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How Are Air Mattresses Made?

Air mattresses offer an affordable bedding solution for millions of people all over the world. From camping to other outdoor activities, lots of people are able to enjoy nature thanks to these mattresses.

They are equally great for sleeping indoors whether you have kids coming over or family on their way. even if you have the worst inflatable mattress in the world.

This is why these types of mattresses inevitably pop up in the minds of consumers as soon as they think of temporary bedding.

So, how are inflatable mattresses made? What kind of materials go into the manufacture of these units?

If you have been getting quality use out of your mattress then you’d probably want to know how they are manufactured.

Even if you have never owned one of these mattresses, it still pays to know.

Stick around as we go through some of the materials that go into the manufacture of these portable mattresses.

Who knows? This may help point you in the right direction the next time you decide to shop for an air mattress.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most popular materials in the airbed industry. If you have been doing a little bit of research on these units then you may have come across some popular models manufactured from this material.

While lots of affordable mattresses are manufactured with PVC, it is not uncommon to find some high-end models made from it too.

Advantages of PVC Air Beds​

There are lots of advantages you stand to gain from mattresses manufactured by PVC. Here are a few of them.


One of the main reasons for the popularity of PVC the waterproof capabilities. Mattresses made with this material give you a waterproof surface to enjoy your sleep.

The fact that inflatable mattresses are waterproof unlike regular ones makes it suitable for the needs of many consumers. While regular beds can get wet when water or another liquid spills on it, inflatable ones have been traditionally different.

Waterproofing comes in handy in blowup medical mattresses and those relied upon by the bed-ridden.

Low Maintenance

When shopping for an airbed, it is important to choose one that is low maintenance. We live in an era where everyone is extremely busy so you wouldn’t want to waste time keeping your mattress in good shape.

This is what gives PVC an edge over the other materials used in the airbed manufacturing industry. It requires no need for washing, drying, and any of those tedious activities.

However, if you insist oncleaning your mattressperiodically then you can simply get it done with a piece of washcloth and water.

This is another advantage these mattresses have over regular ones.

​Fire Resistant

While most regular mattresses are unable to withstand fires, this is a problem PVC airbeds do not have. Manufacturers apply specific chemicals on the surface of these airbeds to ensure their ability to stay in their original physical condition even when exposed to fire.

This feature is especially handy because non-PVC air mattresses are mostly manufactured from plastic or other materials which crumble when exposed to fire.

Cheap Manufacturing Process

One of the reasons why air mattresses have become so popular is the fact that they are significantly inexpensive. Industry experts have revealed that manufacturing them with PVC comes at significantly lower costs when compared to the others.

Industry players are therefore able to make their product lines available to consumers at affordable prices. You definitely do not have to break the bank in order to get a quality inflatable mattress.


As expected, there are some drawbacks that come with inflatable mattresses manufactured from PVC. Here are a few of those:

Toxic Material

PVC is far from the cleanest material in the inflatable mattress manufacturing industry. In fact, this plastic has been found to be toxic and harmful to the environment in so many ways.

Vinyl chloride, a sub-component of the material results from the combination of plastic and petroleum.

Production causes the release of toxic chemicals into the environment. If you are green-conscious then you may have to look for one manufactured from alternative materials.

Less Comfortable

It is no secret that PVC is a plastic material. It is quite hard in its basic form meaning it doesn’t make the most suitable sleeping surface. Some additional chemicals are added during the manufacturing process to soften and make it more comfortable.

Phtalates are the most popular chemical added to PVC to make it soft during the manufacturing process.

This chemical can be absorbed into the skin while you are sleeping. It has been linked with severe medical conditions such including cancer and asthma.

Other Manufacturing Materials Used in Air Mattresses

Textile-reinforced urethane and rubber are alternate materials used in the manufacturing of airbeds. They are quite popular and usually found in some of the high-end models available for sale.


Here are a few advantages of going in for an airbed manufactured from rubber and textile-reinforced urethane.

Thicker and Puncture-Resistant

The advantage of textile reinforced urethane is they are more puncture-resistant and thicker than PVC. This means that buying a mattress made from one of these gives you more comfort and durability.

