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Best Rated Futon Bed Picks & Reviews – 2020 Edition

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Do you have to deal with limited living space? Maybe you live in a house which has a single bedroom yet you have two kids that need to use it, leaving you with nowhere to sleep? Or maybe you have two bedrooms, but you’ve invited your closest couple to come over for the weekend, but you don’t really have room for them?

If these are struggles that you have to deal with regularly, don’t worry too much – it’s something common, and most of us have to deal with it as well. Luckily for you, there is a convenient solution.

You can easilyturn your sofa into an additional bedusing something as simple as a cheap futon bed that’s comfortable and convenient. This provides the much-neededcomfort and convenience at a fraction of the priceyou’d have to spend for a new mattress.

Nevertheless, the market is overly saturated with futon beds, and this only makes it harder for you to decide which mattress to go with. This is why we’ve taken the liberty to provide you with a quick overview of the things you should account for when choosing one. Hopefully, this will make your life a lot easier. We’ve hand-pickedthe 5 highest rated futon mattressesso that you don’t have to wander around aimlessly.

  • Type: Convoluted Foam, Cotton Fiber
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Type: Foam
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Type: Memory Foam, Innerspring, Cotton Fiber
  • Height: 10”
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Type: Cotton Fiber, Foam, Innerspring
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Futon Mattress Buying Considerations


Right off the bat, you ought to account for how often you or your guests may need to sleep on the futon. In case you have the need to use it on occasion just as a guest bed, you can consider getting a cheaper soft option made out of less expensive materials, such as a cotton-filled one.

On the other hand, if you plan to use it every night as your regular bed because you have to leave the kids sleep in the bedroom, you ought to consider a high-quality, reliable, possibly coil-filled futon bed with the proper structure and comfort.

Keep in mind that sleeping on a mattress which is not fit for your posture is capable of causing some serious deformations and consequential issues. The last thing you’d want is to get a back misalignment from not spending a few more dollars more on a reliable and high-quality mattress.

There are also great Japanese futons, which may be an entirely different and intriguing option for you to explore.


When it comes to your futon bed, you also want to think about the way you want it to appear. Don’t forget that as much as you want for it to be incredibly comfortable, you can alsothink about its appearance.

Even though coil-filled futon mattresses are usually regarded as particularly comfortable, some can be much likely to lose a lot of their shape as time passes.

On the other hand, some memory foam futon beds can hold andmaintain their shape for a substantially longer period. Additionally, the latter is sometimes considered better for futons that are commonly used as couches.


It goes without saying that comfort is just about the most important thing that you’d want to look forward to when picking your futon mattress. Remember, though, that comfort is not just about sleeping well but also about sitting comfortably as well. This is not a regular bed – it’s a futon, so it has to serve a dual purpose.

Make sure that you get a bed which is going to be comfortable not only for sleeping but for sitting. The materials which are used to craft the solution are ultimately going to determine the comfort that you get from it.


The type of futon that you have alongside its overall structure would determine the thickness of the mattress.

While it’s true that a sleek and thin futon mattress may look better than a bulky one, you might have to go for a thicker option if your sofa bed is made out of wood, for instance. The mattress needs to match the structure in order to make sure that you get a comfortable sleeping solution.

So, for instance, a futon mattress which isabout 8 inches thickcan offer quitea lot more comfort for an adult sleeperincomparison to a six-inches thick one; it depends on the materials used. An additional consideration to account for here is the weight of the person who will usually sleep on it – it’s generally advisable that the heavier the person, the thicker the mattress needs to be to help prevent bottoming out.

Number of Folds

You will either get a bi-fold or a tri-fold mattress. If it is bi-fold, it is going to fold just once in two separate pieces. If it is a tri-fold, it will fold twice into three separate pieces.

The number of folds is solely dependent on the type of frame that you have. With this in mind, it’s important to check with the manufacturer to determine whether you need a tri-fold or a bi-fold unit. If you are replacing an existing bed, simply check the folds that you have currently and purchase a unit accordingly – it’s as simple as that.

The Frame Matters

As we’ve mentioned above, the frame has a serious impact on the type of mattress that you will get. The quality of the latter should match that of the former. Just think – would you invest in an expensive frame only to top it with a budget futon bed or vice versa?

