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Nectar Lush Mattress Review

The Bottom Line.

  • The Nectar Lush is a pressure-relieving memory foam mattress that offers a medium feel and close body-conforming.
  • Backed by a 1-year sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.
  • The mattress provides excellent motion isolation and does not produce any noise, making it ideal for couples and co-sleepers.

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Nectar Lush Mattress Overview

Nectar is a U.S.-based mattress and bedding accessory brand with a very strong online presence. The company introduced their flagship bed, the Nectar Mattress, in 2017. This review will focus on theNectar Lush, a second model first unveiled in 2019.

The Nectar Lush is constructed with a comfort layer of gel memory foam, followed by transitional and support layers of denser polyfoam. The mattress also has a polyester-blend cover that can be removed and machine-washed. Altogether, the Nectar Lush measures 12 inches thick. In terms of firmness, this model is considered medium, or a 5.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale.

Keep reading to learn all about the Nectar Lush. Our review includes construction details, prices, and performance ratings based on product testing and analysis. We’ll also see how the mattress compares to a few similarly constructed models from other brands, and go over Nectar’s shipping, return, and warranty policies.

Table of Contents

Meet Our Testing Team



Recommended for.

  • Sleepers who prefer a mid-level firmness.The Nectar Lush has a medium feel, and is best suited for side sleepers and those who weigh up to 230 pounds.
  • Those who enjoy the feel of memory foam.The mattress conforms somewhat closely to the sleeper’s body, and the memory foam is not very responsive. This creates a feeling of sleeping “in” – as opposed to “on” – the mattress.
  • Couples.The Nectar isolates motion very well and does not produce any noise when bearing weight. These attributes should help reduce sleep disruptions for those who share their bed with a partner.

Not Recommended for.

  • People who like very responsive mattresses.As a memory foam mattress, the Nectar Lush responds slowly to the body and does not have much bounce. Those who prefer more responsive mattresses should opt for an innerspring, hybrid, or latex model instead.
  • Shoppers on a budget.Compared to other memory foam mattresses, the Nectar Lush is somewhat pricey.

Tuck’s Early Impressions

Zack and Elizabeth open up the Nectar Lush mattress and share their initial impressions of the mattress and construction.

Ratings Summary

Tuck’s testing team conducted an extensive evaluation of the Nectar Lush. Our review and rating process consists of three parts: in-house evaluation, external sleep testing, and data collection of verified owner experiences. To learn more about our review process, read our methodology here.

Our performance criteria and ratings for the bed are listed in the table below.

Mattress Performance Ratings


Specifies how long the product maintains structure, providing comfort and support before it begins to deteriorate. For reference, the average mattress lifespan is 6-8 years.

The Nectar Lush is assembled with a strong support system that helps prevent excessive sagging and deep body impressions. The expected lifespan is about six and a half to seven years, putting the mattress on par with the average memory foam model.


Specifies how long the product maintains structure, providing comfort and support before it begins to deteriorate. For reference, the average mattress lifespan is 6-8 years.

The Nectar Lush is assembled with a strong support system that helps prevent excessive sagging and deep body impressions. The expected lifespan is about six and a half to seven years, putting the mattress on par with the average memory foam model.

Motion Isolation

A measure of how effectively a mattress absorbs motion across its surface, preventing partner disturbance.

Like other all-foam beds, the Nectar Lush absorbs motion and eliminates nearly all transfer from co-sleepers.

Motion Isolation

A measure of how effectively a mattress absorbs motion across its surface, preventing partner disturbance.

Like other all-foam beds, the Nectar Lush absorbs motion and eliminates nearly all transfer from co-sleepers.


Most new products emit chemical smells after being removed from packaging. Off-gassing odors are considered non-toxic, but can be quite unpleasant nonetheless.

The mattress emits some off-gassing odor when new, but the smells should dissipate rather quickly.


Most new products emit chemical smells after being removed from packaging. Off-gassing odors are considered non-toxic, but can be quite unpleasant nonetheless.

The mattress emits some off-gassing odor when new, but the smells should dissipate rather quickly.

Pressure Relief

This refers to the degree to which a mattress molds to or cradles the contours of the body. This helps alleviate pressure point pain, especially on the hips and shoulders.

With a medium feel, the Nectar Lush offers mid-level firmness and close body-conforming. Pressure relief is best for those who weigh 230 pounds or less.

Pressure Relief

This refers to the degree to which a mattress molds to or cradles the contours of the body. This helps alleviate pressure point pain, especially on the hips and shoulders.

With a medium feel, the Nectar Lush offers mid-level firmness and close body-conforming. Pressure relief is best for those who weigh 230 pounds or less.

Temperature Neutrality

The temperature of a mattress throughout the night is affected by how much body heat is retained. Several factors affect temperature neutrality, including material composition, layer thickness, and dissipation of heat through airflow.

The Nectar Lush has a low-density comfort layer that is fairly breathable, allowing the mattress to sleep cooler than the average memory foam mattress.

Temperature Neutrality

The temperature of a mattress throughout the night is affected by how much body heat is retained. Several factors affect temperature neutrality, including material composition, layer thickness, and dissipation of heat through airflow.

The Nectar Lush has a low-density comfort layer that is fairly breathable, allowing the mattress to sleep cooler than the average memory foam mattress.

Edge Support

The degree to which the perimeter of the mattress supports body weight. In some cases, mattresses may sink when weight is applied. This sinkage, often called “roll-off”, affects how closely you might sleep to the edge of the bed.

The Nectar Lush is prone to significant sinkage along the edges, which is a common issue for all-foam beds.

Edge Support

The degree to which the perimeter of the mattress supports body weight. In some cases, mattresses may sink when weight is applied. This sinkage, often called “roll-off”, affects how closely you might sleep to the edge of the bed.

The Nectar Lush is prone to significant sinkage along the edges, which is a common issue for all-foam beds.


Certain mattresses – particularly those with coils – can be quite noisy when bearing weight. Others are nearly silent. Material composition is often the limiting factor for noise potential.

The Nectar Lush is virtually silent when bearing weight.


Certain mattresses – particularly those with coils – can be quite noisy when bearing weight. Others are nearly silent. Material composition is often the limiting factor for noise potential.

The Nectar Lush is virtually silent when bearing weight.

Mattresses that are bouncier and more responsive tend to be better for sex, as they’re easier to change positions on. In contrast, unresponsive mattresses can cause couples to have trouble switching positions.

The mattressn conforms somewhat closely and is not very responsive. Most couples prefer springier mattresses for sex.

Mattresses that are bouncier and more responsive tend to be better for sex, as they’re easier to change positions on. In contrast, unresponsive mattresses can cause couples to have trouble switching positions.

The mattressn conforms somewhat closely and is not very responsive. Most couples prefer springier mattresses for sex.

As you can see, the Nectar Lush performed particularly well in the motion isolation and pressure relief categories. For a detailed look at each rating, check out our full breakdown below.

Sleep Position Ratings

As part of our ratings process, we evaluated the Nectar Lush across different body types and preferred sleep positions. In addition to physical testing, we surveyed our sleep expert team and analyzed reviews from verified mattress owners and customers. Our findings are listed in the table below.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers.

Sleep PositionLess than 130 LBS130 LBS – 230 LBSGreater than 230 LBS

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How Is the Nectar Lush Constructed?


The Nectar Lush’s cover is crafted from a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex. The material has a very soft and stretchy feel. It is also designed to wick away body heat and sleep cool.

The cover can be unzipped and removed from the mattress for cleaning. Nectar recommends spot-cleaning with mild detergent and/or hand soap if staining occurs.

Comfort Layers

The mattress has a 3-inch comfort layer of gel-coated memory foam. The material has a low density of 3.5 PCF (pounds per cubic foot), meaning the material is fairly breathable but also lacking in durability.

The memory foam has a medium feel. Most sleepers experience deep body-conforming and the bed is best suited to people who weigh 230 pounds or less.

Transitional Layer

A 2-inch transitional layer of 2.5 PCF polyfoam is located beneath the comfort layer. This component acts as a buffer for sleepers by preventing them from sinking too deeply into the mattress and coming into contact with the support core, which has a very dense and firm feel.

Support Layers

The Nectar Lush has a 7-inch support core of high-density polyfoam. This layer stabilizes the entire mattress to keep sleepers on an even plane and minimize deep sagging. The base foam is also intended to reinforce the edges, but as we learned during our testing, perimeter support for the mattress is fair at best (for more information, check out our edge support analysis in the ratings breakdown).

Mattress Height

The Nectar Lush measures 12 inches thick, making it a high-profile mattress. The above-average height ensures enough room for a deep comfort layer without sacrificing support from the transitional and base foam components. As a result, the mattress conforms to a noticeable extent but sleepers won’t sink too deeply.

Product NameFirmness LevelThicknessSupport Core ComponentsComfort Layer ComponentsCover Components
Nectar LushMedium (5.5)12″7″ HD Polyfoam3″ 3.5 PCF Gel Memory Foam
2″ 2.5 PCF Polyfoam
Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex Blend

What Are the Firmness and Feel Like?

The Nectar Lush has a medium feel that corresponds to a 5.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale. The memory foam comfort layer conforms rather closely to sleepers and the material is not very responsive. This creates a feeling of sleeping “in” – as opposed to sleeping “on” – the mattress.

The Nectar Lush also feels more temperature-neutral than many competing memory foam mattresses. The low-density memory foam is fairly breathable, while the cover is designed to wick away body heat from sleepers to keep them cool.

