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Airloom Matress

Years of craftmanship put into every mattress, with high attention to details and perfection. Experience the handmade luxury mattresses from Aireloom

Aireloom mattress – California design

The Aireloom mattress is a high-end luxury mattress. The mattress is designed to be both comfortable and more hygienic than the average mattress you will find. It has definite advantages, however; as with most products on the market, there are cons associated with it as well. Customers all over the world have published Aireloom mattress review in high numbers, to help you out. Here are the high and low points of the Aireloom mattress for your consideration.

The Company

The Kluft company owns the Aireloom franchise and manufactures high-end mattresses in a variety of sizes. The company started the business in the 1950s in Cucamonga, California, making it an established manufacturer. It enjoys an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Product Description

The Aireloom line of mattresses is designed to conform to your unique body shape to provide you support and balance. Along with the highest level of relief from pressure, in a luxury setting. The construction consists of natural fibers. Including an outer shell of damask fabrics and viscoelastic foam on the inner portions. Some models feature wool, cotton, latex, and foam in the mattress construction. The design of each mattress is intended to provide for body support, comfort, and durability for a longer mattress life. Additionally, they come in a range of models. Featuring a varying level of firmness to satisfy customer preferences.

Unique features of the Aireloom mattress

These mattresses are available in a variety of sizes and materials with mid to full luxury grades. Certain models of the King units are constructed in a 7 x 7 ft layout. It may be turned in four different directions to help preserve the life of the mattress. These are larger than the average King sized mattress. Mainly intended for customers who prefer roomy sleeping accommodations.

Comfort layer materials

The comfort layer of the Aireloom mattress varies in composition from one model to another. They may include one or a combination of the following: wool, latex, cotton, memory foam and regular foam. This is what creates diversity among the different styles and gives the customers a variety of firmness and styles to choose.

Advantages of Aireloom mattresses

The unique design of Aireloom beds provides a no-flip design. Rotation of the mattress helps to reduce the wear and sagging that occurs with use over time. Some models may be rotated in quarter turns, such as the 7 x 7 king size to extend the life. Heat is not easily retained in Aireloom mattresses. A plus for those with a tendency to put off more body heat while they sleep.

Cons associated with the Aireloom line of mattresses

Aireloom beds are usually heavier than most other beds. This makes them harder to rotate, move or to transport. Some customers report the need for frequent rotation to prevent the mattress from sagging. If you have sagging occurring, movement on the bed is difficult, and you may find it uncomfortable.
Aireloom mattresses are among the more expensive. Ranging from $4,000 each to beyond $20,0000, depending on the model and the size. There is a question whether they compare in quality for such a high price. Aireloom is a brand that may be difficult to find in some areas of the country. Not all branches of the associated retailers keep them in stock. It is mostly a situation of customer demand that determines whether or not a brand is kept in stock.

Aireloom mattress review

In an Aireloom mattress review, the survey showed a 75% overall satisfaction rate, which is average. Memory foam models have a tendency to off-gas after a few years and to develop sinkholes. Some users reported having back pain due to sagging of the mattress.


The warranty program for Aireloom beds is distributed in 10, 20 and 25-year agreements, depending upon the model you buy. You can trust them since they are known to honor the warranty policies to the letter of the agreement. Defective workmanship is one of the leading causes for warranty fulfillment. Other conditions which may arise such as the mattress becoming uncomfortable. Not qualify as an action item if the workmanship and materials are not adversely affected. Upon request, an inspection of the mattress is fulfilled by a representative of the company. He will conduct an assessment and rule on whether the warranty clauses will be enacted on a case by case basis. The company has few complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. The overall rating of the company concerning transparency of the mattress specifications, warranties, return policies and customer service comes in at a C+. It is slightly above average you will find, but not excellent.

Where to find Aireloom mattress

The major retailers who carry Aireloom mattress are Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Sit n’ Sleep and Raymour & Flanigan. They are difficult to find in some locations as not all of the locations of these retailers carry the Aireloom or Kluft brands.
In summation, Aireloom mattress is a high-end item with definite advantages for luxury comfort. Some have been dissatisfied with their experiences, while the majority have given Aireloom a high rating. They are expensive but carry a generous warranty program that covers defects in workmanship or the quality of the materials

Aireloom mattress

The Aireloom mattress

The Aireloom mattress is among the most luxurious on the market. They exude great feel and upscale looks. All this made possible by the meticulous stitches, springs, and coils.

The Aireloom company asserts its mattress collections into five major groups, otherwise called collections.

To make these collections, the company finds its inspiration from the ‘simplicity and elegance of California living.’ As a matter of fact, the Aireloom company redefined the collections way back in 2017.

This was done to update the look of the mattresses. The new product has since been hailed as ‘freshened-up collection.’ because its plaid border fabric has been redesigned.


Let’s start with a closer look at the company itself. For a start, this company has an elite and generally affluent background.

It was founded in the early 1940s by King Karpen. Not that he was actually a king… This designation mainly arose from his penchant for everything royalty. The range of mattresses comprised of some top-quality materials. These included cotton, wool, cashmere, and thick silk layers.

