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The big guide to RV beds

RV mattresses — the best tips and tricks for you!

Story by Team Outdoorsy // March 20, 2020

Sleep is an important part of our home life, which makes it an important part of our RV life. Some of the questions renters ask most often about the RVs on our site include, “How many people does it sleep?” and “Are RV mattresses comfortable?” Everyone wants a good night’s sleep on vacation, so we’ve put together this big guide to help steer potential RV owners and renters toward the best possible night’s sleep. Whether you’ll be catching some zzzs on a traditional mattress or in an RV bunk bed, here are our sleep tips.

RV mattresses and beds

Traditional mattresses versus RV mattresses

Motorhomes and travel trailers usually include at least one traditional bed. A traditional bed refers to a bed that does not stow away or convert to another piece of furniture but remains a bed. It is also separate from bunks beds, which are up off of the floor.

Traditional bed in a Class A.

Traditional RV mattress beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but rarely match the regular mattress sizes you might have in your home. For example, RV mattresses may be shorter in length or have rounded corners to compensate for the lack of space in a rig. Some RV mattresses may not be as wide as a bed you would find in a home. Even though there is such a thing as an RV short queen (which typically refers to a 60 x 74 or 75 mattress), there is no standard size for traditional RV mattress beds.
As a result, you often need to measure your bed to get the right size of sheets. You’ll also want to measure the thickness of the mattress. Bear in mind that the majority of installed RV mattresses are thinner than their house mattress counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on comfort.

Sofa beds

Stow or fold-away sofa beds are very common in motorhomes and travel trailers. RV sofa bed mattresses can also be found in camper vans and hybrid campers, but are less common in truck campers, A-frame trailers, and pop-ups.

RV sofa beds are often jackknife sofas, meaning they fold out as a futon would. Other sofa beds are similar to traditional hide-a-beds, meaning that there is a mattress tucked away inside of the couch. Hide-a-bed mattresses usually come in a variety of materials including, memory foam, latex, coil, and air. Common sofa bed mattress sizes are usually 60 x 72 and 52 x 72.

Convertible dinettes

A convertible dinette is a table that turns into another sleeping space. Many RVs have convertible dinettes. These are wonderful for space-saving purposes but can be difficult to set up, and often the stock mattresses are not very comfortable. To set up a dinette bed, the table collapses down and is used in conjunction with the seat bottoms to create a platform for the mattress, which is often made up of the four dinette seat cushions.

Convertible dinette RV beds are commonly seen in bumper-pull trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, campervans, hybrids, pop-ups, and A-frames. Occasionally, if an RV is very small, the dinette bed will take the place of the traditional stationary bed. Mattress toppers and hinged mattresses can be made to accommodate the non-standard sized spaces and make them more comfortable to sleep on.

Bunk beds

Several of the bigger RVs will include a bunkhouse or an area with two to four small bunks meant for use by children or smaller adults. These RV bunk bed mattresses are quite narrow, measuring only about 28 inches to 34 inches from one side to the other. Families with kids often appreciate having these camper bunk beds, as they can remain beds throughout the trip and require no setup or take-down each day.

Bed ends


Found only in hybrid and pop-up trailers, RV bed ends are canvas-covered expandable spaces that often contain hinged mattresses measuring 60 x 80 and are usually around five inches thick. These types of beds are fabulous for those looking for a lightweight trailer option because the canvas-covered beds require no extra floor space. If you are considering this type of trailer for extended stays, you may want some kind of custom-built mattress or mattress topper in order for the mattress to fit the space and still be comfortable.

Overhead bunks

Almost all Class C motorhomes and truck campers have overhead bunks. These beds are great for providing sleeping space without using up valuable floor space. Overhead or over-the-cab bunks bump-out over the cab of the vehicle to make use of space that is often otherwise wasted. These beds, usually designed with RV-bunk mattresses, are great for those going on relatively short excursions. Those looking to stay on the road for months at a time or on a more permanent basis may not appreciate the small amount of headroom that often exists in an over-cab sleeping space.

Murphy beds

Another space-saving bed option is the RV Murphy bed. These beds fold into the wall — bedding and all — in one simple motion. Often, when folded up, a Murphy bed will reveal a couch on the underside. When the RV Murphy bed is needed again, it can be quickly and easily pulled out, ideally and most often, with very little effort. These beds are ideal for saving space in RVs of many different sizes.

How to create more sleeping space

Sometimes people find the perfect RV to rent, but there is too little sleeping space. In these cases, some things can be done to make the camper or trailer work for your group. To create more sleeping space, try one or more of the following suggestions.

Cots are the most obvious option when it comes to creating more sleeping space in your RV. They are lightweight and can fold down to be quite small. Cots are a great option for weekend trips and even week-long vacations. Common cot sizes run around 30 x 75 inches.

Collapsible bunks

A fun spin on collapsible cots, collapsible bunks take full advantage of the vertical space in a tiny vacation home. These are ideal for kids who often find the design of them to be pretty exciting. Collapsible bunks can also be used for adults too.

Air mattresses

The Endura Ease Sleep System Air Mattress saves weight.

With enough extra floor space, an air mattress can be a good solution to add more sleeping space. Air mattresses are quick and easy to set up (provided you bring an electric pump along), and they require very little storage space during the day. Just make sure you have electrical hookups if you are planning to use an electric pump!

Fold-Out Chairs

Some RVs have a corner available for a chair. By finding the right floor plan, travelers can take advantage of that corner by adding a fold-out chair. These chairs function in much the same way as a sofa bed. A fold-out chair is a chair that folds out into a single bed so that it can provide additional sleeping space for one person.

How to Add Comfort

When renting an RV, it is often difficult to determine how comfortable the beds will be until using them. Unfortunately, stock motorhome mattresses don’t provide much in the way of support or cushiness; therefore, it is a good idea for RV campers to bring along some items to give a little extra comfort.

Memory foam topper

By providing the softness and support that we have come to expect from our beds, a mattress topper can easily make a so-so sleeping space more comfortable and enjoyable. As an added bonus, foam toppers come in a variety of thicknesses that can be added onto most pop-up and hybrid mattresses without interrupting the ability to fold in. Of course, foldability depends on the pop-up space, as well as the thickness of the topper.

Anti-fatigue mats

Some people complain of being able to feel the hard surface beneath their RV mattress. This is especially true for those sleeping on bed ends and convertible-dinette beds. Placing interlocking anti-fatigue mats can sometimes take away that hard feeling underneath, which can provide a better night’s sleep.

Mattress pads

In addition to foam toppers and anti-fatigue mats, mattress pads are great for adding just a bit more of a cushy feel to any RV mattress. They are also wonderful for camping because they protect the actual mattress from dust and dirt. Mattress pads can be removed and washed fairly easily, which makes laundry day less stressful.

Looking to replace or protect your RV mattress?