Ratings Breakdown

Performance Ratings

Next, let’s take an in-depth look at our performance ratings for the Nectar Lush. Each rating is based on findings from our internal and external testing teams, as well as other factors.


The Nectar Lush was first unveiled in 2020. We have not had enough time to evaluate this model against the average mattress lifespan of six to eight years. Therefore, our durability rating for the Nectar Lush is based on its quality of materials and construction, along with Nectar’s overall reputation.

We estimate the Nectar Lush will perform for about six and a half to seven years before a replacement mattress is needed. This expected lifespan is on par with that of the average memory foam model. The Nectar Lush has a robust support system that keeps the mattress fairly stable. However, the low-density comfort layer is not particularly durable, and owners may notice body impressions developing over time – especially as the bed nears the end of its lifespan.

Owners can protect their Nectar Lush from wear and tear by rotating the mattress head-to-foot every three to six months.

Motion Isolation

To evaluate the Nectar Lush for motion isolation, we asked two sleep testers to lie side-by-side on the mattress. One tester moved around while the other felt for motion transferring across the surface. The Nectar Lush earned excellent ratings during these tests. The comfort layer isolated motion very well and neither tester felt any transfer.

Memory foam mattresses like the Nectar Lush typically excel at motion isolation because their comfort layers absorb movement and respond slowly to the body, eliminating transfer in the process. Mattresses made with latex, coils, and other, more responsive materials do not reduce as much transfer.


Our testers noticed some off-gassing odor when unboxing the Nectar Lush. However, these smells had mostly dissipated when they re-evaluated the mattress a few days later. The bed’s low-density comfort layer does not trap unwanted smells like the higher-density memory foam found in some competing models. We don’t expect owners to face any major, odor-related issues with this mattress.

Pressure Relief

To evaluate the Nectar Lush for pressure relief, we asked our testers to lie down on a sensory pad that monitors pressure build-up in the shoulders, hips, and other sensitive areas of the body. The testers also shifted positions to see if pressure increased or decreased when lying on their sides, back, or stomach.

The mattress conforms rather closely to sleepers due to the medium feel. This makes it particularly well-suited to side sleepers, who often need extra cushioning to align their spines and reduce pressure points. The Nectar Lush is also a good choice for sleepers in the average and lightweight groups, whereas the mattress may feel a bit too soft for those who weigh more than 230 pounds.

Temperature Neutrality

The Nectar Lush features a low-density comfort layer and a cover designed to wick away body heat from the sleeper’s body. Thanks to these components, the mattress offers better-than-average temperature neutrality and sleeps fairly cool. However, some sleepers may still feel warm due to the bed’s all-foam construction.

Edge Support

Our testers evaluated the Nectar Lush for edge support by sitting along the perimeter as an owner might do when getting in and out of bed. The testers all noticed significant sinkage when seated on the edges, indicating a lack of support. The high-density foam is fairly firm and durable, but it cannot withstand compression as well as coils, or even latex.

The testers also took turns lying near the edges of the mattress to check for feelings of “roll-off.” None of the testers felt very stable lying along the perimeter – especially when changing sleep positions.


The Nectar Lush was virtually silent during all of our evaluations, even for tests that required testers to move around on the surface and/or change positions. This is a common characteristic for all-foam beds. Other mattresses produce noise due to certain internal components not found in all-foam models, such as the coils used in hybrids and innersprings, or the motorized air chambers in airbeds.

The Nectar Lush’s noise-free design, coupled with its excellent motion isolation, makes the mattress ideal for co-sleepers – particularly if they awaken easily due to their partner’s movements.

The Nectar Lush conforms to sleepers rather closely. For couples, this means decent traction during sex. However, the memory foam will likely sag a bit and hinder movement – especially when changing positions – and the bed’s weak edge support prevents couples from using the entire surface of the mattress.

Although preferences vary by couple, most consider hybrids and innersprings the best mattresses for sex. These models have responsive, bouncy surfaces that provide freedom of movement for couples, and many also conform to sleepers to ensure good traction.

Sleeper Ratings

The ideal firmness and thickness for a mattress largely depend on a sleeper’s body weight, shape, and preferred sleep position. In order to better inform our readers and avoid subjectivity in our review, the Tuck team evaluated the bed with sleep testers of varying body types and position preferences.

Lightweight Sleepers – Less than 130 lbs.

Overall, our lightweight sleep testers felt very comfortable on the Nectar Lush. Side sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds noted ample cushioning for their shoulders and hips, which helps align the spine and alleviate pressure points. Back sleepers also liked the mattress thanks to its mid-level firmness, which ensures a combination of close body-conforming and even support.

Stomach sleepers in this weight group also gave positive ratings to the mattress, but they noticed more sagging that affects how supportive the mattress feels. Many people carry a large amount of weight in their midsection, and sleeping face-down can cause the body to sink excessively. Therefore, discomfort among lightweight stomach sleepers can partially be attributed to their sleep position.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 to 230 lbs.

Average weight sleepers also generally like the Nectar Lush. As with their lightweight counterparts, side sleepers weighing 130 to 230 pounds noticed good cushioning for the shoulders and hips, and the mattress did not sag too much. Back sleepers also experienced even support, which is largely due to the bed’s robust support system.

Stomach sleepers felt some sagging around the midsection, so their ratings were not as favorable. However, the Nectar Lush’s medium-feel memory foam conformed to the rest of their bodies reasonably well.

Heavyweight Sleepers – More than 230 lbs.

Generally, our heavyweight testers found the Nectar Lush a bit too soft. That said, some positions felt more comfortable than others. Side sleepers, for instance, felt some loss of support around the hips but otherwise the mattress provided decent body-conforming. Back sleepers noticed some sagging, as well, but they did not sink too much.

Stomach sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds gave the mattress lower ratings than other testers in their weight group. The mattress sagged excessively around the midsection. Over time, this can lead to neck and shoulder pain for stomach sleepers. Beds with firmer surface and/or stronger support systems tend to be the best options for heavier individuals who use this position.

Pricing and Discounts

  • Twin$999
  • Twin XL$1,049
  • Full$1,249
  • Queen$1,399
  • King$1,699
  • Cal King$1,699

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How Does the Nectar Lush Compare to Other Beds?

We encourage all mattress shoppers to compare different brands and models in order to determine the most suitable option for them. In this next section, we’ll see how the Nectar Lush stacks up against the flagship Nectar Mattress and some similarly constructed models from competing brands.

Nectar Lush vs. Nectar Mattress

The flagship Nectar Mattress is constructed with three layers of memory foam over a high-density base. The mattress measures 10 inches thick and has a medium-firm feel, giving it a lower profile and a firmer feel than the Nectar Lush, but sleepers still experience body-conforming and a feeling akin to sleeping “in” – as opposed to “on” – the mattress.

For other performance categories, both Nectar models have earned comparable ratings. The mattresses alleviate pressure very well for sleepers in the average weight group. The Nectar Mattress also reduces pressure fairly well for heavier individuals, while the Nectar Lush is better suited to those in the lightweight group. These models also sleep fairly cool thanks to their low-density comfort layers, and isolate motion very well.

The Nectar Mattress costs a bit less than the Nectar Lush, and both models qualify for the same 365-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty. People who feel most comfortable on firmer beds should consider the Nectar Mattress, while the Nectar Lush is a better choice for sleepers who prefer softer mattresses.

Nectar Lush vs. Bear Pro

The Bear Pro shares many similarities with the Nectar Lush. Both models are built with pressure-relieving comfort foams and offer mid-level firmnesses. The Bear Pro also has a specialty cover made with Celliant fabric, a material designed to convert the sleeper’s body heat into infrared energy and transmit it back into their body for better tissue oxygenation and increased blood flow.

Like the Nectar Lush, the Bear Pro measures 12 inches thick and has a 7-inch high-density foam support core. Most sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or less experience adequate body-conforming without sinking too much, but heavier individuals may find the mattress a bit too soft. Both of these models also excel at motion isolation and sleep fairly cool compared to other all-foam models.

The Bear Pro has a below-average price-point, making it a good value pick, while the Nectar Lush is a bit expensive for a memory foam mattress. The Bear Pro is more geared towards athletes and other physically active people due to its Celliant cover, but people who prefer a little more body-conforming from their mattress should opt for the Nectar Lush instead.

Nectar Lush vs. The Casper

The Casper Mattress is a mixed-foam model with polyfoam and memory foam comfort layers, along with a high-density foam support core. The mattress offers a medium feel. However, the polyfoam makes the surface bouncier and more responsive compared to the Nectar Lush.

The Nectar Lush and Casper Mattress have earned similar ratings across most performance categories. Shared strengths of both beds include excellent motion isolation, great pressure relief for people who weigh 230 pounds or less, and no noise when bearing weight. These models also sleep somewhat cool compared to other all-foam mattresses, but edge support for either bed is fair at best.

The Casper costs less than the Nectar Lush but the latter is backed with a longer sleep trial and warranty. Prices aside, the Casper Mattress provides a more responsive feel that is optimal for sleepers who do not enjoy the deep body cradle of memory foam. The Nectar Lush, on the other hand, is best suited to those who like sleeping “in” – and not “on” – their mattress.

Nectar Lush vs. Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf by Saatva is a luxury mattress built with two memory foam layers over a high-density foam support core. Like the Nectar Lush, the Loom & Leaf responds slowly to the body and conforms closely, resulting in a feeling of sleeping “in” the mattress.

