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How to keep your mattress smelling fresh

We spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping, so why not make the space we do it in as clean and comfortable as possible? With just a few simple steps — maintenance, cleaning and attending to spills immediately — your mattress will stay fresh for a long time to come.

Light as air

Whenever possible, use your muscles (along with a friend’s) and get the mattress outside for some air. You can even open the windows, pull back the curtains and let the sun shine directly on the mattress with the sheets pulled back. Airing out a mattress helps dislodge lingering odors, while the sunlight serves as a natural disinfectant.

Throw off the covers

Even if you can’t get a mattress outdoors, at least air it out daily by pulling back the covers all the way to the bottom of the bed (or off completely). Wait at least 30 minutes before making the bed. This helps prevent moisture buildup, which results in mildew smells and bug infestation.

Freshen up

During your next regular sheet change, remove the sheets, including the mattress cover, and sprinkle baking soda over the top of the mattress. Allow the baking soda to sit for a few hours and then vacuum thoroughly. Just as in your refrigerator, the baking soda acts as an odor magnet. You can even mix it up a bit by adding some of your own favorite relaxing scents like crushed lavender or vanilla on top of the baking soda.

Rotate it

Rotate your mattress every six to eight weeks to ensure comfort. Be sure to hit all directions by rotating head to foot first, then flip over, then rotate again, etc. Don’t use the mattress handles to lift it; most of them are sewn in for positioning only. Check with the manufacturer’s suggested rotation schedule — some new mattresses don’t need to be rotated.

Spruce it up

While your sheets are in the wash, spray a lightly scented odor eliminator directly on top of the mattress. Pick a scent that you can sleep on, like relaxing lavender, vanilla or ylang-ylang. Allow time for the spray to dry before putting the sheets back on.

Heat it up

When laundering your sheets, use the hottest water settings you can to kill any bed bugs that might have invaded (check the washing instructions on the sheet tags first, though). Make sure your sheets are completely dry before placing them back on your mattress.

Clean it up

Accidents happen, but whether they are drink spills, pet stains or the after-effects of your child’s bad dream, you need to attend to the spill immediately. The first step is to blot up as much of the wetness as possible with a dry towel. Have the heaviest person in your house stand on the towel on the mattress to soak up as much liquid as possible from deep inside the mattress. Once most of the spill has been extracted, sprinkle baking soda over the entire area. The baking soda will help eliminate lingering orders and absorb any remaining moisture. Leave the baking soda at least overnight (or longer for a large stain).

Extra layers

For added freshness, place a few dryer sheets on the mattress before covering it with bedding. As with any scent, however, make sure the dryer sheets have a scent you don’t mind sleeping on every night. If you find yourself developing headaches, it’s time to change scents.

10 Ways to use dryer sheets outside the laundry room>>


Cover your mattress with a cotton mattress pad, which helps absorb perspiration and body oil. Wash it now and then to preserve that fresh smell in your mattress you’ve worked so hard to obtain.

Just a little mattress TLC will help you enjoy comfortable sleep for years to come.

How To Make Your House Smell Good Naturally

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Want to make your house smell good all the time or have that perfect fragrance that you wish for?

A lot of people face the problem of the foul smell in the home due to various reasons(including us). But thankfully there are a lot of solutions to get rid of that foul smell and keep house aromatic. By just adopting certain ideas and doing a few hacks, you can easily make your home smell good naturally.

Sure you can use an Air Freshener but these commercial air fresheners release a lot of toxic chemicals in the air (that is worse than foul smell). So, it’s best to get rid of these bad smells using safe natural methods.

So whether you have guests arriving at your house in a few moments, or just want to keep your home smell amazing always, here are the things you can do to make your home smell amazing naturally.

How To Make Your House Smell Good – 15 Natural Ways

1. Dispose of the Garbage

This is the first and foremost thing you must do before trying any of the hacks below. That full trash can in your kitchen might be the reason why your home is smelling bad. So, dispose of the garbage first(if not already done).

You won’t be making any difference even if you use all the ways to keep your home smelling good, but have that garbage stinking in your house. The foul smell keeps on increasing the amount of time it occupies a place in your house.

2. Deodorize the Trash Can

Only disposing of the garbage won’t work as some foul smell can still linger in there. So, it’s time to deodorize the trash can. Sometimes, even empty trash cans smell like someone died in there which in turn ruins the atmosphere of the entire house.

So, how to deodorize trash cans naturally?

Easy! Just use Baking soda. Now, you might already be aware of how effective baking soda is in keeping smells out of the fridge. The same is true for trash cans as well.

3. Deodorize the Carpets

Did you just smell that bad odor from your carpets? No worries, you just need to use the cleaning power of baking soda. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpets and leave it for around 10-15 minutes. Then vacuum it as usual.

Magic! The smell is gone and your carpet is smelling fresh now. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Open windows to let fresh air circulate

This is the easiest and most natural way to get rid of the smell is fresh air. Let the fresh air enter your house through windows and doors. It will definitely take away all the unpleasant smell with it and also, provide a fresh and cooling sensation to your space.

This will make your house smell good and refreshing but the problem is you cannot always open windows due to weather or many other reasons. That’s where natural room fresheners come handy!

