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From the available evidence, it seems fairly certain that the concept of the mattress originated during prehistoric times. By lying on piles of leaves, straw, and animal skins, early humans were able to sleep more comfortably and more soundly than they could have on hard surfaces. As greater numbers of people left a nomadic, hunting existence for a settled, agrarian lifestyle, primitive furnishings, including the bed, began to develop.

To a large extent the development of the mattress is closely linked with that of the bed. In many ancient societies, the bed was considered the most important piece of furniture in the household; often, it provided a central gathering place for dining and relaxing as well as sleeping. Over the centuries, bed frames became more elaborate for those who could afford luxury; however, mattresses themselves remained unsophisticated—and uncomfortable. Until the twentieth century, they generally consisted of lumpy pads filled with horse hair, cotton, or rags. Poorer people relied onticks—fabric sacks stuffed with straw, corn cobs, or other crop debris. In addition to offering an inconsistent texture, such primitive mattresses were difficult to clean—and they generally started out dirty, stuffed as they were with agricultural debris that often entered the pad or ticking with soil and insects. However, they offered one concrete advantage: made at home from cast-off farm goods, they were cheap. Even late in the nineteenth century when small local manufacturers began to produce mattresses commercially, the items remained inexpensive because early mattress makers continued to rely on extremely inexpensive stuffing (usually, unusable fabric remnants discarded by second-hand tailors).

Mattresses with stabilizing interior springs, probably the single most significant advance in mattress design, were first developed during the mid-1800s. By placing a set of uniform springs inside layers of upholstery, mattress manufacturers could imbue their product with a firm, resilient, and uniform texture. However, because so-called innerspring mattresses were expensive to manufacture, only luxury ships and hotels that could pass the cost along to their affluent patrons purchased them initially. It was not until after World War I that innerspring mattresses were mass-produced by Zalmon Simmons, Jr., the president of a company that had theretofore produced bedsteads. Despite the fact that Simmons asked 40 dollars—more than twice the cost of the finest horse hair mattress available at that time—for his innerspring mattress in 1926, his products proved so comfortable that millions of Americans purchased them.

To render potential customers more willing to spend what must have struck many as a small fortune on his innerspring mattress, Simmons promoted the advantages of a good night’s sleep. The effectiveness of this marketing strategy has only increased over the years, as subsequent research has confirmed that abundant, high-quality sleep constitutes a fundamental component of good health. Today’s sophisticated mattresses improve sleeping comfort in several ways. First, through a variety of enhanced innerspring designs, modern mattresses distribute the weight of the body over a broad area; this also helps to prevent differential wear on the mattress. In addition, mattresses offer surfaces of appropriate softness and flexibility to help keep the spine in its naturally curved position. However, contemporary mattress manufacturers carefully avoid excessively soft surfaces that would distort the position of the sleeper’s spine, resulting in discomfort or even pain.

Presently, the consumer demand for mattresses is fairly consistent. In 1990, approximately 16 million mattresses were sold in the United States. Together with foundations, mattresses accounted for about $4 billion in retail sales. With the exception of a few large companies, most mattress manufacturers are fairly small, community-based operations. Of the approximately 825 mattress factories across the United States, most are still owned and operated by the founding families.


Today, most mattresses are manufactured according to standard sizes. This standardization was initiated by the industry to resolve any dimensional discrepancies that might occur between companies that manufacture beds and companies that make mattresses. The sizes include the twin bed, 39 inches wide and 74 inches long; the double bed, 54 inches wide and 74 inches long; the queen bed, 60 inches wide and 80 inches long; and the king bed, 78 inches wide and 80 inches long.

The "core" of a typical mattress is the innerspring unit, a series of wire coils that are attached to one another with additional wire. The upholstery layers are affixed to the innerspring: the first, called theinsulator,is fitted directly onto the innerspring and prevents the next layer, thecushioning,from molding to the coils. While the insulator is fairly standard, the number of cushioning layers can vary widely in number, ranging from two to eight layers and from 1/4 inch to 2 inches (.63 to 5 centimeters) in thickness. Moving outward, the next component is theflanges,connecting panels that are attached to the mattress’s quilted cover with large, round staples calledhogs rings.The top, bottom, and side panels of the mattress are stitched together with border tape.

While a wide variety of springs are designed to accommodate special needs and situations, the four most commonly used coils are theBonnell,theOffset,theContinuous,and thePocket System.The Bonnell springs are hourglass-shaped and knotted at both ends. The Offset design is similarly hourglass-shaped, but its top and bottom are flattened to facilitate a hinging action between the coils. The Continuous innerspring consists of one extremely long strand of steel wire configured into S-shaped units. Finally, in the Pocket System, each coil is encased in a fabric casing that also connects it to neighboring coil-casing units.

A typical mattress contains between 250 and 1,000 coil springs, and mattresses that use fewer coils normally require a heavier gauge of wire. It is not uncommon for an innerspring unit to require as much as 2,000 linear feet (610 meters) of steel wire. The individual coils can be joined in several ways. One common method is to use helicals—corkscrew-shaped wires that run along the top and bottom of the springs, lacing the coils together. Rigid border wires are sometimes attached around the perimeters to stabilize the unit.

