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How to Make a Futon Feel Like a Couch

Some futons naturally are more like sofas than others.

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Futons are a cute and convenient way to have a little extra sleeping room for occasional guests, but they may look out of place when not in use as a bed. Camouflaging a futon to make it look more like a sofa is one of the simplest tricks when it comes to interior design magic.


Before you can get your futon to look like a sofa, you need to make sure it functions comfortably the same way a sofa does. One thing futons do that sofas don’t is slip out from under you. Attach futon grippers to the mattress and the frame to keep the futon mattress in place when it is folded up. These are available in several forms, but the most versatile and attractive are strips of foam with self-stick adhesive on one side. The adhesive sticks to the frame, and the foam creates friction so the mattress cannot slide. A pair of futon arm pillows create the comfort and support of couch arms. Place a futon wedge or two beneath the mattress so it does not slope down toward the back of the futon. Leveling the seat makes the futon perform more like a couch. Cut a piece of plywood to fit the futon seat and place it beneath the mattress to offset a sagging frame.


Look at your room and figure out where a sofa would go. It’s tempting to put a futon off in a corner to give overnight guests a bit of privacy, but you may bring out a folding screen to curtain off the futon when it’s open. Placing the futon the way you would a couch – as the central seating of the room – reinforces the visual idea of it as a sofa.


Most couches do not sit alone in an unused side of the room. Surround your futon with a pair of side tables and a coffee table that is light enough to be easily moved, so the futon can be opened when needed. The side tables and coffee table don’t have to match each other perfectly, but in order to pull the arrangement together as a whole, they do have to coordinate well with each other and with the futon.


Most couches have nearby lighting to facilitate reading, laptop activities, board games or conversation. Place table lamps on the side tables, or set a standing lamp nearby. If your room has overhead lighting, place the futon to take advantage of it the same way you would a sofa. The main trick to making a futon seem more like a sofa is to think of it as one.


Dress the futon the same way you would a couch. Don’t leave it made up as a bed when it is not in use as one. Tuck the extra pillows, sheets and blankets away in a nearby closet or in a trunk doing double duty as a coffee table. Purchase or make a fitted futon cover with a bit of padding; this conceals the mattress as well as making it more comfortable to sit on. Toss a handful of small pillows that coordinate with the futon and complement the rest of the room against the back of the futon — the way they would line up on a couch. Add a soft, warm throw draped over the back of the futon, and your illusion is not only complete, it is warm and inviting.

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How To Make A Futon Mattress More Comfortable

There is nothing better than having a comfortable mattress to give you a nice, comfortable sleep. A futon sofa, for example, is one of the best furniture you can have. Whenever you feel the need to relax after a sunny day or watch TV and all sorts, it is your best bet. When guests come over and decide to sleep over, it becomes a guest bed after a short number of adjustments. But the problem ishow to make futon mattress more comfortable.

The futon sofa is great but not comfortable. You can’t get any luxurious sleep from sleeping on a futon sofa, but you can make some adjustments. With just a simple set of steps you can turn that sturdy sofa to a bed you can proudly open up for guests.

Let Us Look At How To Make Futon Mattress More Comfortable:

-Add A Topper:Since you normally would add a mattress topper to any other mattress, why not add a topper to your futon? This would only make the futon as comfortable as possible. There are the traditional egg carton-style futon mattress toppers, which is a cheaper variant if you are on a budget.

You can also check out the toppers made off luxurious memory foam if you like things on the expensive side of life. You can slip the mattress topper into the futon cover, or you can place it as a layer on top of the futon mattress. Then cover both the futon and the topper with a nice looking cover to give it the finishing beauty it needs. With this, you knowhow to make futon mattress more comfortable

-Add Supports:sometimes it is preferable to support some things from underneath than from the top. There are a lot of futon mattresses that do not need toppers or additional padding. All they need is support from underneath, and this includes futon beds. Some mattresses are not made to provide support on their own that is why they need external supports to make them usable. However, only a few people know this, and now you are part of them. You can add wooden bed slats to add to the firmness of the mattress, to prevent sagging in the middle or at the edges.