Customers can choose from two firmness options for their Loom & Leaf, medium (5.5) or firm. The former has a very similar feel to the Nectar Lush’s surface, while the latter is noticeably firmer and better suited to heavier individuals. Both mattresses excel at motion isolation, but the Nectar Lush absorbs less body heat from sleepers and feels a bit cooler as a result.

The Loom & Leaf and Nectar Lush have very comparable price-points. The latter comes with a 1-year sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, while the former qualifies for free White Glove delivery anywhere in the contiguous U.S. For those whose who prefer firm mattresses, the Loom & Leaf will likely be the most suitable option, but these models are very similar in most other performance areas.

Nectar Lush vs. MemoryLux

The MemoryLux by WinkBeds is another 12-inch model constructed with a memory foam comfort layer over polyfoam transitional and support layers. The mattress also has 2 inches of polyfoam tufted into the cover, ensuring good padding for lighter individuals and side sleepers.

The MemoryLux is available with a medium-soft (4), medium-firm (6), or firm (7) feel. This selection ensures most sleepers can find a suitable model regardless of their body type, sleep position, or comfort preferences. The mattress also has a zoned transitional layer that feels firmer beneath the sleeper’s lower back and hips, resulting in more enhanced support. However, the Nectar Lush has a thicker base layer that keeps sleepers on a more even plane and sags less. For other performance categories, such as motion isolation and noise, these models have earned comparable ratings.

The MemoryLux is fairly pricey for a memory foam mattress. Some shoppers will undoubtedly choose the Nectar Lush due to the lower cost, but the MemoryLux is a better option for anyone whose preferences fall outside the Nectar Lush’s medium feel.

Nectar Lush vs. T&N Mint Mattress

The T&N Mint Mattress from Tuft & Needle is an all-polyfoam model that measures 12 inches thick and has a medium-firm feel. Polyfoam is more responsive than memory foam, and the mattress provides a combined feeling of both sleeping “in” and sleeping “on” the surface. The Nectar Lush, on the other hand, offers more of a sleeping “in” feel for owners.

The T&N Mint Mattress also has a fairly breathable comfort layer made of lower-density foam, but the bed can trap heat for some. Our testing also finds the mattress is most comfortable for people who weigh 230 pounds or less. In terms of motion isolation, the T&N Mint Mattress reduces most transfer but the Nectar Lush outperforms in this category due to its less responsive surface.

The T&N Mint Mattress is very low-priced, making it more of a value pick compared to the Nectar Lush. However, the mattress does not provide the same levels of body-conforming and pressure relief due to its all-polyfoam design. Those who like close conforming and/or experience constant pressure issues may want to consider the Nectar Lush instead.

Nectar Lush

Nectar Mattress

Bear Pro


Loom & Leaf Mattress


Mint Mattress

MATTRESS TYPEFoamFoamFoamFoamFoamFoamFoamPRICE RANGE$1,399$799$1,150$995.00$1,499$1,599.00$795FIRMNESS5.,84,5,76AVAILABILITYonline, in-storeonline, in-storeonlineonline, in-storeonlineonlineonlineSLEEP TRIAL365 nights365 nights100 nights100 nights120 nights120 nights100 nightsWARRANTY LENGTHLifetimeLimited Lifetime10 Year, Limited10 Year, Limited15 YearLifetime10 Year, Limited

Nectar Lush FAQ

Sleep Trial 365 nights

Shipping Free to contiguous U.S.

Warranty Lifetime

Made In China

Where Can I Buy the Nectar Lush?

The Nectar Lush is available for purchase on the Nectar website, but this model is not currently sold on Nectar mattresses are also available at a wide range of brick-and-mortar retail locations. However, due to its relative newness, the Nectar Lush may not be available at some retail stores at this time.

Where Do They Ship?

Nectar ships mattresses to all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

White Glove Delivery?

White Glove delivery is available for a flat fee of $149. This service includes in-home assembly and old mattress removal upon request.

Old Mattress Removal

Old mattress removal is included in the base fee for White Glove delivery, but this service is not available with standard deliveries.

Full Delivery Policy

The delivery policy for Nectar Lush mattresses is as follows:

  1. Nectar deliveries are coordinated throughFedEx Ground. Most customers will receive their Lush mattress withinone to five business days. In the event of ashipping delay, Nectar will contact the customer and provide adelivery date estimate;the company will alsomodify the deliveryupon request.
  2. Those who requestWhite Glove deliveryshould plan to receive their mattress withinthree to seven business days.

Trial Period and Warranty Details

Trial Period and Guarantee:Nectar offers a365-night sleep trialfor all mattresses.

  1. There is amandatory 30-day break-in period. Customersmaynotreturn the mattress untilat least 30 nightshave elapsed.
  2. Nectar will cover allshipping and handling costsrelated to the mattress return.
  3. Nectar willcoordinate pickup servicesfor all mattress returns atno cost to the owner. Customersdo notneed to keep the original mattress packaging.
  4. Mattress exchangesare available as part of Nectar’s return policy. Those who wish to exchange their current mattress for a different model mustpurchase the replacementbefore receiving a refund for the original model.

Warranty:Nectar offers alifetime warranty(also known as the ‘Forever Warranty’) for the Lush mattress:

  1. Warranty coverage will begin on thedate of original purchase, and is divided into two periods. For thefirst 10 years, Nectar willreplacedefective mattressesat no cost to the owner, includingshipping and transportation fees. Nectar still replaces defective mattressesafter 10 years, but owners must pay aflat charge of $50 each wayfor shipping and transportation.
  2. The warrantywill cover surface indentationsof1.5 inches or more. Other covered defects includephysical flaws that cause foams to deteriorateandmanufacturing flaws associated with the cover.
  3. The warrantywill not cover indentations less than 1.5 inches. This is considered normal wear and tear. The warranty also does not cover issues related tochanges in the owner’s comfort preferencesorburns, cuts, stains, and other types of physical damage.
  4. Replacing a mattresswill notresult in anew warranty. All replacements fall under thesame lifetime warrantyas the original model.
  5. The warranty isnon-transferable, and only applies to original owners who purchase their mattress directly from Nectar or an authorized retailer. Those who buy or acquire their mattress from the original owner or an unauthorized Nectar retailerwill notreceive warranty coverage.

Company Information

Customer Service

6 out of 10 customers have had a positive experience with Nectar Sleep.

Nectar Mattress Review

Our Nectar mattress review highlights this new luxury foam mattress that recently hit the market. Nectar Sleep set out to create the most comfortable mattress possible, using the best materials, at the best possible price to the consumer.

Nectar Sleep offers an industry-leading 365 night sleep trial, a “forever warranty”, and excellent quality for a great price. The company is really going over and above to prove to customers that their mattress will not only last, but be the last mattress you purchase.

Nectar mattress, King size

This in-depth review of the Nectar mattress evaluates all of the criteria we use to determine what constitutes a good mattress, which includes firmness / support, comfort, sleeping hot, and other features as outlined below.

Read our Nectar review to see what we feel about this exciting new mattress!FAQ: Read about Nectar in our Top 10 Best Mattresses of GuideReview updated Feb 1, 2020 @ 5:08 pm

Table of Contents

Is the Nectar Mattress Right for You?

Buy the Nectar Mattress if you like:

  • A medium feel–The Nectar comes in only one firmness option, which is a medium firm scoring 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest, and it is suitable for sleepers of different firmness preferences and different weights.
  • A full memory foam mattress– The Nectar is a full memory foam mattress composed of the highest-quality memory foam layers. It offers the benefits of traditional memory foam while at the same time provides enough support and eliminates the feeling of being trapped in foam.
  • A very supportive mattress– As it has been already mentioned, this mattress offers enough support for all sleeping positions which makes it ideal for sleepers of different weights.
  • Responsiveness and bounce– The underlying gel foam and adaptive foam layers of the Nectar mattress provide the needed response when switching positions during the night and a nice degree of push-back and bounce ideal for late night amorous activities of couples.

You might not like the Nectar Mattress if:

  • You are a stomach sleeper –The Nectar mattress is an all foam mattress that may be too soft for stomach sleepers and cause spinal misalignment, so, if you prefer sleeping on your stomach, this mattress might not be an ideal pick for you.

Nectar Sleep Video Review

Mattress Construction and Materials in the Nectar

The Nectar is a 11″ all foam mattress made up of 4 layers of various foams.

  • 1″ Top Comfort Layer– This layer is 1″ of quilted foam that is sewn into the cover that is designed to improve airflow and and relieve pressure points, while providing softness and a luxurious feel to the top, and it also provides pain relief.
  • 1″ Support Layer –This layer is 1″ of 4lb patented Lush Foam semi-open fast-recovery gel memory foam, which provides primary support and aids in cooling and comfort.
  • 3″ Transition Layer –This layer is 3″ of 3lb medical grade cooling gel embedded foam that acts as a transitional support layer between the upper and lower layers and also aids in cooling.
  • 6″ Foundation Layer– This layer is 6″ of high density foam that acts as the foundation and provides deep compression support.

Nectar mattress layers

The cover is made up of soft, long staple cotton that includes Tencel – a fabric more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen.

It is naturally bed bug resistant and actually circulates air throughout the upper layer to improve airflow and circulation.

Nectar mattress cover

The exterior of this bed is extremely soft and luxurious feeling, something we normally see only in mattresses costing 3-4x the cost of this one.