Most manufacturers also produce foundation mattresses or boxsprings that lie directly beneath the mattress, resting on the frame of the bed. One of the most common types of box spring foundations uses a spiked coil configuration, in which the springs are narrow at the bottom but spiral to a wider diameter at the top. While a spring system provides the most common type of boxspring support, torsion bars are also sometimes used. Other foundation mattresses contain no springs at all but consist of a built-up wooden frame.

Raw Materials

Mattresses are presently made of many materials, both natural and synthetic. The innerspring, helical, and boxspring components are made from wire; the boxspring wire is usually of a heavier gauge than that used in the innerspring. The insulator consists of semi-rigid netting or wire mesh, and the cushioning layers can comprise a number of different materials including natural fiber, polyurethane foam, and polyester. The flanges are made of fabric, and the hogs rings of metal. Top, bottom, and side panels consist of a durable fabric cover quilted over a backing of foam or fiber, and the binding

The Manufacturing

Building mattress layers

  • 1 Most mattress manufacturers subcontract the production of the innerspring unit to an outside firm that specializes in making springs. Once the completed spring unit is received and inspected, the workers manually apply the insulator. Next, they apply the cushioning layers that will determine the feel and comfort of the final product.
  • 2 While the mattress is being "built up" in one part of the plant, the decorative cover that will serve as the exterior for the top, bottom and sides is being made in another part. Usually this cover is made on a giant quilting machine, which controls a multitude of needles that stitch the cover to a layer of backing material. The stitching chosen serves both useful and ornamental purposes, as it must prevent the mattress cover from slipping or creeping over the layers of cushioning in addition to creating a visually pleasing exterior.
  • 3 Once the fabric is quilted, it is cut into panels that will fit the top and bottom of the mattress. The side panels are often cut from this same composite or made separately on a border machine. If side handles or vents are to be added, they are attached to the side panels before these are applied to the mattress.

Attaching the flanges

  • 4 Specially modified sewing machines are used to attach the flanges to the top and bottom panels, and the hogs rings are stapled to the flanges. Everything is now ready for the closing operation, during which the hogs rings will be secured to the innerspring unit.

Completing the mattress

  • 5 The closing operation is of one of the most highly skilled and critical procedures in the entire process. It is done with a movable sewing head that is mounted on a track. Tape edge operators manually feed the top, bottom, and side panels and a heavy duty binding tape into the sewing machine as it moves around the mattress. As this combination of materials is fed into the machine, the operators uses their skill to feed the proper amount of each material into the machine to produce a professionally tailored product.
  • 6 Some of the highest quality mattresses may also feature a pillowtop, a panel filled with soft upholstery and attached to the top and bottom panels of the mattress for a more luxurious feel and appearance. Prequilted, the pillowtop is then taped to the mattress.


  • 7 If the desired boxspring has a spiked coil design, it is made by stapling the bottom of each coil to a flat wooden frame. A wire grid is then placed on top of the springs and, once aligned, manually locked to them. A thin layer of upholstery is applied to the top. If the desired boxspring contains no springs,

Inspection, labeling, and packing

  • 8 Once the units are complete, they are inspected for quality. If every thing is in order, they are labeled with the content and the contingent "do not remove" tag, required by law to ensure the consumer that the contents are properly represented in the labeling. The finished product is then transported to the packing area. Here it is inserted by hand or by automated machinery into protective plastic or paper covers. Additional information about the warranty, safety, and care of the product is also included in the packaging.

Quality Control

During the manufacturing phase most quality control procedures are carried out by sight. The majority of manufacturers implement inspections at critical points in the production process: after receiving the innerspring, before the closing, and before packing.

Fire is a very real danger with all conventional mattresses, and the industry and the federal government have long sought ways to limit that danger. Since 1973, manufacturers selling in the United States have been required by law to make mattresses that resist ignition by cigarettes. In 1987, the industry voluntarily began to include tags on mattresses that warn consumers of potential fire hazards.

The Future

In recent years a great deal of research has been done on the relationship between effective sleep and the sleeping environment. Since comfort and sleep are to a great extent subjective, it is often difficult to quantify the results of such studies. However, many of the larger companies continue to spend a considerable amount of money on research, especially on the design of the innerspring. In these studies quality and comfort are key considerations.

While traditional innerspring construction continues to account for the lion’s share of the mattresses produced in this country, both the water bed and the air mattress are gaining in popularity. While these unique designs require many different skills and production technologies, the growing demand for them over the last 20 years indicates a significant new trend.

Where To Learn More


American Innerspring Manufacturers, 1918 North Parkway, Memphis, Tennessee, 38112.

International Sleep Products Association, 333 Commerce St., Alexandria, Virginia, 22314.

Hypnos mattresses

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How are hypnos mattresses made


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Hypnos beds are a British brand of luxury hand-made mattresses available throughout Britain and worldwide. They specialise inluxury pocket sprung mattresses with natural and sustainable fillings, including wool, cotton, and other fabrics. Additionally, they have a Royal Warrant, which is an official recognition of excellence in bedding. If you are looking for a regal experience, this brand has you covered, butthere are some concerns about durability raised by some customers.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction:8.7/10

Price Value:8.4/10

No Back Pain:8.5/10

Trial Period:No Trial

General Support:8.9/10 ⓘ

No Motion Transfer:8.8/10 ⓘ

No Odor on Delivery:9/10

Good for Hot Sleepers:9/10

Sex / Bounce:9/10

Good for Heavy Folks:8.5/10

Hypnos’s Specifics

Hypnos is a well-known British mattress brand that focuses on luxury mattresses sold in top shops like John Lewis, Bensons for Beds, and more. They have a wide array of traditional innerspring and pocket sprung mattress options fromthinner mattresses to very high profile options. In terms of craftsmanship, they havetraditional hand tufted exterior and luxury materialslike cashmere, camel hair, and mohair. Customers like their mattresses overall, butthere are some complaints about durabilityand dipping over a shorter than average duration.

