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Mattress Care for Scabies

Scabies (Sarcoptes scabiei var.hominis) are small, eight-legged, mites that burrow under human skin. Scabies infection causes intense itching and a tell-tale rash of bumpy, red lines. Scabies are highly contagious. People can transmit scabies through casual contact, and by sharing personal items such as bed linens and mattresses. Mattress infestation can be difficult to quell, as they cannot be machine-washed and dried to kill the bugs.There are several measures you can take to kill scabies on a mattress to prevent re-infestation.


Spray both sides of the mattress with permethrin spray.Permethrin is a pesticide commonly used to kill head-lice and also kills scabies.Permethrin spray can be purchased over the counter at most drug stores. Do not allow anyone to touch the mattress until the spray has dried thoroughly. Permethrin is a neurotoxin that can be dangerous to humans, and should be used cautiously. This is also the active ingredient in Food and Drug Administration-approved topical scabies medications.


Vacuum both sides of the mattress thoroughly.Scabies can live on the mattress for up to 72 hours without a human host.For this reason, the bed should be vacuumed every three days until the skin infestation is gone.This will help remove mite eggs and prevent them from hatching in the mattress. It is essential to wash and dry all bedding on the hottest possible setting so that no new scabies infest the mattress.

Use a plastic under-sheet and change linens daily.It may take several applications of the lotion or cream prescribed by the doctor to kill scabies. These permethrin-based lotions do not penetrate scabies eggs, which may fall on the mattress and hatch. A plastic sheet prevents the mites and their eggs from ever touching the mattress. Fresh linens protect against reinfestation. Place pillows in the dryer on the hottest setting possible for an hour each day until you get the all-clear from your doctor.


Repeat the entire process every two weeks until the doctor confirms that the skin infestation is gone. Scabies is easily spread and hard to kill 3. This makes reinfestation quite common. Also, scabies infection may not produce any symptoms for as long as six weeks after infection. Scabies is contagious with or without symptoms, so mattress care cannot be neglected. It is impossible to tell if you have vacuumed all of the eggs out of the mattress. These eggs may hatch and infest anyone who uses the mattress.

Scabies are small, eight-legged, mites that burrow under human skin. Spray both sides of the mattress with permethrin spray. Permethrin is a pesticide commonly used to kill head-lice and also kills scabies. For this reason, the bed should be vacuumed every three days until the skin infestation is gone. A plastic sheet prevents the mites and their eggs from ever touching the mattress. Also, scabies infection may not produce any symptoms for as long as six weeks after infection. Scabies is contagious with or without symptoms, so mattress care cannot be neglected.

How To Clean Pillows after Scabies?

Anyone can get scabies. It can affect people of all races, ages, and income levels. Even clean and neat people can get scabies. It spreads easily, but can be successfully diagnose and treated.

Once you get rid of scabies, you should thoroughly clean your home as well.

Table of Contents

What Is Scabies?

Scabies is a skin infestation caused by a very small parasite known as Sarcoptes Scabei, a mite which is barely 1/100 inch across and almost invisible. Like we mentioned,this infestation is common all around the world, and affects people of all races and social classes.

Scabies is highly contagious.It can spread rapidly where there is frequent and prolonged skin-to-skin contact between people, such as in hospitals, nursing homes, and child-care facilities.

The female mite burrows into the upper layers of the skin and makes a narrow tunnel where she deposits her eggs. The eggs take some 3 to 10 days to hatch and then the young mites migrate to the surface of the skin.

After they breed, the males die. The young females move freely over the surface of the skin, ready to make new tunnels and lay more eggs, or move onto some other person who may be in close contact.

How Does a Person Get Scabies?

Scabies are transmitted by direct, prolonged, skin-to-skin contact with a person who already has scabies,which means that you can’t get scabies through a quick handshake or hug. However, if one member of family is infested then other members, especially sexual partners are likely to become infested as well. Transmission may also occur by sharing towels, clothing, and bedding, but this less likely to happen.

How Does Scabies Manifest?

You won’t be able to see the mites, but you will feel their presence andthey will manifest themselves in the form of intense itching especially during night, burrows, pimple-like irritations or a skin rash.

They can usually be found on the hands, elbows and wrists where skin tends to be thin, especially between the fingers and folds of wrists and elbows. Other places include breasts, waistline, bold folds like the armpits, and genital area. People with scabies often develop sores on the body caused by scratching.

How Soon after Infestation Will Symptoms Begin?

For those infested with scabies,symptoms may take 4–6 weeks to appear. Those who have had scabies before, however, will notice the first symptoms after only several days. Because the symptoms take so long to manifest, a person may be contagious for a month without even knowing before being finally diagnosed.

Who Is at Risk for Severe Infestation?

Although anyone can become infested by scabiessome people are at a higher risk than others, especially those with weakened immune systems and the elderly.They are also at risk of getting a more severe form of scabies, called Norwegian scabies, otherwise known as crusted scabies.

How Long Do These Mites Live?

When living on someone, an adult female mite can live for a month. Once they are away from the human body, mites usually can’t survive more than 48 to 72 hours.

How Is a Scabies Infestation Diagnosed and Treated?

Scabies must be diagnosed by a dermatologist, who takes a close inspection at the burrows or rash. To confirm the scabies diagnosis, a skin scraping is often done that allows the doctors to see if there are any mites or eggs. Even if a biopsy or skin scraping is taken and shows negative, it is still possible that a person may be infested.

There are certain creams and lotions that can be prescribed for treating scabies and patients must always follow the directions provided by the physician in order to eliminate the infestation.

Treating Your Home and Your Pillows and Other Belongings

Even after you get rid of scabies, you may need to treat your home and your belongings as well.Insecticidal treatments are not recommended for scabies mites. Instead,you should take the following steps:

Step 1

You should wash daily all recently worn clothes and towels in hot water with laundry soap and dry them in a hot dryer, and you should continue doing this until the treatment is over. You don’t need to wash the clothes that were not used and that were kept inside a closed drawer or a closet.

Step 2

Remove your bedding, your covers, blankets, pillows, etc. and wash what can be washed and what is washable in hot water in a washing machine with laundry soap and dry in hot dryer.

Step 3

Use the dryer to clean the items that are not washable. This may include pillows or rugs. Turn on the dryer for at least 30 minutes on high. However if your pillows or other items can’t be cleaned by using a dryer, you should place them in plastic bags for at least two weeks and keep them in some place that is not frequently used like basement.

Scabies can’t survive for more than 3 or 3 three days without human contact. After you pull out your items from the bags, throw the bags in the garbage.

Check out our mattress reviewsand ourTop 10 Mattress Guideas well in case you would like to get the new mattress too and need help with choosing the right one for your needs and sleep preferences.

Step 5

Vacuum floors, rugs, carpets, chairs, and other pieces of furniture to remove mites and their eggs and feces. Vacuum once a day as long as the scabies outbreak lasts.

Step 6

Once the scabies infestation is over, you should change the bag in your vacuum cleaner if it has one and then throw the bag you remove in a garbage.

Step 7

Disinfect all surfaces in your home. Mop floor and bathroom surfaces and clean the shower or bath tub after each use.

The Last Resort: Replace your Pillows and possibly your Mattress!

If you are not sure whether you cleaned them properly or if you continue to have symptoms that indicate Scabies, you might want to throw them away andget new pillows. This is often what is necessary because scabies can be so persistent and you don’t want them up near your head either.

We have reviewed a lot of popular pillows available on the online market, to facilitate your purchase and help you find the right one for your needs.Click here to read our pillow reviewsand see if you can find a suitable replacement.

One favorite of ours, and the top one on our Best Pillows list is theKapok memory foam pillow from Layla. This pillows is super soft, and has adjustable fill inside that allows you to add or remove the materials so that you can customize the amount of material in it to suit your sleeping style. At $99 it doesn’t cost much and the company often has buy one / get one 1/2 off sales.

This also applies to your mattress as well, which is normally the prime source of scabies. In addition to your pillow you may also want to replace your mattress as well, if you have really bad infestation that you can’t get rid of.

OurTop 10 Best Mattress guideis a good place to start. Layla also has an excellent mattress that matches their pillow and is one of our favorites as well – you can read our Layla Mattress Review here.

Replacing your pillows and worse case your mattress as well is definitely one way to ensure you don’t have scabies tormenting you during your sleep!

10 Quick Tips on How to Clean for Scabies

Keeping a clean environment is an essential component of your scabies cure.

While getting rid of the mites in your skin is challenging enough, it can be even more challenging trying to avoid re-infestation.

If you’ve read around a bit on the Topix Scabies forum or elsewhere online then you have undoubtedly read complaints from people along the lines of “Scabies cannot be cured” or “Permethrin and Ivermectin won’t work, nothing works!”