For example, if you have a wooden frame and you plan to have your futon for a longer period of time, you can make sure that your mattress matches your intentions.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a solution that you are unlikely to use for more than a few years, you can afford to purchase something cheaper. This is where wood composite or particle board frames are particularly useful and you can pair them with a bed which is less expensive and of lower quality.


The durability of the bed is mainly determined by the materials which are used to create it. As a general rule of thumb, you ought to go for a futon mattress which is made up of materials which shouldlast longerwhile also providing you with the necessary comfort and convenience.

Additionally, you also want to take a look at the warranty periods. This is going to show you the approximate amount of time that the manufacturer thinks the mattress will last without manifesting any issues.

However, it is also important to understand that if you want your bed to last longer, you ought to make sure that it is properly taken care of.

The size of your mattress would be solely determined by the size of the frame. There is nothing specific here – just make sure that the former matches the latter perfectly.

How to Make a Futon Mattress

If you’ve recently found yourself in the market for a new futon mattress, you’ll be pleased to learn that making your own futon mattress is well within your abilities. Using this helpful guide and a few easily obtainable tools, you’ll be able to create the perfect mattress for your futon in a timely and stress-free fashion.

Step 1 – Make Your Preliminary Measurements

Before you go out and buy your materials, you need to measure your futon’s frame in order to determine how much space your new futon mattress will take up. Alternatively, if you still have your old mattress lying around, you can simply measure that instead. While this step may seem a bit cumbersome, these preparatory measurements will ultimately determine the size of your new mattress cover, as well as the amount of foam you will need to buy. So when performing this step, take care to make your measurements as precise as possible. You may be pleased to learn that this is arguably the most difficult step in the mattress making process.

Step 2 – Acquire the Right Type of Foam

Now that you’ve taken your measurements, you’re ready to go foam shopping. Virtually all craft stores and fabric specialty shops carry large sheets of foam rubber, so locating the right material for your new mattress should be a breeze. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that you will find a sheet of foam rubber that conforms to your exact measurements, so you will probably have to use your knife to cut the sheet of your choice down to size. Certain stores will actually take care of the cutting process for you, so when shopping around, be sure to bring your measurements. Also, when shopping for foam, it is imperative that the type of foam you select be very flexible, as foam that is particularly thick is unable to bend in a manner that conforms to the shape of most futon frames, in addition to being quite uncomfortable. Don’t forget to check the foam rubber’s list of materials to see if there’s anything toxic in it. Some foam products are flammable or toxic to breathe in or touch.

Step 3 – Acquire the Right Type of Mattress Cover

Now that you’ve selected a suitable type of foam rubber and properly cut it down to size, it’s time to find a cover for your brand new mattress. With your measurements in tow, simply go to any store that sells mattress covers and buy one that conforms to your new mattress’s size. If you still have the cover from your previous mattress, it’s fine to use that, too, but as long as you’ve got a new mattress, you may as well get a new cover to go with it—especially when you consider how much money you saved making it yourself.

And there you have it. Apply a cover to your new futon mattress, adorn it with some sheets and a comforter, and enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep.

How To Make A Futon Mattress More Comfortable

There is nothing better than having a comfortable mattress to give you a nice, comfortable sleep. A futon sofa, for example, is one of the best furniture you can have. Whenever you feel the need to relax after a sunny day or watch TV and all sorts, it is your best bet. When guests come over and decide to sleep over, it becomes a guest bed after a short number of adjustments. But the problem ishow to make futon mattress more comfortable.

The futon sofa is great but not comfortable. You can’t get any luxurious sleep from sleeping on a futon sofa, but you can make some adjustments. With just a simple set of steps you can turn that sturdy sofa to a bed you can proudly open up for guests.

Let Us Look At How To Make Futon Mattress More Comfortable:

-Add A Topper:Since you normally would add a mattress topper to any other mattress, why not add a topper to your futon? This would only make the futon as comfortable as possible. There are the traditional egg carton-style futon mattress toppers, which is a cheaper variant if you are on a budget.