If you are headed out on a months-long adventure and comfortable sleep is high on your list of must-haves, you may want to consider purchasing an RV mattress to use during your trip. Replacing your RV mattress is a great solution. Just be sure to measure the exact dimensions of your RV mattress or the space where you want the mattress to sit before purchasing anything since every RV bed is different. Even sofa beds and bed-end mattresses can be replaced, but you’ll want to have the measurements of the space you want to fill so that you can talk with someone knowledgeable about how to get a good mattress replacement for that space.

If you don’t want to purchase an RV mattress, another option is to search for a motorhome rental unit with high-quality replacement mattresses already installed. While this is not always possible, it’s a factor worth looking at, especially when you’re thinking of renting an RV .
Regardless of if you own or rent a rig, it always helps to upgrade to a better RV mattress. Below we have compiled a list of highly-rated manufacturers of RV mattresses, sheets, and mattress protectors. We’ve also included some mainstream manufacturers who make RV-sized or custom-sized mattresses. While standard sized RV mattresses can often be bought at Camping World , , Amazon , or directly from the manufacturer, you’ll often find that speaking with someone who really knows what they’re talking about can help you to find the perfect sleeping surface for your next RV adventure.

US RV mattress suppliers

  • Mattress Insider — Mattresses for RVs in unique sizes and shapes, which have to be specially made, with discounts up to 30% off. Examples include mattresses for overhead bunks, sleeper sofas, bunks, convertible dinettes, mattresses requiring hinges, cut corners, rounded and beveled edges, etc. If you need a custom mattress, Mattress Insider is the leader in the U.S. for both standard (60 x 75) and custom RV mattresses, sheets, and toppers
  • Artisans Mattresses — standard and custom-sized Tempur-Pedic® mattresses

US standard-RV mattress sizes

  • Select Luxury (RV full, short queen, and RV king)
  • Denver Mattress (traditional RV bed sizes)
  • Sleep Number (short queen and RV king)
  • Parklane (bunk, RV full, and short queen)

RV sheets and protectors

Imported RV mattresses

  • DynastyMattress (RV full, short queen, and RV king)
  • Zinus (short queen)
  • Resort Sleep (short queen)
  • Lucid (short queen)

Equipped with this guide to RV beds and mattresses, RVers should be able to find the ideal sleeping configuration and comfort level for your next RV journey. And remember: there’s nothing like stepping in from viewing a sky full of stars to help a person get a great night of sleep .

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Don’t Get A New RV Mattress (Until You Do This)

RV camping should be a peaceful retreat from ordinary life. But if you wake up with back pain on every excursion, it’s time to get a new RV mattress. However, don’t begin your search until you follow these four (and money-saving) tips.

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When you`re in the market to get a new RV mattress, keep shopping around until you find the best one for you, your rig and wallet.

Don’t get a new RV mattress until you:

1. Consider how you’ll swap mattresses

Many smaller RVs are constructed around the sleeping quarters. Manufacturers put the mattress in place and then build the RV. Some RVers must cut a mattress in half to get it through the doorway and replace it with their only option, which is a foam mattress to fit inside.

2. Prepare to shop around

When you`re shopping to get a new RV mattress, it isn’t as easy as driving to the local furniture store. RV mattresses don’t have the same exact dimensions as domestic mattresses, even though manufacturers still label them “King” or “Queen” sizes. In addition, when you`re looking to get a new RV mattress, remember many RV bedrooms have a corner of the bed lopped off in order to accommodate interior shelves or doors. If your RV mattress needs to be an odd shape, you’ll spend even more time shopping around.

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RV mattresses also need to fit different types of spaces. Photo courtesy of LCI

3. Measure the RV bed platform (and the mattress)

If you’ve tried to put queen-size fitted sheets on a RV mattress you know they don’t fit. That’s because RV mattress sizes are different from standard ones. Look at these dimensions from Mattress Insider:

  • RV Full: 53″ x 75″
  • Short Queen: 60″ x 75″
  • RV Queen: 60″ x 80″
  • RV King: 72″ x 75″
  • RV King: 72″ x 80″

Simply, measure the platform for the size, then measure the air space between the mattress and walls.

Budget determines RV mattress material. Photo: ebowalker

4. Select RV mattress material

When shopping for the typical RV queen mattress, expect to choose between:

Coil Spring Mattresses:These replicate the feel of traditional mattresses. Their structure is supported by interior coils and a thick layer of foam creates comfort without adding weight. Quality and longevity varies depending on use and materials. Cost: $300+

Foam Mattresses:Foam mattresses are the least expensive, and easiest to modify. Simply, use an electric cutting knife so it can fit the platform. These are made of 100 percent petroleum and unless you line it with an air circulation liner, the underside can build up mildew. Cost: $100-$800

Memory Foam:By constructing memory foam mattresses with multiple layers of differing densities, manufacturers of memory foam mattresses can provide better support. Further, the drawback is that memory foam mattress are usually made from petroleum. They’re also a mildew breeding ground. Cost: $400 – $800

RV Air Mattress:Two types of air mattresses for RVs exist. These include typical camping air mattress and costlier adjustable bed air mattress like those made for traditional homes. The first is a good choice for occasional RVers with strong backs. The second is a wise investment for full-time RVers. The drawbacks? Cost and altitude – you’ll need to adjust it for high altitudes. An air camping mattress sets you back less than $100. High end versions exceed $800.

If cost is a major concern, don’t get a new RV mattress until you try some simple RV hacks. For instance, a futon mattress, foam RV mattress topper, a goose down feather bed topper or a new hi-density mattress topper, are all great temporary measures to get a better night’s sleep. In the meantime, keep shopping around until you find one the best RV mattress that works for your rig and wallet.

Mattress Size Chart And Dimensions

Use this mattress size chart to determine the size of the mattress that will suit your needs before you shop for your next mattress. If your mattress isn’t big enough for everyone who will sleep in your bed and any pets that join you, you won’t sleep as comfortably as you should. On the other hand, if your mattress is too big for your bedroom, you won’t have enough room for other furniture or to make the bed.

Mattress Sizes (A Quick Start)

  • USA Twin: 39″ X 75″
  • Twin XL: 39″ X 80″
  • Full or Double: 54″ X 74″
  • Full XL: 54″ X 80″
  • (RV) Full: 53″ X 75″
  • Queen: 60″ X 80″
  • Olympic Queen: 66″ X 80″
  • California Queen: 60″ X 84″
  • Short Queen (RV): 60″ X 75″
  • King: 76″ X 80″
  • California King: 72″ X 84″
  • Half Queen: 30″ X 79.5″ (76.2 cm x 202 cm )
  • Twin/Single: 38″ X 74.5″ (96.5 cm X 189 cm)
  • Twin XL: 38″ X 79.5″ (96.5 cm X 202 cm)
  • Double/Full: 53″ X 74.5″ (134.5 cm X 189 cm)
  • Queen: 60″ X 79.5″ (152.5 cm X 202 cm)
  • Queen (RV): 60″ X 74.5″ (152.5 cm X 189 cm)
  • Western King: 72″ X 84″ (183 cm X 213 cm)
  • Eastern King: 76″ X 79.5″ (193 cm X 202 cm)
  • Single: 90cm x 190cm (35″ X 75″)
  • Small Double: 120cm x 190cm (47″ X 75″)
  • Double: 135cm x 190cm (53″ X 75″)
  • King: 150cm x 200cm (59″ X 79″)
  • Super King: 160cm x 200cm (63″ X 79″)
  • Single: 90cm x 200cm (35″ X 79″)
  • Double: 140cm x 200cm (55″ X 79″)
  • King: 160cm x 200cm (63″ X 79″)
  • Single: 90cm x 190cm (35.4″ X 75″)
  • Double/Full: 140cm x 190cm (55″ X 75″)
  • Queen: 160cm x 190cm (63″ X 75″)
  • King: 180cm x 200cm (70.9″ X 79″)

Mattress Sizes You Need

Use the mattress size chart to be sure about your requirements because some mattresses might not fit in your room, which can create a real hassle if you buy from a mattress store that doesn’t allow returns.