If you are concerned about long term comfort,take a look at our top rated mattresses in the UK, specifically Leesa’s Sapira mattress is a competitive pocket sprung mattress that has good sentiment from customers and is competitively priced.

Mattress Types

Hypnos haseight mattress collections sold in the UK. We’ll go through each option so you know what you can buy and if they are really right for your home.

The Regal Collection features both theElegance mattressand theSignature mattress, both of which are handmade with luxury comfort layers. The Elegance mattress hascashmere, camel hair, and mohair, while the Signature hascashmere, pashmina, grey hair, and British woolas comfort layers. These are both medium profile mattresses at28cm thick for the Elegance and 27cm thick for the Signature. These mattresses come at a moderate pricepoint when taking into consideration the materials. Customersmay feel these mattresses to be overpriced and have dipping problems quicker than expected.

The pros:Moderately priced for Hypnos mattresses.

The cons:Some issues with durability and comfort reported.

Price Range: £599-£1299

The Royal Comfort Collection has two mattresses:Sovereign and Eminence. Hand teased hair and lambswool make up the Sovereign comfort layers, with a pocketed coil system for support. The Eminence has latex, wool, and hair as the comfort layers with pocketed coil supports. These mattresses are slightly thicker at 30cm.

The pros:All natural materials at a moderate pricepoint and are hand-made.

The cons:Sagging issues over a very short period for many customers.

Price Range: £699-£1399

The Regency Collection has four mattresses contained–theClarence Sublime, Sandingham Sublime, St. James Sublime, and Hampton Sublime. These arepocket sprung mattressesthat come with luxurious layers of organic wool, cashmere, alpaca, bamboo yarn, or pashmina for comfort layers. They are 30cm tall, hand tufted, and moderately higher in their pricepoint. Customers are excited about the firmness options, butsome have reported issues with durability.

The pros:Handcrafted mattresses with luxurious materials.

The cons:Some issues with durability over a short period.

Price Range: £1299-£2599

The Hypnos Natural Comfort Collection is all about responsible sourced and high grade, all-natural materials. Within the collection there are four mattresses:Willow Natural Sublime,Maple Natural Superb,Aspen Natural Supreme, andHazel Natural Deluxe. These mattresses havezoned pocket coil systemsfor better spinal alignment andall natural materials like New Zealand wool, alpaca, fleece, and horsetail. These are moderately more expensive and more technical to create. However, similar to other Hypnos mattresses, they suffer from durability complaints from some customers.

The pros:All natural and responsibly sourced materials.

The cons:Issues with durability and comfort over a shorter than average duration.

Price Range: £999-£1649

The Orthos Support Collection offersfirmer supportthan other Hypnos mattresses. The mattresses to choose from are theOrthos Elite Alpaca, Orthos Elite Cashmere, Orthos Elite Silk, and Orthos Elite Wool. Their pocket filter support systems arefirmer and more supportivethan others that they offer. The comfort layers include luxury materials from silk, cashmere, wool, and alpaca. Customers who are stomach or back sleepers enjoy the additional support, but there are some reports of durability issues with the comfort layers for some.

The pros:Firmer mattresses with luxury and all-natural materials.

The cons:Problems with durability for some. Side sleepers may find these mattresses too firm initially.

Price Range: £899-£2199

The Hypnos Pillow Top Collection contains four mattresses:Pillow Top Celestial, Pillow Top Stellar, Pillow Top Astral, and Pillow Top Aurora. Each of these mattresses havesoft pillow top additions made of wool, latex, synthetic latex, and/or cotton. Best for side sleepers, most customers find these mattresses initially cozy, but there weremany dipping concerns with regular use.

The pros:Pillowy luxury with high-end materials and 32cm profiles.

The cons:Durability issues reported by many customers.

Price Range: £799-£1399

The Hypnos No Turn Collection is a lower priced option from Hypnos with three mattresses:The Luxury No Turn Superb, Luxury No Turn Supreme, and the Luxury No Turn Deluxe. These hand made mattresses have luxury materials like wool, latex, alpaca, and cashmere. They are slimmer at only 28cm and have pocketed spring support systems. These mattresses get mixed reviews from customers with some disagreeing with the initial comfort and others having dipping problems over a short period.

The pros:Cheaper hand-made pocket sprung mattresses with luxury materials.

The cons:Some problems with dipping and initial comfort reported.

Price Range: £499-£1099

The Adjustable E-Motion Collection by Hypnos are divans and mattresses specifically designed for adjustable comfort. These adjustable beds provide the ability to watch or read while in the comfort of your bed. They come in two options:E-Motion and E-Motion Plus. With a sleek electrical controller, you can adjust the orientation of the mattress to a more upright position. The mattresses are pocket sprung withalpaca, wool, cotton, and synthetic latex. Customers appreciate the mobility options from these beds, but alike others there may be some durability problems to bear.

The pros:High tech adjustable bed options with luxury materials in the mattresses.

The cons:Durability is still a concern with these mattresses.

