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How to Clean a Mattress

If you’ve never taken the time to clean your mattress, it can collect enough dead skin cells and dust mites to double its weight in ten years. The thought of sleeping on that kind of build-up is disgusting. Knowing how to clean a mattress properly can help you sleep better at night.

Merely running the vacuum over it now and then isn’t enough to thoroughly clean your mattress. While you are probably aware of the dust mites and other critters that like to call your mattress home, did you know that it may also contain sweat, blood, urine, along with mildew and mold?

Quick Mattress Cleaning Summary

Cleaning a Mattress

Mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide with two tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of lemon and lavender essential oil in a spray bottle. After spraying the cleaning solution on the mattress, let it sit for one hour. Rub with the surface with a towel and allow the mattress to dry.

Vacuuming the mattress will clean all remaining residues. To disinfect an old mattress use our DIY mattress sanitizer recipe.

Unless you shower before getting into bed every night, your mattress could also be home to oils, dirt, and other trace chemicals. If you follow this simple guide, you’ll know how to properly clean a mattress and can start sleeping better at night. Or, if you are tired of cleaning your mattress of stains and deodorizing it, you can learn about the different organizations where to donate a mattress so that it can be used by someone who needs it.

How to Clean a Mattress

Before you can start to clean your mattress, you need to remove your linens from the bed and launder them. First, wash and dry your mattress pad, then move onto your sheets, before finally washing your bedspread or comforter and duvet.

Verify the hottest water and dryer heat setting for your linens, since heat will kill the dust mites in your bedding and get rid of bed bugs that may have infested your mattress. See our how to get rid of bed bugs post for more details. Egypt’s Alexandria University recently released data from a study(..) that suggests that eucalyptus and clove essential oils will help to eliminate dust mites.

Before you place the sheets back on your freshly cleaned mattress, use the following recipe to wash them.

Mattress Cleaning Solution for Eliminating Dust Mites

  • Hot Water
  • 10 drops clove or eucalyptus essential oils

To eliminate dust mites on your sheets, add the essential oil to your wash. You can also add the two oils to one quart of water and pour into a spray bottle and mist the mattress to get rid of dust mites in the fabric.

Vacuum the Mattress

After removing the linens from your bed, the next step is to vacuum it. Using the upholstery attachment of your vacuum, start at the top of the mattress and work your way down.

Use narrow, overlapping paths. Make sure you also vacuum the sides of your bed in the same manner.

Deodorize the Mattress

While you may not notice your own body odors, over time your sweat can build-up in your mattress, leaving an unmistakable scent. To rid your bed of these unfavorable aromas, you can sprinkle the mattress a DIY mattress deodorizer that uses natural ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.

Cleaning a memory foam mattress is a little different than dealing with a standard mattress. Powdered cleaners and deodorizers are often the best way for how to clean a memory foam mattress, as excess liquid is bad for the memory foam. Water and other substances that seep into the foam sometimes become trapped and can develop mold and mildew that is difficult to remove.

DIY Mattress Deodorizer Recipe

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil

Fill an empty Mason jar or shaker container with the baking soda. Add the ten drops lavender essential oil to the bottle. Replace the lid on the container and shake well to mix the lavender essential oil and baking soda. If you’re using a Mason jar, puncture holes in the top using a nail and hammer.

To rid your mattress of odors, sprinkle the baking soda on the mattress and with a scrub brush, gently rub the baking soda into the mattress. This will help the baking soda penetrate the top layer of fabric and bond with the moisture and body oils that have soaked into the fabric. Let the deodorizer sit for at least ten minutes. Vacuum the mattress again to pull the moisture and odors out of the material.

How to Clean Mattress Stains

Unfortunately, when it comes to your mattress, stains are inevitable. If the mattress stains are visible, it can void the warranty on your mattress, making it especially important to do what you can to protect your investment.

You can do this by making regular cleaning and stain remove a part of your regular house cleaning routine. How you clean the stain on your mattress will ultimately depend on the kind of stain you have. You’ll need to target each stain with the appropriate cleaning method.

Choose the appropriate recipe for how to remove mattress stains, depending on what kind of stain you have. If you cannot tell what the stain is from, pick one method to see if it works for stain removal. If it doesn’t get rid of the stain you can try another strategy. Sometimes you may need to repeat the process a couple of times if the stain is particularly large or if it has deeply penetrated the mattress.