The first batch of mattresses was mainly targeted at Hollywood’s elite. They were nicknamed ‘Rolls Royce’ due to their fine elegance. For this reason, the mattresses were bought by many celebrities and one sitting US president!

Sometime in 1992, Aireloom changed hands. It was bought by Earl Kluft. Later on, in 2015, The Flex Group, which is a privately-held global manufacturer and retailer of mattresses, took over the E.S. Kluft & Co. As we speak, Aireloom is still under the Flex group, but despite being a part of large a corporation yet give off the benefits of a small, artisanal brand.

The Aireloom brand comes in five product lines with multiple models in each line. Keep reading and you will find our review of the different product lines complete with key features, pros, cons, and recommendations. Basically, everything you need to decide which of the high-end luxury mattresses you should buy, and where you get the best value for your money.

Karpen Luxury – the top of the pop

The Karpen Luxury collection is Aireloom’s top of the line mattress range. No expenses spared, made with only the best material in the highest quality. The construction of each mattress is made with a focus on the details.

Karpen Luxury is your safe bet if you are looking for high quality, luxury feel, and a great design. Nothing comes for free, so it does have a high price tag.

  • It is a very comfortable mattress
  • Provides good support for your back
  • Limited off-gassing
  • Hard to find information online
  • The price is high
  • It has been reported to sag in the middle sometimes

No doubt that the Karpen Luxury collection is our number one pick if the ultimate luxury feeling is your top priority. You can get it in two different designs: Original Streamline and Luxetop. In each design, you can get different firmness levels. The Original Streamline in Luxury firm or firm and Luxetop in Plush, Luxury firm or Firm.

Aireloom Karpen Luxury Luxetop Design

100% Rayon quilt, on top of layers of cashmere, Joma wool and HiLoft fibers is the foundation of this mattress. Ventilated Visco memory foam and Talalay latex go underneath in defined zones offering responsive support. In the bottom is a cotton knit tricot panel which helps to support the other layers.

The different firmness level in Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm comes from the different thickness in these layers. The softest one and the one with thickest comfort layer is the Plush mattress. The Firm, on the other hand, gives a bit more support but still have a soft feeling.

Aireloom Karpen Luxury Original Streamline Design

The surface layer is almost identical with the one found in the Luxetop Design. Same hand-tufting Rayon ticking with layers of silk, wool and HR fibers. The Talalay layer, however, is removed. Instead is an HD foam layer inserted to offer a firmer feel and support.

The Original Streamline Design has a different comfort layer than the Luxetop design. Talalay latex is used in the comfort layer to contour your body and a layer of organic cotton for added cushioning. Zoned micro coils and Aireluxe foam is added for durable support.

The mattresses share the same support system which consists of nested coil design. 15- and 16-gauge pocket coils in defined zones provides pressure point relief to different parts of the body.


The Karpen Luxury collection is the highest rated of the mattress from Aireloom when coming to quality, feeling and looks. Firmness levels from plush to firm should assure a mattress for all sleep preferences.

This is our top pick when looking for ultimate luxury. But of course, luxury design and high quality come with a price. Namely the price… You can find other mattresses who offers almost the same at a lower price, but if only the best is good enough, the Aireloom mattress is the one.

Karpen Sidestitch Collection – great durability

The Aireloom Karpen Sidestitch is a modern classic with a mix of innovative design and traditional features.

This mattress series has a luxurious design with over 40 pounds of organic cotton creating an extremely comfortable and soft feeling. Over 560 hand-stitched side stitches provide an extra feeling of durability and support.

  • High-quality handmade mattress
  • Great motion control
  • High durability
  • It’s expensive
  • Little information online

The Karpen Sidestitch is recognized for its durability. With over 40 pounds of cotton, the mattress is for heavy duty use, build to last. In the collection, there are two different mattresses. The

Karpen Sidestitch super featherbed and the Karpen Sidestitch rip van Winkle.

Karpen Sidestitch super featherbed

It only comes in one feel and you can expect an extremely plush, soft feeling. The Karpen side stitch featherbed is ideal for those who sleep on the back or side and prefer a soft and cushioned surface.

For contouring support layers of Aireluxe luxury foam, Talalay latex and Viscoelastic memory foam are used while edge support comes from 42 pounds of hand-tufted cotton finished with 560 side stitches.

The Individually wrapped coils supported with high-density foam gives the super featherbed its ultra-plush feeling and durable support.

Karpen Sidestitch Rip Van Winkle

This mattress comes in three levels of firmness. Luxury Firm, Medium Firm, and Extra Firm. It’s ideal for back or stomach sleepers who prefer a mattress with a firm surface.

It has the same quilt as the Super Featherbed made with cotton stretch knit fabric, silk and wool fibers. In Luxury and Medium firm mattress models, an extra layer of pillow flex is added under the HiLoft FR fiber layer for added softness. The surface layer consists of high-density memory foam.

