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How to Clean a Futon Mattress

How you clean a Futon Mattress no matter if it’s a Japanese style or any style is simple. The items you will need are…

  • Fabric Spray Cleaner
  • Urine Remover Spray
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • White Distilled Vinegar
  • Water
  • Spray Bottle
  • Rubbing Alcohol diluted with Water

You may not need all these items depending on how dirty your futon is.

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How to Clean Futon

To clean your futon and it’s mattress you’ll want to separate the futon mattress from the futon frame. Each item must be washed differently.

Cleaning Futon Mattress

Cleaning the futon mattress is a bit more tricky. If you haveurineon the mattress, then please skip below for the urine section as that is a whole different beast to deal with.

If your futon has a cover, then remove it and wash it in the washing machine. To cut down on cleaning in the future, you should get a Mattress Protector like this one which helps to keep a mattress cleaner over time.

The problem with cleaning a futon or any mattress is that you can’t get it fully wet or you’ll ruin it. So you must spot clean it. Here are the steps to take to clean your futon correctly…

  1. Using your Vacuum Cleaner, Vacuum the entire mattress on both sides. Be sure to use the wide attachment on the vacuum and always keep it moving to keep from damaging the mattress. You can buy Mattress Vacuums which has the correct suction and is the most efficient at cleaning mattresses.
  2. With a cover off I like to spot clean the mattress. My cleaner of choice is Rubbing Alcohol in a Spray Bottle diluted with Water. The reason why I use Rubbing Alcohol instead of other cleaners like Vinegar is that Rubbing Alcohol dries quicker. The worst thing you can do to a mattress is getting it soaking wet from trying to clean it. Excess water takes forever to dry and can also cause mold. Just be careful with Rubbing Alcohol as it is very effective at cleaning and you don’t want to destroy the mattress.
  3. Once you have clean all the spots on the mattress, you want to let it dry or air out. If you can place it in the sun for a day then do that as the sun is very effective at disinfecting. If you can’t place it outside, then place it near a window and put a box fan near it to allow it to air out.

Cleaning Futon Frame

If you can take the futon frame outside, then wash the whole frame with water. Grab a spray bottle with white distilled vinegar and spray and then wipe down the entire frame. Be sure to not keep the vinegar on the bed frame for too long, 10 seconds at the most. Once you have wiped the whole frame down thoroughly rinse off the frame with the garden hose.

If you can not take the bed frame outside then use the spray bottle with vinegar to spray and wipe the whole bed frame down. Then go behind with a wet rag to get up any residue.

The reason why you have to be quick with vinegar is that it is an acid and can start to eat the wood or metal of the futon’s frame. The perks of Vinegar is that it’s easy to get and a natural cleaner at cleaning germs and other nasty stuff.

A better solution is to use a disinfectant all-purpose cleaner. You want to use something that disinfects because mice, bugs, and even humans leave nasty things behind. With an all-purpose cleaner, you can really get into cleaning without worrying about the side effects of vinegar.


It doesn’t matter if its human urine, cat urine, or even dog urine – urine is a tricky thing to get out of a futon mattress.

The first thingyou need to do is absorb as much of the urine as possible with a rag or paper towels. You need to act quick. After you have done this or if the urine has dried into the futon mattress then you can try this below.

Just got to say, all this could have been avoided if you had a Mattress Protector on your mattress.

If you have a mattress coveron your futon, just remove it and place in the wash.

You’ll want to get a spray bottle with Rubbing Alcohol and Waternext and spray the area affected down and dry it off with a clean rag. The reason why I like to use Rubbing Alcohol is that it will kill bacteria and also will help to dry the pee out of the mattress quicker.

Once you have thoroughly cleanedthe area with the rubbing alcohol, wipe it up with a wet rag just to get any residue.

But you’re not done just yet. You may think you have got it all, but you didn’t. The smell of pee always comes back and to avoid this you must use a Urine Remover Spray. These sprays will dig deep and uses enzymes to eat the pee away and removes the issue.

Avoid Doing This

No matter what the internet says, you should really avoid usingbaking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or bleachunless you want to stain your mattress.

The reason to avoid baking soda is that everyone says to vacuum it up, but this destroys vacuums as the particles are so small that they can burn up a vacuum motor.avoid hydrogen peroxide or bleach is because they can stain some materials. Both are super effective at cleaning especially the bleach but could permanently stain your mattress.

