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We make it easy to test The Most Comfortable Mattress in your own home.

365 Night Trial

Nectar offers a 365 night trial, which is the longest trial period in the mattress industry. The trial begins the day the mattress is delivered, and extends for 365 nights so you can experience Nectar for a full year. If you don’t love your Nectar, you can get your money back (terms apply)

The Time You Need

They say that a lot can happen in a year, and we agree. That’s why we give you a full 365 night trial to make sure you agree that Nectar is the most comfortable mattress. Sleep experts agree it can take weeks for your body to adjust to a new mattress, we call the first 30 days an Adjustment Period. Nectar gives you the time you need to feel confident in your sleep.

All Four Seasons

Nectar has been specifically engineered to sleep cool with Adaptive Cooling Technology Cover and two layers of Memory Foam which responds to your body to dissipate heat and moisture. We stand by our promise that you’ll never sleep hot with Nectar. We give you a full year to test Nectar in all four seasons so you can say hello to sleeping cool, year round.

Easy Returns, Money Back Guaranteed

It is rare when someone returns their Nectar, but it is a very simple and easy process should it happen. Just contact customer service who will confirm your original purchase and schedule a convenient pickup date. After we receive the mattress back in our facility, you can expect a full refund (terms apply).


Although I didn’t purchase the mattress the return process went smoothly and efficiently with full refund being made.


Although the mattress wasn’t for us (a bit too soft for my back problems) the updates and customer service are phenomenal. They kept us informed every step of the way and returning was a doddle. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.


Hi I must say sadly this mattress was not for me. I had to return it to Nectar. How ever I give Nectar Mattress a full 5 star due to their outstanding customer service, a quick return pick up, a quick money refund, and outstanding help that your support team gave me. Many thanks all you guys and girls.

We believe that the Nectar mattress will be the most comfortable mattress you have ever bought. Getting used to a new mattress can take up to 30 days (we call this the adjustment period), and therefore to give you and your Nectar the best chance of getting along you will be able to return your opened mattress from the end of this adjustment period right up to the end of the 365 trial.

To initiate a return, please call Customer Service on08000 219 333or contact us by e-mail [email protected] Once return eligibility is confirmed, one of our team will help facilitate that process from start to finish. To be preliminarily eligible for a return:

  1. You have had your mattress for more than 30 days
  2. You must still be within your 365-night trial period; and,
  3. Your mattress must be clean, undamaged and in a condition that would enable us to donate it.

Upon approval, you will be refunded the full unit price of the mattress, less the value of any discount, previous refunds or promotional items received with the purchase, to your original method of purchase.

For unopened mattresses, you may return your mattress for any size or order errors without having to wait the required 30 days after delivery. We recommend confirming the size of your mattress prior to opening it; the size is listed on the on the outside of the packaging. In the event that you would like to return your unopened mattress, you have 365 calendar days after the date of delivery to exchange your mattress. You are allowed one exchange, not including any exchanges that are initiated due to manufacturer defect.

All opened items that are eligible for return (e.g. within the 365-night trial period) must be kept until 30 days after delivery.

For more details please check our Terms & Conditions.

Mattress Removal fee is non-refundable once an item has been collected. If you have purchased our Mattress Removal Service and have quickly changed your mind after finalising your purchase, prior to our collection of your mattress you may contact your Customer Service representative to discuss your options for refunding your Mattress Removal fee.

We would only expect to exchange your Nectar should there be something wrong. If for any reason you believe that your mattress is damaged or defective, please let us know immediately. Just give our Customer Service Team a call and we’ll work with you to correct that as soon as possible.

Some charges may apply to returns from a number of areas in the UK. An £80 charge for return would apply to some areas of the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland. For the UK Islands and the Channel Islands a charge of £100 would apply.

Once your returned item is received by our warehouse we will process your refund. Typically, refunds can take up to 14 business days to return back to the original payment method you provided.

All of our non-mattress products which includes our Duvets, bed-frames and mattress protectors are covered by a 2 year warranty. You have 30 days to return your item as long as it is unopened and in its original packaging. We are very careful with the quality of our products and always expect the highest standards. Should you receive one of our items and believe there to be a defect, please get in touch with us and we will get this corrected as soon as possible.