The Rip Van Winkel’s comfort layers come from viscoelastic memory foam, luxury film ventilated latex and 42 pounds of cotton. 54 hand-tied tufts and up to 560 side stitches are used to finish up.

In both models, 13 gauge offset coils and high-density perimeter support system make sure to give the right edge to edge support. A layer of ultra-high-density foam for extra durability is added.


Are you a light sleeper, you will appreciate the uninterrupted sleep, coming from the reduced motion transfer. It’s the offset coils used in this collection that brings this benefit.

The Karpen Sidestitch is a high-quality mattress collection with added luxury hand-finished stitching. A great choice for those who like the meticulous design. With more than 40 pounds of cotton, this is made to last. A seriously sturdy and durable designed collection.

Preferred collection – The most affordable Aireloom mattress

There are three categories in the Aireloom Preferred collection. The channel Streamline, the Streamline, and the Luxetop design.

They all share innovative materials like Celson latex, TENCEL fabric, and hand-tufting. A fantastic mattress with amazing cooling features. It comes in different firmness levels, so everybody should be able to find a perfect Aireloom mattress.

  • High-quality material
  • A fair price level
  • Great motion control
  • Big range of comfort levels
  • Not much information online
  • Less luxury feeling than the rest of Aireloom mattresses

Being the most affordable of the mattresses from Airelooms range, do not make it cheap. This is a high-quality mattress with luxury design and great features. The price will be in the high end when compared with other brands, But the cheapest in the Aireloom brand. Still, we believe there is great value for the money here.

The three models

All of the models have the same support and surface layer, it’s the comfort layer that makes them apart.

On the top layer, there is Tencel fabric. This is a material used to excess heat from your body and absorbs moisture. Great for temperature regulation. Layers of wool, silk and HiLoft FR fibers comes underneath before a layer of Pillowflex memory foam is added for extra support.

An almost identical support system based on high-density encased based perimeter support is used for the 3 mattress designs. In the bottom comes 15 gauge individually wrapped coils, used to create an advanced support-flex system

Furthermore, in the Luxetop design, you will find 49 outer-tuft, while the Streamline has 36 and channel streamline just 15.

Preferred Luxetop Design

There is three different firmness option for the Preferred Luxetop series. Firm, Plush and Plush Extra.

The difference comes from the thickness of the comfort layer. The firm having the thinnest comfort layer and Plush Extra the thickest.

The comfort layer is constructed with a base of CelsionPLUS Talalay latex. This layer helps to keep your body at a constant temperature and gives great pressure relief. Below come layers of Aireluxe foam and a layer of cotton upholstery. In the bottom goes micro coil gauges

Preferred Streamline Design

You can choose from three different firmness levels. Plush, Luxury Firm and Extra Firm. There is a great similarity to the Luxetop mattress when looking at the construction. The big difference comes in the comfort layer which is less complex in the Preferred Streamline design, making it more affordable.

The comfort layer is made from a layer of compressed latex foam called CelsionPLUS. It has a great ability to regulate body temperature and is very comfortable.

Underneath, 8 pounds of cotton on top of a layer of Aireluxe foam.

Preferred Channel Streamline Design

The third model is the Preferred Channel Streamline Design. It comes in two levels of firmness, Plush and Firm. The surface level is rather like the other two models in the series, only the Pillowflex layer is left out. This makes this mattress a little firmer. There is also a difference in the comfort layer. It is less complex in the Preferred Channel Streamline. Airelle foam on top of high-density Airelux foam followed by another layer of memory foam.

In the Preferred channel Streamline Design there are fewer features in the mattress than you see in the Premium collection. Hand-tufting and handmade side stitches are left out to reduce the cost. This again gives a more affordable design compared to the rest of the Aireloom mattress series.


The Preferred collection is absolutely a high-end mattress that both looks and feels fantastic. A few features have been left out in order to make it more affordable, but for most people, this is actually a great buy with high value for the money.

Aireloom Latex Mattress – For contouring comfort

Latex foam and hand craftsmanship are used to create this luxury mattress. It conforms to your body and gives you great comfort. As Aireloom put it, “a deeper, more restful sleep”. Maybe a little marketing like statement, but actually not far from the truth.

In the Latex collection, there are two models. The Aireloom Latex Luxetop Design, and the Aireloom Latex Streamline Design. They are both made with high-quality material, like PillowFlex, Talalay latex, and Tencel fabric, creating a very comfortable bed with a cooler sleeping surface.

  • It conforms your body
  • Great edge support
  • Gives you a latex mattress feeling
  • Rather expensive
  • Feels different than innerspring type mattresses
  • Not much online information

Both models in this collection share the same surface material. Both the Luxetop and the Streamline uses true-stretch cotton tricot to hold the quilt, allowing the comfort layer to contour your body in a really nice way.

The soft to touch feeling and the superior cooling properties in the mattresses comes from the quilted layer of Tencel fabric. Layers of wool, silk and FR fibers are added for enhanced cooling and better comfort, while a layer of Pillowflex gives that additional cushioning. Quilting foam is used for extra support.