Avoiding hydrogen peroxide or bleach is wise because they can stain some materials. Both are super effective at cleaning especially the bleach but the side effects of stains are not worth it.

The reason why you don’t want to use straight Rubbing Alcohol and only want to spot clean with it as it is flammable. Diluting the Rubbing Alcohol with water is the best way to solve this issue. You must also allow proper time for it to dry before sleeping on it. This is why I recommend wiping the area you clean with a wet rag to soak up any Rubbing Alcohol or to dilute it.

Remove Mold From Futon

If you have mold on your futon mattress, then the best cleaner to use is Rubbing Alcohol diluted with Water. The rubbing Alcohol will kill the Mold Spores and also will help clean the surface too.

The mold comes from the mattress getting wet either by urine, sweat, or water. The best way to avoid mold is to add a protecting layer to your mattress by using a Mattress Protector.

Professional Futon Cleaning

Some places will professionally clean a futon mattress for you, but to be honest, it might be worth it just to buy a new mattress.

Futon Mattresses are quite affordable if you buy them online and avoid the expensive retail stores. Buying online means you avoid the high overhead that retail stores have and also avoid the annoying salespeople.

Wonderfully Effective Tips for Cleaning a Futon Mattress

Cleaning a mattress is a difficult task unless you know the right way to deal with it. Here is an article for all those who want to know the correct method to clean a mattress. Continue reading to get some easy tips for cleaning a futon mattress.

Cleaning a mattress is a difficult task unless you know the right way to deal with it. Here is an article for all those who want to know the correct method to clean a mattress. Continue reading to get some easy tips for cleaning a futon mattress.

The futon mattress originated in Japan and the western futon mattresses are based on the Japanese original piece with a few alterations. The western mattress is placed on a wood or metal frame which makes it usable for dual purposes. It can be used as a couch and also as a bed. Basically there is a fold in the middle of the frame which converts it into a couch and when it is flattened, it becomes a bed. It is filled with foam and batting in the form of several layers thicker than a Japanese futon. If you are using a futon primarily as a couch and want to keep it clean, the first thing you can do is buy a futon mattress cover to protect it from dirt and stains. These covers can be easily removed and machine washable. And if you are using it as a bed, purchase a mattress pad or a vinyl sheet to keep it clean. But it is also essential to clean the mattress from within and hence, the further part of this article tells you how you can clean a futon mattress and also its cover.

How to Clean a Futon Mattress?

Like all other mattresses, a futon also needs to be flipped regularly so that lumps don’t form in the mattress. If you are using the futon as a couch, it needs to be flipped once in a month and if it is used as a bed, you should flip it with every change of sheets. Japanese people clean the futon by hitting it repeatedly with a stick called futon tataki. But for westerners it does not make much sense because they doubt the capability of the stick to remove dust and dirt completely from the mattress.

So here are a few other tips to clean the futon mattress:

Using Household Cleaners

Using White Vinegar

White vinegar is typically beneficial for removing mold and mildew. It neutralizes the mold and mildew and removes the stains caused by it on the fabric. The steps involved are:

  • Mix a cup of white vinegar with four cups of water.
  • Take a sponge that does not have any dirt or dust particles and dip it in the mixture.
  • When the sponge absorbs the cleaning agent, squeeze it to remove the excess solution and dab the area with it that is affected with mold or mildew.
  • Wash the sponge with clean water and dab the affected area with the clean sponge to get rid of the white vinegar smell.
  • Dry your futon mattress outdoors, so that it gets sun and air-dried. The fresh air will clear the remaining vinegar odor while the sun will help it dry completely.
  • Check if there is any damp area on the futon as it can allow some remnants of the mold to reproduce.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide makes the dirt lose its hold over the mattress so, you can pull it off from the futon cover. Following steps will help you complete the task:

  • Take a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with a cup of water.
  • Take a clean sponge, dip it into the solution and sponge the affected area with gentle hands.
  • Let the futon air dry to get rid of hydrogen peroxide.

If the above cleaning agents leave a strong unpleasant odor, you can use baking soda to get rid of it. Sprinkle the baking soda without water and let it settle on the mattress for at least an hour. The baking soda will not only remove the bad odor but will leave your mattress with a fresh smell.

