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The Big Fig

Mattress + Foundation

Built from the ground up to provide a mattress that fits all the needs of a bigger figure.

What’s So Special About
The Big Fig Mattress?

Before we designed or manufactured anything, we started by identifying common problems people with bigger figures experience with their mattresses. We then addressed each problem individually to find a solution that would ensure a quality and comfortable night’s sleep for many years to come.

Do you have these problems when you sleep?

  • • Mattress Sag • Softening of Materials
    • Loss of Comfort
  • • Poor Support • No Edge Support
    • Sleeping Hot
  • • Materials Shifting
    • Weak Foundation
    • Lack of Durability

Here is how we fixed it:

  • • High Quality Materials
  • • Hybrid Construction
    • Cooling Technology
  • • Lasting Comfort & Support
    • Strong Foundation
  • • Tested & Covered For 20 Years
    • Motion Isolation

High Quality Materials

A mattress can feel great in the store, but only high quality materials will last. We carefully sourced high-quality materials that provide the best support and will last for at least 20 years of sleep.

ThermoGeltreated fabric helps lower body temperature for an actively cool sleeping experience

Perforated Gel-Infused Latex Foamallows air to flow freely through the mattress, maximizing breathability and comfort

3 Layers of High Density Poly Foamfor no-sag cushioning

1,600 Individually Wrapped Coils50% more than the average premium innerspring mattress on the market

High Density, 80 ILD Edge Foamadds extra strength for enhanced edge support

Tufted In 16 Placesto prevent the materials from shifting over time

ThermoGeltreated fabric helps lower body temperature for an actively cool sleeping experience

Perforated Gel-Infused Latex Foamallows air to flow freely through the mattress, maximizing breathability and comfort

3 Layers of High Density Poly Foamfor no-sag cushioning

1,600 Individually Wrapped Coils50% more than the average premium innerspring mattress on the market

High Density, 80 ILD Edge Foamadds extra strength for enhanced edge support

Tufted In 16 Placesto prevent the materials from shifting over time

Note: All dimensions are +/- 0.5 inch

Works on most bed frames

Size Guide


Mattress Dimensions:39” x 75” x 13”
Foundation Dimensions:39” x 75” x 7”

Twin XL$1,399

Mattress Dimensions:39” x 80” x 13”
Foundation Dimensions:39” x 80” x 7”


Mattress Dimensions:54” x 75” x 13”
Foundation Dimensions:54” x 75” x 7”


Mattress Dimensions:60” x 80” x 13”
Foundation Dimensions:60” x 80” x 7”


Mattress Dimensions:76” x 80” x 13”
Foundation Dimensions:76” x 80” x 7”

Cal King$1,999

Mattress Dimensions:72” x 84” x 13”
Foundation Dimensions:72” x 84” x 7”


66% polyurethane blend, 30% viscose, 4% poly/lycra


1 layer of gel infused, ventilated latex

1 layer of high density 1.8 lb polyurethane foam

2 layers of high density 2.5 lb polyurethane foam

Edge Support – 80 ILD high density foam


1600 individually wrapped coils in king and cal king


16 Tufts in queen, king and cal king

18 slats at 2.5” wide

Made from spruce wood

32 2×4 wood block supports

We offer FREE shipping to your door. We can also provide white glove delivery as well as removal of your old mattress. Learn More

NOTE: If you plan to coordinate your own mattress removal, please wait to remove your old mattress until your Big Fig Mattress delivery has been completed.

All of our foams are CertiPUR-US® certified, which means they are made with high standards in content and emissions as regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We offer a 20 Year Non-Prorated Warranty with 1” body impression protection. Free repair and replacement If your Big Fig Mattress or Foundation fails due to manufacturing defect for the full 20 years. Learn More

Hybrid Construction

The Big Fig’s hybrid construction of springs and foam provides the ultimate mix of support and comfort.

4 Layers of Foam For Lasting Comfort

1 Layer of Gel-Infused Perforated Foam

3 Layers of High Density Poly Foam

Pocketed Spring Coils For Support

ThermoGel Cooling Technology

Our quilted mattress topper is made with ThermoGel cooling technology thatactively cools your body temperature. It activates with moisture contact and creates a cooling sensation close to the skin.

Just beneath the ThermoGel infused top is a layer ofgel-infused perforated foam, allowing air to flow freely through the mattress. Together, these are actively cooling the body for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Comfort & Support
That Will Last 20 Years

The Big Fig Mattress is soft and comfy while still being bouncy, supportive, and strong. Our high-quality materials are ideal for bigger figure sleepers – and this is what makes it special! No matter your sleep position, the Big Fig is designed to cradle and support your body without the sinking feeling found in other mattresses. The more pressure you put on it, the more it reacts to support you.

The Strongest Foundation

We’ve designed the strongest foundation guaranteed to support your Big Fig Mattress. With 18 slats (each 2.5 inches wide) and double center rails, the Big Fig Foundation supports5 times the weightof your typical foundation.

Tested And Warrantied
For 20 Years

We sent the Big Fig Mattress to a third-party testing facility to simulate 20 years of use, and the mattress showed virtually no signs of wear after the test.

We fully back the Big Fig Mattress with a 20 year warranty. This includes both Free Repair and Free Replacement for the entirety of 20 years.

See What Customers Say About Big Fig

Frequently Asked Questions

    Will the Big Fig Mattress sag like my other mattress did?

The short and simple answer is NO! We’ve specially engineered the Big Fig Mattress with a combination of high quality individually-wrapped coil springs and high density foams to deliver an exceptionally comfortable and durable sleep surface. It will not sag, even with two plus-size sleepers (up to 1,100 lbs. total weight). But don’t just take our word for it. The proof is in the pudding, and we have the test results to prove it. An independent lab tested our mattress by simulating 20 years of use with an oversized 350 lb. rolling weight. The Big Fig Mattress outperformed any published industry test results with virtually no measurable surface impression (less than 0.2”). View the complete test results here .