Aireloom Latex Luxetop Design

The Aireloom Latex Luxetop Design is only available in the Ultra Plush model with a latex core. The major difference from the Aireloom Latex Streamline Design is the comfort layer. Visco memory foam on top of two layers of Talalay latex and a cotton layer in the bottom gives this ultra-plush feeling that many prefer. Total comfort and support.

The support system in the Latex Luxetop Design comes from the Aireloom Unitized latex core. It is a combination of two types of memory foam (Talalay and Dunlop). High density encased perimeter support is used to stabilize around the edges to give improved durability.

Aireloom Latex Streamline Design

The comfort layer of the Streamline Design only has one layer of Talalay latex in contrast to the two layers in the Latex Luxetop design. It comes in Plush, Firm and Luxury Firm where the thickness of the Talalay layer decides the softness. Plush being the softest and Luxury Firm the firmest.

The support system is also slightly different than the one found in the Latex Luxetop Design. The high-density encased perimeter support is the same but only the Plush version has the Aireloom Unitized latex core.


There are not many user reviews to be found online, making it difficult to find a general consensus about the Aireloom Latex design. In general Latex mattresses is known to provide high comfort without the overheating and “sinking in” feeling that many describe from memory foam mattresses.

Latex does feel different from Foam and inner springs, but maybe it’s just perfect for you.

Aireloom Aspire Hybrid- The coolest mattress

It’s often said that hybrid mattresses are the best of both worlds. Deep pressure relief from the memory foam and the contouring support from the innerspring. In the Aireloom Aspire Hybrid collection this is absolutely the case. An ideal mattress for those who prefer the contouring support of memory foam but tend to sweat a lot during sleep.

It comes in two models, The Aspire Hybrid Coil Support and the Aspire Hybrid Foam Support.

  • High motion control
  • Keeps you cool
  • Not many information online
  • Rather expensive

Aspire Hybrid Coil support

This model is available in two firmness levels, Plush and Firm. The surface layer is made from stretch-knit fabric with Tencel and is doing a great job absorbing moisture and keeping your body cool. Underneath goes layers of FR fibers, quilting foam for softness and a layer of True-stretch tricot fabric for added support.

The comfort layers thickness is different in the Asper Hybrid Coil Support depending on the firmness level. The Plush version is the softest and has the thickest layer.

One of the main features of this mattress series is the Aireloom foam infused layer with phase change technology, that helps to regulate temperature and keeps you cool during even the hottest night. A real gamechanger.

Underneath comes a layer of Visco recovery foam that contour to your body, Aireluxe foam for that extra support and cushioning and flexible steel coils to help pressure relief.

The support layer is made from a high-density encased perimeter to bring edge support and individually wrapped coils for motion stability. The mattress has 15 coils in the Plush version, and 13 in the Firm version.

Aspire hybrid foam support

There are three firmness levels in the Aspire hybrid foam series. Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm, with Plush being the softest.

The surface layer is a confirming knit fabric made with Tencel, silk, wool and FR fibers. Below a plush quilting foam layer and a layer of tricot cotton fabric to ad support and softness.

There is no Phase change technology in the hybrid foam support series. The comfort layer is made from Adapt Visco foam and aireluxe foam on top of a layer of micro coils that ads support and durability.

As the name reveals the support layer consist of a high-density foam core instead of the individually wrapped coils. The foam gives very durable support but at the same time a certain softness.


Despite being from the same series these two mattresses have a very different feeling. The Aspire Hybrid Coil Design has a sturdy but still soft feeling in the Plush version and a rather firm felling in the Firm version due to the thinner comfort layer. The Aspire Hybrid Foam design has a more slow-response to movement and feels more like it contouring around the body.

Aireloom lift

One of the main selling points for the Aireloom mattress is the patented Aireloom lift technology. A chamber between the mattress top and the springs provide a sense of the bed cradling with you without getting the feeling of sinking in.

However, we have seen reviews where people complain that they get a sagging feeling rather than lift. Something to bear in mind when purchasing it.

The lifetime of the Aireloom mattress

The company them self, state a lifetime of 10 – 15 years. Obviously, it greatly depends on everyday usage and how often you rotate your mattress, but it is a quality product and there is no reason to doubt them.

Off-gassing and environment friendliness

Aireloom mattress has a CertiPUR-US certificate meaning that they do not contain ozone depletes, mercury, lead, or other harmful materials, phthalates, formaldehyde, or PBDEs. The off-gassing should be at an absolute minimum duo a curing process in manufacturing, so you should not experience any strong odor after unpacking.

Final verdict

The Aireloom mattress is without a doubt a high-end mattress with a luxury look and feel. The design stands out and only the best quality material is used. Aireloom has a reputation for providing some of the best mattresses and a price tag that matches, something we have found to be true.

There are a lot of different designs in the Aireloom mattress line, so we will recommend you find a store who has them in stock and test them out in person. All the mattresses are different, so you should be able to find one that meets your demands.