-Change the Mattress:Let’s face it. Some mattresses are not just comfortable to use. They are designed so poorly that sleeping on them would do more harm than good. What you need to do here is to change the mattress and get a better one. A major cause for discomfort is usually the thickness of the futon.

– In a lot of cases, the thicker mattress is the most comfortable. In some other cases, it is the material used that matters. Foam mattresses can hold their shape over long periods of time than those made of cotton. Now you knowhow to make futon mattress more comfortable

-Adding a Featherbed:If you are European, there is a strong tendency that you would be a featherbed kind of person. Since you are using the Japanese futon, there is no crime in making an exotic blend.

A featherbed is as blissful as anything else to sleep on. It is divided into sections to keep the lower part from shifting from side to side. All you need to do is place it between the futon and you, and you are good to go. It adds a fine layer of softness warmth to your body, especially when you use it with a futon.

-Laying Comforters:Since you are worried about comfort, why not just add comforters to the futon? Comforters stay in between the futon and you to ensure that you get maximum comfort. It produces an extra layer of cushioning that can make the difference.

One special advantage of the comforters is that you can custom the extra padding so that you can meet the preference of each of its users. Guests can also develop allergies and other reasons not to stay on the futon. This is where a comforter comes in handy.

-Add An Air Mattress:Futon mattresses are not usually more than 1 foot off of the ground. In a lot of cases, people do not usually want to sit at such a low seat. To ensure that you and your guests enjoy a seat you can use, you should add an air mattress to give you some elevation above the ground.

You can either place it on the futon or under the futon. This increases height and comfort at the same time. Just make sure you purchase the one that inflates and deflates automatically to ensure you don’t spend time pumping an air mattress.

Concluding Lines

In short, there are a lot of ways to make your futon more comfortable. You can add comforters, air mattresses, and you can even change the whole mattress if need be. All you need is seek out the method that works best for you.

A big thank you to Futonland for hosting this guest post on behalf of White Lotus Home — from the people who are Saving the Planet While You Sleep!

Futons get a bad rap. They’re great for when the in-laws visit, but not so great when you’re the one with your lower back wedged between the creaky metal supports.

Nobody knows futons like Futonland though, and we decided it’s time to address the elephant in the room and talk — once and for all — about what guests and hosts alike can do to make these fold out beds as comfortable as a standard bed.

Try a New Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are cost-effective and can provide great support, but oftentimes because they have to be so thin to fold up, they can provide uneven support and be a little uncomfortable to sleep on.

Memory foam mattresses are the next best thing, helping you to at least avoid those nasty pressure points coils can create when they’ve been folded into a futon. However, memory foam can get pretty hot, and has an off-gassing period after you buy it.

I’m a big fan of natural mattresses in particular, like these Stowaway mattresses from White Lotus Home. They’re incredible for use on a futon, but work equally well in place of an air mattress on the floor.

Add a Mattress Topper

One of the biggest drawbacks to sleeping on a futon is primarily that the mattresses are typically jointed, and by design, pretty thin. This means that, try as you might, your butt is going to find that seam, and your head is going to feel like it’s going downhill sometimes.

If it’s not the in cards to buy a nice, firm futon mattress like this one from White Lotus Home, give your guests another layer of comfort with a mattress topper.

Memory foam can be nice, but wears out quickly and has an unpleasant odor at first. I recommend getting something a little sturdier that’ll put up with all of the motion your futon puts it through.

This organic cotton and wool mattress topper from White Lotus Home is soft and plush, but still firm enough to mask those nasty seams while you’re sleeping on a futon. The best part? It’s made from 100% natural cotton and wool, which acts as a natural temperature regulator. Even if you can’t swing a nice organic cotton futon mattress, this is a great way to make the polyester or microfiber one you already have more comfortable in a pinch.

Buy a High Quality Futon

I know right, cue the collective eye roll, becauseas ifit would make a difference.

The truth is though, not all futons are created equal, and there’s a big difference between the sofa sleeper you’ve had in your living room since 1987 and the Murphy Cabinet Beds we’re stocking today.