5. All-Natural Room freshening spray

You can easily make it at home. All you need is a spray bottle, distilled water, a few drops of essential oil of your choice and a teaspoon of baking soda. Make a mixture of your favorite essential oil(5-6 drops) and baking soda(1 tbsp or 15g) and pour it into a small spray bottle. Then fill up the bottle with distilled water and shake it well.

Tada! Your homemade room freshening spray is ready for use. It’s an amazing way to keep your house smell good all the time. Whenever you smell any odor or want a refreshing smell anywhere in your home, you just need to spray it. You can even use it on upholstery, fabrics, and carpets.

6. A Lazy Solution

A room spray is good and will be quite handy but going to every room and spraying it is a little tedious. So, if you are feeling a bit lazy or are simply tired to go to every room and spray the room freshener, here is an easy solution.

Just heat 2-3 teaspoon of vanilla extract in your oven for about 10-15 minutes or till the time you start smelling its fragrance around the entire house. It won’t be as effective as the room freshener above but it works pretty well.

7. Make your sink smell good

Bad odor from sinks? Not to worry, just grab Vinegar and Baking soda.

So what to do? Sprinkle around 1 small cup of baking soda on the sink and then pour 2 cups of vinegar over it. Keep the sink in this situation for a few minutes. Then pour 2-3 liters of hot water in the sink. Your sink won’t smell bad anymore.

Just like baking soda, vinegar is also an amazing cleaner and deodorizer. Want to read more about vinegar hacks? You would love these amazing vinegar cleaning hacks.

8. Oats for your fridge

Bad odor from the fridge but don’t want to use baking soda or out of baking soda? Just Place a bowl of plain oats in your fridge to keep it’s fragrance pleasing.

Just like baking soda, oats will also absorb all of the foul and stinky smell in your fridge.

9. Sunlight for Musty Smell

Musty smell? Often, beds stuffed with cotton and other mattresses smell musty because of humidity. So what to do to make them smell good as before?

Just keep them under direct sunlight for 4-5 hours. The heat from natural sunlight will get rid of all the musty odor from your mattress. In fact, it works with anything that smells musty as long as you can move it.

Nothing can be more natural than sunlight. The other advantage is your bed will also get rid of any bugs if present.

10. Place Cotton balls Strategically

Ok, not only cotton balls. Put a few drops of essential oils on some cotton balls and keep them in various places in your house. You can place the cotton balls in your drawers, under your pillows, over furniture or almost any other place in your house. This will keep every corner of your house smell amazing.

You can easily revive the fragrance when it dies. Just wet the cotton balls with essential oil again and the fragrance is revived. Easy!

11. Natural purifiers

No, by this I don’t mean any natural spray or something. The term natural purifiers stand for the plants and some plants are amazing natural purifiers.

Not only they provide us with oxygen but also keep the air around us fresh by keeping away odor. Plants such as snake plant, peace lily, parlor palm, golden photos, etc keep the house away from the foul smell. So, get some air purifying plants today.

12. Spray some perfume on the fans

I tried this when a few guests were scheduled to arrive at our house. Although it is a very temporary solution which works just for a few hours, it is useful during such an emergency.

For pleasant odor while using the fan, spray some room freshening spray which was shown above or essential oils or any other perfume on the blades of a fan. The next time you will use your fan, you will get a pleasant odor from the fan which adds up to the atmosphere of the house.

13. Aromatic drying sheets

Place good smelling dryer sheets under your pillow or even under your bed sheet while sleeping. Thus, you will smell and inhale an amazing fragrance even while sleeping.

14. The Magic Vanilla Mixture

You need 2 tablespoon cinnamon, 2-3 drops of vanilla and 2 cups water. Put all of these in a small utensil and simmer on low. Amazing smell like that of cookies will occupy your entire house.

You need to keep a check on it and add water occasionally as required. The smell will continue to grow as long as you continue the simmering part. So it is best when you have some guest at your place. What’s even better is that this mixture can be reused.

15. Baking soda for furniture

This is an amazing way to erase the odors from the furniture. All you have to do is to place a bowl filled with baking soda inside the furniture. The longer you keep it there, the better your furniture will smell. You would also love these baking soda hacks.

If you like these natural smell hacks, then do share them!

How do you maintain the smell of your beautiful home? Any secrets?

Now, we hope this post helped make your house smell good and refreshing, but if you have any other hack which can give home a pleasant smell, comment it below. We would be happy to hear from you!

How to Make Your Room Smell Fresh in 10 Easy Steps

Did you know that recent research has shown that humans can distinguish more than 1 trillion smells? The findings show that our sense of smell is much more discriminating than we once thought, says the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Given our noses’ ability to detect so many scents, it is not surprising that we are more comfortable in environments with pleasant odors.

Considering that we spend about one-third of our time in our bedrooms, it is a great place to assess smell and indoor air quality. Here are ten easy steps you can take to make your room smell good (and improve your home’s air quality at the same time).

Are pleasant smells necessarily good for indoor air quality?

We often make assumptions about the quality of air based on how it smells. Yet, that may not be a reliable test for quality. Everywhere we go, there are advertisements for air fresheners, scented candles, and other products meant to make your home smell great. Febreze, one of the most popular air fresheners around, even has commercials that highlight just how stinky a home can get — and makes the promise that their product will eliminate bad odors. While air fresheners and the like can certainly help get rid of bad smells (at least temporarily), some may be sources of volatile organic compounds.