First, you should consider what size you need today as well as any changes you expect in the size you’ll need during the life of the mattress. For example:

  • If you’re single but you hope to marry in the next five or so years, you may want to consider purchasing a bed that will work after you’re married. This is especially true if you’re settled in your own home.
  • If you’re renting and likely to move frequently, consider the difficulty of moving a larger bed compared to moving a smaller bed and mattress.
  • If you’re buying a mattress for a child, remember how fast they grow. Many children will reach their full height in the bed you purchase to replace their toddler bed.

Custom Sizes

You may be surprised to learn that you canorder mattresses in custom sizes. Some beds or sleeping arrangements require custom sizes, including extra-long or extra-wide versions and custom shapes to fit specific needs.

Three factors are the most important when you choose the size of your mattress:

  • What size do you need?
  • Is the room large enough to accommodate the mattress you need?
  • Your budget

If you have a new bed, one of the standard mattress sizes will fit. If you have anantique or RV bed, you may need to order a custom size. If you are significantly larger than average, such as an NBA basketball player, you may want a custom bed to accommodate your height. The largest standard mattress length is seven feet. Most people don’t sleep with their head against the headboard. So, anyone who is 6’5” or taller may find a 7-foot length confining.

Room Size

We specify the minimum room size you need to accommodate mattresses for each type of mattress throughout this article.

Your Budget

Your budget should consider both the mattress purchase, the cost of the bed as well as the bedding, and the cost of providing a room large enough to accommodate the mattress. We illustrate the substantial price difference between choosing a King and Queen size below:

Nectar Mattress$899$699
Mattress Protector$99$89
Platform Bed$275$250
Wool Blanket$180$150
Total Cost$1,567$1,277

Mattress, sheets, mattress protector, and platform bed prices are fromNectaron July 12, 2019. The wool blanket represents the average price difference we found after looking at several different options.

If you want a more traditional bed, like this Coastal Sleigh bed (pictured below), the King size is priced over $400 more than the Queen.

We won’t bore you with the math, but we calculated that building a home with a room large enough for the minimum King size mattress would cost $5,500 more than building a home with just the minimum size needed for a Queen mattress using an estimated $125 per square foot. For ideal comfort, you’d want more than the absolute minimum size if you have furniture other than the bed and night tables in the room.

Keep in mind that you’ll incur some of these expenses repeatedly. Most people have more than one set of sheets for their bed and everything except the bed itself will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

If you need a King size, then go for it. But if you’re comparing the price of just the mattress and thinking “I might as well, it’s only $200” you’d overlook quite a few related expenses.

Keep in mind that some people also need their personal space while they sleep. If you need the space, choosing a mattress that is too small is penny wise and pound foolish because impairing the quality of sleep has long term negative implications for health, relationships, and even safety.

Therefore, we provide you with details on different sizes, their dimensions, their purpose, and who they suit best.

Mattress Size Chart (Dimensions and Best for)

Mattress SizesBest For
Twin or SingleToddlers, single adults, college dorms
Short TwinToddlers, single adults, college dorms, RV
Twin XLToddlers, single adults, teenagers, college dorms
Full or DoubleCouples, single adults, sleepers with kid or pets
Full XLCouples, single adults, teenagers, children with pets
Standard QueenCouples, couple with kid or pets
Olympic QueenTall couples, couple with kid or pets
California QueenCouples, couple with kid or pets
Standard KingCouples, couple with kid or pets
California KingTall couples, couple with kid or pets
Split KingCouples with adjustable beds
Split California KingCouples with adjustable beds

Crib Mattress Size

When it comes to the size of a crib mattress, the most important factor is that it fits snuggly in the crib. You do not want a gap between the mattress and the side of the crib as a gap can endanger your child. Standard crib mattresses are28⅝-inches in width and 52⅝-inches in length. Moreover, a crib mattress should not be more than 6-inches thick.

A crib mattress that is too thick puts your child at risk of being able to topple out of the crib. Crib mattresses will usually also fit in toddler beds, so they’ll last for the first several years of your child’s life.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum recommended room size for a nursery with a crib is 7-feet x 10-feet.

Note that experts recommend that babies sleep in the same room as their parents during at least the first six months of their life, but not in the same bed.

Twin Mattress Size

Most children sleep in a twin bed after they outgrow their crib or toddler bed. The twin-size is one of the most common sizes used for children. Because these mattresses are small, they leave enough space for toys and room to play.

The standard measurements for a twin bed in the USA are39-inches in width and 74-inches in length. Sizes in other countries vary slightly.

Bunk bedsusually use twin size mattresses, although some bunk beds combine a twin upper with a full or queen size lower bed.

A twin mattress is an ideal solution for people who share a single room but don’t share a bed. Some couples opt for single beds for a variety of reasons including reducing disruptions to one another’s sleep.

When considering the size of the mattress to purchase for your child, think about how tall your child is expected to be by the time the mattress wears out. Your pediatrician can give you an estimate.

If your child is expected to be tall, you may want to opt for a Twin XL although sheets will be somewhat more expensive, and Twin XL sheets tend to be more difficult to find in stores. It may be well worth the cost. A teenager who doesn’t sleep well because they are too tall for their bed is likely to be both grumpy and make worse decisions than they would if they were comfortable. Sleep deprivation has a negative effect on self-control and cognitive abilities.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum size room for a twin bed is 7-feet x 10-feet. For two twin beds in one room, the minimum size of the room should be 12-feet x 10-feet.

Twin XL Mattress Size

If you need extra length for your height, a twin XL bed provides it. This is also handy if your cat or dog tends to sleep on your feet.

Twin XL is the most common size used in college dorm rooms. Thedimensions are 39-inches x 80-inchesin the USA, which provides you with an extra 6-inches for your legs. Canada’s twin XL is almost the same size as the one in the US. Twin XL isn’t a standard size in the European Union or France. In the UK, the closest is their small double.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum room size for a twin XL bed is 7-feet x 10-feet.

Full Mattress Size

Full-sized beds are also known as double mattresses. Less expensive hotels often use them as a substitute for Queen beds. These mattresses are 16-inches bigger than a twin in width. The dimensions of full-sized mattresses are54-inches in width and 74-inches in length. These beds are equipped with enoughspace to accommodate two small individualscomfortably.