Our Review Of The Aireloom Mattress for 2020

Transparency Disclosure– We may receive a referral fee (at no additional cost to the buyer) for products purchased through the links on our site or other applicable pages. To learn more, please read our full disclosure pagehere . We also encourage you to read about how we may research and/or test Products here .

It goes without saying that choosing the best bed is a process which requires a lot of consideration and quite a bit of research. There are a significant amount of options out there and picking the one that’s most appropriate for your preferences and the preferences of your spouse can be something quite challenging.

This is why we’ve taken the liberty to have a look at a reliable yet affordable option on the market –the Aireloom Mattress.

You will love the Aireloom if:

  • You are a fan of spring beds. Aireloom beds have a layer of pocketed coils which are going to bring that traditional, bouncy appeal. Of course, it also offers splendid support.
  • You are looking for a luxury feel with reliable quality. The beds are comparatively expensive when you stack them against other counterparts, but they perform incredibly well.
  • You enjoy a handmade design. Aireloom offers handmade designs which are truly beautiful. They are going to attribute to the overall ambiance of your bedroom.

You might not like the Aireloom if:

  • You are looking for a soft model with serious sinkage. This one doesn’t sink that much thanks to the pocket coils.
  • You don’t like the off-gassing smell. While this is something fairly regular, Aireloom beds also come with it, and it is likely to stay for a couple of days before dissipating completely.

Now, as we’ve seen some of the strong points and some of the flaws, let’s have a closer look at the specifications surrounding the Aireloom.



The construction of the mattress is actually quite interesting. It comes with a total of 5 different layers. Let’s have a closer look.

  • The 1st and the 2nd layersare made out of Talalay latex. This is a very convenient material, and it is well-known for the fact that it is cool and it brings a lot of comfort at the same time. The layers are also going to reduce the motion transfer conveniently so that you don’t have to worry about midnight movements. Furthermore, it is going to keep it fairly responsive so that you don’t feel trapped.
  • The 3rd layeris of cotton – which brings in a luxurious feel.
  • The 4th layeris made out of memory foam. It serves the purpose of a transitional layer which is going to introduce additional support to the entire structure. Furthermore, this is what’s going to play the major role when it comes to contouring your body and making sure that your spine is aligned.
  • The 5th layeris made out of pocketed coils, and it’s the foundation of the bed. It is specifically intended to ensure that you get the necessary support. Additionally, it is also going to bring in that specific, slightly bouncy sensation of innerspring mattresses.

The materials are high quality. Aireloom has enhanced breathability as it includes Talalay latex in the composition and it’s very responsive as well.



The bed is very reliable, which is something that you might want to account for. It brings with it a sought-after luxurious feel and royal-like comfort. The mattress is going to help ensure that your spine is perfectly aligned and it should work to relieve the pressure points.

Additionally, it has a medium feel. It is not too firm, but it’s also not too soft. You can say that it scores a solid 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale where 10 is the firmest option. This means that it can provide you with a great balance between sinkage and comfort. You may find that you feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud.

Aireloom Mattress Highlights

The products designed by Aireloom are known for being of extremely high quality. They are renowned for the fact that they are handmade regarding design and are very popular when it comes to their overly luxurious and royal comfort.

The Aireloom models are designed in a manner which allows them to absorb motion. This is something particularly praised by a serious amount of different people. This is also something which makes it very friendly for couples.

You wouldn’t have to worry about the movements of your partner as the mattress is very isolated regarding motion transfer.

At the same time, it does feel very responsive. It shouldn’t make you feel trapped, which is a common issue for a lot of different memory foam options. The top layer of Talalay latex is also something that you ought to consider. It means that the threat of heat retention is much lower – it shouldn’t get overly hot through the night, which means less worries of waking up all sweaty.

To Conclude

Aireloom mattresses are definitely a formidable choice. It is one which reveals some serious benefits. The product brings serious comfort, support, and firmness, while at the same time looking very appealing thanks to the beautiful handmade design. This is not only an higher-end sleeping solution, but it is also a stylish statement for the bedroom.

Even though they may be a bit more expensive and exclusive, there is a lot of high-end quality and premium handmade design.

Aireloom Mattress Review

Six materials commonly used in Aireloom mattresses are memory foam, regular foam, cashmere, cotton, talalay latex, and wool. With the variety in materials and firmness, almost anyone can find the right match for their needs. These mattresses are very supportive as well thanks to the pocket coils inside.

Aireloom mattresses are usually 12-16 inches thick, enabling better support for heavyset people. Some types of Aireloom mattresses are adjustable base friendly too. For a more in-depth review of Aireloom mattresses, including price range, where they can be purchased, and who they are most suitable for, continue reading.

Table of Contents


We’ll look at the construction of the different Aireloom mattresses in this section. We’ll break the mattresses up according to the collections that Aireloom organizes them into.

Karpen Luxury

The Karpen Luxury aims to live up to its name with its high-quality construction. The mattress itself features five different comfort lays along with a nested coil design to maximize your rest while sleeping. The comfort layers cosist of Luxus latex, Ventilated Talalay latex, Joma Wool or Organic cotton, Slow-recover viscoelastic memory foam, or Aireluxe foam, and zoned micro coils.