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemicals that become airborne and may pose a variety of health risks. Steinemann et al. (2011) investigated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from 25 everyday scented products—including air fresheners, personal care products, and cleaning supplies. The study found that the products emitted 133 VOCs, among which 24 are classified as toxic or hazardous under U.S. federal laws.

Getting rid of bad smells around your home is important but, instead of covering up the scent with potentially harmful chemicals, you should start with understanding why your home smells the way it does. Once you know where the smell is coming from, you can take action to eliminate the source entirely.

Why does my room smell bad?

Could your room smell bad because of these common culprits? See numbered descriptions below for clues.

Even when an odor is present in your room, the source of the smell may not be apparent. If your room smells musty, it could be caused by something called microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs). The Environmental Protection Agency says, “because mVOCs often have strong or unpleasant odors, they can be the source of the “moldy odor” or musty smell frequently associated with mold growth. A moldy odor suggests that mold is growing in the building and should be investigated.”

Mold can be found practically anywhere in your bedroom — hidden in your walls, on your windowsills, under your carpeting, or in the corner of your bedroom-adjacent bathroom. While some mold is purely a cosmetic inconvenience, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that if you can see or smell mold, a health risk may be present.

Though it is a common cause of foul smells, mold is not theonlypossible source stinking up your room. Other potential sources of bad smells in your room include:

  1. Pet accidents— Sometimes even the most well-trained pets have accidents. Whether it’s a hidden accident or one that you clean up immediately, the smell can linger for weeks or even months. If left too long, pet urine can seep into the carpet padding and cause mildew or mold growth.
  2. Leftover food— Old food or drink containers may start to smell. Even if there is no obvious food or drink remaining in your room, old stains or spills could create an odor as well.
  3. Dirty laundry— Your laundry hamper is another breeding ground for bacteria. In fact, one study published in theJournal of Chromatography A found that “sweat from the underarm is odorless until it comes into contact with bacteria on the skin – Corynebacterium spp. and some Staphylococcus species.” The study went on to discuss six types of volatile organic compounds found on dirty laundry. If you’re smelling something strange, your dirty laundry may be to blame.
  4. Stagnant air— Stagnant air traps airborne particles like dust, mold spores, and even tobacco smoke from your clothes. This is especially true on hot humid days. If you don’t have proper ventilation in your room, the air holds on to these pollutants.
  5. Dust— Dust is made up of all kinds of gross things: dead skin, pollen, pet hair and dander, insects, insect droppings, and dirt. And that’s just the start. Not only does dust make your room look and feel dirty, it also affects the quality of your air and can cause a musty smell.

What are the dangers of gaseous pollutants?

Airborne chemicals, whether we can smell or see them, can affect the quality of our indoor air. They may also pose a health risk. In any given room of your home, there may be gaseous pollutants present:

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released from building materials and furniture, or from personal care and household cleaning products. VOCs may cause symptoms such as eye, throat, and nose irritation and headaches and nausea, according to the EPA.
  • mVOCs are emitted from mold growth. The EPA reports that the health effects of mVOCs are unknown, but exposure has been linked to symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and nausea.
  • Tobacco smoke brought indoors on your clothing and hair, which is called thirdhand smoke, has been found by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to cause genetic damage to human cells.
  • Smoke from your fireplace (wood smoke) may aggravate lung disease in the short term. In the long term, wood smoke exposure can cause reduced lung function, chronic bronchitis, and even premature death, according to the EPA.
  • Carbon monoxide from your gas stove, heater, or furnace can cause initial symptoms similar to the flu, like headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea, and dizziness. Exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide can lead to death. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends a carbon monoxide alarm in every home.

So while you certainly want to take action to make your room smell great, it’s important that you consider that thesourceof the smell is the real problem to address, if you want to protect your health.

How do I make my room smell fresh?

Now that you know where a bad smellmightbe coming from, and that indoor air quality may be poor regardless if you can smell it or not, it is time to get to work making your room feel as fresh as a spring day (minus the pollen, please). Try these ten steps to bring a fresh, pleasant feel to your room as well as improve your room’s air quality.

1. Identify the odor

When you notice that your room smells unpleasant, you may be tempted to mask the odor with a candle or air freshener. However, that’s a short-term solution, and it won’t be effective for very long. It also may affect your health. In fact, when you use commercial air fresheners, you may release harmful VOCs into the air of your home.

At the end of the day, a bad smell will overpower any attempts at covering it up. The first step to making your room smell fresh is to identify the source of the odor and remove it.

Take some time to thoroughly inspect your room for any mold, mildew, water leaks, condensation, or moisture. You’ll want to take special care to look in dark, damp places for mold and mildew — this is where they thrive.

To get you started, here are some key places to check for mold and mildew in your room:

  • Air conditioning and heating vents
  • Laundry baskets
  • Any upholstery, including furniture and curtains
  • Potted plants
  • Windowsills
  • Carpeting
  • Behind and under any furniture that isn’t moved often, like dressers or your bed

If you have an adjacent bathroom, you’ll want to check for mold or mildew growth:

  • On, under, and around the sink and toilet
  • In the shower and bathtub
  • On the shower curtain and liner
  • On the walls and the floor

If you find any obvious sources of mold or mildew, you’ll want to clean those up right away. It’s also important to take note of — and repair — any water leaks or areas of your room where condensation or moisture is gathering. Even if there’s no mold or mildew yet, damp areas are the perfect host for them.