How to Compress (Deflate) & Roll Up a Memory Foam Bed at Home

One of the biggest pains of moving is transporting a mattress.

They are big, bulky, and require two people to move. They take up a ton of room in a moving van, and if you’ve only got a car, then you’re probably wracking your brain trying to figure out the best way to strap that sucker onto the roof.

But, wait a second.

If you have a memory foam bed, if you may remember that it came in a fairly compact box. Surely there must be a way to compress the bed back down to a size similar to the factory’s package.

The bad news is that those factories have giant machines that exert tons of force onto the mattress to fold it into the nice, little bundle that gets delivered to your doorstep. The good news is that there’s a relatively easy and inexpensive way tocompress a memory foam mattressDIY-style, so you can move to a new house without having to bribe your friends with bottomless pitchers of margaritas.

Buying a Mattress Online Was Easy. Now, About the Return.

Web-based mattress retailers vow they’ll take the product back if it flunks a comfy-sleep test. And they do, but it’s not simple.

A baby atop mattresses from several companies that were the subjects of in-home trials. Credit. Cole Wilson for The New York Times

    Sept. 16, 2016

Here is your mattress shopping bill of rights, 2016 edition:

■ You are entitled to a multiple-night sleep test in your home.

■ Returns should be free.

■ Getting rid of the mattress should not require turning back flips and begging.

In recent years, a number of new companies, including Casper, Helix, Leesa, Saatva and Tuft & Needle, have declared that they will abide by these rules. This is great news, assuming they actually follow through. So this summer, I put the five companies to the test by ordering a mattress from each one, then returning them all, just to see how painful the process would be.

Why bother? Let’s begin with something that should have been obvious to mattress retailers decades ago but apparently was not: Buying bedding in a showroom is absurd. Most of us spend a quarter to a third of our lives on mattresses, and they are essential to our physical and mental health. So testing plastic-covered beds while fully clothed, under the florescent lights of a store with a commissioned salesclerk hovering over us, makes no sense whatsoever.

When I made a similar declaration (and conducted a similar test) in The Wall Street Journal in 2004, the process was painful and expensive. I paid several hundred dollars in return and “disposal” fees and spent a lot of time waiting.

Things are better now. All five of the companies I tested charged me nothing for the return. Only Saatva charges any shipping or delivery fee, and its $99 covered three guys showing up at my apartment with a plastic-wrapped mattress and carefully carrying it inside. The other four companies compress their mattresses and cram them into boxes for shipping, though Casper offers free courier delivery of the box in my neighborhood.

I offer no recommendations on comfort. Mattresses are like shoes or bras or chairs in that different people with different bodies will have different needs.

As for the hassle of returning an unwanted mattress, none of the companies flunked the test. Leesa normally requires customers to keep a mattress for at least 30 days before returning it, but it waived that rule when I sent an email questioning the logic of that policy when I knew I didn’t want it anymore.

Saatva sent a crew to pick up its mattress, so there was no trouble there. (And it should have been hassle-free given that it snootily markets its product as a “luxury purchase, unlike other online mattress sellers who stuff their beds in a box and leave it for you to handle.”)

Still, many things happened during the return process that I never could have predicted. It’s not practical for individual consumers to recompress their beds, shove them in the original boxes and hand them back over to UPS or FedEx, though one early Tuft & Needle customer did manage to box up his mattress for return and stick the company with a $300 shipping bill.

So the surprises began when Casper, Helix and Leesa dispatched the 1-800-Got-Junk truck to fetch my never-been-slept-on bedding. Under normal circumstances, the companies try to find a way to get returned mattresses to a needy person. Helix claims to have 3,000 donation partners in its database.

But when it came to my mattresses, the local Salvation Army truck was booked until October, according to the customer service representatives at Tuft & Needle and Helix who tried to help me before calling in the junk haulers. Bedbug-fearing nonprofit groups and strict New York City regulations pose special challenges for the companies in my area, it turns out.

Evan Cohen, the general manager of the 1-800-Got-Junk franchise that covers Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island, says that it manages to completely recycle 30 to 40 percent of the mattresses. The other mattresses go to transfer stations, where some parts of them may be recycled before the rest of the material ends up in a landfill.

