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How Mattresses Are Made

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Mattress construction from the inside-out

If reading about mattress construction sounds like a real, ahem, snooze, know this: The way a mattress is made determines how it feels. And how a mattress feels may be the difference between a fitful night and peaceful slumber!

The Big Picture

Two basic types of mattress make up the vast majority of the market: They’re called innerspring and memory foam. Made of steel coils, innerspring is, by far, the most common type. Memory foam, on the other hand, is made from polyurethane or latex foam, and is very dense foam. Memory foam is usually more expensive than innerspring.

Inside an Innerspring Mattress

Coils determine how much support (suspension versus springiness) the mattress will give. Manufacturers may use different types of coil shapes and structures, as well as different amounts of spacing and patterns to affect comfort. The next layer, top padding, isusually made from polyurethane foam. The outer layer (or ticking) is the material bound to the top padding with stitching. The way that ticking and top padding are attached influences the mattress’s overall feel. Large, wide patterns will create a cushioned feel, which smaller patterns feel tighter and firmer. Generally, the more coils an innerspring mattress contains, the more comfortable it’s bound to be—but if the number of coils is over 390, then you’re not likely to notice the difference, so don’t bother paying extra.

Inside a Memory Foam Mattress

Especially attractive to people with chronic pain conditions, memory foam mattresses consist of, essentially, very dense foam. When you lie on a foam mattress, your body heat softens the material, allowing it to “mold” to your body. One big advantage: In bigger beds, a memory foam mattress won’t shift as much as an innerspring when one partner turns or moves. So if you’re often disturbed by your partner’s tossing and turning in the middle of the night, it might be time to invest in a memory foam mattress. But one con: Because these mattresses mold to your body, they can absorb a lot of heat and make you feel hotter while you sleep. Some people also complain that they have a chemical smell.

How we made the worldSerta Comfortable ® .

Since introducing the Perfect Sleeper® mattress to the world in 1931, Serta has been the name behind many “firsts” in the industry and gained a reputation for being a pioneer in comfort. In fact, every Serta mattress is designed to provide truly exceptional comfort, from our breakthrough iComfort® Sleep System to our iconic Perfect Sleeper®.

Today, Serta is proud to be the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States and a leading brand across the globe. Our goal is to bring that exceptional Serta comfort to everyone by producing products that span every price point and mattress construction.

The Perfect Sleeper® mattress brand was released to the world—two years before the Serta brand name was introduced.

The Sertapedic® mattress was introduced with the tagline, “You sleep ON it, not in it.”

Serta released the very first plusher “Pillow Soft®” mattress to the world, defying the popular belief that a firmer mattress is always better.

In another industry first, Serta introduced a continuous coil innerspring design.

Serta launched its iconic logo, which is still used today.

The beloved Serta Counting Sheep made their first public appearance and quickly became award-winning brand icons. After a short diva stage, the sheep adjusted to their global fame and are now a dream to work with.

Serta became the first brand in the industry to make all of its mattresses meet or exceed the federal flammability standard.

The Serta Counting Sheep were herded into the Advertising Hall of Fame.

Serta joined forces with the National Sleep Foundation to redesign its Perfect Sleeper® mattresses to help solve 5 common sleep problems: tossing and turning, lack of support, sleeping too hot, partner disturbance, and mattress roll-off or sagging.

Serta launched its breakthrough iComfort Sleep System, our most innovative sleep system with advanced cooling technology.

Serta achieved the ranking of the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States.

Serta was named America’s Most Recommended Mattress, Pillow and Box Spring brand by the Women’s Choice Award, and earned the recognition again in 2015 and 2016.

Serta Mattress Review

Jake Comfort | Updated: March 3, 2020

The mattress industry is changing at a rapid pace – there are now more mattress manufacturers on the market than ever before. If you’re someone who is in the market for a new mattress, there’s never been a better chance to get a great deal. Online mattress companies have made it their mission to provide their clients with the most affordable and practical mattresses possible. You won’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on a mattress you can’t afford.

