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The Best Mattresses to Buy Online in 2020, According to Bedding Experts

These top bed-in-a-box brands make shopping easier and deliver quality sleep.

You spenda lotof time (about a third of your day) on a mattress, so choosing which to buy is an important decision. Online brands have changed the way you can shop by letting you try them out at home instead of guessing the best fit in a store — most brands offer a trial period of around 100 nights, so you can actually try out the bed in your house for a few months without penalty. But with so many companies claiming to give you the best sleep ever, they all start to seem the same.

The Good Housekeeping Textiles Lab has been evaluating mattresses for years by researching the brands, trying the beds out first-hand, having testers sleep on them for extended periods, and surveying our panel to get in-depth reviews from thousands of real users. The picks ahead offer unique features, excellent service, and great feedback from our reviewers. But in short, these are the top mattresses in a box to buy online in 2020:

Best Overall Boxed Mattress:Casper Mattress
Best Value Boxed Mattress:Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress
Most Popular Boxed Mattress on Amazon:Zinus Green Tea Mattress
Best Boxed Mattress Customer Service:Tuft & Needle Mattress
Best Customizable Boxed Mattress:Helix Mattress
Most Versatile Boxed Mattress:Bedgear M3 Mattress
BestBox-Free Mattress Delivery:Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress
Best In-Store Boxed Mattress:tulo Mattress
Best Two-Sided Boxed Mattress:Layla Sleep Mattress
Most Innovative Mattress Material:Purple Original Mattress

You can read more details on all of these mattresses below, plus you’ll find more tips on what to know before you make your purchase. Prices reflect queen mattresses. While you’re shopping, don’t miss our top-tested picks for sheets, pillows, duvet covers, down comforters, and down alternative comforters!

How do I pick the best mattress online?

Don’t shop online without checking these factors first:

Delivery options:Some ship in boxes (you set it up yourself), while others have white glove service (they do all the work and take your old mattress). Interestingly, most testers found the DIY set-up to be less of a hassle than scheduling a delivery.

Return policy:There should be a trial period so you can sleep on it for at least a month. If you don’t like it, most brands will pick up the mattress and donate it.

Certified materials:Many are made with foam, so look for legit certifications like CertiPUR-US (all of these picks have it) or GreenGuard to avoid unsafe levels of chemicals.

Your bed’s base:Some materials, especially foam, work better on a flat, hard surface. If you have slats, they should be close together to avoid mattress sagging. Typically you won’t need a box spring. And don’t forget to measure the frame to ensure the mattress will fit: Though sizes are typically standard, one tester found out the bed was an inch too narrow.

See How Bed-in-a-Box Mattresses are Packed in Factories

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One of the best things about the revolutionary bed-in-a-box industry is that most customers no longer have to struggle to get a full-sized mattress through the doorway, past narrow hallways and up the stairs.

Online mattresses today come in a compact box that’s smaller than the box your fridge came in. Getting it inside is a breeze.

Setting up the mattress is just as easy. See my blog post on how to set up a bed-in-a-box in a box mattress in less than 15 minutes.

But have you ever wondered how they manage to get such a big mattress to fit into such a small box? Does it damage the mattress? Can all types mattresses be compressed into a box or is it only some?

I’ll answer all those questions in this post.

How The Mattress Gets Into the Box

This is a video of a Dromma Bed memory foam mattress getting packed into a box using a large automated machine.

Most bed-in-a-box mattresses are packed using the same process.

The first step is compressing the mattress into less than half its thickness using a powerful hydraulic press. This makes folding and rolling it up much easier.

The machine then folds the mattress in half and rolls it up into a cylinder. All that’s left now is to pack the rolled up mattress into a box.

But doesn’t this damage the mattress?

Not at all. Mattress foams, especially memory foam, are incredibly resilient. They can be pressed down and regain their shape many times over.

If they did not have this ability, your mattress would only last a few months before it sags hopelessly out of shape.

