent cooling and pressure relief properties.

I have done a summary of this review, and you can find ithere. This is just in case you are in a rush right now and don’t really have the time to read my full review.

You Should Try Koala Bed If

  • You sleep hot:Koala has used new and advanced technology to create foam that doesn’t overheat as you sleep. It has a Kloudcell top layer that lets you stay cool.
  • You want a removable cover:You can remove the cover, and it can be hand washed in warm water with soap and then line dried.
  • You desire the foam feel but without its disadvantages:Traditional foam tends to get too hot, sags, giving you the ‘stuck’ or ‘hug’ feel. Koala is different, it’s made up of foam but with better bounce and keeps cool.
  • You want value for money:It’s a high-end bed but comes at affordable pricing. Because they sell online, it’s cheaper than mattresses in retail stores.
  • You’re looking for pressure relief:It’s engineered to offer the much-needed comfort and support. The Kloudcell and Ultra Resilient Ecofoam layers work together to conform to your body shape, distributing your weight evenly and creating pressure relief. Good for back and neck support.
  • You are a back, side or stomach sleeper:It has a medium firmness that works well for most people. Side, stomach, back and combo sleepers will enjoy sleeping on the Koala. This is with the exception of back or stomach sleepers who want more firm or softer mattress.

You Shouldn’t Try Koala Mattress If

  • You want the spring feel:Koala is 23cm thick of foam. If you don’t love the foam feel or prefer spring, then it’s not right for you.
  • You’re searching for a durable bed:The issue of durability is a bit uncertain. May not be a great choice if you’re looking for a long-term product.

Type of Materials, Layers, and Construction

This 23cm thick Australian product is designed to achieve perfect support and weight distribution. It suits all environments as it’s been constructed from high-quality materials to deliver good quality sleep.

Lying on the bed is a really comfortable experience, and I could notice and feel the high-quality foam layers below, rating it9.4for material and quality. It comprises two specialty polyurethane foam layers explored below:

The Top Comfort Layer:Made from a new type of advanced foam branded Kloudcell with excellent weight distribution and support properties. Kloudcell technology gives the sleeper amazing comfort levels and aids moving around in sleep and repositioning. Dissipating heat is faster than in the normal gel foams. It felt cool to the touch after lying in a single spot for half an hour guaranteeing a cool night’s sleep.

The Kloudcell technology performs better than any type of foam recommended for the Australian climate. Its structure ensures maximum breathability unmatched to any foam product.

The Support Base:A type of eco-friendly highly resilient polyurethane foam. This foam has the features of achieving the perfect balance between pressure and bounciness. It offers deep compression support to the sleeper and relieves pressure and pain. This layer has stratified zones for handling different pressure point support requirements. The Zero Disturbance technology included in this layer ensures all motion is transmitted vertically into the foundation and not sideways for it to disturb your sleep partner. The shape is maintained by this layer, and its resilience guarantees longevity.

The Cover:It is blended stretchable fabric that is very thin and strong. It is easy to remove especially for cleaning. You should, however, take note that this cover can only be hand-washed in warm soapy water. The thinness is suitable for ensuring maximum interaction with the foam below for pressure relief and cooling.

Our Firmness Classification

I reviewed the firmness of Koala and it’s a medium-firm bed with a rating of6/10on the firmness scale. The new Kloudcell technology has produced this wonderful new product that mimics the contouring and thermal properties of both latex and memory foam. The firm bounciness ensures sufficient support for wonderful pressure relief. As you lie on it, you immediately sink through the comfort layer into the firm base in a smooth transition. I rate it9.5for support and comfort.

Reviewing the motion transfer: The rating for this bed is high at9.3.This guarantees a disturbance-free sleep for you and your partner.

Sleep Cool at Night

With a rating of9for cooling effect, I found it pretty comfortable to sleep on. Its thermoregulation properties ensured that no hotspots developed. The smooth cover did a great job at keeping away moisture accumulation. Efficient breathability ensures effective ventilation for dissipating excess heat from your body.

