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Our Snoozeterns Sleep on the Job

At Mattress Firm, it pays to sleep. See what this dream job is all about.

Always Camera Ready

Our Snoozeterns share the latest on sleep tips and tricks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the detailZzz:

Snoozetern 60 Winks

Trading Places – Snoozetern & Natural Light Intern

Introducing our Snoozeterns

Meet the faces behind the eye masks.

First up, we’ve got Shakur Harrison. This sleep enthusiast is a 22-year-old side sleeper who constantly has a camera with him. When he’s not freelancing, he’s sleeping (on his side!), and dreaming up all the ways he can make content for Mattress Firm.

Now, meet Emily Favian. With more hobbies than just side sleeping, Emily loves musicals, has a job as a server and studies at Sam Houston State University! As the former Vice President of the drama club, it’s no surprise Emily is *jazzed* to be one of Mattress Firm’s Snoozeterns.

Buying Guides, How-To’s, Memes—Oh My!

It’s like an online newspaper, but a Snoozepaper. Peruse our blog for the black-and-white truth behind all things sleep related:


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Sheet Smarts: Your Sheets Could Be Making You Sweat

LIFESTYLE & MOMENTS | February 8, 2019

Buying Guide: Couples

Look, Mom, we’ve made the news!

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Pose, Snap, Snooze

Getting likes is so easy, we do it in our sleep. Don’t believe it? Check out our Instagram:

When you love quality sleep but also love saving money, we got you.

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