While many new companies have entered the industry, there are plenty of heavy-weights that still produce tons of mattresses for Americans. Serta is the largest mattress company in the United States – they have a reputation for being the original American mattress. While they don’t offer some of the same benefits as newer mattress makers, they have over 80 years of experience bringing comfort and support to people’s bedrooms.

Serta make a ton of different mattresses, but in this article, we’re going to take a look at one of their most popular items – the Serta Premium Mattress in a Box. It also happens to be one of their most affordable mattresses. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, it’s important to do as much research as possible on what the mattress and manufacturer can offer you. If you’re thinking of purchasing a Serta Premium mattress, we highly recommend that you take in as much information from this review as possible.

Table of Contents


You should never discount the way a mattress is produced – this is the best way to truly understand the product that you’re buying. If you’re someone who wants to do as much research as possible, understanding the materials and construction process should be the first step on your list. In this section of our article, we dive into the different components of the Serta Premium Mattress in a box – for the purpose of this review we’ll be looking at their 9” edition. Check it out below!


This mattress is mattress is made from a combination of different foams. It employs a multi-layer system to ensure it has the perfect mix of comfort and support. There are two total layers at play in this mattress. We’ll explain both of them in more detail below:

Top Layer

The top layer of the mattress is comfort layer. If you’re looking to understand how a mattress will feel when you lie on it, this is the mattress layer that you need to understand. It’s made from a Serta Premium Gel Memory Foam – a proprietary memory foam that uses gel to increase softness and breathability. This is what allows you to feel as though you’re sleeping on cloud.

Bottom Layer

This is the thickest component of the mattress. It’s made from a dense, Serta Gel Infused Support Foam – a product that is made exclusively by Serta. This foam provides support for the top layer of the mattress – it’s what gives the mattress the firmness it needs to keep you in place overnight. It’s just as important as the top layer!


Not much information is provided about the Serta Premium Mattress in a Box cover – but what we do know is that it is very thin. This is a great attribute because it doesn’t interfere much with the mattress texture. In addition, it ensures that there isn’t too much heat retention while you sleep.

Firmness, Feel, and Support

Here is the most important part of the review. If you want to know how much you will enjoy sleeping on a mattress, the feel and support of the mattress are the most important components. As mentioned previously, the feel of the mattress is extremely comfortable. The top layer of gel-infused memory foam allows you to feel like you’re sleep on a cloud. You will feel like you are sinking into the mattress when you lie on it. It provides plenty of hug and contour around your body.

In terms of firmness, the mattress is a bit above average. We rate it at around a 7.5/10 – meaning that it has slightly more support than the average mattress. If you’re someone who weighs a lot, you might need to find a bigger mattress as this one is quite thin for someone who weighs over 230 lbs.

In terms of heat retention, memory foam tends to be a mattress type that retains too much heat. While this is the unfortunate truth, the Serta Premium Mattress in a Box is slightly better than your traditional memory foam mattress. The gel-infused layers offer more breathability for those who want to be certain they have a cooler sleeping experience. Still, you’ll find a coil system mattress does breathe a bit better than this!

Changes Over the Years

As the largest mattress brand in the country, Serta has undergone a lot of changes over the years. The company originally produced spring mattresses for their customers, but have had to change with the times. They now produce a wide variety of mattresses that include coil mattresses, hybrid mattress, foam mattresses, and more. There’s no doubt that they continue to change their offerings as the market progresses. You can find out more about their various mattress types on their website – keep an eye out for updates!


The Serta Premium Mattress in a Box is one of the most affordable mattresses that Serta offers their customers. If you’re someone who is looking to purchase a mattress that provides affordability and quality, this is definitely a decent option. This being said, there are cheaper mattress options on the market if you’re really looking to save the money – many of them don’t have the same level of comfort as the Serta options though. We compiled all the Serta In a Box mattress prices below so that you can get a full understanding of the cost. All of their mattress prices are well below the $1,000 mark. Check them out below:

Twin XL$449
California King$799

Other Information

If you haven’t been in the market for a new mattress for a while, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of additional benefits that now come with your purchase. Mattress companies have had to step up their game to ensure they can compete with their customers. The amount of new entrants to the market also means that large companies have to compete with hundreds of new producers. This means that buyers can take advantage of a range of features if they know what they’re looking for.