Edge Support

For an all-foam, it has remarkable edge support. I tried a few sleeping positions and liked the results. There was some compression through the top layer, though the base offered adequate support against the pressure. There wassufficient support from falling off the edge, and I could comfortably fall asleep. The firm base ensures that the edge is stable enough for sitting and I rate this bed9.1for edge support.

Other Information

  • Warranty on their beds:A full replacement 10-year limited warranty.
  • Shipping:Shipping to any location on the Australian Mainland is free. It comes compressed in a box.
  • Sleep trial on all beds:It has a 120-night’s sleep trial period. Before making a return, they suggest that you try you try it for at least 14-days.
  • Foundation:Works well on any base including box spring, slats, platform or adjustable base.
  • Manufacture:Koala is made in Australia.
  • First-timeuse:They recommend giving it 3 to 5 days to fully expand after unpacking. But it’s still good to use immediately.
  • Price and size:Available in five sizes. Double, King, Queen, King single, and Single. Price ranges from $750 for Single and $1,200 for the King.
  • Koala adoption:With every Koala purchase, you make a symbolic Koala adoption. They have chosen to protect this threatened species.

Summary of Koala Mattress Review & Ratings

Koala mattress is two layers of uniquely designed foam. It has a thickness of 23cm with medium firmness and properties designed to keep you cool, comfortable and well supported.

Koala mattress review:
Best mattress in a box?

Published on February 18, 2019

The Koala mattress-in-a-box. You’ve heard your friends or family go on (and on) about their new bed. So are Koala mattresses any good? Our reviewer slept on a Koala for two months to find out.

Read time: 10 mins Why you can trust this review

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Modern day humans are a funny bunch. We spend about a third of our lives either sleeping or trying to.

Yet we often use our mattresses long past their intended point of expiration until the once-supportive springs dig into our backs – an aching reminder that we still haven’t gotten around to properly investing in a good night’s rest.

Thankfully online mattress startups are shaking things up – not only by bringing costs down, but also by simplifying the research required to find the best mattress for your individual needs.

How firm are Koala mattresses?

Making it easier to buy a mattress by streamlining options (with a one-firmness-for-all design in Koala’s case) can create limitations for fussy sleepers. For its part, Koala claims its studies and focus groups helped get the firmness level "just right".

They’ll give you a 120-night risk-free trial to test the mattress at home yourself. That’s four months, with free return and full refund if you’re not in love with your new mattress.

Should you wish to send it back, the return shipping is covered for those in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. If you’re outside those areas, you’d need to cover shipping to whichever of those cities is closest to you.

What are Koala mattresses made of?

Back in 2016, Koala moved from a three-layer design to the current two-layer construction.

Both layers use high-grade polyurethane Dunlop foam, touted as more supportive than memory foam and more breathable than latex. The 6cm top comfort layer, dubbed "Kloudcell", is ventilated for a cooler sleep while the 16cm Ecofoam support layer is firmer for increased durability.

The top-knit is made from hybrid polyester/Eucalyptus fibre (also known as TENCEL).

Koala mattress price and discount codes

SingleKing SingleDoubleQueenKing
188cm x 92cm x 23cm203cm x 107cm x 23cm188cm x 138cm x 23cm203cm x 153cm x 23cm203cm x183cm x 23cm
10 year limited warranty
Pay by Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or Zip Money (interest free payment plans)

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$150 off any Koala mattress

Save $150 on a Koala mattress by using this code. T&Cs apply.

FREE shipping on all orders

Buy a mattress from Koala Mattress and receive FREE shipping on all orders. T&Cs apply.

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As low as $106/month with 0% interest. Eligibility and T&Cs apply.