Nectar’s Firmness & Support

The Nectar mattress only comes in one firmness option which we rate it at a 6 out of 10 (10 being the firmest).

It feels like more of medium – firm mattress, in thatthe top comfort layer provides a soft, luxurious feel with the underlying support layers providing firmer support below.

With many mattresses, since I am a heavier sleeper, I tend to press through the top comfort layers and feel more of the support layers which are often harder and not as comfortable.

This isn’t the case with the Nectar, as I don’t immediately compress through the comfort layers and come to rest on base support layers.

Both Kaye and myself felt this bed initially was on the firmer side of the spectrum,but quite comfortabledue to the upper comfort layers and the luxurious cover materials. Over time, however, it breaks in and adapts to your body and becomes less firm and rather comfortable.

Nectar mattress profile view

The Nectar Sleep mattressprovides a good degree of support for a heavier sleeper like myself from the denser foam foundation layers combined with the top comfort layers.

In fact, the dense foam core of this mattress is one of the best out of all the beds we have tested, which is important for providing that deep compression support for the body.

We feltNectar does a great job of providing supportin all sleeping positions for both Kaye and myself sleeping as a couple.

As we are primarily side sleepers, we like beds that provide enough give in the top comfort layer to support our shoulders and hips, while also having the firmness if we switch to our stomach or back.

The Nectar definitely provides the support we need for back and stomach sleeping, and surprisingly also provided a comfortable, supportive side sleeping environment which I was initially surprised that it would.

Back sleepers and stomach sleepers will also find the Nectar good for those styles as well, as it is firm enough to provide support and comfort for those sleeping styles without being too soft and causing excessive sinkage.

I usually prefer much softer top layers, often choosing softer memory foam layers that hug and mold to my hips and shoulders, butthe luxurious comfort layer in this mattress does a really great job at giving that same feeling.

The Most Comfortable Bed

The Nectarmattress is quite comfortable, withthe sumptuous top layer with the Tencel cover material providing a soft and supple sleeping environment, while the various foam layers below work to support and contour the body during sleep.

The layers of gel foam and adaptive foam provide the response needed to switch positions during the night and support my heavy bodyweight with ease, without causing too much movement during the night for Kaye when I get up or move around.

Nectar mattress corner view

The Nectar is also great for late night amorous couple’s activity as well (um.. SEX!), with the bed providing good push-back and bounce needed, without experiencing that sinking down into a hole feel that traditional memory foam feels like.

This bed is bothvery supportive as well as being very comfortable, and the premium materials all lend themselves to accomplishing this.

Sleeping Hot

The Nectar does a good job of not sleeping hotdue to the various gel-infused foam layers and the quilted foam within the cover that aids in air circulation.

As a couple who has tested over 75 different mattresses,this is a big deal for us and something that the Nectar does a great job at– preventing body heat buildup or causing sweating during the night.

Taken together, all of this technology does a great job ofkeeping this mattress quite cool.We did not experience the sticky feeling that we often do with foam mattresses in the least bit which was something we really were thankful for.

Mattress Sinkage & Motion Transfer

Motion isolation or transfer is how effective a mattress is at localizing or absorbing movement. Good motion isolation is great for couples to avoid waking each other up during tossing, turning or getting out of bed.

Some couples may not like zero transfer for such activities as sex. Memory foam has really good energy-absorbing properties and generally the thicker or more dense it is the better.

Nectar does a good job with minimizing sinkage, especially compared to most mattresses we have reviewed.As we always preach, sinkage (and motion transfer) is largely weight dependent.

The fact that I weigh around 230lbs tends to have a rather large bearing on the degree of sinkage I experience when sitting and lying on a mattress.

Kaye, who is half my weight, experiences much less sinkage than I do, but again this is to be expected due to her much lighter weight.

I don’t sink down much at all when sitting on the Nectar, due to the high quality dense foam layers, which is impressive given that my heavier weight often causes me to “bottom out” when sitting on many models on the market.

Edge support is very good with this bed, and better than with many mattresses we have reviewed. The high density foams used in the construction do a good job at providing even support throughout the mattress, including the edge.

Nectar mattress, side profile view

I slept near the edge at times to test this and did not experience any of the “rolling off” the edges or having them become compressed under my weight.

Motion transfer was also excellent (minimal!)due to the all-foam construction, which is known to offer superior reduction in motion transfer between sleepers moving during the night.

This is often a big issue for us, when my heavier 230lb body moves or gets out of the bed and wakes Kaye up during the night (who as a result is often not happy!)

Kaye felt no disruption in her sleep when we changed positions during the night which made for happy sleeping for both of us 😉

Smell / Off-Gassing

Memory foam mattresses usually have the highest ratings for comfort, durability, and customer satisfaction. One of the only complaints owners have is about memory foam smell.

Luckily,Nectar Sleep gets high marks in this categoryfor creating a mattress that doesn’t have too much of a noticeable smell upon opening the box.

There was markedly less off-gassing and odor that foam mattresses usually have, which was rather surprising to us given the all foam construction. Any smell that was there dissipated quickly within 24 hours.

Nectar’s Customer Service

Nectar really shines in the customer service department, by offering some options that are above and beyond what other manufacturers offer such as:

  • 365 nightTrial period
  • “Forever Warranty” for the life of the mattress
  • Free Shipping
  • 100% money back guarantee for Returns / Refunds
  • Click here for the new lower priced Nectar!


The Nectar mattress is our top rated mattress, and for a good reason – it is extremely reasonably priced, coming in at$699 for a Queen, which is a great price given the quality materials and construction used.

Twin XL$469
Cal King$899

Nectar Mattress Review – Wrap up

The Nectar Sleep mattress is a great bed that combines multiple layers of high quality foam with a soft and extremely comfortable pillow-top cover.

The premium materials and excellent craftsmanship make ita luxury mattress that can compete with other beds costing much more, and one that surpasses many of these higher priced models.

If you’re looking for a good medium-firm feel and excellent support for all sleeping styles, albeit at a bit firmer feel, the Nectar is the right choice for you.

The use of the multiple layers of high quality, dense foam makes it have less motion transfer, sleep cool, and have good edge support which is a great feature for couples that share a bed.

The Nectar is a good choice for those that like the hug and contour of foam without feeling “stuck in a hole” like some foam models do, and that is a common complaint for people sleeping on memory foam – and certainly us!

We feel that the team behind Nectar really got things rightand has created a luxury foam mattress that delivers excellent support combined with extremely comfortable materials, at a price that can’t be beat.

If you are looking for a luxury model,you can’t go wrong choosing a Nectar mattress, which we really enjoy andhighly recommendas our top rated choice in our Top 10 Best Mattresses Guide

We hope this review of the Nectar Sleep mattress helps in your next purchase decision and be sure to check out all our latest reviews.

Nectar Lush Mattress Review

Learn more about Nectar’s new premium mattress.

Customer Rating:coming soon
Mattress Advisor Score:coming soon

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In This Article

Deep sleep is one of the most important aspects of a good night’s sleep. It refreshes your body and brain for the next day’s activities. Are you having trouble reaching this stage in the sleep cycle? Whether it be trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep, no one wants obstacles on their way to the deep sleep stage.

Nectar seeks to “redefine deep sleep” with their new memory foam mattress model, Nectar Lush. We’ll give you the low-down on everything you want to know about the Nectar Lush mattress, including some highlights, how it scored in our mattress lab tests (containing scores on things like edge support, motion isolation, and cooling), products specs, and even some FAQs. Read on to learn more about this new mattress.

Nectar Lush Mattress Highlights

  • Wrapped in a cover with dual-action cooling and layered with a gel memory foam top layer, this bed is a master at temperature regulating.
  • The Nectar Lush mattress features higher density memory foam than most other mattresses, leading to better pressure relief as you sleep.
  • Nectar offers a 365 night trial period—that’s an entire year to decide if you want to keep your Nectar Lush.

Nectar Lush Mattress Review

Nectar Sleep engineered the Nectar Lush mattress to give customers their best deep sleep yet. Deep sleep is our most restorative stage of sleep. In this stage, your short-term memories are turned into long-term memories, your immune system is strengthened, and your cells repair themselves. Nectar aims to achieve this by keeping your temperature regulated and providing ultimate comfort with the Nectar Lush.

The cooling starts with the outer cover. The polyethylene material draws heat away from your body, creating a “cool-to-the-touch” feel for the cover. Directly under it lays 3 inches of surface-infused phase change gel atop the memory foam. The cover alternates using nylon and polyethylene yarns, enhancing the benefits of the phase change materials. The PCM layer regulates body temperature by drawing heat away from the body when you’re hot and giving that heat back when you’re cold. The comfort layer as a whole eases pressure point areas by cradling and contouring to your body, something side sleepers need.

The support and base layers deliver on the ultimate comfort promise. The support layer is made from dense transitional viscoelastic foam, giving bounce reminiscent of latex or a pocket coil system, good news for those that constantly change sleeping positions. Finally, the base layer adds another row of dense memory foam that works to support and stabilize the layers above.

The Mattress Advisor score for the Nectar Lush coming soon!

What to Watch Out For

  • Be aware that your Nectar Lush mattress may have a slight scent as you unbox it. This is normal with bed-in-a-box mattresses and should fade throughout the day.
  • The Nectar mattresses are not fully made here in the US. The mattress materials and products are sourced from around the world. The materials are then constructed into mattresses overseas and sent to Kent, Washington. In Kent, they are packaged and shipped to your front door.
  • It may take up to 30 nights to get used to sleeping on your Nectar Lush mattress, especially if you are used to sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress.