Many of these features are crucial if you want to have a good shopping experience. It can be hard to purchase a mattress if you don’t fully understand what is included. In this section, we’re going to take a deeper look at some of the benefits of purchasing a Serta Mattress, you can then compare these mattress benefits with other companies to get a deeper understanding of what you’re receiving when you make your purchase. If you’re someone who is looking for true value, make sure to take as much of this into consideration as possible. Below are the top benefits and features included with Serta Mattresses:


This is one of the most important components to have a look at. The warranty included with your mattress is vital in ensuring you’re able to reduce your risk as much as possible. If your mattress doesn’t have a warranty, you’ll have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future to replace it if something goes wrong. In addition, if a mattress company doesn’t offer a solid warranty, that means they don’t believe in their own product – the lack of a solid warranty is a clear indicator that manufacturer doesn’t trust their own goods.

The warranty for Serta mattresses is 10-years – this means that you can have it replaced if there are any issues with the mattress in the next decade. This is in line with industry standards so it’s a solid warranty for people who want to ensure they’re properly protected.

Quick Shipping

One of the best things about the mattress in a box from Serta is the fact that it comes with ‘Quick Shipping.’ This means you can expect to receive your mattress within 3-5 days of ordering it. If you’re looking to get a mattress in your home quickly, this is one of the best ways to do it if you’re looking to use an online retailer.

In addition, this service is included in the cost of the mattress, so you won’t have to factor in expensive shipping costs to receive the mattress. Shipping a mattress can be expensive, so this is a solid benefit that should not be overlooked.


Another awesome benefit of using Serta is the fact that their mattresses are present in a range of showrooms around the country. As the most popular mattress firm in the nation, you’re sure to find their mattresses in almost any city across the country. This means that you can go and try out their mattresses before you purchase them. In most cases, you can even purchase these mattresses in-store if you prefer to. With many modern mattress companies doing away with brick-and-mortar retail stores, this is a breath of fresh air to those who like to try products before they buy them.

Other Products

Serta also has a range of other products to choose from. Not only do they have one of the most extensive mattress offerings on the planet, they also make pillows and other sleeping accessories. If you want to purchase a different mattress than the one reviewed in this article, Serta has plenty of options for you to choose from.

Customer Service

As the largest mattress brand in the nation, Serta knows it’s important to keep their customers happy. Many new mattress companies don’t have adequate customer service departments because they’re trying to cut down on costs. If you want to be able to get in touch with a customer care team when you have an issue with a product or order, Serta is one of the best options on the market.

Made in USA

Most manufacturers have moved out of the United States in search of cheaper labor. This is often good for consumers because it means goods are much cheaper. But this also creates losses of jobs and other economic impacts we probably don’t notice. Serta uses USA-based manufacturing teams to produce all their mattresses. By purchasing a mattress from Serta, you’re also showing that you care about local jobs – it’s a win-win situation!

Award Winning

The last benefit worth discussing is the fact that Serta is an award-winning brand. The company has been able to establish itself as one of the most reliable mattress companies in the country for a reason – they’re good at what they do. They received the award for best mattress in the country fromWomen’s Choice Awards from 2014-2018. This is a significant achievement and proves that you can rely on Serta to produce a high-quality mattress for you and your family.

Should I Buy a Serta Mattress?

If you’re in the market for a cheap memory foam mattress that has the backing of a major mattress manufacturer, this Serta Mattress is one of the best options for you. Since it is made from the most popular mattress brand in the nation, you can rest assured that the company knows how to produce a solid product. It’s a bit on the thinner side, but this won’t be an issue if you’re of a normal weight – there is plenty of support in the mattress.

On top of this, there are great benefits and features included in the cost of the mattress. You have a solid warranty and quick shipping included. They also have a great customer service team if you need any help.

If you still think you’d prefer another mattress, we have everything you need on our website. There are tons of great mattress reviews that can help you make the right purchasing decision – check them out!