2. Dust your room from top to bottom

The next step in making your room smell fresh is dusting. Dust is a combination of both indoor and outdoor particles — from dead skin and pollen to pet dander and insect droppings. It can occur naturally inside your home and also be brought in from the outside. While dust itself may not seem like a big deal, the different components of dust may cause allergy symptoms.

Even if you’re not allergic, dusting should be a top priority. Not only will keeping your room free of dust help you breathe a little easier, but it will also help keep the particles found in dust from making your room smell musty.

You probably know to dust the obvious places like tables and shelves but don’t forget the blinds, ceiling fans, and light fixtures; the tops of doors and windows, and upholstery; and on and around electronics, baseboards, and carpeting. Some additional things to keep in mind as you dust your room (or anywhere else in your home) include:

  • Dust top to bottom— If you clean from the bottom up, dust will settle back onto surfaces you’ve already cleaned.
  • Use a damp cloth to dust hard surfaces— Doing this will help prevent the dust from being stirred up into the air.
  • Wear a face mask— All that dust is bound to end up in the air (if you don’t use a damp cloth, that is) and a face mask can offer some protection.

3. Clean your floors

Now that you’ve finished dusting, it’s time to move on to cleaning the floors. Floors are a catch-all for everything that happens in your room. They collect dust, spills, crumbs, and, if you have pets, their accidents.

For hardwood floors

If you have hardwood floors in your bedroom, clean up should be pretty easy. It’s best to use a damp mop for this. Sweeping or using a dry mop will just stir dust and other particles back up into the air, making it hard to get a deep clean.

For a carpeted bedroom

If your room is carpeted, you may have a bit more work to do but, rest assured, your room will smell better when you’re done. To get a deep clean on your carpeted floors:

  • Locate any spots that smell particularly bad. Maybe your pet had an accident that soaked into the carpeting, or a water spill made the carpet damp and caused mildew.
  • Sprinkle baking soda across the affected spot on the carpet. If possible, let sit overnight or, better yet, for two days. This will allow the baking soda to absorb the odor.
  • Vacuum the baking soda out of the carpet. That should get rid of any mild odors. If thatdoesn’twork, treat the area with a mixture of white vinegar and water — the acid in the vinegar will break through bacteria in the carpet.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the entire carpet. You can sprinkle baking soda on your entire carpet before you vacuum, as an extra measure.

No matter which type of flooring you have in your bedroom, don’t forget to clean those hard-to-reach areas like underneath large furniture or in the back of your closet.

4. Open your windows

Inside your home, there is a plethora of pollutants, all confined in a relatively small area. Despite what many people think, the air from outside can be a lot healthier than the air inside your home — even when you consider outdoor pollutants like pollen and smog.

Opening your windows allows fresh air to break up any stagnant air that’s trapping unpleasant odors in your bedroom. If you’re allergic to pollen or live in an area with high levels of smog, you’ll want to check the day’s air quality report before you open your windows to let the breeze in.

5. Bathe your pets

If you have furry friends at home, you understand the woes of pet haireverywhere.To keep your pets from contributing (even more) to the smell of your room, bathe them regularly.

6. Wash your sheets and laundry

You spend a lot of time on your bedsheets, and it is always a good idea to wash your sheets at least once a week.

While you are at it, make sure you are emptying your laundry hamper regularly. The gases released by bacteria break down the oil and sweat left behind on your clothes, causing them to emit unpleasant odors. To keep this problem at bay, never put excessively sweaty clothes in your laundry basket. Instead, wash them right away.

7. Clean all upholstery

Just like your sheets and your dirty laundry, any kind of upholstery is a magnet for dust, dust mites, and other indoor pollutants. Here are some good tips for keeping the fabric in your room clean and smell-free:

  • Wash your curtains
  • Use a white vinegar and water treatment to remove any spot smells on couches or other upholstered furniture
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture to remove any built-up dust and dirt
  • For specialty or antique items, consider hiring a specialist to clean them

You don’t need to clean them every week; a good deep clean once a month should be just fine.

8. Turn on a dehumidifier

As we talked about earlier, moisture can be a big problem when you’re trying to get your room to smell great. Moist air and damp surfaces are prime territories for mold and mildew. Depending on the climate in your region, you may have trouble keeping your home from getting too humid. Because humid air can trap pollutants and foul odors, consider investing in a dehumidifier.

This will help pull the moisture out of the air in your room, making it less hospitable to mold and mildew. You’ll also notice that your room feels less stuffy — an important part of making your room smell great.

9. Use an indoor air purifier

Indoor air purifiers work to trap and destroy pollutants found around your home. By eliminating indoor air pollutants, you are effectively removing some of the sources of foul smells. When looking for an indoor air purifier, it is smart to choose one that breaks down allergens and pollutants like mold spores and airborne chemicals. Those that simply trap them can then release them right back out into the air of your room.

10. Use an odor absorber

Last but certainly not least, use a natural odor absorber like baking soda to trap any lingering odors in your room. Since odor absorbers are soaking up the air particles that cause bad smells, you will need to replace them often.

How can I add fresh, natural scents (instead of air fresheners) to my room?