However, please bear in mind that your partner may not like the size of the bed if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep on a full-sized bed. Such mattresses are more useful for older kids who can have a sleepover without needing a second bed.

A full-sized mattress allows you to cuddle up with your kids if you regularly tuck your children in for the night. You’ll also be able to lay down with them while you read them a bedtime story.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum room size for a full-sized mattress is 10-feet x 12-feet.

Full XL Mattress Size

A full XL mattress equips you withadditional room for your feet. The dimensions of these beds are54-inches in width and 80-inches in lengthwhich means that you get an extra 6-inches to stretch your legs and feet.

Similar to full-sized beds, the full XL bed is an excellent option for tall individuals.

Nevertheless, these beds don’t provide you with extra width that you can enjoy in the Queen version. Full XL mattresses are a good choice for people who like to cuddle with their partners during sleep, and don’t care much about having their own space for sleeping.

This is not a common size and you may have difficulty finding sheets in this size in department stores. Fortunately, there are numerous options for sheets in this size when you shop online.

Recommended Room Size

Based on the walking space that you need in your room, the minimum recommended room size for a full XL mattress is 10-feet x 12-feet.

Queen Mattress Size

Queen beds are the most commonly used size in the world because they cater to the needs of most people. Queen size mattresses provide extra room which makes sleeping with a partner more comfortable for people who don’t want to touch someone else while they sleep. Standard Queen-sized mattresses are large enough to provide room for a couple of sleepers. Both people will enjoyenough space to enjoy their sleep and have room to rollover.

It also keeps you close enough that cuddlers can easily find one another. Standard queen-sized mattresses come with dimensions of60-inches in width and 80-inches in length. This bed offers more than enough sleeping space for single sleepers to move around during sleep.

You will also have room for your children or pets to sleep with you. Nevertheless, these mattresses are far bigger than other beds mentioned above, and for this, you need to have enough space in your room to accommodate these beds comfortably and still walk around with convenience.

This bed size is preferable for guest rooms, if you want couples to be comfortable. If you want them to go home quicker, choose a full-size.

Teenagers can spread out on a Queen-sized bed and have sleep overs without needing a second bed.

Many married couples opt for this size. If you’re sleeping alone, using a pillow to cuddle helps keep your body heat close to your body so you won’t feel too cold.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum size room recommended for a queen-sized mattress is10-feet x 10-feet. Keep in mind, this is a minimum and you’ll be more comfortable if you have more space.

Olympic Queen Mattress Size

Olympic queen-sized mattresses have dimensions of80-inches in length and 66-inches in width. They provide an additional 6-inches of width when compared to a standard Queen mattress.

The extra width is suitable for times whencouples need some personal spacewhen they are in bed and six additional inches helps with that. Olympic queen size also accommodates your child who needs some cuddling too if they wake up during the night, which is an added advantage of this size.

Olympic Queens are not a common size which means you won’t have as large of a selection of sheets to choose from when you purchase sheets.

You can use flat sheets for a king and tuck them under the mattress if you can’t find fitted sheets that match your décor.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum recommended size for a room with anOlympic queen mattressis 10-feet x 11-feet.

California Queen Size

You’ll see on the mattress size chart that the California queen-size has dimensions of60-inches in width and 84-inches in length, and it is the best option for couples who need some extra space for their feet or pets at the end of their bed. The width of a California Queen is the same as a standard Queen.

This size is the preferable choice for tall couples who don’t want a King-sized mattress. This size also provides extra room at the foot of the bed for your pets.

Note: Infants should not co-sleep as pictured in this image. They should be in a baby box, bassinette, or other safe sleeping space so they can’t be accidentally suffocated if one of their exhausted parents rolls over on them or the blankets cover their little nose.

Older children can safely co-sleep as pictured.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum size of the room for a California Queen is 12-feet x 10-feet.

Standard King Size Bed

A King-sized mattress is good forcouples who prefer a lot of spacewhile they sleep. It also gives them enough space for various other activities including stretching, relaxing for comfort, and rambunctious sex. The dimensions are76-inches in width and 80-inches in length.

These measurements make the bed as large as two twin XL mattresses joined together. The standard King is also the best size for couples who expect their child to share the bed with them on a regular basis and those who sleep with multiple or large pets.

Some people find a King-size mattress too big when they’re sleeping alone while others revel in having room to keep their favorite books on the bed.

The box spring versions of this size are split. They can be moved around very comfortably through tight corners and stairwells.

If you have an adjustable bed, you can opt to have a split king that allows both people to independently control the position of their side of the bed.

As noted above, infants should not co-sleep as pictured in this image. They should be in a baby box, bassinette, or other safe sleeping space so they can’t be accidentally suffocated. Older children can safely co-sleep as pictured.

Recommended Room Size

The recommended minimum room size for a standard King mattress is 10-feet x 12-feet although you’ll probably want more room.

California King Mattress Size

The California King is the largest common mattress size of them all. An Alaskan King is even larger, measuring 108 inches (9-feet) in both directions. This size is the longest standard size. The California king-sized mattresses measure72-inches in width and 84-inches in length. This size is perfect forpeople who prefer more length but not extra width.

On the mattress size chart, you’ll notice it is 4-inches narrower than the standard king size mattress, but of course, you get additional 4-inches in bed length. Being smaller than the standard king bed, California king is still 6-inches broader than a queen bed. It provides you and your partner with enough room for sleeping space or to cuddle as per your convenience.

The option for California King is best for adjustable beds because elevating the bed affects the usable length. A California King sized mattress gives you plenty of room to do whatever you want on it including accommodating your children and pets who invade your bed. This size canconveniently accommodate a third personon the bed with ease.

Like a King, you can opt for a split California King for an adjustable bed.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum room size for this mattress is 12-feet x 12-feet.

Mattress Thickness

You might have noticed that we didn’t mention much about the thickness of the mattress. Well, it is because there are no standards when it comes to thickness and the options vary quite a bit. If you’re interested, you can check for more details from sleep educator

Some of them offer 9- to 10-inch thickness, but most of the pillow top beds have 15- to 16-inch depth or more (Like Dreamcloud mattress). Box springs raise the mattress even further from the ground.

When choosing the thickness of your mattress, there are a variety of things to consider.

Overall Height of the Mattress

The top of your mattress will be a combination of the height of the bed or platform plus the height of the mattress. If you will use a box spring, you have to also add the height of the box spring. Some beds are so tall you need steps to get into them. While this may look romantic, if you’re planning to have a baby, consider the difficulty of safely navigating the steps holding an infant who wants to nurse in the middle of the night when you’re exhausted.

Too much height can also be difficult for someone who has mobility issues.

However, a mattress that is too low to the ground can present other issues that make it difficult for someone with mobility issues to stand up from the bed. If mobility issues are a concern, you’ll want a total height close to that of most chairs which is about 20 – 22-inchs above the floor.