Dried Blood Stain Remover Recipe for Mattress and Upholstery

  • ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap
  • 1 tablespoon table salt

To remove blood stains from sheets, mix the ingredients to form a thick paste. Spread the cleaning solution lightly over the stain. Allow the paste to dry completely. Once dry, scrape off the residue. With a white rag dipped in hydrogen peroxide, dab at the remaining stain, rotating the cloth as the stain lifts.

Mattress Stain Remover Recipe for Vomit and Sweat

  • Warm water
  • 1 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 3 tablespoons baking soda
  • Dishwashing liquid

Pour the warm water into a spray bottle and mist the stained area until it is slightly damp. Mix the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap and pour in another spray bottle.

Mist the mattress cleaner over the stain. With an old toothbrush or soft scrub brush, gently brush the stain until it is eliminated. Mist the area again with fresh water and blot dry.

Food and Drink Stain Remover Recipe for Mattress

  • ¼ cup laundry detergent
  • ¼ cup white vinegar
  • 2 ½ cups water

Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle. How to get rid of coffee stains also applies to soft drinks and pizza sauce. Lightly spray the stained area and gently agitate with an old toothbrush.

Allow the solution to sit for approximately 15 minutes. With a wet hand towel, blot the area to remove the stain and the solution. Stubborn stains may require additional time and effort.

Rinse the cloth and continue to blot the area until the stain disappears. Remove any excess liquid by blotting the area with a dry towel.

How to Get Urine Out of Mattress

If you have urine stains on your mattress, cleaning them can be tricky because urine is one of the toughest stains to treat, especially once they’ve dried. With this easy to make DIY stain remover, you can get rid of urine stains out of a mattress, both old and new, and get your mattress looking like new again.

Urine Stain Remover Solution for Mattresses

  • ¾ cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 2 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops lemon essential

In a glass spray bottle, mix the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Add the essential oil and swirl the bottle gently to combine the ingredients. Spray the mixture on the areas you are treating.

Allow sitting, untouched for an hour. Using a clean towel, soak up any excess liquid. Remove the towel and let the area air dry. Run a vacuum over the area to pick up any residue.

How to Disinfect a Mattress

It is crucial to regularly disinfect your mattress to remove the germs and dirt that tend to collect. If you’re still not convinced, consider that you sweat ½ pint of liquid every night, which ultimately ends up in the fibers of your mattress. Getting rid of the dirt and germs can help to alleviate allergies and can prevent the spread of illness. After you’ve vacuumed the mattress, sanitize it with this useful mattress sanitizing solution.

Homemade Mattress Sanitizer Recipe

  • 2 cups vodka or rubbing alcohol
  • 30 drops of tea tree oil
  • 15 drops lemon essential oil
  • 15 drops lavender essential oil
  • 15 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

Add the ingredients to a glass spray bottle and shake well to combine. Spray a light mist of the solution over the mattress and allow the surface to air dry.

Be sure to follow these steps for both sides of your mattress. Since cleaning a mattress is such a challenging task, you should consider using a washable mattress cover to keep the dirt, dust, and grime from settling into your mattress.

A mattress cover will allow you to quickly pop it into the wash if you spill anything on it and make it a part of your regular washing routine.

We hope you enjoyed learning how to clean a mattress and utilize the all-natural recipes included to keep your mattress clean and fresh. If you found the mattress cleaning information in this article useful, please share it with everyone you know.

How To Clean A Mattress and Get Rid of Stains

Knowinghow to clean a mattresscan help you sleep better at night. This guide explains how to clean your mattress and get rid of stains, odors, and allergens. It also covers how to protect your mattress, so it stays clean and fresh.

Why You Should Clean Your Mattress

Dead Skin Cells and Dust Mites

Of the estimated 1.6trillionskin cells on our bodies, roughly 30,000 to 40,000 of them fall off every hour. Multiply that by the eight hours we’re supposed to get, and we’re shedding around a quarter-million dead skin cells in our sleep.

Sure, your sheets catch most of the skin cells. What they don’t protect your mattress from are the dust mites that feed on those dead skin cells. And, there arehundreds of thousandsof those dust mites in your bed.