The above ten steps will significantly help freshen the air in your room, but if you would like to go further and add natural scents to the room, here are a few suggestions.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health recommends using fragrant plants like jasmine, lilies, or roses. Or, you can make potpourri or herbal sachets from natural ingredients like rose petals or lavender. Another recommendation is to use organic or natural essential oils like peppermint or orange. To make your own air freshener, you can add 8-10 drops of true essential oils to a spray bottle filled with 1 cup of water.

Can making my room smell fresh be this easy?

Unpleasant odors can be frustrating, yet fortunately there are steps like the ones listed above that should help. While making your room smell good may be subjective at heart, we believe these steps will improve the air quality in your room by reducing the levels of air pollutants, which can be potentially harmful to your health. Following the easy steps laid out above will take an initial time investment up front, but once you do them, you will only need to keep up with regular cleaning and make sure your room stays well-ventilated. Your nose will be happier, and you will be healthier!

How To Clean, Deodorize, and Care For A Mattress

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? I’m willing to bet it wasn’t recent enough! Mattresses can harbor spills, stains, dirt, dust, dust mites and worse—did you know the average person sweats out about half a pint of perspiration each and every night? Gross, I know. The fact is we spend about a third of our lives in bed, so we should make it a pleasant place to be. This comprehensive cleaning, deodorizing and care guide covers everything under the covers.

Vacuum The Mattress

This is an important first step because it removes the dust, dead skin cells, and other debris that land on your mattress and which accumulate en masse over time. Use the upholstery attachment and make sure it’s clean—remember, your vacuum sucks up all kinds of nasties and you don’t want to be depositing any of that on your mattress. (Find out how to clean your cleaning tools here). If your mattress has a foundation, that will need a vacuuming, too.

Deodorize The Mattress

If your mattress has a funky smell? Neutralize those odors with the help of some baking soda, a natural deodorizer. Simply sift some baking soda over your mattress and leave it on for 30 minutes before vacuuming it up with that upholstery attachment. To please your olfactory senses even more, add five drops of your favorite essential oil to the baking soda pre-sift and you’ll get to enjoy that lovely scent for a few nights thereafter.

Spot Cleaning And Stain Removal

Stains generally come in three varieties—protein, tannin, and grease—but here we’ll focus on the one that is most commonly sullying your mattress. From blood to sweat and vomit to urine (not to mention other bodily liquids) protein stains abound in this area of the home.

As with any stain, it’s best to tend to these as soon as possible to avoid them setting in. Start by blotting the stain with a microfiber cloth that you have wet with cold water (never use hot water, as heat sets protein stains), and then blot up the remaining moisture with a dry cloth. Be sure to use a pressing motion, rather than a circular one, to lift the stain rather than further rubbing it in.

With the excess moisture gone, you can remove the stain with a simple DIY solution. Make a paste of salt, baking soda, and water. Rub the solution on the stained area, leave on for 30 minutes, and then and brush it off. Remove any salt and baking soda residue with a cold, wet cloth and allow the area to dry.

For extra stubborn new stains or ones that you were unable to clean right away, upgrade your solution to my favorite homemade stain remover, consisting of two parts hydrogen peroxide to one part dish soap, or a store-bought enzyme cleaner. Apply the solution to the area and gently brush it in with a cleaning toothbrush; leave it on for five minutes and then wipe the area with a cool, damp cloth.

Whatever stain remover you use, just remember to use as little liquid as possible and to ensure your mattress dries completely before you use it again—unless growing your very own mold spores sounds appealing. To speed up the drying process, throw open the windows or use a fan.

A Note About Steam Cleaning And Deep Cleaning

I have access to both a deep cleaner and a steam cleaner, but I never use them on my mattress. As I mentioned earlier, mattresses and liquids don’t mix. With that being said, if you suffer from allergies or are facing some deep difficult mattress stains, these methods may help. If you choose this avenue, I definitely recommend skipping the DIY route and calling in an expert with professional tools.

Cover Up!

Save yourself the trouble next time by investing in a high-quality mattress protector. In fact, many manufacturers recommend them, because stains can actually void your warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered!

If you gagged at the thought of a gross mattress, you should also check out our pillow cleaning guide.


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Awesome, helpful advice. Today I found a nasty super sweaty very damp nearly mildewing mattress when we got home from 10 days away from home… obviously someone thought ignoring it would help it go away!! Anyway, it happens to be one of those organic cotton loom & leaf mattresses, so I did my best to clean it up today. Did have one of those good mattress protectors on it, or it would have been a total write-off. Anyway, I did 2 doses of the baking soda/salt paste… (used a whole box of baking soda). Left the 2nd dose on for half a day. It got more difficult to remove and I had to scrape it with my fingernails to loosen it… then brushed most of it up, then vacuumed it well with the upholstery brush. It seems completely better! Good as new! And it was stained and very very stinky. Thank you for your GREAT advice!