Price Range: Varies


See the above scale. With Hypnos, you will be able to find a wide array of mattress firmness options. However, with durability concerns noted by customers, some of the support may decline faster than expected.

Who Are Hypnos Mattresses Best For?

Where price is no object,customers who can afford to replace their mattresses oftenand prefer luxury and high-end materials with hand-made craftsmanship will enjoy their Hypnos mattresses. For those that prefer longer lasting comfort, please see ourlist of the best mattresses in the UKfor more details.

Browse Hypnos Customer Reviews

I decided to buy one of these after a friend of mine from bridge club told me about how wonderful they are. I was impressed by their connection to the Royal family. Unfortunately, the bed hasn’t been what I expected. I wake up with back pain and think it is because of that bed — way too firm.

went to a store yesterday that had both Hypnos and Vi-Spring. Hypnos was WAY too firm. solid like a rock.

Was gifted one of these by my company and it was okay for what I would consider a luxury brand. It is a bit firm, but I like my beds firm.

I’ve had this bed for the past 3 months and it is divine. I highly recommend it.

I was able to get one of these Hypnos beds and I have finally been able to sleep through the night again.

Something is wanting in this mattress, but I can’t put my finger on it. I was very impressed by their branding and acclaim, and was hopeful that this would what my sleep needed. But, I’m still not sure.

This was my big investment and it was definitely worth it. The materials are very high quality and there has been no off-gassing or any other negatives that you would get from the trendy brands. This was for me.

I was expecting more of a luxury feel after spending so much money on my new mattress. Is it ok? Sure. But, when you shell out this kind of money, you are hoping for amazing. That is not how I feel.

A wonderful luxury bed. I sleep like a regent every night.

A hefy investment, but well worth it in the end. I love this new bed and so does my husband. No complaints.

both my wife and I are not large people, we purchased a very expensive Hypnos mattress with a topper and within a month and a half it was already sagging. I rotated it every week for six weeks and then every two weeks thereafter to no avail. The mattress now has two half moon shapes on either side and a big ridge in the middle. Furniture Village sent someone round to evaluate it and they said it had not sagged enough for a refund! Do not waste your money on this mattress.

This is the worse mattress that we have ever slept in, we paid £3000 for just the mattress and it feels like it’s been slept in for years and we have only had it one month. Hypnos and living homes where we bought the mattress have sent people out to test the mattress, they laid on it for 20 seconds and said there is nothing wrong with it, we are waking every morning with back aches. We were swayed by the Royal warrants and the write up by Hypnos that it’s the ‘best bed in the world’ in our opinion it’s the worse. They won’t accept our feelings and basically said there is nothing they can do! But we could go to the Furniture ombudsmen! (Nice customer service)! Anyway good luck if you buy one.

Very comfortable mattress. Slept on it directly on floor for two nights over Christmas and slept very soundly both nights.

Backache gone! I love this mattress. Best one I’ve bought. Highly recommend.

Absolutely love this matteres, it provides great support while the pillow top makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. This matteres also seems to keep the body temperature in check so no sweaty or cold nights in bed – just heavenly!

Best sleep for years. Only ‘downside’ is the overall thickness. Some fitted bed linen may not fit, but non-fitted sheets, no problem.

Really comfortable mattress!! love it. could sleep all day 🙂

Bought this mattress from Nottingham Store a week ago and told that it would feel slightly firmer on our existing base. The mattress has dipped already taking our body shape and the buttons on the pillow top dig into your spine and hips. This is the most uncomfortable mattress we’ve ever slept on.

Amazing Quality mattress, great comfort, worth spending on it !

Upgraded to a Hypnos mattress. Don’t regret the decision at all. Best night sleep ever. Mattress worth every penny!

We bought this bed after having slept on a Hypnos bed in a luxury hotel. The price reflects the fact that it is a quality product, made in Britain. The recommendation is for a pure cotton mattress protector, which costs about £35. It is a very comfortable mattress, though it quickly forms small hollows where you lie, which we hadn’t expected. Also you need to regularly turn it round – not easy as you get older!

Bought this mattress after recommendation from a friend and after reading the comments from other customers and I must say that I was not disappointed at all. Really good quality mattress and extremely comfortable to sleep on.

It took a few nights to get used to these new mattresses but now we really like them. The inclusive fabric topper gives the fairly firm mattress a lovely cosy feel. My troublesome back also feels well supported and comfortable. I thought I would miss my feather topper but I don’t – and really wouldn’t exchange it for anything else!

My wife and I have never slept so well since we took delivery of this mattress – we are very happy with this purchase.

Found it firmer than it felt in store & was starting to have doubts, but glad to report its now nice & comfy. As always with a mattress, you must try before buying. Now very happy with purchase.

Very comfortable mattress and ease to turn with good sized strong handles

The choice of a new mattress is something which is very individual so it is difficult to recommend to someone else. However, this mattress is made of natural fibres, it is firm without being uncomfortable. We bought it to replace our old mattress and we had no difficulty in adjusting to this new one. The quality of the materials is very high and I thought the name Hypnos had a good reputation for quality and good value. We thought the price was reasonable for a mattress of this quality.

Really comfortable mattress and great quality. Extra topping makes a real difference.