Or, Glen Needham, a retired professor of entomology at Ohio State University, says, “Every mattress is a crime scene in terms of how it gets inoculated with mites.”

Moisture, Mold, and Mildew

When we sleep, our bodies lose moisture. Some of that is simply the result of us breathing. Some of it is also sweat.

If you’re a person who “sleeps hot” or who suffers from hot flashes or night sweats, you know how damp your bedding and mattress can get. Combine the two, and our bodies produce over a pound of moisture each night!

While much of that evaporates in the air, plenty soaks into your mattress. There, the dense materials and warm, dark environment provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew spores.

Pets, Kids, and Other Messes

If you have young children, the chances are that at least one mattress in your home bears the results of a nighttime accident. Even house-trained pets can leave your mattress damp if they spend much time licking their paws or hop on your bed right after a bath. And, of course, full-grown adults can soil a mattress several ways, too.

So, you can put up with a stained mattress that stinks of sweat and body oils, or you can set aside an afternoon to deep clean your mattress and get it looking — and smelling — new again.

How to Clean Your Mattress

You need to strip the bed before you begin cleaning your mattress, so this is a good time to launder your bed linens, too.

  • Using the hottest setting allowed on the manufacturer’s label will kill dust mites on your sheets and blankets.
  • Go ahead and wash your pillows and fabric mattress toppers.
  • You can even wash an electric blanket if you use one.

While the washer and dryer are doing their thing, follow the steps below to clean your mattress.

1. Vacuum the Top and Sides

Your vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment is the best tool for mattress cleaning. Start at the top and work your way down in overlapping, narrow paths.

Vacuum the sides the same way. Don’t worry about the other side of the mattress just yet — we’ll get there in step 5. For now, we’re clearing away dead skin cells, pet hair, and surface dirt to make the next step more effective.

2. Remove Odors with Baking Soda

S prinkle your mattress well with plain baking soda (bicarb for UK readers) andgentlyrub it in, so it bonds with surface moisture. Let it sit for 10 minutes to continue neutralizing odors.

What about adding essential oils?

Several readers have asked about mixing essential oils with the baking powder before sprinkling it on their mattresses. I don’t recommend it for a couple of reasons.

  • Essential oils are stilloils.Rubbing any oil into a fabric is never a good idea — it attracts dirt and can make the bond between the material and soil permanent. That’s pretty much the exactoppositeof what we’re trying to achieve when we clean a mattress.
  • It’s a waste of time.By the time you’ve cleaned the mattress, removed stains, and protected it from future problems, you won’t be able to smell the essential oil. So why bother?

3. Vacuum Again

After giving the baking soda time to bond with surface moisture and odors, it’s time to vacuum it out of the mattress.

Using the upholstery attachment, vacuum the top and sides of the mattress with slow, overlapping strokes. Donotpress too hard — it interferes with your vacuum’s suction and may snag your bed’s fabric.

4. How to Remove Mattress Stains

Mattresses typically acquire three types of stains: blood, urine, and what we’ll call “other bodily fluids.”

While it’s best to treat stains immediately, sometimes sleep is more important. Fortunately, you can still clean stains on your mattress even after they’ve been there a while.

Blood Stains

You can often get fresh blood stains out of mattresses with just a rag, some cold water, and a little soap. For fresh blood stains, it’s important to usecoldwater, since heat causes the proteins in blood to bond with the mattress material.

If cold water and a bit of soap didn’t do the trick, use the dried blood remover for mattresses below.

How to Clean a Mattress (and Why)

Tackling this five-step chore a couple times a year can help keep things fresh in the bedroom

You spend about a third of your life on your mattress. When was the last time you gave it a good, deep clean? The seldom-used living room sofa probably feels the bristle of a vacuum brush more often than your trusty mattress. It’s time to change that. Besides promoting a more pleasant and productive night’s sleep, a clean, cared for mattress can last longer—and it might even help prevent nasty, not to mention costly, pest infestations.

Back when most mattresses could be flipped over, the conventional wisdom was that you should turn it twice a year, and take that opportunity to clean it as well. These days, a lot of mattresses, including the pillow-top variety, can’t be turned because they have a proper top and bottom. But cleaning your mattress two times a year remains a good rule of thumb. (Check the mattress label for instructions since the manufacturer might recommend rotating the mattress head to foot to ensure even wear.)