I should get a mattress cover sounds like. . . and mattress apparently. -continues sleeping on concrete floor- Good advice though, good advice
Least I have a pillow. -curls up and hugs it-

Hello, Great post, already tried some of these!! but….
I need URGENT advice please. …..
– The reason I came here was to find out how to clean a mattress (namely odours) because I’ve just gotten my 3 year old son his first single bed (bit late), and can’t afford a new mattress, so got one second hand for $50 aud. the seller even dropped it off to my place for me, which was nice, but it was late at night when they got here.
They said it was in AMAZING cond. And it did look nice, in the dark.
OH, and it’s one of those foam, not memory, yellow foam! mattress, with a zippered cover around it.
– First thing to piss me off, I wanted an actual proper mattress. Ok i’m not complaining I can deal with that…
– Second thing was the biggie!… Got it in his room onto the bed and I went to bed, next morning (yesterday) we woke up and I went in to show him, and all I could (and still can) smell is the stench of perfume? deodorant? strong scent of some sort.
– I’ve left it a day (till today) and put the fans on, windows open, in the sun etc…..
– Tried again today, NO HOPE!! (and it’s smell actually made me sick today though i am suffering pregnancy morning sickness.. gah!).

I am so angry, they obviously had it and someone did something on it and it stained/smelled bad and they saturated it with some sort of spray to mask the smell. But now, it smells so f’n rank 🙁
I’m so upset at myself, for not looking at it better when they bought it here, for myself for not being able to buy him a bloody mattress! 🙁

Question is:- how would you get a smell like that out of it? I”m not sure why theres a zippered cover cos it says “Do Not Wash, Do Not Dry-clean” or I’d have tried washing that instead…
I’ve just done the baking soda everywhere and ended up doing my own mattress and the spare bedroom one as well and then vacuumed them all. It’s now bed time, and i’m hoping when I go in tomorrow morning that the stench will be neutralised.
If not, what else can I do?
Or should I just throw the dammn thing out anyways?
This post has made me think about throwing it out completely. I’m angry I spent $50 on it, because $50 to us is a lot of money! It’s almost HALF my weeks budget in food shopping… Grrrrrrrrr
*PLEASE help me to find a cleaning solution please!? 🙁

Really informative, professional video! Thank you! 👍🏻👍🏻

We do use a bed bug protector on our mattresses and wash them regularly. We also turn our mattresses regularly, but the next time I turn our mattresses I will also vacuum, just to be on the safe side. Thanks for your tips.

I use a waterproof matress protector religiously. It has saved me countless times, whether from my klutziness with beverages, getting sick, or petsdeciding to mark it! Unfortunately, my best friend doesn’t…so, i have a guest bedroom mattress to try and get a tea stainout of… Thanks for the tips!!

Great tips! thanks for sharing. This by far is one of the most detailed guide I’ve read. I personally do these steps myself too and I can guarantee this works well. Have you tried using baking soda? it works wonders!

I have used a mattress cover and pillow cover forever. They are both water proof. They work like a charm and give the mouth and body protection to both pillow and mattress your looking for. Thanks for the tutorial.

Gave some very helpful information and will use them. The background music was very annoying and not necessary.

thank u for this video, yes we are mattress protector people, much easier w/ that. i neverrrrrrrrrrr thought of the vacum,ugh,will start doing that now. again thank u .xo

I though most people used a mattress pad. I have used one all my life. On every bed. And I wash them in hot water with soap and bleach at least twice a year, along with my pillow protectors. And I usually do this on a sunny day when I can hang them outside to dry.

I love this video. I have a high quality matteress protector. Well worth it. Saves the life of the matteress.

Great information, thanks!

Super great!
So glad I found you.
Thanks for sharing

GREAT VIDEO! First time seeing this and was relieved I didn’t need to replace my mattress as some of the ads on TV recommend.

Awesome video! Question: I use mattress pads on mattress(usually old one & newer one one owner it). Gives extra protection& padding. Using the protector should you still clean mattress with baking soda? Usually wash protectors 2x a year.

I have used a Mattress Protector (pad) since I bought my mattress 15 years ago and my mattress still
looks good.

The cover we bought with the memory-foam mattress only lasted a couple years before it started leaking through. I bought one online and it’s much better. For those “other” bodily fluids, a large waterproof pad that you lay on top works best. The fluids never even touch the sheets/cover so there’s less to wash. You can just theow it in with the towels.

When we bought a new mattress set 1-1/2 years ago we were required to purchase the mattress protector for warranty purposes. The mattress was nice and firm with a comfortable pillow top. It felt so nice in the store. Now, get it home, put on the protector, the mattress pad and bottom sheet. They all fit so tight because the mattress is so thick that none of those fit properly, even though they were extra deep pocket. Once we took off the mattress protector some of that comfortable pillow top cushion came back. I just wash the pad and sheets more often.

Interesting & informative video – Thank you!

Yes I use a mattress cover. Great tips, thanks

“I” think this video was absolutely fantastic and am thankful that someone (you) finally will be of help to me and others. We just recently bought a new mattress and now I feel like I can keep it in tip top shape. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

I agree that a mattress cover has saved many of mattresses in our household.

Thanks for the tips; knew most of them already; very entertaining; loved your “wind Machine” touch; and funky mattress; I live in Buffalo heard the Canadian accent, see you live in Toronto! I grew up in Philadelphia, PA, many folks here think I am Canadian; could be the eh I drop now and then! Eh? Thanks again!

Good video and I’m checking out your page to learn about your other cleaning tips. I do use a mattress protector and my 3 year old very expensive mattress looks brand new. I also vacuum it regularly using baking soda as you advised. I did not think of adding a few drops of essential oil so I will try that next time. 🙂

Excellent video! I was using polyurethane on a bedside table and of course spilled some on the far corner of the bed which had 2 medium size stains of it. Sheet ruined, mattress cover caught it and the mattress looks like new. They are worth the extra $$.