The advantage of textile reinforced urethane is they are more puncture-resistant and thicker than PVC. This means that buying a mattress made from one of these gives you more comfort and durability.

True, there may be lots of ways to fix punctures in your mattress. However, how would you feel about having a mattress with minimal risk of puncturing in the first place?

Absence of Phtalates

Thermoplastic urethane airbeds contain no phthalates. You can therefore sleep on them without risk of developing any medical issues. These mattresses typically come with no odors, which is another problem arising out of phthalates.


The main disadvantage of choosing an airbed manufactured from thermoplastic urethane is the expense. The high cost of manufacture means they are relatively more expensive than models from PVC.

The Verdict

We hope you have learned a few things about the manufacturing process of air mattresses and are in a better position to make a sound choice.

If you want something environmentally friendly and willing to pay the full cost then thermo urethane is a good choice. Rubber is another great choice if your budget is not too tight.

On the other hand, PVC mattresses hit you less in the wallet and are great for consumers with low budgets.

How Latex and Memory Foam Mattresses Are Made

There are a couple of reasons why you might be interested to read what I have on this section of my website. The first is that you have a natural curiosity about how the products you buy are made, and considering you’ll be spending up to one third of your life on a mattress, I can’t blame you for wanting to know.

The second reason might be because you’re concerned over how eco-friendly a mattress is, and again, I can’t blame you. After all, we’re constantly told how we should treat our planet better and the dangers that certain materials can pose to our health.

So, no matter what the reason I thought it would be a good idea to let you know how latex and foam mattresses are made. Of course, if you’re familiar with latex you may think this is the most natural substance a mattress can be made from, and you would be right since the raw material is drawn directly from the rubber tree.

However, if you are erring on the side of a latex mattress do be careful of the actual amount it contains because manufacturers use three different forms: 100% natural, 85% natural and 15% synthetic and finally 20% natural and 80% synthetic. Of course, the more natural a latex mattress is the more expensive it will be.

In respect of memory foam mattresses, the materials used are synthetic and this is one of the reasons why I come across so many complaints about the “outgas” odor many of them give off when they’re brand new. Whilst this can be a little worrying, if you’re careful to look for the CertiPUR-US certificate this will guarantee that your mattress is gentle on the environment and isn’t bad for your health.

If you’re interested in finding out about the whole process, why not have a little peek at the short video I have included below?

How Mattresses Are Made

This content was created by the National Sleep Foundation

Mattress construction from the inside-out

If reading about mattress construction sounds like a real, ahem, snooze, know this: The way a mattress is made determines how it feels. And how a mattress feels may be the difference between a fitful night and peaceful slumber!

The Big Picture

Two basic types of mattress make up the vast majority of the market: They’re called innerspring and memory foam. Made of steel coils, innerspring is, by far, the most common type. Memory foam, on the other hand, is made from polyurethane or latex foam, and is very dense foam. Memory foam is usually more expensive than innerspring.

Inside an Innerspring Mattress

Coils determine how much support (suspension versus springiness) the mattress will give. Manufacturers may use different types of coil shapes and structures, as well as different amounts of spacing and patterns to affect comfort. The next layer, top padding, isusually made from polyurethane foam. The outer layer (or ticking) is the material bound to the top padding with stitching. The way that ticking and top padding are attached influences the mattress’s overall feel. Large, wide patterns will create a cushioned feel, which smaller patterns feel tighter and firmer. Generally, the more coils an innerspring mattress contains, the more comfortable it’s bound to be—but if the number of coils is over 390, then you’re not likely to notice the difference, so don’t bother paying extra.

Inside a Memory Foam Mattress

Especially attractive to people with chronic pain conditions, memory foam mattresses consist of, essentially, very dense foam. When you lie on a foam mattress, your body heat softens the material, allowing it to “mold” to your body. One big advantage: In bigger beds, a memory foam mattress won’t shift as much as an innerspring when one partner turns or moves. So if you’re often disturbed by your partner’s tossing and turning in the middle of the night, it might be time to invest in a memory foam mattress. But one con: Because these mattresses mold to your body, they can absorb a lot of heat and make you feel hotter while you sleep. Some people also complain that they have a chemical smell.