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Step 1

Start the cleaning process by stripping the mattress of all sheets and bedding and tossing the items in the wash. To remove tough stains, always use a Consumer Reports top-rated laundry detergent and the hottest water setting on your washing machine; dry on high heat as well to zap any surviving critters.

Step 2

Next, vacuum the entire mattress surface with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to seams and crevices, where dirt, dust, dead skin, and other icky stuff collect; switching to your vacuum’s crevice attachment can help get in deep.

Our tests have found that a normal vacuum cleaner provides capable cleaning, but if you’re fastidious, consider investing in the Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum, a $250 device designed specifically for the job. In a Consumer Reports at-home mattress test, we cleaned half of a foam Tempur-Pedic mattress with a top-rated canister vacuum and half with the Dyson handheld. The Dyson sucked up 3 grams of material, including dead skin cells that dust mites like to nosh on, compared with the 1 gram that our regular vacuum removed.

Step 3

Once you’re finished vacuuming, check for stains and spot treat them with an appropriate cleaner. An upholstery cleaner or enzyme-based pet-odor remover can do the job on many bodily fluids. You can also try a simple solution of 1 teaspoon mild dish detergent and 1 cup of warm water.

Step 4

Next, deodorize the mattress by sprinkling baking soda over the entire surface. Especially if this is your first cleaning, don’t be afraid to empty an entire 1-pound box onto the mattress. For best results, leave the baking soda there for 24 hours. That means you might need to plan the project around an overnight trip—or be willing to sleep elsewhere in your home. If you can place the mattress near a window, the sunlight will add its sanitizing power.

Step 5

After the baking soda has had a chance to tackle odors, go back over the mattress with your vacuum’s upholstery attachment. If you don’t already own a mattress cover, we recommend buying one. And adding a mattress pad between the cover and bottom sheet will help absorb moisture. Along with the periodic deep cleaning described here, these extra layers of protection will help prevent mites, fleas, and other pests from sharing your bed. That should really help you sleep tight.

How to Clean Mattress Stains (10 Minute Magic Green Cleaning!)

I never EVER thought I would be writing about “how to clean mattress stains”! After all, this blog is about beautiful DIYs and delicious recipes.Mattress stains? They never happen here!

Or do they?Our waterproof mattress covers have kept all our mattresses perfect like new. UNTIL a moving day when our guest queen mattress fell on the ground and acquired a few muddy spots.No big deal, I’ll just put some soap on the spots and clean the mattress stains with a rag!

I. Was. WRONG.After my two attempts, the mattress stains grew from a few tiny spots, to huge patches of cloud like patterns that reminds you of something much worse than mud or soap!HORROR!

Luckily I was able to find the magic DIY green cleaner that completely cleaned the mattress stains in 10 minutes! It saved us from even thinking about using bleach, and made the mattress look fresh and new again!

I realized that the question of “how to clean mattress stains” is actually worth writing about, among all the beautiful arts and crafts here. I will share with you this amazing green cleaning process, and 3 things you should NOT do when trying to clean mattress stains!

How to clean mattress stains in 10 minutes, naturally!

When my two attempts failed, our mattress looked like this. ( I don’t have any photos of the original muddy spots , because I was so confident that cleaning a mattress is easy! ) I was feeling hopeless because it seems to get worse each time I try! Thankfully after reading a bunch of articles on cleaning a mattress naturally, I gave it one more try, and it worked like magic!Below are closeups photos of before and after.

Reference point: you can see the black scratch mark on the upper right corner in the before photo, and it’s almost gone on the lower left corner in the after photo.I modified some of the mattress cleaning recipes and processes based on online research , and what I have learned from my two failures.

IMPORTANT:work in a ventilated space because there is definitely some reactions taking place!

Materials to clean mattress stains:

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

I useda 16 oz spray bottle, clear natural liquid dish soap ( without added coloring ) , baking soda,and3% hydrogen peroxide.

Step 1: Spray mattress with diluted dish soap

Fill the 16 oz bottle with water and add 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Mix well and spray the entire mattress. The key here is to cover the surface of the mattress, use your hand and check to make sure there areNO DRY SPOTS!More on this at the end in“3 Things Not to Do”section.