$100 off mattress and sofa

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Koala mattress delivery

Koala mattresses are certified as being manufactured here in Australia (Brisbane). At the factory, special equipment compresses your mattress so it can be rolled into a box for free delivery anywhere in Australia. And that’s your bed-in-a-box.

I’m still blown away that you’ll get delivery within four hours if you live in one of the five cities mentioned above and order an in-stock item before 2pm on a weekday.

It’s immediately clear that Koala has taken great care in customer service and convenience. You even get a text message when your order is on the way. You can choose to have boxes left if you can’t be home, and select metro areas can receive deliveries up until 8pm weekdays or on Saturday mornings. And though the standard couriers can’t come inside (or carry boxes up more than three flights of stairs), Koala’s premium delivery option gets you a two-person crew that’ll bring your mattress upstairs, set it up in the room of your choice and remove any packaging.

One final note here: for Sydney and Melbourne, Koala has partnered with Soft Landing, a mattress recycling social enterprise that can remove and recycle your old mattress. Some council pick-up allowances are better than others, so this service worked great for me. It saved me time, hassle and money.

Unpacking the Koala mattress

A quick shout out to whoever came up with Koala’s long, slimline box design. In my case, it definitely eased the pain of navigating doorways off a narrow hallway. It’s great for terraces and flats.

When it came time to unwrap the Koala mattress, we triple checked, but we didn’t receive an instruction booklet, little cutting tools – or even a cuddly Koala toy in the box like I’ve seen others get. The truth is, you really don’t need a guide. It’s pretty straight forward for two people to pull out the rolled-up mattress and place it on the bed base. By the way, if you’ve got slats, Koala recommends they be no more than 7.5cm apart. It also cautions against using the mattress on the floor due to reduced air flow.

As you can see in the video on this page, we couldn’t find any markings on the plastic for which side of the mattress should face up. Inevitably – like buttered toast always falling face down – we got it wrong. But a quick and easy flip over and we were back on track.

We took the plastic off and we quickly had one expanded mattress – mostly. While you can sleep on the Koala mattress soon after unboxing, the company says it can actually take about three to five days to come back to full feel.

What’s a Koala mattress like to sleep on?

Koala says its mattress is designed to "distribute weight evenly" and "not to sink or bend in the middle" and is for "people of all shapes and sizes". And sure enough, you’ll find plenty of reviews online from users who find the zoned support helpful to reduce back pain. This also makes the Koala suitable for back, side and stomach sleepers alike.

But again, everyone is different – and that’s the joy in being able to try the Koala risk free for yourself. What have you got to lose?

Coming from a traditional pocket spring mattress, my first impression was just how much firmer the Koala mattress is. At first, it was kind of like sleeping in a hotel. And without my old topper, the Koala (at 23cm) is noticeably much lower in height and closer to the floor.

Edge support is decent for a foam mattress. Edge sleepers (and those who pull their shoes on at the side of the bed) will notice more box edge sag than with a traditional mattress.

All the above took some time for me to adjust to, but now it’s the new norm. I’m liking my Koala bed. I find it conforms enough to be super comfortable, but not to the point where I sink in and lose support.

I do feel the Koala sleeps a little hotter than my old pocket spring mattress, but not enough where I’ve given it any thought outside of this review. I’m certainly not losing any sleep.

"Conforms enough to be super comfortable, but not to the point where I sink in and lose support."

Speaking of which, the partner disturbance/anti-transfer capabilities of the Koala mattress were highly welcomed in my little family. Taking turns to get out of bed and settle my daughter in the middle of night just got a whole lot easier. Pro tip: a snug fit on your bed base that avoids sliding movement is equally important.

If you’ve got little ones, it’s worth noting that Koala doesn’t recommend using a mattress protector with its mattress. This is not only because it would reduce airflow, but also because you’ve already got a removable, hand-washable cover with underside zipper. You’re also able to use your favourite old topper or electric blanket, but the same breathability issues could come into play.