Customer Reviews

My new mattress is soft,smooth, and supportive. I get excited about getting in bed for a good night’s sleep now! No more sinkholes or hills to deal with…just great comfort and great sleep. ”-Connie L.

“I was sleeping really bad for so long I thought that’s just how I sleep.. finally realized it might be the worn-out mattress I was sleeping on.. So I ordered this mattress, with the base, a mattress protector, new microfiber sheets, and a weighted blanket.. WOW!! What a difference. I haven’t slept this good in years..never imagined a bed could be socomfortable. I’m so glad I ordered this bed. I’m very happy with it.”-Michael S.

“ I used to sleep on an old used spring mattress. So upon moving out on my own I got myself a new bed I felt I deserved. I literally sleep like a baby every single night now! I never realized just how much of a difference in sleep quality your mattress provides. It stays cool, the pillows are a perfect firmness, and the mattress itself has the perfect balance of soft yet firm support to it. Best investment I’ve made for myself in a very long time!”-Donna N.

Product Information

Learn more about what makes up the Nectar Lush mattress.

Nectar Mattress Review: Best Mattress for the Money?

Nectar Mattress Ratings

Motion Transfer



Off Gassing

Trial Period

  • No Motion Transfer
  • Excellent Trial Period
  • Generous Warranty
  • Delivery can be slow
  • Slow recovery

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

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The Nectar is a four-layer mattress using a gel-infused quiltedmemory foamlayer and a dense foam core. That provides a cool breathable top gel layersleeping surfacewith an overall great comfortable feel andmedium firmnessthat has been engineered toreduce hot spots.

Nectar Mattress is a new memory foam mattress company that is upping the free trial ante with a365 day free trial period. This more than triples the length of many of the online mattress company trial periods. Amazingly, you get to sleep on it for a whole year before deciding if it’s right for you. That means you get to experience through all four seasons. Aside from the amazing trial period, it just feels great. Pay attention to the details in this mattress review. This isn’t just another typical foam mattress, it has some significant advantages over the competitors. It has a medium-firm feel but because it conforms so well, it feels great no matter what your firmness preference is.

This mattress is truly versatile enough to accommodate any sleeping position. It is firm enough for stomach and back sleepers for lumbar support but also conforms for side sleepers. Nectar was named one of the Best Mattresses of 2019!

Nectar is also listed as one of the best mattresses for heavy people.

Overview of the Nectar Bed

Here’s a video of me speaking about some of the great features. What you’ll notice immediately is the quilted cover. Nectar stitches memory foam into the cover for a unique feel. You get an initial soft feeling then will transition into the support layers. You sink just enough for maximum pressure relief but not too much to where it would be hard to change positions at night.

Unboxing the Nectar Sleep Mattress

Your Nectar will arrive in a box like the one below and ships quickly!

The Nectar is available to try in the Sleep Sherpa store and so we unbox a fresh Nectar every 3 months or so. Here’s a video of me unboxing one. As you can see the construction is the same but the logo has been updated a little. This mattress is very popular among customers in our store.

Below is a brochure that explains the generous trial period. Again, it’s a 365 night trial period which so far is unheard of in the industry. This mattress also comes with the “Forever Warranty” meaning that as long as you own it, Nectar will warranty it against indentations over a certain amount. Although this is a very generous benefit, I am more impressed by the overall feel, price and generous trial period.

What is also interesting is that you can finance with no credit check required with no interest financing. You simply break out the payments into monthly installments.

How to Order the Nectar Sleep Mattress

Owning NECTAR is easy withNo Creditrequired 6-month no-interest financing plan.
You only need the following to order today –

  • A source of income and this does not need to be a job
  • A credit card or debit card to make the low initial and monthly payments

No credit checks required and approval is instant
You will enjoy the product immediately and own outright on the day of your final payment

  • You can buy out your payment schedule at any time after 90 days

For people that don’t want to settle for a mediocre mattress, they are competitively priced but since they also add financing it makes it even more accessible. Of course, you can also pay by credit card all at once.

Nectar also offers white glove delivery. The will set up your new mattress and remove the old mattress. The cost for white glove delivery is $149

Review of Construction and Specifications

Here’s how the Mattress is made:

  • 1″ Top Comfort Layer– The cover is made of Tencel fiber which is a soft and very breathable material. It sleeps cooler than cotton and helps wick away moisture.
  • 1″ Support Layer –Underneath that is a quilted 4lb. cooling gel foam layer which is something unique. It gives the mattress a unique feel and provides great pressure relief.
  • 3″ Transition Layer –The fourth layer is what they call Hi Core Memory Foam. This is a dense foam that also is great for pressure relief.
  • 6″ Foundation Layer– This is a standard base layer similar to most other memory foam mattresses but is essential for providing good support.

How Thick is a Nectar Mattress?

MaterialThicknessILD Rating
Top Tencel Layer1 inchn/a
Cooling Gel Support Layer1 inch14
Transition Layer3 inches15
Base Layer6 inches55

How Much Does Nectar Mattress Cost?

Nectar is one of the most competitively priced dense foam mattresses on the market. A queen size retails for $699 along with a set of premium pillows included.

If you are unsure what size you need, check out their mattress size and dimension guide.

SizePrice with 2 premium pillows
Twin XL$569
California King$999

You can also finance the Nectar mattress through Affirm. This will allow you to pay in monthly installments.

Does it Need a Foundation?

Actually, it doesn’t require a foundation however you can put it on a foundation as long as it is firm. It also works on an adjustable bed, wood slats or even the floor.

What is the Nectar Forever Warranty?

Nectar introduced what they call, “The Forever Warranty. This means that they guarantee the construction, and durability to the original purchaser.

Here are the details of the warrant as listed on their website:

  • For the first 10 years of ownership, we will replace your mattress with a brand new Nectar at absolutely no charge to you if defective in workmanship and materials. In years 10+ Nectar will completely repair and re-cover your Nectar, or replace your Nectar. All transportation charges will be waived if a manufacturing defect(s) or a materials failure is confirmed to exist.
  • Nectar also offers the “Choice Option” as part of our Forever Warranty™.If you are choosing the “Choice Option”,YOU KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL MATTRESS.At your choice, instead of us repairing or replacing your defective Nectar in years 10+, we will deliver a brand new one for 50% of the original price you paid.
  • Your mattress must be used on an appropriate base such as a platform bed or other suitable bed frame.
  • The warranty applies only as long as the original owner.
  • The warranty does not apply if burned or otherwise abused, damaged, misused, or neglected.
  • In order to provide the most optimum sleeping surface, theNectar contains only the finest quality materials.As with all premium sleep products, certain adaptations will take place as your mattress adjusts to your body shape. This is to be expected and is part of the performance. Normal body impressions (not greater than 1.5”) are not defects and are not covered by the warranty. Excessive body impressions of greater than 1.5” are covered by the Forever Warranty until…Forever.

How Long will the Nectar Mattress Last?

Given the construction and the fact that it is a denser foam mattress, I expect you can get around 7-8 years out of this mattress before you notice lasting impressions or lack of support. Since Nectar is a relatively new company it’s hard to say for sure but based on my experience with similar construction this would be my best guess.

Findings and What Makes it Unique

Here are some preliminary shots of the Nectar Sleep Bed:

It will slowly cradle you. Here’s a picture of my 14 lb. bowling ball:

I also took off the cover to show you the inside of the Nectar mattress and how it responds. This is one of the best you can get for pressure relief. Notice that it recovers slowly. The negative here is that changing positions will be a little more difficult but the positive is that I don’t think you will need to change positions at night because of how well it conforms.

Here’s a video of the quilted cover. This is what really sets it apart. It is a dense foam layer quilted into the covering. Quilting foam into the costs more from a manufacturing standpoint but it is well worth it. I haven’t felt anything quite like this before.

Below is a video illustrating heat retention. I was surprised at the result. Given it has a gel memory foam quilted into the cover, I expected much more heat retention. The reason it performed so well is that the cover is made with a Tencel fiber that is much more breathable than cotton. Added to that is a phase change material that draws heat away. Other ultra-dense foam mattresses I have tested don’t come close in terms of drawing away heat.

You don’t need to worry about waking up your partner at night. There’s virtually no motion transfer! Check out the video below. Keep in mind, if your partner tosses and turns at night, this will affect your quality of sleep as well.

Here’s another video review showing how well it performs with motion transfer. In fact, my engineering team found this to be the best for isolating motion of all the mattresses they have tested. Sleep disturbances from your partner is a leading cause of poor sleep and Nectar addresses this head-on.

Are there any Complaints?

The biggest Nectar complaints that I have heard are the long wait times. Due to demand customers can experience waits over a few weeks before their product arrives. In my opinion, it is well worth the wait.

Does it have any Off Gas Smell?

Again, since the Nectar is a denser foam mattress, it will be prone to more off-gassing. I think that’s because there’s simply just more material to off gas. You can expect the smell to go away after about 3-4 days with most of the smell dissipating within 2 days.

I often recommend opening the mattress in the morning so that it has all day to breathe before you sleep on it at night. If you are especially sensitive to smells, you may also want to open your windows. The smell is not permanent and will eventually go away.

How do you Return the product?