You will likely use 1 to 2 bottles of the 16 oz water and soap mixture to spray an entire queen mattress. Work fast and move on to the next step while the mattress is damp.

Step 2: Spray mattress with diluted hydrogen peroxide

Fill the 16 oz bottle with half water and half 3% hydrogen peroxide . Again, mix well and spray the entire mattress. Spray a little extra on the stained areas.

Step 3: Dust mattress with baking soda.

While the mattress is damp, evenly dust the entire surface with baking soda. You will need 2-3 cups of baking soda for a queen mattress. Use a clean rag to spread the baking soda so it forms a thin layer of paste over the mattress surface.

The entire process will take less than 10 minutes. As you spread the baking soda, you can already see the mattress stains become lighter! Because there is a reaction taking place,work fast and keep windows open. Leave the room and let the baking soda dry overnight.

The next day, you will return to a sparkly clean mattress! Sweep the dried baking soda off the mattress surface and enjoy your like-new mattress! It is OK if a little baking soda remains on the mattress.

Now that you have a gorgeous mattress, how about a beginner friendly DIY bed frame with headboard?

3 things NOT to do when trying to clean mattress stains:

1 . Do not spot clean mattress stains.

This was what I did. Day one, I used soap to clean the few muddy spots, and ended up with bigger areas of water and soap and dirt marks. Day two, I used soap and baking soda, according to some recipes on line, the stains got even bigger.

The key here is to spray the entire surface of the mattress with no dry spots, which means no watermarks later!

2 . Do not use bleach to clean mattress stains.

Bleach is really harsh on fabrics. Since we can’t run the entire mattress underwater to rinse off the bleach, it can also be harmful to air quality in the bedroom.

3 . Do not use soap that contain harsh chemicals or colors.

Choose a clearnatural liquid dish soap.Some soaps have colors, which means they could tint your mattress.

In addition to cleaning mattress stains, this recipe and process is also great for cleaning carpet stains, yoga mat, certain upholstery, etc.

Having a clean home is an essential part of having a beautiful home!Here are a couple of green cleaning tutorials you may love:Homemade effective green cleaning products and free printable recipe labels!

How To Clean, Deodorize, and Care For A Mattress

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? I’m willing to bet it wasn’t recent enough! Mattresses can harbor spills, stains, dirt, dust, dust mites and worse—did you know the average person sweats out about half a pint of perspiration each and every night? Gross, I know. The fact is we spend about a third of our lives in bed, so we should make it a pleasant place to be. This comprehensive cleaning, deodorizing and care guide covers everything under the covers.

Vacuum The Mattress

This is an important first step because it removes the dust, dead skin cells, and other debris that land on your mattress and which accumulate en masse over time. Use the upholstery attachment and make sure it’s clean—remember, your vacuum sucks up all kinds of nasties and you don’t want to be depositing any of that on your mattress. (Find out how to clean your cleaning tools here). If your mattress has a foundation, that will need a vacuuming, too.

Deodorize The Mattress

If your mattress has a funky smell? Neutralize those odors with the help of some baking soda, a natural deodorizer. Simply sift some baking soda over your mattress and leave it on for 30 minutes before vacuuming it up with that upholstery attachment. To please your olfactory senses even more, add five drops of your favorite essential oil to the baking soda pre-sift and you’ll get to enjoy that lovely scent for a few nights thereafter.

Spot Cleaning And Stain Removal

Stains generally come in three varieties—protein, tannin, and grease—but here we’ll focus on the one that is most commonly sullying your mattress. From blood to sweat and vomit to urine (not to mention other bodily liquids) protein stains abound in this area of the home.

As with any stain, it’s best to tend to these as soon as possible to avoid them setting in. Start by blotting the stain with a microfiber cloth that you have wet with cold water (never use hot water, as heat sets protein stains), and then blot up the remaining moisture with a dry cloth. Be sure to use a pressing motion, rather than a circular one, to lift the stain rather than further rubbing it in.

With the excess moisture gone, you can remove the stain with a simple DIY solution. Make a paste of salt, baking soda, and water. Rub the solution on the stained area, leave on for 30 minutes, and then and brush it off. Remove any salt and baking soda residue with a cold, wet cloth and allow the area to dry.