The Big Fig Mattress will fit on almost any bed frame, foundation or box spring that will properly support the weight of the mattress, foundation and sleeper(s) on top. Make sure your bed is built to support at least 1,310 lbs. (the weight of a Big Fig Sleep System + 2 sleepers weighing a total of 1,100 lbs.).

If you have any questions about your current bed frame, foundation or box spring, get in touch with us .

After the first 120 nights, your Big Fig mattress is protected by our industry-leading, 20 year warranty. Our warranty is non-prorated for the full 20 years, which means you’ll never have to pay the costs for repairs or replacements. Check out the full terms of our warranty.

Big Fig Mattress Reviews

Big Fig is one of the best mattresses available for heavy people and big guys.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Heavy people (Big Fig can handle 2x 500 lb individuals)
  • Anyone that wants a firmer mattress
  • Strict back and/or stomach sleepers
  • People who tend to heat up at night (cooling cover)
  • Those who want a bed that comes with a foundation

Who Won’t Love This Bed?

  • Side sleepers
  • Folks that want a softer mattress
  • People on a really budget

Free Shipping & Returns

120 Night Trial Period

20 Year Warranty

Big Fig Mattress Reviews: Outline And Overview

Honest Big Fig Mattress Review Video

We realize that in today’s day and age, a lot of consumers actually want to see the mattress with their eyes rather just reading about it. Given this, we’ve put together a quick review video that explains who we think the Big Fig mattress is best for.

For the sake of time, we couldn’t cover every little detail in the video. Keep reading to learn more about the Big Fig mattress.

When You Buy A Big Fig Mattress

Yes, you came here to read about the Big Fig mattress, but it’s also important to take into consideration the company’s polices regarding shipping, returns, trial period, etc..

Most companies in the bed-in-a-box industry offerfree shipping, free returns, 100-night risk-free trial period, and a 10-year warranty. Big Fig beats those policies in almost every regards.

Yes, their mattresses ship for free. The bed will arrive inside a giant, mattress-size box. Once you drag it into your house, you need to remove the packaging and set it up on your bed frame or the foundation that comes with the mattress. Here’s what that unboxing process looks like.

The company also offers white glove delivery and setup for a fee if you don’t want to deal with setting up the mattress yourself.

Now, when you order Big Fig, you don’t just get the mattress.Big Fig also provides a mattress foundationfor you that is supposed to be five times stronger than the standard foundation. This is obviously geared towards heavier people. However, if you already have a foundation that you like, you can opt-out and save $100. Just make sure that your foundation is suitable for the Big Fig mattress—they have specific parameters in the warranty section of Big Fig’s website.

You can see the Big Fig mattress and Big Fig foundation

Once you get the mattress and foundation all set up, thecompany gives you a 120-night trial period. Keep in the mind, though, the unboxing process is a little more involved than the typical bed in a box considering the size and weight of the bed and foundation. In the video above, you can see just how much effort was involved in getting this mattress all set up.

As for returns, if you end up not liking the mattress at any point during the trial period, just give Big Fig a call and they will send someone to your house to pick up the bed and issue you a full refund (usually takes 7-10 days). In other words,Big Fig comes with completely free returns inside the first 101 nights.

A look at the Big Fig mattress

Big Fig also beats the industry standard when it comes to their warranty. They offer a20-year warrantycompared to the typical 10-year warranty most online mattress companies offer. In their words, this includes “free repair and replacement” for the entire warranty length.

Lastly, for those of who care,Big Fig mattresses are made in the USA.

Discussion Of Price And Coupons

The Big Fig mattress is priced near the higher end of the online mattress industry. However, I can’t say I’m shocked considering the quality of materials and just how thick this mattress is.This bed is built to be durable, supportive, and comfortableeven for obese sleepers. Here’s how the pricing breaks down by size:

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,399
King / Cal King$1,999

Wait, don’t let the price scare you off just yet. Big Fig regularly runs promotions on their website to make the mattress more affordable. This usually happens during major holidays, but we should also have an exclusive coupon linked on this page for you—this is an evergreen discount that should work year-round.

How Your Weight Is A “Big” Deal

Weight is something that often goes overlooked when shopping for a mattress. A lot of times shoppers are too worried about how soft the mattress is or how it limits motion, which are important, but your weight also plays a big role. And obviously this is something Big Fig has thought about considering they market their beds to bigger people—even individuals up to 500 lb.

Big Fig is a hefty mattress

When we talk about weight, we’re mainly referring to how a particular mattress feels different to various sizes of people. We approach our reviews through the eyes (or body) of an average sized person (150 to 250 lb). However, in general,heavier folks (250+ lb) seem to think most mattresses are softerthan what average sized folks think.

That’s because these types of sleepers apply more pressure and stress on a bed and tend to sink in a bit more. On the flip side, lighter sleepers (150 lb or less) tend to think most mattresses are firmer than what average sized sleepers say. This is because they exert very little pressure on a bed and lay more on top of the mattress. Keep this in mind as we progress through this Big Fig review.

Mattress Construction And The Foundation

The Big Fig bed is a beast of a mattress coming in at a whopping 13″ thick. But before we get to the actual bed, let’s first talk about their foundation, which comes free with every mattress. The Big Fig foundation features 18 2.5″ wide slats and double center rails, which meansit’s able to support five times the weight of a normal foundation. So if you’re a big dog (or lady dog), don’t worry, this foundation will be able to support your weight.

The Big Fig Foundation

As far as the actual mattress, it begins with a thin layer of high-density foam that is supposed to addedge-to-edge support. The high-density edge foam then continues up and encases the next layer of individually wrapped coils.

Big Fig states they use 1,600 individual coils (king size), which is about 50% more than the typical innerspring mattress. The layer of coils give the bed extra support and a little bounce.

In general, coils are more durable and supportivethan the typical dense polyurethane foams most online mattresses use for their support structure. This obviously goes along with Big Fig’s marketing strategy towards heavy people.

Construction overview of the Big Fig mattress

On top of the coils are three layers of poly foam, which sort of act as a transition from the coils and also help protect against sagging. On top of the poly foam layers is a layer of gel-infused latex foam that is perforated. This is supposed to be the comfort layer for the bed and theperforated design is supposed to help with airflow.

