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The Best Way to Roll Up an Air Mattress

Rolling an air mattress, rather than only folding it, prevents creases.

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Chances are, your air mattress was rolled up in the best, most efficient way when put into its original package by the manufacturer. Rolling it back up into this same form allows it to be stored in a compact, manageable shape in a storage bag or box and ensures that it can be unrolled easily the next time you need it.

Back to the Beginning

If you have the original storage box or storage bag, place it on the ground next to the air mattress for a visual guide to the best final height for the rolled-up mattress. After opening the valve to release air, gently push down on the mattress to help force the air out. Fold the long sides in toward the center to create three equal columns, working slowly to avoid damaging the mattress as the air escapes. Roll the mattress from the top or bottom and place it back in its original container or storage bag. If there isn’t a box or bag, wrap a towel around it and secure a belt around the towel. The towel helps prevent abrasion and dents in the mattress from the belt.

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Air mattress size chart & top choices by size

It’s been a while now that I have been receiving questions about the sizes of air mattresses.

How big is a queen size mattress? How big is king size? What is California King? Do the names used to describe size same all over the world or size varies…and so on…

Today, we are putting all those dilemmas to rest in a concise and to the point article which explains it all.

Instead of me talking so much, I’ve decided to make this air mattress size chart that says it all:

Air mattress sizes:

Best airbeds by size

Top-rated Twin

SoundAsleep Twin

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Top-rated Twin XL
Fox Twin XL

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Top-rated Full (Double)
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Best air mattress in Queen size
Dream Series

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Top-rated King
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Best California King
Fox Plush
California King

Now, let us address the issue if this air mattress size chart applies equally in all parts of the world.

The answer to that is no, not exactly. The differences are minor but they still exist, so let me again try to explain how things stand with a simple size chart for mattress sizes in different parts of the world:

Dimensions of airbeds by country/region:

So, let’s reiterate what we’ve seen about air sizes and dimensions.

Twin airbed dimensions

Dimensions of a twin air mattress are 38 x 74 “, with the height varying from 7 to 25 inches.

Twin XL airbed dimensions

A Twin XL airbed is 38 ” wide, 80″ long and 7-25″ high, depending on the model.

How big is a Full (double) airbed?

Full (or Double) air mattress is 54 inches wide and 74 inches long. The height varies between 7 and 25 inches.

How big is a Full XL airbed?

Full XL is an extra long version of the Full-sized airbed. It’s 54 ” wide and 80 inches long, which is 6 inches longer than a standard full. It can be 7-25 inches high.

Queen size air mattress dimensions

Dimensions of a queen size inflatable mattress are 60 times 80 inches, while the height can be anywhere from 7 to 25 inches.

Dimensions of a King airbed

King air mattress are 76 x 80 inches and can be 6.5-25 inches high.

How big is a California King airbed?

Dimensions of a California King air mattress are 72 x 84 inches and it can be 20-25 inches high, depending on the model.

Again, you can see all these dimensions of inflatable beds converted to metric in the table above as well as our top choices in each size.

I hope that this article clarifies everything about air mattress sizes and eliminates the confusion.


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Matching Air Mattresses and Tent Sizes

I know, I know. The main thing you’re worried about when you’re going camping is, "What’s the size of my air mattress in comparison to my tent?" Right. Well, this is a passing thought many people have on the way to the campsite, but by then, it’s too late; you’ve already committed to an air mattress (or two) and a tent.

Like most people, you might be allergic to math in any form, but doing some quick calculations while shopping for your tent and air mattress will save you a headache later on. First, let’s check out the dimensions of the standard air mattress sizes.

Air Mattress Sizes

  • King: 6’4" x 6’8"
  • Queen: 5’0" x 6’8"
  • Full: 4’6" x 6’3"
  • Twin: 3’3" x 6’3"

While most people take camping at a more leisurely pace, there are those who want to have a more adventurous camping adventure. Then weight of the air mattress becomes just as important as its dimensions. So if you’re hiking far, double check the weights listed for both air mattresses and tents when shopping for your camping gear.

Tent Size

Not all tents are created equally. Even if you have two tents that both say they’re 4-person, they still might be different sizes. For backpackers, the whole point of the tent is to sleep. You squeeze in next to another person and sleep shoulder to shoulder, and about 15 square feet is allocated for each person. Family camping is different. Generally you spend more time in the tent, and more space is needed to move around. For adults you’re looking at 30 square feet per person, which is about 7 feet by 4 feet. This allows ample room for the air mattress, sleeping bag and other items. Two adults sharing an air mattress can combine their square footage, and take up less room in the tent.

As you examine the sizes of various tents, imagine how much room you’ll need for the other items in your tent. If you get a 7′ x 7′ tent and think you can get your king air mattress in there, you’re right; however, that leaves no room for anything else. You still want to be comfortable while camping, so consider everything that needs to go in the tent.

Another size to keep in mind is the height of the tent. If you’re air mattress is in the middle of the tent, then it can be difficult to stand to your full height. If it’s possible, push the air mattress to the edge of the tent so some of the middle space can be used to move around. For adults, aim to have a 6 or 7 foot peak in the tent, and for young children a 4 foot peak is just fine.

Tent Shapes

The height of the tent comes largely from the shape you choose. Tents come in a variety of types and shapes. The shape of the tent also has bearing on its size and weight. Here are a few common tent shapes:

Tent shape influences the kind of camping you’re looking to do, and how long you need to carry the weight of the tent and air mattress. For tents, once you go bigger than an 8′ x 8′ tent it’s going to be too bulky to carry for long distances. If you park your car next to your campsite, than it shouldn’t be a problem.

You can check out our camping air mattresses here. On each product page we’ve listed the dimensions and the weight of the air mattress. Get your calculators out, and happy trails!

How big is a queen blow up mattress

Looking for the perfect travel bed? Get yourself a comfy air mattress that supports your back and gives you sound sleep all night long. Whether you are out camping or fishing, create a restful retreat while staying in the great outdoors. At Target, we have an array of air mattresses, inflatable beds, blow up mattresses or airbeds you can choose from. Set up your very own sleep haven in the woods with an airbed that perfectly fits into your tent. Whether you need a single or double air mattress, we’ve got you covered! Look through our range of queen, king and twin mattresses that will make sure you feel right at home. Adding that extra layer of comfort to your outdoor adventures has never been this easy. Our collection of airbeds also makes a great choice for on-the-go needs at home. Having guests over this weekend? Inflate your airbed in a jiffy with our collection of air pumps. Our range of airbeds with built-in pumps is sure to make your outdoor experience a breeze. When it’s time to pack up, the pump deflates the airbed so it fits into a carry bag that can be stored away till your next adventure. Perfect for every camping enthusiast, our collection of air mattress repair kits, air mattress repair patches and air mattress storage bags is sure to come in handy. These airbeds with lovely plush tops will make you want to snooze all day. Browse through our large collection of airbeds to find the right pick for you.

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