Every morning when you wake up, the foam goes back to its original flat shape. Of course it can only recover so many times.

That’s why mattresses have lifespans of around 10 years (longer for innerspring mattresses).

When you unbox the new mattress and unroll it over your bed, it immediately begins to expand to its normal height. This takes a while.

You can sleep on the mattress after an hour or so but it takes around a couple of days for the mattress to regain its full size.

The only concern of shipping the mattresses this way is off-gassing. These mattresses are usually packed into a tight box immediately after they are manufactured. That ‘fresh foam’ smell doesn’t get a chance to dissipate.

That’s why most bed-in-a-box mattresses tend to have slightly more off-gassing than other mattresses though it fades away in a few days.

But rest assured that compressing it does not cause any permanent deterioration or reduce its lifespan…unless it’s a spring mattress.

Can Innerspring Mattresses be Compressed?

Usually, no. Innerspring mattresses are often delivered as they are with just protective packaging around them.

This is because trying to compress the mattress would warp and bend the innersprings, causing permanent damage. Unlike memory or latex foam, pocketed coils can’t bounce back after being bent.

So if you are planning to buy an innerspring mattress, make sure it can get through the doorway and up the stairs.

If you are afraid that it will not fit, check whether the company offers the option of split mattresses. This is usually only possible with Queen and King sizes. You may have to pay extra for a split mattress.

I’d also recommend paying for white glove delivery. The mattress will be delivered and set up for you. Trying to carry a heavy spring mattress to the bedroom is a lot of work even for two people.

What are The Advantages of Compressing a Mattress into a Box?

A boxed mattress is easier and cheaper to ship.

You might be wondering what’s the point to all this. Can’t they just delivery the mattress the good old way?

It’s all about logistics and saving money.

Compressed mattresses take less space and are easier and faster to ship to customers.

Companies also spend less on shipping boxed mattresses and the savings are passed down to customers in form of free delivery and cheaper mattress prices.

It also makes things so much easier for customers. You don’t have to lug a heavy full-sized mattress up the stairs. Just carry the box inside and unbox the mattress right on the bed.

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A Message from Mattress Firm’s CEO on COVID-19

Updated April 6, 2020:

We know how important sleep is, especially in times like these. We’re still here to help with all your sleep needs. We’re open and available to help you shop any way you want. Browse our unparalleled selection on and get guidance from one of our sleep experts 24/7 by phone, text, chat and even live video.

With more than 2,500 stores across the country, we are monitoring local orders to determine the best way we can serve you. In some areas, our stores have been allowed to remain open and in many of those locations we’ve served customers who have found themselves in a situation where they have additional family members who may be sheltering together in the same house, some unexpectedly, or they recently moved prior to this crisis, and they all need a place to sleep. We are making necessary accommodations to ensure we are following all guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the local government.

We want to keep our customers informed and to have peace of mind during this stressful time. Here are a few updates to our policies, products and procedures:

120 Night Sleep Trial

As always, you get to sleep on your mattress for up to 120 nights to make sure it’s perfect. We realize that how it feels on night one may not be how it feels on night 30. That’s why every mattress purchase comes with a 120-night risk-free sleep trial. If you don’t love it, we’ll exchange it for one you do. (NOTE: If you recently purchased and that 120-night guarantee expires from March 15-April 30, 2020, we’ll automatically extend the trial period until May 30, 2020.)

Low Price Guarantee

There’s enough to worry about. Getting the best price possible on the mattress that’s perfect for you shouldn’t be one of them. So, if you find a lower price online or anywhere else, we’ll match it, even up to 120 days after your purchase.

Special Financing

Start sleeping better now and pay over time with $0 down and 0% interest for up to 6 years. It’s just one example of how working tirelessly to make better sleep as easy to come by as possible in these unprecedented times.