I tested the queen-size mattress Koala sent us to review with Koala bedding I purchased myself: super-smooth TENCEL sheets and pillow cases. Your favourite linen should also fit just fine as Koala uses standard Australian sizing – see our table.

Koala Sofa

Koala Sheets

Koala Bed Base

Koala Pillow

How long does a Koala mattress last?

Koala says to expect the mattress to last about 10 years. I’m only a little over two months in, so I haven’t noticed any permanent sinking spots across the sleep surface.

The company provides a 10-year limited warranty on the mattress, which covers "visible indentation greater than 2.5cm. that is not associated with an indentation or sag which results from use of an improper or unsupportive foundation or adjustable bed base."

Do Koala mattresses smell?

Out of the box, it can also take a few hours for the "new mattress smell" common to foam mattresses to fade. That’s the materials "off-gassing". Some people are more sensitive to it than others, so it’s hard to say how long you’ll need to let your mattress breathe before you’re happy to use it. In my case, we turned the ceiling fan right up to speed ventilation, left the bedroom door open and happily slept on the mattress the next night. It took about a week for us to forget there had ever been any out-of-box odour.

Koala says its mattress has been "rigorously tested for all the nasty chemicals that can be found in other mattresses." That means it contains no phthalates, heavy metals and has low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, though the company doesn’t share any certifications concerning laboratory testing. The Koala mattress is also fire retardant, "using a flame retardant stockinette [Nylon netting], not dangerous chemicals."

Environmentally, the Koala mattress is proudly vegan and made from GECA-certified foam (Good Environmental Choice Australia standards of environmental friendliness). And when you buy a Koala mattress, you also symbolically adopt a sick or injured Koala, through a partnership with WWF Australia.

Koala vs Ecosa vs Eva vs IKEA mattresses

Koala and Ecosa are two of Australia’s earliest mattress-in-a-box brands, having both started in 2015.

Koala says it has now sold over 100,000 mattresses, with the 25- to 35-year-old crowd its biggest group.

Is Koala better than Ecosa? While Koala has a single two-layer mattress that balances "not too firm, not too soft", the feel ofan Ecosa mattress can be customisedthanks to three interchangeable layers (supported by a 100-night trial and 15-year warranty). Another Aussie online mattress brand,Sleeping Duck, has a quiz to help you choose your preferred level of support.

Mattresses from Ecosa

The Ecosa mattress is uniquely engineered with multiple foam layers to provide maximum support and comfort. The layers are designed to regulate temperature and circulate air, and you can adjust the firmness to suit your needs. The mattress is delivered to your door in a compact box.

Though some beds/bases from certain Swedish furniture stores are smaller than Australian standards, "you can squeeze the [Koala] mattress into a bed frame up to 3cm smaller than the mattress" with no problems.

In many ways, online mattress brands likeKoalain Australia,Casperin the US,Simbain Europe andEndyin Canada have arguably matched the convenience and reasonable value-for-money ofIKEA, while moving onto new foam technologies even as the Swedish giant continues to roll with springs, memory foam and latex.

Review by
Danny Allen

Danny has been reviewing consumer products for 20 years and is the former managing editor of Lifehacker Australia.


  • 120-night trial. Return for a full refund if you don’t like your mattress.
  • Free delivery Australia wide. Plus: four-hour delivery if you live in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney and order before 2pm AEST Monday to Friday.
  • Removable washable cover.

  • Firmness takes a little bit to get used to. Not adjustable like some competing brands.
  • Edge support a bit soft compared to traditional mattresses.
  • Live chat only available up to 10pm AEDT.

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I hope this helps.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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Ecosa Vs. Koala Mattress Ratings & Guide

This is going to be a comparison review, because we want to help our readers make up their minds, especially for beds that are equally comfortable, supportive and made of several layers of high-density foams. Both beds have cooling covers, layers that add support, moderate firmness and of course strong edge support.