When WD-40 and a mattress topper just won’t cut it, get a futon that’s American made, with solid wood and steel construction.

Get One Without Arms

A lot of people aren’t really crazy about futons that have wooden arms, and hey, fair enough. They can be great for late night readers, but when it comes to rolling into one in the middle of the night, well, it’s about as pleasant as colliding with your nightstand.

Bench-style futon frames like these can be a great way to avoid this problem, and pair nicely with coordinating furniture sets to boot.

Add Slats

If you have a wood futon frame that sags a little too much between slats, consider picking up a few 1×4 pieces of milled lumber from the home improvement store. Adding a few slats to a sparse futon frame can make a world of difference, and can cost as little as $20!

Buy the Futon YOU’D Want to Sleep On

This time of year, our homes are often frequented by more guests than we’d care to entertain. Keep your game face on, and remember that that guest could just as easily be you next year — bring that futon up to par.

Ready to entertain like a pro? Shop oursalesto get the best deals on futons and accessories this year, and don’t forget amattress from White Lotus Home!

About the Author

Destiny Hagest is a freelance writer who works with sustainable brands to get the word out about the work they’re doing. She’s proud to work with White Lotus Home and get the word out about the benefits of green bedding — you can follow her work here.

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How to Make a Futon More Comfortable

Even though futons are extremely versatile and functional, they tend to feel more firm than traditional mattresses. Therefore, people who like sleeping on soft beds find them less comfortable.

So how do we resolve this problem? I’ve got a fewbudget-friendly ideasbelow, including mattress toppers, memory foam and air mattresses.

Mattress Thickness Counts…

The first way is to get a thicker futon mattress. A mattress that is 10 inches thick offer much more comfort than one that is 5 or 6 inches thick, and it still provides great support. Of course, to have this option usually means that you need to be purchasing a mattress separate from the frame.

So what if you want to purchase a convertible sofa sleeper, like a klik klak, where the mattress and frame are a single piece of furniture? Or what if you already own a futon and want to make it more comfortable – what then?

Memory Foam – It Costs Less than You Think

You can still make it more comfortable with a simple piece of memory foam which you can purchase online through stores like Amazon. Choose from several different sizes and thicknesses. For example, you can get a full size 1-inch thick mattress topper for about $25.

By using a mattress topper, your futon can still maintain the nice shape of a sofa during the day. Then, it quickly transforms into a comfortable bed at night without a lot of work. Foam is lightweight and can be easily rolled up and stowed in a closet or even under the futon itself if necessary.

By using a layer of foam, you are also protecting the surface of your futon. If you use your futon regularly for sleeping, this can cause lots of wear and tear to the furniture itself. By using foam or similar alternative, you can help your sofa look newer for longer.

2 More Alternatives to Make a Futon More Comfortable:

Alternatively, an extra comforter or a $20 air mattress can add another layer of soft comfort. If you don’t want to buy a piece of memory foam and already have these items on hand, try them first.

…or Buy a Memory Foam Futon Mattress?

Alternatively you can buy a memory foam futon mattress. Memory foam futon mattresses are super comfortable and come in a variety of colors – just a few are shown below. You can also get them in full and queen sizes, with 8″, 9″ or 10″ thickness.

Prices below are for mattresses only (not frames). Some memory foam futons are conveniently shipped vacuum-packed with a choice of cotton or microfiber covers and a 10 year warranty.

High performance futons provide sleep comfort similar to traditional bedding, with pressurized foam that does not flatten or change shape over time. These mattresses also offer a crisp clean look with their boxed edges, and they are lightweight and flexible to make moving easier.

6 Ways You Can Use to Make Your Futon More Comfortable

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The use of futons was an idea that originally came from Japan. Japanese people make their bed on the floor using a mat, and they would it fold it back during the day.

The concept is becoming popular worldwide. Many people find that buying an extra bed for guests is a bit expensive. That is the reason why they buy these futons, which can function as chairs during the day and beds during the night.

They simply become a bed by dropping it or even putting the futon mattress on the floor.

However, for those who do not know about these futon mattresses, they can be very uncomfortable especially if you have a guest who is not used to them. This discomfort can sometimes become unbearable for some. This is because the futon is thin.