The bed comes with a box spring that’s made from an 8-way hand-tied divan, a self-welting finish, and 160 yards of Italian twine.

Finally, the Karpen Luxury includes a topper. This lush pillow top is made from Joma wool filling, ventilated Talalay latex, and HiLoft FR fibers.

Karpen Sidestitch

The Karpen Sidstitch is a hybrid of traditional innerspring designs and the latest in comfort foam. It has three layers of comfort foam, including a Luxury Firm natural ventilated latex, Aireluxe Luxury Firm foam, and a Visco elastic memory foam.

Additionally, each Karpen Sidestitch includes 42 lbs of cotton, 54 inner tufts, and 560 handmade stiches. The bed also has perimeter edge support to enhance the comfort and the feel of the bed.

The support system for the Sidestitch includes individually wrapped coils and ultra-high-density support foam. This combination of individually wrapped coils and support foam is designed to relieve pressure points and prevent you from waking up in the morning with aches and pains.

Aireloom Latex

The Aireloom Latex mattress comes in two forms, either the Luxetop design or the Streamline design.

The Streamline design consists of three layers with a latex core. The comfort layers are made of Talalay latex. The support system will use either the Aireloom Unitized latex core, the Energex core system and a high-density encased perimeter support system.

Additionally, the Streamline uses a high-definition box spring to get the best possible responsiveness from the bed. You can get the box spring in 9” or 5” versions.

The Aireloom Luxetop design is very similar to the Streamline, with the exception that it also has a top layer made from Visco foam. this allows the top layer to be more responsive. It also produces a sharper body contour than you get from standard or ventilated latex foam.

Additionally, the Luxetop comes with a Pillowflex layer than can create a softer feel for the mattress. This pillowtop is made from silk, wool, and HiLoft FR fibers.


There are three mattresses is Aireloom’s preferred collection. These are the Luxetop designs, the Streamline designs, and the Channel Streamline designs. You can get each of the designs in a range of firmnesses so you can ensure that you’re getting the right support for your needs.

The Preferred collection is made from a series of comfort layers and micro coils. This combination allows for especially good pressure point support without losing any of the soft, welcoming feel that you want from a mattress.

The comfort layerse consist of CelesionPLUS, Talalay latex, Aireluxe foam, and Viscoelastic memory foam. you also get 8 lbs of cotton in the upholstery layer and 19 gauge micro coils.

The support system includes a support-flex core with 15 or 13 ¾ gauge individually wrapped coils and a high-density encased perimeter support system.

The Luxetop version of the preferred collection comes with a pillow top. The Streamline doesn’t have the pillowtop. Finally, the channel streamline designs use a different top cover. Instead of the traditional diamond quilting pattern you get on many covers, this cover uses channels. This can help improve airflow and moisture wicking, keeping you dry and cool while you sleep.

Aspire Hybrid

Finally, the Aspire Hybrid is the last collection of mattresses on offer from Aireloom. It uses a combination of individually wrapped coils and foams to produce a unique feel that you’re not likely to find replicated in other mattresses.

The Aspire Hybrid has comfort layers made from Phase Change foam, which helps regulate temperature. It also has layers of slow recover visco foam and Aireluxe foam. The box spring is available in 9” or 5” height and provides working support using a v-shaped semi-flex grid.

The support system has a high-density encased perimeter support system and support-flex individually wrapped coils. A queen bed will have 830 perimeter coils and the King will have 992.

Firmness Feel & Support

The firmness, feel, and support of Aireloom mattresses varies wildly based on the type of mattress you get. There’s an option for everything from a very soft mattress to a very firm mattress.

One of the best aspects of al of Aireloom’s mattresses is that they do a good job of blending the roles of the comfort and support systems. As a result, you’re likely to get an enjoyable night’s sleep on any Aireloom mattress, so long as you pick one with the proper firmness.

Additionally, the high-quality materials and thoughtful design that goes into each Aireloom mattress means that you’re going to get good support. They do an excellent job of working to eliminate pressure points, which can cause pain and pinched nerves when you wake up.

The result is that Aireloom mattresses feel great to sleep on. We especially liked the edge support that comes with nearly every Aireloom mattress. This edge support system helps provide support for people who like to sleep against the side of the bed. It also enhances adult playtime for couples.

Moreover, a solid edge support system is the key to getting the longest possible life from your mattress. Often when modern foam mattresses need replaced it’s because the edge support has collapsed. The result is that the mattress doesn’t hold its shape as well. This causes uncomfortable lumps and dips in your mattress, and can ruin the quality of the sleep you get from it.

Aireloom Mattress Essential Facts

Where Can You Buy Aireloom Mattresses?

Major retailers that sell Aireloom mattresses include Macy’s, Sit ‘n Sleep, Bloomingdale’s, and Raymour & Flanigan. Sit ‘b Sleep is only located on the West Coast of the United States, and Raymour & Flanigan is found on the East Coast.