But that is far from the truth.

People have been cured, some very quickly, with these medications for decades.

Why these poor people can’t seem to shake their infestation comes down to two simple factors:

1) They aren’t using the medications correctly.(I’ve already covered that in? this post .)

2) They aren’t doing a good enough job of keeping their environment clean.

An unclean environment = a constant risk for re-infestation.

Y ou don’t want to fall into the same miserable trap as the hopeless people I mentioned before. So let’s go over some tips that will help you to out in your quest for cleanliness.

Table of Contents

1.) Remove Unnecessary Stuff from Your Environment

Consider it an opportunity to practice simplicity.

Anything you don’t think is necessary to keep in your life during this process – stow it away.

Household items like excess furniture, clothes, bedding, towels, rugs, blankets, couches. Store them in a spare room if you can, or if you have no spare room just wrap fabrics up in plastic so they are as easy to disinfect.?

Remember, it’s a good idea to disinfect everything you’ve come in contact with. All it takes is a squirt bottle that you can carry around.

The more clutter there is the more you have to clean and the more risk that mites will be hiding away.

I mention more about this in the post 100 Practical Tips for Scabies.

2.) Deep Clean Everything

Surfaces – Use disinfectant sprays. Spray down anything you or other infested people come in contact with.

This Permethrin spray is very effective for this.?So is?Eco Living Scabies & Bed Bug Spray. Make sure to reapply after every use of an item.

Pets – We love our pets and we love to pet our pets. But for our sake all this petting is going to do the opposite of helping us contain the mites – your pet will spread them to whomever they come in contact with.

Though scabies mites are unlikely to actually live off of your pets’ bodies it is highly likely that they can carry the mites on their fur for a long time if left there. You don’t want that.?

As a solution, you can either get your friends or relatives to pet sit, wear gloves when you pet your animals or give your animals a good washing. Ideally wash with a strong solution, like this Sulfur concentrate pet dip for baths.

Carpets – With counter tops, a quick swipe of a disinfectant will do the trick. Especially if you have thick carpets like shag. It’s a good idea to borrow or buy a?steam cleaner.

The heated water and soap will kill off any mites that are currently calling your carpet home, not giving any mites a chance to burrow and wait.

3.) Does Lysol Kill Scabies?

This is a common question I get.

Lysol is a powerful disinfectant and will kill scabies on surfaces.

Ultimately permethrin spray is my top recommendation for cleaning surfaces. But I recommend Lysol as well.

Use Lysol or Lysol wipes to clean tables, handrails, car surfaces. Any surface you’ve touched while infected.

4.) What is the Best Scabies Spray?

If you’re going to be cleaning your environment with a disinfectant spray you want to use the best ones.

The most important thing, of course, is to use a spray that kills the mites on contact.

Below are the top recommended sprays for scabies:

5.) How to Get Rid of Scabies on Mattresses

The first thing you’ll want to do is cover your mattress.

Give your mattress a quick spray with some Lysol/permethrin cream/alcohol

Place a mite-proof zippered mattress encasement keeps over your mattress to completely keep the mites away from it.

You can purchase protective mattress covers for all bed sizes here.

Alternatively, you can purchase an air mattress with a plastic cover built in. These are easy to sanitize on a daily basis with Lysol, disinfectant wipes etc.

Now that your mattress is covered you can sleep on it.

Your daily ritual while infested should be to put on fresh sheetseverymorning. Don’t sleep on the same sheets twice.

Use some bleach or tea tree oil in the wash cycle. Dry all of your sheets on HIGH heat and for a long cycle before using them again.

6.) How long Can Scabies Live in a Mattress?

Scabies can live for two weeks or more without a human host.

It does depend on the surface though.

A countertop, for example, isn’t a great host place for scabies. They’ll likely die before two weeks there.

But a mattress provides a nice temporary home for the mites. It provides safety and often provides food. All of the dead skin cells that slough off onto our mattresses provide sustenance for the mites while they are waiting for the next human host.

All the more reason to put a zippered mattress encasement over your bed like mentioned previously.

If your mattress is likely to already be infested I recommend not using it. If it’s your only mattress then put a zippered case over it and don’t take it off until at least a month after you’re cured.

7.) How long Does Scabies Last on Furniture?

Scabies can live on furniture for two weeks or more.

Scabies mites prefer to have a human host but without one they can still hang out and live for quite awhile.

If you think you have scabies mites on any your furniture you should either store it away until the infestation is over with (at least 3 weeks after) or you should clean your furniture regularly after each use.

8.) How to Get Rid of Scabies on Furniture

In an ideal world, you could easily wash and sanitize your furniture with scabies compatible surface cleaner spray.

Unfortunately, many people have upholstered furniture. This type of furniture?is much harder and more time-consuming to clean.

If you have upholstered furniture I recommend covering them with a vinyl cover or covering them with sheets. You must clean these surfaces after every use. Vinyl cover with surface cleaner and sheets in the wash with high heat.

If you have plastic furniture stored away this is a great time to bring it out and put your fancier, harder to clean furniture in storage for a little while.

Just be sure whenever you use your furniture that you clean it after. Either wash your protective coverings or clean the surface directly.

9.) Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Scabies?

Yes, rubbing alcohol can kill scabies on direct contact.

You can use rubbing alcohol when cleaning your environment.

Rubbing alcohol is not recommended for treating your skin, though.

For that permethrin cream and internal ivermectin are recommended.

10.) How Long can Scabies Live on Clothes?

Scabies can live on clothes for two weeks or longer.

If you have clothes that might be infested with scabies you should either:

A.) Put them in a trash bag and store them away for at least a month. Ideally a month and a half. You should only bring them out after you’ve been cured.

B.) If you don’t want to put them in temporary storage you should clean your infested clothes regularly. Never wear the same clothes twice in a row. Wear them once and clean them before wearing again.

Make sure when washing contaminated clothes to dry with HIGH heat on a long cycle.

99 thoughts on “10 Quick Tips on How to Clean for Scabies”

I’ve been trying to treat it for half year with no success. I used permethrin, ivermectin and it seemed to work only for a moment. Fortunately after applying a treatment, which is described in a linked ebook it looks like scabies finally disappeared. I applied it 4 weeks ago, cleaned all my clothes and daily-use items and so far nor scratches on my skin or any itching. I’d like to share with you a book about how to win with those annoying parasites. I hope, it will help you to get rid of scabies.
PS: Do NOT give up!

Whats the name of the book?

the best way and the cheapest way to get rid of bed bugs scabies and things that nature infested in your home is a spray bottle and regular rubbing alcohol you must saturate the areas that you think they are red and contain it to a room repeat this 4 to 5 times because I have been given mattresses infested with both

What’s the name of the ebook?

I cannot get rid of scabies

Go to eBay n buy the 10percent martins permethrin spray it is very CHEAP ILL SAY LESS THAN 30 dollars … u must follow up with how u clean up.. but apply it mix with lotion of ur choice bathe then set then apply ur homemade lotion for 8-16 hours then again four days later doctors recommended a week but with my research the eggs hatch after 3r4th day n we dnt want them to start fuckin n population so I wouldn?t wait a week but to each is own n also ur phone is ur deadliest u keep it in ur hand so it need to b cleaned n wiped down with every use I hope this was helpful to sum1 becuz this can truly drain u if u dnt kno how to n the doctors will not help

Maybe it would be wise to start carrying a small bottle of the Premethrin spray with us when traveling, etc.. for prevention… with what we are all going through on here an old saying, ‘ an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure ‘ rings true. Like the Buggy Bed Entrepreneurs..
Someone is going to invent something… watch and see.
I’m just starting.. (scratch, scratch).. ordered my stuff on Amazon today. I DO NOT WANT TO EVER GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN… EVER.

I got scabies from a bunk on a commercial fishing boat. For 6 months I used doctor prescribed or over the counter pharmaceuticals to no avail. Went online and found Kleen Free, an enzyme solution that causes their bodies to break up. I ordered it and when it came, 5 days, GONE! They never came back. I didn’t have to worry about the environment, just put the solution on my skin. They can’t live in the environment without feeding on someone. is the company that makes this product Kleen Free.

Can you tell me if the solution you bought was their ” Klein green”? It appears to be an all purpose cleaner, did you use it on your body?

It is crap, does not work & it is a hassle to get your money back.

amazon reviews show this stuff to be crap

Very interesting post! I needed some good advises about cleaning my home. Especially about carpet, because so far I just vacuum it, but it needs more attention. Thanks for sharing!!