The potential environmental cost of returns is bad enough. But the companies must also pay 1-800-Got-Junk to haul the mattresses away. Mr. Cohen said that he would charge an individual $118 to haul away an old mattress. Mattress companies that hire the company to handle returned mattresses get a bulk discount.

Still, those costs are high enough on mattresses that ranged from about $550 to about $950 for my full-size models to have the potential to cause serious problems for the companies. David Wolfe, chief executive of Leesa, said he was all for the unalienable right to an in-home trial. “But it’s not going to be helpful for the industry if people start to order multiple mattresses,” he said.

He urged consumers to thoroughly research any mattress purchase before starting an in-home trial. And you can’t blame the guy for not wanting to end up like Zappos, where people frequently order piles of shoes with the intention of keeping just one or two pairs.

All of the companies claim return rates below 10 percent. 1-800-Got-Junk reports having taken in about 9,000 mattresses this year on behalf of the various direct-selling mattress retailers it works with.

Tuft & Needle provided the most unusual return experience I’ve ever had as a consumer. Its website promises that “we” will work together to donate a returned mattress. “It’s that easy,” the site reads.

In reality, the company could not find a charity partner near me. So it posed a challenge of sorts. I could find a worthy organization on my own and send Tuft & Needle an ad hoc receipt of sorts, with a signature from the recipient. Failing that, I could give the mattress to a friend or family member in need and provide similar proof. If that didn’t work, I could post a note on Craigslist or Freecycle offering to give the mattress away. And if that wasn’t possible, the junk truck was an option.

Given that the other companies had already told me how hard it was to give a mattress away in New York City, I wasn’t optimistic. But I posted a note on my personal Facebook page, and a friend I’d made years ago and hadn’t seen since popped up to tell me about a sex-trafficking victim her organization was helping. The client had just moved to a new apartment with her family and was sleeping on the floor. Could I help her? And sorry but no, the organization had no moving truck or anything like that.

Which was how I found myself behind the wheel of a rental van a few nights later with a case manager from Sanctuary for Families, driving to a neighborhood in Queens that the organization asked me not to identify. We hauled the mattress up a narrow flight of stairs and dropped it off for the grateful recipient. “I will be able to sleep happy for once,” she said.

That was a heartwarming and unexpected ending to what was supposed to be a virtual shopping experience, but I need not have left my own apartment. Daehee Park, a co-founder of Tuft & Needle, said that if I had spoken up about the van rental bill and the time-consuming nature of the potential donation, the company might have hired a errand runner from Taskrabbit to handle it. “We try to do what we can,” he said.

Like Mr. Wolfe at Leesa, however, he does worry about people abusing their in-home testing privileges (though he declined The New York Times’s offer to pay in full after all, as did the other companies). He and his competitors deserve enormous credit for trying to make free, in-home trials the price of admission for participating in the mattress industry, and all of us should demand the same deal from brick-and-mortar retailers.

So now that the mattress start-ups have proved that they’re serious about real-world sleep tests, please don’t take undue advantage of them. “You can never prevent people from gaming a system,” Mr. Park said.

Nectar Mattress How To Return – 2018 Full Nectar Mattress Review

Complete NECTAR Mattress Review 2018

In this review, we’ll be reviewing the 11″ Nectar memory foam mattress.
A plush mattress that offers consumers a variety of features as well as benefits, the Nectar is recognized for its state of the art construction and its classic memory foam feel that delivers a satisfying, comfortable sleep night after night.

With its unique firmness level guarantee, along with its innovative technology and affordable price, the Nectar is quickly gaining fame in the market. Nectar Mattress How To Return

Nectar’s one of a kind one year sleep trial, and forever warranty make it a safe option for the brick and mortar shop aficionados.

What Type of Mattress is the Nectar?

The Nectar is certainly well rounded. It has a balance of support and an ultra dense foam structure.
Built and designed with woven fabric, and a unique breathing airflow,traditional memory foam, and several other unique features, the Nectar mattress is a modern day mattress, offering people a comfortable and cool night of sleep.

In combination with its unique cooling system, top layer of gel foam and Tencel quilted cover, Nectar surely is a cut above the rest.

