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How Big Is A Futon Mattress

Futon mattresses were first used in Japan but have since spread throughout the globe due to their comfort factor. Futons are made up of two parts: the frame and mattress. Futon can be in different sizes, where the frame and mattress determine the size. But justhow big is a futon mattress?

There are two types of frames: Futon lounger and bi-fold. The Bi-fold frame is made up of two parts, the backrest, and the sitting part. In spite of this, some manufacturers offer matching ottoman instead that can also be used as a bench. Moreover, they also offertwin futon mattresswhich is suitable for single use.

How Big Is A Futon Mattress?

While the Futon loungers, also known as loveseats, have an additional lounge extension that folds and hides between the seat deck and futon base. This enables it to give the most sitting and sleeping space in small rooms.

The mattresses have also been improved and can be found in both custom and standard sizes which answer the question, how big are a futon mattress? The standard sizes are in the main four groups: chair, full, twin and queen which allows them to fit on standard beds.

Their depth usually varies from 5 to 20 inches depending on the materials used to make the mattress. So finally purchase the standard and best futon for your family and our buying guide must be very much helpful for you.

Mostly, cotton is used for basic futon mattresses though; a foam layer may be used to maintain the rigidity. Polyester and pocket coils or foam can also be used with innerspring.

Types of Futon Mattresses

In answering the question ofhow big is a futon mattress,we will look at the different types present. Futon mattresses act as bendable beds with frames that can be folded, but since modern futon mattresses have western dimensions, some of them cannot fold to 180 degrees.

Nevertheless, futons offer maximum utilization of spaces as they can give room for other functions, working as both beds and chairs making them popular for their flexibility. Futon mattresses come in different sizes and designs. The different types of futon mattresses include:

The Chair

It is a classy chair that can be used as a single person chair by day and a single person bed at night. It usually measures 28 inches wide by 54 inches long when opened to a bed position and can be utilized with an elective ottoman that uses 28 inches wide by 21 inches long mattress.

The Twin

It is a durable futon mattress that is reversible and can be folded into a coach or opened into a bed. There are two types of twin futons:

·The Twin Split:Dimensions for the twin split are 39 inches wide by 75 inches long, and it needs an non-compulsory stand-alone ottoman along with a compatible 39 inches wide by 21 inches long mattress to be used as a bed.

·The Twin Lounger:The dimensions for the twin lounger is 39 inches wide by 80 inches long and will also need a twin size mattress to be used as a bed.

However, they can both fit on twin beds.

The Full Futon Mattress

Among the best futon mattress,it is considered as a luxurious type of futon mattress that comes in three styles:

The Loveseat:This measures 54 inches wide by 54 inches long but requires an optional stand-alone ottoman part and a love ottoman mattress to be used as a bed.

The Full:That measures 75 inches wide by 54 inches long and can be used with a full-size futon mattress.

The Full Adjustable Seat:which includes an ottoman that slides into the frame and a love ottoman mattress when used as a bed.

Nonetheless, all three can open to a full sized bed.

The Queen Futon Mattress

They are found in three styles:

The Queen:It measures 80 inches wide by 60 inches long when opened and uses regular queen mattresses.

The Queen Split:Whose dimensions are 60 inches wide by 54 inches long when open conversely; an optional stand-alone ottoman and compatible mattress 60 inches wide by 26 inches long are required for it to be used as a bed.

The Queen Lounger: It has the same body as the Queen Split the only difference is that the ottoman part slides into the frame and it needs a Queen Ottoman mattress to be used as a bed.


Futon mattresses come in different categories allowing the buyer to choose from a variety of alternatives depending on their tastes and preferences. The fact that they can be easily folded and stored elsewhere gives them an advantage over normal mattresses. The problem of estimatinghow big is a full size futonis quite important in case you want to find out a suitable one for yourself and your family.

Chair or twin sizes can be used when one wants to utilize the least floor space possible, but they will need an alternative when they get guests. In such a case they should consider purchasing bigger futons such as Queen Split. Then again, if one requires more sitting space, a Queen Size or full futon would be a great fit.