After a disastrous purchase only four years ago, we just had to replace our mattress. My son and daughter in law had discovered the true comfort of the Hypnos superb pillow top and couldn’t have recommended it more. We went on their advice and now I feel the need to tell them how pleased we are with ours at every opportunity. We are now working on the rest of the family!

This is supremely comfortable and supportive, with a soft top layer to take the edge off the firmness. I have lower back pain, and this mattress really does help – it adjusts nicely to the shape of one’s body and is very accommodating when (as with us) two people of significantly different sizes and weights sleep on the same surface. Despite the intake of breath when I saw the price, it is definitely worth it – no need to spend even more: this is truly excellent.

It’s ckearly a quality product – but I probably wouldn’t choose it again. But firm for me at only 10 stone. The top quilt but also makes me too hot

After 6 weeks in hospital I was left with a sore lower back. The Hypnos matters enable me to have the 8 hours of sleep I was used to.

This is an amazing mattress that was instantly comfortable! Although it is technically a firm mattress, it does not feel firm because it is so cushioned.

The Hypnos mattress is superbly comfortable and well made and it helps to have a ten year guarantee.

Was suffering from back and neck pain so decided it was time for a new mattress and this has been perfect!

Excellent mattress and base with (optional) 4-drawer storage. We’ve never slept so well! Polite delivery guys set the whole thing up and took away the old bed. Service as it should be. I haven’t regretted making this purchase for a second.

I bought the mattress, that cost a lot of money, having been assured that I would and could be assured of a good nights sleep, especially given that I had back problems. The pillow topping I was assured was the ultimate in comfort on top of the firm mattress. What a mistake, the ‘buttons’ used to secure the topping to the mattress are right on a line with your hip and lower back, so no matter whether you lay on your right or left side or on your back, these ‘buttons’ intrude and press on that part of your body, meaning you have constant pressure from the item and giving you/me discomfort. Because I had to be away from home for a while I have now missed the ‘return’ date.

We’d expected that the mattress would need time to settle, but from the very first night it was very comfy and supportive without being hard or lumpy. The comfort topper is just enough to relax in to. It’s heavy to turn, but that isn’t surprising.Have never (as yet after 5 months) woken up with a sore back, which is unheard of for me. Great quality at a reasonable price.

Mattress-firm, ultra supportive mattress. Pillow top gives a soft feel but may limit longevity however ten year guarantee gives peace of mind. Side stitching means no sagging at the ends. Quality product.

I purchased 2 of these for 2 new bedrooms. What an amazing mattress! The mattress is the best i have ever slept on and would recommend anyone to purchase one.

Only just received this mattress, delivery guys from Norwich were great they took it up our difficult stairs and straight into bedroom taking great care. First night’s sleep was amazing, haven’t been sleeping great the last 6 months on an old mattress, but slept like a log. Only problem, slept so well was apparently snoring so much my wife had to sleep in spare room as she couldn’t wake me as I was out for the count!

I love this mattress. and having made several wasted purchases over the past ten years or so, I am very relieved to say so. It is on the firm side of medium and it took a few weeks to get used to, but I no longer have the aches and pains on getting up in the morning that were becoming a daily issue (crumbs, I’m only in my sixties!).

Very pleased with our new bed. Very comfortable and gives us a restful nights sleep.

This is the best mattress I have slept on and great for someone like me who suffers with a bad back

I wanted to replace my old version of this mattress (which had been the best mattress I’d ever slept on) and was concerned that the added pillow top would make it too soft. I needn’t have worried. This mattress remains firm and very supportive, with the added pillow top giving some softness that makes the mattress more comfortable and warm. It’s even better than before! This mattress is not cheap but is worth every penny for the reliably comfortable night’s sleep I get.

Excellent comfort from a superb company. Firm but with a softer top gives great support. Much better than the orthapaedic versions recommended for my back condition.

Well, sort of. After bedding in, pun realised, but not intended, this mattress is very comfortable and we both sleep well on it. I wouldn’t buy another mattress with the topper attached as it limits options but other than that and the high price no complaints. Instore I tried the new fangled type mattresses in a box but found them claustrophobically enveloping so option for a decent mattress was coil spring. As ever the bottom line to a review is ‘would I buy it again’ and the answer is no but only because of the attached topper.

The most expensive mattress I have ever purchased but considering the number of hours I spend on it worth the price. It is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned.

Having slept very comfortably on a mattress with a topper at a friends in Canada, we decided to invest in a new mattress with a topper. However, after a few months of use, we now have a bulge in the center which can’t be altered by turning the mattress from top to toe as advised to do regularly, which is rather annoying.

From the firs5 night with this new mattress I have slept so well. I feel like the princess and the pea!

The mattress was delivered yesterday, with a divan base. I immediately noticed that it was significantly firmer than the one I tried in the shop, but I understand that mattresses soften over time. In the store I tried it with a divan base too.

Cannot wait to go to bed every night! Really comfortable having a pillow top means you only have to turn mattress on the flat, no heaving over.

I received some excellent help in store and after trying various mattresses I settled on the Hypnos 1800. I became a little anxious once it was delivered as it felt harder and was much thicker than my old mattress BUT it is perfect. As I lay down to sleep it felt as though the pillow top moulded gently to me. and 8 hours later I woke up! It is firm and as I said quite deep but completely comfortable. No aching muscles or sore behinds. For me it was the most expensive mattress I have ever bought, but no regrets! It’s wonderful!