Returning is easy. If you find that you don’t like it within the 365 day home trial period, you just contact their customer serviced department and they will arrange pickup of the mattress. You do not have to put it back in the box and you do not have to pay return shipping. You aren’t out any money. It’s a clean break.

My Nectar Final thoughts

For the money, this is one of the best dense foam mattresses I have reviewed. It is made in China but I didn’t notice any major off-gassing. It is also Certipur Certified so the foams used in the construction are tested to be free of any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. This is extremely comfortable and I love how it conforms so well to your body.

A big complaint of dense foam is that they sleep hot. That’s because memory foam is an insulator and the denser the foam the more it will insulate. By incorporating a phase change material into the mattress ticking and quilting cooling gel foam into the top layer, Nectar has created a very innovative and effective to give you the best combinations of support, pressure relief, motion isolation and cooling.

I am very impressed with the quilted cover and I was very surprised at how quickly it dissipated heat. A queen size $699 which is substantially less than others of this quality and construction.

One of the biggest complaints is when they launched was problems with backorders. I don’t think they quite anticipated how much demand there would be and therefore had a hard time keeping up. The company has now caught up on their backorders and you can expect to receive your package in about 10 days after placing your order.

Nectar was recently featured on The Talk with Sharon Osborne as part of their giveaways on October 9, 2017.

Just recently in the news again. Giving TV talk show host Wendy Williams a free Nectar after her fainting spell during her Halloween Special and was again featured for a holiday giveaway…

Nectar Mattress Ratings

Motion Transfer



Off Gassing

Trial Period

  • No Motion Transfer
  • Excellent Trial Period
  • Generous Warranty
  • Delivery can be slow
  • Slow recovery

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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

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110 thoughts on “Nectar Mattress Review: Best Mattress for the Money?”

How would you rate its firmness on a scale of 1-10, ten being the firmest? Thanks!

I would give this a 6. You slowly sink into it as it cradles you. The company aptly described the surface as a putty like surface. Think of a dense material that will cradle you while you sleep. This is in large part due to the cover being quilted with a gel foam layer, something I haven’t experienced in any other mattress.

Hi. I am a side sleeper mainly. I am considering either Purple or Nectar. Which do you think is best for me? Or do you think the Sealy Cocoon is better? Also, my wife is concerned both of these are to firm. We currently have an expensive Simmons Beauty Rest traditional spring pillow top we have had for several years. Any advice is appreciated.

I think the Purple would be too firm. I would either go with the Nectar or the soft version of the Cocoon. The soft version of the Cocoon will be a litttle softer than the Nectar.

I am a side sleeper too and I am only 105 lbs. I currently have the Nectar and it’s horrible, I always wake up with back pain and I don’t feel well rested. It’s not comfortable. I am thinking of returning it. By the way, have been sleeping on it for 7 months now and it’s still the same, not comfortable and I develop a back pain, something that I need not have before.

oh my Maria. I wish I had seen these comments before I ordered. It came within 4 days which I wasn’t expecting. It is airing out now altho any off gassing is mild and I expect no problem with that tonight. But like you I am 5’6′ and btwn 103-105 lbs. I already have back & leg pain so I’m now a bit nervous. I’m sorry you are having the pain, but definitely return b/c if you keep sleeping in pain you could cause further problems. From what I am reading now I may have chosen the wrong one. I need/wanted a med-soft mattress preferably with plush top. Its odd b/c another website said this was a medium to med-soft. But that depends on weight & body type. I have 2 mattresses here I have to return and maybe 3 if Nectar is too hard.

I just received my Nectar mattress. I’ve never owned a memory foam mattress before. This mattress seems very firm to me. My wife who’s smaller thinks it’s stiff as a board. Hope it softens a bit or her body adjusts otherwise this one may be going back.

Thanks! I will order this mattress. Your reviews have been very helpful and honest. We have tried the Tuft and Needle and while the mattress didn’t fit our needs, the customer service department is amazing. The return is really Hassel free. Your review on the Nectar shows that this mattress may provide more comfort for my arthritis and fibromyalgia. Thanks again!

Hi Sharon,
Please let us know how you like the Nectar mattress as well as the experience in dealing with the company as we are considering buying this as well. From all of the reviews that I’ve read, it sounds wonderful.
Thank you.

Did you purchase the Nectar mattress in February? If so, how’s it working out? Thanks!

Ben, how does this mattress compare among Leesa/Purple/Ghostbed/Loom & Leaf/Tuft & Needle?

The Nectar mattress has a very unique feel. It has a dense top layer along with the quilted cover that incorporated gel foam. Nectar aptly described it as a sort of putty feel. What I appreciate about the mattress is it gives you great alignment and very good pressure relief. For a dense foam mattress like this, it also does very well with heat retention as seen in the video in the review. It will feel firmer than these brands at first but slowly adapt to your body.

Ben, this mattress is only good (if even) for heavy people. It is MUCH TOO HARD for lightweight peeps or side sleepers. Their customer service is horrible. I can’t even get a live person and have sat on terminal hold for 30 mins at a time. I just want them to pick up the damn mattress. The one time I got lucky, I got a guy who wanted me to take pix of mattress tags so they could figure out where it came from! There record keeping is appalling. I would NOT recommend this mattress to anyone. It definitely is not worth the headaches. IMO – the good reviews must be bots as I don’t believe they are real. Either the were not prepared for the roll out or it is being run by a bunch of kids. Either way, it sucks. I have seen similar complaints elsewhere.

Hi, Ben. Like Sharon, I have a T&N too. I’m about to return it for this mattress or the Hyphen. The T&N didn’t offer enough pressure point relief for me. I’m around 125lbs. However, I tend to sleep on my back and it seemed to be okay for that. Truthfully, I just didn’t care for the feel of their foam. This mattress seems as firm as the T&N, but do you think it’s better for pressure points since it’s more conforming? How about the Hyphen mattress?

The Hyphen feels very similar to the Leesa mattress and I found it to be softer than the Tuft & Needle.

How does this compare to the Novosbed with the comfort kit for both soft comfort and good support for a side sleeper? I was about to order the Nectar but then read your Novosbed review. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and need pressure relief. My nephew just ordered the Nectar. Which of the two seem to be the most durable? Thanks. Russ, I’ll reply after I try my new mattress and ask my nephew to also report on his Nectar.

The Nectar is very similar in feel to the Novosbed except that the Nectar is less expensive with a longer trial period. The Nectar feels very similar to the Medium firm Novosbed. The trade off is that you don’t have the comfort plus option if you want to make it firmer or softer. However if you don’t like it you can always return it for a full refund. The up side is that if you do like it, you end up saving a considerable amount of money and the Nectar should be just as durable as the Novosbed.

How does the Nectar compare to the Tuft and Needle in firmness? I am a side sleeper.

The Nectar conforms more than the Tuft and Needle however it is slower to respond.

How does this bed compare to the Lob Lolly?

It has denser foam than the Loblolly. It has phase change material in the cover which is cooler to the touch and considerably less expensive. I recommend trying this mattress first.

Hi Ben,
Thank you for all of your great, unbiased reviews. They have proved invaluable in our search for a new mattress. I wish we lived closer to your showroom! We are considering the Leesa, Nectar, and the Nest Alexander Signature Series, medium firm. We’re leaning toward the Nectar but would appreciate your thoughts. My wife is approximately 125lbs and is a back and side sleeper; I’m 160lbs and primarily a side sleeper. Thank you.

The Nectar has a very unique feel and I have been getting great feedback on it so far. They also have a very generous trial period, 1 year! If you want a denser foam feel, the Nectar would be a great choice. It offers amazing pressure relief.

Which has more hug, Nectar or Lull?

I found the Nectar to have more hug. It won’t feel like it is cradling you at first because it takes a moment for the foam to adjust to your body but once it does, it feels great.

Hi Ben does the nectar offer a frame for the mattress? I haven’t been able to find one on their website. If not, what frame would you recommend for this mattress? Thanks! in advance for your opinions

I believe they will be offering a frame soon. In the mean time, I like the frames offered by Zinus. You can get 10% off your entire order through THIS LINK

Derick, you find a bed frame on Wayfair, Walmart, Overstock or any of the mattress companies online or in at a store. I just purchased one at Wayfair.

So if you had to choose between the Novosbed that comes with a frame and the Nectar mattress and buy a Zinus frame separate which would you choose? and why?

I would go with the Nectar and the Zinus. I’m all about value and I think these brands provide both. If you like it you will save a considerable amount of money. If not, you can always return and go with the Novosbed.

i wish it were made in the USA – i am very sensitive to smell- how bad is the off gassing? can you sleep on it same day you unpack it or does it need to sit in an open windowed room a few days?

I didn’t find the off gassing to be that bad. Considering the density of the foam it performed well. I believe that the mattress had time to breathe before it was roll packed and shipped which helps considerably. If you are sensitive to smell, I recommend opening it in a guest room so it can finish off gassing, after a day it should mostly be gone.

We need to replace our 17 year old innerspring! Trying to decide between Nectar and Leesa. We aren’t sure if memory foam is right for us, but with the liberal return policies, why not? I am a 130 lb side sleeper and my husband is 190 lbs and sleeps side and back and sometimes stomach. Which would you recommend?

The Nectar will sink in more and recover slower than the Leesa. The Leesa has a bit more bounce to it due to its construction. The mattresses have very different feels so it really comes down to personal preference.