The first time we picked up scabies at a summer cottage rental and knew nothing about how to clean our home environment to prevent reinfestation. The doctor was difficult to deal with and offered no extra help. It took us several months before it dawned on us that we needed to place vinyl mattress covers on our beds. That was the place we were reinfesting ourselves even though we sprayed and vacuumed the mattresses each day. Once our skin healed, and the scabies were truly gone, we left the vinyl covers on for a few more weeks to be certain. I wanted to share this tip as it seems to be one detail I have not read on many websites. Thank you- Charlene


Where can I buy a vynle mattress cover?
I am currently powdering all of my carpet, bedding and furniture with
“fossil shell flour” which tares the mites to pieces, making my home a deadly environment to them but harmless to us!
I hope that it works!

Did the Fossil Shell Flour work for you? Have been to many Drs over the last year and no one said I had scabies till 10 days ago. I now have to debug my home. Please let me know if this has worked for you and if not, what did.

Walmart, for $4.98 for a fitted cover, $9.98 for one that fully encases the thing with a zipper. (Full size, I’d assume there is a small difference as you size up or down)
Something has been biting me since it warmed up in early May. At first I thought it was the ticks I saw on my leg in early May. But something keeps bitting me at night and I fear some sort of mite from the woods or a motel. I don’t see any bugs so it must be small and unseen. Going to throw out a lot of extra stuff, spray with permethrin, and try rubbing down with a cream. I tossed a foam mattress cover nearly 15 years old and soft thick fabric mattress cover and got a vinyl one. Seems that the bed may be where I’m getting bit. Something like this got me a year ago too when it was warm, always seemed to wake up with a couple bites. Problem is my sectional is a few years old and a custom built $2500 quality product, not some Chinese junk and I need to really clean it out, not toss something nice. Other stuff can get tossed. Too many 10 year old rugs everywhere in my place, my sister went with bare floors with her dirty kids, probably much cleaner. I have no idea what is biting me but it must be some sort of mite, could it come from open windows this time of year and warm environs? Did I bring it in from the woods, or pick it up at a public place?

The vinyl matters covers are useless if you do not clean your bed linens frequently. Vinyl covers only protect the mattress itself, but the upper layer of sheets and comforters are exposed to your skin with the mites. You’d be best buying a disinfectant called ‘BenzaRid’ or anything that contains Benzyl Benzoate (an active chemical that is scientifically proven to kill the mites). SPRAY the hell out of everything that you actively touch; bed, rugs, carpets, sofas, chairs, car, etc.

Reinfestation is a common reason scabies symptoms linger onward for months. A clean environment is THE second most important part of getting rid of them, secondary to actually taking either permethrin or ivermectin to rid the mites on your skin.

Thanks CU. The sterilization spray was the question I had. Does solution stink?

I’ve been struggling with this for going on 8 months, because I was misdiagnosed. I have done everything in the world to get rid of these things. I’ve been treated with the prescribed premethrin like 4 times, I have been taking bleach baths and scraping the protective covering off during the bath, and applying the Martins 13% diluted mixture immediately after the bath. I pour the mixture over my entire body and leave it on until the next bleach bath. I also apply Tea tree oil . This has been the only relief and difference I have seen yet. Of course I am OCD and am doing laundry like every two days and don’t wear or use anything twice. I have bought all new socks and have gotten rid of my shoes as well. They are tricky and very resistant after awhile.

I rented a steam cleaner and LITERALY washed n dried every article of fabric in my home. I sprayed with the permethrin spray. But it can be privy to do this continually so I made a spray bottle of tea tree oil n water. And I spray everything down daily with it. I scrubbed my home down with bleach n a steam mop. Here’s hoping they’re gone.

i was wondering when someone was going to say tea tree oil…they make it in many ways, in creams, oils to mix with water, in a spray bottle to spray ddirectly onto your skin,, i used this oil as aromatherapy in my closets, and it took 2 weeks and with the help f benaryl pills at night and both benadryl cream and cortizone 10, it was out of my house and body in 2 weeks, rash and all. no dr visits, just webMDs home remedies.

also neem cream helps a lot

TEA TREE OIL !! Amazing stuff !! I’ve been researching most of the night. I always keep essential oils on hand. I mixed 5 drops of tea tree oil with Coconut Oil (carrier oil), applied from neck down, so far no itching and redness has diminished. From ALL that I researched, Tea Tree seems to be by far the best to use WITH Ivermectin and Permethrin. All topical. Also, the spray for sheets, shoes and clothes. I am thinking about spraying my carpet, leaving it on and vacuuming up after 8-10 hours.. can’t hurt. I’m also going to use the tea tree body wash and shampoo. Scabies has altered my life to such a state that I am miserable and depressed. I was so sleep deprived that my Dr. prescribed a sleeping medicine that knocks me out. I’m in a fog the next day and round I go. Not to mention the little red bumps that I pick at in my sleep.. anyway, yes; Tea Tree Oil ROCKS !!

i heard scabies dies in the closet in several days. but i have leather jacket in the closet, will it live off my leather jacket and survive to re-infect me?

The scabies will feed on the leather and become stronger. I once had a leather jacket during a scabie infestation, and the mites became so strong, that they started bullying my son. They would not let him go outside for any reason, and requested that he bring them food for their transformation. What was the transformation you ask? They molted and grew to be the size of my 6 year old son and started mimicking his traits. I would suggest you throw out your stupid leather jacket, because this is not 1950, and they are not cool. This is just my experience, but you can do whatever you want. Good luck fucker.

Leather will never be out dated for true riders, if you can’t say it nice then don’t say it scabies king,

My doc said four hrs in the sun sealed in two garbage bags will kill them,

Would someone please post name of that book that someone mentioned? Thanks ml

that person hasnt came back to tell us the ebook. webMD has home remedies that helped me without the 150 dollar permethrin cream, but i use a ot of tea tree oil and benadryl. see my earlier comment just a few comments above.

I would say no, as the leather is not living tissue, is highly treated, and will not offer nutrients to the scabies

I wiped down my leather sofa with rubbing alcohol and water. I agree that it has nothing to offer…

How soon can you start cleaning once you’ve been treated!? Doing oral medicine and starting to deep clean, but should I continue to deep clean…and how long?!

if your not in contact with th room for a few days, they need host, a human host, to feed on… i cleaned with gloves while i was being treate, i slept on a cot for a few nghts, sprayed tea tree oil everywhere and waited 3 nights. the best anti itch is either cortizone 10 or benedryl, also with the pill at night time cuz you will itch like crazy after a few hours of sleep and will not get any more sleep without it, even dollar general has their version with same drug. apply the cream, and DO NOT SCRATCH no matter how badly it itches for about 3 to 5 minutes. then you will be feeling relieved enough and asleep again

Thank you for these practical tips and ideas. I just wondered about pillows? Washing the pillowcase daily but what about the pillow itself and blankets? In South Africa where I live our only medication for scabies is Benzyl Benzoare and a sulphar soap caked Temosol. Have started the treatment last night but am a bit overwhelmed by the process of all of this.

Put your pillows in the dryer…must be at least 122 degrees and for minumum of 10 minutes

True about the 122 degrees according to online advice I came across to treat my own scabies. But most advice say dry 20-30 minutes highest heat level possible. Remember, the last ten minutes of a dryer cycle is the process of cooling clothes down. So consider drying 30 total minutes. That translates into twenty minutes of drying highest heat possible and verify how hot your dryer gets by running it about 15 minutes, then hold a metal probe meat therminitor? inside the dryer to verify the heat level

Thank you for this advice about the pillows and God bless you all and good luck…permithin cream is helping me currently saw a doc who prescribed me this plus a an steroid cream for the awful itching. I cannot stress enough making sure your living situation is sterile and clean and all the things à I am doing to maintain this.

Take your pillow to the laundromat and put them in the dryer for an hour before washing them on high heat that should kill The Scabies mites but they have to be completely dry before you put them in the dryer so don’t wash before doing this

Thanks for your advice but when you really think about it, that is not cost effective. May cost $2-$4 just to dry one hour. Then another $2 -$5 to wash Pillows Then another ,$4 to dry again.
Pillows only cost $2 to $10.00 each.
Why bother, throw the pillows away and purchase new ones.

My pillow is in a new garbage bag nightly with a new pillow case over it every night. The plastic under the pillow case is not as bad as it sounds. Anything to get rid of scabies. Use a new trash bag to line the seat of my car or sit on my sons bed when needed to. Just make sure not to reuse even once!

Hi.. can anyone tell me what I can use to clean my sofa I vacuum every day,but I don’t steam clean it! Help I don’t want to be reinfested!! Thanks

Maria, did you ever find a solution?

NU Stock will get rid of these nasty critters

Too bad nu stock smells so absolutely revolting and the smell of it life lingers for weeks:

Maybe invest in renting a Steam cleaner and buy that Permethrin spray?(Amazon) really inexpensive. Spray and leave it on a few hours, then vacuum? It’s a repellent for lice/ scabies… I’m going to use it on my mattress and mattress cover, carpet, clothes.. anything cloth. Just an idea.. good luck !!