Each of these features keep the Nectar mattress feeling new for years to come; giving you and your partner a therapeutic nights sleep.

How Firm is the Nectar Sleep Mattress?

Unlike many other memory foam mattresses out there, the Nectar mattress is constructed with only one firmness level �” medium firm.

The Nectar mattress rates a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which meets the needs of most sleepers according to our research.

Recent studies show that most sleepers want their firmness between a 5 and a 7, so this makes the Nectar a perfect fit.

Being a high density memory foam mattress, that lasts longer than most, Nectar is recognized for having great contour and hug, allowing your body to just sink between the foams.

The mattress does have a little bit of a slower response time than some, when sleepers move or change positions.

Instead, it does take several seconds for the Nectar to mold to a new position when pressure is placed. This can be a great source of pressure relief for some, while at the same time offering support for others.

Overall the Nectar support is great no matter if you sleep on your stomach, back or side. The main reason for this is because of the 1″ gel memory foam quilted cover, in combination with 3′ of memory foam.

Together these combined features deliver consistent support and easy transition into the third and final base layer of foam. Nectar Mattress How To Return

How Many Layers Does it Have?

Quite a unique conforming mattress, the Nectar allows for the even distribution of weight, and easily molds and contours to your body. The 11′ mattress is all foam, and built with 2 other foam layers, and a quilted cover.

  • The top layer cover provides cooling and cleanliness thanks to the Tencel fabric which is highly breathable and bedbug resistant.
  • The 2nd layer has a quilted fabric of gel memory. This is designed to be comfortable, and provide both cooling and pressure relief.
  • The next layer is made of Nectar’s patented LushFoam, which is the most premium gel memory foam available in the market and distributes both weight and heat smoothly.
  • The 4th layer provides great support by being made of Hi Core adaptive foam.
  • The last layer is a breathable base layer made of high density foam. It is responsible for providing both increased ventilation, as well as overall stability.

Nectar’s choice of materials, and being able to offer all it does at such a great price, is truly a feat in its own.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

Nectar is much like a lot of other foam mattresses, by how it absorbs motion very easily. This alleviates any disruption that you may have by your partners sleeping habits. Nectar Mattress How To Return

Because of its dense foam, the Nectar mattress doesn’t have a lot of bounce. So, it has a very low motion transfer.

With that said, the Nectar is quite capable of controlling motion transfer and if you are more concerned about a peaceful sleeping experience that presents with no motion, rather than excessive bounce, then surely the Nectar is the perfect fit for you.

Does it Sleep Hot?

While most other foam mattresses sleep warm, the Nectar offers a high level of cooling. The top gel memory foam, coupled with the infused cover helps to keep your temperatures comfortable and cool.

With the Nectar being a high density foam, some may find it a little warmer than a hybrid, coil or latex foam mattress.

All in all, our studies did indicate that Nectar is certainly one of the cooler memory foam mattresses available.

Does it Have Any Smell?

First out of the box, the Nectar has a somewhat strong smell for near to the first two days. After this, the smell starts to fade, and within a week is completely gone.

With that said, if the smell is not to your liking, then allow your Nectar to air out for the first two days before you actually sleep on it. Nectar Mattress How To Return

Does it Require a Foundation?

The Nectar mattress can be sat directly on a box spring. Or if you prefer, a platform or almost any other flat supportive surface. Also, it can be used with any adjustable bed frames that can hold an 11′ mattress.
You can also use your Nectar directly on the floor’s surface if that is your preference, but make certain that it is not exposed to excessive moisture or water.

What Type of Cover Does it Have?

The Nectars cover is made of cotton and Tencel, a material made in China. This makes the cover soft and warm. Because of its unique composition, this makes the Nectar cool and soft, offering a very good feeling overall.

The Nectar cover may look basic. But, it is still nice to look at, with its grey side panels. Also, the top layer is white and checkered fabric, with the Nectar logo nicely embossed.

The cover can be unzipped and easily spot cleaned. As an extra bonus, the company does replace your cover one time should it become stained or damaged. This is free of charge.

What’s the Best Way to Care for the Nectar?

The Nectar mattress doesn’t have to be flipped . But it is recommended to rotate it once or twice a year, to prevent it drooping or wearing excessively.