They allow maximum utilization of space as the can serve multiple purposes such as floor couches, play area or even outdoor rest areas. This makes them a must-have home accessory both because of its aesthetics and comfort. Having stated all this, you must now have realized the answer tohow big is a futon mattress.

Best Rated Futon Bed Picks & Reviews – 2020 Edition

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Do you have to deal with limited living space? Maybe you live in a house which has a single bedroom yet you have two kids that need to use it, leaving you with nowhere to sleep? Or maybe you have two bedrooms, but you’ve invited your closest couple to come over for the weekend, but you don’t really have room for them?

If these are struggles that you have to deal with regularly, don’t worry too much – it’s something common, and most of us have to deal with it as well. Luckily for you, there is a convenient solution.

You can easilyturn your sofa into an additional bedusing something as simple as a cheap futon bed that’s comfortable and convenient. This provides the much-neededcomfort and convenience at a fraction of the priceyou’d have to spend for a new mattress.

Nevertheless, the market is overly saturated with futon beds, and this only makes it harder for you to decide which mattress to go with. This is why we’ve taken the liberty to provide you with a quick overview of the things you should account for when choosing one. Hopefully, this will make your life a lot easier. We’ve hand-pickedthe 5 highest rated futon mattressesso that you don’t have to wander around aimlessly.

  • Type: Convoluted Foam, Cotton Fiber
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Type: Foam
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Type: Memory Foam, Innerspring, Cotton Fiber
  • Height: 10”
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Type: Cotton Fiber, Foam, Innerspring
  • Height: 8"
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Futon Mattress Buying Considerations


Right off the bat, you ought to account for how often you or your guests may need to sleep on the futon. In case you have the need to use it on occasion just as a guest bed, you can consider getting a cheaper soft option made out of less expensive materials, such as a cotton-filled one.

On the other hand, if you plan to use it every night as your regular bed because you have to leave the kids sleep in the bedroom, you ought to consider a high-quality, reliable, possibly coil-filled futon bed with the proper structure and comfort.

Keep in mind that sleeping on a mattress which is not fit for your posture is capable of causing some serious deformations and consequential issues. The last thing you’d want is to get a back misalignment from not spending a few more dollars more on a reliable and high-quality mattress.

There are also great Japanese futons, which may be an entirely different and intriguing option for you to explore.


When it comes to your futon bed, you also want to think about the way you want it to appear. Don’t forget that as much as you want for it to be incredibly comfortable, you can alsothink about its appearance.

Even though coil-filled futon mattresses are usually regarded as particularly comfortable, some can be much likely to lose a lot of their shape as time passes.

On the other hand, some memory foam futon beds can hold andmaintain their shape for a substantially longer period. Additionally, the latter is sometimes considered better for futons that are commonly used as couches.


It goes without saying that comfort is just about the most important thing that you’d want to look forward to when picking your futon mattress. Remember, though, that comfort is not just about sleeping well but also about sitting comfortably as well. This is not a regular bed – it’s a futon, so it has to serve a dual purpose.

Make sure that you get a bed which is going to be comfortable not only for sleeping but for sitting. The materials which are used to craft the solution are ultimately going to determine the comfort that you get from it.


The type of futon that you have alongside its overall structure would determine the thickness of the mattress.

While it’s true that a sleek and thin futon mattress may look better than a bulky one, you might have to go for a thicker option if your sofa bed is made out of wood, for instance. The mattress needs to match the structure in order to make sure that you get a comfortable sleeping solution.

So, for instance, a futon mattress which isabout 8 inches thickcan offer quitea lot more comfort for an adult sleeperincomparison to a six-inches thick one; it depends on the materials used. An additional consideration to account for here is the weight of the person who will usually sleep on it – it’s generally advisable that the heavier the person, the thicker the mattress needs to be to help prevent bottoming out.

Number of Folds

You will either get a bi-fold or a tri-fold mattress. If it is bi-fold, it is going to fold just once in two separate pieces. If it is a tri-fold, it will fold twice into three separate pieces.

The number of folds is solely dependent on the type of frame that you have. With this in mind, it’s important to check with the manufacturer to determine whether you need a tri-fold or a bi-fold unit. If you are replacing an existing bed, simply check the folds that you have currently and purchase a unit accordingly – it’s as simple as that.