Using Other Equipment

These are the general steps followed all over the world to clean the futon mattress. Before starting the cleaning process, take a look at the weather. A bright and sunny day is best for cleaning the mattress as you can sun dry the mattress.

How to Clean and Disinfect a Futon –>

Toby asked:To whom it may concern. I left my futon for about 6 months and my futon has become quite dirty. However, I cannot remove the futon cover because there are irremovable buttons. How should I clean my futon mattress without removing the cover? I need to definitely clean it well so I don’t get Hantavirus (a mouse disease). If you could let me know whether to steam clean, shampoo it or bring it to the dry cleaners and ask them if they would dry clean the whole thing. Please let me know what to do.

Whenfurniture sits in rodent-infested areas, it requires a very thorough cleaning and must be disinfected to prevent any further contamination. Use the guidelines below to remove any harmful dirt and animal waste from the piece.

You Will Need

  • Rubber or latex gloves
  • Face mask (optional)
  • Bleachora commercial disinfectant or shampoo
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bag
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Steam cleaner

Steps to Clean and Disinfect the Futon

  1. Begin by protecting yourself with rubber gloves and a face mask to keep from inhaling any of the virus particles that may be present.
  2. Mix a bleach solution of 1 and ½ cups bleach with 1 gallon of water.
  3. Spray the solution on any hard surfaces, such as the frame and railings and wipe away with a clean paper towel. Dispose of all towels in a trash bag.
  4. For the cover and mattress, clean both thoroughly with a steam cleaner along with a commercial disinfectant or shampoo. It is best to lay the mattress flat and work on one entire side first.
  5. Moisten the entire mattress before attempting to move it to help contain the dust and dirt until it can be removed with the steam cleaner.
  6. Flip the mattress over and clean the other side.
  7. Prop the mattress up or set it back on the frame and allow it to dry completely.
  8. Seal the trash bag and dispose of all used paper towels.
  9. When you are finished cleaning, disinfect the gloves prior to taking them off.
  10. After removing the gloves, wash hands with an antibacterial soap.

How to Clean Your Futon Mattress

How To Clean Your Futon Mattress

There are several ways to clean your futon mattress. There are 2 main category methods for cleaning your futon, the dry methods and the wets method. The dry methods are required for routine cleaning and maintenance of your futon mattress.

Dry Methods

There are three dry methods. They include vacuuming your futon, "sunning" your futon and sprinkling your futon with baking soda. Your futon mattress needs sunlight to help remove excess moisture from the fibers, while vacuuming removes dirt, dust, or skin cells from your mattress. The last "dry" method involves sprinkling baking soda over your mattress and leaves it for about an hour, the vacuuming it clean. These methods combined will help to eliminate the occurrence of mold, dust mites, and odors. The dry methods work well for routine maintenance.

Wet Methods

The wet methods are used to remove staining or to treat soiling of your futon. Depending on the type of stain you are cleaning, the solution will differ. The main types of stains you will encounter are mold and mildew, blood, urine, and wine. When cleaning these stains, it is important not to over saturate your futon. If possible, us a cloth and blot out any existing moisture or wetness. Do not rub or scrub, as this may work the stain farther into the mattress.


Start by using a removable cover or mattress pad. This will help to keep unwanted moisture from soaking into the core ingredients of your bed. A removable cover will make cleaning and protection easy, inexpensive and will keep your mattress dry and odor free for you and your family.


Mattress components are not meant to be washed. This includes the permanent casing, whether or not it is tufted on. Washing organic cotton quilted with wool will cause it to shrink.


Use a damp sponge and cold water and mild natural soap solution. Do not over saturate and air with a hair blower. You can vacuum your mattress to ensure it is dust free, while also circulating air through your mattress.


Natural fibers love sun, it is their natural rejuvenator. Placing your mattress in natural sunlight for a few hours removes excess moisture from the fibers and allows their natural crimp and loft to return. This relates to a longer lasting, more comfortable feeling mattress.


Our natural fiber mattresses need air circulation and should not be used on any solid surface such as the floor, or a plywood board. Improper air circulation will lead to rapid compression and possible moisture buildup underneath your mattress. We can manufacture a special mattress for you if the intended use is a solid surface.