Following a house fire we were obliged to replace our excellent bed and mattress. After some considerable research we decided on the hypnos pillow top. We have not been disappointed. We like needing to turnaround rather than turn over the mattress as it is very heavy. We also like the four easy sliding drawers in the base. Very happy with our purchase

We wanted a new bed and mattress. We had no idea what mattress to choose but we were given good advice in store. Very difficult to decide on which mattress is best for us, but we decided in the end to go for the Hypnos mattress because it had a pillow top. We have not been disappointed. Really comfortable and we do not feel movement when one of us gets up. Really good choice and extremely satisfied with our purchase.

So glad we decided on this mattress (we were tempted by the Simba mattress.. until we tested them both). This mattress is so lovely you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning!!

I brought this mattress for our holiday home, very comfortable. I am used to regularly turning mattresses, so hopefully this will wear well without this. You get a good nights sleep.

The only problem with this mattress is that it’s so comfortable, it makes it so much harder to get out of bed in the morning. It’s recommended that you rotate the mattress regularly, and I found this easy to accomplish even on my own. Tried it out in the shop and then ordered online. Delivery was quick and easy and it comes complete with a 10 year guarantee. This mattress is made in England by master craftspeople who clearly know what they are doing. A highly recommended mattress.

Looked around for a while for a new mattress, tried this one in the shop I knew it was the right one for us. I thought it was expensive but when you think how long you have it for it seems reasonable. Sleep really well on it, very comfortable.

After much research and consideration we opted for this mattress as it is similar to those found in Premier Inns which we have found to be very comfortable. We were not disappointed it has been exactly what we required firm but not hard and very supportive. Our previous mattress was memory foam so a bit apprehensive changing over but no regrets. Have had it six months now and found it great in all aspects. Only comment is that being a quality item it is quite heavy when turning and tucking the sheet under.

Very comfortable mattress. My sleep patterns have improved tremendously since purchasing this product..

Bought to replace a 6 year old mattress, it has been the best thing we have bought for a long time. comfortable and supportive and the pillow top adds a touch of luxury! Quality of sleep had definitely improved.

Bought this mattress on recommendation from friends and so glad we did, it’s so comfortable, wish we had bought it earlier, would definately recommend it

Amazing night sleep, really enjoy the comfort of my new mattress from the first night. Have found after much research it’s very much a personal choice, so try before you buy.

Just as expected this is a lovely mattress, had it for a couple of months and no more back ache!

Excellent product and service. I can now sleep like a log

I am very pleased with the mattress as it is very comfortable and the topper is a lovely and soft on top of a firm mattress but it is incredibly heavy and impossible to lift and turn.

I’ve had my mattress since February, I wanted to really use it before I wrote my review. At first, I was a little worried because it was Medium as I have always bought Firm mattresses, but It really is the best thing I have ever bought. It is so comfortable and supportive all in one. I have recommended this mattress to everyone I know and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another. My only problem now is actually getting out of bed 🙂

This was our first king size mattress and were slightly put off by the pillow top and concerned whether this would be comfortable at night. However, we could not have been further wrong, and luckily we chose this Hypnos above others. Several months in, the mattress is by far and away the best mattress we have ever purchased providing complete support and extra warmth from the pillow top. It was a very good choice and would purchase again.

Great mattress bought to replace a memory foam. Happy with the purchase. Only downside is needed help to rotate weekly as per the instructions.

I had previously had a mattress that was like sleeping on a bag of maltesers. Due to finances I couldn’t afford a good mattress, however I was lucky and got some extra money and decided to buy a new mattress. Looked online and came into store to try this one out. Decided to. It it and I have never looked back. It is fanTASTIC. The best sleep everrrrr. No more sore back or neck. Long deep sleeps each night. Best money I’ve ever invested in on a household object. Superb.

Perfect balance of comfort and firmness. Only downside is that’s it’s too comfortable to get off and go to work in the morning!

We were nervous about spending 4 figures on a new mattress – especially as you can’t really test them fully before you buy. This mattress felt hard when we receive it BUT this was due to our >10 year old being rather broken. Our first night of sleep was fantastic – no aches, bad back – even my wife, who has neck and back problems slept and woke without incident. Obviously this may not suit everyone but I just wanted to inform would be purchasers not to be put off if they think the product is firm – it may feel that way but it works really well.

The very old mattress needed replacing, and this was the one we finally decided on. At first it seemed a bit firm, but now after a few weeks it is very comfortable. Because of the four handles, it is easy to turn. There is no need to turn over, just around. No complaints, very happy.

I think we were seduced by the appearance of the mattress, it does look lovely with the pillow top and good quality. Initially didn’t like it at all, thought it was way too hard, we had previously had a memory foam which we liked but fancied trying a cooler mattress.I have to say it does feel better now 6 months later , or whether we have just got used to it , but I do think it is more a medium to firm and maybe the pillow top could have been deeper/ softer, carnt really feel the benefit of it !

We were undecided what type of bed to buy and are pleased with the purchase we made. It’s so comfortable and easy for us to manouver the mattress from top to bottom. We were looking for a bed with a mattress that didn’t need turning over. So happy with our purchase and wish we had bought it sooner.

Delighted with the comfort of my new Hypnos mattress- more sweet dreams now! Only hiccup is that it does take two to turn the mattress as required.

This is the first Hypnos mattress I’ve bought and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The quality is very good and it’s the epitome of comfort. This is the only mattress I’ll be buying from now on, it comes with a ten year warranty, what’s not to like?