The Frame Matters

As we’ve mentioned above, the frame has a serious impact on the type of mattress that you will get. The quality of the latter should match that of the former. Just think – would you invest in an expensive frame only to top it with a budget futon bed or vice versa?

For example, if you have a wooden frame and you plan to have your futon for a longer period of time, you can make sure that your mattress matches your intentions.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a solution that you are unlikely to use for more than a few years, you can afford to purchase something cheaper. This is where wood composite or particle board frames are particularly useful and you can pair them with a bed which is less expensive and of lower quality.


The durability of the bed is mainly determined by the materials which are used to create it. As a general rule of thumb, you ought to go for a futon mattress which is made up of materials which shouldlast longerwhile also providing you with the necessary comfort and convenience.

Additionally, you also want to take a look at the warranty periods. This is going to show you the approximate amount of time that the manufacturer thinks the mattress will last without manifesting any issues.

However, it is also important to understand that if you want your bed to last longer, you ought to make sure that it is properly taken care of.

The size of your mattress would be solely determined by the size of the frame. There is nothing specific here – just make sure that the former matches the latter perfectly.

How Long Does a Futon Mattress Last?

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Futon mattresses become firmer with time. Therefore, given the varying lifespan of a futon mattress it clear the longevity of the futon mattress is dependent on several factors. The two main factors are the material of the futon mattress and how you care for your futon Mattress.

So how long does a futon Mattress Last?The lifespan of a futon mattress is based on how long the mattress can be used before it loses its comfort benefits. The shortest longevity of a futon mattress is about 5 years. Some futon mattresses last for 10-15 years and others up to 20 years.

Keep reading to find out more about other factors affecting the lifespan of a futon mattress including your weight, the type of bed slats used and your profile. This article will also look at how care and other factors affect the lifespan of a futon mattress, how to expand the lifespan of a futon mattress, factors to consider when choosing a good futon mattress and other futon mattress related questions.


To start, the material of a futon mattress is dependent on the mattress ingredients. Ingredients are the primary determinants of the durability of a futon mattress. The ingredients consist of chemical compounds. They can be either memory foams or petrochemical-based foams.

The chemical ingredients breakdown with the time and cannot be restored. As such, if the ingredients break down fast, your futon mattress loses its comfort equally fast and vice versa. The lifespan for a memory foam mattress is 5 – 10 years.

Petroleum-based foams are less expensive compared to a mattress made of other ingredients like natural latex or coconut coir. As such, their lifespan is also reduced compared to that of the other expensive mattresses due to the presence of petrochemical fillers that break down fast. Therefore, mattresses made of 100% latex or organic latex have the longest life span.

Moreover, everything including mattresses lasts longer when taken good care of. Therefore, your regular care for your futon mattress (see reviews) will also contribute to its lifespan. If you do not take care of your mattress, it will not last for long, but if you do, you can be sure to enjoy its comfort for as long as it can offer.

Factors Affecting the Lifespan of a Futon Mattress

  • How well You Look After Your Futon Mattress

Taking care of your mattress goes beyond the routine changing of your sheets. First, you need to constantly roll and turn your futon mattress. This helps to air the mattress and to restore the fibers of the mattress.

Another form of taking care of your mattress is by purchasing a mattress protector like this. It helps to prevent the mattress from absorbing moisture from your body.

Taking care of your futon mattress also includes not exposing it to light. For instance, a latex mattress will fall part due to exposure to light. Latex is light-sensitive and it quickly falls apart in the presence of heat and light.

It is recommended that you keep your latex mattress covered up. A well taken care of latex mattresses will last for up to 20 years. However, if not properly taken care of, it will fall apart in a short time.

Your profile refers to generally how you sleep on your futon mattress as well as your body features. For instance, if you like to sleep on your side, the futon mattress should be fit to accommodate the shape of your hips for a woman and shoulders for a man.

Typically, men prefer firm mattresses that women. Therefore, the basis of your profile is heavily reliant on the gender basis. If you want your futon mattress to last long, consider the gender of the person that will be using it when selecting the mattress.

The heavier you are the shorter the lifespan of your mattress. Therefore, when purchasing a futon mattress be on the lookout for its thickness depending on your weight.