Shop How and When You Want

Our highly trained sleep experts are standing by to help you find the perfect mattress. Shop our stores contact-free or even set a private and contactless appointment with a sleep expert. Or for remote, 24/7 guidance from a sleep expert:

  • Call 1-800-MATTRESS
  • Live video chat by FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Hangout and more

Free, Contactless and Safe Delivery

Let us take the stress out of delivery with free, zero-contact delivery right to your door. We’ve introduced extra precautions to ensure the safety of both our drivers and our customers. Some of these additional measures include:

  • Delivery teams are equipped with gloves and booties.
  • All mattresses are delivered in sealed plastic bags.
  • Delivery trucks and devices are cleaned and sanitized twice each day.
  • Distribution centers in high traffic areas are undergoing expanded and enhanced cleaning.

Shop Online at

Whatever your mattress shopping needs, has your back. Shop the best mattress brands plus accessories like sheets and pillows. Find your perfect mattress through our AI-powered Mattress Finder tool. Take advantage of limited-time flash deals and free delivery to your doorstep. All from the comfort of your home.

Healthcare Worker Pillow Donation

To honor the healthcare worker community, Mattress Firm has partnered with Protect-a-Bed, a SureFit company, to donate 10,000 pillows to healthcare professionals who are fighting on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic. We will be donating 1,000 pillows a day through April 15.Learn more about this donation.

America’s Top-rated Brands

With America’s best selection of mattress brands, you don’t need to shop anywhere else. From iconic brands like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Serta and Beautyrest to popular bed-in-a-box brands like Purple, Nectar, tulo and Sleepy’s—our selection can’t be beat.

Sleep is essential and during unprecedented times like this, it is even more important to get quality sleep every night. We are grateful that we can continue to serve our local communities and ensure all are getting a great night’s sleep.

Updated March 22, 2020:

At Mattress Firm, we know that sleep is essential to overall well-being especially during times of high stress and anxiety. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) highlights sleep as one way you can support yourself as we navigate this time.

We are actively monitoring government orders and consumer demand to determine locations that are able to remain open. To see if your local store is still open, please call the store location.

Deliveries are still occurring in most markets. We are now giving customers the option for contactless delivery, where the customer can sign for their purchase at the door and we will leave the merchandise there.

As always, customers have the option to shop with us online, through chat or over the phone. As the situation continues to evolve, we are monitoring guidelines and recommendations from the CDC and other government officials and will make any necessary adjustments as needed. We appreciate your patience, understanding and support as we navigate these circumstances.

March 16, 2020

Mattress Firm cares deeply about the health and wellness of our customers and employees. During times of extreme stress and uncertainty, it is even more important to ensure you are getting quality sleep to stay healthy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mattress Firm has taken additional measures to ensure our customers and employees remain safe while also keeping within the guidelines produced by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

Steps We are Taking to Address COVID-19:

Practicing safe hygiene has always been a standard at Mattress Firm, however, we have implemented additional measures to ensure our customers and employees are safe. Some of these additional measures include:

  • Enhanced, regular cleaning of high-touch points, including our door handles, phones, bathrooms and mattresses.
  • Providing customers with pillow napkin protectors for them to use while lying down on a bed.
  • Having hand sanitizer or wipes available in customer pick-up areas.
  • Sending reminders on the importance of personal hygiene to all associates and informing them to not come into work when sick.
  • Suspending large in-person meetings and non-essential domestic travel.
  • Per CDC recommendations, we have asked all associates (or immediate family members) who have traveled to at-risk locations for business or pleasure to self-quarantine for 14-days.
  • If any of our employees aren’t feeling well or do not feel comfortable working during this time, we are asking them to stay home.

Having your mattress delivered with care and safe practices has always been a standard at Mattress Firm, however, we’re taking extra precautions to address the safety of both our drivers and our customers within their homes. Some of these additional measures include:

  • All of our mattresses are delivered in sealed, plastic bags.
  • Our delivery teams are cleaning the trucks twice a day.
  • Proactively asking customers if they would like for us to use gloves when making their delivery.
  • Wiping down all tablets and phones with alcohol-based screen wipes after every delivery stop.
  • Enhanced cleaning of our distribution centers in high traffic areas.
  • All mattress removals will be completely sealed within the customer’s home before being placed in our truck.