We have already reviewed both Ecosa and Koala, and we enjoyed sleeping on both mattresses. Now, we want to point out all the essential things that make each bed unique and suitable for you.

In case you have a hard time picking one, we hope that this review will help you decide; but if you don’t have time to read the extended version below, just click here.

This can be a hard decision because both Ecosa and Koala have excellent features. One of them can be combined, so you get a various level of firmness, while the other is static. Both are providing cooling effect thanks to their covers, both have low motion transfer and quite well edge support. Here are the best details about each of them:

  • Ecosa is a 3-in-1 bed that can be adjusted to a firm, medium firm, and medium mattress. This makes it almost ideal because you can always combine and change the layers based on your preferences. You get to sleep on a 5/10 firmness level (great for people who sleep on their stomachs), 6.5/10 (good choice for side sleepers and for people who are on the heavier side) and 7.5/10 (ideal for side sleepers). The mattress allows airflow and has a very low motion transfer. Ecosa is a smart and long-term investment in case you want to change your mattresses after a while.
  • Koala is a medium firm mattress, ideal for couples because there is no motion transfer. There is no sinking in the bed, even when you sleep near the end. The open-cell structure creates channels in the foam which are responsible for the airflow allowing the body heat to leave the bed (no more sweating or overheating even if you share it with a partner). The three layers are adjusting well to your body frame, and even though there is a little sinking, mostly when you sit on the edge, the bed has enough bounce to allow you move and get up quickly. Koala works well for every sleeping position, but perhaps back sleepers will benefit the most


  • Top Layer– Manufacturers know that the top layer is the first thing that people see and touch, so it has to be impeccable (no less important than what lies beneath it).Koala’s cover is soft and comfortable, yet breathable and invites you to lie down. The designers didn’t want to use latex and foams, so they patented Kloudcell foam, which is a blend that works like memory foam and latex; we weren’t able to spot any differences. The open-cell foam does the entire work. This layer was tailored to provide you with that lovely plush feel, and we loved the breathability and bounce as well; thanks to this layer the sinking feeling is minimal.
  • Inner Layer–The first layer below the cover is made of eco-foam with high density and provides the mattress with balance and support. The entire body will feel supported and comfy. We loved the hip, spine and shoulder support. The inner layer gives breathability to the whole mattress and provides you with cooler sleep when the weather is hot.
  • Removable Cover– The plush white cover feels nice to the touch; it is easily removable and washable, so you can keep it clean and fresh for a long time.


  • Top Quality Latex– The comfort layer is completely made of natural latex which comes from rubber trees; this layer keeps the bed free from dust mites (a significant feature for people with sensitive skin). The latex gives great support and bouncy, while the surface holes allow airflow and breathability.
  • Ecosa™ G-7 Memory Foam– This is a new type of memory foam, combined with gel particles that are responsible for the refreshing sleep. It is excellent that this layer does not put pressure on the body and prevents you from sinking in when you lie down for a longer time. This layer regulates the temperature balance as well.
  • HD Foam For Support and Breathability– The third layer has a chocolate shape and provides the bed with breathability. Besides that, it also observes your body pressure points. Thanks to this layer there is no chance for even the slightest motion transfer.
  • Removable Cover– It’s convenient because you can regularly wash it. The cover gives extra softness to the touch; it is breathable as well and very flexible for adjusting.
  • Self-Extinguishing Barrier– The added fire barrier fabric is self-extinguishing, which makes Ecosa have one feature that Koala doesn’t have. No flame retardant chemicals were used for this layer, and the manufacturers made it from a woven silica sock (you can find it right under the cover), so in a case of fire it melts on itself and will suffocate the oxygen not allowing it to boost the flames.
  • Waterproof Inner Protector– This layer has micro-filaments make the mattress completely waterproof (ideal for children or older adults), and it’s 99.99% protected from dust mites as well.