Alternatives to Serta

Serta mattresses can be appealing for some people. However, there’s a few mattresses you should consider if you’re looking at a Serta. All of these mattresses will give you the same benefits as a Serta, but each one has something extra, a no-risk trial period, luxury materials, a better price, etc. Take a look and see what you could be missing out on before you make the decision to go with a Serta mattress.


Helix focuses on customization for their mattress. That sets them apart from Serta, one of the biggest manufacturers of mattresses in the world. As a result, your Helix mattress is created just for you. You’ll fill out a survey before placing an order with Helix. They’ll use that survey to present you with options to create the perfect mattress for your sleep needs.

Couples can also benefit from this – Helix can combine survey results to find you the perfect compromise mattress. They can even create a split mattress just for you if there’s no good compromise, ensuring everyone gets the sleep they deserve!

This American House

The life of the Delbert Meier House, an American System-Built Home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

12 Mattress Brands That Are Made in America

In our attempt to furnish the house with only secondhand or American made products, I found myself researching mattresses that are manufactured in the United States. As it turns out, there are quite a few mattresses companies with manufacturing facilities in the US. From traditional inner spring to the newer latex and memory foam mattresses, from budget to luxury brands, check out this list of American made beds.

  • Casper is the new kid on the mattress block. Covers and panels are sewn in Illinois and South Carolina and the foam for the mattresses is poured in Pennsylvania and Georgia.
  • Tuft and Needle mattresses are designed, sourced and manufactured in the States. The foam is poured and cut in the states, the fabric is sourced from a mill in the Carolinas and the mattresses are finished at a factory in California.
  • Kingsdown mattresses has been based in North Carolina for more than 100 years. They still produce some mattresses there, but they also have factories in California, Oklahoma, Virginia, as well as global manufacturing facilities.
  • The Original Mattress Factory has factory store locations in nine states, as well as available nationwide online. They offer both foam and pillow top mattresses.
  • Sealy mattresses are manufactured in three factories in the United States. The brand makes traditional innerspring mattresses, as well as hybrid, gel memory foam and latex foam mattresses.
  • Saatva Mattresses are produced in factories in twelve US states and are distributed through 35 fulfillment centers. The inner spring mattresses feature organic cotton covers and bio-based foam.
  • Englander has seven factories throughout the United States. They do not sell direct to the public so check mattress stores for the label.
  • Cozy Pure’s organic latex mattresses are manufactured in Norfolk, Virginia. The company also produces bedding and mattress pads.
  • Stearns and Foster mattresses are made in the USA, although I couldn’t find out exactly where.
  • Sealy operates 25 bedding plants in the U.S., producing both innerspring and foam mattresses.
  • EasyRest adjustable beds and mattresses are made in factories in Louisville and Georgetown, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Thomasville Bedding Company has been manufacturing their mattress in Thomasville, Georgia since 1969. They make both innerspring and latex mattresses, as well as custom mattress and box springs.
  • Image: This American House

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    I love that everything you’re adding to your house is secondhand or American made! A themed home is a seriously unique concept. Acme Bedding. Located in Muskegon, MI. Can customize to exactly what you want!

    A few other American made mattresses: Dutch Craft mattresses made in Celina, Tennessee. Jamison Bedding, made in Tennessee and a few locations in the western US. Verlo mattress company has several locations around the US.

    Oh and Corsicana Bedding from Corsicana, Texas. They also make these in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

    Add amerisleep and leesa

    Our furniture store sells American-made furniture – as well as Justice Mattresses made in Lebanon, Missouri.

    Have you seen or ? They’re both American made luxury mattresses, one is memory foam and the other one is Latex.

    Have you seen Dromma is a 100% Made in America mattress with triple layer, cooling gel memory foam. I sleep on one and love it. We have had their Nature’s Spa for almost 10 years! Still wonderful.

    Englander been into making Mattresses for over 125 yrs. Made in the USA!
    Many Englander manufactures are across the United States. Tualatin Sleep Products in the Northwest is in Tualatin Oregon and produces for 7 states OR,WA,CA,ID,NV,UT,AK
    Tualatin Sleep Products also manufactures other brands Eclipse,Eastman House.
    Family Owned & Operated-Better Sleep by Design

    My wife and I really enjoy the Eco Terra – It’s similar to the Zenhaven, but has actual third party certifications. It’s also a step above Casper.