You can also check out the toppers made off luxurious memory foam if you like things on the expensive side of life. You can slip the mattress topper into the futon cover, or you can place it as a layer on top of the futon mattress. Then cover both the futon and the topper with a nice looking cover to give it the finishing beauty it needs. With this, you knowhow to make futon mattress more comfortable

-Add Supports:sometimes it is preferable to support some things from underneath than from the top. There are a lot of futon mattresses that do not need toppers or additional padding. All they need is support from underneath, and this includes futon beds. Some mattresses are not made to provide support on their own that is why they need external supports to make them usable. However, only a few people know this, and now you are part of them. You can add wooden bed slats to add to the firmness of the mattress, to prevent sagging in the middle or at the edges.

-Change the Mattress:Let’s face it. Some mattresses are not just comfortable to use. They are designed so poorly that sleeping on them would do more harm than good. What you need to do here is to change the mattress and get a better one. A major cause for discomfort is usually the thickness of the futon.

– In a lot of cases, the thicker mattress is the most comfortable. In some other cases, it is the material used that matters. Foam mattresses can hold their shape over long periods of time than those made of cotton. Now you knowhow to make futon mattress more comfortable

-Adding a Featherbed:If you are European, there is a strong tendency that you would be a featherbed kind of person. Since you are using the Japanese futon, there is no crime in making an exotic blend.

A featherbed is as blissful as anything else to sleep on. It is divided into sections to keep the lower part from shifting from side to side. All you need to do is place it between the futon and you, and you are good to go. It adds a fine layer of softness warmth to your body, especially when you use it with a futon.

-Laying Comforters:Since you are worried about comfort, why not just add comforters to the futon? Comforters stay in between the futon and you to ensure that you get maximum comfort. It produces an extra layer of cushioning that can make the difference.

One special advantage of the comforters is that you can custom the extra padding so that you can meet the preference of each of its users. Guests can also develop allergies and other reasons not to stay on the futon. This is where a comforter comes in handy.

-Add An Air Mattress:Futon mattresses are not usually more than 1 foot off of the ground. In a lot of cases, people do not usually want to sit at such a low seat. To ensure that you and your guests enjoy a seat you can use, you should add an air mattress to give you some elevation above the ground.

You can either place it on the futon or under the futon. This increases height and comfort at the same time. Just make sure you purchase the one that inflates and deflates automatically to ensure you don’t spend time pumping an air mattress.

Concluding Lines

In short, there are a lot of ways to make your futon more comfortable. You can add comforters, air mattresses, and you can even change the whole mattress if need be. All you need is seek out the method that works best for you.



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Buy with Confidence

There are many items to consider when looking to purchase a new piece of furniture, which is why most people do not purchase their furniture on impulse. Because most of the pieces of furniture you buy will remain with you for a long period of time, you want a well thought out plan in order to make the best decision for your needs. The links below provide a general guide to make the decision making process a easier and prevent you from making a purchase that doesn’t fit your needs.

A Little Futon History:

Everything About Futons

Traditional Futons vs. New Futons

Our Futon History

Futon Construction & Manufacturing

The Basics to Buying a Futon:

Why Buy a Futon

How to Buy a Futon

Bifold Futons vs Trifold Futons

Size Matters:

Wood Futon Frame

Wooden Futon Bed

Leather Futon Couch

Futon Mattress Sizes

Buying Tips:

Buying Tips For Twin Futons

Buying Tips For Full Futons

Buying Tips For Queen Futons

Buying Tips For King Futons

Buying Tips For Loveseat Futons

The Fine Tuning:

Choosing the Right Futon Cover

Futon Cover Colors and Patterns

Color Matching Futons and Pillows

Caring For Your Futon:

How to Clean Futons

Futon Care Guide


Replacement Futon Mattress

Best Futon Mattress

Futons For Sale

Small Futon Couch

Where To Buy A Futon Mattress

What Size Is A Futon Mattress?

How To Clean A Futon Mattress

How Much Are Futons?

What Size Bed Is A Futon?

What is a Futon

The word FUTON is an ancient Japanese word originally referring to a round mat our cushion filled with leaves. The whole FUTON is made with three pieces and was placed on the ground or on a tatami mat. The three pieces consist of a futon, which is a thin cotton pad, a shikibuton which is a three folding pad that sits under the thin cotton pad, and a Kakibuton which is a comforter that goes on top of the thin cotton pad.