For extra stubborn new stains or ones that you were unable to clean right away, upgrade your solution to my favorite homemade stain remover, consisting of two parts hydrogen peroxide to one part dish soap, or a store-bought enzyme cleaner. Apply the solution to the area and gently brush it in with a cleaning toothbrush; leave it on for five minutes and then wipe the area with a cool, damp cloth.

Whatever stain remover you use, just remember to use as little liquid as possible and to ensure your mattress dries completely before you use it again—unless growing your very own mold spores sounds appealing. To speed up the drying process, throw open the windows or use a fan.

A Note About Steam Cleaning And Deep Cleaning

I have access to both a deep cleaner and a steam cleaner, but I never use them on my mattress. As I mentioned earlier, mattresses and liquids don’t mix. With that being said, if you suffer from allergies or are facing some deep difficult mattress stains, these methods may help. If you choose this avenue, I definitely recommend skipping the DIY route and calling in an expert with professional tools.

Cover Up!

Save yourself the trouble next time by investing in a high-quality mattress protector. In fact, many manufacturers recommend them, because stains can actually void your warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered!

If you gagged at the thought of a gross mattress, you should also check out our pillow cleaning guide.


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I use a waterproof matress protector religiously. It has saved me countless times, whether from my klutziness with beverages, getting sick, or petsdeciding to mark it! Unfortunately, my best friend doesn’t…so, i have a guest bedroom mattress to try and get a tea stainout of… Thanks for the tips!!

Great tips! thanks for sharing. This by far is one of the most detailed guide I’ve read. I personally do these steps myself too and I can guarantee this works well. Have you tried using baking soda? it works wonders!

I have used a mattress cover and pillow cover forever. They are both water proof. They work like a charm and give the mouth and body protection to both pillow and mattress your looking for. Thanks for the tutorial.

Gave some very helpful information and will use them. The background music was very annoying and not necessary.

thank u for this video, yes we are mattress protector people, much easier w/ that. i neverrrrrrrrrrr thought of the vacum,ugh,will start doing that now. again thank u .xo

I though most people used a mattress pad. I have used one all my life. On every bed. And I wash them in hot water with soap and bleach at least twice a year, along with my pillow protectors. And I usually do this on a sunny day when I can hang them outside to dry.

I love this video. I have a high quality matteress protector. Well worth it. Saves the life of the matteress.

Great information, thanks!

Super great!
So glad I found you.
Thanks for sharing

GREAT VIDEO! First time seeing this and was relieved I didn’t need to replace my mattress as some of the ads on TV recommend.

Awesome video! Question: I use mattress pads on mattress(usually old one & newer one one owner it). Gives extra protection& padding. Using the protector should you still clean mattress with baking soda? Usually wash protectors 2x a year.

I have used a Mattress Protector (pad) since I bought my mattress 15 years ago and my mattress still
looks good.

The cover we bought with the memory-foam mattress only lasted a couple years before it started leaking through. I bought one online and it’s much better. For those “other” bodily fluids, a large waterproof pad that you lay on top works best. The fluids never even touch the sheets/cover so there’s less to wash. You can just theow it in with the towels.

When we bought a new mattress set 1-1/2 years ago we were required to purchase the mattress protector for warranty purposes. The mattress was nice and firm with a comfortable pillow top. It felt so nice in the store. Now, get it home, put on the protector, the mattress pad and bottom sheet. They all fit so tight because the mattress is so thick that none of those fit properly, even though they were extra deep pocket. Once we took off the mattress protector some of that comfortable pillow top cushion came back. I just wash the pad and sheets more often.

Interesting & informative video – Thank you!

Yes I use a mattress cover. Great tips, thanks

“I” think this video was absolutely fantastic and am thankful that someone (you) finally will be of help to me and others. We just recently bought a new mattress and now I feel like I can keep it in tip top shape. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

I agree that a mattress cover has saved many of mattresses in our household.

Thanks for the tips; knew most of them already; very entertaining; loved your “wind Machine” touch; and funky mattress; I live in Buffalo heard the Canadian accent, see you live in Toronto! I grew up in Philadelphia, PA, many folks here think I am Canadian; could be the eh I drop now and then! Eh? Thanks again!