A look at the cooling cover on the Big Fig mattress

Wrapping these layers is anon-removable, quilted cover that does have thermogel infused to help with cooling. Since it is a non-removable cover, if you happen to spill something on the bed, it is recommended you just spot clean the mattress with a spray upholstery cleaner and soft cloth.

Firmness Rating Of The Big Fig Mattress

To our team, the Big Fig mattress has thattraditional innerspring feelto it thanks to the amount of coils in the bed. However, the thick layer of latex foam near the top gives the bed a soft, thin pillow top feel. It’s sort of similar to the old version of the Allswell Hybrid in that regard. The best way we can describe it is that it’s like laying on a dense chunk of earth with a thin layer of soft grass at the top.

Overall, we think theBig Fig mattress is around a medium-firm to firm on the firmness scale. That would mean this is one of the firmer mattresses you can buy online, but it still has a little bit of give and cushion in those top layers.

But of course, that’s for an average sized person. A heavy person (who the bed is designed for) will feel the bed is actually a tad bit softer since they will sink in and experience more of the soft latex foam top layer. One of our team members weighs around 240 lb and thinks the mattress is more in that medium-firm range. An even heavier person (300+ lb) might think it’s more of a medium.

In terms of responsiveness, the Big Fig mattress performs very well. It pops back back to its original form almost immediately after releasing pressure.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, though, considering the bed incorporates coils and latex foam, both of which are known for being bouncy, springy, and responsive. This fact, along with how firm the bed is, meansyou won’t have any issues switching between sleeping positions.

Responsiveness can also be an early indicator of durability. The more responsive the bed, the less likely the bed will sag and develop body impressions. So Big Fig is looking good in that respect, as well.

Let’s Discuss All Sleeping Positions

For small and average sized people, no, Big Fig will not work for side sleeping. For these body types, the mattress just doesn’t provide enough pressure relief for your hips and shoulders when you’re on your side. For larger individuals, though, it could work since these body types will sink further into the top layer, butwe still wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s ideal for primary side sleepers. It’s just a very firm mattress and latex foam really isn’t known for its contouring properties.

Big Fig is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. It provides a ton of support when you’re in these types of sleeping positions. You’ll likely never sink so far down to where your spinal alignment is in any danger.Even heavier people will find the Big Fig mattress provides ample supportunder their hips, trunk, and lower back.

The Big Fig mattresswill be fine for combo sleepers as long as you don’t spend too much time on your side. Again, if you’re a primary side sleeper, this mattress isn’t the best option. However, if you’re only on your side for spurts throughout the night, you’ll be fine.

Big Fig will also work for petite and average sized sleepers, it’s just not completely necessary. This mattress is sort of overkill for these body types. There’s plenty of thinner, less expensive mattresses that provide good support for these types of people. Save the money.

Is Big Fig Ideal For Heavy And Obese People?

Yes, this is what the Big Fig mattress is designed for. Simply put,if you’re a large person, the Big Fig mattress is one of the best options available. In fact, it made our Best Mattresses For Heavy People list.

It’s a thick, durable mattress that is able to support even the heaviest people out there. It contains 1,600 individually wrapped coils (king size) made out of 15 gauge wire that not only extend the life of the bed, but also give it some bi-directional support (i.e. the coils compress, but also push back at the same time), which is crucial for large humans.

More Factors For Couples Sleeping On Big Fig

Two factors that are particularly important for couples are edge support and motion transfer isolation. Let’s start with edge support. This iscritical for partners who share a smaller size mattress, like a full or queen. Edge support comes into play when one partner rolls over in the middle of the night and starts to hog the center of the bed, leaving the other person with only a little bit of room near the edge.

Superb edge support with Big Fig

In this situation, it’s essential the edges of the bed don’t compress so much to where you feel like you’re going to slide right off. Well, I’m happy to report thatBig Fig provides solid edge support. You always feel supported even near the edges and you never get that roll-off feeling, so a thumbs up for couples.

Motion isolation is also important for couples with partners who tend to toss and turn or get up a lot throughout the night. In these situations, it’s important one partner is not disturbed by the other partner’s movement.

Big Fig performed well in this category, as well, especially considering it’s a firmer coil mattress. The mattress easily passed our test, but wouldn’t consider it the best of the best. It’s safe to say that one person’s movements won’t affect the other sleeper unless they’re a very light sleeper.

Mattress Coolness

This is another area where the Big Fig mattress excels.If you sleep hot, this mattress is an excellent choice. Yes, the cover has cooling properties infused, which help, but really one of the main reasons why we think this mattress will sleep on the cooler side is due to its firmness level.

Most sleepers will stay on top of this bed rather than sinking into it, which means the bed really won’t contour or hug the sleeper. Plus, latex foam is generally a cooler sleeping than memory foams or proprietary foams. Simply put, we do think Big Fig is a good option for hot and sweaty sleepers.


Yes, the Big Fig mattress is a bit on the expensive side, butwe really do believe it’s a great choice for heavier people. It’s thick, durable, and extra supportive, which are three staples big folks need. If you’re just an average or petite sized person, though, you may want to save your money and go with a less expensive mattress.

Mattress Size Chart And Dimensions

Use this mattress size chart to determine the size of the mattress that will suit your needs before you shop for your next mattress. If your mattress isn’t big enough for everyone who will sleep in your bed and any pets that join you, you won’t sleep as comfortably as you should. On the other hand, if your mattress is too big for your bedroom, you won’t have enough room for other furniture or to make the bed.