Thickness of the Mattress

Generally, the more you weigh, the thicker the mattress you’ll need not to bottom out. The minimum depth of a comfortable mattress varies by the types of materials used to make it. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are generally thicker than latex or foam mattresses.

Bedding Should Consider the Height of the Mattress and the Bed

If you opt for a traditional bedspread that reaches the floor, the height of the entire bed needs to be considered. However, be aware that bedding that hangs to the floor is not recommended by bed bug experts.

Today, most people opt for a comforter that hangs to the bottom of the box spring.

You should also consider the height of your mattress when you buy sheets. If your mattress is only 10” thick and you buy sheets for beds with a 15” thickness, the fitted sheet may be loose and wrinkle underneath you. If you buy sheets for a 10” thick mattress and your mattress is 14” thick, you’ll have difficulties getting the sheets on and they will be more likely to come off.


You have many options. Evaluating your current and expected needs, space, and your budget will help you narrow your choice down to one or two. Otherwise, it is overwhelming.

Make sure you have space to walk around the bed. You don’t want the daily hassle of having to perform gymnastics just to make the bed. A mattress that is too big for the room makes it feel congested.

On the average, you will require aminimum of 30-inches between your bed and the wallfor a convenient path for walking around. Add sixty inches to the width on the mattress size chart and compare it to the measurements of your room. Some beds also come withdrawers underneath for additional storage space.If your bed has drawers, add more than sixty inches to the measurement on the mattress size chart. Because you won’t be able to access or use the drawers if your bed is placed too close to the wall.

So there it is, now you know all about different size mattresses that you can choose for your room. The mattress size chart includes all the common sizes in the USA, UK, EU, and Canada to assist you in choosing the best option for your situation.

If you have encountered a different mattress size anywhere in the world, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

RV Mattress – Don’t Buy One Until You Read This

Buying a mattress for your king or queen size bed is a breeze. RV beds, however, have space restrictions that make it harder to do. This will require a custom-size RV mattress.

For example, antique beds were ¾ or 48 x 75 inches long. This is no longer the standard size bed.
You may also have built a custom bed for your room, and require a custom mattress. It is very hard to find a retailer who will carry the size you need.

This is the same with RV mattresses; RV beds have unique sizes. These sizes can vary widely as manufacturers can custom build any size bed, as they see fit. These beds usually come with a factory mattress, which is not the most comfortable.

Take the necessary measurements:

  • Measure your bed from one side to the other side. This will determine the width of mattress that you will require for your RV bed.
  • Measure your bed from the top to the bottom. This will determine the length of mattress that you will require for your RV bed.
  • Measure from the top surface of the mattress area, vertically downward to what the mattress will be laying on. This will determine the depth (or height) of the mattress. Slide outs are the biggest determinant of whether you need to consider the depth (or height) or not. If there are no drawers, swiveling chairs, or other items are in the way, this measurement is not necessary.

The most common size RV mattresses are:

  • The 3/4 or antique size, 48″x 75″
  • Twin 38″x75″
  • Regular queen 60″x80″
  • Full size 53″x75″
  • RV king 72″x80″

If your RV came with bunk beds, you will require a truck mattress. These come in the following sizes:

If your mattress is too firm, a topper is a great purchase. If your problem is a sagging, or too soft, mattress, toppers do not help much.

Before settling on an RV mattress for your bed, read the reviews online to find the best RV mattress you can.

Standard size sheets can be used in your RV bed.

The Ultimate Guide
to Buying a Replacement RV Mattress [2020]

"ARRGHHHH. You have got to be kidding me!!"

That’s probably what you said after calling several local mattress retailers who told you they don’t carry rv mattress sizes.

Have no fear! There are several online retailers to choose from. This guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to shop for the perfect rv mattress.

(feel free to skip ahead if you already know something!)

Need help picking out an RV mattress?
Talk to a mattress expert! Call 888-488-1468

Determine Your RV Mattress Size

The first step to buying a replacement RV mattress is to figure out what size you need to order.

Most people will measure the mattress. You can do this if you’re in a hurry.

However, the most accurate way to do it is to measure the dimensions of the surface the mattress rests on. Usually the mattress is placed on ply-wood or some type of similar surface.

There are two reasons why this is more accurate. The first being that your rv mattress may not be the same size as it was when the RV was built. This can be due to fluctuations in temperature during off-season storage (especially you folks in Arizona!) or from exposure to UV light if the RV was kept uncovered during storage.

In addition, RV mattresses are made by both humans and machines. If you take 10 out of stock, you will get a slight variation in size. If you measure the RV mattress instead of the surface it lies on, it may lead you to believe that you need a custom mattress size. Don’t worry, measuring is easy! Just be lucky you’re not replacing a v berth mattress for a boat as those are a pain!

The most common RV mattresses are in the shape of a rectangle.

Here are the most common sizes:

  • Three Quarter Size : 48" x 75"
  • RV Full: 53" x 75"
  • Short Queen : 60" x 75" (most common short queen size)
  • Short Queen: 60" x 74"
  • RV Queen : 60" x 80"
  • Olympic Queen : 66" x 80"
  • RV King: 72" x 75"
  • RV King: 72" x 80"
  • Cal King: 72" x 84"
  • Eastern King: 76" x 80
  • RV Bunk: 28" x 75"
  • RV Bunk: 30" x 75"
  • RV Bunk: 30" x 80"
  • RV Bunk: 34" x 75"
  • RV Bunk: 35" x 79"
  • RV Twin : 38" x 75"
  • RV Twin : 38" x 80
  • RV Bunk: 42" x 80"

It’s also possible that you might need one of the common "truck mattress" sizes if your replacing a mattress for a bunk in your RV.

The common truck mattress sizes are:

There are many other sizes available, but these are the most popular. Some of our products are offered in other sizes, such as family bed sizes.

Custom sizes include anything from odd rectangle sizes, to mattresses with cut or rounded corners (some airstream rv’s for example). Don’t worry though, custom sizes don’t have to be expensive if you find the right custom rv mattress supplier.

Choose an RV Mattress Type Size

What follows is a description of the 4 most common types of RV mattresses to help you narrow down your selection.

Foam RV Mattress

This is the most common RV mattress type because of the price point. If you only use your RV a few months out of the year, this is probably your best option. Price ranges for these generally range between $150-$350.

Standard foam RV mattresses are approximately 5-6 inches in thickness. The most important thing to consider is the density of the foam. Foam densities range between 1-2 lbs per cubic foot. The 1.8-2 lb densities tend to be more durable. They also can withstand more body weight and they tend to have less manufacturer defects.

Foams in the 1-1.5 lb category tend to break down quicker and they can’t withstand as much body weight over a long period of time. This density range also tends to develop ruts and depressions in the mattress leaving you feeling like you’re stuck in a ditch.

Another thing to ask is if the foam is 100% Petroleum based. Some suppliers offer soy based rv mattresses that are more eco-friendly.

Looking for a custom foam mattress instead?
Mattresses can be made in almost any size or shape!
Talk with a Mattress Expert at:(888) 488-1468

Memory Foam RV Mattress

This option is great if you live out of your RV or you just want a really comfortable replacement rv mattress. Price ranges for these a $399-$799.