The Koala mattress belongs somewhere in the middle of the firmness range. What we loved about this moderately firm mattress is the balance between a lovely soft top layer combined with a slightly firmer inner layer which is excellent for any sleeping position. The foam has enough bounce so you wouldn’t sink in (sinking in can make the getting up difficult especially for older people). The moderate firmness and the support are perhaps the best combinations for back sleepers; but even if you’re a side sleeper, you will feel the support and the comfort.


The medium level is much softer than the other two, but we found it quite comfortable and pleasant for resting. For all of you who sleep on your stomachs, this combination of layers will feel amazing. There won’t be any discomfort or pressure on your body.

This combination of layers is excellent if you sleep on your side and is recommendable if you’re a heavier person. You don’t even have to have any preferred sleeping position or to be on the heavier side, to adjust your Ecosa on medium firmness.

The firmest level is ideal for back and side sleepers; we felt quite comfortable on the firmer surface because the foam supports the natural curve of the spine. We recommend this adjustment in order to avoid the pressure points and get rid of constant neck and back pains. The firm layer is magnificent for people who want to improve your sleeping posture.


We do appreciate a mattress that has a quality cooling effect because this feature is among the top priorities for us. No matter if you share the Koala mattress with another person or sleep by yourself, you won’t feel overheated nor will you sweat during your sleep.

Koala has a pleasant cooling effect thanks to the open-cell structure (which creates the channels in the foam) that provides airflow and lets the body heat leave the bed. The final result is a cooler and refreshed feeling even on warmer nights.


The Ecosa™ G-7 Memory foam provides the cooling effect; the added gel particles make the bed fresh but also soft. This combination gives a balance to the body temperature, so this mattress as well will prevent you from sweating or overheating.


Koala is a tall bed (25cm) and somewhat heavy (about 34 kg), and no matter the fact that it is made of foam layers, it provides excellent edge support. When we sat on the edge, there was some sinking into it, but only for a few centimeters. Yes, the foam layers do compress under your weight and since this mattress doesn’t have springs; you won’t sink into the foams while you sleep because your body weight will be evenly distributed when you lay down.

The sinking only happens when you sit on the edge. We loved the low motion transfer; even when we jumped on it, it was pretty insignificant. If you share it with a partner, you can freely toss and turn; they won’t feel any disturbance.


Ecosa too is a foam bed and has a slight sinkage of several centimeters.The foam compresses your body weight.The Ecosa has no springs and gets its bounce from the latex. For those of you who have slept mostly on spring mattresses, you might feel a bit reduced edge support.

Ecosa may not have the best edge support, but the motion transfer is incredibly low. It comes from that HD support foam that looks like chocolate bars; this layer foam also provides extra breathability and observes the standard body pressure points.

We hope that we helped you make up your mind between the Ecosa and Koala beds and we hope that this review showed you the main differences between their features.

Ecosa is a 3-in-1 mattress that can be adjustedto a firm, medium firm and medium level and is excellent if you love to change your mattresses every once in a while (stomach, side, and back sleepers can benefit from any of the layer combinations).

It provides great comfort and support, a chill sleeping surface and an incredibly low motion transfer. It may not have the best edge support because it doesn’t contain firmer foams or springs, but the sinkage is very insignificant. It also comes with a self-extinguisher barrier and its cover is waterproof.

Koala, on the other hand, is a moderately firm bed that offers breathability and cooling effect, comfort, and support (mostly for back sleepers). Koala is excellent for reducing pressure and pain in the spine and the shoulders and works excellent if you want to improve your sleeping posture.

Both mattresses have easily removable and washable soft covers.

Koala has ten years of warranty and is delivered within several hours, while Ecosa has a warranty of fifteen years and is delivered within three days.

Depending on your firmness preference, sleeping position and whether you seek high edge support, a waterproof cover or a possibility to change the layers of your mattress, we’re sure you already know which of these mattresses will find its spot in your bedroom.


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