More Durable Than Innerspring Mattresses

According to a mattress review site, Sleep Like the Dead, 20% of owners reported that their Aireloom mattresses started to sag and develop body indentations after three years of ownership. In comparison to other innerspring mattresses, this is a 24% better rate. For a mattress of its type, an Aireloom mattress is fairly durable. However, it still performs 14% worse when all types of mattresses are considered.

How Much Does an Aireloom Mattress Cost?

Aireloom mattresses cost $1,300-$7,500, depending on size and model. A few of these mattresses are over $7,500. However, the average queen size Aireloom mattress is $2,500. Aireloom mattresses aren’t cheap, but they are certainly luxurious with a 75% overall customer satisfaction rate according to data from Sleep Like the Dead.

How Firm Are the Mattresses?

The majority of Aireloom mattresses range from firm to medium-soft in firmness. All different types of sleepers can find a firmness that fits their needs. Medium to medium-soft Aireloom mattresses are good for people who sleep on their sides. Those who sleep on their stomachs, however, should buy a firm Aireloom mattress. Most of these mattresses are good for back sleepers; it’s a matter of which firmness works best for their backs.

Higher than Average Support

Aireloom mattresses feature higher than average support, especially in the more expensive models. Support typically improves with the more expensive models because the contain a higher number of coils. However, even those on the cheaper end of the spectrum offer excellent support.

Decent Movement Isolation

If finding a mattress with movement isolation is important to you, so that your partner doesn’t disturb you when they get out of bed, you don’t need to cross Aireloom off your list. They provide decent movement isolation so that couples don’t disturb each other during movement.

Can Support Those Who Are Over 240 Lbs

Aireloom mattresses are able to support the weight of people who are over 240 lbs. Thee mattresses are fairly thick and strong.

Aireloom Mattresses Are Quiet

Squeaky or noisy mattresses annoy some people, but you don’t have to worry about that with this brand of mattress. Only 5% of owners, according to Sleep Like the Dead, report their Aireloom mattress at least occasionally makes some noise.

What You Need to Be Aware Of

Aireloom mattresses are heavy, making them difficult to move. The average queen size weighs 150 lbs. Other Aireloom mattresses weigh as little as 60 lbs. Some are almost 200 lbs. Because Aireloom beds have a one-sided no flip design, you may have to rotate the mattress twice a year to minimize or prevent sagging. This is something to consider before making a purchase, especially if you don’t have a partner to help you rotate the mattress.


  • Luxurious
  • Options in mattress firmness
  • Decent movement isolation
  • Durable for an innerspring mattress
  • Can support people who weigh more than 240 lbs
  • Quiet
  • Good support
  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • May require rotating twice a year to prevent sagging

Aireloom mattresses are ideal for people who want a luxurious mattress that provides great support and can support weights over 240 lbs. They are also ideal for couples due to their movement isolation. Singles may not like the fact that they might have to rotate the mattress twice per year to prevent sagging.


Normally we’d do a big pricing chart in this section that shows the different mattress prices for the various Aireloom models. However, because Aireloom sells its mattresses through third-party retailers, we can’t do that this time. We can, however, give you some general guidelines.

Generally speaking, Aireloom mattresses will be more expensive than lots of the other mattress options on the market. This is because of the high-quality materials and hand-made manufacturing process that goes into each mattress. It’s a good alternative to something like the Tempurpedic mattress, and usually has a price that’s comparable to that line of mattresses. As a result, the price can run anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 for a queen-sized mattress.

Should You Buy an Aireloom Mattress?

The question of whether or not you should buy an Aireloom mattress comes down to what’s most important for you in your mattress. The Airelooms use the highest-quality materials and hand-made manufacturing techniques to produce a luxuriously comfortable bed.

However, all of those high-quality materials and hand-made design don’t come cheap. As a result, you should look elsewhere if your first priority for a new mattress is getting the lowest price possible.

For sleepers that aren’t as concerned about the price as they are the quality of the sleep they get from the mattress, Aireloom mattresses are a great option. You get a wonderful combination of materials and design from each mattress. Moreover, the huge range of customizable options means that you’re almost certain to get exactly the feel you’re looking for.

Another important consideration is how much work you’re willing to do to buy a new mattress. Aireloom mattresses are sold by third-party retailers. That means you can comparison shop between the different retailers in your area to find the one that will give you the best deal. Keep in mind that many traditional retailers charge for things like shipping and set up, so be sure to consider those costs as well when you’re looking at the final price.

But some people don’t want to put a lot of work into finding the best deal on a mattress. If that sounds like you, then you might want to consider something other than an Aireloom. Other mattress manufacturers will sell directly to you. That means you can get a savings by cutting out the third-party retailer. It also removes the mystery about things like a warranty, trial period, and shipping costs.

Finally, the fact that Aireloom mattresses are sold by third-party retailers does have one other advantage for some people – if you want to try the bed at the store before you have it delivered. This can help prevent annoying issues with return orders and other complications if you don’t like the bed you get.