Memory foam rv mattresses generally tend to be around 8". They are usually constructed with memory foam on top of a high density urethane base. Just like the foam rv mattresses, it’s important to look at density. Memory foam rv mattress densities generally range between 2.5 – 5.3 lbs. We find the best density to be approximately 4 lbs. Any higher than this and the foam doesn’t breath very well causing some people to sweat. On the opposite side of the scale, foam in the 2.5-3 lb category doesn’t tend to be durable and it quickly looses it’s elasticity.

Other things to consider: Some models come with removable zip off covers that are machine washable. Just like foam rv mattresses, memory foam rv mattresses can also be soy based or petroleum based.

Looking for a custom memory foam mattress instead?
We make almost any size or shape!
Talk with a Mattress Expert at:(888) 488-1468

Latex RV Mattress

Just like the memory foam rv mattress, the latex rv mattress is an excellent choice for those who spend a lot of time in their RV or who wish to have something very comfortable. It’s also perfect if your looking for the most eco-friendly rv mattress available. They generally range in price between $599-$999.

Latex rv mattresses are usually constructed so that the top layer is latex and the bottom support layer is urethane foam. Unlike memory foam and urethane foam rv mattresses, latex rv mattresses don’t measure using density. The most important thing to ask is if the latex being used is natural, synthetic, or a blend. Obviously, if you are going to pay the price for latex, you want to make sure it’s natural. Synthetic latex and blended latex tends to break down and discolor when exposed to heat and UV light.

Natural latex is collected from rubber trees just like maple syrup comes from maple trees. It’s naturally hypo-allergenic, dust-mite resistant, and anti-bacterial. If your someone who has latex allergies, for obvious reasons, we suggest not purchasing a latex rv mattress.

Looking for a custom latex mattress instead?
We make almost any size or shape in latex!
Talk with a Mattress Expert at:(888) 488-1468

RV Air Mattress

This is another high end option for your RV. The prices range between $1100-2000.

RV Air mattresses use the same concept as your blow up mattress you pull out for your guests except it’s taken to the extreme. The idea is that by using 2 air chambers, you can adjust the firmness of each side of your mattress. This is appealing for two people who have different comfort preferences. Layers of urethane, memory foam, or latex are put on top of the mattress and act as comfort layers.

Generally, we don’t recommend purchasing an RV Air mattress for a few reasons. The biggest problem is with air leakage. There is nothing more irritating then setting your optimal air pressure only to wake up at 3am to a deflated or saggy mattress. We get calls all the time from people who have this issue. When you call the manufacturer for service, you discover that it’s too costly and time consuming to have it repaired. Usually you’re the one who gets to do the repairing. Generally the assembly (it usually arrives in 3 boxes full of parts) can be difficult, especially for those who are disabled or elderly. Recently there was a class action lawsuit between a major airbed manufacturer (who will remain nameless) and it’s customers surrounding a problem with mold developing between the foam comfort layers and the air chambers. Supposedly, the manufacturer has developed a foam that is resistant to mold, but it’s still in the infant stages.

The Most Important Things to Discuss with any RV Mattress Supplier (Before You Buy)

The Return Policy Scam
What happens if you don’t like it? Can you return it?

Unfortunately. 99% of rv mattress return policies are completely useless and I’ll tell you why. Most RV mattresses come compressed and rolled in the factory so that they can be shipped via UPS/Fedex. This avoids the oversize charges.

The mattress arrives looking like a piece of rolled up carpet (about 1" in thickness) and it expands out to anywhere between 5-8 inches in thickness once it’s opened. Once you unpack it, despite what any mattress salesman tells you, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get them back into that box.

To return it, you’ll end up needing to buy a flat pack mattress box (approx $40 including shipping) and you’ll need to use a freight carrier (as it’s now too big to be shipped UPS or Fedex). Generally freight charges range between $300-$800 for a typical queen rv mattress. Upon discovering this, you’ll find it’s more cost effective to just keep the mattress.

Fortunately, has found a way to offer a 121 day money back guarantee and to get around this issue.

Part 1
Within the first 30 days, if you don’t like it, you can donate it to any non-for-profit (church, charity, etc), fax us a copy of the receipt, and you’ll get a no questions asked 100% refund.

Part 2
After the first 30 days, if you still decide you don’t wish to keep it, we’ll help you get a custom made mattress bag that will enable you to use an ordinary vacuum cleaner to recompress your mattress. This gives you the ability to ship via UPS/Fedex and avoid using a freight carrier.

Details about this policy can be found on the product pages.

Cost including shipping and handling.
Know what you’re paying upfront. Often times RV mattress suppliers will quote a low price in the beginning, and after you register at checkout, they will hit you with a bill for shipping and handling, and tax.

Density Scam
Unfortunately, any retailer can lie about the density of their product and get away with it. The only way to determine the density of your mattress on your own is to cut out a cubic foot block and put it on a scale. As I’m sure you can guess, no one is going to destroy their mattress just to verify the density. There is an online retailer based in California that claims to sell a 5.3 lb density memory foam rv mattress. Upon careful inspection we discovered that the foam was actually only 2.5 lbs. Make sure you go for an RV mattress supplier you can trust. Ask lots of questions and do your best to make sure you get straight answers. We suggest typing the name of the supplier into Google with the word "complaint" after their company name. If you find lots of complaints about that retailer, obviously, you’ll want to stay away from them.

Place Your Order

Once you’ve decided your size and the type of mattress you wish to order, type in the keywords "replacement rv mattress" and start shopping! Feel free to give us a shot while your at it! We offer most of the common mattresses listed on here and we even do custom sizes and cut corner rv mattresses! We would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have or help you place an order. Thanks for reading!

Note: This article is copyright protected.

Reproduction of any part of this article is strictly prohibited without expressed and written consent from Mattress Insider LLC.

We can make mattresses for the following make and model RVs.

Simply obtain the mattress size, and give us a call at 888-488-1468.