  • The Type of Bed Slats

Sprung slats increase the lifespan of your mattress because they evenly distribute your weight.

  • Your Preferences

As mentioned above, the durability of a futon mattress generally refers to how comfortable the mattress is after use.

Therefore, since preferences of comfortable conditions differ, the durability of a futon mattress differs as well. For example, if you prefer a firm mattress, then the mattress will be durable to you for longer than a person who loves the feel of a new futon mattress.

All these factors contribute to the final decision of the lifespan of a futon mattress. They also double up as some of the factors to consider when purchasing a top-notch futon mattress.

How to Extend the Life of your Futon Mattress

  • If you use your futon mattress as a regular bed, roll it up once a week preferably in the morning and unroll it at night. If you use the mattress while it is on the floor, you should do this after skipping a day. This ensures the futon maintains the feel and life throughout its use.
  • Also, invest in a loose cover for your mattress to keep it pristine and new. The cover should be made of a washable fabric.
  • Place your mattress on the deck or out in the sunshine to air out. This helps to dry any moisture that might have accumulated. To get rid of the moisture, you can also use a pad to absorb the body fluids trapped in your mattress.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Futon Mattress

A futon is made of a futon mattress and a futon frame. Therefore, when purchasing a futon be on the lookout for the material of the mattress and the type of futon metal frame used.

The material of Futon Mattress

Futon mattress is made of the following materials

Some futon mattresses have pocket coils or springs. The more the number of springs in a mattress, the higher the quality of the mattress. More springs mean an increased number of coils and a higher gauge.

In turn the higher the gauge of the spring, the more intense its resistance to sagging. This translates to a long-lasting mattress.

Apart from durability, more springs distribute your weight evenly, therefore, reducing the stress placed on a single spring. Therefore, if you are looking for a spring mattress, look for the one with many springs.

  • Wool and Cotton

A futon mattress made of natural fibers is usually made of wool and cotton. To maintain mattresses made of wool and cotton, you should place them outside for air circulation and drying up from moisture accumulation

The air circulation is very helpful in keeping the mattress in shape. When exposed to the sun, the wool and cotton puff back from its compressed state during the night.

If you are looking for a superior futon mattress with the longest durability, the coconut coir material will come in handy. The coconut coir is infused with latex, offering extra support and a long life span without sagging.

As mentioned above, to enhance its durability, do not expose a latex mattress to light

Types of Futon Frames

The following are types of futon frames you can choose from

  • Metal Frame-Most metal frames come in silver or black color. Metal frames have a firmer foundation compared to wooden frames. They, therefore, last longer than wooden frames. Depending on the quality and type of metal, they can either be more expensive or cheaper as compared to wooden frames
  • Wooden Frame– when purchasing a wooden frame (see my reviews), look out for maple or birch; they are the best wooden futon frames since they are solid hardwood frames. Solid hardwood frames last longer and provide better support. They also embody a classic look.

When using this frame, make sure that the distance between the slats is not too wide unless you want the mattress to sag. It is recommended that you space the slats with about 2.5 – 3 inches to allow the mattress to rest well.

Related Questions

What are the Disadvantages of Sleeping on a Futon?

To start, a futon mattress moves easily since it is not as heavy as a normal bed. As such, the bed can easily topple on one side when one is getting into the bed or out of the bed.

To avoid such scenarios, you can make sure the futon is placed next to a wall, rather supported by a wall. You can also place a mat or carpet underneath the futon.

Another downside to the futon is that it is not suitable for children. Children love to jump and frequently move on the bed. As stated, a futon is not as stable as a normal bed, therefore using a futon for children may expose them to potential physical harm.

To add to the disadvantage of a futon is its comfort. Although most futons are built to provide maximum comfort, the slats that hold the mattress could be a source of stress during sleep.

Continuous use of the futon could lead to back pain problems due to the slats. Therefore, if you have back problems, a futon may not be a good idea, especially for use every night.

Still, on the comfort provided by a futon, most futon mattresses are not firm after a long period. At least not as compared to the nature of normal beds. Therefore, if you are looking for a firmer bed to use for a long time, then a futon may not meet your specific needs.