Very good video with all your tips to clean mattresses.

I hesitate to use essential oils for fear of staining the mattresses, but have used the baking soda, the mattress covers, the turning, and, of course, the vacuuming. I will try the essential oil on a small mattress area. Thank you for sharing your tips.

I can’t believe why anyone wouldn’t use a mattress pad that can be washed just like your sheets? UGH! Ridiculous to go to all this effort.

Absolutely always have mattress protectors on all my beds. They do all that you said in keeping them clean and easy to wash,and they add the comfort level of the mattresses by adding a little extra padding.I feel much better having guests in my beds, as well, with mattress pads that are clean before and after their visits.

Mattress pads are the best time saver and way to keep the stains off the mattress

Love your stuff. We have very hard water and the drip pan that catches the water from the dish drainer gets hard water deposits very easily on mine. It happens to be black so you can imagine what it will look like. After a good scrubbing I will spray some Orange Glow on it and wipe it down with a paper towel. The water beads up and runs off faster. Makes the kitchen smell good also.

Plz. In the Future get to the point.

I find your videos very helpful. Keep them coming.

Love this, very helpful..

Great video! I have a question for you… We just bought a very expensive gel memory foam mattress and love it. Well, one day when we left the house, our male dog decided to go over to MY side of the bed and pee on the side of the mattress! I can’t tell you how mad I was. Fortunately most of it got on the box springs but we have had to wash it numerous times. I’ve used enzyme cleaners then sprinkled baking soda along the side. I’ve even used the enzyme cleaner with my Rug Doctor spot cleaner. I know you said not to get memory foam wet but desperate times call for desperate measures. We seem to have gotten at least 90% of the smell gone… do you have any other ideas? We are not throwing away a brand new bed but I don’t want to smell dog urine either. That dog is lucky he’s so darn cute.. probably the only thing that saved his life that night lol.
I really really wish that mattress protectors protected the sides of the mattress. It barely covers from edge to edge and if you have someone that rolls around a lot it can tend to result in unprotected areas. My partner has dust mite allergies so we always use a mattress protector and wash it regularly. I’m going to watch your video on cleaning pillows next. Love your page!!

Use a zippered mattress cover encasement that’s waterproof and bed bug dustmite proof . Then just use a mattress cover over that to wash weekly .

How do u get juice stains out of memory foam mattress. I have tried everything. Can’t get them out

Love these thanks so much

Ok, one question…why don’t you use a mattress pad/cover? A great layer between the mattress and your sheets.

Great video! Thanks for the great tips for cleaning mattress I always wonder how dirty our mattresses really get!! I do have a mattress cover that I have always had the mattress we currently use which we have had for 2 years and still looks in great condition 🙂

Hello, great article. I never thought about mixing the an essential oil with the soda. But I was wondering if the mix could be left in the on instead of vacuumed. Just a very light dusting of the soda of course.

Hi, how do I get rid of the awful smell on my brand new mattress, which I can only assume might have been wee from my partners 6 yr son when he slept over.? I have striped the bed, washed the sheets and hired out this entire room for over a month and still smells. I was planning to move my own daughter into this room as I am now expected another in 3 mnths though cant stand to even go in that room because of the smelly mattress, did I mention its pretty much brand new an atm can not afford to just go buy another
….HELP please !!

Ok, there probably isn’t much you can do to eliminate the odor at this point. It’s in there. What you can do is a couple baking soda applications – sprinkle on, leave it for a couple hrs, vacuum the mattress. After that, get a waterproof mattress case – one that you zip on and covers top, bottom & sides. Add a decent mattress pad/cover for the top – because the waterproof cases don’t feel very nice, even with sheets over them. The waterproof mattress case should trap the smell, and with the mattress pad on top of it, it should still be comfortable. Good luck!

This is some of the best information I have ever read . I own a professional carpet cleaning company and I really respect this site. Great job. I have invited a bunch of people to like this page.

Melissa what a wonderful article! I would also say to choose your essential oils wisely! Lavender is great for mattresses since it helps you sleep better, but a citrus essential oil could make it harder to sleep at night. Thank you for bringing up the importance of mattress pads! It could make the difference in a mattress warranty.

I’m trying to get rid of the urine smell from my mattress. I was initially clueless on how to do it. I think the option no 2 that you have is what I’m going to try. I never thought of using baking soda and clearing it up with a vacuum would work. It looks like a logically wise thought. Thanks for the great tips.

Great tips! We are moving at the end of the month, so I am thinking that I will wait to clean the mattress so it can be left outside for the day.

My hubby left an open 2L bottle of Coke on our headboard. My (toddler) son reached up and pulled the entire bottle down on himself and our brand-spankin’-new mattress. The child was easy to clean up, but the Coke stain keeps coming back.
I’ve treated the stain right away (well, after cleaning said toddler) with a mixture of baking soda, peroxide and a drop of Dawn. It took the stain out very well, and it is what I keep using when the stain comes back.
Is there anything I can do to get rid of this stain once and for all?

Thank you this was very useful. However can I use the baking soda method on memory foam mattress?