How did that work out? Are you now still covered in bumps? I steam cleaned anything i could, sprayed everything else with tea tree oil and vinegar solution, packet it away, moved into a new apartment, used the cream for the 4th time, only used things that have been packed and sealed off a week ago… Done anything i could possibly think off. Still only made a difference for one day, got reinfected again, i think.

you can get rid of scabies and bed bugs by using regular rubbing alcohol with a heavy saturation of the materials you must repeat it 3 to 5 times based on the infestation

we used a spray bottle like you’re going to do windows and did a heavy concentration you can start treating it as soon as you start treating yourself and beat them both at the same timesome people and doctors and different things that nature will try to sell you on expensive stuff that don’t work rubbing alcohol is well-known and can be checked to get rid of bed bugs online

Good way to santize, but rubbing alcohal is flammable. Just don’t smoke in the house and take care not to infuse fumes. It can be poisionous to a human and could make you sick. Good to sanitize razors and stuff though

I wonder how many people who get reinfested do so because if their cell phones? I sipped mine down with alcohol then when dry put mine in a ziplock bag with a little D.E. And will leave it there until this is over.

This is a wonderful website. I’m so grateful to have found it. I thought I had had an allergic reaction to something, but after 3 weeks, finally found out that it was scabies (the Dr. initially said it was bacteria in my shower loofah).I started permethrin treatment today and want to eradicate every trace of this thing.

I’ve been putting everything in the dryer (blankets, pillows, sheets, etc.), but I was wondering if spraying Lysol was enough to cover my mattress with. I’ve also vacuumed my mattress and have disnifected everything I have come in contact with with Clorox wipes and Lysol. I don’t want to buy permethrin spray since I read it’s highly toxic to cats and I have a cat who is very curious.

Should I turn my mattress over? I’m afraid doing so will bring any mites back. Help!

Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and water… maybe flip mattress and spray too. I thought I had allergic reaction also. My trust in Drs. is zero. Had to figure this out on my own. Hope you threw the loofah out. Best of luck..

Has anyone know for sure, the length of time the scabies mite can live?? I’m been using rubbing alcohol for three months now. All the time. It doesn’t kill scabies under the skin. I mop my carpets and floor with a bleach and water mix. I spayed SIPHOTROL, sold at the vet’s. Spray and leave the house for 2hours. Slipped covered mattress. Washed, dryed and bagged all sheet, and clothes. Never wear anything twice. I thought I had bed bugs. Then I remember in 2013, I had the same thing happen. Keep trying to exterminate bed-bugs and then this horrible itchy red rash appeared. I used the cream from the pharmacy. That cleared it up. No doctor I’ve seen during that time said scabies. I was in bed bug mode, as am now, so the bleaching, always clean clothes, everything into a hot dryer, And once again I’m using that cream a lot, three tubes. Total body first day. I put more on directly to the infected spot on the second day. Then again in six days total head to toe. I has a red spot on my face. I put cream on there and today it’s almost gone. So who knows long that scabies live without a host. I’m reading 72 hours to two weeks. They can, crawl, or fly, they need to attack to skin. Pet seemingly can’t have them or animals have mange. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

So my son was just diagnosed and the doctor of course recommended the whole family be treated. My question is the furniture and how to clean that? Also I have a bag-less vacuum…how do I clean that after we vacuum the house?

does the Lysol kill the scabies too?

My son had it really bad both me and my husband and his girlfriend and kids had a mild case of scabies. My sonnwentbto a dermatologist gave him a tube of stuff to treat all three of us, then instead that you can soak in Epsom salt, by scrubbing yourself till the salt burns a little thennsoray yourself with white vinegar, both kills the mites and eggs but man does the vinegar burn but it’s virtually it. I also sprayed all the bedding, couch and chair in vinegar. I also neither my clothes inside out with it, it’s working.

I’ve read everything.I feel so hopefully.I’m going back to my Alcohol.But my body need immediate Permethrine.Thanks

My grandson was diagnosed with scabies, before I took him to the Dr. I started itching and developed pimples on my upper back, only. I then visited my Dr. and we both started the Permethrin cream. Before yhis I attended water arobics regularly and believe the bleach from the pool kept the scabies from infecting the other parts of my body. My upper back did not get exposed to the water. I’m presently washing and disinfecting everthing. I was told that scabbies can’t live in bleach is this so?

I have been dealing with this for 3 years or more please help don’t know what to do I wish I were dead am desperate no one believes me feeling hopeless please please somebody help me… they have infested my house and everything help

Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle – Don’t dilute it . Spray literally “EVERYTHING” beds, clothing, furniture, “anything” you come in contact with in your house ? ALSO DON’T FORGET: Your vehicle also needs to be treated as well. It will smell of rubbing alcohol for lil while but opening your windows and doors will air smell out quickly? Putting your pillows in “hot” dryer for 20 min and washing entire bed in “hot” water and spray mattress. If you have pets give them bath as well ! Good luck ?

What about the box spring?do I need to treat it too?

Make sure it is laundry soap. I’m itch using tide, Pyrex, gain, etc andd only use baking soda and water but you can check out borax too…

I had scabies for 4 years I know you’re feeling the Ivermectin worked for me but I had to treat myself 3 times so I treated myself wait a week treated myself again waited 2 weeks and treated myself again I made my own Permethrin cream with some good lotion and mixed 10% to make it a 5% solution with the lotion. I put it from head to toe even rub a little in my nostrils in my ears everywhere because I had had them for so long after you lotion yourself from head to toe under your fingernails and everything you can’t shower for 3 days and you got to leave that crap on you like that I stuck to three sets of clothing put everything else away from me for that time of treatment after my first treatment I waited a week treating myself again waited 2 weeks and treated myself again and I actually had to do it one more time after that about four weeks later

My sister has scabies, although she has not been able to get a diagnosis in South Africa, I?m a microbiology student and read forums like this to help her. She uses her own bathroom and I spray all surfaces with a solution of bleach, I also wash the dishes additionally with something called pine gel to protect the others in the house. Luckily we do not have carpets downstairs but there is a forensic cleanup service available to clean entire rooms in SA. Hope this helps anyone

Bathe in tea tree. Everyday. Dont try and wash clothes just bag them up. Uhaul sells cheap plastic matress bags for moving, $4, tape it up. Use a new garbage bag on your pillow anytime you use it, also anytime you sit down. Spray everything with alcohol or tea tree. I make a body spray that is aloe from trader joes $7, $2 witch hazel, and 1/2 oz tea tree ( $15 for 4oz on amazon). This is not forever. Also take para guard tincture and pill regimen $35 / one month supply. Then your skin tastes like garlic and walnuts to them and they move away and die. Bathe 3 times daily with 5 dropperfulls of tea tree in water for 30 min. Scrub the tub with dishsoap or bleach after every wash. Never re wear clothes or sheets. Yes you will become reinfected in small amounts but you will be able to get rid of them and in 1 month should be back to a nearly normal life. For clothes talk to a thrift store about getting their overstock/ ask your friends for donations/ offer to take clothing swap leftovers. Use any perscribed permetherin and ivermectin you can get. Good RX app gives instant coupon prices. $20 instead of $400. Use scripts sparingly. Rely on your regimin of tea tree and cleanliness but us meds when you feel you are winning. Otherwise they will probably just build a resistance and you will run outta meds.

Also! Mix tea tree with moisturizing lotion and put on after bathing. Full strength tea tree on obvious infected areas. Tea tree evaporates quickly and is less effective without water lotion or oil to help it absorb into the skin. I think scabies can go through plastic and cloth but it definately helps minimize them.

SURRENDER, a product for fire ants brings instant relief (by MARTINS). Stinks to high heaven. We call it cabbage dust. Kills like crazy; roaches, ants. spiders & bedbugs & mites. Trying on my carpet tonight. Can find it at Walmart or your local feed & seed store. Cost more on line.

My youngest daughter is seven .She and I both have developed scabies. Used the cream and sprayed mattresses washed all linens and sprayed and vaccumed couch..its been about five days and I have signs of them on my forehead and now under my chin. She also has new places on her hand and cheek..dr. hasn’t called back..what is the best thing to get and use..dr.just now called back saying it probably is the after affects of treatment..but does not make sense to hand new breakouts ..I will go get and do any cleaning.we can’t go to the beach and stay and infest others..if anyone has really good advice for me …please..I am willing to try anything..this has got me scared for my health and my seven yr old. And my mother is very I’ll and I don’t want to go to her home and infect her.thank you so much…

Sending Love and Wishing Everyone Suffering Hope and Peace. I have been there. Yes, crazy bad, but this is to send free support. over $400 of free guided imagery Podcasts sold elsewhere for about $20 each, well produced by a respected mind body psychotherapist. You can download or listen- download on iPhones as listen needs Flash and no Flash on iPhones. Recordings including for immune system, stress and relaxation, pain, sleep, forgiveness and anger- understandable toward non-believers and doctors who misdiagnosed us and these thing attacking us, etc. All valid and understandable, but makes our work harder. We need to give our minds and bodies a mini vacation from the endless cleaning, treatment and researching. I listened while in the bath and/ or falling asleep, and any time I had a break.