Is a Futon Mattress the same as a Traditional Sofa Sleeper?

No, these two items are different. To start, a futon mattress converts into a bed and a coach easily using a conversion scheme built into the frame. As such, you use the same cushions to sleep and sit.

For a traditional sleeper, you will have to get rid of the cushion and pull the mattress, which is usually attached to the metal frame.

Second, the cover of the mattress and cushion in a traditional sleeper is dependent on the manufacturer’s choice. It is also fixed to the sofa’s frame and therefore cannot be changed. For Futon mattress, the users have the chance of choosing the cover and they can also change it if they want.

Looking at their weight, a traditional sofa is heavier and even difficult to transport through a staircase. A futon mattress, on the other hand, is lighter and can be assembled on site.

The futon mattress comes in different designs and can be easily customized. The traditional sofa is based on one design and does not allow for any customization.

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How Long Does A Futon Mattress Last?

Mattress and Futon lifespans are depend on two major factors:

  • The ingredients inside the mattress
  • How you care for your mattress

Mattress Ingredients Affect The Lifespan

Ingredients are the first priority in securing a mattress that will have a long life. Chemical compounds break down in time and cannot be restored no matter what you do. These chemical compounds, namely petrochemical based foams and memory foams and gels, used in mattress manufacturing generally begin to break down within a few years. Petroleum based foams are relatively inexpensive compared to other more durable ingredients such as natural latex or coconut coir. Polyurethane Foam is also very sensitive to environmental factors including; heat; cold; moisture; sunlight; and heavy use. Once the cells in the foam break down, it begins to fall apart and deteriorate. Typical foam or memory foam mattresses have a 5-10 year life expectancy.

Wool And Cotton

Wool and cotton are natural fibers and need air circulation to keep their shape. Natural fiber can be placed in the sun and will poof back up naturally from nightly compression. Airing our your mattress and futon regularly will offer you longer lasting mattresses and more support and comfort for years to come.


Then there are mattresses with pocket coils or springs. Springs can compress with weight and sag over time. Generally, th more steel, the higher the quality. The increased steel comes with higher coil counts and higher gauge (thickness). The higher the gauge of the spring, the more resistant it will be to sagging. The more springs also increased the lifespan and the weight is distributed over a higher number of springs, decreasing the individual stress on any one particular coil.

Coconut Coir

One of the most promising natural new ingredients in mattress design is the coconut coir. Used for centuries in Asia and Europe, the natural coconut coir, infused with liquid latex offers super long life, extra firm support with virtually no sagging ever. Mattresses and futons using coconut coir with latex make superior mattresses that can live a lifetime.

Caring For Your Mattress Increases Its Lifespan

Everything lasts longer when we take care of it. Mattresses are no exception. How do you care for your mattress?Most people just know to change their sheets regularly and that’s it. Regular flipping and rotating as well as purchasing a mattress barrier protector to keep moisture out of it helps. One prime example of how caring for your mattress can extend its life is in the case of latex mattresses. Latex mattresses can last over 20 years with proper care. However, improper care of your latex mattress can cause it to fall apart in a very short time. This is because latex is light sensitive. Latex will crumble with heat and light so always keep your latex well covered. Latex slabs without proper covering (wool and cotton) can also crumble right before your eyes. Natural 100% latex and organic latex lasts the longest as these mattresses contain pure latex without petrochemical fillers that break down faster.

How To Care For Your Mattress

Caring for your mattress is as important as getting a good night sleep. So don’t ignore your mattress. Air it out often. Flip and rotate it from head to toe and back to front. Moisture is a major enemy to all mattresses. Removing moisture from your mattress as well as preventing moisture from accessing your mattress will allow your mattress the longest life possible. Drying out your mattress or futon in the sun or air deck is a wonderful idea whenever possible. Also, using a mattress pad to absorb body fluids that the mattress is exposed to is one of the best things you can do to protect your mattress.