Would you suggest purchasing a mattress cover to protect the cover it comes with? If so, what type?

It’s not necessary but if you do, I really like the selection Malouf has. Here’s a review of their Sleep Tite mattress protector:

I have noticed this guy never mentions the size of mattress he is reviewing. Reason?

Hey John, just about all my reviews are done with queen size mattresses. There are a few exceptions where I reviewed a king but otherwise queen.

Does the nectar help with side sleepers with hip and back problems ?

Absolutely! It offers excellent pressure relief because it contours so well.

We currently have a Denver Air Mattress with a 3″ Tempurpedic Foam Topper.

I weigh 320lbs and my wife is 135lbs. I am a side and stomach sleeper and roll a bit. My wife is very interested Nectar, what do you think about me?

I think it can handle you. It is a dense foam so is able to provide good support.

I just purchased the Nectar bed. I talked with customer service and they say the bed is good up to 650 lbs. Supposed to ship on or before May 19, 2017. I will be happy to share my experience. We currently have a personal comfort air mattress. Had it 4 years and tired of it.

Do you recommend using a mattress protector over this or just washing the cover since it is removable and machine washable? My husband’s sweat yellowed our old mattress spring coil even through mattress pads that were regularly washed. Any suggestions or not recommended to use one due to the mattress’ inherent cooling properties?

I recommend a protector. The Malouf Ice Tech protector has phase change material in it and is waterproof which helps with cooling.

I am a big person (280lb). Would I just sink into this and feel like I am never going to get out of it? This has been my experience with other memory foam beds.

It will recover slowly so this may not be the one for you. However the tradeoff is that it has excellent pressure relief. Another mattress to consider woudl be the Eight Sleep mattress.

How would you rate this for stomach sleepers? I side sleep too but end up on stomach by morning.

Thanks for the great reviews too!

This is a good mattress for stomach sleepers because it gives you adequate support in your lower back no matter what position you sleep in. I really like the dense foam mattresses like the Nectar.

How does the Purple compare to Nectar?

They are very different in construction. You will sink into the Nectar more and get more, “hug” with the Nectar. With the Purple you sort of sleep “on” it. I didn’t find the Purple to be as cozy as the Nectar.

Ben, I fell in love with the Tempur-pedic Supreme Breeze, but not the cost. So, I was looking at Leesa, Nest, Loom & Leaf and now Nectar. I am 4’11 1/2 side sleeper and hourglass. I also tend to sleep hot. I am looking for a new mattress after having my Beautyrest, with coils, pillowtop with latex, but really want to move towards memory/ temperpedic. Which is the closest feel to the Breeze Supreme?

The Nectar uses a dense foam so it will feel in my opinion, most similar to a Tempur product.

I am interested in the price of a full size mattress? Thank you

A full size Nectar retails for $575 but with the $125 off coupon code it comes to $450.

I looked at the ICloud blue 3000 and loved the way it felt soft and like it snuggled me but it was too expensive. Now I’m considering either the Nectar or the Tuft & Needle. Which would feel closest to the ICloud 3000?

Did you mean the Serta Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush? If so, the Nectar would feel the most similar.

We visited your store over Memorial weekend. We liked the nectar, but was wondering how that compares to amerisleep Revere? I see you had a favorable review in 2016. I am impressed with what I’ve read about this company and has been rated as one of the best online matress buys for memory foam.

The Amerisleep transitions differently than the Nectar. The Revere had a little softer top layer then a firmer base layer. The Nectar seems to have a smoother transition.

What mattress is closest to Tempurapedic Flex Supreme Breeze?

The Nectar is going to be closest to this model.

We currently have a Seally Optimum Inspiration plush that’s med firmness. Would the Nectar be a good comparative or do you have other suggestions?

Nectar is definitely worth trying. Most people that go with it seem to love it!

Ordered yesterday liked the 365 day trial. Says will be here Thursday. Wasn’t sure to go with this or the oceano. Mostly sidesleeper.

We slept on our Nectar mattress for the first time last night. I think we will be happy with it, but it is a little firmer than I would like. Will it soften a little in the next few weeks?

Yes, it takes a few weeks to get the true feel for the mattress. It will soften a bit from what it is out of the box.

After much research and trying another online mattress. we ordered our Nectar. We did have to wait much longer than we thought we would. However, the wait was well worth it. This is the most comfortable mattress that we have ever had. We have had many after 57 years of marriage! I am a side sleeper while my husband sleeps on his back and we both LOVE it! Thanks so much for your help, Ben, as you answered many questions for me. I waited until we slept on our mattress for a month to review it. Buy this mattress, with their one year trial you can’t go wrong!

Quick question about the Nectar. I saw that some people are having delivery issues or customer service issues with them. Have you heard about this and have there been any improvements? I am really interested in nectar or ghost bed and leaning towards nectar if their service issues have been resolved.

Any input on a comparison with ghostbed?

Yes, there have been some delays with Nectar but that has cleared up for the most part. I just don’t think they anticipated such a big demand for the mattress. The vast majority of people I hear from though say it’s well worth the wait.

I am very intrigued by this mattress except for the fact that it is made in China. Most other comparable mattresses I researched were made in the USA. Would you have any concerns? Thank you.

The Nectar is Cert-PUR US certified which means that a 3rd party tests the foam used in the construction of this mattress to ensure it is:

✓ Made without ozone depleters

✓ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants

✓ Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals

✓ Made without formaldehyde

✓ Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Thanks. That helps.

Been sleeping on it for about a month now and it is a comfortable bed. Stays cooler then our old dr scholls that was suppose to be cool. Don’t feel the wife wake up most the time. Still sometimes ache when waking up but could be the pillow too. The nectar pillows where delayed in shipping and will be here tomorrow.

Lisa van Langen

Hi, We’ve been sleeping on the Nectar for 5 months. So far it’s a vast improvement to our old pillowtop, however I’m always waking up with a sore upper back, and occasionally I’m tossing and turning through the night because of my sore upper back. The soreness slightly improved when I started using the Nectar pillow. We’re thinking we’re going to return it. Do you have any suggestions for a mattress that we should try next? I’m a side sleeper, and my husband is a back/side sleeper, though he doesn’t seem quite as affected as me. Thanks!

I can’t claim to be a mattress connoisseur. Most of the ones I’ve had in my adult life have been limited to what I can afford, and thus sub-par. My wife and I found ourselves in a situation where we needed a mattress fairly quickly, and couldn’t afford to go buy a traditional mattress. Neither of us wanted to buy another cheap mattress that would leave us sore after a fitful night’s sleep on a bed with springs sticking into us. At 250 lbs, I’m about 40 lbs over weight, but I had read that even at my ideal weight of 210, many popular boxed mattresses sink through to the slats of the bed. After doing some exhaustive research, I came upon Sleep Sherpa, and used the “GET PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS” feature at the bottom of the page. I explained our budget, body types, and Ben responded quickly by pointing me to the Nectar. It was well-under our budget, and with a year trial period there was no good reason not to get it.

Often our two medium-sized dogs, two cats, and eight year old son all climb onto our bed to have pow-wows, so we ordered a king-sized mattress. At 10 days for delivery, it took longer to arrive than we might have liked, but that is because demand is reasonably high. So it’s an annoyance, but in this case, the annoyance is a good sign.

As a side note, I ordered a Purple Base for the platform since our room is small, and space is at a premium. The high base allows me to use drawers underneath for my clothes, and thus free up the room, and it turns out to work quite well with the Nectar mattress.

The off-gassing was gone in about the time it took to inflate the mattress, and wasn’t terribly noticeable to begin with, though my nose isn’t the most sensitive so results may vary for other customers. The included pillows are the best pillows I have ever owned. I’ve tried a variety of pillows in the past with a variety of fillings ranging from feathers to gel, and these are the first pillows where I didn’t need to use two to get my head to a comfortable alignment.

My wife likes a firm mattress while I need one even though I like the initial sinking feeling of a soft bed. The Nectar gives me both worlds. Also, the motion transfer on the bed, or lack thereof, is exceptional. For the first time in nine years of marriage, I don’t wake my wife up if I go to bed later than her, and she doesn’t wake me up when she gets up earlier. However, when I get out of bed, I tend to rock back into the mattress to spring myself into a seated position. That doesn’t work so well with the Nectar, but it’s a small price to pay since all the aches and pains previous mattresses gave me have faded.

If there is any flaw mattress, it’s the edge support. Sitting on the edge of the bed is fine for me, but if I lay within about four inches of the edge, it feels like I’m going fall off. It isn’t that big a deal on a king-sized bed, but I could see how it might become an issue on a narrower bed.

The quilted weave for the mattress cover is also very nice. In addition to dissipating the heat well, it feels nice to lay on top of. So nice that you almost feel like you wouldn’t need a fitted sheet. Of course you want to use sheets, but if you ever spent a day doing laundry and find yourself wanting to just lie down for a fifteen minute nap while the sheets are in the dryer, you won’t feel uncomfortable.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a mattress, with the year trial period, there’s no reason not to give this a try. Also, Ben works hard to give us these reviews, and goes the extra mile to respond to questions, so please use the code here to get your Nectar.