Free excellent stress EFT tapping video by Julie Shiffman on Marcela’s site! It really helps, I started crying the first time. We are carrying to much to persevere through this; we need a release- tap it out! Also lots on EFT on and

And something that helped me- I sent loving thoughts to my skin… my skin that i was hating, p***ed off at and wish would fall off me. At one point when I couldn’t tell what was what with symptoms old and new, reactions to treatment, etc I t took a break from the effective but drying Kleen Free and straight tea tree oil. I hadn’t been using any lotion or moisturizing oil afraid that any moisture would support their life extension in some way. But one night I took a warm neem, borax, epsom salt bath as a break from usual scalding baths air dry and kleen free spray and air drying… after I put grapeseed oil and tea tree oil (ok not a complete break : ) As I rubbed it on I sent loving energy and said thank you to my skin for sending out all of toxins, for doing all of this work of swelling up and getting the debris and toxins out of my body, of growing new skin. My skin did feel a somewhat calmer and my mind somewhat more at peace… Yes, I would have rather had an instant cure, but as long as we are together (me, my mind, body and skin) I figure we can support each other and be on the same team…

People who don’t have it and don’t understand ask about stress and suggest if we just relaxed or didn’t think about it so much. That is both impossible and possible. Stress and our thoughts didn’t create it. It’s real. And it seriously needs to be dealt with. And we can support ourselves to do all of this by finding the openings, when it’s possible to consider letting in a resource that can help us feel relief, relaxation or distraction for however brief of a time. I think I read on or somewhere that stress turns off our immune system temporarily, and increases inflammation. Our already very inflamed skin doesn’t need that, and we Do very much need our immune system to fight this and the debris and the treatment reactions. We will be stressed, it is stressful, and we can accept that rather than judge it; and we can take some of those times when we are inclined to read more chats about treatments, symptoms, cleaning, eradication, etc as a reminder to cordon off some of our mind and time for something nurturing and restorative support.

To All of Our Peace, Health and Healing
Sending Love,

I totally agree with you, Christine. It is important to not ignore the emotional and/or spiritual parts of our being as those parts are not separate from the physical parts of our bodies. It’s easier said than done though, especially in such a toxic political economy where self-care, a necessary and crucial need to thrive, is a luxury for so many struggling just to make ends meet. It’s a damn shame we all have to be forced to deal with this issue individually when resources squandered on maintaining the pharmaceutical industry and medical industrial complex could be used for clinics specifically for people and animals dealing with things like this, skin mites. This is a public health crisis but it is not dealt with as such. Ok, rant over… but who’s with me?

I went to the local feed store and got my Ivermectin and Permethrin for under $20.

Yess! I went vegetarian because of scabies so that i would be more emotionally capable of dealing. It has helped. Im basically on a parasite flush diet to try and help me deter them from my skin. Oatmeal in the morning, hummus sandwich for lunch and often times a rice dish for dinner. I feel pretty good and much more effectively prepared for bug battle.

Can sulphur soap help to get rid of it ? Or Epsom salt.

I will try to make this brief and to the point as I have spent a year trying to find a cure and read most of the forums from sufferers which is tiring, upsetting and frightening.
This is my experience:
1. Went undiagnosed by doctors and dermatologists for all this time.
2. Spread to family.
3. I prepared 7 days of clothes and bed sheets. Covering the mattress with plastic.
4. Put the sheets and clothes in a plastic bag for 7 days. Label the bag on the day you put them in. They are ready for use again after this. Many websites say 48 hours but I wanted to be sure. If you want to wash everything, it must be at 60 degrees. Always wash after a treatment.
5. I took Ivermectin orally and topically having tried numerous cures. This one worked but only if you clean the environment. You may feel itchy after treatment but this is the horrible things dying off you skin.
6. I kept ALL my personal things to myself like towels, cloths, toilet paper etc. Used paper towels in kitchen etc.,
7. If your family has it you ALL need to treat and do the same as above at the same time.
8. They need skin to survive and eventually die off fabrics if you do the above.

I really hope this helps. I know how debilitating it is and how upsetting when doctors and even dermatologists can’t diagnose it. It’s been a very tough year. Wishing you all the very best of luck. Just remember re-infestation is the problem. Thank you all for your comments too. It all helps

Does permeyhian 5% cause any side affects?

I Boiled water held a hand towel i dipped in it on lesion for 20 minutes off and on as much as i could tolerate, followed by 50% alcohol, tea tree oil, oregano oil and topped it with a mixture of honey and curcumin. My itching subsided.
I did take the prescribed cream and 4 tablets of oral medicine ivermeti and put premethrine cream on lesions.

If by really have to itch :
I boiled water, let it cool then dipped a hand towel in it, held it against my lesion as much as i could tolerate 20 minutes off and on.
Then I put 50% alcohol, tea tree oil, oregano oil and 1st put a mixture of honey and curcumin.
On the second application of all of the above I topped it with Vaseline, itching ceased.

Poor Zoe. Bless her heart. Glad that”s all over & behind. & geez they need to seriously lysol everything down at that daycare. How do the workers keep from getting sick every week. Your hair. GORGEOUS!

I suffered from Scabies in 2011 and got rid of it after trying so many things including tea tree oil baths. Before going for natural alternative ways I went to a dermatologist who prescribed Ivermectin and Permethrine to me. But these meds also didn”t work for me. I realized that I needed something to boost my immune system so I took silver ion liquid and garlic oil capsules. I think scabies mites don”t like garlic smell. Another thing I noted that scabies increases if you are exposed to hot weather or you use hot water in shower. So I started soaking myself in cold water with few drops of tea tree oil and it proved effective. Still the mites didn”t die completely so I followed my grandfather advice to apply my urine topically and it worked miracle for me. I used to apply my urine at night and wash it off in the morning. Miraculously it dried the nasty mites and my skin became healthy just like before. Many of you might reject this idea but let me assure you that I suffered for months and tried almost every possible thing before trying my urine which was proved to be best and cheapeat cure for scabies.

Thanks ordercustomssay! I’m going to try this. Have tried about all else over the past 6 months and I’m tired. Even tried potentising my urine and using it internally like a homeopathic remedy, but did not think of using it pure, externally. The numbers are going down through homeopathy and other means but I still need something to clinch it and I’m fed up of running around smelling either like a bakery (on a good day) or an apothecary (on a bad one) – and not knowing what all of this is eventually doing to my skin. At least urine is safe! Thanks for the tip,

I went to Urgent Care 6 days ago with a raging case of Scabies – The initial diagnosis 2.5 months ago was “Eczema”. I was give a prescription of Triamcinolone Acetonide (Steroidal Ointment) and sent home ….

The small ‘pimples’ started about four weeks later, which led eventually to a rash, which became and “angry rash” with a devastating itch.

I couldn’t take this “Eczema” any longer 6 days ago, and dragged my weary arse to Urgent Care, where, even then, the doctor referred to the condition as ‘Dermatitis’ (This might be an overall definition that includes eczema and scabies) …. He looked at it and said “It kinda looks like scabies, so we are going to treat it as scabies …”

I’m going “What ? … Scabies ? …. This is SCABIES!? …” …. I was told it was Eczema and was treated for Eczema ! …. As you might imagine, I was horrified …

Looking down at my arms, I now realized I had burrows drilling from my wrists to my finger webs … more on my forearms …. Later when I got home and stripped down, I saw burrows EVERYWHERE ! .. Moreover, the borrows were swelling in size … It was a freekin horror movie come to life in my body !

I had no idea what the hell was going on or what Scabies was, so I found the Topix forums, and realized that this was going to be a tough road to hoe … The frantic comments and desperate posters could scare the HOOCH out of any person …

I was prescribed 5% Permethrin cream, which posters said ‘DID/DID NOT work …. also Ivermectin was available, which MAY/MAY NOT work … and a litany of other methods and materials that had various kinds of effectiveness …

So, I applied the cream 5 days ago, and went the full 14 hours – Chin to soles, under trimmed nails, extra between toes and fingers, up to chin and back hair line …. I also figured I was close enough to being ‘elderly’ (61YO) to apply to forehead to hairline and temples to hairline … I also circled my outer ears, just for good measure …

Sure enough … The next day, the swelling dropped and the borrows had diminished in size … the different lumps in different places all became subdued, although the itch was still present. I could tell this was working as advertised … I was told I would need a second application in 7 days, and I thought – Why seven days ?