What’s in a Mattress Anyway? Peeling Back the Layers of Quality Sleep

Have you ever wondered what a mattress is made of? Or how memory foam is made? Or the difference between a quilted mattress vs. spring mattress? As your mom always said, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

When considering your mattress options, you may wonder what’s going on beneath the fabric that makes it feel like you’re sleeping on clouds. Below is a thorough overview of the various materials that go into making a mattress so the next time you walk into a mattress store you can tell the salesperson exactly what you’re looking for, down to the foam type! The following materials found in many different types of mattresses are some of the key ingredients to a good night’s sleep.

The Most Common Materials In All Mattresses

A soft, movement-absorbing material that helps with temperature regulation and pressure point relief. Some common types of foam include memory foam, gel memory foam, polyurethane foam, and viscoelastic foam (also known as "rebounded foam").

Polyester Batting

Used as a filling in pillowtop mattresses and mattress covers.

Can be found in some mattresses for extra padding and temperature regulation.


A breathable material used both inside and outside of the mattress.


Used in mattresses to bond layers, materials and seams together for the perfect fit. Quilting is often used in combination with adhesives to further strengthen the bond between layers.

Flame Retardants

Found in all mattresses sold in the United States due to flammability laws for fire resistance.

Steel Coils

Either formed as open coils or individually wrapped coils (also called pocketed coils), these are a key structural component that establish firm support at the base of the mattress.

Now that you know the most common mattress materials, let’s get more specific about what goes into the three most popular mattress types: innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress made of?

These mattresses are known for lush layers of memory foam and polyurethane material which conform to your body. A newer addition to the memory foam family is gel memory foam which acts as a phase changing material (PCM).

On a spectrum from hard to soft, specialty foam layers work together to relieve pressure points from your joints and balance your body temperature. These layers conform to your body shape and absorb movement so you sleep undisturbed.

Memory Foam Mattress Cover Materials

Covers used on memory foam mattresses are typically stretch knit covers that allow you to settle comfortably into the foam. With the cover working its magic on top, higher density foams are used as the core layer of the bed to provide support. These beds do not have coils in them! This benefit is great for those who prefer to settle into the mattress with less of a bounce factor because the firmer core layer of foam helps provide a balanced support system.

What is this high-density foam core made of exactly? They are usually made of polyurethane, but can sometimes be made of more natural materials like soy-based foams or latex.

Since they don’t have coils, memory foam mattresses don’t need a foam encasement for edge support to hold the bed together. Some foam mattresses have firmer foam near the edge of the bed, but this is not necessary for support since the high-density foam offers even support throughout.

What is an Innerspring Mattress made of?

Innerspring mattresses come in two different systems: open coil or individually pocketed springs. The outer quilting is typically made of traditional cotton fabric blends that give each mattress a unique look, fitted with steel coil springs for a firm base support.

It’s important to remember that the number of coils doesn’t always amount to the same level of comfort from one mattress to the next, but plays a role in reducing motion transfer and offering support.

Each manufacturer uses different designs and support techniques to achieve this result, often including layers of polyurethane foam and filling inside the mattress. However, more luxurious innerspring mattresses will use other kinds of foam, including memory foam, gel memory foam and latex materials.

Innerspring Mattress Cover Materials

Cover materials can range from polyester to cotton or stretch knit, each one specifically designed to be soft and breathable. Fun fact: the tighter the cover, the firmer the bed will feel.

When you wake up and get ready for the day, edge support materials are important — especially if you prefer to put your shoes on while sitting at the edge of the bed! These materials range from thick metal rods to foam inserts and encasements. The more edge support you have, the more sleep (and sitting!) surface available.

What is a Hybrid Mattress made of?

Hybrid beds are among the latest and greatest options on the market for better sleep thanks to the many unique benefits hybrid mattresses offer. Specifically, they combine a 50/50 ratio of individually wrapped coils with memory foam to offer the best of both.