Mattress Sizes (A Quick Start)

  • USA Twin: 39″ X 75″
  • Twin XL: 39″ X 80″
  • Full or Double: 54″ X 74″
  • Full XL: 54″ X 80″
  • (RV) Full: 53″ X 75″
  • Queen: 60″ X 80″
  • Olympic Queen: 66″ X 80″
  • California Queen: 60″ X 84″
  • Short Queen (RV): 60″ X 75″
  • King: 76″ X 80″
  • California King: 72″ X 84″
  • Half Queen: 30″ X 79.5″ (76.2 cm x 202 cm )
  • Twin/Single: 38″ X 74.5″ (96.5 cm X 189 cm)
  • Twin XL: 38″ X 79.5″ (96.5 cm X 202 cm)
  • Double/Full: 53″ X 74.5″ (134.5 cm X 189 cm)
  • Queen: 60″ X 79.5″ (152.5 cm X 202 cm)
  • Queen (RV): 60″ X 74.5″ (152.5 cm X 189 cm)
  • Western King: 72″ X 84″ (183 cm X 213 cm)
  • Eastern King: 76″ X 79.5″ (193 cm X 202 cm)
  • Single: 90cm x 190cm (35″ X 75″)
  • Small Double: 120cm x 190cm (47″ X 75″)
  • Double: 135cm x 190cm (53″ X 75″)
  • King: 150cm x 200cm (59″ X 79″)
  • Super King: 160cm x 200cm (63″ X 79″)
  • Single: 90cm x 200cm (35″ X 79″)
  • Double: 140cm x 200cm (55″ X 79″)
  • King: 160cm x 200cm (63″ X 79″)
  • Single: 90cm x 190cm (35.4″ X 75″)
  • Double/Full: 140cm x 190cm (55″ X 75″)
  • Queen: 160cm x 190cm (63″ X 75″)
  • King: 180cm x 200cm (70.9″ X 79″)

Mattress Sizes You Need

Use the mattress size chart to be sure about your requirements because some mattresses might not fit in your room, which can create a real hassle if you buy from a mattress store that doesn’t allow returns.

First, you should consider what size you need today as well as any changes you expect in the size you’ll need during the life of the mattress. For example:

  • If you’re single but you hope to marry in the next five or so years, you may want to consider purchasing a bed that will work after you’re married. This is especially true if you’re settled in your own home.
  • If you’re renting and likely to move frequently, consider the difficulty of moving a larger bed compared to moving a smaller bed and mattress.
  • If you’re buying a mattress for a child, remember how fast they grow. Many children will reach their full height in the bed you purchase to replace their toddler bed.

Custom Sizes

You may be surprised to learn that you canorder mattresses in custom sizes. Some beds or sleeping arrangements require custom sizes, including extra-long or extra-wide versions and custom shapes to fit specific needs.

Three factors are the most important when you choose the size of your mattress:

  • What size do you need?
  • Is the room large enough to accommodate the mattress you need?
  • Your budget

If you have a new bed, one of the standard mattress sizes will fit. If you have anantique or RV bed, you may need to order a custom size. If you are significantly larger than average, such as an NBA basketball player, you may want a custom bed to accommodate your height. The largest standard mattress length is seven feet. Most people don’t sleep with their head against the headboard. So, anyone who is 6’5” or taller may find a 7-foot length confining.

Room Size

We specify the minimum room size you need to accommodate mattresses for each type of mattress throughout this article.

Your Budget

Your budget should consider both the mattress purchase, the cost of the bed as well as the bedding, and the cost of providing a room large enough to accommodate the mattress. We illustrate the substantial price difference between choosing a King and Queen size below:

Nectar Mattress$899$699
Mattress Protector$99$89
Platform Bed$275$250
Wool Blanket$180$150
Total Cost$1,567$1,277

Mattress, sheets, mattress protector, and platform bed prices are fromNectaron July 12, 2019. The wool blanket represents the average price difference we found after looking at several different options.

If you want a more traditional bed, like this Coastal Sleigh bed (pictured below), the King size is priced over $400 more than the Queen.

We won’t bore you with the math, but we calculated that building a home with a room large enough for the minimum King size mattress would cost $5,500 more than building a home with just the minimum size needed for a Queen mattress using an estimated $125 per square foot. For ideal comfort, you’d want more than the absolute minimum size if you have furniture other than the bed and night tables in the room.

Keep in mind that you’ll incur some of these expenses repeatedly. Most people have more than one set of sheets for their bed and everything except the bed itself will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

If you need a King size, then go for it. But if you’re comparing the price of just the mattress and thinking “I might as well, it’s only $200” you’d overlook quite a few related expenses.

Keep in mind that some people also need their personal space while they sleep. If you need the space, choosing a mattress that is too small is penny wise and pound foolish because impairing the quality of sleep has long term negative implications for health, relationships, and even safety.

Therefore, we provide you with details on different sizes, their dimensions, their purpose, and who they suit best.

Mattress Size Chart (Dimensions and Best for)

Mattress SizesBest For
Twin or SingleToddlers, single adults, college dorms
Short TwinToddlers, single adults, college dorms, RV
Twin XLToddlers, single adults, teenagers, college dorms
Full or DoubleCouples, single adults, sleepers with kid or pets
Full XLCouples, single adults, teenagers, children with pets
Standard QueenCouples, couple with kid or pets
Olympic QueenTall couples, couple with kid or pets
California QueenCouples, couple with kid or pets
Standard KingCouples, couple with kid or pets
California KingTall couples, couple with kid or pets
Split KingCouples with adjustable beds
Split California KingCouples with adjustable beds

Crib Mattress Size

When it comes to the size of a crib mattress, the most important factor is that it fits snuggly in the crib. You do not want a gap between the mattress and the side of the crib as a gap can endanger your child. Standard crib mattresses are28⅝-inches in width and 52⅝-inches in length. Moreover, a crib mattress should not be more than 6-inches thick.

A crib mattress that is too thick puts your child at risk of being able to topple out of the crib. Crib mattresses will usually also fit in toddler beds, so they’ll last for the first several years of your child’s life.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum recommended room size for a nursery with a crib is 7-feet x 10-feet.

Note that experts recommend that babies sleep in the same room as their parents during at least the first six months of their life, but not in the same bed.

Twin Mattress Size

Most children sleep in a twin bed after they outgrow their crib or toddler bed. The twin-size is one of the most common sizes used for children. Because these mattresses are small, they leave enough space for toys and room to play.