I have tried and there is no problem with baking soda 🙂

great video and helpful. thanks

My mattress has been stored in the garage of my new house until until my basement completion. Unfortunately, it wasn’t covered. Is it still okay to use your cleaning methods and move it in? Do I have to worry about bugs of any kind?

First time seeing your video… love it! You have a really nice tone of voice too x)

Thanks for the tips! I’ve deodorizing my mattress using store-bought sprays but I didn’t know baking soda can be used as well. It’s amazing how items from the pantry can also be used for cleaning ’round the house.

How well does the baking soda method work when dealing with a cigarette odor-ed mattress?

I’m curious about this too! Any idea, Melissa or anyone’s else? (My Tempurpedic’s been sitting in my cigarette-smoke-stinky apartment far too long…glad I spent thousands on THAT, right?) If/when I find out, I’ll let you know. 🙂

Sorry, “anyone” else, I mean…

My mattress has a “topper” attached extra, fluff/softness so I can’t flip It. It honestly never even occurred to me to rotate it – duh! Thanks for the tips. I’ll be cleaning my mattress MUCH more often now – like, at all. I also have a question: is it okay to use the baking soda + essential oil combo on a Temurpedic, or would that constitute too much moisture? Thanks for the great tips!

I think it would be nice if there were answers to all these comments! Where are you Melissa?

Great tip! Found your site poking around, looking up cleaning tips I have recently heard of. Thieves essential oil would be a great oil to use with baking soda when cleaning a mattress! It has crazy germ fighting power and smells nice too 🙂

Where can I purchase Thieves essential oil

young living essential oils! i love theirs.

Very helpful, should have read this the minute after my son spilled milk on the mattress.

Question: I used the homemade Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish soap formula and the stains came out but the area where I sprayed is still soapy. I used the cold water cloth to blot, but the previously stained areas are still pretty soapy. Can I let it dry and then vacuum or do I need to blot more?

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this kind of mattress cleaning tip always come handy.

Thanks for the info. I think I need a pro to clean my mattress because my cat decided to use it for her litter box. How gross! Now it has stains and smells! I feel like throwing it away, but it is not that old and not cheap. If it is salvageable, I will definitely invest in a good mattress protector.

Loved the video! Thankyou.

Hi, mine is a question. When deodorizing the matress with baking soda and essential oil, will the essential oil not stain the matress?

How can I wake up my man who never cleaned his bed before? Should I use a scare tactic or just tell him how nice it smells now, Melissa?

Thanks for sharing this cleaning tips. I didn’t use mattress protector before so I think I should use one now.

Can u make a video on how to clean the kitchen…I love the one on bathroom and bedroom…when I clean my kitchen I always with something still messy at the end then I give up

Love this- as I do all your tips Melissa. Totally sharing on Facebook!

Does the baking soda and vacuuming treatments still apply if you have a memory foam on top of your mattress?

How to: Refresh and Deodorize Mattress (You NEED This!)

If the idea of pounds of sweat and microscopic organisms freaks you out like it does me, then it’s time to refresh your mattress with this all natural solution!


When we made the move from Michigan to Florida a few short years ago, we actually sold quite a bit of furniture and slowly have been adding the pieces we need back to our home ever since. While we did end up bringing our bed with us, the mattress didn’t make the move (although we didn’t sell it either, gross!). We disposed of that thing before leaving, knowing we needed a new one anyway. What we couldn’t believe was how heavy our 7 year old mattress had become. We considered buying a new mattress and even checked out some Saatva deals, but we decided to give it a good clean before buying a new one.

Imagine how shocked I was to learn that mattresses ultimately double in weight after 10 years because of human cells, dust mites, bacteria, fungal spores, fungal elements, pollen, dander, and secretions and excretions of the body that accumulate… SO gross!

Now, grateful that our time had come for a new mattress (at the time of the move, meaning a little over three years ago) we sleep with a mattress cover and I always wash our sheets weekly, if not more depending on what’s happening (Like those proud parenting moments where your little one joins you in bed in the middle of the night and then wet’sYOURbed. Yeah, awesome.).

Next time you take your sheets off to wash them (in hot water), clean your mattress too, and get ready to fend off the dust mites that like to live in the bedding and fabric of your mattress. First, place a cup of baking soda in a jar that has a lid and add 15-20 drops of essential oil of choice. Shake well, then, using a kitchen sifter, sift the mixture all over the top of your mattress. Let sit for at least an hour (the longer the better) and when you’re ready to make your bed, use a vacuum hose attachment and vacuum it all up. Your room will smell amazing and your mattress will be deodorized!

The baking soda is great for removing stale and musty odors, and adding in an essential oil that is purifying and repels dust mites makes this work wonders on your sleeping environment. I love using clove oil because it’s a favorite scent of mine, and along with peppermint, lavender, lemon and eucalyptus oils, these are each great oils for repelling dust mites. We recently went through and cleaned up all of the mattresses in our house… and it feels so good! The same system works for your carpets as well, especially great for homes with pets because as well as repelling dust mites, the same applies to fleas.

Happy cleaning… and sleeping!

I’m confident using essential oils from Spark Naturals. Their 100% pure oils are not processed, diluted or manipulated in any way with solvents or other additives. For a 10% discount, use codeFRESHMOMMYfor any order at Spark Naturals!

Think this how to deodorize your mattress post is worth a read? Please share… I’d greatly appreciate it!

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