Mattress Life Expectancy

Lifespan, Longevity, or Life Expectancy refers to the length of a mattress’s useful life, that is, how long it maintains its original comfort and support with normal use. The longevity or lifespan of a mattress coincides with its durability. A mattresses durability deals with how much use the mattress can withstand before losing its comfort benefits. This list contains only our most popular mattresses within each lifespan category

Natural Bed Company

Natural Bed Company makes a range of solid wooden beds, bedroom furniture and bedding. We also have a range of mattresses and accessories including organic towels and slippers. Our beds are Made in Sheffield and built to last, we pride ourselves on original design and high quality materials and finishes. Our wooden beds are made from solid timbers, no veneers.

Futon Mattress

We make thick, comfortable futon mattresses using the finest quality fillings. Our futons are firm but with a softer surface layer to give them a relaxing, comfortable feel.

Pictured with our Panama Sofa Bed Base (Not included with Futon Mattress)

The fillings we use are Rebound Polycotton, i-Fibre and pure Wool:
Rebound Polycotton, a special blend of cotton and polycotton, is the thickest component and provides much of the bulk and character of the futon.
i-Fibreis a brilliant technological innovation in which the fibres of the polyester are arranged vertically, rather than layered horizontally, so they act like springs and have less tendency to compress. This makes the futon firmer, gives it resilience, more substance and a longer life.
Pure Woolis used for the outer layers of the futon. Wool has excellent thermal properties as a temperature regulator and is very breathable.


To put these fillings in context, futon makers have a wide range of options for their fillings. Our policy has always been to avoid the cheaper fillings that give less substance and comfort – and have a shorter lifespan. We think the results are the best we’ve achieved in 30 years of futon making. Our futons are still made in the traditional way with square boxed corners and a zip around three sides so that we can add the filling one layer at a time and fit the filling closely into the corners. We then use a long needle to pass several cotton ties through the futon to keep the filling in place.
If you want to know how futons have developed in the UK, take a look our blog: A Short History of the Futon. Exciting reading! For some styling inspiration take a look at our feature: Futon Sofa Beds for Flexibility & Style.

NB:Our futon mattresses are made to order – the standard lead time is 3-4 weeks.

Our standard, 7L, futons contain 7 layers of filling. We recommend our futon mattresses for those under 95kg, however if you weigh over 80Kg you will probably want a thicker/firmer mattress and we’d recommend two 4 layer futons used together – or one of our other types of mattress.

  • Futon mattresses become firmer over time but will typically last between 5 and 10 years. Because the filling can absorb the moisture trapped under the quilt when you sleep, good maintenance is essential to maximise the life of your futon mattress. We recommend that you turn the futon over and from side to side every two weeks. If you use it on the floor you should do this twice a week.
  • If you intend to sleep on a futon mattress every night, whatever your weight, we recommend that it is used with a bed base with beech sprung slats (as opposed to a sofa bed base with fixed pine slats). If you don’t currently sleep on a futon – please call us for advice on choosing your mattress. Futon mattresses do feel different to standard mattresses.
  • Our futons, when used with our sofa-bed bases, are recommended for occasional use as a mattress.
  • Futons can be made in special shapes and sizes.

We recommend our futon mattress for our bases, if using a slat base from another supplier – please ensure the gap between the slats is no more than 7cm (if your bed base has wider gaps please contact us to discuss which mattress will best suit your bed base).

If you would like some advice on maintenance for your futon mattress please take a look at our blog – Looking After Your Futon Mattress.

Futon Colours
There is a choice of colours for the Cotton futon case: we’d suggest Calico (undyed ivory cotton) if the futon is for a bed. For a sofa bed the coloured fabrics give you a range of colours to suit your decor. Our futons are finished with coloured cotton ties which pass through the futon and keep the filling in position. Choose from: natural, black, navy or grey ties.
The cover is not removable, however you can have an additional loose cover which fits neatly and has a zip around three sides so it can be easily removed for cleaning. Please look at the Loose Covers page for details.
NB: Fabric samples for futons and covers are available on request.

Delivery Information:
Our prices include delivery on the UK mainland
Within the Sheffield area we deliver with our own vehicle.
Outside the Sheffield area we use a carrier. When your order is ready we’ll email you to notify you of the delivery process. Delivery will be arranged directly between the customer and our carrier – Domestic Distribution. This is a 2man, room of choice delivery service.

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