I decided to check more ‘stoic and respectable’ websites, like the CDC and the AAD, and found the reason – The lifecycle of the scabies mite has a specific time schedule, and it can be used to our advantage. It goes like this:

Eggs hatch inside the burrow in 3-4 days into the Larvae stage.
It remains in the burrow as larvae for one day, then transforms exits the burrow to find it’s own shallow burrow, where 3-4 days later, it molts in to a ‘protonymph’, and 3-4 days after that, a ‘Tritonymph’ …

It is not yet an adult, and only adults can lay eggs.

In each change from larvae to tritonymph, the bug moves to another burrow.

In yet another 3-4 days, the tritonymph changes to an Adult, where the female adult will move to yet another shallow burrow, and await a male for mating.

This whole process takes about 14 days to produce a mating capable female adult mite.

Permethrin is said to kill both live bugs and eggs, but some eggs might escape the first application, which is why the second treatment is necessary.

If you count five days from the first application – ALL remaining eggs should have hatched, but are still in the pre-adult transformational stages for another 12 days. They are now laying in shallow burrows. They are ready to kill before they mate and create new eggs …. If you follow the one week between applications protocol, you will kill the remaining live bugs and NO eggs will exist. If you follow the protocol …. It WILL work, and you will be rid of all bugs and eggs.

However, here is the rub – You HAVE TO CLEAR YOUR ENVIRONMENT OF ANY BUGS OR EGGS …. You have to be super clean by the time you take your second application … Otherwise, live ADULTS will re-infest your skin and start laying eggs – AGAIN ! … It disrupts the benefit of controlling the lifecycle of these little monsters, and they will AGAIN appear after the second application.

Also, it is my understanding that eggs can linger in the environment for 17 days and remain viable. We MUST clear all bugs and their eggs from our little world for treatment to be successful … The car .. the workplace … the shed out back – EVERY place you touch stuff is your environment, so pay heed and vacuum/sanitize EVERY place you will be for one month … This is why it pays off to strip your environment down to a few items …. It’s only a few items to sanitize, to vacuum, to launder, to wipe clean …. Sealed bags are your friend (labels and binder clips also) …. Got a spare room ? … Fill bags with unnecessary crap, label and seal them, then toss them in the spare room … I will consider taping the door to seal it and put a date on the door when it can be opened.

This is why people say “Permethrin doesn’t work” … Now, don’t get me wrong, there could be outliers that have superbugs that don’t die when they use Permethrin, but I don’t see that in the literature. According to the experts at CDC .. Scabies mites are not resistant (yet) to Permethrin (Or Ivermectin, for that matter)

Another reason that people disbelieve the effectivity of Permethrin/Ivermectin is the presence of itching after the second application. It needs to be understood that the itching is caused by the body’s reaction to mites in the skin … Their BYPRODUCTS i.e. poop is a foreign invader in the skin, and the body generates histamines to attack the foreign invaders. Permethrin does not REMOVE the poop – the poop is still there, so the rash and itching will persist, even as the burrows and bumps heal over time. I understand that this can take upwards of 6 weeks for the body to finally deal with all that poop! … I am guessing this is autophagic in nature, which is part of the body’s natural homeostatic response to toxins in the cellular environment. I fast for autophagy, occasionally, and I suppose one could speed up the breakdown and removal of the poop by using water fasts .. Maybe …

But my point is – It WILL work if you follow the protocol, but it wont work if you let mites linger in your environment after the first application.

I am afraid I am guilty of this, because 1) I had no idea exactly what I needed to do before my first application – I just wanted those little [email protected] OFF OF ME !

and 2) It is damned HARD to clean your environment of all bugs .. immediately.

I am five days in, and I am STILL not there … I am pretty sure I have been reinfested, even today, so I will need a THIRD application …. I bought the Martin’s 10% Permethrin and will make my own cream starting Tuesday, but I am sitting here, drinking coffee and taking a break while I strategize my next step ….. This is freekin HARD ! …. and this is why the regular treatment fails for so many ….

Once I send this message, I am going to get off my arse and continue cleaning up … I have borax on the carpets … I am calling the dump to pick up my old upholstered furniture and my big old comfy bed … I am switching to a cot for the next month … I am taking all objects that make the clutter of my home, and bagging that crap and sealing the bags for at least a month … I am ridding my life of crap I haven’t used in ages, and I will be ready to roll come Tuesday … I will NOT get reinfested again …. I am going to work the protocol, because it does make perfect sense …. I am glad that I did that first application ASAP, because I wanted it to STOP ! … But now I am not so ignorant, and I am now racing to “git’r done” by Tuesday, or even Wednesday … (8 days is still less than 14) ….

12 Essential Tips For Cleaning For Scabies

While treating scabies on your body is hard enough, there’s also another side to scabies treatment that many forget about.

This ends up leaving people frustrated with their treatments.

“I’ve used permethrin 3 times! Why isn’t it working!”

The chances are, they’ve only been treating one part of the problem.

The truth is, scabies under your skin is only half the battle.

Scabies can live in many places, not just under your skin and nails.

They can live in your clothing, your mattress, your bedding and sheets, your car, your furniture, your carpet and so on.

That’s why when you treat yourself for scabies, it’s also important to treat your living environment too.

If that sounds cumbersome, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of 12 tips to help you scabies-proof your home with confidence.

1. Hot and dry is the key!

This is your number one rule when it comes to killing scabies.

In a recent blog post I read through various studies on how long scabies can survivewithouta human host. In cold and humid environments, scabies can survive for up to 20 days, but in hot and dry environments (25 °C / 77 °F and humidity under 30%) no mite was able to survive more than 3 days. You can read the full blog post here.

That means your can reduce scabies survivability in your home by

80%, just by making it hotter and dryer?

How do you do this?

If you already live in a hot and dry area, then you probably don’t need to do anything. However, if you live in a very cool and rainy area, you should probably make an effort to change your home environment. Keep the heat on day and night, and make sure your home is above 25°C / 77°F at all times during your treatment.

Secondly, get a dehumidifier. This study showed that reducing humidity from 90% to 30% shortened the scabies off-host life span from 4-5 days to 2-3 days. That means you can reduce the amount of time they’ll be alive in your house by almost half, just be decreasing the humidity!

Dehumidifiers are not expensive and are an excellent investment in your home anyway – giving you several litres of fresh water each day, and also reducing moss, mold and deterioration in the home itself, especially if it’s wooden. Scabies killing is almost just a bonus!

This is the best dehumidifier I could find under $100, and is actually the exact one that I’m currently using in my house.

So remember – hot and dry is the first step!

2. Wash your bedding every day

How long do scabies mites survive in bedding?

Probably only a few days in a hot, dry environment.

To be honest, sleeping in the same bed sheets every day only poses a small risk for re-catching scabies.

Take a look at this extract from an extensive study:

“Only 4 individuals of 272 tested became infected with scabies after sleeping in beds used by heavily infected patients.” (source).

So, the chance of infection after sleeping in the same bed sheets is around 1.5%.

But is that a risk you want to take?

1.5% is not the same as impossible, and if you’ve been dealing with scabies, you probably agree with me that you want to take every 1.5% chance of getting rid of these suckers you can get!

Therefore, wash your bedding every day. Make sure you wash it on a high heat. It’s also a good idea to add 10-12 drops of tea tree oil to your wash cycle, as this is one of the best natural killers of scabies.

3. Wash your clothes every day

The same goes for your clothes.

Try not to wear the same clothes every day.

Scabies can survive in your clothes for several days, but it’s very unlikely that scabies survive a wash cycle, and almost impossible for them to survive a hot wash cycle.

After you wash them, it’s also a good idea to quarantine your clothes in the sun.

Put them in a big garbage bag, and leave them in the midday sun as long as possible. Scabies hate heat, remember? You’re likely to kill many leftover mites with just one day in heavy sun.

If you don’t live somewhere sunny, throw them in a hot dryer cycle for 30-40 minutes.

Again, tea tree oil is a great addition to your laundry during scabies treatment.

4. Make a permethrin spray to clean your furniture

To make sure you kill all scabies mites in your environment, it’s a good idea to use permethrin.

Permethrin is the standard prescription treatment for scabies and one of the core treatments in my ultimate treatment plan.

But not only can we use it on your skin, we can use it on our surroundings too.

The easiest way to do this is to make a permethrin spray. This is very simple.

First, you’re going to need some quality permethrin. I recommend using Martin’s Permethrin, which has excellent reviews and comes as a 10% solution. You can get it on Amazon here.