Japanese Futon: The truth is, our founders related to the pure, local and natural lifestyle of Japanese culture,The Futon Shopseemed like the perfect name. The Futon Shop is a Japanese name by nature, as Japanese stores were called by their base name. Tofu Shop, Futon Shop, Sushi Shop, Sandal Shop etc. The first futons handcrafted by the founders over 40 years ago where similar to traditional Futons in both their production and use, being made and placed directly on the floor.

Whether you are referring to a Traditional Japanese Style Futon, a Western Style Futon, or a Platform Bed Futon, the design will consist of 3 main items. Although with each different style, the items are named differently, their functions are identical. The three parts include; a supportive layer; a mattress layer; and a covering or top layer.

1. A Traditional Japanese Style Futon the 3 parts are called the Shikibuton, Futon, Kakibuton

2. A Western Style Futon has the Futon Frame, Futon Mattress, and Futon Slipcover

3. A Futon Platform Bed has the Platform Bed Frame, Futon Mattress, and Mattress Topper

How To Sleep On A Futon Comfortably

You have completed purchasing the new futon for your home, however, you are not really pleasant with the quality of your sleep on it. So problem here is how to sleep on a futon comfortably? As you may know, futon is just futon which consists of a futon mattress and a frame, cannot provide the luxurious sleeping experience as you sleep in a 5-star hotel. Luckily, just a few simple steps we are going to introduce today, you can make your futon into a comfortable bed that you are confident to give to any guest like your mom, your friends and so on. Let’s take a look to our instruction.

Add a futon mattress topper

Mattress topper is no longer a strange item in bedding furniture, you may use it for your conventional mattress. There is no reason you cannot take advantage of it for your futon mattress to make your sleeping experience more comfortable. We suppose you to have a try of traditional egg carton style foam topper. It is reported to add extra comfort to the mattress you have used. If not, luxurious memory foam mattress topper can be a great option for your futon mattress.

How to add a mattress topper to your futon mattress so that you can sleep on a futon comfortably? You can put the topper inside the futon mattress cover or place it on the surface of the futon mattress, remember to fix it in certain places so it cannot slip later.

Add slats under the futon mattress

In the first option we add extra support on the surface of the futon mattress, so in this option, we recommend you to support it from underneath. As you may know, in futons as well as other kinds of sofa sleepers there are a few extra supports, so you can add more by inserting wooden or metal slats in order to increase the level of firmness and protect your futon mattress from lumpy and saggy situation in the future.

Change your futon mattress

If you have tried two above ways but still not find the solution for the question How to sleep on a futon comfortably, the problem may be in your current futon mattress. It is time for you to change your futon mattress. A comfortable mattress can bring the huge difference in the quality of your good night’s sleep.

On the market, there are a wide range of different futon mattresses, each has a different level of thickness. In general, the thicker a mattress is, the more comfortable it is. However, you also should pay attention to the materials used to make up the futon mattress as well. Memory foam futon mattress is more comfortable than the cotton or innerspring.

Combine the featherbed with the futon mattress

It is a great idea to combine Western and Asian culture in a futon by using both Japanese futon with the featherbed – a traditional furniture of Western countries. You should cover it over the surface of the futon mattress. Normally a featherbed is separated into areas to keep the down from relocating to the other side of the bed or the other, and it offers a delighted layer of delicate quality and warmth between you and the mattress.

Put comforters on the futon mattress

Another approach to add solace to your futon is to be exacting about it. Regardless of whether you incline toward the breezy softness of down or settle on a down choice to maintain a strategic distance from any conceivable sensitivities for your visitors, placing the comforters over your futon mattress can give you that additional layer of padding that has a significant effect. An additional advantage of this technique is that, if two individuals are sharing the futon, you can tweak the additional cushioning to the inclination of every one of your visitors.

Use an air mattress

Futon is usually placed on the floor, just about a foot off the ground. There are some complaints about sitting down that low, and they would like to find a solution. Therefore, to help you out of this issue and make you more comfortable, we recommend you to add an air mattress on top of the current futon mattress. This not only increase the distance between the futon and the ground but also give better feeling to the sleepers.


Finally, we have shown you how to sleep on a futon comfortably. Depending on the actual situation of your futon as well as your preference, you can choose one way you think it is the most suitable. Good luck!

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