The standard measurements for a twin bed in the USA are39-inches in width and 74-inches in length. Sizes in other countries vary slightly.

Bunk bedsusually use twin size mattresses, although some bunk beds combine a twin upper with a full or queen size lower bed.

A twin mattress is an ideal solution for people who share a single room but don’t share a bed. Some couples opt for single beds for a variety of reasons including reducing disruptions to one another’s sleep.

When considering the size of the mattress to purchase for your child, think about how tall your child is expected to be by the time the mattress wears out. Your pediatrician can give you an estimate.

If your child is expected to be tall, you may want to opt for a Twin XL although sheets will be somewhat more expensive, and Twin XL sheets tend to be more difficult to find in stores. It may be well worth the cost. A teenager who doesn’t sleep well because they are too tall for their bed is likely to be both grumpy and make worse decisions than they would if they were comfortable. Sleep deprivation has a negative effect on self-control and cognitive abilities.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum size room for a twin bed is 7-feet x 10-feet. For two twin beds in one room, the minimum size of the room should be 12-feet x 10-feet.

Twin XL Mattress Size

If you need extra length for your height, a twin XL bed provides it. This is also handy if your cat or dog tends to sleep on your feet.

Twin XL is the most common size used in college dorm rooms. Thedimensions are 39-inches x 80-inchesin the USA, which provides you with an extra 6-inches for your legs. Canada’s twin XL is almost the same size as the one in the US. Twin XL isn’t a standard size in the European Union or France. In the UK, the closest is their small double.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum room size for a twin XL bed is 7-feet x 10-feet.

Full Mattress Size

Full-sized beds are also known as double mattresses. Less expensive hotels often use them as a substitute for Queen beds. These mattresses are 16-inches bigger than a twin in width. The dimensions of full-sized mattresses are54-inches in width and 74-inches in length. These beds are equipped with enoughspace to accommodate two small individualscomfortably.

However, please bear in mind that your partner may not like the size of the bed if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep on a full-sized bed. Such mattresses are more useful for older kids who can have a sleepover without needing a second bed.

A full-sized mattress allows you to cuddle up with your kids if you regularly tuck your children in for the night. You’ll also be able to lay down with them while you read them a bedtime story.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum room size for a full-sized mattress is 10-feet x 12-feet.

Full XL Mattress Size

A full XL mattress equips you withadditional room for your feet. The dimensions of these beds are54-inches in width and 80-inches in lengthwhich means that you get an extra 6-inches to stretch your legs and feet.

Similar to full-sized beds, the full XL bed is an excellent option for tall individuals.

Nevertheless, these beds don’t provide you with extra width that you can enjoy in the Queen version. Full XL mattresses are a good choice for people who like to cuddle with their partners during sleep, and don’t care much about having their own space for sleeping.

This is not a common size and you may have difficulty finding sheets in this size in department stores. Fortunately, there are numerous options for sheets in this size when you shop online.

Recommended Room Size

Based on the walking space that you need in your room, the minimum recommended room size for a full XL mattress is 10-feet x 12-feet.

Queen Mattress Size

Queen beds are the most commonly used size in the world because they cater to the needs of most people. Queen size mattresses provide extra room which makes sleeping with a partner more comfortable for people who don’t want to touch someone else while they sleep. Standard Queen-sized mattresses are large enough to provide room for a couple of sleepers. Both people will enjoyenough space to enjoy their sleep and have room to rollover.

It also keeps you close enough that cuddlers can easily find one another. Standard queen-sized mattresses come with dimensions of60-inches in width and 80-inches in length. This bed offers more than enough sleeping space for single sleepers to move around during sleep.

You will also have room for your children or pets to sleep with you. Nevertheless, these mattresses are far bigger than other beds mentioned above, and for this, you need to have enough space in your room to accommodate these beds comfortably and still walk around with convenience.

This bed size is preferable for guest rooms, if you want couples to be comfortable. If you want them to go home quicker, choose a full-size.

Teenagers can spread out on a Queen-sized bed and have sleep overs without needing a second bed.

Many married couples opt for this size. If you’re sleeping alone, using a pillow to cuddle helps keep your body heat close to your body so you won’t feel too cold.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum size room recommended for a queen-sized mattress is10-feet x 10-feet. Keep in mind, this is a minimum and you’ll be more comfortable if you have more space.

Olympic Queen Mattress Size

Olympic queen-sized mattresses have dimensions of80-inches in length and 66-inches in width. They provide an additional 6-inches of width when compared to a standard Queen mattress.

The extra width is suitable for times whencouples need some personal spacewhen they are in bed and six additional inches helps with that. Olympic queen size also accommodates your child who needs some cuddling too if they wake up during the night, which is an added advantage of this size.

Olympic Queens are not a common size which means you won’t have as large of a selection of sheets to choose from when you purchase sheets.

You can use flat sheets for a king and tuck them under the mattress if you can’t find fitted sheets that match your décor.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum recommended size for a room with anOlympic queen mattressis 10-feet x 11-feet.

California Queen Size

You’ll see on the mattress size chart that the California queen-size has dimensions of60-inches in width and 84-inches in length, and it is the best option for couples who need some extra space for their feet or pets at the end of their bed. The width of a California Queen is the same as a standard Queen.

This size is the preferable choice for tall couples who don’t want a King-sized mattress. This size also provides extra room at the foot of the bed for your pets.

Note: Infants should not co-sleep as pictured in this image. They should be in a baby box, bassinette, or other safe sleeping space so they can’t be accidentally suffocated if one of their exhausted parents rolls over on them or the blankets cover their little nose.

Older children can safely co-sleep as pictured.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum size of the room for a California Queen is 12-feet x 10-feet.

Standard King Size Bed

A King-sized mattress is good forcouples who prefer a lot of spacewhile they sleep. It also gives them enough space for various other activities including stretching, relaxing for comfort, and rambunctious sex. The dimensions are76-inches in width and 80-inches in length.