    Casper memory foam mattresses are not made in the US but in China and shipped to warehouses through out the US.

    Amore’ mattress is made in Chicago, They also make a 12″ hybrid

    Such useful information! All these brands are quite famous and liked by the people of America.

    Trying to find out who makes the Calumet by Private Selection.

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    Why to Buy a Mattress Made in the USA

    July 26, 2017
    Filed under: Shopping Tips

    Do you know if your mattress was made in the United States? Aside from national pride, there are a few significant reasons why you should buy an American-made bed. Manufacturing laws in the United States are often broader and stricter than regulations in other countries around the world. And regulatory guidelines that govern the manufacturing process affect issues like health and safety, quality, environmental standards, and human rights. Because we hold our product to a very high standard, all Serta mattresses are manufactured in the United States at one of our 28 facilities across the country.

    Health and Safety

    Product requirements and standards in the United States make sure that important health and safety concerns, like flammability and chemical components, are addressed. Serta mattresses, for example, meet or exceed the federal flammability standard and fully comply with the standards of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    Serta’s FireBlocker system is a proprietary blend of natural and synthetic fibers that help isolate the impact of a fire and limit its spread. Serta mattresses are assembled from finished components, and no chemical processing is introduced in any of our manufacturing facilities. All Serta foam is CertiPUR-US® certified and tested by each of our suppliers to have low VOC emissions for indoor air quality and made without prohibited phthalates, CFCs, lead or heavy metals, formaldehyde, or PBDEs.


    Comfort is something that should endure day after day. And we know a thing or two about lasting quality! Serta has blazed the trail in comfort since we introduced our first Perfect Sleeper® mattress in 1931.

    We build Serta mattresses with the highest quality materials to give you years of outstanding comfort and support. All Serta mattresses are designed and assembled in the USA, leveraging Serta’s 85 years of manufacturing expertise.

    Our focus on quality is one of the reasons that Serta iComfort® has been named a Consumers Digest Best Buy for six years in a row and Serta has earned the Women’s Choice Award for mattresses four years in a row.

    Environmental Standards

    Environmental regulations in the United States around manufacturing processes and the chemicals produced as an output are relatively strict — which is a good thing for our environment.

    Serta is committed to reducing our carbon footprint through energy and waste-reducing manufacturing processes by recycling scraps of mattress ticking, foam, wood, steel, and plastic. We’ve reduced secondary packaging to less than 5% of product weight. Serta Mattress’ plants and suppliers are located near our customers to minimize transportation cost and fuel consumption, and we manufacture Serta products on a just-in-time schedule to reduce unnecessary energy use, minimize waste, and allow for less warehousing.

    Additionally, Serta uses eco-friendly mattress components. Our innersprings and boxsprings are made from 95% post-industrial recycled steel, and the wood in our foundations is sourced from forests that are certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. Many of the fabrics used in Serta mattress covers are made from natural bamboo and/or pure organic cotton. Our latex blend is naturally anti-microbial and allergen resistant, and we use soy-based foams in multiple product lines.

    Human Rights

    Labor practices outside of the United States vary and, in certain places, are not closely monitored. American manufacturing plants must adhere to OSHA standards, pay a minimum wage, and follow child labor laws. Unfortunately, there are places around the globe where this is not the case.

    Buying a mattress made in the USA also supports American manufacturing, which creates jobs and helps keep our economy diversified. Before you make a decision about your next mattress, find out where it was made and make sure the company’s production processes meet the safety, quality, environmental, and labor standards that are important to you.

    The Consumers Digest Best Buy seal, editorial review text, references to the editorial review, and Consumers Digest Best Buy rating are registered certification marks and trademarks of Consumers Digest Communications, LLC used under paid license. For award information,

    The Women’s Choice Award® is a registered trademark of WomenCertified Inc. The Women’s Choice Award® seal, trademarks and survey results used under paid license. CertiPUR-USA® is a registered certi-fication mark of Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Inc. which administers the program.

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