We pre-compress every bat of wool and cotton inside your mattress or topper to be sure that your mattress arrives even and flat. After we fill your mattress with all the ingredients, we tuft each mattress with 36-84 lace tufts (depending on the size). Tufting your mattress further prevents uneven compression. Once you begin to use your mattress, however, the Cotton and Wool fibers will start to compress. Mattresses made with natural plant or animal fibers will experience compression of 10-15% (1 to 2 inches) with normal daily use and usually takes place in the first 60 days. There are several things you can do to ensure proper natural compression. Flipping or rotating your mattress frequently and sleeping on all parts of your mattress including the center will help avoid uneven humps or lumps. If you purchased a wool topper fold it in half for a few hours when you change your sheets which will allow the middle of the topper to air out evenly.

How to Clean a Futon Mattress

Many people love futon mattresses for their convenient size and versatility. But because futons aremade for both sitting and sleeping, they also lose their fresh look a lot faster.

The good news is, you can prevent your futon from turning into a piece of stained cloth!

Here are a few tips on how to clean a futon mattress so that it would maintain its good shape and look longer. Enjoy!

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How to Clean a Futon Mattresswith a Vacuum?

Let’s begin with the easiest way possible.

If your futon mattress is relatively new and doesn’t have any stains or spills, all you need tokeep it this wayis a vacuum.

Now, a little disclaimer before we proceed:

Before starting any cleaning activities, be sure tolearn about the manufacturer’s guidelineson care and maintenance. Some futons may have specific cleaning instructions, and you should follow them through to keep your warranty valid.

Still,vacuum-cleaning applies to most futon mattresses.

So, grab your vacuum and let it do the job. I will point out just some recommendations that will make your cleaning even better:

  • Be sure to flip the futon and vacuum another side too.
  • It’s better to clean a futon mattresswhen it’s unfolded(e.g. lying flat on the floor). However, if you don’t want to spread out your sofa, at least use the brush attachment to get into every corner.
  • Vacuum your futon regularly: 1-2 times per month should be fine for maintaining a fresh look.

“Vacuum cleaning is the best way to get rid of possible allergens, such as dust mites and tiny debris that might build up inside your futon.”

Removing Any Unpleasant Smells

The second most common concern for the owners of futon beds is how to remove odor . Active exploitation causes funky smells to develop, and it’s certainly not a thing you want to feel every night when sleeping.

So, below are my recommendations on how to effectively remove odors from a futon mattress.

  • Baking soda. The most effortless way to deodorize your futon mattress is to use baking soda. Unfold the futon and sprinkle it generously with baking soda. Then, let it sit for about an hour so that it would absorb odors. Finally, vacuum your futon mattress to gather all of the baking soda and enjoy the freshness.
  • Steamer. If the odor is strong or persists after the soda treatment, you may want to use a steamer to blow steam through the futon mattress. However, check the manufacturer’s instruction first, as some brands won’t allow the use of hot water steam on their products.
  • Aeration. Finally, leave your futon without bedding and covers and let it soak some fresh air in. Ventilation will allow the moisture that might have been left from your body to evaporate so that the smells won’t annoy you. Also, if you expose your futon mattress to sunlight a bit, this will kill the dust mites.

“You can use essential oils, such as peppermint or lemon, as a quick solution. To avoid oily stains, mix a couple of drops of oils with water and add to a pulverizer; then, sprinkle over your futon.”

How to Clean a Futon Mattressfrom Stains?

Now, let’s move to thewet methodsof cleaning your futon. Again, always check the care and maintenance tips provided to you by the manufacturer first.

The universal solution for removing stains and spills iswarm water with soap or mild detergent(you can use dish soap for oily stains).

Here is my advice for you:

  • Try to remove the stains as soon as possible. If you allow some liquids, such as coffee or berry juices, to dry out, it will become nearly impossible to clean them.
  • Test your cleaning solution first. Some detergents might bleach the fabric, so choose an unnoticeable spot and apply them to see if it works.
  • Don’t soak your futon.Too much liquid may contribute to mildew. Instead, use blotting movements and don’t spread the cleaning solution too far from the spot.

“If you accidentally soaked your mattress, you can use a blow dryer to evaporate some liquid. After that, allow your futon to dry naturally.”

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