Good video and I’m checking out your page to learn about your other cleaning tips. I do use a mattress protector and my 3 year old very expensive mattress looks brand new. I also vacuum it regularly using baking soda as you advised. I did not think of adding a few drops of essential oil so I will try that next time. 🙂

Excellent video! I was using polyurethane on a bedside table and of course spilled some on the far corner of the bed which had 2 medium size stains of it. Sheet ruined, mattress cover caught it and the mattress looks like new. They are worth the extra $$.

Very good video with all your tips to clean mattresses.

I hesitate to use essential oils for fear of staining the mattresses, but have used the baking soda, the mattress covers, the turning, and, of course, the vacuuming. I will try the essential oil on a small mattress area. Thank you for sharing your tips.

I can’t believe why anyone wouldn’t use a mattress pad that can be washed just like your sheets? UGH! Ridiculous to go to all this effort.

Absolutely always have mattress protectors on all my beds. They do all that you said in keeping them clean and easy to wash,and they add the comfort level of the mattresses by adding a little extra padding.I feel much better having guests in my beds, as well, with mattress pads that are clean before and after their visits.

Mattress pads are the best time saver and way to keep the stains off the mattress

Love your stuff. We have very hard water and the drip pan that catches the water from the dish drainer gets hard water deposits very easily on mine. It happens to be black so you can imagine what it will look like. After a good scrubbing I will spray some Orange Glow on it and wipe it down with a paper towel. The water beads up and runs off faster. Makes the kitchen smell good also.

Plz. In the Future get to the point.

I find your videos very helpful. Keep them coming.

Love this, very helpful..

Great video! I have a question for you… We just bought a very expensive gel memory foam mattress and love it. Well, one day when we left the house, our male dog decided to go over to MY side of the bed and pee on the side of the mattress! I can’t tell you how mad I was. Fortunately most of it got on the box springs but we have had to wash it numerous times. I’ve used enzyme cleaners then sprinkled baking soda along the side. I’ve even used the enzyme cleaner with my Rug Doctor spot cleaner. I know you said not to get memory foam wet but desperate times call for desperate measures. We seem to have gotten at least 90% of the smell gone… do you have any other ideas? We are not throwing away a brand new bed but I don’t want to smell dog urine either. That dog is lucky he’s so darn cute.. probably the only thing that saved his life that night lol.
I really really wish that mattress protectors protected the sides of the mattress. It barely covers from edge to edge and if you have someone that rolls around a lot it can tend to result in unprotected areas. My partner has dust mite allergies so we always use a mattress protector and wash it regularly. I’m going to watch your video on cleaning pillows next. Love your page!!

Use a zippered mattress cover encasement that’s waterproof and bed bug dustmite proof . Then just use a mattress cover over that to wash weekly .

How do u get juice stains out of memory foam mattress. I have tried everything. Can’t get them out

Love these thanks so much

Ok, one question…why don’t you use a mattress pad/cover? A great layer between the mattress and your sheets.

Great video! Thanks for the great tips for cleaning mattress I always wonder how dirty our mattresses really get!! I do have a mattress cover that I have always had the mattress we currently use which we have had for 2 years and still looks in great condition 🙂

Hello, great article. I never thought about mixing the an essential oil with the soda. But I was wondering if the mix could be left in the on instead of vacuumed. Just a very light dusting of the soda of course.

Hi, how do I get rid of the awful smell on my brand new mattress, which I can only assume might have been wee from my partners 6 yr son when he slept over.? I have striped the bed, washed the sheets and hired out this entire room for over a month and still smells. I was planning to move my own daughter into this room as I am now expected another in 3 mnths though cant stand to even go in that room because of the smelly mattress, did I mention its pretty much brand new an atm can not afford to just go buy another
….HELP please !!

Ok, there probably isn’t much you can do to eliminate the odor at this point. It’s in there. What you can do is a couple baking soda applications – sprinkle on, leave it for a couple hrs, vacuum the mattress. After that, get a waterproof mattress case – one that you zip on and covers top, bottom & sides. Add a decent mattress pad/cover for the top – because the waterproof cases don’t feel very nice, even with sheets over them. The waterproof mattress case should trap the smell, and with the mattress pad on top of it, it should still be comfortable. Good luck!