For routine cleaning, it is advised to use cool water along mild dish detergent, to clean any dirt or stains. Never rub when cleaning, instead use light circle motions.

How Durable is the Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar, assembled here in the USA with imported materials, has a long lifespan, according to our data, and fares well in this category when compared to other memory foam mattresses.
Nectar is made with high quality materials, which meets all industry standards. Based on our studies, Nectar has a customer satisfaction rating of over 80%, which is great in this industry.

Size and Shipping

The Nectar is available in the typical Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King Sizes. Easy to lift and move this mattress weighs between 45 and 89 pounds, and affords consumers a quick and easy set up. Nectar Mattress How To Return

If customers need assistance setting the mattress up, the company does offer a white glove delivery option.Shipping is free if you reside in the US. But, there are additional charges to ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada.

365 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

Nectar stands proudly behind their 365 night free sleep trial, with 100% money back guarantee. Customers get a full YEAR to test the Nectar out , and determine if it is right for them.

If for any reason you find that the Nectar isn’t for you, simply contact the company and they will arrange a free pickup; and also give you 100% of your money back.

According to our research, less than 3% of customers have ever returned their Nectar for a refund.

How is Nectar’s Warranty?

The Nectar offers their superior “Forever Warranty.”

This unique warranty guarantees Nectars materials, construction, quality and durability forever. However, the warranty is only for the original purchaser.

Since the company stands behind their mattress so much, they feel it is the only mattress a customer will ever need or want.

If the mattress is found defective in the first 1-5 years, free replacement is offered.

After the first 5 years, repairs and replacements will be honored for a one time transportation fee of $100. If a defect is found, the $100 will be waived.

Our studies show that consumers rate Nectars Forever Warranty excellent.

How Much Does the Nectar Cost?

The Nectar price falls between $500-$900, depending on the size. Also, the price will change some if you decide to purchase the white glove service.

Nectar also gives you 6 months to pay for your mattress

The sizes and prices are as follows:

  • Twin mattress:$500
  • Twin XL:$550
  • Full:$700
  • Queen:$795
  • King:$900
  • California King:$900

The mattress fares very well in comparison to other memory foam mattresses that come in at a higher price.With very favorable consumer ratings on comfort, bounce, construction, and extra benefits, the Nectar is a very good buy for your money.

With our coupon code, you can get a $125 off on any size plus two free pillows.

Nectar Mattress Review – Our Verdict

Nectar, overall, offers consumers a high quality product at a low cost. With its high quality materials, support, cooling system and construction, Nectar sets themselves apart from the competition.

Absorbing motion easily, with no disturbance from your partners sleep. Made in the USA with minimal sinkage, this is an incredible buy.
Also, Nectar offers a Forever Warranty, and a full year to try it out, with free shipping. They also have a very simple return/refund process which is another great benefit.

Overall, we think the Nectar is a very good purchase option, especially when using our link to save $125.

Mattress Return Policies 101: How to Return a Mattress to Casper, IKEA, & More

If there’s one thing Goldilocks understood, it’s that not every mattress feelsjust right.You find one you like in the store, you buy it, you bring it home, you sleep on it, and suddenly…it’s not the perfect mattress anymore. Finding a mattress that ultimately isn’t perfect is a much more common happenstance than you think, so much so that stores with typically flexible return policies have special rules for returning mattresses. And with something so bulky and heavy, returning mattresses can be a hard thing to do.

But if you’re stuck trying to return a mattress, rest assured that it is doable. Here are the return policies of some of the biggest names in mattress sales, plus some tips and tricks for how to bring that mattress back (without paying a fortune).

Mattress Return Policies

Amazon Mattress Return Policy

Amazon is known for its generous return policy, and that seems to extend to mattresses…with a catch. Almost all mattresses sold on Amazon can be returned using their normal return policy, but you won’t be expected to box it up. You’ll be put in touch with their Large Items team, which will schedule a day and time to pick up the mattress from your home.

As for whether you’ll be refunded, that’s a question that’s largely left up to the seller. While some mattresses sold on Amazon (including the AmazonBasics mattresses) are generous with issuing refunds, third-party sellers on Amazon have more flexibility and are more likely to deny refunds. Check the Q&A and reviews sections on the mattress you’re interested in before buying to see what other customers’ return experiences have been like if you’re going to buy a mattress from a third-party seller.