Bought this for my Son & Daughter-in-Law to replace an old Dunlopillo Mattress. They and we are big fans of Dunlopillo Mattresses but the new design does not have handles! This would make it almost impossible to rotate. They managed to try the Hypnos in store and found it very comfortable. They are delighted with Hypnos and when we replace our Dunlopillo, we will go for Hypnos as well.

A good replacement even if a bit on the pricy side.

A great product, which means that we both get a really good night’s sleep. Very similar to a famous hotel chain mattress, which we use regularly because of the mattress and their beds.

Good quality Hypnos product. Very comfortable, deep sprung mattress. "Pillow top" gives additional comfort. If it wasn’t for the fact that our cat appreciates it too, I’d say it was purr.fect.

The bed is really well made and well worth the money paid. The mattress is very heavy and firm and doesn’t need turning over. I have slept so much better since I purchased the bed as the mattress is so firm you don’t sink into it like I did in my old bed. A very happy customer..

A long overdue purchase, this has made such a difference. Both of us sleeping much more soundly and no bad backs in the morning!

Really comfortable mattress. Good choice. We tried in store first and ordered on line when we wanted to purchase. Delivery time good as in evening. Overall pleased.

The best night’s sleep for ages; supportive but not hard, a perfect compromise.

I was nervous buying a bed – such a big part of your life! But this bed is fabulous and extremely comfortable. Highly recommended

This mattress was purchased on the recommendation of a physio for my husband’s ongoing back problem to replace a Tempur foam mattress.. It has made a significant difference to his quality of sleep. Would thoroughly recommend.

I am delighted with my new mattress. Sleeping better and this is a real blessing.

Such a comfortable mattress after years ‘sleeping’ on my last mattress which was my husband’ s choice, it was orthopaedic but so hard.This is supportive and cushions the whole back, and I love the cushioned topping. Very well made and store delivery guys unpacked it ready to be made up with sheets. It is also compatible with an electric blanket, a necessity in the winter in the north of Scotland!!

We find this very uncomfortable. The "pillow top" very quickly flattens to nothing, despite turning the mattress once a week as recommended. Very much regret buying it. Its only good point is that it’s cooler than memory foam.

You can never be sure what a mattress will be like once its home but we definitely have made the right choice. No more back ache and a good nights sleep, what more can you ask for

Wanted to purchase a pillow top bed with a quality spring style mattress. Looked at several and felt the Hypos was.similar to one we had before which needed replacing. We haven’t chosen Hypnos before so were apprehensive whether we had decided wisely. Well, we had, it is so comfortable, no aches or pains in the morning, from a poor design. The only slight niggle I have is that the sides of the mattress are quite soft and so dip down when sitting on the edge. Would have preferred a firmer edge, but that doesn’t detract from the comfort factor.

We purchased our Hypnos bed from Furniture Village approx 3 years ago as their beds have a reputation of luxury and comfort. The mattress has a cashmere Cushion Topper sewn on top. However after about a week a ridge or hump formed down the middle of the mattress which felt like sleeping at the bottom of a hill. Many heated emails to Furniture Village ensued where they claimed it was due to ‘natural settlement’ & we should turn the mattress once a week for 3 months. To do this with a Super King size bed in our late 60s is not easy but we endeavoured to do so but it made no difference. Furniture eventually agreed to send a technician who again claimed it was due to natural settlement but to try sleeping in the middle! We sent a complaint direct to Hypnos who sent their own technician who immediately diagnosed a problem with mattress and would recommend it to be replaced. Furniture Village offered to replace the mattress like for like or charge us if we chose a different one. We decided on the former and a replacement mattress was delivered. We thought our problems were over but a month or so the exact same ridge in the middle occurred. We should have complained again but couldn’t face going through the stress of it again. We paid £2.5 k for this bed & it looks beautiful but it’s become a nightmare. My husband is considering putting a bed board underneath but I think this is defeatest, but he finds it so uncomfortable and he now has neck pain. I’m not sure what to do for best as it’s 3 years down the line after purchase but we can’t carry on sleeping on this bed. I am considering writing to The Furniture Ombudsman for their advice.

Lovely comfortable mattress,but the chemical smell is overpowering. Still as bad 14 days later. Hypnos say the smell is normal and should go at some point in time. Not good when all you bed linen and the room stink. I think this is totally unacceptable for a mattress that cost over £800.00

After having the same mattress for more years than I care to remember and now having terrible back pain, I decided to invest in a Hypnos. I picked an Ortho (Firm) mattress and could feel the difference right away. Having better sleeps, waking up in no pain. I would recommend a Hypnos but would advise that you understand the firmness levels (so you get the one that suits you) and also that you will need to turn and flip the mattress (each mattress is different, so read the advice booklet) so that it doesn’t dip. But if you’re going to spend a good amount of money on a mattress, it’s best to understand how to best take care of it. One of the best investments I made.

The most comfortable bed you’ll ever own

Trusted since 1904

Wake up beautifully

At Hypnos we take our responsibility seriously for helping you sleep well and wake up better.
We have a talent for creating comfortable, stylish beds to enhance your well-being.
Discover a sustainable and tailor-made bed that’s just right for you and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

We’re a long-established family business with an illustrious Royal history to be proud of. And we pour it all back into our design and craft to hand build the most comfortable beds our customers have ever owned. Handmade in our Buckinghamshire workshops, you’ll find our mattresses and beds in the best yachts, palaces and hotels all over the world as well as in homes like yours.