In such a situation, what is the best thing to do tomake your futon comfortable?

Please do not throw it away as we have some tips on how you can make your guests feel at home the next time you have a sleepover.

1. Place a featherbed on top of the futon mattress

Featherbeds look like down comforters. However, they differ in the way of use.

Place one on top of the futon mattress . Feather beds make the bed feel soft. A good feather bed has a good filling power that also provides the necessary warmth needed for a good night sleep.

They are lofty. The down is restricted from moving because the knitted baffled boxes usually keep the down in place. Thus, it ensures that the futon mattress does not sag down.

Before you take home your ideal featherbed, understand what the manufacturers use for the down fill. Some people may be allergic to the down used. Confirm if the featherbed is Hypoallergic as well.

2. Add extra support at the bottom of the mattress

People who use their futon mattress regularly may experience many challenges because the mattress may sometimes sag down. This causes you to feel the wooden slats causing some discomfort while asleep.

You may wake up feeling tired or even having awful back pains. Plywood sandwich can make your futon mattress comfortable. Just cut the plywood into the size of your futon bed so that it can add to the mattress firmness.

Damaged bed slats and box springs may also cause discomfort. Therefore, you can replace them thus dealing with this problem. You can also add extra bed slats, especially on the sagging areas. Additionally, some people usually use a bladder that you fit in between the futon mattress and the box springs.

3. You can add a mattress Topper to the futon

Mattress toppers simply make your bed more comfortable especially if the futon mattress is thin. Whenever your mattress goes out of shape, these mattress pads can help to deal with the discomfort that comes along.

You can just slide it into the mattress cover, or you can put it on top of the mattress. Also, ensure that the sheet fits the futon well.

Take time to know the best topper. This will prevent you from picking one that can cause allergies to your visitors. In addition, the mattress topper should be thick enough to ensure that the body has the full support that it needs during sleep.

4. You can replace your futon mattress

This is a necessary step if conditions become unbearable. Walk right into a shop, or you can shop online for a new futon mattress.

Experts advocate a cheaper mattress if you do not use it regularly. Purchase a thicker mattress only if you will need this mattress almost every night.

Additionally, check to see the materials used to make the mattress. If you or your guests have allergies, then you will not have a good night sleep at the very end.

The mattress should also fit into the size of the frame. A size-fit provides comfortability that you need.

5. Place an air mattress on top of the futon

Normally, these futon beds are usually short. Thus, an air mattress would be a good alternative if you want to increase your comfort.

These air mattresses are part of a camper’s packing list because they are light. However, you can use them to loft your futon bed and any other temporary bed.

You can deflate an air mattress and place it on top of the mattress. Purchase a double height air mattress if they will use their futon mattress consistently.

Additionally, see to it that you can buy an air mattress that keeps the air throughout the night. Test to see how effortless it is to deflate and inflate the mattress. Most of these mattresses come in with a plug to connect it to your socket for inflation.

Confirm its lightness for easy storage when the air mattress deflates.

Experts say that a good air mattress should have a coil count that is above 30. Thus the more coil count the air mattress has, the better the support the mattress offers.

6. Place comforters on top of the futon mattress

Comforters are thick and can offer comfort to the user. You can use this to make your futon mattress more comfortable.

Whether you use a down comforter or a down alternative comforter, the comfort provided is still the same.

Comforters provide an extra advantage when you have two guests sharing the bed. You can adjust how you pad the comforter depending on how they like it.

The down comforter’s filling power is one crucial point to consider when purchasing one. This is because the fill makes the comforter to be lofty and warmer.

Extra Tips:

For those who may lack the extra buck to buy the above things, simply:

    Add some extra fill into the futon mattress to increase comfort Flip the mattress regularly to prevent sagging. If it sags, hang it somewhere and beat the mattress with a broom handle so that the fill can fill the sagging areas Place small pillows under the mattress to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable when you sit on the futon during the day

This video explains DIY tricks that you can use:


So, forget about buying a new futon. Simply, use the above tips to make it comfortable.

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