Alternatives to Aireloom

Aireloom makes a lot of good mattresses, so picking one of them makes sense. But purchasing a new mattress is a big decision. That’s why we want to make sure you understand all your options. We’ve found that people considering Aireloom mattresses will prefer these choices when they see them. Check out our list of the best alternatives to Aireloom.

Puffy Mattress

Puffy is a great alternative to the mattress options at Aireloom. This mattress is designed to work with side, back, and stomach sleepers and ships for free right to your door.

Puffy is also awesome because it can be placed on any surface. As a result, you can use it with an adjustable frame, salts, or even the floor. That means you can have more control over the look and style of your bedroom. It also saves money by allowing you to use the bedframe you already have.

Finally, Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial. Give it a go and if you don’t like it you can return it free of charge. That’s an option you don’t get with most mattresses.

Aireloom Mattress Review: Is It Worth Investing In?

Did you know that several days without sleep can cause more harm than several days without food? Sleep is essential, as it allows our busy brains to rest and recuperate. That’s why choosing the right mattress is a critical decision. In this Aireloom mattress review, we’ll find out if it’s worth the investment.

We human beings spend approximately one-third of our lives asleep or trying to fall asleep. This figure makes sense when you think about the fact that most people need about eight hours of sleep every day to remain functional, well-rested, and healthy. With only 24 hours in a day, that eight hours of daily sleep constitutes a whopping 33.33% of your entire life.

Unfortunately, quality of sleep is not an assured right. Some people live in shoddy housing, in large cities, where both noise and poverty can greatly hinder restful slumber. Technology, family-life, and a challenging career can also leave you tossing and turning all night, unable to rest soundly.

But perhaps the most common denominator when it comes to poor-quality sleep is a flawed and faulty mattress. Some mattresses use unsafe or uncomfortable components. They are quickly manufactured without much thought to quality. Some mattresses feel lovely for the first several months of use, but then immediately begin to sag, fall apart, and tear.

Because you’re likely to spend 33% of your time on Earth lying on a mattress, it’s incredibly important that you choose the best one possible. But it is critical to note that a high price does not always indicate high quality. That’s why we decided to write this Aireloom mattress review and find out if this brand of mattress is worth the hefty investment.

What is an Aireloom Mattress?

Based in California, Aireloom is a subsection of E.S. Kluft & Company, a major distributor and manufacturer of luxury mattresses.

Aireloom prides itself on its “California Design,” “Aireloom Lift” technology, and handmade quality. At an average price of about $5,000 per mattress, it is an expensive choice. Aireloom mattresses, while sold in many stores, can also be elusive and difficult to find, adding to their enigmatic image and exclusivity.

Aireloom mattresses are available for purchase online, as well as at most major department stores nationwide, including Macy’s. They are known for their luxurious materials and comfort, in addition to their high prices and long-standing warranties.

Though the price is a valid concern for any consumer hoping to purchase a new mattress soon, there are often sales on Aireloom mattresses, and a discerning buyer can buy one for a fraction of its initial market price.

Because Aireloom mattresses are crafted from the finest materials, and quite a lot of them, they can boast a considerable weight. The bulk of these materials can be quite overwhelming to manage for the average user. The average Aireloom mattress weighs 150 pounds! Luckily, most retailers offer at-home delivery and installation, so owners will only have to contend with their mattress’s incredibly heft when they need to rotate it.

Aireloom mattresses are available in all sizes, from Twin to California King, making them an accessible choice in terms of size.

There are five collections of mattresses to choose from: Karpen Luxury, Karpen Sidestitch, Aireloom Latex, Preferred, and Aspire Hybrid. The Aireloom Latex mattress is the only of the collection that does not contain coils of any kind.

The most expensive mattress that Aireloom offers is the Karpen Luxury, which costs between $3,000 and $9,000. Their most affordable bed is the Aspire Hybrid, which costs an average of $1,500.

Every mattress purchased from Aireloom comes with a warranty. Depending on the size and model, this warranty could be for 10-years, 20-years, or 25-years. Aireloom takes pride in its outstanding customer service.

Aireloom is known for its high-quality, luxurious mattresses, but is an Aireloom mattress truly the best luxury mattress available? Let’s continue with our Aireloom mattress review to find out!

Aireloom Mattress Specifications

Ease of Use

Assembly Time


Aireloom is owned by the Kluft company, which was born in Cucamonga, California in the 1950s. Their mattresses are crafted by hand, as are their bed bases. Every aspect of creation is highly developed and designed, leading to a “perfect California” mattress made of only the highest-quality, safest, and most comfortable materials available.

Aireloom is not only a statement of style and design; it is a statement of wealth and power. With mattresses that cost nearly 80% more than the average, Aireloom wants its customers to know that they are the purveyors of some of the most exclusive, decadent, and luxurious mattresses in the world today.

The Patented Aireloom Lift technology, employed in every mattress they offer, sits between the cushioned top of the mattress, and the coil springs, providing a cushioned space that “lifts” the sleeping person up from the pressure coils, leaving them to “float” against the precious, soft materials of the bed which cushions them.

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