  • Adventure Manufacturing – RPM , Timberlodge, Timberlodge Express
  • Adventure Teardrop Trailers – Full Size, Half Size
  • Airstream – Classic Limited, Flying Cloud, Design Within Reach, Interstate, International CCD Signature Series, International Ocean Breeze, PanAmerica , Sport
  • Alaskan
  • American Coach by Fleetwood – Allegiance, Eagle, Heritage, Tradition
  • American Sport Trailer Company – Genesis, Tribute
  • Americana – GS, LC
  • Beaver Motor Coaches Monaco RV– Contessa, Marquis, Monterey, Patriot Thunder
  • Big Woody – Deluxe, Standard, Ultimate, U-Finish
  • Bigfoot – 1500 Series, 2500 Series, 3000 Series, 4000 Series
  • Born Free – 22, 22 Rear Door C/O, 24 Rear Bath, 27 Rear Bath, 27 Rear Side Bed, 28 Rear Side Bed, 32 Rear Queen, 32 Rear Twin, Guardian
  • Burro Travel Trailers – 14′, 17′
  • Camp-Inn Teardrop Trailers – 500, 550, 560
  • Carriage Inc. – Cameo, Carri-Lite, Domani, Royals
  • Carson Trailer, Inc – models (toy haulers): Carrera Lite, Fun-Runner, Titan, Carson Rebel
  • Casita – 13′, 16′, 17′
  • Chalet RV – model: Oregon Camper, Takena
  • Cikira RV – Classic Cruiser, Classic Cruiser LE, Classic Cruiser SLE, Escape EXP
  • Clarion Coach
  • Coachhouse – Platinum 221XL, 230, 232XL, 261XL, 272XL, Platinum II 241XL
  • Coachmen RVs – Chaparral, Chaparral Lite, Wyoming, Concord, Freelander, Leprechaun, Prism
  • Coachmen RVs : – Blast , Capri Micro, Captiva Ultra Lite, Impact , Shasta, Spirit of America SE, Surge , Avant-Garde, Avante-Garde Front Diesel, Mirada, Sportscoach
  • Columbia Northwest, Inc. – Amelia, Meriwether, Marco
  • Conquest Motorhomes by Gulf Stream – B Touring Cruiser, B Touring Cruiser GX-2, B Touring MB, Conquest C, Endura, Super Nova, Ultra C, Vista Cruiser Mini, Yellowstone C, Yellowstone Cruiser, Yellowstone Cruiser GX-2, Yellowstone Cruiser MB, Gladiator
  • Country Coach – Affinity, Allure, Inspire, Intrigue, Magna, Prevost Conversion, Rhapsody, Tribute
  • Cozy Cruiser – Classic, Classic Deluxe
  • Crossroads – 5th wheel CrossForce , CrossTerrain , Cruiser, Kingston, Seville, Zinger, Sunset Trail, Sunset Trail SLS
  • Cruiser RV LLC. – Funfinder X, FunfinderXtra , ViewFinder
  • Damon RV – Avanti, Astoria, Challenger, Essence, Daybreak, Daybreak Sport, Outlaw, Tuscany
  • – Build your own
  • DRV: Elite Suites, Mobile Suites, Select Suites
  • Dutchmen – Adirondack, Aerolite, Cub (expandable), Colorado, Denali, Dutchmen, Eco, Four Winds, Kodiak, Kodiak Expandable, Ntense , North Shore, [email protected], Tundra, Victory Lane , Wild Thing , Winners Circle , Zoom, Grand Junction, Monte Vista,
  • Dynamax – Dyna Aire, DynaQuest ST, DynaQuest XI, Dyna Sport UTV, Grand Sport DT, Grand Sport Ultra, Isata E-Series Touring Sedan, Isata F-Series Touring Sedan,
  • EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicle (XV) Class C & Truck
  • Eclipse Recreational Vehicles Inc. – Attitude, Stellar, Milan
  • EnduraMax LLC – toy hauler model: Matrix, Wide Open, Gladiator Ford E-450, Gladiator Internation 4200 Truck Series
  • Entegra Coach – Alanté, Emblem, Aspire, Anthem, Cornerstone
  • Excel Fifth Wheels – Classic, Limited, RT, Wild Cargo
  • Extreme RVs – Companion, Extreme , MegaLite , Monterrey, Road Ranger, Sportmaster
  • Featherlite Luxury Coaches – Vantare H3-45, Vantare XLII
  • Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. – Backpack, Compass, Gearbox , Mallard, Mallard Sport, Nitrous Hyperlite , Orbit, Orbit Sport, Pegasus, Pegasus Sport, Pioneer, Pioneer Spirit, Prowler, Redline Hyperlight , Terry, Wilderness, Formula, Quantum,
  • Fleetwood RV – Bounder Diesel, Discovery, Excursion, Expedition, Providence, Revolution LE, Icon, Jamboree, Jamboree GT, Jamboree Sport, Pulse, Tioga, Tioga Ranger, Tioga SL, Bounder Classic, Encounter, Fiesta Premium, Pace Arrow, Southwind, Terra Premium
  • Forest River – Berkshire, Charleston, Georgetown, Cardinal, Cedar Creek, Cherokee, Cherokee Wolf Pack , Flagstaff, Rockwood, Rockwood Roo (expandable), Sandpiper, Salem, Salem Sport , Sandstorm , Sierra, Shamrock (expandable), Shockwave , Surveyor, Surveyor (expandable), V-Cross, XLR , Wildcat, Wildwood, Wildwood Sport , Work & Play (cargo carrier) Note: XLR is evolved from “All American Sport” model
  • Foretravel – Nimbus, Phenix
  • Four Wheel Campers – Eagle, Falcon, Finch, Grandby, Hawk, Keystone, Ranger
  • Four Winds – Chateau, Chateau Kodiak, Chateau Citation Sprinter, Citation, Dutchmen, Dutchman Kodiak, Dutchman Dorado Sprinter, Dorado, Four Winds, Four Winds Kodiak, Four Winds Siesta Sprinter, Fun Mover , Siesta, Ventura, Hurricane, Serrano, Windsport
  • Frontier RV – model: Aspen, Hyperlite, Explorer, Trax , Tazor
  • General Coach (British Columbia) – Citation, Corsair
  • General Coach (Ontario) – Citation/Chateau, Phantom, Cosair
  • Georgie Boy Mfg., Inc. – Cruise Master, Pursuit
  • Glendale RV – model: Titanium Tour Edition, Titanium Pearl
  • Great West Vans – Classic, Sprinter Legend, Titan Wide Body
  • GTRV-USA – “Home of the Westy”
  • Gulf Stream – Amer-lite, Canyon Trail, Conquest, Emerald Bay, Firefly, G-Force , Gulf Breeze, Innsbruck, Kingsport, Mako, StreamLite, Track & Trail , Mako Mid-Profile, Prairie Schooner, Yellowstone, Caribbean, Independence, Sun Sport, Tourmaster
  • Hallmark Campers – Cuchara XL, Guanella LS & LX, Milner LX, Milner MX, Ute XS &XL, 96DB, 106UDB, 116ULT, 117DBL, 811SL
  • Heartland – model: Cyclone , North Country, North Trail, Razor , Sundance XLT, Big Country, Bighorn, Landmark,
  • Hi-Lo – TowLite: 1508T, 1708T, 1908T, 2208T, 2408T, 2708T and Classic: 2308C, 2508C, 2808C
  • Hoffman Coach Company