The next thing you’ll need is a regular spray bottle, like these ones here. If you don’t have any lying around the house, you can order some generic ones for just a few dollars here.

Now it’s time to mix. Simply fill the bottle with one half of Martin’s 10% Permethrin, and one half of water, and you have a5% permethrin spray. This is the ideal percentage for killing scabies mites and eggs.

Use this to clean all hard surfaces in your home – door handles, chairs and desks, hard floors, your car, even surfaces in your workplaces if you wish. Permethrin is not expensive, so keep this bottle handy and clean and wipe whenever you feel the need throughout your treatment!

Bonus tip: Scabies and shoes can be a problem too. Permethrin spray is perfect for treating shoes. Simply give them a spray, leave them to dry. Give them a rinse after if you wish.

5. Alternatively, make a bleach spray

You can do exactly the same thing as you do with permethrin, with bleach.

You might have seen my blog post on bleach and using bleach baths as a scabies treatment.

Bleach has not actually been studied as a scabies killer, which means we are relying on anecdotal evidence only when it comes to its effectiveness.

However, many reports around the web have people saying that bleach really did work for them.

If you are unable to get your hands on permethrin, or don’t like the idea of spraying insecticide all over your home, bleach is the next best thing.

6. Or you can use Lysol?

Some reports from netizens show that Lysol is also a potential scabies killer.

I have looked into this and am not 100% convinced, however, if it’s the best you have then it’s better than nothing.

Scabies mites have a very fragile outer shell and they are not going to like most chemicals anyway. Lysol has not been studied as a scabies killer, but it’s likely that it is harmful to them in the same way as bleach.

7. Clean your carpets

Cleaning your carpets is essential.

Because carpets are usually damp, and we know that scabies like cool, damp places.

Remember, hot and dry is what we’re aiming for!

The best way to clean your carpets against scabies is to steam clean them. This is heat-based cleaning so it is ideal for scabies. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, you can very easily rent one, or they are even cheap enough to buy these days. Amazon has many quality cleaners for under $100 that get delivered straight to your home.

Also giving your carpets a quick spray of permethrin won’t hurt – not necessarily every corner of your carpet, but the areas where you spend a lot of time.

8. Clean your mattress

Cleaning your mattress is a big one for scabies.

There are a few ways to do this.

One is to sun your mattress. If you live somewhere with very hot weather, get your mattress into the sun! As soon as you wake up, strip your bed sheets and put them in the wash (like we described in Tip #2), then lay your mattress under the sun for the day.

Not only does the heat kill the scabies, the sun will help dry your mattress too, making it doubly effective. As a bonus, it will kill a lot of other germs and bacteria that have been hiding in your mattress too.

I recommend doing this every day during your scabies treatment if possible.

If you want, you can also give it a spray and wipe with some permethrin spray also. Try to keep this light, as you don’t want to be sleeping on a mattress covered with insecticide. A few surface sprays and a quick wipe will suffice.

Lastly, you may want to consider a mattress cover. Nowadays many mattress covers are vinyl free, but for scabies a vinyl cover is still effective and may even be better than non-vinyl.

The advantage of a mattress cover is once you cleaned and sun-treated your mattress, you can simply encase it with a mattress cover and it should remain mite free. To clean, you can simply wipe down the cover with a bleach or permethrin spray each day – super easy. A worthwhile investment to make if you don’t have time to be hauling your mattress up and down the stairs each day! You can get a basic mattress cover for under $20 on Amazon.

9. Clean your car

Cleaning your car is one place people often overlook.

It’s also not as easy as cleaning your floor or your bedsheets.

To be honest, the chance of you catching scabies from your car is slim to none.

Remember the earlier study I cited where even sleeping in a scabies infested bed only led to infections in 4 out of 272 people. So sitting in your car for an hour, fully clothed, is a very small scabies risk.

However, if you really want to cover all your bases, you might consider cleaning your car as well.

Two ways. Firstly, give the seats a good spray and wipe down with permethrin spray. Remember to not be too generous with the permethrin, it is technically a poison, after all.

Secondly, park your car in the sun. Close all the doors and windows and let it sit as long as possible. Scabies do not survive long in hot temperatures, especially without a human host. Turn your car into a scabies sauna and it shouldn’t post a risk for re-infestation.

10. Quarantine as much of the house as possible

When it comes to scabies, trying to downsize your environment helps a lot.

For example, if there are certain rooms in the house that you don’t need to be in, don’t go in there!

If there are three bathrooms in the house, try and make one off limits during your treatment.

This is one less scabies area for you to worry about, and one less area for you to clean.

This is precisely what we did during my scabies treatment. Three rooms in the house were completely off limits, we shut the doors and didn’t step foot inside them for two weeks.

See if you can do this within your own household, to make your scabies treatment period that little bit easier.

11. Treat everyone!

Remember, everyone in the household needs to be treated.

If you’re a bachelor/bachelorette or a couple, things shouldn’t be too hard.

If you’re a family of six, well, things are going to be a little hectic (sorry!).

Either way, it needs to be done.

There’s only one thing worse than having scabies, and that’s having scabiesagain.

Unfortunately, this happens often, and most scabies re-infestations come from family members who weren’t treated properly or didn’t want to be treated for scabies the first time around.

When it comes to scabies, the whole household must be treated.

This means everyone’s clothes, everyone’s bedding, everyone’s living areas.

Remember – if you do your scabies treatment once, and you do it properly, there’s a 99% chance you won’t have to do it again.Ifyou do it properly.

12. Make sure you’re using the best scabies treatment possible

Of course, we can’t forget that after cleaning your house, car, sheets, clothes and pets, you also need to treat…yourself!

Many people live with scabies for months, even years, because they do not know how to treat it properly.

Can you imagine that? Living with that itch for months or years?

The truth is, scabies is actually very easy to treat,if you have the right information.

With the right treatments most people should be scabies free within 1-2 weeks.

When I first got scabies, I spent many weeks reading all the studies, experimenting, researching, until I knew everything I could about these mites. That’s just my personality – when something affects my life so drastically, I go deep down the rabbit hole and don’t stop.

What I discovered was that one scabies treatment is usually not enough. There is no treatment that has a 100% cure rate.

Therefore, the most effective treatment plan is one that utilizes a combination of treatments. If you use one treatment that has a 90% cure rate, there’s a 1 in 10 chance you won’t be cured. But if you use four treatments with a 90% cure rate, your chances of being cured are almost guaranteed.

Makes sense, right?

That’s why I created this website. After all the information I’d learned, I knew I had to share it. I hated the thought of all these people suffering in silence because such simple information isn’t available!

Here on the blog, I have a treatment plan. It is a combination of both prescription and natural treatments, all backed by scientific studies, and when used together will absolutely blitz any scabies infestation. It is 100% free to access, and everything can be purchased from your local health store or ordered online from Amazon.

If you are suffering from scabies,pleaseread it, andpleaseapply it.

Remember, when left untreated, scabies not only affects you, but also our families and our communities. So please treat yourself as early and as completely as possible.

Wishing you back to full health soon!

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Jon is a rogue scabies researcher who wants to banish scabies from this planet. He also likes playing Fortnite and eating carrot cake, usually at the same time.


Jennifer Klarich says

Jon, I’ve been reading over your website since last night. We have scabies and the whole family will be doing the Permethrin treatment tomorrow. What should I do now? I stripped the beds. Do I clean the mattresses before or after we do the treatment? If we stay out of a particular room for the next week, do I still need to wash all of the clothes in that room? Do I have to bag up every piece of clothing we have? I’m so overwhelmed right now and everyone is mad at me. Christmas is cancelled here. Please help……

If you can’t bag up all your clothes, just put them through the washing machine on hot water cycle and add some tea tree oil and/or clove oil. Make sure you read my permethrin guide carefully and make sure everybody follows the instructions carefully. I would also buy the big bottle of permethrin and make a spray and just spray/wipe down areas that you frequent. Try and do the ivermectin too. Follow the treatments and you should be fine, just make sure everybody is on the same page! Don’t let it ruin your Christmas. You may be itching but nobody ever died from scabies. Be grateful for each other and enjoy the holidays the best you can 🙂

I am from southern India . I have been suffering from scabies for almost six months. I have applied permithrin as prescribed by doctor for 6 times now. It appears to have gone, but resurfacing at the same place. I have few doubts. Hope you can clarify.
1. Can scabies mites or eggs spread while rubbing soap on the body during bath? Or when we run Neem oil over the body.
2. Does permithrin ointment loses its effectiveness when stored at room temperature of around 35 to 40 C
3. Does it spread by just touching objects touched by infected person
4. Does permithrin really kill eggs
5. Is 12hours must after applying permithrin cream? Because I don’t see any effect when applied for 10 hours.