How To Wash The Purple Mattress Cover – Consider the Nectar Mattress Instead

How To Wash The Purple Mattress Cover

Purple mattress has gained quite the popularity over the last couple of years.
How To Wash The Purple Mattress Cover
However, when compared to Nectar, there are a few things to note:

  • Nectar is cheaper.
  • Purple mattress has 3 foam layers, compared to Nectar having 4 foam layers.
  • Purple mattress is thinner than Nectar mattress.
  • Nectar carries a lower comfort score. This means it provides more comfort, without sacrificing stability or assistance.
  • Nectar has less movement transfer than Purple mattress.
  • Nectar has a Three Hundred and Sixty Five Night Sleep Trial versus Purples 100 day trial.

Nectar Mattress Honest Review 2019

Nectar Sleep remains comparatively new in the business, entering matters within only the last couple of decades, but they’ve been able to create quite a name for themselves in only that short quantity of time.
How To Wash The Purple Mattress Cover
Presentlythey are famous for providing mattresses of exceptionally high quality whilst at precisely the exact same time supplying a remarkably generous trial period of a year which permits you to test out the mattress for to check whether it’s the appropriate match for you. Nectar Sleep additionally comprises a lifetime warranty on every one of their elements, something that many businesses do not supply.

They also have an extremely beneficial service that will visit your home and allow you to install your mattress for a fee (and remove your previous bed for an excess price ).

Broadly, this exceptionally famous for its distinctive design that delivers both comfort and support. This is truly so hunted then sometimes the company actually sells out entirely!

This mattress is one of the best picks for a gel memory foam forms in relation to quality and value. We’re impressed with the overall, texture, quality and price. Comparable to another mattress, you can purchase it to a box choice or to get another $99 that they will have white glove delivery service comprise, put it up and take the garbage. For $139 they will send it and select your mattress!

Its construct, its quilted gel is solely beyond ordinary — a Hi Core Memory Foam using a. Just a poly foam jacket. From a store owners standpoint, you can expect this mattress to maintain very well.

In addition, the 365-night trial and Warranty are amazingly impressive.

Evaluation of Construction and Specifications

This is the way the Mattress is made:

  • 1″ Best Comfort Layer: The cover is made from Tencel fiber which is a gentle and exceptionally breathable material. It melts cooler than cotton and helps wick moisture away. Cooling gel foam coat that’s something special. It supply the a exceptional texture and provides excellent pressure relief.
  • 3″ Transition Layer:The fourth layer is what they call Hi Core Foam Foam. This is a compact foam that also is excellent for stress relief.
  • 6″ Foundation Layer: This is a standard foundation layer like plenty of additional memory foam mattresses but is critical for providing good support. It serves a few purposes like providing a comfortable loft for great flow and adding that shape you are looking for in memory foam. Whatever place I laid, I discovered the mattress conformed with my whole body easily. This permits that floating feeling which you would really like to encounter on your mattress. This high relaxation coating is quilted using a superior procedure that lots of mattress businesses avoid as a result of cost, but I’ll tell you it’s well worth the additional investment in the way it gets the Nectar mattress feel.

We arrive at the three-inch coating of gel memory foam. It is at this level in which weight loss happens, and this also serves to effectively reduce painful pressure points. Nectar’s semi-open Lush Foam holds five patents and has become the most premium gel foam accessible. It’s expensive to create and generally made to be used in the health care field. The Foam straight absorbs and distributes warmth and dries perfectly into its first, untouched condition.The following layer we locate is included of a 1/2 inch coating of elastic hi-core memory foam. In case you haven’t ever heard of this substance, it’s probably because no extra direct-to-consumer mattress provider assembles Hi Core Adaptive foam within their own mattresses. This is mainly because the material is heavy and expensive to ship. Premium elastic foam is also the best interior coat for suitable shape to your anxiety variables. Should you take a whole lot of weight, this may be a standard which may significantly boost your wellbeing. Finally, we arrive at the 5 1/2 in. Breathing base jacket. It’s modeled to draw fresh air in through specific channels.

Nectar Mattress Firmness

One of the first things which you see about Nectar is the way soft and luxury the quilted cover feels while giving you another coating of pressure-relieving memory foam. Lying back on the bed, you’ll feel your whole body gradually sink to the top layers to receive a deep kiss. These comfort layers are slow reacting, unlike the quicker-responding layers at the foundation.

Both layers are obviously firmer, and the producer has done a great job of blending pressure relief and comfort with support. Also it’s extremely important to remember that even milder regions of the body sink, developing a fantastic uniform sense of lying down.

Though mattresses that cradle your body can sometimes maintain heat, Nectar’s heating attributes, like the gel and breathable cover, can help save you from sleeping sexy.

Just like nearly all memory beds, there’s not a deep dip. Though the foam is slow-responding and there’s a deeper hug, you probably won’t encounter that”trapped air” This may be significant if you are a mix sleeper that may rotate between sleeping places or like ease of repositioning. How To Wash The Purple Mattress Cover

Motion Transfer

Motion isolation or motion is how successful a mattress reaches localizing or swallowing motion. Very exceptional movement isolation is excellent for couples to avoid waking up each other through nurturing, turning or getting out of bed.

Some couples may not enjoy zero transport for all these tasks as sexual sex. Memory Foam includes great energy-absorbing possessions and the more or thicker compact it’s the better.

Necar does a wonderful job with diminishing sinkage, especially in contrast to the vast majority of mattresses we’ve reviewed.

The fact that I weigh around 230lbs will have a fairly big bearing on the level of sinkage I encounter when sitting and sitting on a mattress.

Kaye, who is half of my weight, adventures less sinkage than that I really do, nevertheless, that is to be expected because of her much lighter weight.

I truly don’t sink all when sitting around the Nectar, as a consequence of high quality dense foam layers, so that is striking given my heavier weight often induces me to”bottom out” when sitting several models available on the marketplace.

Edge support is very good with this specific mattress, and much better compared to many mattresses we’ve reviewed. The large density foams used in the construction do a wonderful job in providing support throughout the mattress, by means of example, border.

Nectar Mattress Temperature. Too Cool or Too Hot?

People with theNECTARopinion the mattress is excellent at preventing heat buildup and perspiration throughout the evening time. Many commented that warmth is something they’ve started to anticipate with foam mattresses and they’ve been pleasantly surprised by the gap in NECTAR.

Air flow is a vital element in controlling heat buildup, so each coating was constructed to wick warmth and encourage airflow. Additionally it is meant to circulate air throughout the top layers of the mattress.

Users say that the mattress is excellent at preventing heat buildup and perspiration throughout the evening time. Many commented that warmth is something they’ve begun to anticipate with foam established rivals and they’ve been amazed by the gap in NECTAR.

The NECTAR is most closely compared to the Tempur-pedic, together with the two containing Ultra Dense Foam and 11″ or much more thickness. NECTAR asserts that their cooling is more successful with breathing venting and woven fabric compared with chemical bathtub cooling system included from the Tempur-pedic.

What’s the Nectar Forever Warranty?

Nectar introduced what they call, “The Forever Warranty. This usually means that they guarantee that the construction, and durability to the initial buyer.

Here are the details of the merit as based on your own site:

  • For the first ten years of ownership, we’ll replace your mattress with a new new Nectar at zero charge to you if defective in workmanship and materials. In years 10+ Nectar will fully mend and re-cover your Nectar, or substitute your Nectar. All transport charges will be waived if a manufacturing flaw (s) or a chemical meltdown is confirmed to exist.
  • Nectar also provides the”Choice Option” inside our Forever Warranty�”�.If You are choosing the”Choice Option”, subsequentlyYOU KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL MATTRESS.On Your choice, instead of us fixing or replacing your faulty Nectar in years 10+, we’ll deliver a fresh new one for 50 percent of the initial price you paid.
  • Your mattress needs to be utilized on an acceptable foundation like a platform bed or alternative proper bed frame.
  • The guarantee applies only provided that the proprietor.
  • The guarantee doesn’t apply if burnt or abused, damaged, dented, or neglected.
  • To be able to present the maximum optimal sleeping surface, theNectar includes only the maximum quality materials.Like superior sleep goods, certain adaptations will happen as the mattress adjusts to your body shape. That’s to be expected and is part of the performance. Standard body comments (not greater than 1.5″) aren’t defects and are not covered by the guarantee. Excessive body opinions of bigger than 1.5″ are covered by the Forever Warranty till. . .Forever.

High Quality Foam Mattress for an Outstanding Price

Another enormous advantage of this Nectar mattress is its own value. It’s a excellent excellent bed for a remarkably cheap price, particularly as soon as you compare it to the standard foam mattress you might see in a retail store.

According to Nectar cuts out the middle man. This usually means they can afford to splurge on top-notch materials which are incredibly durable and will last a lifetime. What outcomes is fairly much a superior mattress in a wholesale price.

When you’ve got the extended warranty with the Choice Option, the Nectar is one of the finest values on the market. You might easily pay a few times longer to receive a similar mattress out of a brick-and-mortar store. Even many additional online mattress businesses don’t supply the particular exact same amount of worth the Nectar does.

Finally, as a nice touch, the Nectar currently includes two complimentary pillows, so you don’t have to receive any new ones as soon as you obtain your mattress. Clients have given these cushions high praise and they’re premium quality; much larger than just an afterthought. How To Wash The Purple Mattress Cover

How Much Can Nectar Mattress Price?

Nectar is among the most competitively priced compact polyurethane mattresses available on the business.

If you’re unsure what size you require, take a peek at their own mattress measurements and measurement manual .

SizeCost Without IgnoreCost With Discount
Double XL$594$469
California King$1024$899

It’s also possible to finance the Nectar mattress through Affirm. This will let you cover monthly payments.

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