The coils offer support, while memory foam and gel memory foam layers conform to posture and regulate body temperature. Cotton fabric blends are added to protect the bed. You get the best of both mattress types above in the hybrid, plus personalized materials that are going to work together to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Hybrid Mattress Cover Materials

Hybrids tend to have a more elastic mattress cover so as not to interfere with the conforming benefits of the memory foam layers. Further enhancements to hybrid collections showcase foam encasements, made from high-density foam, which supports the edges of the mattress.

Knowing the basic building blocks of your mattress can help you ensure that your next bed has all your favorite ingredients for good night’s sleep.

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If you’re in the market to buy a new mattress, but are on a budget, you may be worried that finding an affordable mattress may limit your selection. Rest assured, there are many different mattresses that are suited to fit any budget and sleep style. is wholly owned and operated by Mattress Firm, Inc., 10201 S. Main St. Houston, TX 77025 – Copyright 2018 by, a Mattress Firm, Inc. Company All rights reserved.

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What Is a Mattress Topper and Do I Need One?

Mattress toppers have been gaining more market presence in the recent years. But to this day, we still get daily queries about it – many are still confused about what it does. This article will explain to you what a topper is, why you should consider it, and when you should actually buy one.

A mattress topper is a removable layer that sits on top of a mattress to provide cushioning and support.

There Are TWO Main Reasons You Need a Mattress Topper

There are two general purposes that mattress toppers serve: 1) make a firm mattress softer, or 2) remedy a shabby, sagging mattress.

Mattress Toppers Are NOT The Same as Mattress Pads

The terms mattress topper and mattress pad are often confused. Technically speakingthey’re not the same.

Mattress pads are usually thin layers of material made to protect the mattress from moisture, dust mites, and bacteria. While cushioning is not a mattress pad’s main purpose, it can give added comfort as well. Mattress toppers are type of thick mattress pad that both provide protection and comfort to sleepers –two birds, as they say.

5 Popular Types of Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper can be made of different materials. Depending on the material, the pros and cons of the topper will change. If you are allergic to some materials – such as latex or feathers – it’s worth your while considering other toppers.

  • Memory foam toppers offer a good balance of comfort and support. It’s soft yet supportive. Memory foam can mould to the body and evenly distributes a sleeper’s weight. This also reduces partner disturbance. A well-engineered mattress topper should have a built-in cooling mechanism to fight any tendencies of memory foam to be hot.
  • Cotton & Polyester-Blend topperstend to be one of the cheapest in the market. They mimic the feeling of sleeping on a featherbed topper – light and generally breathable. The downside is that they can easily wear-out. The fills tend to move from one side to another – unable to offer long-lasting comfort with very low support.
  • Latex toppersare made from a natural material naturally resistant to dust mites and bacteria. It’s hypoallergenic – except for latex allergy sufferers. However, it’s on the more expensive end of the topper spectrum. It can also lead to discolouration and crumbling in the long run due to oxidation.
  • Wool toppersare one of the most expensive toppers in the market. They are thermal regulating but are not as commonly found as other materials.
  • Feather toppersare one of the softest toppers in the market. Their feel is similar to that of a feather-filled duvet. Like cotton and polyester-blend toppers, the feathers can get lumped on one side more than another thereby losing relevant support for the body. Feathers can leak and escape the fabric as well.

TheEcosa topperhas two layers of memory foam:charcoal-infused memory foamto keep the surface soft, andgel-infused memory foamto provide extra support.

Mattress Toppers Increase Comfort, But Isn’t a Solution For an Old Mattress

Sometimes getting a topper can be counterproductive. So how do you know if you should really get one?

You only need to ask yourself two questions:

Is your mattress too firm?

How old is your mattress? Has it started sagging?

A good mattress topper can provide extra cushioning. Their main purpose is to make mattresses softer and more comfortable.

So if you’re considering a mattress only because you find your mattress too firm for your liking,a topper is the way to go.

Mattresses, depending on the material and care, are expected to last between 5-10 years. If your mattress shows signs of wear-and-tear such as sagging, a topper may be quite an expensive and short-term fix for it.

The Best Mattress Toppers are Breathable, Comfortable, and Supportive

There are many mattress toppers out there in the market, but the right ones will serve their purpose for a longer period.

A balance of comfort and support is optimum. Opt for a topper to keep your body cushioned, cradled, and supported throughout the night.

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