With our experience, we know how to choose the finest high performance materials. We only use sustainable, natural materials to craft exceptionally restful beds that will last. Over decades, we’ve refined the comfort features and style elements of our beds to a selection of design options. All you have to do is choose the ones that create the bed of your dreams.


At Hypnos the health and safety of our customers, employees and our community is of paramount importance. We have therefore temporarily closed our workshops. We thank all our customers wholeheartedly for their support and understanding during this difficult period of time. Please take care and stay safe.

Read our full statement about this here.

Get ready to create

The most comfortable bed you’ll ever own

Trusted since

Sleep sustainability wake up Beautifully

At Hypnos, we take our responsibility seriously for helping you to sleep well and wake up feeling better. We have a passion for working with the finest materials to handcraft comfortable, stylish mattresses and beds that help enhance your health and well-being. And as a trusted supplier to some of the worlds’ finest homes, palaces and hotels, we are committed to quality and comfort whilst pioneering sustainable and ethical bed making.

Discover a tailor-made bed that’s just right for you and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating night’s sleep.


Wake up feeling good for all the right reasons. The Hypnos Origins Collection has been designed for comfort using the most responsibly sourced materials possible, including sustainable cotton and 100% British wool that’s traceable right back to Red Tractor assured farms

Bedding and Pillows

Assure your comfort and luxury right down to the last detail, with deliciously comfortable Hypnos pillows and wool bedding extras to enhance your sleep even more.

Pillow Top

Sleep deeper and more blissfully on a softly cocooning pillow top sleeping surface. The Hypnos Pillow Top collection of non-allergenic, No Turn mattresses gives you ultimate rest and relaxation, so you always wake refreshed and energised.


Luxury No Turn

The Luxury No Turn Collection features three premium, hand-built mattresses. There’s a choice of upholstery and tension through the models so you can choose the level of support and softness that you’ll find most refreshing and restful.

Royal Comfort

Inspired by our Royal archive of designs and commissions, this deeply luxurious collection is a legend in elegance and comfort. Featuring exquisite fabric design options from our partner Sanderson, also by Royal appointment.

Storage Options

Clever and subtle solutions to save space and hide away your stored items in the bedroom, for a restful and clutter-free sleeping space.


Sleep better and wake better with superior support and softness at the heart of this elegant collection’s design. Expertly built to bring you a restful and well-balanced night’s sleep.

Design options


Inspired by the bed making heritage of Hypnos, the Regency collection offers heavenly comfort and support, featuring our signature “God of sleep” mattress design. This collection features the finest and purest wool responsibly sourced from Wools of New Zealand.

Natural Comfort

Lovingly designed and handcrafted using nature’s finest materials to provide you with supreme comfort and support, tailored to your unique body shape. This collection features the finest and purest wool responsibly sourced from Wools of New Zealand.

Orthos Support

Designed by our sleep specialists to offer delightfully firm support in comfort, the Orthos Support collection blends the latest pocket spring technology with traditional hand crafting to create a haven for rest and relaxation.

E-Motion Adjustable

Our exciting new range of fully adjustable beds


You can choose any Hypnos mattress from any collection to use on your new bedstead or bed frame. Sleep deeply and wake peacefully in style and comfort.

Storage & Space Saving Beds

Clever and subtle solutions to save space and hide away your stored items in the bedroom, for a restful and clutter-free sleeping space.

Over a century of British bed-making heritage

We’re a well-established, fifth generation family business with a proud heritage of bed-making. We pour all our knowledge and passion back into design and craft to hand build the most comfortable beds our customers have ever owned. Handmade in our Buckinghamshire workshops, you’ll find our mattresses and beds in the finest palaces and hotels all over the world, as well as in homes like yours.

We ethically source the best performing materials and only use sustainable, naturally-breathable materials to craft exceptional quality beds that will last. You won’t find any foam in a Hypnos mattress, just sustainable and recyclable materials. Over decades, we’ve refined the comfort and style elements of our beds to a perfectly curated selection of design options. All you have to do is choose the ones that create the bed of your dreams.

Comfort with integrity Sustainability

Rolls Royce of mattresses

We have bought Hypnos mattresses for over 20 years and they are wonderful. The original is on our spare bed and visitors always say how comfortable it is. There is no sign of sagging or wear even though it is that old. The one we now use is exactly the same, supremely comfortable and like new even though it is over 8 years old. We wouldn’t consider any other brand.

Heather Grant – December 2019

Wake up now feeling refreshed

Wake up now feeling refreshed, and no aches and pains. Wonderful

Jayne Hall – December 2019

Second Hypnos mattress and it is so…

Second Hypnos mattress and it is so comfortable- even better than our older mattress. The base for the first mattress is still in excellent condition after 10 years and so we were just able to get a new mattress and so made a big saving.

Terry – December 2019

Absolutely love this bed

Absolutely love this bed. If my partner is late to bed, early to rise or has to get up in the middle of the night his movements no longer wake me so I can have a more peaceful nights sleep. Only issue is that I love this bed so much that I hate to leave it, especially on these cold Winter mornings. With my new Hypnos king sized bed I feel like I living a millionaire’s lifestyle, well for the nighttime hours anyway.

Patrick – December 2019

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