These measurements make the bed as large as two twin XL mattresses joined together. The standard King is also the best size for couples who expect their child to share the bed with them on a regular basis and those who sleep with multiple or large pets.

Some people find a King-size mattress too big when they’re sleeping alone while others revel in having room to keep their favorite books on the bed.

The box spring versions of this size are split. They can be moved around very comfortably through tight corners and stairwells.

If you have an adjustable bed, you can opt to have a split king that allows both people to independently control the position of their side of the bed.

As noted above, infants should not co-sleep as pictured in this image. They should be in a baby box, bassinette, or other safe sleeping space so they can’t be accidentally suffocated. Older children can safely co-sleep as pictured.

Recommended Room Size

The recommended minimum room size for a standard King mattress is 10-feet x 12-feet although you’ll probably want more room.

California King Mattress Size

The California King is the largest common mattress size of them all. An Alaskan King is even larger, measuring 108 inches (9-feet) in both directions. This size is the longest standard size. The California king-sized mattresses measure72-inches in width and 84-inches in length. This size is perfect forpeople who prefer more length but not extra width.

On the mattress size chart, you’ll notice it is 4-inches narrower than the standard king size mattress, but of course, you get additional 4-inches in bed length. Being smaller than the standard king bed, California king is still 6-inches broader than a queen bed. It provides you and your partner with enough room for sleeping space or to cuddle as per your convenience.

The option for California King is best for adjustable beds because elevating the bed affects the usable length. A California King sized mattress gives you plenty of room to do whatever you want on it including accommodating your children and pets who invade your bed. This size canconveniently accommodate a third personon the bed with ease.

Like a King, you can opt for a split California King for an adjustable bed.

Recommended Room Size

The minimum room size for this mattress is 12-feet x 12-feet.

Mattress Thickness

You might have noticed that we didn’t mention much about the thickness of the mattress. Well, it is because there are no standards when it comes to thickness and the options vary quite a bit. If you’re interested, you can check for more details from sleep educator

Some of them offer 9- to 10-inch thickness, but most of the pillow top beds have 15- to 16-inch depth or more (Like Dreamcloud mattress). Box springs raise the mattress even further from the ground.

When choosing the thickness of your mattress, there are a variety of things to consider.

Overall Height of the Mattress

The top of your mattress will be a combination of the height of the bed or platform plus the height of the mattress. If you will use a box spring, you have to also add the height of the box spring. Some beds are so tall you need steps to get into them. While this may look romantic, if you’re planning to have a baby, consider the difficulty of safely navigating the steps holding an infant who wants to nurse in the middle of the night when you’re exhausted.

Too much height can also be difficult for someone who has mobility issues.

However, a mattress that is too low to the ground can present other issues that make it difficult for someone with mobility issues to stand up from the bed. If mobility issues are a concern, you’ll want a total height close to that of most chairs which is about 20 – 22-inchs above the floor.

Thickness of the Mattress

Generally, the more you weigh, the thicker the mattress you’ll need not to bottom out. The minimum depth of a comfortable mattress varies by the types of materials used to make it. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are generally thicker than latex or foam mattresses.

Bedding Should Consider the Height of the Mattress and the Bed

If you opt for a traditional bedspread that reaches the floor, the height of the entire bed needs to be considered. However, be aware that bedding that hangs to the floor is not recommended by bed bug experts.

Today, most people opt for a comforter that hangs to the bottom of the box spring.

You should also consider the height of your mattress when you buy sheets. If your mattress is only 10” thick and you buy sheets for beds with a 15” thickness, the fitted sheet may be loose and wrinkle underneath you. If you buy sheets for a 10” thick mattress and your mattress is 14” thick, you’ll have difficulties getting the sheets on and they will be more likely to come off.


You have many options. Evaluating your current and expected needs, space, and your budget will help you narrow your choice down to one or two. Otherwise, it is overwhelming.

Make sure you have space to walk around the bed. You don’t want the daily hassle of having to perform gymnastics just to make the bed. A mattress that is too big for the room makes it feel congested.

On the average, you will require aminimum of 30-inches between your bed and the wallfor a convenient path for walking around. Add sixty inches to the width on the mattress size chart and compare it to the measurements of your room. Some beds also come withdrawers underneath for additional storage space.If your bed has drawers, add more than sixty inches to the measurement on the mattress size chart. Because you won’t be able to access or use the drawers if your bed is placed too close to the wall.

So there it is, now you know all about different size mattresses that you can choose for your room. The mattress size chart includes all the common sizes in the USA, UK, EU, and Canada to assist you in choosing the best option for your situation.

If you have encountered a different mattress size anywhere in the world, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Will a Queen Size Mattress Fit in a Minivan?

Let me guess: you’re planning to move. And the mattress needs to come. Will it fit? Let’s find out.

(Or are you one of those people that wants to sleep in their van, instead of pitching a tent, like us regular folks? That’s okay: sleeping in your van can be amazingly comfortable and fast if the mattress fits. Especially if you make it into a queen size. If this is not you: good luck moving. Still, will a queen size mattress fit in a minivan?)

Time for a real answer. Want to get out of here and start moving as quickly as possible? Here you go:

Will a queen size mattres fit in a minivan?A queen size mattress won’t fit in most passenger minivans. However, if you have a combi van – without passenger seats and trim in the back -, yes, it will fit easily. In some minivans it will only fit at an angle. It depends on the type of minivan and the type of mattress.

The long answer will be more complicated than you’d imagined it to be. It involves lots of measurements, creativity, . and even science. I apologize in advance.

In Which Models Will it Fit?

It really depends on your model minivan. Let me first give you the overview:

  • If you have a compact van without passenger seats:yes, a Queen mattress will most likely fit
  • If you have a combi minivan L1 (short) model: no,a Queen size mattress won’t fit.
  • If you have an extended combi minivan (L2) with passenger seats in the back, aQueen size mattress still won’t fitbecause of the trim.
  • But if you can remove the passenger seats entirely:you can get the mattress in at an angle.

Now let’s dive into some more detail.

What’s the size of a queen mattress?