Ashley Furniture Mattress Return Policy

Generally, Ashley Furniture allows returns within 72 hours of delivery–but when it comes to mattresses, it’s a different story. According to BestCompany, Ashley Furniture’s mattress return policy is, in short, “nope.” They don’t accept returns for mattresses, foundations, or adjustable beds.

The exception? If one of these items arrives damaged, you may be able to return it and get a new one. But you only have 72 hours to contact the manufacturer after its delivery–note that it’s the manufacturer you need to contact, not Ashley Furniture. If it’s outside of the 72 hour window, you’re on your own, so think twice before buying a mattress there.

Casper Return Policy

One of the hallmarks of Casper mattresses is that it comes in a box, a fact that’s all fine and good, but often scares potential customers into asking, “If I want to return it, do I need to squeeze itbackin the box?” Thankfully, no squeezing is required. Casper mattress returns are actually quite simple.

Their trial policy allows for 100 nights to try out your Casper mattress, pillows, or even sheets (certain products, like their platform bed, bed frames, and their popular dog bed, only allow for a 30 night trial). If you don’t love the product, you’ll need to contact Casper returns within those 100 nights. They’ll send a team to pack up and take away the mattress, then refund your original payment method in full. They also try to recycle or donate each mattress that’s returned.

But one caveat: if you bought your Casper mattress from a third-party seller, you’re stuck with their return policy–not Casper’s.

Costco Mattress Return Policy

Can you return a mattress to Costco? In short, yes. You’ll just have to get it to a Costco returns counter at your local Costco store. Unlike some other retailers, they won’t send a team out to your home to collect it, so you’re on your own to get it there.

Thankfully, Dolly can help. You can book a Dolly to bring your mattress back to Costco so you can skip tying it to the roof of your car or shoving it in your backseat. Dolly will connect you with a local truck driver who’s ready to help, and you can even ride along with them to Costco to make the return fast and easy.

IKEA Mattress Return Policy

Good news: you don’t need to disassemble your IKEA mattress to return it…but that’s only because you didn’t need to assemble it at all. If you don’t love a mattress you purchased from IKEA, you’ll be happy to hear the IKEA mattress return policy is as generous as the rest of their returns. You have two options for returning your mattress to IKEA:

  1. Exchange it for another mattress within 365 days of purchase.
  2. Return it for a full refund within 365 days of purchase.

In both cases, you’ll need to ensure the mattress is clean and free of stains and damage for a successful return. You’ll also need to provide a valid photo ID when you bring it in for a return, one that matches the name on the card used for the original payment. Unless you choose the exchange option, you’ll be refunded to the original form of payment. It is up to you to bring your mattress to the store, so get some help returning your mattress with Dolly.

Macy’s Mattress Return Policy

Whereas some of the mattress return policies are surprisingly simple, Macy’s mattress return policy is complicated. If you purchased a Tempur-Pedic mattress, an iComfort mattress, or a Direct Ship mattress, you’ll have to follow specific instructions found here for return, and may not be able to get as much money back.

For every other brand, you have 60 days to call Macy’s Customer Service to schedule a return or reselection, which must be scheduled within 14 days of the call. You can only return undamaged, unsoiled, and unstained mattresses, and your delivery fee won’t be refunded. You’ll also be charged a $85 pick-up fee when returning, plus a 15% “preference fee” (one can assume this is for restocking).

Mattress Firm Return Policy

Mattress Firm’s return policy asks that you do one thing before returning a mattress: give it an honest try. You won’t be able to exchange or return a mattress from Mattress Firm within the first 21 nights of purchasing it so you can give your body time to adjust.

After that, you’re allowed to exchange your Mattress Firm mattress once, but will need to pay for it. An $80-$100 delivery fee will be charged, and you won’t get back the full price of the mattress. You’ll lose 10% due to a restocking fee. The remaining amount will be used to exchange for a new mattress.

If you choose to return your mattress, you’ll also pay $80-$100 for delivery. You’ll get your money back, minus a restocking fee of 20% of the original mattress price.