This is some of the best information I have ever read . I own a professional carpet cleaning company and I really respect this site. Great job. I have invited a bunch of people to like this page.

Melissa what a wonderful article! I would also say to choose your essential oils wisely! Lavender is great for mattresses since it helps you sleep better, but a citrus essential oil could make it harder to sleep at night. Thank you for bringing up the importance of mattress pads! It could make the difference in a mattress warranty.

I’m trying to get rid of the urine smell from my mattress. I was initially clueless on how to do it. I think the option no 2 that you have is what I’m going to try. I never thought of using baking soda and clearing it up with a vacuum would work. It looks like a logically wise thought. Thanks for the great tips.

Great tips! We are moving at the end of the month, so I am thinking that I will wait to clean the mattress so it can be left outside for the day.

My hubby left an open 2L bottle of Coke on our headboard. My (toddler) son reached up and pulled the entire bottle down on himself and our brand-spankin’-new mattress. The child was easy to clean up, but the Coke stain keeps coming back.
I’ve treated the stain right away (well, after cleaning said toddler) with a mixture of baking soda, peroxide and a drop of Dawn. It took the stain out very well, and it is what I keep using when the stain comes back.
Is there anything I can do to get rid of this stain once and for all?

Thank you this was very useful. However can I use the baking soda method on memory foam mattress?

I have tried and there is no problem with baking soda 🙂

great video and helpful. thanks

My mattress has been stored in the garage of my new house until until my basement completion. Unfortunately, it wasn’t covered. Is it still okay to use your cleaning methods and move it in? Do I have to worry about bugs of any kind?

First time seeing your video… love it! You have a really nice tone of voice too x)

Thanks for the tips! I’ve deodorizing my mattress using store-bought sprays but I didn’t know baking soda can be used as well. It’s amazing how items from the pantry can also be used for cleaning ’round the house.

How well does the baking soda method work when dealing with a cigarette odor-ed mattress?

I’m curious about this too! Any idea, Melissa or anyone’s else? (My Tempurpedic’s been sitting in my cigarette-smoke-stinky apartment far too long…glad I spent thousands on THAT, right?) If/when I find out, I’ll let you know. 🙂

Sorry, “anyone” else, I mean…

My mattress has a “topper” attached extra, fluff/softness so I can’t flip It. It honestly never even occurred to me to rotate it – duh! Thanks for the tips. I’ll be cleaning my mattress MUCH more often now – like, at all. I also have a question: is it okay to use the baking soda + essential oil combo on a Temurpedic, or would that constitute too much moisture? Thanks for the great tips!

I think it would be nice if there were answers to all these comments! Where are you Melissa?

Great tip! Found your site poking around, looking up cleaning tips I have recently heard of. Thieves essential oil would be a great oil to use with baking soda when cleaning a mattress! It has crazy germ fighting power and smells nice too 🙂

Where can I purchase Thieves essential oil

young living essential oils! i love theirs.

Very helpful, should have read this the minute after my son spilled milk on the mattress.

Question: I used the homemade Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish soap formula and the stains came out but the area where I sprayed is still soapy. I used the cold water cloth to blot, but the previously stained areas are still pretty soapy. Can I let it dry and then vacuum or do I need to blot more?

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this kind of mattress cleaning tip always come handy.

Thanks for the info. I think I need a pro to clean my mattress because my cat decided to use it for her litter box. How gross! Now it has stains and smells! I feel like throwing it away, but it is not that old and not cheap. If it is salvageable, I will definitely invest in a good mattress protector.

Loved the video! Thankyou.

Hi, mine is a question. When deodorizing the matress with baking soda and essential oil, will the essential oil not stain the matress?

How can I wake up my man who never cleaned his bed before? Should I use a scare tactic or just tell him how nice it smells now, Melissa?

Thanks for sharing this cleaning tips. I didn’t use mattress protector before so I think I should use one now.

Can u make a video on how to clean the kitchen…I love the one on bathroom and bedroom…when I clean my kitchen I always with something still messy at the end then I give up

Love this- as I do all your tips Melissa. Totally sharing on Facebook!

Does the baking soda and vacuuming treatments still apply if you have a memory foam on top of your mattress?

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