We know these are stressful times for everyone and ensuring people get quality sleep on the perfect mattress has always been an essential part of Mattress Firm. We encourage everyone to look at sleep as a tool to help combat the anxiety and stress during these times, and to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few helpful resources to make sure you’re getting the best sleep you can:

As we continue to monitor this situation, we will keep this blog post updated with the latest information or changes.

As always, we strive to place our customer at the center of everything we do, and we are doing everything in our power to ensure a safe shopping experience and healthy environment for our associates. While our stores remain open for business, we want to remind you that there are many great ways to shop with Mattress Firm — whether it be in-store, online, through chat or over the phone.

Thank you for continuing to be a loyal Mattress Firm customer.

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3 Offer valid 3/27/20 – 4/28/20. Receive a free Head Up 50 adjustable base (up to a $499.99 value) with select mattress purchases with minimum $999 purchase. Free adjustable base offer valid on same size mattress purchased. Split king or split California king base purchases consist of 2 bases. For split king or split California king purchases, consumer will receive one free adjustable base with promotion, with second base at regular price. Free adjustable base offer valid to complete mattress set, has no cash value and cannot be used as credit. Offer not valid on previous purchases, floor models, clearance items, final markdown, weekly deals, daily deals, Purple, tulo, iComfort, Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Sealy Hybrid, Nectar, DreamCloud, Tuft & Needle or Lull. Other exclusions may apply. Adjustable bases not eligible for returns price of adjustable base (up to $499.99) will be deducted from refund if mattress is returned. Adjustable base may be pictured with furniture bed frame and headboard not included with offer. Limited quantities available offer valid while supplies last at participating locations. Visit a store, call (877) 348-1012 or chat online for complete details.

4 Receive a $300 Instant Gift with purchase of select mattresses in store or online. Purchase select Tempur-Pedic mattresses and receive a $300 Instant Gift or purchase select Stearns & Foster or Sealy mattresses and receive a $200 Instant Gift. Select your Instant Gift from your choice of sleep accessories. Sleep accessories must be added to the same transaction as the qualifying mattress purchase. Offer has no cash value and value cannot be carried over any value not used at time of transaction will be surrendered. Offer not valid on previous purchases, floor models, clearance items or final markdown. Other exclusions may apply. Value of accessories received (up to $300) will be deducted from refund if mattress is returned. Offer valid while supplies last at participating locations. Visit a store, call (877) 348-1012 or chat online for complete details.

5 Offer valid 3/22/20 – 4/19/20 at participating locations only. Save 10% on any size 2019 Stearns & Foster® mattress. Selection may vary by retail location. Certain offers may not be combined. Not valid on prior purchases. Visit a store, call (877) 348-1012 or chat online for complete details.

0% APR: 5 years* with a minimum purchase of $2049, 4 years* with a minimum purchase of $1999, 3 years* with a minimum purchase of $1099, 2 years* with a minimum purchase of $999 on your Mattress Firm credit card 60, 48, 36 or 24 equal monthly payments required. *Offer valid 4/10/20 – 4/28/20. Qualifying purchase amount must be on one receipt. No interest will be charged and equal monthly payments are required on promo purchase until it is paid in full. These payments equal the total promo purchase amount divided by the number of months in the promo period and rounded up to the next whole dollar. These payments may be higher than the payments that would be required if this purchase was a non-promo purchase. Regular account terms apply to non-promo purchases. Down payment equal to sales tax and delivery may be required at point of purchase. For new accounts: Purchase APR is 29.99%. Minimum interest charge is $2. Existing cardholders: See your credit card agreement terms. Subject to credit approval.View payment options.