  • Holiday Rambler – Alumascape, Alumascape Suite, Next Level , Presidential Suite, Savoy LX, Savoy LE, Atlantis, Augusta B+, Augusta Sport, Augusta Touring Sedan, Traveler, Campmaster, Black Diamond , Mintara, Presidential, Savoy LE, Savoy LX, Admiral, Ambassador, Arista, Endeavor, Imperial, Navigator, Neptune, Scepter, Vacationer
  • Hunter Outdoor Products – Shadow HU-1 Classic, HU-3 Long Shadow, HU-4 FAT Shadow
  • Hy-Line – model: Pine Creek
  • International VentureCraft Corp
  • Itasca – Cambria, Impulse, Navion, Navion iQ, Spirit, Ellipse, Meridian, Meridian V Class, Reyo, Suncruiser, Sunova, Sunstar
  • Jayco – Designer, Eagle, Eagle Super Lite, Recon ZX , Jay Feather EXP, Jay Feather Ex-Port, Jay Feather Sport, Jay Flight, Jay Flight G2, Octane ZX , Embark, Greyhawk, Greyhawk Sport, Melbourne, Seneca HD, Seneca ZX
  • K-Z Recreational Vehicles – Coyote, Coyote Rock Climber , Coyote Lite, Durango, MXT , Spree, Sportsmen, Sportsmen Sportster
  • Keystone RVs – Big Sky, Challenger, Copper Canyon, Cougar, Everest, Fuzion , Hornet, Laredo, Montana, Mountaineer, Raptor (incl. toy hauler models), Springdale, Springdale Springloaded , Sydney, Xlite, Keystone RVs – Bullet, Cougar SRX , Energy, Hideout, Kangaroo , Outback, Passport, Passport Breakaway , Sprinter, Summerland, VR1
  • Komfort – Komfort, Komfort Lite, Ridgecrest, Trailblazer
  • KZ Recreational Vehicles (KZ RV) – Durango, Durango LX, Escalade, Escalade Sportster, Inferno , Montego Bay, New Vision Sportster , Sportsmen, Sportsmen Sportster , Spree
  • Lance Trailers
  • Lazy Daze (factory direct)
  • Leisure Travel Vans – Free Flight, Freedom II Libero, Freedom II Serenity, Free Spirit
  • Liberty Coach – Elegant Lady, Liberty Lady Classic
  • Little Guy Teardrop Camper/Trailer – Lite Series (Rascal, Travel Mate), 4-Series, 5-Series, 6-Series, Little Guy RT, 6-Wide Sport-Camo Edition
  • Marathon Coach
  • Marathon Homes
  • McKenzie RV – Dune Seeker , Ion, Starlite, Starwood, Medallion Estate, Cascade, Lakota, Lakota Estate,
  • Millennium Luxury Coaches
  • Monaco Coach Corporation – Covina, Montclair B+, Montclair Sport, Montclair Touring Sedan
  • Monaco Monaco RV,LLC – Camelot, Cayman, Diplomat, Dynasty, Executive, Knight, LaPalma, Monarch, Riptide, Signature Series
  • New Horizons – (factory direct) Classic, Summit, Motomover , 5 Star Series
  • Newell Coach Corporation
  • Newmar Corp – Bay Star, Canyon Star, Dutch Aire, Dutch Star, Essex, King Aire, Mountain Aire, Ventana, Cypress, Torrey Pine, Kountry Aire, X-Aire
  • Northern Lite – Classic, Lite, Special Edition, Ten 2000 Series
  • Northwood Manufacturing – Arctic Fox, Desert Fox , Nash
  • NuWa Industries – Hitchhiker II LS, Hitchhiker Champagne, Hitchhiker Discover America
  • Okanagan – model: Eclipse
  • Outfitter Mfg.
  • Palomino –
  • Palomino – Bronco, Maverick, Winter Creek, Gazelle, Puma, Puma , Palomino Stampede, Sabre, Thoroughbred
  • Parliament Coach
  • Play-Mor Trailers, Inc. – Motorsport, Motorsport Deluxe FW, Racer, Sport LX, Sport-Maxx
  • Pleasure-Way
  • Powerhouse Coach
  • Precision Coach Inc.
  • Prevost
  • R-Vision – Boogie Box , Dodge RV’s (incl. toy hauler), Max-Lite, Max Sport, Super Sport, Trail-Bay, Trail-Bay V-Series, Trail-Cruiser, Trail-Lite Crossover, Trail Sport, Trail-Lite B-Plus, T&C Sport, T&C Touring Sedan
  • Recreation by Design
  • Rexhall Industries – Aerbus, RexAir
  • Roadmaster – model: Round Top Predator , Predator
  • Roadtrek – 170-Pupular, 190-Popular, 190-Versatile, 210-Popular, 210-Versatile, RS-Adventurous, SS-Agile
  • RV2 (RV Squared, Inc.)
  • S & S Campers Mfg Inc – model: Ponderosa
  • Safari Motorcoach – Damara B+, Ivory, Damara Sport, Damara Sport, Cascade, Cheetah, Passage, Simba
  • Scamp – 13′, 16′, 19′
  • Silver Shadow Teardrop Camper Trailers – Highline, Silver Shadow, White Shadow
  • Six-Pac Campers – Delux 650, Delux 850, Standard 650, Standard 850, T100-S, Utility Models
  • Skyline RVs – Aljo, Aljo Joey, Aljo Ultra Light, Aljo Freestyle , Layton, Layton Joey, Layton Ultra Lite, Layton Freestyle , Nomad, Nomad Joey, Nomad Ultra Lite, Nomad Freestyle (toyhauler), Weekender, Weekender Joey, Weekender Ramp
  • So-Cal Teardrops – Cal-Deluxe, Original, Rover, Sierra, also various kits available
  • Space Craft Mfg. – Custom Built
  • Sportscoach by Coachmen – Cross Country, Pathfinder
  • Sportsmobile
  • Starcraft – Homestead, Lexion, Hardside, Softside, Autumn Ridge, Rock Star , Star Stream, Thrill Seeker (expandable), Thrill Seeker , Travel Star Expandable, Travel Star Sport Expandable, Travel Star XLT, Travel Star Sport XLT, Villa
  • Sun Valley – Apache, Sun-Lite
  • Sun Valley – Rattler , Roadrunner, Roadrunner 7.5, X-Treme 7.5, X-Treme 8.0
  • SunnyBrook – Big Dog , Bristol Bay, Brookside, SB Series, Titan SURV , West Pointe
  • [email protected] (from Dutchmen Manufacturing)
  • Teardrop Fix-It-Shop – Kenskill Teardrop Trailer replicas
  • Terra Wind (amphibious)
  • Teton Homes – Experience, Prestige, Royal
  • Texas Custom Coach by Coachworks, L.L.C.
  • Thompson Coach
  • Thor
  • Thor California – Jazz, Summit, Tahoe , Vortex , Wave, Sonoma, Summit
  • Tiffin Motorhomes – Allegro, Allegro Bay, Allegro Bus, Phaeton, Zephyr
  • Tiger Motorhomes
  • TrailManor Travel Trailers – folding hardwall trailers and one “upright” model
  • Triple E RVs – model: Regency, Topaz, Embassy, Empress Elite, Commander, Invitation, Signature
  • Viking RV – Grand Haven, V-Trec
  • Wee kender – Base, Base Plus, Special Edition
  • Winnebago – Access, Aspect, Outlook, View, Era, Adventurer, Journey, Journey Express, Sightseer, Tour, Via, Vista

Here are a few of the most common mattress types you have access to:

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