Generally, a queen size mattress is 60 in x 80 in, or 150 cm x 200 cm (H x L).

But it depends on where you’re from. In some countries there are slight variations in the dimensions, so you should keep this in mind if you’re moving a queen mattress in China for example.

  • U.S. and Canada: 60" x 80" or 150cm x 200cm
  • UK: 47" x 80" or 120cm x 200cm
  • Brazil: 62" x 78" or 158cm x 198cm
  • Australia and New-Zealand: 60" x 80" or 152cm x 203cm
  • China: 72" x 74" or 182cm x 188cm
  • Japan: 61" x 77" or 154cm x 195cm

In this article, we’ll use the standard U.S. Queen mattress size, since this one is most prevalent.

The type of mattress also plays an important part. Foam mattresses are easy to compress and will fit easily in almost any compact van. Box spring mattresses carry springs, which make it impossible to compress. They won’t fit if the van doesn’t offer enough space. A good rule of thumb is: the greater the quality of the mattress, the more difficult to compress. So be aware of what type of mattress you have.

What’s the size of a minivan load area?

Types of interior layouts

First, of, there are several types of minivans. A minivan, also called MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) or MUV (multi-utility vehicle), is considered a compact van with a high-roof and flexible interior layout. Most minivans have a sliding door for the cargo or passenger area.

The most common layouts are:

  • compact van- an empty cargo area, just the two front seats
  • double cab-in van- additional two flexible passenger seats, less cargo space
  • combi- additional three flexible passenger seats, no cargo space

Naturally, the type of van dictates the amount of cargo space. With most minivans though, being a good multi-purpose vehicle, you can fold the rear seats or remove them entirely, creating loads of room for large items. But large enough for a mattress?

What type of minivan do I have?

If you don’t know what type of minivan you have, there’s an easy trick to find out. You simply check out the rear windows and amount of seats.

  • If you only havefront windows and 2 seats, you most likely have a compact van model.
  • If you have justwindows in the sliding door and 4 seats, you most likely have a double cab-in van model.
  • If you havewindows in the back all the way and 6+ seats, you most likely have a combi model.

Most people, when talking of a minivan, refer to a combi minivan – which can carry up to 7 people. This also means there’s a lot of additional trim (more on this later on).

Compact van modelCombi van model – windows in the back

Sizes of minivans per layout

So, with that in mind, I’ll give you the average dimensions for those three different layouts vans.

Theaverage dimensionof a minivans cargo area is (LxWxH):

  • compact van: 87" x 59" x 49" – 2200mm x 1500mm x 1250mm
  • combi and double cab-in van: 71" x 57" x 49" – 1800mm x 1450mm x 1250mm
  • combi and double cab-in van extra long: 85" x 57" x 49" – 2150mm x 1450mm x 1250mm

So the mattress seems to fit rather well in compact vans, but not so well in combis and double cab-in vans, unless it’s an L2 model.

It gets worse. These numbers are a bit deceiving since they don’t account for the width of the wheel arches, which will definitely be in the way. More importantly, any combi type of layout will be completely lined and trimmed. We have to take into account the depth of the trim, which will be substantial (about the same depth as the wheel arches).

With luxury combi vans, the trim mostly lines up pretty much with the wheel arches. So instead of using the manufacturers’ width, let’s use the width between the wheel arches for this type of van.

  • combi and double cab-in van width: 1150mm

All of a sudden the outlook changes entirely. The mattress will clearly not fit. Or can we still get it in?

You can try to get it in at an angle

If the trim of the van is in the way, we probably can still get it in at an angle.

In most minivans you can get in the mattress at an angle. Here’s some good old science to prove it (I love geometry).

If the width is 1220mm, and the height is 1250mm, the diameter of the trunk is:

Meaning: yes, if you can use the full height of the minivan, you can fit in the mattress at an angle.

Though, if you cannot remove the rear seats (ie. you can just fold them), this may reduce your height by 40cm, meaning:

Meaning: no, you can’t fit in the mattress, even at an angle.

In this Skoda Yeti you can actually remove the rear seats

The width of the rear doors can be a real problem

Sometimes, the mattress will fit in the car just fine, but the rear doors aren’t wide enough to push the mattress through. This will generally be a problem if your mattress is very stiff – it’s, for example, a box spring – making it impossible to compress the mattress.

So, generally speaking, will it fit?

A Queen mattress will most likely fitif you have acompact van without passenger seats.

If you have acombi minivan L1 (short) model, the length of the cargo areawon’t fit a Queen size mattress.

But even if you have anextended combi minivan with passenger seats (L2)in the back, aQueen size mattress still won’t fitbecause of the trim.

Unless you canremove the passenger seats entirely, which allows you to get it in at an angle.

How can I be victorious if it doesn’t fit?

So your rear door is holding you back. Or your minivan just isn’t big enough. You still have a couple of options to succeed. But you have to be a bit creative.

Vac Pac the thing

If the mattress isn’t too stiff or doesn’t have springs in it, you can vac pac it. You probably do need to create your own vacuum bag though (I couldn’t find one large enough for a reasonable price) – or spend a pretty dime. However, it can be done, as Nik Sargent proves in this blog.

I suggest you use these Heavy Duty Mattress Bags (click to check current price on Amazon) – cheap, and suitable vac it using your vacuum cleaner.

I was kidding before. But if you have a foam mattress, this really is the way to go.

Tie the mattress to the roof

You can also tie the mattress on top of the minivan. This requires some attention to detail, as failing to tie it properly may result in dangerous situations and accidents. But it is a good option. Top tip: pack the mattress in a mattress bag. These babies only cost a couple of dollars, and it prevents you from using your mattress as a shuffle, getting all kinds of outdoor trouble inside your new bedroom.

This is best practice:

  1. Roll down all you windows
  2. Place a long piece of rope lengthwise
  3. Place the mattress on top
  4. Anyone who needs to be in the car while moving, get in now
  5. String two pieces of rope through the windows, over the mattress, and tie together
  6. Use the length wise rope to weave under and over the width wise ropes and tie firmly

Use good, thick rope that won’t snap. Don’t use the high way when you have a mattress on your car, it’s not safe. Don’t speed, drive slowly and keep distance. Use reinforcement if necessary, such as bungee cords and tape. Good luck!