The advertised service is a rental or lease purchase agreement provided by Prog Leasing, LLC, or its affiliates. It is not a loan, credit or financing. While no credit history is required, Progressive obtains information from consumer reporting agencies in connection with lease application. Acquiring ownership by leasing costs more than retailer’s cash price. Not available in MN, NJ, VT, WI, or WY. Merchant participating locations only. Leasing available on select items. Not all applicants are approved. See lease for details.

Mattress Firm is proud to support both current and veteran military members as well as first responders. Save 10% off purchases with valid military/first responder ID. Savings applied to listed sale prices. Offer not valid on previous purchases, floor models, clearance items, final markdown, Purple, tulo, iComfort, Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster or Sealy. Offer valid at participating locations only. Visit a store, call (877) 349-1012 or chat online for complete details.

*Among traditional mattress brands based on 2017-2019 Tempur Sealy Brand Tracker Report

Free Delivery on Everything

The price you see is what you pay! No games, no gimmicks. We factor in the shipping and handling costs to our prices and do the math for you. Compare our final prices with the before-shipping prices of our competitors, and you’ll see why this ishow to buy a mattress®

Where Does Deliver?
We deliveranywherein the continental 48 states that is road accessible. If you live in Hawaii, Alaska or a location only accessible by ferry, please contact us for shipping prices. While we do not deliver internationally at this time, we can deliver to your US based freight forwarder if you have those arrangements in place. Army Post Office (APO), Fleet Post Office (FPO) and Post Office Box addresses are not accepted.

We also offer weekend and late night delivery options for an additional fee. To select one of these special times, please call for pricing and availability. Special delivery times and locations (Hawaii and Alaska) cannot be added to an order once it is placed.

For more information on delivery or to select one of our special delivery options, please call 1-800-455-1052 with any questions or to place your order.

How To Get A Mattress Delivered From Costco

How To Get A Mattress Delivered From Costco

How To Get A Mattress Delivered From Costco

I love going to Costco for the free samples, delicious pizza, and great prices on just about everything. Walking around the warehouse you might come across an awesome new TV, a fancy five-speed blender, or an over-sized bag of Doritos. There is always at least one random thing I see and automatically think “I love this… but how would I even get this home?” My little Nissan Versa can just barely handle the Dorito bag and blender, so when I wanted to buy a new mattress that I saw, I had to pass up the great deal at first because I had no way to take it home. Later that night I was searching for the mattress online and not only was it more expensive but I would still have to wait about a week for it to ship to my apartment. So I decided to skip buying it online.

The next time I was at Costco I had my eye on the mattress because it was such a great deal but Costco does not usually offer delivery (or so I thought) . I started looking through my phone to find a friend with a truck. I remembered that my friend Chris has a truck but he was out of town so that option was out the window. Next I looked into renting a u-Haul, which was a scary option for me. Driving one of their huge trucks by myself would be an absolute nightmare, plus no one was available to help me carry the mattress upstairs.

Luckily when I went back to the same Costco a few weeks later I came across GoShare. I found out that they have partnered with Costco for same day delivery. The process was extremely simple, all I had to do was download the app on my phone and input the pickup and drop off address. It gave me the options to choose what kind of truck or van I needed (I chose the small pickup truck). Then I could select one or two delivery professionals to help carry it into my apartment. The app asks for a picture and description of the item. Before I submitted my order I was able to get a price estimate which was between $39.99 and $49.99 which is about the same cost as a Uhaul and the guys helped me load and unoad. Within minutes, I had a GoShare driver accept my request and he met me at the store within 30 minutes.

The price came in just under $40 and the driver was kind enough to help set-up the mattress it my room for me. The experience was fast and easy. I wish I knew about it before I went through the trouble of searching for other options. The best part about it was that GoShare was available for me exactly when I needed it. I will definitely be using it next time I feel like impulse shopping at Costco and see something that won’t fit in my Versa (like the 8’ Wavestorm surfboard)!

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