1. Technically once you have them they can spread anywhere, but if you treat them they should die.
2. I’m not sure but I believe not.
3. Usually not.
4. Yes.
5. 8 hours is minimum.

Hopefully you’re not having trouble with this anymore, but in case you do, and for anyone else reading this: if the itch doesn’t disappear right away it doesn’t necessarily mean that the treatment hasn’t worked. The permithrin is quite strong and can irritate the skin further, and from what I’ve read it’s quite common for the itch to persist for some time, but usually gets better within a month.

I have had an itch for 2 years and 4 months and at first I was treated for Scabies and then Eczema and everything else you can think of. I just recently went to a new Dermatologist and now he is telling me I have Scabies again so what do I do after suffering 2 years with this itch that is so bad that I have to dig deep into my skin to get a relief for the itch, Please Help Me

On week four of treatment. I’ve followed all the protocols listed here for cleaning, plus this author’s other posted protocols for body treatment. We even left our house for 6 days.
There are homeopathic treatments not mentioned here that we found on Indian sites. In the interest of multiphase treatment paths we added them with great success – particularly symptom relief. Homeopathic treatments are highly specific to each individual’s presentation, including a lot of temperament-based factors. So I won’t share the specific doses we took, because they’re individual to us. But please use your search engine for “scabies homeopathic”, and check in with an homeopathic practitioner for specific dosages.

MORE importantly, check out this study link, which explores the comparative efficacy of Moxidectin over Ivermectin in a pig study. The results are pretty dramatic and speak for themselves. Please be careful if you’ve already taken Ivermectin, and research carefully the windows you have to observe between taking one medicine and another. There are dangers, particularly to the liver, in taking these medications.
This study info gels with other sites I’ve come across in acknowledging rising resistance in the scabies mite to both permectin and Ivermectin. Moxidectin does not demonstrate similar resistance.

Stick to the cleaning protocols and Good luck.

Good info thanks.

I’m not great with computers yet,but am glad I was able to find you.You stood out immediately,as a person like myself,who,rather than trying the “shotgun method”,where one tries everything at once to get relief,is driven to be more patient,using the”divide & conquer” method-whereby one chooses to take longer & even suffer in the pursuit of knowledge.This is what I had been up to former than six months,& just now close to victory.I too have chosen to be a most reluctant guinepig,&like you,have both suffered & learned many of the same things,like the lack of the quick fix,as well as the frustration of experiences with doctors,who,it seems,are not highly knowledgable concerning this affliction.As a matter of fact,I have found the the Doctors of far less value than people who have been driven to experiment repeatedly,until successful,because they are suffering patients,& don’t enjoy the “Medical convenience of Professional Detachment”.
My problem presented differently,in that,it started with,& mostly has been my bald head,which transferred them to my pillow,where,I then got them on my shoulders,face,arms,& then all over before I realized my problem.Having no previous experience with Scabies,I let them get quite the jump on me before I realized my need to visit a Doctor,as I felt “unclean”,& had been avoiding Drs.,Dentists,Barbers,or anyone who could get close to me.I cut my hair to about 1/4″,&,like you,began to experiment.Not only are they on my head,but they are not in my finger or toe webs.Also,I just bought a house that was neglected,and had been working there alone for
overs months before I began noticing a problem.I have not been around anyone for over a year,while living here,battling this horrible affliction.
So there are a few facts and thoughts from my experience.
One thing that might be of interest is the fact that after months of daily laboring to find and catch the almost microscopic culprits of my suffering,I finally,after many months,caught one and saved it for keeping.I have a digital Microscope on the way with which to photograph it,as well as putting it on a glass slide for best viewing and photographing.It’s the only one I was able to see on me and catch.I think they are about 10 to15 thousands of an inch,at least I think this one is,but,maybe it’s a large one,as I’ve only seen this one.As I stated before,Drs. have been a disappointment,as none of them could even agree on the size of these things.They told me everything from-Their impossible to see to-they are like a small speck.soon I will answer this,as I have instruments coming that will settle it.I am going to try to catch more by drying unwashed clothing,and looking for them in the trapped lint.The lint is necessary,since,the dryer filter mesh is about .035″,and the little beasts are about .013″,so without the lint in the screen to catch them they could go through like bird through a window.
I’ve been on Permethrin 5% cream for weeks(on my head!,no less),and Antihistamines (Hydroxyzine works better for me than Citrizine),as well as Triamcinolone Acetone,which is also effective,I think,and I just now am coming out the other side I hope.I’ve got to get clean so I can work on my house see,I’ve quit work in the attic where I suspected that it may have come from.I shall get better and try again.
In closing,let me say that I apologize if this was long,gross,or boring,but this subject is intricate and involved.If you desire I will try to send you a photo my new specimen when I take it.if nothing else,you should be honored that you have received one of my few,and easily,my longest Email ever.
Thank you for the best coverage on this subject that this old man could find.I wish that I would have searched for you earlier,as you would have saved me MUCH searching.Your efforts are valuable.Your persistance,attention to detail,and ability to relate them are priceless.Thank you for you efforts.
Very gratefully yours,

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How To Clean Your House After a Scabies Infection

Almost just as important as treating your body when diagnosed with scabies is cleaning your house or home environment.

If you don’t eliminate the scabies’ mites and eggs from for surroundings, then you will never eliminate them from your body. I have read some places that say eggs can only survive up to a week off of a human body, but I’m not convinced. I think they can survive much longer and even survive a washing machine cycle if it isn’t done properly.

Here are some steps to follow when you need to eliminate scabies mites and eggs from your home environment.

Steps to Clean Your Surroundings

  1. Your Bed– This will often have the highest number of scabies’ and mites and eggs. Since the itching is usually severe at night, you have no doubt spread the eggs everywhere with your hands and fingernails. Wash your sheets in hot water and dry them in a hot dryer. Put your pillows and big blankets in plastic bags and keep them sealed for at least a month. If you live in a place where hot water or dryers aren’t available, you may have to wash your bedding with insecticidal soap. Tea tree oil can also be used.
  2. Your Clothes– These can also be heavily contaminated. Wash everything in hot water and dry with a hot dryer. Things that can’t be washed can be dry cleaned or placed in a sealed plastic bag for at least a month. Again washing in insecticidal soap may be necessary if hot temperatures can’t be used where you live.
  3. Your Bath Towels– Wash these in hot water and use bleach if they are white. Dry on high heat. Again use insecticidal soap if necessary. Throw away anything you use to bathe or shower with ie. sponges, luffa’s etc.
  4. Vacuum– With a hepa filter vacuum, go over all surfaces including mattress, rugs, carpets, furniture, bare floors etc.
  5. Kid’s toys– If your kid has been infected with scabies, it’s important that you wash all their plastic toys with hot water and bleach. Any soft toys need to be washed in the washing machine as described above or also sealed in a plastic bag.


I know all of this cleaning seems like hard work, but you’ll be glad you made the effort because this is a huge step in making sure scabies doesn’t return. Also as an added precaution, during treatment wash your towels, sheets, and clothes after each use.

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6 thoughts on “ How To Clean Your House After a Scabies Infection ”

How long can scabies live in the carpet for?
Can scabies live in dresser drawers?
How long?
Do scabies live on counter-tops?
How long?

Correct me if I am wrong: But, it seems that it might be easier, although maybe expensive just to discard all of the clothes, and towels, even curtains and then go on a shopping spree?
And hire a carpet cleaner to steam clean/ carpet clean, clean tiles the whole house?

No, it’s not quite that bad. Scabies mites are usually only found on things you have had direct contact with like clothes, bedding, towels etc.. carpet, drapes and surfaces aren’t usually a problem. Scabies mites/eggs aren’t airborne.. Just wash things as prescribed and vacuum.

my clothes still have the scabies even after going through all the steps

scabies will not leave clothing even after washing and drying in hot water, suggestions.

Scabies mites although very hardy generally, do not survive more for more than 3 – 4 days away from human skin. It is important that all articles of clothing should be washed inhotwater using an insecticidal soap and then dried in the clothes dryer on ahighheat setting and if practical stored in sealed plastic bags. An added precaution is to place articles of clothing back into the dryer for 20 minutes on high prior to wearing. Have they been placed near other materials that may have been affected?

I contacted them after cleaning out my mentally ill brothers house. He is a hoarder and has lived in filth. He smells, the house smelled and everything inside. I found rats roaches and he even threw his food and containers on the floor. He sold the land and the house is being torn down and I begged him to leave everything go buy all new furniture so contamination does not go to his new home. This home will also be contaminated. I just about had a nervous breakdown helping him and I begged him to hire a professional hoarder cleaning service. I have nightmares about what he was living in and has effected me very much. On advise from my Doctor I need to love him from a far as it has broken my heart that he was a home owner living like a homeless person.

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