Nectar Mattress Return Policy

Nectar has one thing going for them in their return policy that no one else has: a 365 trial period. Yes, that’s a full year to test the mattress and return it if it’s not right for you. If you don’t open your mattress, you can initiate a full return or a full exchange immediately. Once your mattress is opened, you’ll need to wait 30 days after delivery before you can do either.

To return an opened Nectar mattress, it’s pretty simple: contact them to initiate a return more than 30 days after delivery (but no more than 365 days after). They’ll refund you completely, though there are few details in their policy about how, exactly, they’ll get the mattress back. If you need help bringing the mattress back to one of their warehouses or distributors, book a Dolly to get it out of your hands.

You’re also able to exchange your mattress once in the 365 day period. The situation is similar to returning: contact Nectar, return your mattress, then order a new one. Again, it has to be more than 30 days after delivery if it’s opened (but no more than 365 days after), and the mattress still needs to be in good condition.

Purple Mattress Return Policy

Purple’s mattress return policy is a bit shorter than some of the others, offering 100 days to test the mattress out for yourself. At 100 days, it’s a bit less time to get used to their mattress, but they do offer full refunds and exchanges. They also don’t require 30 days to try it out, though they do recommend it.

Returning a Purple mattress is easy: just contact them to initiate a return, and they’ll coordinate a pickup of the mattress, then give you a full refund. For an exchange, it’s about the same, but you have 30 days to buy a new mattress from Purple.

Sears Mattress Return Policy

The Sears mattress return policy is similar to many of the other department store mattress return policies. In case of damage, you have three days to contact Sears. But if you’re just interested in a return or exchange, you have 180 days to test the bed out and decide if it’s right for you. Like Nectar and others, they require 30 days on the mattress before returning to ensure you’ve given it a solid try.

Keep in mind that Sears does have a restocking fee of 15% for returned mattresses, so that’s 15% of your purchase price that you won’t see again. And for display mattresses that are purchased, no returns are permitted, as they’re purchased as is.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Return Policy

Tuft and Needle may be famous for their mattress in a box, but thankfully, you don’t need to shove it back into a box to return it. In fact, they make their returns fairly simple. If you purchased your mattress directly from Tuft & Needle, you have 100 nights to test your Tuft & Needle mattress out, then if you don’t like it, email [email protected] to start your return. They’ll pick up the mattress using a third party delivery service (which they’ll pay for) and donate it locally. Altogether, it’s one of the easiest mattress return policies.

If you purchased a Tuft and Needle mattress from a retailer, like Lowe’s, Amazon, or Walmart, you’ll have to follow a different set of return instructions through that specific retailer. Read up on that policy here.

What to Do If You Can’t Return Your Mattress

Whether your trial period has run out, or you made the ultimate mistake of cutting off the mattress tag, there are times when your mattress just can’t be returned. If that’s the case, don’t panic and leave it on the street. There are plenty of eco-friendly ways to deal with your unwanted mattress.

Donate it.If your mattress is still in good condition, contact local donation sites to see if they’ll accept it. Some major donation centers, like Goodwill or Salvation Army, have specific rules about which mattresses they can accept, so call beforehand to double check. You can also check with local homeless shelters and women’s shelters to see if they’re interested in accepting a gently-used mattress.

Sell it.You won’t be able to get the full retail price for it, but a barely used mattress can sell for anywhere from $50-$200 on local sales sites. Try OfferUp or Craigslist to see if you can make some of your money back. Just make sure that you list it as “used” so you don’t deceive any potential buyers.

Recycle it.No, this option isn’t just leaving it on the street. Check out these options for eco-friendly mattress disposal to take care of your mattress without hurting the environment.

Figuring out which mattress is right for you is hard enough, so take some of the difficulty out of it with Dolly. Dolly connects you with local truck owners who can move your mattress, whether it’s back to the store you purchased it from, to a donation center, or bringing home a replacement mattress. Dolly is available on-demand, so you can get help moving your mattress anytime. With Dolly, you’ll sleep easy knowing your mattress is in good hands.

Miranda is the Marketing Coordinator at Dolly. She’s moved nine times in the past six years, and while she’s grateful for the moving expertise, she’s hoping she doesn’t need to move a tenth time anytime soon.

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