Exact Interior Dimensions for Different Models

If you’re looking for detailed dimensions of the interior of minivans, make sure to check out my articles on these:

If you have the Connect compact van model without trim in the back, it will fit from the L2 on. However, the L1 doesn’t provide enough length for the entire mattress to fit in.

Related Questions

Will a queen mattress fit in a Dodge Caravan?The interior height of the Dodge Caravan is lower than most minivans, making it very difficult to get the mattress in at an angle. Also, most Caravans have rear passenger seats or trim. If you can take out the passenger seats and don’t have any trim, the matress will fit.

Can you fit a king mattress in a minivan?A king mattress won’t fit in most minivans. The size of a king-size mattress is roughly 76 inches wide by 80 inches. The load area of a minivan is on average 87" x 59" x 49" (or 2200mm x 1500mm x 1250mm). A king mattress is too wide for nearly all minivans, and it won’t fit in an angle.

Can you fit a full-size mattress in a minivan?A full-size mattress will fit in most minivans. The size of a full-size mattress is on average 53" x 75". The load area of a minivan is approximately 87" x 59" x 49" (or 2200mm x 1500mm x 1250mm). However, some minivans have a lot of trim, making it more difficult to fit.

How Big is a Queen Size Mattress? – Standard Sizes Country to Country!

Your bed is your retreat from the daily grind of life. An average person spends one-third of his life in his mattress. So if you’re living up to 75 years old, expect to live 25 years of your life sleeping on a mattress you choose.

If you’re looking for a mattress that would give you great sleep, having enough space to sleep the way you want to matters. Whether you move a lot when you sleep, or you share a bed with someone, the size of the mattress you’re probably looking for is the queen size.

You might be wondering about this Mattress size, Most people are confused with the sizes of beds available in the market. Some cannot differentiate between the queen size and others sizes such the king size and single. Therefore Most ask how big is a queen mattress? What are the dimensions of a queen size mattress? How wide is a queen mattress? Why Buy a Queen Size Mattress?, you know in this world have different countries or nationality have different sizes

For starters, a queen size mattress is the most popular size out of all mattress sizes because it can provide enough space for a couple or two individuals to sleep in comfort. Its length is similar with a king sized bed, but the width is narrower. To learn more about the specifications of a queen size mattress,familiarize yourself with the details provided below.

How Queen Size Mattresses Vary from Country to Country?

If you want to know what size is a queen mattress, you should first know what country it was manufactured from. Size for mattresses is not globally standardized.

Queen Size Mattress Standard Size Dimension in Inches:

United States:width 60″ X Length 80″
North America: width 60″ × Length 79.5″
California Queen: width 60″ × Length 83.5″

Australian/Oceania region:width 60″ X Length 80″
New Zealand: width 59″ X Length 80″

European countries:width 60″ X Length 78″
UK and Ireland: width 60″ X Length 78″
Portugal: width 63″ X Length 75″ (Can be width 71″ X Length 75″, 77″ or 79″)

South Africa:width 60″ X either Length 74″ or 79″

Asian countries:60″ X Length 78″
India: width 60″ X Length 78″
Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia: width 63″ X Length 79″

Manufacturers of mattresses in different countries set specific dimensions for mattress sizes from single to the king size due to the various processes they employed…

Amount of padding, the thickness of materials and the support they built the mattresses with. But the difference is only a few centimeters or inches from each other.

In the US, the standard size of queen mattress is 60 inches in width, and 80 inches in length (152 cm × 203 cm) but other manufacturers in different states make some variations.

The California Queen Bed, although already obsolete, is four inches length which is perfect for tall people.

On the other hand, the Expanded Queen bed or what’s popularly called the Olympic sized bed is six inches wider, very much suitable for large couples. The dimensions of queen size beds in Australia and New Zealand are similar to the US.

In European countries, the queen size mattress is very small at 60 inches in width and 78 inches in length , similar to small double size bed manufactured in the US.

In Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand or Singapore, the dimensions of a queen size mattress is 2-5 inches shorter in length compared to beds manufactured in western countries.

Apparently, mattress manufacturers base the distinction of mattress sizes based on the specifications of their clientele, or the average size of people living in the countries.

The Space Queen Size Mattress Offers Sleepers

According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the average height of an American man is 69.3 inches. So queen size mattresses can accommodate taller people based on its 80-inch length.

How wide is a queen size mattress? A queen mattress that is 60-66 inches wide can offer a couple 30 inches each of sleeping space. This means they both have more than 3 inches more sleeping space than a double bed, comfortable enough for both.

This area also gives the sleepers the best opportunity to get close and make their relationship healthier. Studies have shown that sleeping only a few inches apart makes a happy couple.

Why Buy a Queen Size Mattress?

Queen size mattresses often cost more than the price of full-size or twin beds, but it is less pricey when compared to the king size.

And considering that it lets two average sized people sleep comfortably and its size accommodates most sizes of adults made it as the most popularly bought bed size in the US.

In fact, a study conducted by Sleep Products Association proved that 32 percent of market shares of mattress companies are from the sales of Queen size beds.

Since it’s ubiquitous, buyers also find it easy to find appropriate beddings and bed sheets that fit the queen size mattress.

Newly wedded couples starting to plan their home can benefit from the queen size mattress. Couples with small master bedroom and guest rooms often prefer queen size mattresses in their beds.

Most hotels usually choose this size of the mattress for their beds because aside from providing great comfort most average size people, it very easy to find.


Knowing how big a queen mattress will make choosing the right mattress for you and your sleeping style easy.

Whether you’re sleeping alone or with someone, you can never go wrong with a Queen Size mattress. It simply offers enough comfort and space for you and your partner to sleep soundly.

Did you find the article helpful? We’d appreciate it if you share this to your friends who also want to choose which mattress size suits them.

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